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    Successful Convention.
TU Ministerial, Sunday School
and Keystone League Christian
Eo4eTor Convention pf O ntrc Dis
trict, Central Penua. Coiiterenoe of
the United Evangelical Church met
na annual session in the Trinity L
mted Evangelical Church at Patter
son, Pa., Tuesday, Mav '2:5, 1899, at
7:30 P. M.
. pleasant song Bervioa given by , rj
the church choir was cheerfully tts
eneil t" by the large delegation from .
Tisnnt charges and was very much 8
appreciated by the audience. The
ennreh was deftly and artistically
decorated with hunting n! white and
purple representing ; the colors of the
Leagna; Appropriate mwttos were
riso .ieea on Uie wall, while lovely,
lowers breathed out their imgnmcc
iu a blush of beauty.
A imosI pleasing and cordial Ad
dress of Welcome was given byj. B.
Mttloy ami ( very one wtfS thrilled
with delight and surely made to feel
thxic welcome to church and home.
The following officers were elect-
.1 r .. .... i I
rl for the ensuiii!! vwi': President,
Kev. S. P. Uemer, P. E.; Vice Pres.,
Rev. II. W. Buck; Lice. Sec, Bev.
A. D.Gramlev; Asst. Sec., Bev. N.
J. Dubsj Treas., W. J. eiders.
Rev. S. P. Reiner of Lcwisburg
and Presiding Elder of Centre Dis
trict then delivered a masterly and
thought-telling convention sermon,
sing .1- the basis of his remarks
Luke 8 : ".
Everv one entered into the
,irit i
ot the convention by song and ex
tended remarks on the topics ro
ipectively assigned.
Some very timely suggestions,
ripe with meaning and purport, were
thrown out by the g I papers read
and excellent addresess made
The following ministers wen' pres
ent : Revs. s. p. Reiner, H. W.
Buck, J. A. Hollenbaugh, W. W.
Rhoads, C. H. G Iling, i. Sham-
bach, 8. E. Koontz, A. D. Gramley,
L. l)ice,J. 1. Shortess, W. E. Brill-
kart, W. II. Brown, G. L. Lovell,
N.J. hubs. .1. Lauver, A. E. Gob
ble, l. D.. J. i. Shultz and S. E.
Tile following delegates were in
attendance ; Mr-. A. !. Gramley,
Mrs. Dan. Snook, Mrs. W. llut-
ruurle, Mrs. Geo. Houtz, Miss Lottie
1,'lch. Mrs. Mnsser
J. B. Meloy,
.billies t 'asuer.
II. Webster, .Mrs.
W. W. Rhoads, Miss da Rhonda,
I'. P. Pluray, C. E. McClellan, Miss
Nellie Herman. Mrs. Williams, Miss
Ettic Roan, Win. Grove, Mrs. Win.
Grove, Park l i. Sliambach, Eugene
Mark ley, A. !. Hornbeager, Miss
Dora Weaver, Prof. V . ('. Bower
sox, Mi-s Launi Buck, Miss Elsie
Era pc, II. M. Smith, Isaac Goshen,
Ldzzie Lauver, Pearl
Rebecca Stahl, A. ,
S. P. Remer, Mrs. C.
Mis. Roger, Mrs. Fie
( lasuer.
The following tojiii
La over,
1 1. ( ioodling,
her and Miss
were up
consideration am
discussion j
The best source of material for
sermons outside of the Bible, Kev.
The Church and the Saloon, by
Kev. W. H. Brown.
The mission of the K. L. ( '. L.,
by Kev. '. l' iarret.
The Extent
Atonement, bv
ami Benefit of the
lev. J. Womelsdorf. j
The Home Departmentof the Sun
day school, by Kev. J. Hollenbaugh.
The Leaguer's Duty toward the
Revival, by Kev. A. D. Gramley.
A Missionary Rally : (a) Foreign
Mission, by Mrs. S. P. Remer; (b)
Frontier Missions, by Kev. J, A.
Hollenbaugh; (c) Conference Mis
sions by Kev. H. W. Bucks.
Christian Baptism by Kev. A. E.
Gobble, D. D.
The body of Perry 1 areof hrien
. i i ii .. ... .
The Bible in
by N. s. Dub-.
the ounaav Bcnooi,
The League and Moral Reform,
by Kev. ( '. II. ioodling.
OurOhildren; the Obligation of
the Church toward them, and how
van we employ them to the Best
Advantage, Prof. F. C. Boversox.
The Importance of Circulating
or Church Literature, by Bev. 8.
E. Kooontz.
The Intermediate State, bv Bev.
J. P. Shultz.
The Benefits of the Prayermcct
S9g, by Kev. L. Dice.
Our Financial Obligations to the
m 1. t... d t 0 nAXm n n
u.i.c,,, o no.a.i.uoou,.,.. , MU18, 0yuer c.u.., o. e.e,. iu. - i" z color and taBtes like the finest grade
Fraternal greetings were gladlv ; sale at a bargain, lhe buildings 1 on feunilay V. A. nunuuei or , o coffee and eostg aDOut iM much.
raceiveil from Lewisburjr, Carlisle are good as new. Five acres are in Lewistown was home over Sunday , Children like it and thrive os 1 it be
and York District. The next an- goml woclland. Frmjnli baaoW BgWBjaJg
iiual convention will convene in Le- for first good offer. Call on or ad- 1 from this place again. We would kA fof Qrftin.0t the
out, Centre County, Pa. dressl.M. Maurer,Kreamer,Pa. tf. 1 like to see the mines opened again. new food drink. 15 and 25c.
The closing i-onrHt-ration services
ware VWf much enjoyed ou aooouut
bf their cheer, fellowship and spirit
uality. Kkpoutkr.
Trial List, June Term.
Use of Charles Boyar vs. 8. L.
Weidenmyerand Pet (i. Ganna.
The Poor Directors of the Town
ship of West Beaver vs. A. A. Ko
roig, Adm'r of the estate of Hfcry
'reaster, deod.
Samuel W. Herrold vs. theTown
iip of Perry.
lohu S. Wolf vs. John A. Mover
i .1 k d:., .,,,. In,.ol)
.iiariua uuwwiwa i
George. Hare vs. Robert
Uwis Arnold va-HeniyW-Teate 1
1 and l'vi .M. 1 eats auu uuiui
. . . . ... . I I , . . 1 V
j Teats, Executors of the Last Will
'and Testament of Levi M. Teats,
deed., and Mary Teats, James M.
, Hornberger, Sarah Hornberger and
j Pete: (i. Garman, Terre Tenants.
Jnhn K. Hnokenburff vs. Eliza-
beth Fessler and C. A. Fessler, Ad-
minisri-iitora of Win. H. Fessler.
Annie M
Luck vs. William 1
W. F.How
he Edwin Bell
and Sons Company I. . Mover,
Walter Ripka vs. P. M. Teats.
Philip M. Teals vs. W. II. Ripku.
Simon N. Eichenbenrerand James
! Wolf, tradinir as Eichenlierger and
Wolf vs. Adam Aucker and C
Kmcrhts. tnidinn as Aucker
James ( i. ( 'rouse vs. Mary Bool
ct. al. heirs, etc., of Frederick Wal
ate of Middl. buru
The time has come when the Am-
el li neon (' nil si decide w
'., ,,,11.1 . , ,1 I J 1 M It' In I'
- I 1 - ,
the war w ith Spain was a benefit
this country. The time has come
when every citien ot the United
States knows that the greatest bene
lit is derived from using Marks 1 uri'
live and Unadulterated Whiskey,
'i'iiis whiskey is giKd during the 2 I
hours of the (lay and night, which I
oiler to you by quart bottles, or by
the gallon, ranging from $1.25 to
7.00 a gallon. Thisgreat whiskey
has great medical qualities, has no
the lungs and nervous
1 I I I -A
nriKiliiitinil. have on lianu a 101
of empty whiskey barrels which I
ofh r to you for the next thirty days
mi &1.0U each delivered at the K. R.
station here.
0-l-:5t. J L. Marks.
Emanuel S. Bowersox,
of Lindsev, Ohio, washorn in Centre
township, Union,noW Snyder, coun
ty, A ii r. 8f 1885, the Bon of Solomon
and Luoinda Bowersox. He remain
ed at home on his lather's farm till
19 vears of age attending the public
schools, then worked at Buffalo Run,
Centre county and Buflalo X Roads
Union county, Pa
In lN.-.Thcwcut
to I'.ellevne. !lio. tailLlht school am
March 21, ls"' married Miss Cor-
..ll.i V I I, ,vr ni' V:lsllillltoll.
11, -11. 1 ..... , v . ... tv r- - 7
rw... 11 ih hi. urtfo rtnml . J
.' 1 . 1 i,:.i(i, illiisnlaee Chas. Ileltrieh of
Snyder county and farmed his fath- " 1 .
1 :n ittfici r..ifiRhboivna Logan was entertained by Miss An
ers farm till leUo. tnioounewas j
. . . .. i:. .. 1.. 1 ana i... hue StuniDll en Sunday. ...Mrs. Inn,
e aelc( I COUDI v auuiior. in iouoiw
moved to Lindsev. mil
, .
into the hotel and grocery business,
He served 9 years as school director,
3 years as councilman, one term as j
postmaster of Lindsay under Han i
son. 1 1c was a soldier of the lati
war and isa member oftheG. A. R. i
He served 125 days as corporal of
Co. K. 169th Regt P. V. . He
is still in business at Lindsay, Ohio
and is a brother to J. C. Bowersox,
of Centre towushipand a brother-in-law
of J. C. Shuiiian of Swineford.
bjl, vho was a sufferer trom dropsy
for some time, was buried at liarn -
er's church on Sundav. I hc fun -
eral was very largely attended by
the many relatives and friends.
JNlr. llarec.une to tnat vieimivirom
irjjl 1 J
iilKKiieoui 1 - tenn .if;.., ...... .......
et.,,1 Mi,. Bkt. Skaaikf iciilniv of
John Shaetfer, with whom he lived
"m ! ' . ..' :
linrinnniniislv to the time of
his death. His wife and a number
, .-ii 1 :i
of children by a former wife survive
him. Lirerpool .Sun.
Kahm kokSai.k A farm contain
- - . . i I ai 1 1.
ing .) acres suuuie iu aiiuuieciiTa
township, mile north ot (JlolxHday.
... o '. i ... :... 1 .
Rv. J
ii i i i r ,.i
H. llaker of Lebanon,
Pa., has sent an
. .. ,i
n invitation card to
Prof. Beyer anil wile to attend his
wedding in Trinitf Lutheran ehtireli
at Lebanon, Pa., June ". Several
, iii-i ! I m
weeks ..go lie delivered a very inter-
eBuDK lewurw iu our niuivn im
travels in Europe liev. Druek-
erimiiler and wife accompanied by
Charles A. (iearhart, delegate, are
..Hi.twlimr till. I .lltllir-m Sv'IKmI MOW
in session in the eity of Beading
( )ur musieal college has a large at-
i :i
,ev j A Merta ,, Riegleaville,
,5ll(.UsC isat;llwtuttlcl musical
(.oU wBre their 8on Vau is a
gtturday noon
tenoaneeoi musieai iu)iis. . . .airs,
; Mrs. Safah Lark of Berrysburg, Pa.
accompanied by her son. ILL. Iark,
Esq., of Millersburg, arrived in
Freeburg and were the guests of her
brother, Prof. Boyer. They remain-I
ed until Monday afternoon when S.
conveyed them to selins-1
grove with his fine oarriage and
anlendid team. Mrs. Lark is the
siileliiuil icam. iiirs. 1.11 m is me
ciil v remaining sister of Mary Ann,
wife of F. C. Mover, Who died IU
Dei. 1N!I7 at the advanced age of
86 years. During her stay, the
families of her nieces, Lydia, wife of
Judge Brown, Jennie, wife of F. E.
Hilbish, Caroline, wifeofSLU. Hil
hish, and her nephe'. s, P. B. Mover,
11. 15. Mover and Pint. Win. Mover,
called to pay their respects to her,
and a number remained for dinner,
I 'rot. Vm. .Mover anil Wile being
aware of the fact that a large numb
er werealready in attendance brought
a basket filled with supplies. Mr.
Mover is always ready tor any em
ergency. Mrs. Lark was Si years
old in Dec, and this being her na
tive place, she was honored by at
least fifty c.illers. She was also en
tertained at the hospitable home ot
P. H. Mover and family with an
excellent dinner in Company with
Mrs. Amelia Buyer ot Selinsgrove,
Samuel Witteninver and wife and
their grandson of Middleburg. This
was an opportunity to talk over the
past. They were friends aud neigh
bors at Freeburg in their youthful
Nathan Manlicck and wife
Lcwistown were guests of S.
I Romig'8 on Wednesday. . . .L
Smith made a business trip to Lew-
istown on Saturday Bev. LP.
Zimmerman was a Selinsgrove visit
or on Thursday ... .The rainbow
festival held on Saturday evening by
Miss Gertrude Shannon's Sunday
school class ot the Lutheran church
was very successful . . ( Salvia Krat
! zer of Kratzerville accompanied by
MissEsta Showers ot Centreville
1 were the guests of the family of J.
P. Spangler's over Sunday Mrs.
: Spigelmyer of Hartleton was:: recent
visitor at this place. . . .The Loth
! eran church is undergoing repairs
!at l,rost,,lt- A ,,c'w 8latc.tirwo m"
1 Im' unwed unon it. it will ue re-
naintcd and the interior t reset hi
Frank Sellers, who is employed at
,, ,
Burnham. visiting
Ins purents at
. . . . ..
, I I, SuKtMffftltfA w.'K the irnest
iiiil went,"" :b. .
of Mrs. liobt. Smith last week
Perry Gets and wife ot Thompson
town visited their many friends at
lulace recently Master Rav
, ! Smith is on the sick list Mr.
and Mrs. Cathermaii of Lewistown
were recent visitors in town. ..Mrs.
J. (). Wagner is Spending a w eek in
Lewistown Messrs. Bubb and 1
Freed of Beavertowc were in town
on Saturday evening.
Miss Mabel Bow of Selinsgrove
was the guest ot Shanes uanau on
; Saturday Ralph lleintzehnan ot
j Lewistown was home over Sunday
Frank Thomas took a earload
; of cattle to Newark, X. J., the fine
part ot tmsweeK asm ureniuw
J- CI.,... ...Q .... S..t..r.
line UI ,u, nu3 , w Uvu.
,l,.v Mrs En i-v. Mrs.
! Amnion (iearhart anil Mrs. George
Stuck drove to Midlllehurp-oll TUBB-
I day of last week...(Jtiite a nuinber
c 1 l- ..1 ,1, I
of carloads ol liark were shipped
from this place for the past few days
A. I). Kreamer, John Duck
, til .c
1 I h,,.-.,.',! ,, .... w,ii laar.rMiii-
iiuacioucuh .m.i. ...v..,,
S. A. App and wife visited
iw. LhV. MiMnat .T V Wnltpr'a
Ellas Miller is building a new
1 leirli anil -T A Iv onion la hllilill'tVr
" . ' o
!.!: ... L I
,. . n .1 .
wellJ. liothrock. who is attending
, , , hit w
school at lluckncll University. I:w-1
ljfp pent&turdaynd Sunday
at lioine. . . .Samuel Horst of Lhza-
e, who had his picture wag-
, i
0n in our town for a few weeks,
hhimhi ii lorreeounr. -'ir. iiorsi
makes very fine crayon portraits.
Some of our young people attended
the festival at the Summit House on
Svi t 1 1 1 ' kllOllinn lre ( i .,
......,.v 6 ......
' Miller and friends of near New Ber-
of John Sohnee
l iv l ist i joo
Ml ia..i. . . . uxiao
lin were the guests
ami iaimiy on 311110.
i -i Za i
Alice Rotbermel and John Uepner
of Part Treverton visited at John
SuhiieeH on Tuesday .. ..Children's
day exercises will i held at this
place on Sunday evening, June 1 0th,
1 1 n the Lutheran and neformed
church .. H. J. Howell is the proud
father of a boundng baby l)oy .
A telephone line will lieereeted from
' '
this place to r reehurg 111 the near
future iievouns ladies and
guests of our town had apio-nioon
Saturday last at II riser's dam. A
cxiiuruav last ai iieiscrs u
good time was enjoyed
H. J.
Ifi r Vl'fl tin. 1'irwt 1 rlli'L-.i. tn lirimr
1 . ; . , 1 . m n the pastorate and continued to serve
urawberries to our market. .Mr.,. ' ., . , , , ,
ll.iser nail very line Demes air
11 n 1
11 ,
d had
ready sale for them The ( iarfield
Cornet Band of this place left for
Liverpool and Hunter's Valley
Tuesday to play for the decoration
exercises at these places, The band
, was organized tor over 17 years and
and renders excellent music.
c had a heavy shower o
on Monday evening, which was very
mticn needed
.Levi Dressier'?
attended the festival at Hoover's
Mill on Saturday evening Mrs.
Frank Elliott and Mrs. Peter Trate
ofShamokiu Dam spent last Wed
nesday with friends in this place...
Dauiel Sassaman and daughters,
Olive and Lottie, spent Sunday at
Danville... James Younu isdiurtrine
a foundation for a new hoUSl
barn... Senator HuiiiiikI is improv-
ing his farm by rebuilding the house
Our met chant. Mr. St ran b,
wears broad smile and all because
a little clerk came to his house,
Daniel Sesholtz is the happy lather
of a little girl J. L. Oooper got
a cream separator for his farmer,
which is claimed to be a labor sav-
ing machine Peterlvlingler says
thc crows were at his corn, as one
evening his hired man filled the corn
planter with a peck of corn, and the
next morning there was no corn
there any more Two of those
pleasure seekers who were to Mid-
dlebunr on Sundav. ou their return,
a .
rode against Peter Bailev's irate
which was partly closed, and broke
their wheels.
....!. ...i. c..i. q i.... i
. zuurei spciu ouuuu; 01
n.. ,,,i. ,ii... ih.t uiwuii i hi ... villi-
goinerv, Pa.
,F. A. Aucker is
I working for a firm at Riverside. Pa.
... E. S. Stahl niadca business trip
to MiddleburgonSaturday Bar -
here. v. ivrehs sports a bra nit
new buggy W. W. Sholly
rebuilding his barn.... On Wed
nesday of last week J. D. Keigle's
barn, chicken house and pig stable
burned to the ground. This is the
.second barn burned tor Mr. Keigle
inside of two yean. He has small
! insurance . . . ( )ne day last week one
I of our town dudes with one of the
j same stripe of McKees Falls had
a free fist fight on the public road
I hove town all on account of love.
Irvin ritdegrovo and wife left
, for Riner's Oity on Sunday Mr.
(ass ()f Freebura called on his
young ladv friend at Mahontongo
recently tfuite a number of our
people attended the fiwtival aj Pallas
on Saturday evening Tom. and
r' . n it m ill
victor oi ron Lrevenon caiiea on
.1 V(.11Lr friends Misses B irner
. ? h ' T" ,J
lUlltAoi) l.astMlllllaV tilt' Cor-
I . " i j t,... ... ...... t.
ner sione was la-uai 1 arauise cnuren.
Thaw was a h.rtr,. ,..-owd in attend -
L e... 1T...I
ance Gi?orge Upilegrove spiMit
1Mirt 0f lust Sunday at Mr. Leach's
1 '
Drink Uraln-O
after you have concluded that you
uwuiuue out uuuiuii
... . ..,
and appetizing. It is made from pure
cau8e n 1B ncaitutui,
urftins and has that rich seal brown
Rev Dr. p, Born, of Sehntgrove.
D A a I A L
I omcvi mdv uast viae..
Kev. 1'eter Horn, 1). 1)., died at
... , Q.. . ' . .'a,.. ...
h uome in oeiiuscrove on j. uesuu v
... r. . . . . -..i 7
morning oflast week in his 79thvear.
Hj uJhh had , fof
.. ..i .. P
of his age until a few weeks ago,
mini lie a uiitcii seuousiv ill. 111!
tluleralrervice8 wereheId ,a;tT,lHr8
when he was taken seriously ill. His
dav at 2 p. in. at his late residence
and at 3:30 at Trinity Lutheran
Dr. Born was born iu I
I ... J - ! I 1
' 00 tne arn1, H Kradated from
Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg,
. . o in i t , . .
I wu"v !"-
T48, and from the rheiloieal
te?1 lQ He marnedMiss
a,r ' ll ' , ".''"f' A1Iart'h
'th, isfil, and with 1 his began
housekeeping and his life work in
Banbury. His first ami only charge
was what was then known as the
Sunbnry pastorate. This included
A Ml 1 III ... I ..
iV". , " . I"? , ,'" V 1 i ,
March 22d, 1S51 he began his labors
as pastor in conjunction with Rev
T P S2liii,1..1 I... ..I,i.. in lt..r-
" - "- "- " r.
lisliandthe latter in the German
At the death ot Father
oiunuei ue iook uie wiaue euaiue 01
L' J 1 L . I. .1 . I I I .11
it until l.Ni'.i, when lie was elected
. . , .... .
principal ot the Classical Hepart
ment of the Missionary Institute,
now Susquehanna University.
During his labors in Sunbnry the
old log church was lorn down and a
brick church, which Stood tor many
years at the corner ot Third and
Church streets, was erected. Alter
a successful pastorate of ei
ht years
and seven months resigned and mov-
ea to selinsgrove, where he has since
resided. I)r. Burn's labors there are
well reineniheml liv many ot the
older citizens of that vicinity.
With his removal to Selinsgrove
he entered upon hisspecial lite work.
He served at the head ot the Class
ical Department from L86P to 1 SSI
m .1
with marked Bticoes
..... . . .
position 01 1 rolessor of 1 hcology in
" in 11 me
that institution was made vacant by
. . ' 1' II . 1 L II ' I I
1 ev tri 1 11 hi , 11 1 . 1 -. 1 in. 11. y,eitriei .
D. D. he was unaniinously elected
to this professorship and served most
acceptably in that chair until a few
- f - - i
years ago, when, because of failing
health, he resigned. His resignation
was accepted by the board of diree-
! tors with deep regret, and he was at
once elected Professor Emeritus,
j The degree nf Doctor of Divinity
j was conferred upon him by ittcn-
burg College in lSSJ.
Dr. B rn rose to the highest jiosi
Hon in his church. He was possess
ed of great natural abilities and was
noted as a theologian ot great learn
ing. He was prominent in the or-
imnization ofthc Suanuehanno Svnod
O , ----- - . - (
and he has done much to build no
- .
and mould the sentiment of the Lu
theran church in Pennsylvania. All
, . , 1 , . .
over this land, and even in foreign
. . . . ;
I'llulc mi, !ll'i til ui i,r.i'.l..llllr
flu. triKi.i'l lit I irit ulio were Mill.
.i . . . i . . I I
....... i .....i i- -i
caicu aim imeu 101 uimr wuw unuei
i in.- iihhuuuvui j.i.t ii.iii... ..... .
I cherished and his works will live
i for ages to come.
Mrs. Born nreoseded him a few
years ago .to (he lietter land. onc
go,,, Reuben Born, M. D., of Mon-
IS I tonrsville, and two daughters, Mrs.
J. P. Eocbt of Barren Hill, Pa., and
Mrs. F. P. Manhart, of Baltimore,
Mil., a granddaughter and a sister-in-law
who have lived with him in
his home, together with other rela
tives and friends, remain to mourn
his departure.
"Life's labor ilont as sinks therliiy,
LiKlit from li s lo id the spirit IIU;
While heaven and earth continue to sav
How blessed i In - righteous when he dies."
Will Go ToVUliamsport.
Middleburg Will Not Get the Gun
Middlebnrs taut a chance to as-
" T ,
cure the location thereof a large gun
manufacturing plant, hut had to let
.. .a , i ll.
U sll) because tliev coll 1(1 lint raise
the money required by the OOOCern.
llliainsportis now negotiating with
the parties, with gmxl prospects of
the works going there.
I 1 1
J stand the lwrtles 111 COIl I linctlOll With
We under-
ueie . i:.
W lllliimspon cupuausis pro pose
, . ; cf . .:fi, ,.
! . r'n,n, a "2???)
forming a stock company with 11 cap-
1 Ital SlOCK 01 OU,UUU
The alxive we clip from Friday's
Sunbury Evening Item. The state
ment that Middleburg could not
raise the money is false. The Gun
Company could not give satisfactory
security and that is the reason that
Weather! y, Watsontown and Mid
dleburg did not put up the money.
Our capitalists did not consider it a
safe investment in a concern that
can afford to pay $5,000 cash to one
man for a week's work just to get a
contract signed.
Grand Performance at 2 ai d
o'clock P. M.
Free Exhibition at 1 and 7 P. Ml
r i il i .i . .
jjuiui win piay mrougn tne street!
at 1 Z o clock noon
!Lofeiy Bids. Shows
j is that it never disappointn,'
: a boast that few institution!
I ... , . .
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I however, that the great show
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Men, women and children,
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Memorial Day Observance.
Tuesday, Heiaorial Day, s k
ideal one. Tlx- cool breeze-, ion I
invitiiii? at biosphere beuesth the u
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uiio rj ui 1 ne suu maae 11 in
couffemal. The Grand Am v Pni ,r
this phce went to Meiser on lbs
morniUi trim, mid dvtcoi
soldiers (raves there. John Snyder
made, the address at that place. At
S)ai3in onuren tne ad Irwis imis made
by C. H. DunkelborsA and hi Ziou'i
uy vjuiciKis aim in ojiuaieoara
by Prof. F. (J. Bowersoz.
The P. O. S. of A. of this place
decorated the graves ut Paxtonvilli
Hassinger's in the morning. Tbi
I . iuo3D iiatea nasi rwev. d
' q Yoder
!. .1 n,.. i n
At Meiser aud Zion's the Sund
ocuuum iiiiueu out and nssisteu iu
. . i . . . . . .
the services. In Middlebnrs ouiti
a great many people gathered to do
honor to the soldier dead. A pro
cession was formed consisting of the
Middleburg Band, the G. A. 11., the
1' . O. S. of A. Ctunp HDd lbs Sunday
Schools ond marched to tho ceiue
tery for the memorial services.
Prof. P. C. Bowersox made the ad
dress at Shatuokin Dam during the
May 28th, Rev. W. A. Haas,
Michael A. Benfer to Victoria S.
Fetter, both of Kratzerville.
Odin 'll. Aerei' With Von ?
11 no, unu urniu-u uiaiie tnua
pun- grains, A lady writes 1 "The
li.'uf Man.. 1 mnl.r. v r 111 ,
iiifv iiiuo a 111, iir j 1 ill u - yj lllll 1101
iil. u..i ii. i. J
! tw miuor ubiuv it jor one wew
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I ,., ,.,.1,',.,. " I. i , m
" uviiot. uuuimiieH anil ieei
the system, the children cau drin
it freelv with great benefit. It is ti
nil iiiu iiiiiini; SUOri.UUeu 01 Dlll't
grains, tiet a package today from
your grocer, follow the directions 'u
making it and you will have a delici
ous and healthful table beverage for
old and young. 1 5c. and 25c.
Achievement o( Admiral Oewy," Hie world
urentenl naval hero. By Moral UalMead, tin
life lonit Inend and admirer ,,r the nation )
Idol. Illinrestand lieat I k. over .wi .....
SxlU Incheo; nearly luu pSgM half-tune illiiKt
lions, only pijw. fcnoriiioini lUinunil. I
MmnlMOM, OMnlRMi 'Trnitn nf llfntln
floor L'axton BUIg., Chienuo, MS-JM
, rue i)iueK. i lie iiiiini llleli I ihiiIKI'.v. :ir
; A 'iir for Venous HHilnrlif.
For elcht yearn I suffered from cost Ipiitlon unJ
I severe heudache, the he.uliiche usuaiiv luMln.'
I , l ..... , H....U ,1, ,, limn ll , l .... ..
1 - ' Mil . ll ., l' in iiiiwueiM t I, I'
I i d me teinporarll), but left, too had an pflrct.
f Since I hecan taking l""lery King I have greatly
Improved in uealtn, s, ur never ' ,r i,,
1 acne, have gained In llcsh, und le d ItnMllillJ
I well -Mbs. K. 8. Uatcii. Temple, N. II. OBlerj
KIM lor HM Nerves. Liver aud Kidneys la seld
In floe, and SM. packaires bv w. II. Hermun.
Trinevllle; Mlddleswarih A L'lsh, Mciaurc; II.
a. bongui, Aiiue.
MW!r. y.yM.?M.y"r: aw w'q
grealest naval hero. Uy Murnt IIiiNtcad Hi
life-long friend and admirer of the nation's Idol,
HlKircst and m'il hook: over 'i " nuires. s.i
inches; nearly '.HO pages half-tone illiistration-
'oniyin. r.nnrmoos nemaiiU. nig eomnii-
,,,. onttlt free. Chance of a lifetime. Writ.'
I mWrttlniai"
1 lie .nilllllllllll louipuny, .1: O tloor (
ComriMlra. Aattrntlon.
I pervert rrnrn 'f.J tn 'Rl unl wma u i,.,i .r,.v
10. is64. in me name or tne tt 11111
would iiko to have my oomrades know wh:
Celery King hasdono for me. In M my ol
complaint, clironlc dlairuhoea, came hack. The
, doctors could not stop It, hut. Celery King Hal
1 cured me. and am once more MjpgrtBg 11
cured me. and am once more eniovtnx life
Frank Dkimleb. Owosso, Mich. (Co. V. 49th N
Y. V. L). celery King for Hie Nerves, r. Keren 1
and Kidneys Is sold In toe. and c. packaires In
W. II. Herman, Troielllvle; Mlddieswarlh A
fish, Mcciure; 11. A. Kbrlghu Aline.
All business entrusted to his ear
will receive oroiupt attention:
rnnatiir nr mmmnnk
Consult or communicate with the WS$ct
of una paper, who wUl give sJl nestled lnlor-