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Editor and Proprietor.
Interesting Items.
News Told in Brief Paragraphs for
Our Readers.
Ml Xewinrfriiliit IM-opi mmwm
or latM Pt liW
Chas. Marks, who had been in
Philadelphia, has returned homo.
Mm Hmtnn Neftof Gordon, Ptt.
is visiting Mrs. A. & Beaver at this
Mtoa nilln Hrimn. whohad been
staying at Adamsburg, 1ms returned
Miss Lisurie EUpka, who had been
staying atLewistown, returnedhome
on Saturday.
Miss Cora Enterline of near Duu
vilje, formerly of this place, is visit
ing friends here.
Mrs. Adam Showers and Mrs. ( '. j
W.Oravbill were to Suubury on
Monday on a shopping expedition.
Mrs. Dr. J. B. Allison of North
umberland has heen visiting her
parents in this place the past week.
William Shindel, who is attend
ing the Susquehanna University at
Selinsgrove, was at home over Sun
day. Mrs. Davit! Sholly and Mrs.
Barry Buyer of Selinsgrove were at
the county seat on Monday oi this
Master Glen Leitxel ol Mitllin
burg has been in town the past week
visiting his grandparents, Jas. Ayres
and wife.
A. E. Coopti and wife of Selins
grove have been visiting A. a, Ulsh
and wife in this plaee during the
it week.
Peter Kicirle. Sr., of Middleereek
was at the county seat on Monday.
He was in the best of spirits over the
result of the election.
This is an advertising age, and he
who uses a greatdcal of printers' ink
in his business is generally the suc
cessful business man.
Mrs. C. C. Sechold with her son,
Harry, and daughter, Eva, of Suti
bury were the guests of relatives in
this place over Sunday.
Mrs. llcv. D.E. MoLain has been
very sick during the past week with
nervous prostration. We hope she
will soon lie able to be out again.
Mrs. Nettie Smith wi'l otler at
public Sale the household furniture
of the Central Hotel, Saturday May
20, 1S!)9 at ten o'clock. 1-1 l-'-'t
John Howell, who went along
with the hark peeling party to West
Virginia, returned home last week.
He says he doesn't like it in the
'Squire Kellerand Adam Smith of
Adamsburg and K. frank Mnitli ot
Troxelville on Sunday were the
guests of the newly elected County
Judge Savidge of Sunbury on
Saturday refused a new trial for Ed
ward Crissingcr, who was ooovicted
for the murder of Daisy Smith. He
is sentenced U Ik; hung.
Scud in your dollar cash-in-ad-vanoe
for one year's subscription to
the Post. You will get the Farm
Journal for five years as long as the
supply lasts. Send now. tf.
We have left over a few extra
copies of the Industrial edition of
last week's Post which will he sold
as long as the supply lasts at five
centseach. Orders by mail will be
promptly attended to.
J. C. Beck, book-keeper of thcSe
linsgrove shoe factory, was in town
on Sunday to call on Mr. Whitney.
Mr. Beck is not satisfied that the
gun works shall be located at Mid
dleburg instead of Selinsgrove.
DISTRICTS. I Z i - v ? f ft -I m L r I u 'J ib '-,
MJtlflm i il Mi I I fi f
Adams 44: ' (V 53 2! 28 73 4 9j 22 7a! 20 50 13 71 10 61 59 90 105
Beaver ' 126 2 10 2 66 241 46 35 18 16 133 83 136 51 21; 1 86 74 115 156
Beaver West 55! 23j 100 3! 50 2f 88 17 27 65 86 75! 120 69 46! 4 61 112 142i 177
Centre 49 71- 66 7. 60 21 46 64 38 45 110 83 921 54 lit); 24 9".' 92 132 188
Chapman 29 2; 421 8j 7 69 I 6 2l 30 24 ! 22j Is 14 18 60; 39 30 46 78
Jackson 13 W 33 I 48 3 111 21 42 5j 171 24 29 45 22; 4. 53 26 41 61
Franklin ' 70 i 75. 33 15 58 16 40 H2j 1 79 117: 49 131 79 79 11 LOO 102 135 187
Middleburg 42; 36! 18 :: 35 9 5 60 3 36 59 13 42 23 65! 22 66 52: 60 92
Middleereek 42 32 27' 9 69 l! 16 26 19 29 62 12 62 60 39 37 68 75' 6s! 112
Monroe 73 12 35 3 00 12 20 4! 84 19; 2:5: 67 42- 52! 29! 37 105 41 15: no
p..,,,, loo! r.s 8 157! 10 2s 1:17! 17! 49 86 90 107! 58, 15 169 s2; 96 200
Perry 15 1! 461 :il 22! 55! 6 2(! Ill 46 24 10 :55; 50 ::V 01 :5:5 5s' 40 108
Perry West 12! 2 34! 0. 17! 6 ll! 21! ll 18 25; 12; 2:5i 25 10 22 10 43 17j 37
Selinsgrove 95; 27 97 2 175; 19 8 19 189 Hi 21 150 52! 76 5l! 90 206 9:'.; 7. 211
Spring 22! i 1S3! 3; 96 10 Si 19 92 27; Si! 96 124 49 45 00 1:50 131 84 IS7
Union 86 20 00 II! 69 67 1 22 49 56 52 :il! 57! S7! 83j 47 99 70 861 Ml
Washington 51 j 36 75: 11 50j I3j 9 104! 63 27 85! 7 55; 107; 19 10 90 63j OSj 150
Total 880 1021030 134)1095 356 171 520 811 5471013 S5iill5s 991 820 03O;1496l209;133O;23O9
Plurality i 15o 1 666' ' I ' 1 I l09l i 167 135 j 1661 j 121
Miss Ruth Howell, who is work
ing at Sunbury was home on a visit.
In order to clean out the shoe
business I will sell out my entire
stock of shoes at cost. A large line
ot soap will also lie closed out at
cost. Special bargains will be offer
ed in all goods.
tt. Ba bbeb Simoktok.
II. D. Stahlncckcr and A. W.
Aurand have purchased a clipping
machine to clip horses. They offer
to clip horses at 81.50 each. Any
one desiring to have their horses
clipped will do wel! to have these
gentlemen do it for them tf.
The attendance at the meeting of
return judges on Monday was the
smallest we ever saw. This is pro
bably duet.) the fact that the intro
duction of the telephone ill our
county permits all to learn the re
sults before midnight Saturday.
Dr. H. X. Nipple of Selinsgrove,
who has recently been elected City
Poor physician of Akron, Ohio, and
Miss Grace Hettrick of Bhamokin
Dam were Sunday guests in this
place. We congratulate the young
physician on his remarkable success.
If you pay your subscription one
vear in advance you can get the Post
for only one dollar. If you are in
arrears you can pay up your arrear
ages anil one dollar extra for one
year in advance. Then you will
.1 I I i!
irel HIS rami .lournui nve hmi.'i
free. tf.
A smooth, easy sliave, genteel hair
cut, or other tousorial work, is al
ways obtained at Soles' Barber Shop,
in Bonk Building, next door to the
Post office. Co to Boles to buy
new razors or exchange for old ones.
Razors honed and guaranteed to give
satisfaction. A. K. Solkh.
H. D. Stahlneeker and wife, Levi
Young, Curtin Bowersox, Dr. J. W.
Orwig, CC.Cutelius, Jas. P. Smith
and James Krdley of this place and
Dick Harncrof Paxtonville attend
ed the unveiling of the Hartranft
statue at Harrisburg on Friday of
last week.
The third ipiarterly conference of
the U. B. church will be held at
Eon's May 22nd. Whit Monday,
business session will begin promptly
at 9 o'clock. German preaching and
communion at 10 A. M. Presiding
Elder Gable of Lebanon, Pa., will
be here to officiate. He will also
preach and serve communion on
Sunday eveuing in U. B. church at
Middleburg. A silver collection
will be taken for missionary purposes.
The public is cordially invited to
these scrvics.
Wm. H. Boyeb, Pastor.
Associate Judge.
The 1 louver's Sunday school will
hold a festival at Hoover's bridge on
Saturday evening May 27th. lie
freshuieuts ot all kinds will be serv
ed, consisting of ice cream, cake and
oonfectionarv. Music will be fur
nished by the Kantz Cornet Bund.
Hon. G. Alfred Schoch bus pur
chase' I a fast horse from some friends
in Des Moines, Iowa. The animal is
a valuable one and at a Sale at Vicks
burg, Union County, was bid up to
8:510. OO, Mr. Schoch is trying to
Imilil up the town so that it will
have a faster gait ami with bis trot
ter, will try to keep ahead of the ad
vancement of the town.
A man who is as blind as Joe
Lesher should lie sent to the Mouse
of Correction to receive his Bight,
The citizens ol Selinsgrovo owe a
public duty to have the Blood-money
Bag placed on exhibition in the city
of Paris next j ear. The 7mesgot
more money out of the( 'utility Treas
ury last year than any Repub
lican newspaper in the county Ibr
legal advertising. Why '.'
Hon. G. Alfred Schoch, W. W.
Wittenmyer and A. H. Ulsh were
appointed a committee to gotoCata
wissa to appraise the shoe machinery
ot the Main Shoe Company of that
place. They accordingly went up
accompanied by Carbon Seebold of
this place and Mr. Kiscnliuth of the
Selinsgrove shoe factory. They
found everything in very good shape
and the inventory amounted to al
most $3,500.
On Saturday evening .quite a
number of blind people of the in
dustrial Home for the Blind of I art
ford, Conn., gave an entertainment
and concert in the Court I louse to a
Very large audience. The young
people gave a mock trial Wore a
jury in which the persons of the
company took the various arts
usually taken in a case pending in
court. After the trial the young
peoplegave a most excellent musical
The industrial edition ot tbePOST
last week was a dandy. It received
the commendation of every one who
saw it. It would have leen twice as
large if we had been able t get the
others who had promised us to sit for
pictures to do so. This is the first
industrial edition that we have heard
ot lieing published in SnyderCounty.
If the Selinsgrove limcx man gets
over his drunk and does not see as
many skunks as he has seen for the
last few weeks, he may lie able to
distinguish the difference between his
out-house rag and au up-to-date
County Commissioner.
George Kunkle, In is serving
1 I 'nolo Sam in the United State-- navy
1 on the St. Paul, wusu visitor in town
over Sunday. The attractions ot
j this town are loo much for hiin to
I resist
)n Monday morningthe first work
! was done on the shoe factory to be
, erected in this place. Tl infract
or, 'J. P. Stetler, Would like to make
a record in the shortness of time in
which a factory building -hi bl lie
erected, hut he lears that he will he
unable to get the heavy limbers
promptly enough to make very
much headway. The Catawissa
factory closed on Saturday a week
and on Monday ol' this week they
began to pack the machinery which
w ill In- shipped to this place at once.
An effort will lie made to get the
, building in shone a- uuicklv as nos-
- 1 . .1
sible in order to get the stock ready
tor tiie (all trade.
Memorial Day Program.
; John '. Arnold Post No. (i7 (i.
A. I!, ot Port Treverton, Pa., will
observe the coming Memorial I Day
as follows :
All patriotic citizensare requested
to display from their residences and
places of business, our National flag,
and such other emblems as arc suit
able to the occasion, also to close
their places of business from 2 to 5
P. M. on Memorial Pay.
The comrades will assemble at
Post Headquarters at 7:30 I'. M.
and proceed to itmer's cemetery,
and at 9:80 A. M., in connection
with the Sunday schools, di coratc the
graves ol the Nation'.-, defenders.
From Witmer'.- proceed to Zion's
cemetery where the Post will be
joined by S. Y. Camp 160 and ser
vices wiil take place at 10:30 A. M.
The Post and Camp will meet at
Headquarters at 1 P. M. and pro
ceed to St. John's cemetery where
exercises will take plaee at 2 P. M.
S. V. Camp will take charge of
Keiser's cemetery where ceremonies
will; take place at 9 A. M. in con
nection with Keiser's Sunday school.
Addresses will be delivered at
the different cemeteries and Memor
ial Services will be held in U. B.
church at Port Treverton in the ev
ening. The orators of the day will Ik'
Prof. G. W. Walbornand'thc ReVS.
Fenstermachcr, Francis, Brillhart
and Martin and Comrade .l.C.Schoeh.
The Sunday schools of the differ
ent churches and the general public
arc cordially invited to participate
in the proper observance of Memor
ial Bay.
f P A Dvm r. T t 1 U11 . mm
I Adjutant. Post Com.
MAY 18, 1899.
I'iuardcl Bio, April IS09.
Dear Kditou : The 202nd New
York Volunteer infantry, now stn
lioncda! ( rtiuuujuy, I'rovlnct ofPiuur
del Bio, ( '11I ;i, have a war record of
which lew people in the United
States arc aware a- hostilities in
Cuba had ceased some time before
the debarkation of this regiment
from Savannah, Ga, However, it i
an absolute fact that these boys took
pari in the battle ot "Pinar del Bio."
This is a battle which 1 have never
seen described in print, nor i-it likely
to be placed with those (ought ut
Santiago, Cardenas, and Manila, yel
it is worthy of more attention than
has vet been given it. It was some
what in the middle part of DeeeinlKT
that the '..'1 (2nd were ordered to Pinar
del Bio, being among the first re
giments selected for garrison duty
in the Eastern Provinces ot Culm
which were at this time still garri
soned heavily by Spanish soldiery.
Even Havana hail uot lieeu occupied
to any extent bv American soldiers
as it was not deemed wise to risk
any conflicts between the victor- and
VaililUlsUeil Wllerc the ioilllatol
wassuch a uncertain quantity. Pinar
del Bio was thought to be somew hat
of ii risk in this respect, ami the
troops sent lu re, I believe, were in
the nature of an experiment to leel
the way Ibr a larger lon e. In view
of this opinion theboysol the 202nd
N. V. felt, and had a right to feel,
that a hostile feeling might exist
cither among the Spanish troops sta
tioned here or from reported bands
of guerrillas in the mountains near
by. Every one knows who has
closely followed the movements of
the insurgent army in Cuba that
Pinar did Bio Province was one in
which their operations were almost
undisturbed due to the many inac
cessible places in which they could
conceal themselves from attack, prin
cipally among the rugged mountains
which cover two-thirds ot the Pro
vince. In this connection Pinar. lei
Bio is situated on an elevated plateau
Surrounded 011 two sides bv moun
tains which are not merely high
hills, but good-sized mountains and
deserving of the name. Beturning
tn the subject of thestorv (the battle).
When the202nd New Ybrkwentiu-
to camp about a half-mile outside of
1 " .
I the city limits, and about the same
j distance from the foot-hUls of the
I mountains, they naturally doubled
j their guard as an extra precaution
against any trouble that might come
: unawares. The first night (Kissed
without anything worthv of Dotieej
having taken place altogether great
t'lirl In 1 1 . . 1 BBMktf lint ItftMAIUMMMI In I
1 iii.iiu 1 ntlr 1 1 1 ' 1 11 11 111 1 v.-vtii y
their minds for a little w hile longer.
VOL. 36. NO. 20.
The next day it was rumored that
an attack would be made by hostile
bands from the mountains upon the
CommisBsary so that night every
man slept in arms and sentries were
even more alert than ever. About
hall past clvcn o'clock as a single
shot broke the stillness ol the hour
closely followed by a warning cry
from the picket in that direction,
which was taken up by each sentry
in turn until it reached the camp it
sell and the usual activity, pande
monium, scramble, etc., took place.
Officers were iostlimr aiiainstone an
other endeavorinur to cet their com-
lanies together, soldier bovs were
trapping on their accoutrements and
guards preparatory to the charge on
the enemy, most ol them were only
yet halt aw ake, as tups had sounded
two hours before. All the while
mi reports were coming from ihc
quarter ol the lir-t attack, which be
came a regular fusilade. In less
time than you can think uImiiiI it
the brav e 2l "J r 1 . 1 were pushini: to the
front in the din ction ol the shots.
The undergrowth being vorv dense,
it required greal mtieiice and
courage to lace an attack U the dead
ol night under conditions, but these
were boys who never though! of
danger. Altera lew shots exchang
ed everything died away into that
deathlike stilluess which precedes
a storm, the enemy evidently having
been repulsed or were planning a
new procedure. S in were pushed
forward to reconnoitre and ascertain
the nature of their foes, also their
strength and plan of attack. And
as they lleglin coming in to the lines
again it was found that all this com
motion had been caused by a few dis
orderly boys ol their own regiment
who wanted a night's sport and had
it, except those who were not sharp
enough to conceal their identity and
received the severe sentence llleteil
out to such law breakers. Ofeourse
no one wa- hurt in thi- buttle d
Pinar del Bio, but it goes to show
that our soldier bovs are here for
business or pleasure whichever comes
their way. It required nerve to even
light an imaginary foe under such
circumstances as this, vet after all it
1 dangerous oke
w 1 1 1 -1 1 me
have eo-t live-.
Johnny Hazel to Return.
The many friends ol John Hazel,
the well known cornet virtuoso ot
New York city, will lie -orrvlohear
that he has Keen compelled to aban
don his favorite instrument on ac
count of iralysis of the muscles
and nerves ol the lip-. Mr. Hazel,
with his wife, w ill return to William-port
in the near future to make
it their home. It is to be hoped
Mr. Hazel w ill soon recover the use
ot' his lip-and that he ma soon a
gain be heard in public.
Iroquois Bicycles.
I have just received a sample of
the latest Btyle Iroquois bicycle
made by the Mead Cycle Co. and
have taken the agency (or tin same.
Any one wishing to see the wheel
can do so by calling on the under
signed. Prices range from to
65. Bicycles supplies of all kind
can be secured at the lowe-t prices.
o-ll-ot. A. W. Aurand.
We would remind the Thompson
town Globe that if the picture of
Prof. o. C, Gortner, their new Coun
ty Superintendent, that is published
in last week's issue, is a true like
ness, the Professor's friends in this
county had better call him home to
see how much he bus changed. It
liniks to us as though the (ilultc used
some one else's cut to represent Prof.
Gortner as tlie picture is no more
like the (Men C. Gartner we knew
in our school days at Selinsgrove
j than if the picture were to represent
, the writer. Try again, Wicky.
( 1H IliUkitji u .