The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, May 11, 1899, Image 1

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Editor and Proprietor.
This special edition of the "Post"
would Incomplete will I 'I'1'
likeliest ami sketch ol fturonj.
grove, a painter l more than ordi
nary skill and ingenuity, Hesides
being a (winter ol uhility, he is a
handy man n every oi'eassion you
need attention to - matter which
requires skill. He is also a pajior He is uu uu active industrious citizen
hanger secontl to none in this station, und is ever ready to eneourgeull kinds
Always jovial and congcial, I" of industries and public improve
never lorgets that he us u citizen is incuts. A te more men with the
one of the representatives ol human amount ol public spirit that Mr.
kind and a- such owes to his Stetler possesses would make quite
lei low beings a just equivalent ol u difference in the activity ol our
time and talent which he never lie- town.
... ft i
Spff MLi'A. glzxi is,
stows l-egrmlgingly'i bill ratlin tre
fers to i.' more than he owes t..
others than to take anything orovcr-
ehargelornnvworkhemiiy to, lie wuieioni mis a m' men n.m m
is a usefu! citizen to have in town the jhtsoii ..I IkirlM-r S ntn, a
nd those l til hi- serviirs n.o-t young mi I sterling qualities, who
under stand best the n al intrinisic hails from MilHinburg. lie is, how
value of his talent. Mis servici-s ever, not u stiiingcr in this village,
arc constant I v reipiired away Ir having resided here for several years
home as well as here, thereby prov prior to this, lie Umghl nut the
hat his faithful services nre tip-
preeiutc! elsew hi re as mueli a
lining In- neighiMirs.
JOII N I si I I I I It.
'CI... ,...,, i.l l iil. 11,1,111
in. hi,, t. n
i;i - .111 -
UKhhcol of which it can well 1 f -'' ' n. tu ran .. .my
ubmmI That builder is John K.!wi r for a quick lunch or a
S,l, Acutofhis reside,..,' ap- plate of oysters or a plate o cream
K1irsitl,iissueofthePW He He already has a rcputa ion lot
Lwon fin- himself a reputatiou making exjvllcnt cream and he wi
w,ieh speaks lK4ter for him than we lo all in his js.wcr to .'iiham-e tlu ,
inaft-cblevvav mi, H,rtrny. The reputation. He is k.pnig u lulli
" , It i will ,i i i i a
lines tlittt now express ins skiii nn
i. ,i .w,f,.,.. m
lulliin in uu- 1 1 i.i i io
.1 stndH livintf testimonials
i i iii i 1 1' 'i r
i ... ..I Tl... I ill., I ....I,
lo III- WUI K. I I
. . .ii' .i . .. i ..
m IiooI DUIlOings inai now sn
Kwehurg, Keeilsville and Milrov,
il. .utherun Church at this phu-c
I), a. KKIt.v's
I nnd tlu eat Salem, this county,
iil... Mitilin ('iiniv National Bank
Lud the Kussel Hank, both of
Lew Mown, and the lurire numbei
of beautiful residences scattered over
this lund arc nrodiicts ol hit
ingenuity. He has huilt up
for himself u very nici trade and
Hince Jamum 1 . 1 SMI he has had on
his hoards no less than I." buildin
itviini it mio no
. . . ii i : . .
store ol . w . I irnyhill ami pn poses
to run an np-t
Iim I tin shoe l.ran.'h . hi- stop1 1
an. I will partition ofl the rear of the
store ami make an eating room there, j
1 This will make an exeellcnl lunch
- .
resh siinnlv always on hand
i . . . .
Mwvw m judicious advertising and
know M'lml ir ia- to oiler. .
" n"' "' I I,u ""
i. ..i i... i,.,. i.. i.n.iv vi..
il... ..I.. ... . ... VI.. Ill, IV , , ' I 1 1
pwliH lor I n brillianl and su
! m
Li i . it1 6: m
v is
-.r.ur wt. .
i i I . 1 i 1 1 1 1 : i :
i- i In 1 e. mill seal ofSnvdi rl ouuH
i- located in the center ol the inty
1(1 mihs . -i of S'linsgrove the
met roiiolis t t In 'on i it . I li.' tow n i
is:l-J mil.s li'oni Li'wistow::.) unction,
the eoiiiieettug poiul lor (he last
(rains west and cast and II) miles
Irom S'linsgrove Itiuetiou, hi miles
In ai Siinhim where eouiicctioii call
lor last train- Kast, North,
Suit hand West. ( hirlM'tiutituI town lertil. - ' i ml is M'ophil by pros
is locitlcd onh lid miles Irom I lain p. runs ami sturdy farmers ho arc 1
burg the capital of the state of aliovc the onlinry intelligence.
I 'cnnsvlvania, the same distance from j
.. ' "'
. .
ii i s. .
illiamsport and lt5."i miles t"
I I'hilailelohlii the metl'oiKills .,1 lli.
i . . . i
i I .
-tale and one ol the ohlcsl settle-
. i . .en - on ie . t ne 1'ie a i i "in in. in .
.. . ..!..... . .
; M dd eburg was laid ..nt in
. ...
s ii
ii. South side ol Middle, re. k
ie iaml of John Swinelord and ii.-
, . .
I 1' I. ... . ... I.
Swineford Stcttle. The survey of
ih, t..w ii plot was made !' Krwleri 'k
Kvans, a proiniueiil man in hi- day
and the futlier-iii-Iiiv of (Jcorgi
K reamer, at one time the 'oiign ---
man from this district, In l-'l ;i
uumbf.T of lots were -..Id. At tip-
time the town was laid out there wan
einia. tieriiiiin nai.i. .,, in.-
II AS, A. MKIsKlt.
I 1 1
j ' - (Eft
u I mux r. r 'ii.,r.m
i 1 la..
scv I landing and a- early
as i nhii Swindon! bad i
lavei i li . I he lots were soli
subi1 i to i ground rent .! oia
I!, pei rear lorever, Midd'i huig
i iti r low n-liiii niiiii the
erci t I'Yniikliii township in
. l.So, 1 1 1 I I'eiiiainctl part ol
iinti1 ' S ( J I when a charter ol
a. I I'eiuaiui .1 purl ol' Krankliu
irti ui H'issecnreil lorlheoorough.
li. in !hc hcarl ol Middlecteek
w In. 'I. almuiiib in ih.' most
I he town has hotels; a Ikiiik, ri
v r
1 Hi
lint -l .
large (leuertil Store-, M
nli elioiiarv
. . .'.
and Id' -t,.i
a tailor, an arehitecl, several painters
.i i .. .. i i. .... : .
a ih i i a .. 1 1 . 1 1 1 . a -. . . . u. . -. -i
uttornct .. a I iii kcrt , I iltick.-iuil
Shoos, n Shoe store, a KlU'llitUI
i '
Store, a niciil inarket, a Hrng Store,
. , , ,
.1...... I,,., I I - .... ,1
.i -..'.
shops, a
stove anil tin Ibisiness, ttvonillliucry
stores, two Coal and ( i rain I Icalcrs,
A (iristMill, a distillery, a Uittliiig
works, a machinist, a Hentisl, t..
I lis'tors, Several niusictcaehers, four
churches, ( Irade I S-l Is,ajewelery
Store, I livery Stables, A hslge .,1'
Kreo and neccptnl Masons, A .amp
it S,in of Amcricu, a (trund Army
Post, Telephone Kxchutigc, I'osl
Mine, Several Stone Masons Juke
iinnmlK'rotcariHMiters, '1 wn HarlH'i's,
an insurance olliee, three justices nt
of the I'eaci',, :i notary I'uhlic, a I
lu.iisinn I h m r. . A umber, a "Ian- '
jing mill, ;i brick yard, quite a mini- J
j hei ot hmr kilns, :i kerosene siipph
station, two bark and mining ti'c
markets, a county superintendent,
Lighl College students, ipiite a
I college ma In n.-. u few
I lu.mev lenders, the ciiurt house, the
j int'vjail.n historical sisiety, a
gravcvar, two undertakers,.) dca'cr
in farming implements, a s:or-keep
erandgiiager, several school teachers
i f
it. it itu:s
ii telegraph olliee, an i press olliice,
a Ircighidepot, a I'asscngi r Slaliou,
a pMiltn intirk-l, a eornel biiml mi
orchestraandiilMiveall will soon h.ive
;l dir..- lactorv,
I'.inr iiassenger li'aiiisnri'i ve daily
I I. ',.. .I 'll, ..II nt'uliii'h I'.ii'i v
I mail. Three stages and mail ear- large (r ule ami m one year In-slup-i
i-ieis ill-live mill leaed:iilv Ir m il lo tin Lehigh Valley 1. It. Co.,
, I V, , I, .ii ". one horn MeKei - Hall
ill an. I i;a Iil
;.,,int-. and nlle Irom Milllilllilll')
.-w lerllll and lllterveM in
" i, ml-
Ihe tow,, is in a healthy local
where living is cheap. There could
he no better place lo i stablish I
industrial concert! limn in Midi II -
.. . .
burg, Itcnls tire lo and IiiImh' i
ii.. i I'liipho ed ri gularb . het'ce tho
w I... are seeking new lo 'titions lor
their industries will Ibid tt great
..'.;,,,, ;., il -i ol' l .i,. r lit iimv-
ling to Middlchiirg. The Middle-
...... i .. : 1 1 .. a; ... i . ,,
. i . . . , iii ..I.,,.. i . . .,--,,',
. , ' , . , , ,
in ease a n one ilesll'es that Ull
1 ol
in iw er. I III i . . in;
. , ', L
I'M I. , IIH ' "
i c here t'lmii any whcrcelso and
Imnee ,n tillord to work lor lower
olllte a
'I'l... i. .,.,,;.'.. i I viiil.
Ihi ..I hamlsome iirivalc
' 1
I' uR.:. : i(
DR. J. W. orwig'm RESIDENCE.
VOL. -Mk NO. li).
residences, that are a crctiil to the
lowr. The eople arc hospitable
ami entertaining ami ill throw w id
open the dMrs in receive :in new
industry that may propose locating
M il tt I M
lor I I years Wilson II. W in. s
hus '" 111,1 -''im busi-
ncss in this place, linrn and raised
in the viciiuty ..f lli.hlield, in West
township, this eminty, he
moved lo this place and licca on.
"I the citizens ami lx came a pari ..I
the community, lie has I icon an
important factor in the development
in w i it.
of its interests nnd stands as an tn
live supMiiter ami one who will, n-
cnuitige industries to Imiite in mil
midst. He also deals in bark, his
shi nt in thai til along ihe S.
ailroiiil average lonii tons a
la liaih'oad lies he Im- :i
- I tics.
Mining lies is a
large ,e:i "i ins inioie .
eotd and grain busbies i- . ry x
, - i .1 I,,:. ,
I' llsive ami in"IM- in. nan. i un
, ..
urge sums m money . m isa-au
fill conseientioiishusiuess matt wit
"and - the high, si n sjicel of al
who kim htm.
Owinjr to the Inrgi nun,:,., ol
illustralioii- ami sketches and l...-al
hi-My, il lias been ueeeessary Ibrus
in out a ureal deal "I local news,
i, . t,n si..,.
v'i't ismeiits and some skctcbcs
mid , , on ih.- inside ptiges tins w. ek -!'..
i, I'mst. I 'iiloi'tunati lv also -., in.
news and eoiiiimmieatioiis had to Im
entirely onilted. VII these mat-
I -r- will hate ' aUuti n ,,.ii
"cl issue.