The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, August 18, 1898, Image 3

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J Record of 30 Years
i ' ' -;
I fart Cwi'7' ,0. ""J6
cn4 Bleciimul am Vt'm'
li Si"- ' v
' 1S8T.
nBf.25,1"' Uev. W. A. Haas,
fl , Ucvt t Monroe twj.
L. 25. fcy r V1'""
. i I ll'Il'll i ......
ft lH)tl of Middlecrwl;, l'u.
' ' o-, liv llev.X. You iiur, John
, G;'i m Alice Hadulxich, both of
p. 2o, Kev. Auranu, vxjnrau
firmer f Miillinlmrg to Susau
Dec 2G, by liw. . a. naas,
L p i;omig and Mary Purks, both
rv 9i! bv Kev. W. A. Haas,
r,nrv D. Dcnbler ami Sarah Mover
re, 27, by Kev. W. M. minus,
-Isworth Wetzel ami Amanda Jane
. nt. lWvur twn.
ftlOOK I"'1"
Io. 29, by Kev. W. M. IjuhIis,
II-... ii nwanz ni.
Win Knoiise of autre twp.
Pee. 20, by Kev. b. 1 urwu,',
, i.'.,a,.r of Tenu twn. to M. Alice
(iswlnger of Franklin twp:
d SVby Jno. C. ,1-eitzer .J
i r Sliouy oi x anasanuouiun
. i . c r :.,..,: it..
C. Siietteriy oi imwi "-.
Pic. 31, by Kev. S. S. (waybill,
,-.., ir lline of Northumberland
;lWl Viola 0. West ot Freeburgh.
rnn 1 . bv Kev. J. D. Stover, W.
f Wit, and Carrie E. Arnold, lxth
Juii. 1, bv Kev. Jacob I. am-
i M'... A ArluuKluf I if Aft.
IIMMt! " iv' -Pleasant
Millrt to Lizzie S. Hummel
of Freeburg.
I..n. 3. bv Kev. S. 1. Brown,
rl,,rl..s M. Arbotriist of West Kerry
Hvp, to Jennie E. Shellenku-ger of
Monroe twp.
.Inn. S. bv Jno. C. Kreitzer, lvi.,
(iwt. W. Neitz and Lovina I lib',
Itntli of Chapman twp.
.1:111. S. bv Charles K. Ilishel, J
.. Win. (JemlK'rling and Dollie
Kinney, Ixith of Selinsgrove.
t Jan. 8. bv J. C. Gaudier, J. 1.
Adam Greiner and Iiilho Mertz,
iKith of Shamokin Pain.
Jan. 12, by Kev. J. A. Koner,
Al..v'iiiili-r kisciidili'ii or Monroe
twp. to Uertlia Justice of Northuin
Jan. 15. bv Absalom Karner, J.
1' Henrv 1). Sheaifer of Oriental
and Alice M. Watts of Kichfield.
Jan. 15, bv Kev. J. P. Stover, S.
D. Paige oi" West Perry twp. to
Minnie C. Hornliergor of l'erry twp.
Jan. 17, by Kev. S. S. CJraybill,
V. II. Donghertv of Collensville to
Katie Winey of Evendale.
Jan. 20, by M. P. Arnold, J. P.
E. A. Shaffer and Id i A. Ilerrohl,
txtli of Union twp.
Jan. 21, by Kev. Maurice P.
Spayd, Elmer E. Kowersoxand Sar
ah J. Gift, lioth of Franklin twp.
Feb. 2, by Oscar E. Pflenger.Jno.
I. Gill of Paxtonville to Carrie E.
Anspacher of McClure.
Feb. 2, by Kev. J. F. Wumpole,
Geo. B. Wetzel and Mary Engl?,
lioth of Penn twp.
Feb. 5, by Kev. W. II. Stover,
JohnS. Helm of Hummul's Wharf
and Nettie E. Elliott of Shumokin
Feb. 14, by Kev. M. B. Spayd,
Geo. 11. M. Kauch and Kate N.
Ihuninel both of Middleburg.
Feb. 16, by Kev. S. P. Orwig,
James P. Ulrich to Mrs. C. E.
Parks,' both of Selinsgrove.
Feb. 1G. bv W. M. Landis. Se-
pliares L. Freed and Jane E.Wetzel,
wth of Beavertown.
Feb. 20. bv A. (i. Hornlieiver. J
f j 0 ,
P., James H. Ilogar of Port Trever
ton and Ida Jane Bordner of George
town, Pa, '
Feb. 23. bv Kev. J. M. Stover.
John W. Kline of Adams two. to
-ft r --. . v .
wary Ji,iy ot Laurelton, 1'a,
Mar. 1, by Rev. S. P. Orwig,
John H. Shambaoh to Lizzie M.
Dobson, both of Franklin twp. ,
Mar. 5, by Kev. S. P. Orwig,
Chas. P. Wetzel of Jackson twp. to
Ellie Lose of Middlccreck twp. j
Mar. 6, by J. C. Kreitzer, Uriah
C. Kerstette'r and Mary C. Long,
both of Chapman twp.
Mar. 8, by Rev. S. P. Orwig, A.
C. Winey and Alice Bubb, both of
Middleburgh. ' I
pJJjf yTJP dSST v!
ChuUbboth of McKs Half Fall.
Mar. 15. bv Rev. Haas, John A.
Klingler of Salem to Frnma Stroub
of Kratzerville.
Mar. 20, by Rev. John A. Ear
nest, Charles X). Harter and Lillie
C. Bubb, both of Mifflinburg. .
Mar. 20. bv Rev. E. H. Lcisen-
rimr. David II. Cooiter of Northum-
lerl:ind Countv to Emma Lesher of
Monroe twp.
Mar. 22, Kev. J. D. Stover, Win.
A. Shaffer and Lusetta Kelly, both
of Port Trevertou.
Mar. 27. bv Rev. W. A. Haas,
Geo. W. Kline of Jackson twp. to
Sarah F. Crouse of Penii twp.
Mar. 27. bv A. J. Bowersox, J.
P., E. G. Gilbert and E. I Kucpp
both of Adams twp. Rev.S.P. Orwiff. Sam
uel B. Walter and Mary M. Stuck,
both of Middleburgh.
Aur. 1. bv M. P. Arnold, J. P.,
Rufus Miller and Lydia Shaffer. of
aslnngtou twp.
Aw. 8. bv R. C. Fiss, J. P., Geo.
M. Frvmirc of Shamokin Dam and
Mary E. Slmll of Marysville.
Anr. 15. by W. II. Coleman, J.
P.. Ilenrv Sassaman of Centre twn.
and Anna Fuhrmau of Adams twp.
Anr. 19. bv Kev. T. K. Dietz,H.
S. Stetler to Mary E. Gift, both of
Anr. 20. bv Kev. J. C. Muinnm,
Ilenrv (J. Manbeck and Lizzie C.
Gross, both of Adamsburg
Anr. 27. bv Kev. S. P. Brown,
II. S. Gelnctt of Aline and Sarah E.
Bordner of Dalmatia.
Mav 3. bv Kev. W. A. Haas, I.
N. Johns and S. Agnes Teats, both
of Hummers Wharf.
May. 0, by Kev. Landis, Geo. A.
Krebs of Adams twp. to Sarah J.
Knouse of Centre twp.
June 7, by Kev. M. B. Spayd,
Rolcrt Hackenburg of Cent'-e twp.
to Ellen Gift of Franklin twp. Kev. S. P. Orwig, II.
L. Hcbebrn'nd of Cleveland, O., to
Alice M. Arnold of Middleburg.
Mav 10, by Kev.'Geo. J. Schaefi
er, Win. II. Shellenbcrger of Even-
dsile to Amanda Jane Stuck ot V est
Perry twp.
May 13, by Kev. N. Voting, Win.
15. Miisser and Ella Shrefller, both of
Adams twp.
May 13, by Kev. S. P. Orwig,
Jerome Erdlcy of Beaver twp. to
Lillie K. Kcitz of 1 rauklin twp.
Mav 15. by Kev. Haas, J. Jarrctt
ot Penn twp. to Tomsie Kow oi
Middlccreck twp.
Mav 15, bv Kev. Jacob Ytitzy,
E. E."l)uek and S. Ella Albert, both
of Solinsin'ove.
Mav 20, by Kev. S. P. Brown,
Irwin Buyer of Perry twp. to Sailie
A. Hackenburg of Washington twp.
Mav 21, by Kev. M. B. Snavd.
Wm. C. Bubb of Iiower Mahanoy,
and Savilla ('. Brosiusof Perry twp.
Mav 27, by Kev. S. P. Brown,
(J. B. M. Gordon ( f West Perry
twp. to Caroline Wochlcy of Perry
May 27, by Jno. V. Kreitzer J.
P. Geo. W. Boh ner and Amelia
Moyer, liothot Chapman twp.
May 31, by Kev. S. P. Brown,
A. II. Kreamer of Evandalc to
Nora Zellner of Paxtonville.
June 5, by Kev. Haas, Harry C.
Moyer and Nora M. Bolig, lioth of
June 7, by Kev. S. Aurand, Tlieo.
E. Bingamau and Ellen M. Sheary
both of Centre twp.
J'une 9, by W. W. Wittenmyer,
Clerk O. C. Win. II. Brouso and
Emma L. Garnian, both of Selins
grove. June 10, by Rev. Haas, James E.
Steiningerof Middleburg t Alice
M. Moyer of Freeburg.
June 10, by Rev. S. P.Brown, P.
A. Gaugler of Chapman twp. to
Mary M. Scholl of Unioh twp.
June 14, by D. S. Boyer, J. P.
'ni. II. Thomas and Mary A.
Hockmau lxth of Freeburg.
June 24, by Rev. W. A. Haas,
Samuel Bolig and Rebecca Kuhns,
both of Centreville.
June 24, by Kev. J. C. Muniina,
Charles H. Wagner und Mary E.
Sellers, both of Adamsburg.
June 24, by J. G. Hornberger,
J. P., Joseph S. Seaman of West
Perry twp. to Ida 8. Willow of
Monroe twp.
June 29, by Rev. Wampole, Wm.
A. Wampole and Mary J. Boyer,
both of Freeburg.
July 1, by J. G. Hornberger, J.
P., Samuel H. Graybill of West
Perry twp. to Jennie E. Hoot of
Monroe twp.
July 5, by Elias Hummel, J. P.,
Geo, D. Maneval of Willianisport
and Martha Renucr of Perry twj.
July 16, by & S. Schoch, J. P.,
Frank McQueen of St Clair, Mich.
andTura Keen of Milton, Pa.
July 21, by Rev. S. P. Orwig,
Geo. Troutnian of Tower City to
Alice A. Forney of Oriental.
July 22, by Kc v. S. P. Orwig,
Harry D. Mowrey of Middlecrcek
twp. to Mary J. Kenningerof Frank
lin twp.
July 29, by Rev. a E. Ochsvn
ford. Charles A. Shotzberger of Frec
durg to Sarah J.Bordner of Verdilla.
July 29, by Rev. M. B. Spayd,
George Layton aud Alice Burlington,
both of Middleburg. ' j
Aug. 4, by Kev. S. P. Orwig,
Isaiah Bingnman of Franklin twp.
to Hannah Bingaman of Centre twp.
Aug. 4, by Kev. Jacob Ytitzy,
Rev. C. C. Benson of Shaefferstown,
Pa. to Lottie M. A pp of Selinsgrove.
Aug. 5, by Kev. S. E. Ochsen
ford, Alvin Ileiinan and Lydia J.
Boyer, lxith of Peiuis twp.
Aug. 12, by Kev. S. E. Odisen
foetl, James M. Baker of Jackson
twp, to Sarah J. Kratzer of Penn
Aug. 14, by Rev. S. P. Orwig,
C. F. BuHington of Middleburg to
Ida E. Hackenburg of Freeburg.
Aug. 10, by Kev. Wampole. Da
vis M. Stcflen of Freeburg and Su
san A.Steinman of Washington ville.
Aug. 19, by Kev. J. M. Stover,
Adam Gosh and Lizzie B.UIsli, lioth
of Middlecrcek, Pa.
Aug. 19, by Kev. S. Pi Brown,
Geo. G. Brown of Millerstown to
Anna B. Stroub of Fremont.
Aug. 23, by Kev. S. P. Orwig,
J. L. (icarhart of Soradoville to
Annie M. Knepp of Spring twp.
Aug. 20, by Kev. W. A. Haas
Win. II. Wagner to Catherine M.
Smith, lioth or Penn twp.
Sept. 2, Jno. C. Kreitzer, J. P.,
James B. Kine of McKecs J Falls
and Catherine E. Steflcn of Pallas.
Sept. 0, by Kev. S. P. Orwig,
William Gilbert of Frccburtf to
Anna C. Hughes of Kantz.
Sept. S, by Elias Hummel, J. P.
Henry Herman and Mary Hmmncl
of Franklin twp.
Sept. 10, by Kev. S. P. Orwig,
Francis Lawyer of'.Tuniata Co. and
KHzabetli Shirk ot West Perry twp.
Sept. Ki, by Kev. J. F. Wampole,
Irwin Koiish of Chapman twp. to
Mary Alice, Ueichcnbach of Wash
ington twp.
Sept. Hi, by Kev. J. D. Stover,
Phillip W. Arnold of Union twp.
to Alice H. ShahYr of Port Trever
tou. Sept. 23, by Rev. W. M. Landis, !
in. A. lnckcl ami Muraixla Zerby,
both of Bcavcrtown.
Sept. 23, by Jno. C. Krcifzer, J.
P., W. K. (iarmaiiand Annal'iancy,
both of Freeburg.
Scj)t. 23, by A.J. Bowersox, J. P.,
(!eo. 15. M. Wagner and Sadie E.
Grubb, Inith of ('cntre twp.
S-pt. 23, by Kev. J. M. Stover,
Perry Uassinger of Mifllin Co. and
Emma Wagner of Beaver Springs.
Sept. 25, by Kev. W. A. Haas,
John Schoch of Phila. and Lila A.
Keelcr of Freeburg.
Sept. 25, by Kev. S. P. Orwig,
Win. L. Crossgrove of Mifllinburg
to Minnie M. Musser of Middleburg.
Sept. 30, by Rev. N. Young,
Ephrnim I. Stuck and Jennctta May
Kaley, lioth of McClure.
Oct. 4,byJ. K. Peck, J. P., John
A. Mumma and Anna C. Wullioru,
Ixith of Harrisburg.
Oct. 4, by Rev. S. P. Brown, J.
D. Kerstetter and L. Jennie Bitting,
txith of Oriental.
Oct 7, by J. C. Kreitzer, J. P.,
John L. Kerstetter and Sophia C.
Rhoads, lioth of Oriental.
Oct. 7, by Rev.S. E. Ochscnford,
J. N. Lcnker of Bcrrysburg and
Sailie Burns of Selinsgrove.
Oct. 14, by Rev. W. Haas, Geo.
N. Wetzel and Ella M. Sholly,
Ixith of Union twp.
Oct. 16, by Rev. J. )?. Wamjiole,
Win. P. Moyer and Sarah Alice
Reichculxich, both ot Freeburg.
The Rev. W. B. Costhjv, of Stock
bridge Qa while attending to bis
pastoral duties at Ellenwood, tbat
state, was attaoked by cholera mor
bus. He says : "By chance I hap
pened to get hold of a bottle of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy, and I think it
was the means of saying my life. It
relieved me at once." For eale by
ZIta So you have mad up with
your oM enemy T You admit, then,
that you misjudged him?
Zauj Ye; I thought I could lick
him. L'p to Date.
There Are All KlBa.
8om men are born to lead upon the field.
And some to -ay their hearer in de
bate. While some are born to atajr at home and
Becaune they're taxed a bit to pay the
Chicago Dally Ncwa,
"Nurse J A unci Kubby'a out of
bed, and running about In his biman
ual London Punch,
The Modern Stamp Act.
Btamp, brothers, stamp,
Stamp with care,
Btamp cvorythlng you
Eat or weur. hi
-Chicago Dally News.
A'or Feeling.
"So your yrito went without a new
gown to buy a silk flag what touching
"Well partly that and partly be
causo she wanted to outshine her
neighbors." Detroit Free Press.
"How did you huppcu to tumble off
your wheel just us Miss Kinky paused?"
"Why, tbo wheel shied at Miss
Illsky'B shprt skirt." Cycling Gazette.
Two Change.
Sbo I think men used to marry
younger thun they do now, don't you?
IIo Yes; but women und to be will
ing to wash dihlieH then. Puck.
t.olnif Into Dotage.
Miss Ann Teek 1 begin to ftvl
younger every day.
Litt.'o Willie Ych; umntma hh.vh you
nro fjW tititf chiUlish. Cp to Date.
ttth lluppy.
In Ivolliliiys t1ur9 Is a ronHon,
Thfr alwuy.t oci'iir for tho bent.
Hl.i wlfo la away for tho wnHon,
And iio they will both huveu rwit.
Hake the next of H.
etiolly I rutlrer like lVUyU
iK' always mniles when lie meets nm
She Oh. lie's nn optitniyt. N. Y,
About ono month tisjo my ehilil,
which is fifteon months old, hml un
attack of diarrhoea uveoiupauiod by
Vomiting. I iavo it Hiich rninetbos
us are TiKinilly ;iveii in Hiieli ciikus,
but ns not hing a vh relief, we ncnt
for a plivhiciaii mill it. was under his
care for a week. At (his time the
child had been sick fur nlmut ten
tlii.vH and whs having about twenty
live operation s of tlm bowels every
t welve hours, and wo were eonviiie
fd that uiileMH it hooii nlilaincil relief
it would not live. Chiunberlain'B
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Hc
inedy was recoimueudeil, and I de
cided to try it. 1 soon noticed n
change for tho belter; by its continu
ed use a complete cure was brought
about and it is now perfectly henlihy.
(-'. L. Booos, Stumptwn. (ilimer
to., W. Va. For sale by all Jrii
KiHts. 1 898 Bicycles Down to
New W.w Moili'l I.uUli'sC mill i'iit HIcji Ii-h
am now lirluK siilil mi oiiv cuiilll Imirt, us luw iim
f.'i.iKi; nth(!rH()iitrlilit nt anil liluh -itrmle
ut fHI.Wanil f'Ji liO, to br iiilil Icir iillrr rirrlvrrt.
If you will cut this iiniii-i! out mid soud to
SKASHRiiRiit'eK ('., C'lilniiro. Ilu-y will xmid
you their 1MW Ulcyfle cuUiloituii inn! lull p:ni
culars. 7-U- l:tt.
Farmers Break the Buggy Monopoly.
It Isclalmt'il Hint lor yeiir lmifuv iiiuiiufiio
turcrs huve sucureil exerliliiint prices Inr their
(foods, but rtH!fiitly, tliroiiKli the coiiiIiIwmI ns
slKtnnceof the liiriuers of lows, Illinois an.1
olhur stains, Heakh, Kokiii'i k A; Co.. oi ('IiIcuko,
hitte KOt th pilco of upon IhikkIi's down to
tlil.W; Top liiiKKles. .7 : T"p ssurrles, 1.1.75
uuil upwards, ui.d they urn Hlilpplni; them In
linmeiiHP numliers direct to funnels In eve-y
stiite. They send an liniuense llui!K.v Cutnln'Me
Iree, postpnld. to any one who links for It. This
certainly 1m a a victory for Hie niriner, but u
Si.vere blow to tho cnrrlnife iiiaiiuriuaiirers nml
dealers. 7-1
Agents mm Money
This Is the opportunity of a Ilfe-t line. Aleuts
are making SSO to Slltll u week. SB
and lute Consul Ocnernl to Cubii, wrltesa hook on
C antdhp Spanisn War,
We have on press for early Issue, General Ue's
own story of Cuba and the Spanish War. to be
produced In t substantial book of over 600 pager,
Hi Inches In size aud almost
Tills Is the only authentic work published on
the one subject oeeupyUiK the minds ot the
uullre civilized world.
niT1DTP0 tPATIV Liberal commission will
UUlIllU Itb&UI bepald and credit trlven
Ixme no time, met at once. Write tor full partic
ulars to
93 Filth Ave.. New York.
Publisher of General Lee's HoaK.
Our sutnorlied distributors are located In all J
pans oc me u. 8. 7-vi-n.
Heat 1MtMilt tad Baiokt Tosr 1.11s Aws.
To quit lobMoo ssslly and forevrr. be mac
netlo. fuU of life, nerve and vik-or "
Baa. tn wonder-worker, t
stronf. All On - .
teed. Booklet -BterllM
Kdaeate Tout Bowels With CascareM.
Candy Cathartte. eure constipation forever.
10s, JSo. If a 0-C. fall, drugKlsw refund money.
Speer'o Port Grape "Wine
Nine Tears Old,
Burgundy Eight f Tears Old, and
Claret 16 Tears Old.
Extensive Wine Cellars.
Storing, Ageing and Racking Wine.
A wine made one year and sold the next is not a proper wine for
invalids; to get rid of its coarse and injurious elements requires
years for it to lay in wood casks, and by frequent drawing off from
its gross sediment, or the coarse parts it becomes rich and mellow
and valuable for invalids. It is sudorific, diuretic and blood making
from the iron in the soil of the Speer vineyards in Northern N. J
The principal varieties are the Port, Burgundy, Sherry and Claret
and the Climax brandy. All these wines when stored for years and
drawn off from time to time in fresh fumigated tasks become vastly
superior products and necessarily arc more expensive. This is
why Speer's wines and Brandy are more costly ana so far superior to
the California wines. They are absolutely pure; unexcelled by
any in the world. Speer's wines are ordered by wealthy and refined
families in Europe where they are prescribed by physicians and are
esteemed for their superiority, velvety roundness, full body and re
fined flavor. The efficacy of these wines is wonderful. It has been
a study and a pride during Mr. Speer's life to produce a wine of tho
highest grade of perfection not so much to make money as to excel I
in getting a wine of tho richest character. He has spared no labor
nor expense in bringing his vineyards nnd wines up to the above
high standard of excellenca. The Climax it Brandy twenty years
old is equal to the finest French brands.
To be had of Druggists and Grocers who sell high class wines.
International Exploration
and Investment Company,
CAPITAL STOCK, - - $1,000,000,000.
General Ollit tjs ; 5, 7, ) & 11 lirnsulway, New York.
(oinliiiiiil ('iittil StvuirN
Lanjf 1'rujil.s! .'
Tin: (tinili sl (liiiiil to
( i'i i'hI. m! Xumfit r ! !
Your limltfil iiii'iiiiK, wliru Joini'il with nth
er. will wiMirn fur you nil the iMvuntiiuci a
lurite amount of nipital (mmuainU when in-vt'f-U'il
inidi-r our coMtpiTutivi' plan
The Greatest Amount of Benefits -
Have you tiiailc any inonry liiit yi ar .' 11 u, w
hull hi'iti r in the i liniryi-ar. Ilavr you fallnl
Kin thi' iiiiw hy makiiik'uii i n v--tiiit-iit in our jiIoi k. Our clmr' an' iolil nt par, at fi lm
per sliarr, ami aiv o, ,u I,,Ih nl a li,irc ami upwanlH. A ipiii k ih i iHion. a win- move in tin;
proper (lireettiiu, will alay prove lieueli.inl. start tin- new year rinht hy m h'cIiiik your iir-
Inn lummy -a Imnilreil ilollart, llfty dollars, twenty, ten or even live ilollai" at nm e to the
Co. ami reeehe ly return mail your liarei of it.n
have lnhoreil on ami toilen, your money Iiiih I men
not Koue lo Al.-o-ka nor h voteil your time ami
reape'l a 1 1 the heueiitx ami have enuiyeil mjeefMN.
Hi iiil your money hy vhei k, money onh r, evpreKi money order or re. l-teied h to
International Exploration ami Inveslnient Co.,
o, 7, !' v 11 J!rn:ulv:iy, X v Yurk, X. Y.
Uiponihlti Hcnts wuiitfil in every city and town.
or ptTHonally. Our HjHtein of teaching cIv-im actun!
dally I'xperlrnco in every linitieh of business inrluihut;
Dusking, MiTchiinillHlnK, CommlHmou, Insurance Trunsporta
tion, etc. Prppnnitory Department for backward Htuilenls Wo
train for Hraullvul work and always m curo Hituatioun tor wnnthy
praduates ot our HumneB ami Shorthand Courw.i. Sluileutrt
enter any day No vacations Ripenws moderate Ton t throw nwny tltnn nnil money hv
KoltiK to teuiIMirurv schools whon It will cost you less to attend the UK ST We always h.ivo
a n urn her of students who have left Incompetent teachers In disgust iuch peonlu olnu
tell us that tiu mouths hurt lb equal to year lu uuy other schooL
jZj'i rVLWAnU for a
W Teloeraph operator which we
rntupewnl niislntnnts without chanrn. Refer to prominent patrons In every part of tbo world.
The next, bost thlnH to nltewtlnir the MOST CULKI1KATKDIIUSINKSS SCIlOOFi In Americ.v
Is to lako our INSTKI'CTION HY MAIL. tf you aro unemployed and willlnir to Html"
send ten two-cent mumps tor live easy lessons In shorthand. Beautiful Catalogue free.
Address mtntuin thu n'wr) CLEMENT C.GAINES. Phesiosht, Pouomhecpsis. Nw York.
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