The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, August 11, 1898, Image 7

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    rort for the Lad thirty
. . . t ' rv
f 1S87.
o by lv- & l' nv,p'
4, ami K. Mav Sliinkcl,
j C Va' John.W, Maloney of Harruburg to
bord 01 OKI I eCTJ jj n Waltet of SeUnagrov J
June 19, by Alfml Specnt, J. l,
Amos Romberger of Dauphin Co. to
Sarah Kanawell ot Adams turp. . J '
June 23, by Rev. Jacob Yutxy,
Chaa. W. Herman of Kratserville
toMellie M. Miller of Selinsgrove.
Juue 23, by IX. C. Fiss, J. P.,
Orlautlo G. Walborn of Selinsgrove
to Susan E. Bobb of Dauphin Co.
July 3, by lie v. J. D. Stover,
Morris It. ltoyer and Alice Neitz of
Port Treverton.
July 10, by Uev. S. P. Orwijr,
David A. Steiainjjor to Sadie V.
Walter, botli of Muldlebiirg.
July 10, by R. C. Fiss, Esq.,
Burt Suydcr of Liverpool to Kate
Hottenstein of Sliaiiiokiu Dam.
Julv 17, by Itev. W. M. Landis,
James D. Wetzel of Beavertown to
Carrie B. Moyer of Paiuterville.
July 19, by Itev. J.F. Wampole,
IbyM. 1. Arnoui, d. i ., Geo. P. Miller ami Mary Moyer,
man of Chapman tw to j, 0f Salem.
r TTiiimi tivn. . nn , -r i . ,
JulyZtf, try J. noruoerger,
J. P., David Graybill and Wary
bylicv. S. Auraud, J.
Willi wnui
h by Itev. W. A. Haas,
K.ushofFreebnrgto Sal-
taes of Kantz.
i i. IIpv. J. F. smpole,
Itowu ofWilliumsportaud
.YaiiiHeot Jfreeimrg.
it by S. S. Sohoch, J. P.,
fo-cnian ot Miffliuburg to
yjootlnuin of Loganville.
UvM- P. Arnold, J. P.,
over cf Union twp.
Uv wiine. C.A. Shaffer of
twp. to Mamie C. 15ru-
finon twp.
( liv Itev. Jacob Yutzy,
m and A. I-aura Cooper,
. l.v ltev.W. A. Haas,
tglertoClara J. Spangler,
.bv Itev. Jacob Yutzy,
r. Brandt of Millerstown
tvcely of Selinsgrove. -
7, by Absalom Burner,
I. Strawser and Lizzie A.
koth of Oriental.
;byD.S. Boyer, J. P.,
iggle of West Perry twp.
arkle of Washington twp.
1, by Itev. N. Young,
ern of Beavertown to
Jross of Adamsburg.
by llev. S. P. Brown, W,
cr of Chapman twp. t
Herrold oi Union twp.
, by itev. Jacob Yutzy,
Kern and Anna . housli,
liddlecreek twp.
shy Itev. S. O. Orwig,
ntt of Milllinburg to llattie
eker of Middleburg,
.by Itev. J. Yutzy, John
ng of Lancaster to Mary
Carty of Selinsgrove,
110, l)V Itev. J.F. Wain pole,
Kessler of Selinsgrove to
Higniau of Freeburg,
hO, by J.M. Stover, lteubeii
Iiiijj to Minnie L. Preese,
17, by llev. S. P. Brown,
1st1 and htta Bousemau,
Cliapnian twp.
19, by Jno. C. Kreitzer,
lueiun Dillinanto Perry twp.
u L. heed of Shamokm.
21, by Itev. J. P. Sliindel,
V . (i. Binguman of Adams
Amelia Ray of Franklin
1, by Rev. II. W. Zinii.ier-
S. V ltitier of Union twp. to
11. Ubryan of Chapman twp.
1, by Rev. C. V. Aurand,
G. Walter and Minerva
', both of Centre twp.
2, by llev. J. P. Sliindel, C,
iz of Selinsgrove to Annie E,
o? Middleburg.
12. by Rev. J. P. Sliindel,
Jt. Baker and Sophia Wagner,
r 15, by A. G. Hornberger,
lf wy Downey of Union twp.
r 31. Miallcr of bustjuelianna
uiaia uo.
15, by W. II Sehouh. Jolm
lultaad Carrie Mackcy. botli
l. It l-v
iiokiu uam.
22, by Y.H.Wai:iier,J.P.
J. Fwher and Mary E. Her
- y Kratzerville.
42, by Itev. S. E. Oehseu-
'scar Smeltz of Juniata Co.
a Troxel of Union Co.
22, by Itev. W. 'A. Haas.
'Veynian of Kreamer to Mary
of Washington twp.
o, by J. M. Dauliernian,
Dob A". Beaver of Jackson
26, by Rev. W. M. Landis,
felzel and Sallie E. Diehl,
V( 1..t T7 t v ' -I..
a. Aianbeek ot Lewistown
A. Miller of Middleburg.
1, by Itev. Haas, Chas. F.
otPhila. .toIda J. Mover
7, by Itev, 8 P. Orwig,
liddleswarth of Beavertown
M. Holter of Milton.
Minerva Hall, both of West' Perry
July 28, by Rev. S. Aurand,
Lincoln E. Bailey and Amanda
Grubb, both of Centre twp.
July 31, b r Rev. J. F. Wampole,
Thomas C. Landis of Washington
twp. to Anna E. Garman of Perry
Aug. 4, by Rev. X. Young, J.
W. Xerhood and Sophia Briggs, '
lioth of Beaver twp.
Aug. 7, by llev. J. F. Wampole,
Anson Garman of Perry twp. to
Emma Lenker of Freeburg.
Aug. 14, by Rev. J. S. Bear,
David G. Gravbill and Ellen Bon
ner, both ot West Perry twp.
Aug. 14, by R. C. Fiss, J. P.,
Win. L. Hottenstein toMinnie Mil
ler, both of Shamokin Dam.
Aug. IS, by J. C. Gaugler, J. P.,
Win. C. Spotts and Kate Frymir",
both of Shamokin Dam.
u-r.21, bvltev. S. S. (Jraybill,
Adam llepner and Katie Graybill,
l)th of West Perry twp.
Aug. 21, byM. P. Arnold, J. P.,
Thomas B. Attingtrand Maggie A.
Schaflcr, Iwth of'Chapman twp.
Aug. 21, by llev. J. F. Wampole,
John II. Xaoi'iiml Ellen M. Arlio-
gast, both of Perry twp.
Aug. 28, by Rev. S. P. Orwig,
Leonard E. Ulsh ofMoKoes Half
Falls to Mary L. Mover of Chapman
Aug. 28, by Rev. H.W. Zimmer
man, ('Iiarles Koush of Freeburg to
Anna' Mai tin of Fremont.
Aug. 28, by Uev. S. P. Brown,
P. S. Boyer and Amanda Kerstotlor,
both of Oriental.
Sept. 0, by llev. E. 11. Leisen
ring, II. X. Follmor ot Milton hud
A. Maude St-lioc I of S-linsgi-ove.
Sept. IS, bv Rev. W. A. Baier,
Philip F. Herrold and Lydia A.
Mengle, lioth of Fremont.
S'pt. 18, by Rev. J.F. Waiiix.!o,
Win. H. Lurk of Salem and Auuie
Roniig of S4insgrove.
St'pt. 18, by Rev. J. M. Stover,
Alfred W. Troxel of Troxel vi He to
Lizzie J. Smith ofBannerville.
Sept. 22, by Rev. Jacob Yutzy,
Itev. J. Eugene Dietrich of Cohan
soy, X. J., to Maggie L. Dinim of
Sept. 22, by I. C. Burns, J. P.,
Grant Sanders of Penii twp. and
I lattie Warren of Lick I Iaven, Pa.
Sept. 22, by Rev. S. E. Ochscn
ford, Irwin L. Herman of Kratzer
ville to Irene Beaver of Monroe twp.
Sept. 24, by Rev. J. M. Stover,
John II. Lloyd of Beaver Springs to
CarricM. Steiniuger of Bannerville.
Si'pt. 25, by M. P. Aamold, J. P.
E. D. Swineford of Union twp.,
and Emma J. Wolf of Susquehanna
twp., Juniata Co.
Sept. 25, by Rev. J. I. Sliindel,
Win. H. Gearhart o-f Centre twp. to
A 1 vesta Ilaekenburg of Adams twp.
Oct. 1, by W. W. Wit'tenmyer,
Clerk O. C, Joseph Hinkle of Un
ion twp. to Mary Marks of Chap
man twp.
Oct. 1, by Rev. J. F. Wampole,
Allxirt Ileimlmeh of Washington
twp. to Jane Ix'ase of Perry twp.
Oct. 2, by I. C. Kreitzer, J, P.,
Henry B. Troup and Mary E. Shet
terly, brfth of Pallas.
Oct. 4, by Rev. J. Bowscrsox,
Isaac L. Brunuer to Agnes Bower
spx, both of Paxtonville.
Oct 6, by llev. S. P. Brown,
Harry J. Hain of Fremont to Etlith
J. Shafcr of West Perry twp.
- Oct. 6, by Rev! H. W. Zinmicr-
uian, Geo. W. Attingcr and Mary
C. Weiser, bothof McKees.
Oct. 6, Itev. W. A. Haas, Hiram
S. Gaugler and Mary E. Aucker,
both "ot Union twp.
: Oct.' 8. by Itev. J. D. Stover,
Norton Heudrieks and Katie M.
Sholly, Iwth of Uuion twp.
Oct. 9, by Itev. W. A. Haas,
John F. Wagner of Xew Berlin and
Ellen M. Snyder of D.-y Valley X
Oct. 0, by Rev. S. P. Brown,
John A. Kepler of West Perry twp.
to Barbara S. Stiever of Perry twp.
Oct. 11, by J. E. Shinkel, J. P.,
John Braiieher aud Sarah L. Eby,
lioth of Centre twp.
Oct. 20, by llev. S. E. Oehsen
ford, Jefferson Daulierman and Lula
M. llaker, lioth of Kratzerville.
Oct. 23, by Itev. W. A. Haas,
E. W. Charles B. Fisher of Monroe
twp. to Mary E. Wagner of lVnn
Oct. 23, by M. P. Arnold, Elias
S. Herrold of Union twp. to Mary
E. Shelly of Delaware twp., Juniata
Oct. 25, by Rev. W.A. Haas, E.
W. Ulrieh of Sliiirpsville, Ind., and
Amelia F. Fisher of Monroe twp.
Sept. 28, by Rev. A. Lipsitz,
Moses Goldstein and Mary Getz,
both of Beavertown.
Oct.. 30, by M. P. Arnold, J. P.,
S. A. L. Strawser and Sal lie S.
Sholly, both of Union twp.
Xov. l.byS. P. Brown, Henry
Fenter and Barbara Winov, both
of West Perry twp.
Xov. 1, !v Rev. Oscar E. Ptleug-
er, Wilson Hoffman and Emma S.
Bowersox, Ixith of MeClure.
Xov. 0, by Rev. J. M. Stover,
Win. F. I Teeter and Lieinlclla
Swanger, both ofBannerville.
Xov. 7, by M. P. Arnold, J. P.,
Ira Hoover of Jackson twp.
to Kate Hosterman of IVim twp.
Xov. 8, by Rev. O. E. Pfleuger,
Win. II. Kline of Troxel villi to
Olhilla M. iJroiiiinwr of Franklin
Xov. 13, by Rev. S. P. Brown,
Harvey C. I bias of Perry twp. to C.
E. Womer of Perry twp.
Xov. 13, by Absalom Barner,J. P.,
Melwin Fisher of Perry twp. toSi
phia Meiser of Juniata ( 'o.
Xov. IS", by Rev. J. F. Wampole,
Simon A. Ranch to Tillie Wert,
both of Freeburg.
Xov. 24, by Rev. Jacob Yutzy,'
Hon. Jeremiah ('"rouse of Middle
burg and Kate M. Schoeli of Selins
grove. Nov. 2!'., by Rev. i. M.Klepfi-r,
W'ia. ('. Feelirer and Eli.a A. Au
m'ller, lx it !i of Selinsgrove.
Xov. 27. by Rev. W. II. Stover,
James R. Slialler and Ijcoiiora ('.
Hess, both of Monroe twp.
Xov. 28, by Rev. Win. A. Baier,
(Just Bertch and Mahala Stetleii,
Inithof FnH-burg.
Nov. 20, by Jamas Middlcswarth,
J. P., James M. Pdett of Beaver
twp. and Clara Jane Moyer of Ad
ams twp.
Xov. 30, by Rev. W. A. Haas,
Harvey A. Mowref to Saville A.
Erdley, both of Pcnn twp.
Dec. 4, by Rev. W. M. Landis,
Win. Stuck and Barbara Fry, Uth
of Ferry twp.
Doc. 4, by Rev. J. F. Wampole,
! Robert M. Coleman and Sarah L.
Crouso, both of Middlecreok twp.
Dec. 8, by M. P. Arnold, J. P.,
J. S. Sunders and Nora E. Hostcr
nian, both of Penn twp.
Doc. 18, by Rev. W. A. Haas,
Victor Smoltz ami Lizzie Stctlor,
both ofWinfield, Pa.
Dec. 20, by Itev. J. C. Mumnia,
John A. Reed of Sioux City, Iwa,
to E. Gamby of Fremont, Pa.
Dec. 21, by J. C. Gaugler, J. P.,
William, W. Eby and Christina Kis
cadden lioth of Monroe twp.
Dec. 22, by Rev. Maurice B.
Spayd, George L. Zcchman of Bea
ver twp. to Mary S. Hartman of
Franklin twp.
Dec. 22, by Rev. M. B. Sjiayd,
Albert Hartman and Ellen Krebs,
both of Adams twp.
Dec. 23, by Itev. N. Young, Phil
lip J. Ocker aud Clemmie J. Kline,
Iwth of Troxel villi.
The Hev. W. B. CostUy. of Stock
bridge' Oa., while attending to bis
pastoral duties at Ellenwood, that
state, u attaoked by cholera mor
but. He saya : "By chance I hap
pened to (ret hold of a bottle of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy, and I think it
was the meaiis of saying my life. It
relieved me at once." For sale by
A Wta ( 0aia
"Say," Mid th man who has to board,
Tr atruck the ideal place at last!"
"What ia the ad rentage?" aaked the
sas who waa married.
The neatneaa of the place. The land
lady keeps all the left-orer crasta sep
arate and labeled, so that each man geta
his own bread back in tha pudding.
Cincinnati Enquirer.
Order Prosaptlr Filled.
Be cast his eye over the bill of fire.
Ills buckakla wellet was stuffed with
"Young man," be ssM. "bring me sll that'a
And the welter brought htm a plate of
Chicago Tribune.
Physician (looking Into his anteroom,
where a number of pattenta are wait
ing) Who lias been waiting the long
est? Tailor (who hns culled to present his
bill) I liuve, doctor! I delivered Uio
clothes to you three yeant agol Un
aere Cesellsctiuft.
A Qreat Relief.
With Bailgor times are no longer rough;
With Joy on his way he goes.
He's succvde( In borrowing money enough
To pay every cent he owes.
A Frartlcal Youth. '
Clnro IMd you Obk fu tiler's oonecnt
to-day, George?
George Xoj I didn't have a chance.
Clura Why, George, he was at hie
ofllce all day.
Georgo I know it, but, confouivd it,
the telephone lino wim out ot order
L"p to Dute.
About oiio month nu'o my child,
which is fifteen mouths old, hud an
attack of diarrhoea accoiupiuiiod by
vomitiiic. I gave itmich rtiinodieu
iiH are usuiilly fjivon in such cnsoH,
but as nothing avn relief, w nont
for a pbvhician mid il was uudor his
care for a wock. At this tiiutt tho
child had bneir sick for about ton
days and who huriur nliout twenty
live operations of Iho bowels every
twelve hours, and we were convinc
ed that unlims it soon obtained rolief
it would not live. Chuiiibci'ltiin's
Colic, Cholera and Iiiurrhoea Hc
niedy wns recomniemlcd, uud I de
cided to try it. 1 soon noticed a
clmiiKO for tLn belter; by its continu
ed use a complete erne wns brought
about and it is now perfectly honlthy.
C. Ij. Iknios, Stiiinptowii. (Jliiuer
("o , W. Vu. For s::ilu by all c'ruj,'
KiHts. 1 8y 8 Bicycles Down to
New 1NIS MiXli'l l.illllc' iiml dents' ItllMicH
nre now belai; li nn ur v ,un!i! Luis, in luv.' us
f. en; ollieiMiiulrlKliI ' H-' ml lit.'li wniilc
ill I.'J. nnil in to. In lie paid in uller rei eled.
II vnii will nl I his niitii'M mil anil ni'ikI In
KABS HOKIII'CK k C(l., 'llll ll','(l. Illey Will H'!(l
iiii iliolr l.-ii bicycle cuUilone unit (nil pm-il-culnra.
Farmers Break the Bugyy Monopoly.
It la chilmeil Unit tnr yuri Iiiil"-'v niiii.iifnr
llirerH liuve Kii-ured exn'rlili ant pru i M mr llielr
U'iiimIs, but recently, lliniUL'li Hie cnmlilneil n
KlNtiiiinenf the larmers nt Inwa. IIMn-il mnl
nt.her muiiw, Skakh, Hhkiii i k a. Co.. ul t'lilcapi,
have unl tlin piieo ul hih'U IhikxIch down tn
flii.SII; Top IlilKKle". K-.'.T'l : T"P Surrli'M. tl'l.TS
uud iipwnnlH, Htnl they an uhlpplni; t.liein in
liiimeiixe niunlKTH direct tn CarmerH In eery
Htate. They kcikI nnlininense Iiiikcv ruliilmriie
free, poslpuUI. to ativ one who asks torn. Thin
certiilnlv Is u IiIk victory lor the larnier, Irnl n
si vere blow to the carrlae iiianutacliuerH and
denies. 7-ll-Mt-
Agents m iiiooey
This Is the opportunity of n llfc-tlme. Agents
arc n.iiKllig 9.10 lo HI.XI n weeK. BM
aud I iite Consul (teneral to Cuba, writes a hook on
.tlii). Men.
i.'n. ..
MaANt8psI War.
We liuve on press tor early Issue, (lenerul Ue's
own Mtory ot Oubs and the spmilHli War, lo be
produced In a sutiMautlul buokut over WO mca,
IxVi Inches in size and alnnwi
Tills Is the only authentic work pulillsliirfl on
the one subject occupying the minds ot the
entire civilized world.
flllTPiniv) DPinV I.lbernlcomnilslnn will
UUlllfl ntinUI' lie paid and cnslit given
Uwe no lluiu, act at once. Write lor full partic
ulars to
93 Filth Ave., New York.
ubliHhera of Oenernl I.ic'n Hook.
Our authoring distributors are located In all
parts of toe U. H. UMiu.
Si.SolPer Day.
ED TO CANVASS. Above salary KUarauleed.
For particulars, call or addreiw,
-ill Bl. . Kmilt 8tscnk, Matuwuna, l'a.
Boat Mtaeee pM asd Sokt Tosr Lino Amj.
To quit tobaceo easily and forever, be ma
netle, f uU of life, aerre and vliior
Boo, the wonder-worker, ' -strong.
All drtet, '. . -teed.
BterUac Rened
Speer'o Port Grape Wine
Nine Tears Old,
Burgundy Eight Tears Old and
Claret 16 Tears Old.
Extensive Wine Cellars.
Storing, Ageing and Racking Wine.
A wine made one year and sold the next is not a proper wine for
invalids; to get rid of its coarse and injurious elements requires
years for it to lay in wood casks, and by frequent drawing off from
its gross sediment, or the coarse parts it becomes rich and mellow
and valuable for invalids. It is sudorific, diuretic and blood making
from the iron in the soil of the Speer vineyards in Northern NT .
The principal varieties are the Port, Burgundy, Sherry and Claret
and the Climax brandy. All these wines when stored for ye'arl and
drawn oil from time to time in fresh fumigated casks become vastly
superior products' and necessarily are more expensive. This
why Spccr's wines and Brandy are more costly ana so far superior to
the California wines. They are absolutely pare; unexcelled by
any in the world. Sneer's wines are ordered by wealthy and refined
families in Europe where they are prescribed by physicians and are
esteemed for their superiority, velvety roundness, full body and re
fined flavor. The efficacy of these wines is wonderful. It has been
a study and a pride during Mr. Spoor's life to produce a wine of the
highest grade of perfection not so much to make money as to excejl
in getting a wine pf the richest character. He has spared no labor
nor expense in bringing his vineyards and wines up to the above
high standard of excellence. The Climax Brandy twenty years
old is equal to the finest French brands.
To be had of Druggists and Grocers who sell high class wines
International Exploration
and Investment Company.
CAPITAL STOCK, - - $1,000,000,000.
SllAlth'S OXKl)0rJ.All KAVII.
Ueneral Offlcus ; 0, 7, ) & H Hroadway, Xow York.
('omblmil I'ujiitul Siviiirs
Laiyc 1'rtijilsH
Tltf (1 realist (limit to H,r
( Irvtitmt Xinnhi r ! !
Your limited iniiitiN, wln li Jul I with otll-
rt. will 'i:rr fur yon till the iKlviintiivcH n
IllrCl' IllllOllIlt llf I'.lpltlll I'lllllllUIMllH WllUII il.-
f-li-il iinili'r our i'o-oii'i-ntivi' plan
lo wnil fiirnnr iruiinTtii iiml iii'iniiiiiit ymir
M'lf Willi tlu I'limlihii'il iiilvmilaufH wo offer.
Thv I'liiiiinoii" prulltn tu In- uVrlvi'il from tlm
ilrvcliipiiiciit of Alankii irnlil-lieiriiiK pruprrtii'i
U lint mil' uf tin- liiiiny fi'rtliin-H ! inn ullrr
ynn. Wi hivi'it mul nuiki itionry for ymi
w hrri'Vl-r liniiiry i nn In' iiii.U.
I.i'l your frw ilulliirH In- tlir hik'U.iih ul :i linn
Im fixtiiiu'.
Cdneta Tonr Bsw.U With Coretii.
Candy Catbtrtle, ture eonmipatlon forever.
Mk.Se. If G a O.nUt druggist refund mooey.
The Greatest Amount of Benefits -the Minimum Amount of Risks.
lliivr you iniuli' iiny'v lutt yi'iir? II no, wo iiiu hIIit you it it oppnrtunlty In .1 . mit
li iil ImtiiT ill lln- i iimiiit; y.'iir. IIiivii you fiiili'il In mu mul luv uiili' it Htiri.l tii '.' '1 li n l
k'ln tin- ui:w ycur liy iiiiiklnitiiii inv. -tnu'iit In our Mtoi k. llur lmri'H urn milil ut pur, ut iM ihi
H-r fliiin-. iiiuliiri! tiolil in of 5 sh.iri'K himI npwiirili. A iuii k ili i Hi u -iW' hiuvi- in tlm
propir iliri'i'tlon, will iiIwiivh provo I Iliinl. M,irt ll. ,.w yi n r rilit hy -i imIIiiK our hiii-
plilH IIK.iu-y -ii liunilr.'il ilolliir", II fly ilollurx, livi'nty, l. n or own llvr li.llar- -nt oni ii tn tin
Co. iiml ri'i i Hi- liy ri tiirn mull your hIiihcm of it.u k. lii fi rr lonjr y.m limy Iiml MM.,, y,,.,
Imvi' luliori'il on mul loilfii, ynur iiuuity Iiim I.itm uiukiiik.- inmuy for voii.iiimI n-liilc ymi Inn,-
iiolHoni' in Alu-kii nor ilrvotnl your tinii' mul lul.or to I'tlu r pioiiii-iiu; v. ntiiii i, n m
ri ap,ii nil the lu'iirlitniml luiv, cnjoyeil huci'i'm.
Si inl your inoiu'y l.y ilic, k, nioi., y onli r, , xpt,"- y r or n-i-li n .1 li lt, r to
Intcriialionul Kxplfiraliou ami Iiivi'slincut, Co.,
"i, 7, t 11 P.i'umiIwiiv, Xrw Vi.rl,, X. Y.
Ki-t-poii.sililu itcont.s wuntoil iu every i-ity itiul town.
?! f nookkcpplriR, etc , tlior
111 ouRhly fiuKht HY MAIL.
or pcrminiUly. Our nynti'ta of l,uchit:i; bIvi-h
dally nperli'tiwi in every brunch of Iiuhiiichh. lnrluilint!
Biiaklne, MurchunillnlnB, CommlHsion, ItiSiirunce Tran.iiioriji
tlon, etc. I'rrpiinnory Iirpiirlmcnt for lmckwanl Htuilcnts Wo
train for Frualuil work mul always micuri! Hltiniuotis for woatiiy
((railuateii of our yuHiiif ami Sliortbaml Ooursi'H. StuiiintM
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with mn
Miio War Hews
Furnished by Special Correspondents
at the front.
ft New Tit rah Mm
will contain all important war news of the daily edition.
special dispatcnes up to tne nour oi pudhcbwou. .
Careful attention will be given to Farm and Family Topics,
Foreign Correspondence, Market Reports, and all general news
of the World and Nation. .
We furnish The New - York Weekly Tribune and your favorite
home paper, !
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