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"Spainl Paint No gain."
James II. Long has been appoint
l postmaster at Crossgrove.
Miss Lillie Ponkteburger has
been visiting relatives in Union twp.
W. H. Ulsh of Middle Creek will
move to A. H. Utah's in Swineford.
L. Q. Yost of Nuremburg spent
Sunday with Sheriff Ritters family.
Clem Spangler of the Shamokin
Rmrineas Uoilcsre spent Sunday in
town. ......
Miss Mabel Grimm spent last
week with Miss Lottie Spangler at
Verdilla. . ; .
F. W. Gundromof Bannerville was
in town between trains on Tuesday
Steinincrer Bros, have put a new
roof upon their warehouse at their
Fob Sale. lb. beef.
Call or address Box 60, Globe
Mills, Pa.' ' . ' ; : tf.
Joseph Frock , and wife of near
Art ley's church visited o. U. Mover's
on Monday afternoon. A 'j ! y 4
Daniel Kleckner of Mifflinbutg
on Sunday visited D, T, Rhoads,
liia brother-in-law titfW pftoej
A. M. Gamian and family of Mt,
I'lensant Mills spent Sundav with
C II. Steininger and wife.
Uue Dollar. Hint amount paid
, liefore June 10 will bring the Post
to your adress for a whole year,
Samuel M. Kauttman, propietcr of
the Keystone hotel, Selinsprove, was
a county seat visitor on luesdny.
Misses Lottie and Annie Sangler
of Verdilla, were the guestsof Miss
Mable Grimm oii Monday. '
On Monday morning George
Beaver lmuded us a dollar for a new
Subscription for S. H. Leitner, New
Mrs. v ilebeoca Wagenseller of
Selinsgrove spent Wednesday and
lhursday of last week with her son,
On Wednesday of this week was
license ooart ' The stout ' men of
the county were ell here and some
iean ones too. v-
4 A fall line of tinware can be
ound at Schoch and 3tahlneckers
tand. All kinds of repairing
promptly attended to. . tu
' Among Middkburg's volunteers
ior me opanisn-American waf are
. veorge Clelao, Win. bwartx, Francis
m. and Harry Bpecbt.
Dr. 0. Heirabaoh ,'of Beaver-
town, wbd last week went to .'New
York to 'offer his service to Uncle
8m, returned on Satttrday.
. Our Bummer Millinery Opening
will take nlao JThuraday. ..Friday
m Saturday, April 28,, 29 and
1 Bennwille South aid flauirhte!
UeMie.on .Buikiar. drovci to Port
Treverton ami broht Prof. Charles
ad hisfiWly fa (hlone.'
,. L. Itthicfibar.eaiL supply ypu
waists.' fcfihSrtWar: HlfflaW WtW
tui Plikl Boa,i Give IWr
lHyou anik v Mmtit orfurdarevenifls. - (WnunioaservW
W giw w a. dollar traraar'ssQb-
i.a n, ia. 1 w. a nm o tmr ' am . 1 niiai xu. win 1 - . am - wibk i nnnnpai huh . hdu i r
.. . ii.n i mi nil 1 111 miiii ii iiiwim imimwiiam n an " " ' lr' 1 ' .."111 " " ' 1 ' V
Mist Alice Haines of Beavertown
is spending the week in town.
James Beaver of MiiHinburg was
in town Tuesday and yesterday.
Henry Erdley ofNorthumlierland,
a few weeks ago shot a wild hog
weighing over 200 pounds.
Rev. F. F. Anrand of Mifflinburg
came over to Middleburg Tuesday
bringing his Nephew, Arthur over
'D.A.Kern has recieved a car
load of pipes. Aaron is a good busi
ness man and always keeps on hand
a good stock of drainage pipes.
The attention of our readers is
called to the advertisement of 8.
Wolf of N. Y. city, dealer in Wall
w. .a
paper. It will be lound in tins
We are making an effort to in
crease our business. Aotice our
prices. Children's Leghorn hats 25c,
Children's flats 25c., Velvet Roses
at 15 and 25 cents, Velvet, 5c.
Rev.O. G.Romig of Richfield
made a call at our new building
last Saturday. For 0 years the
parson was working in a printing
office and hence fully appreciates
the needs of an up-to-date omce.
Irvin J. Long, the enterprising
editor of the Lykens Regider was
in town last Friday. The Keguter
is the oldest paper in that section of
the state and is held in high esteem
by the people of Dauphin county
Harry Bibighaus, the hustling
and wide-awake hardware Salesman
of Philadelphia, was in town several
days last week. He is the same
pleasant lellow . lie ' always was,
Come again, Harry. "
Among our last week's callers
were, ouiuuei Jf . Maurer 01 r ree
burg;J. D. Shaeffer of Oriental;
Harry' Iiibighaus 01 Philadelphia;
M. E. i Erdley of Salem ; 'John P.
Wetel of Benvcrtown ; and 1 1. A.
Klinglcr of .Washington twp.
Union Township Sunday School
Convention will meet on Sunday
May 1 1898 at 2 p. m. in the Olive
United Evangelical Church in Port
Rev. McCluin on Sunday evening
in church burned the note which
had been held against the church
for 5 years. About $030 was col
lected and paid within the last two
weeks and the entire church debt
has bee 0 paid. ' .
It is claimed that the oyster and
the strawberry has done its share
toward ' evanirelizing the' world.
They have built and furnished more
churches, paid the salaries of . more
preachers and helped more heathen
than any other two agencies in the
World. '
There is an item going the rounds
of the press to the effect that the
proper method to keep apples in
winter is to wrap them in old news
papers so as to exclude the air. ' 1 he
newspaper, however, must be one on
which the subscription has been paid,
otherwise dampness resulting from
what is M dew" may cause the fruit
.to spoil. . t
Tmrin Rnwaranr the nmtiriftir nf
One ni our conentionery stores andl
ice cream saloonr; finds it necessary
to go to the Medico Chirurgical hos
pital for .treatment' He is afflicted
with, a very irritable skin1 disease.
It 'teanw ; to be. .Inmethmg new.
Minburg i aaid to, have twenty
oajaf'of ' ft. ii ..''! x "
: The first Quarterly Othferenoe,
of the United Evangelical' Church
wHlbt lield at' -Kramer: April 80
at 2 n. aL Commuiiibn aarvicss Sat?
10 a. . Pairnll Sundayevd.
. A smooth, easy shave, genteel hair
cut, or other tonsorial work, is al
ways obtained at Soles' Barber Shop,
in Wittenmyer's building, opposite
Post office. Go to Soles and you
will make no mistake, shaving soap,
faoR cream, hair oil and egg-shampoo
for sale. A. E. Soles. ,
$20 Reward. A light new
buggy harness nickle plated, . single
strap, was stolen from my stable
last December. I will pay the
above reward for information' that
will lead to the recovering of the
harness or the apprehension of the
The Grand Army Posts ot Snyder
county are already making prepa
rations to observe Memorial dnr.
This year it comes on Moudar.
There arc over 4X) soldiers buriSd
in Snvder county and near its bora
ers, whoso graves ate decorated by
the survivors of the Civil war. The
Post last year published a list of
all the soldier's graves dowrated by
Snyder county G. A. R. Post.
Millinery Opening. I will
have my millinery opening on North
Market Street, Selinsgrove, Apr.
28, 29 and 30 being Thursday,
Friday and Saturday. Special re
duction in all colors of UiblxuiB and
all kinds of huts. I will have a
large asssortmeut of huts on hand
trimmed and untrinimed. Call and
see my goods and learn my prices,
Kate A. Waoenheij-er, t
4-14-3L Selinsgrove, Pa. '
Church Dedication.
llie tKiiiihtul eh 11 rcli edihee re
cently erected at Salem, this county,
was dedicate! Sunday. A great
manv , pconle tumwl out to
a f-
witness the scrviiiw. Rev. Strunk
of Schuylkill Haven, Dr. Fry of
Philadelphia, Revs. Barb, Ochsen-
ford, lliuis und Suable of this county
were present. The first named was
the beireur and a cood one he was
for he inanagcd to collect $1-100,
leavinir only about 8300 debt. The
Lutheran and Reformed choirs of
Selinsgrove assisted with the sing'
ing. Tliis edifice is t he third struct
ure erected upon that site. The first
was built by the pioneer settlers iu
1775, when it was said to have !)cen
the first church West of the Susque
liauna river, this probably meaut
North of Harrisburg and the Pat
riarch Henry Melchoir Muhlenburg,
father of the Lutheran church in
America, was one of the earliest
visiting preachers there. Thesecond
church was started in 1812, but was
not completed until after the war.
The third was erected last summer
a most lieautiful testimonial of the
devotion of God's children to him.
During the period Qt the century
and a quarter of the church history,
the various pastors; reeieved into the
church and carried upon the rolls
some 5000 members. - There are
upon the records of , this old church
the names of nearly all .the "early
settlers of this county. The people
of Salem are' to be congratulated
upon their beautify! .str ucture.
On account of the continued wet
weather, but fsw of our, farmers are
sowing ' oats
If the
osPna jre a crhemn to the fruit
14KW me uuwTi , pcwcncB uu piunw
will be aboodant as the trees are all
in bloom . I..',', .'. Alvin iJlsh ,wa in
tKe city last week aid' bought a
large stock 'of , Spring and summer
gnnicfrom pbila.
brotW et Jars, osepa Wagner was
faW vill 'W Monday viewing
TJIkkXLoif ftiitown1: .wa.
Tisitka Akrio lUJaWver Sunday.
. UUTtira .iW Ute that
Andrew UUh Sr. is able to be on
therrMaVn.:Gi. Yeaga
twiMBStteg W paWtowm4was
. , DkU EatcrMl tor Umvrd.
Rcbeix-a, David and R. Mciser
Ex'rs of Joseph Meiser to Maria
Hornberger, 47 acres and I erch
in Chapman twp. for $4.55.00
Same to same, 10 acrus in Chap
man twp. for $195.00
Maria Hornberger to R. B. Weaver
10 acres in Chapman twp. for $195.
' Same to same, 47 acres in Chap
man twp. for $455.'
Michael H. Mover and wife and
James K. Smith to George D. Fisher
house and lot in Selinogrovc, for
. A. K. Gift and wife to J. L.
Middlcswarth, siHcial warranty for
a tract of wood land in Franklin twp.
containing 100 acres tor $100.
Levi Musser and wife to Mrs.
Susana Musser lot in Centerville.
Consideration $000.
Vmtn Uraate.
' Letters of administration in the
estate of Eliza Reichcnbach lute of
Perry twp., dee'd, were issued to
H. D. Swineiord.
Will Protmtod.
The lust will and teshinient of
John Hepuerof Freeburg, deceased
was probated lost Thursday. Geo.
Hepner, a grand son, and Davis
Worncr, his son in law, are
as executors.
f Hcrliert N. Rowe, Millersburg.
Gertrude T. Kreeger, Middleburg.
Israel Sliamory, Franklin twp.
Ellen Aikey, Limestone twp.
(Frank A. Walter, Franklin twp.
Emma Yearger, New Berlin,
f Harry G. Suable, Sulein,
Marv A. Milkr, "
Our Clubbing List.
In order to give all a elm nee to
get other j'wicrs cheap we have
made arrangements with a mimln'r
of paiwrs to combine them with the
Poht at special rates. The regular
rate pel year for the IV wt is $1.50
but during our special otter we will
accept $1.00 per year in advance.
Then if any want other papers tht
we name Iwlow we give theni the
advantage of sieciul rates. The
first coluuin names the publisher's
price, the second the amount which
added to $1.00 will pay for the
"Poht" and the publication named.
The list is as follows.
Pub. hrlce.
N. Y. Weekly Tribune.
Pbllt. rnn, 1.00
WaalUngtoB Weekly Poet, l.oe
H. T.Thrtoe-weekly World, 1.0
AmeHoiiDOardeDlnr(M), l.oo
PMla. Inquirer (dally). t oo
turn IieWf (M)t -SO
womuklna (Mi, .o
Amerleu Agrtoulturlst, 1.00
PraeUeal rermer, l.oo
Von. Price.
1UM '
Sen bo r, . 8.09
Ladle Home Ideal 1 og
Tb Arena. ' ISO.
McWaU'i FmHilon Hag.. 1.00
Coampolttan. . 1.(0
LeaUe'a Weekly, 440
Review of Berfctwa, tA0
CeoMry. , , 4X0
You can make a variety of com
binations from .the. above, for in
stance the Post and N. Y. Tribune
for $1.25 ; the Post and the Philo.
Press ff $1.50 ; the Post, the N.
Y. Tribune, Womankind and Farm
News and- other papers for only
$1.45 cash in advance and soon
eomhmatkina lean be made ; to . suit
purchtrsers' taste. : Address all or
dera totfhe Po! ij band them toour
verar gentjepian are canvassing
the various townjuhy io this.couaty
for thasale, byisnbsaription, aof an
endkat 'man of Pennsylvania. New
S.i&jP "lTejnan'anow the various
com tWtowPfV. giving 1 H
ifWl 1ht ilistance totween each place.
It U:adbable rprkr if ?
of 'i every
. ' . a .... , urn miiii iiiiiiii r naa awinn
APRIL 28, 1898.
War Is
ill Spain ail lie lliil Smies
111 War apt
Hostilities flave Begun In Earnest. A Horde
' of Spanish Ships Captured by U. S.
The war is no longer on paper. Tlie United States
is determined that Spanish barbarity and inhumanity
upon the island of Cuba shall cease. President Mo
Kinley has called for 125,000 voluntceers. .
Tho Pennsylvania National Guards will ho mobiliz
ed at Mt. Gretna to-day,
Wednesday Moknij.
Panic reigns in Havana because the inhabitants fear
bombardment by the American fleet that will begin
Yesterday's report of the
with 1,000 soldiers is a mith.
Tho Sapanish steamer
Kingston from a United
chased her for several miles,
The Post-office Department has issued an order pro
hibiting the sending of mail
Robbers atKantz
Last Friday night at half paot
eleven o'clock two or three 1 robbf rs
attempted to break into M. Milliner's
store at Jvautz. , I hey were trying
to open the rear door and fortunately
Mr. Milliner had a burglar alarm
which went off. Mr. Milliner . shot
after them but they escaped. Some
tools and a bag were found that the
burelars left in their, haste. These
robberies' and attempted robberies
are becoming numerous . and citieens
ia general should use all precautions
to avoid the loss of their property by
these bandits.
Kreeger Rowe.
' Herbert Nt Rowe, an insurance
agent of Mjlle'rsburg and. Miss Gert
rude Jireeger . of Bwinclord were
married in the city of Wuitamsport
last Thursday evening. They bought
some furniture tii that city: then went
to Muiersyurg-wriere tiie groom naa
a house in readiness for his bride.
Tne grobm : a p6lism3d7ylu,BT
gentleman and.thc.bride, one of our
bejst christian young ,ame 'who lias
many fritndk . hera .who loin At
. . . - . ' r
VOL. 35. NO. IT.
capture of a Span bh cruiser
Talesfora sought refuge in
States man-of-war. which
to Spain during the war.
Kev. M. II. llavk-e of Milton
delivered an address to the Theo
logical students of Susqueiiunna
university last week Mks
Smith of Williamsport soent Sun
day with Rev. It. 13. Stark's
Dr. Wm. Ulsh and wife of Drift
wood are tho guests of druggist
Howard Ulsh Kllallendrickx
of Sunbury was entertained by Evu
Schoch a few days Mm. Mil
ler ot Philadelphia, is visiting John
Richter. .... .Miss Osmum ct Sun-
bury is spending a few days 'with
her sister Lizzie......... Mrs. B. L.
Russell of Harrisburg, the district
missionary of , the children's home
society, delivered addresses iu the
different churches of town on Sun
day... The7 base ball team of
Susquehanna university defeated th
team of Central Penna. college at
New. Berlin;' on Saturdar by the
score 10-5,... Dr. Dimm filled
the pulpit rt Rev. Gilbert at Port
Rbyml on Sunday.... .....The chick
en and wa3e supper , held in the
opera house on" Saturday by thi
Atheletv association ot Susquehanna
' .a