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Absolutely Pur
The Middleburgh Post.
Published every Thursday.
Geo. W. Wagenseller,
Editor and Proprietor,
Subscription !1.50 per year.
vrtttoti muj be paid In advance wtten wnt out
aide the county.)
All irnnttlenl adverllcnvnta not otunrwtoe
onninwu-d lor will he i-bawd at the rate of is
i-enia per llnefnonpartH mmuture) for flrot Inner
linn and 10 cents per line tor every subsequent
TM twlief puWuW frtt ; obituary patny,
VibuUt of resptct. ., thm tmU a lint.
SepulUcan Standina Committee-
Adam, W. If. Herman, Jeremiah Howeraoi
Reaver Jan. M. Kline, Oiarles Hpecht
Heaver W., Oeo. .1. Heece. ("has. A- Warner
Ontre. II. U. Wagner, R. B. Krdlejr
Chapman, W m. II . KeraU-Mer, U. H. Troutroan
Franklin, W. I). til ft, H. 8. Kennlntcer
.lack Hon, Ueo. A. Hrnuae, J. 8. learick
MlridleburR, Al. Clrlan. N. A. Bewea
Middlecreek. 8. 8. Yoder, Theodore Row
Menro, A. R. Youn. I. P. Kilter
Penn, Frank Miller, Howard Row
Perry, J, N, Hroeiua, Dr. H. Kolhrock
Perry W., Ueo Hlrawaer, John Noll
Selinwrove, N. 8. Ptalier, K. II. Smith
florin?, P. F. Relirel . Geo. 8. Leplejr
ltiion. O. H. Klce, H. J. Slroh
Washington, Henry Brown, John Miller
Republican Ticket.
for V. B. Senator,
Hon.. I. S. Quay. mj . '
For Confreec;
Hon. Trad. M. Mahonv
For Assembly,
-s' Dr. A. M.Smith. ' "i" .
For Associate Judge,
Hod. Z, T, Gemberling,
' " For County Surveyor1.' ,u t '' '
fitp. A,.Jiotdorf, iti
Thursday, April 21, 1898;
Fire Near Kratterville.
. t;
On Wednesday morning the barn
with all its contents, near Krutzer
ville, on ihc Martin Matirer farm
was burned to the ground, at about
." 30 a. m. Mr. Maurer was up
uirly and started away with his
team, his wife turned out the cows
and every tiling was alright, and
iu a short lime after the larn was
in flames, how the Are started is a
mystery. The on!y cause thus far
determined on, is that tramps lodged
in the barn and by the use of
matches fired the Irnrn as a Iwx of
matches was found only a fhort
distance from the Imrn, proluibly the
tramps vere using matches in the
barn and the straw or hay was set
afire in this way, and wss burning a
slow name wiuic wr, juaurer was
yet at home, but as farmers generally
liave their fowl all prciwired for. the
morning Mr. Maurer did not go to
the upiier floor of the barn and did
not discover the Are, this is sunixxs-
cd the cause, but the fact how the
fire originated is notknown. How
ever it is a heavy loss to Mr. Maur
cr and we sympathize with him.
New Berlin Airuv.
J. J. Steely and son, made a busi
ness trip, to Mifflin county last week
Boys what luck did you
have trout fishing on the 17?. . . .L.
A. Jenkins and Mrs. Aaron Moyer
made a business trip to Mifflinburg
one day last week T. F.
Swineford made a call on some of
his Snyder county friends since his
removal Our old comrade and
friend Wallace Lcpply died on last
Friday night, nnothci old soldier
answered his last roll call....
1. W. Treaster moved to Tainter,
(Mifflin county) where he is engaged
in sawing lor the boss boys ...
Mr. Banner and family of Lewistown,
spent Sunday with his father-in-law,
Emanuel Knepp, Henry Hitter was
also a visitor with his friends over
Sunday in W. Beaver.... A few
of our Snyder county boys found
out what it is to fish in Mifflin county
on Sunday. I hey were arrested
and fined $25. or 30 days in jail.
(Belleville lime) y-
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Jan. 15, by Rev. V. R. Weand,
at the parsonage in BanLerville,
Harrison Breininger and Sarah J.
Schwartz, both of Musser Valley.
Jan. 21, 1. N. Gross of Shamokin
Dam and Amelia Hancock of Sun
bury, formerly of Cromwell, Eng.
Jan. 25, by Rev. L. C Edmonds,
ReuU-n Steiuinger toCarolinc Price,
both of West Beaver.
Jan. 25. in Beavcrtown, by S. A.
Wetzel, Esq., John M. Fike and
Clara A. Wagner, lioth of Beaver
Feb. 1, by Kcv. rlenmeyer,
Emanuel Ik-ufer and Rebecca Leifr
zeljlioth of Jackson twp.
Feb. 5. bv Rev. Geo. Hunter.
George Maurer of Jackson twp,
and Emma Slcar ot Union twp.,
Union Co., Pa.
Wit K lr !? Vjlnmiulu Simon
Wiandt and Susan Hendricks, lxth
of Beaver twp.
Feb. 8, in Manheim, by Rev. L.
Peters assisted by Rev. Daniel K
McCuuley, Rev J. P. Smith of
Manheim, Jjiincaster Co., formerly
of this lK)rouirh. and Mary J. nine
ot Rulphotwp., Ijancaster Co.
Simon Kroiise of Adam-
ville, Mich., formerly of this county,
and Mary J. Wingard of the same
place, formerly of Centre Co., 1 a.
Feb. 8, by Rev. W. A. Haas,
James Mussulman and Mary E.
Houseman, both of Selinsgrove.
Feb. 10, by Rev. John Johnson,
Jos. L. Schooley of Watsontown
and Lizzie McVicker of Derry,
Montour Co.
Feb. 12, by Rev. W. R. Weand,
Irwin Fetterolf and Evilene Stein
inger, bolh of Musser Valley.
Feb. 15, by Rev. Edmonds, John
Simon and Lizzie Ettinger, both of
Beaver. , . -
: Feb. 22, by Rev. Erlenmeyer,
Jacob Denius and Hanna Maria
Benfer, both of Jackson twp.
Feb. 22, by Rev. Anspach, in
Mifflinburg, Jefferson Walter of
Bellevue, O., to Mary" Walter of
Ceutrq twp. ,1 . .
Feb. 24, Dr. B.'L. Kerthher of
Georgetown and ; Fietta Spotts, of
McKees Half Falls.
Feli24, by V,M. , Teats, Esq.,
Charles Len and Catherine A. Deets,
both of this county.
,' Feb. . 26, bv Rev. Eslenmcyer,
Geo. S. Snyder of this borough and
Kate Bowersox of Franklin twp.. '
' Feb. 27, by Rev. Edmonds, John
Messerman aud Louisa Hitter, both
of West Beaver. '-.
Mar. 1, in Kratzerville, by Rev.
Samuel Yenrick, John II. Bachman
ofMiddleburg and Kate Baertges
of Centreville.
Mar. 1, Geo. Heintzclman ot
Chapman twp. and Hannah Leitzel
of Jackson twp.
Mar. 1, John Shodt aud Amelia
Dock, both of Shamokin Dam.
Mar. 2, by S. A. Wetzel, Thos.
J. Nipple and Annie M. Wagner,
iKjth ot Mifflin Co.
Mar. 3, by Rev. W. A. Haas,
Henry Woodling to Margaret Kratz
er, both of Jackson twp.
Mar. 4, Henry J. Rem and Sarah
J. Gaugler, both of Shamokin Dam.
Mar. 5, by Rev. Edmonds,
Franklin Beaver and Ellen Jane
Aigler, both of Beaver twp,
Mar. 8, by Rev. W. R. Weand,
Wm. II. Johnson and Alice S.
Rcnninger, both of Musser Valley,
Mar. 12, by Rev. Edmonds, a-
thdinel Jordan and Diua Gerhart,
both of Beaver twp,
Mar. 15, at Bnnncrville, by Rev.
W. R. Weand, John Ettinger and
Mattie Wagner, both of Lewistown.
Mar. 16, C D. Grissinger and
Mary P. Baker, both of Selinsgrove.
Mar. 17, Geo. Stout of Blairsville
to Pramilla B. Goss of Lewisburg,
formerly of Snyder Co.
Mar. 19, by Rev. Elias Landis,
Benjamin Dunkleberger of Frecburg
to Catherine Amy of W est Perry
Mar. 19, by Rev. W. R. Weand,
James II. Aigler and Sarah Has
singer, both of Beavertown.
Mar. 22, by Rev. Erlenmeyer,
David Goy to Sarah Forry, both ot
Mar. 25, in Hughesville,hy Rev.
L. Heisler, Theodore F. Peters,
formerly of this borough and Corn
elia Sevison, of Lewistown, both of
Hughcsville. . t. ,
Mar. 25, Franklin M. Fisher
of Selinsgrove to Anna M. Sigler,
of Painter, Mifflin Co.
Mar. 26,' by Rev! G. W. Hem
perly, in Bunbury, D. W. Knouse
and irrs. Airnes Frantt of this
Mar. 2G, by Rev. W. Ha-s, Wil
liam Adams of Penn twp, to Anna
Brouse of Jackson twp. '
Mar. 29, by Rev. Erlenmeyer,
Jonathan Meiser and Sarah Snyder,
both of Perry twp.
Apr. 7, in Beavcrtown, by Rev.
Daniel Klose, A. II. Bowersox and
Addie Smith, daughter of John S.
Smith, both of Beavcrtown.
Apr. 7, by Rev. Haas, Henry
Brown to Lydia Moyer, both of
Apr. 12, by Rev. Edmonds,
Abraham Hassinger to Lydia Cath
erine McClellan, both of Beaver.
Apr. , by same, John Fry and
Polly Gilbert of Beaver.
Apr. 19, by Rev. Edmonds,
Joseph Weiderto Amelia Goss, lioth
of West Ik-aver.
Apr. 19, by same, Ellis Herlmter
to Emma Peter of Jxiunerville.
Apr. 1G, by Rev. Erlenmeyer,
Charles Dent to S. Ellen Erlenmey
er, Ixrth of I reeburg.
A or. 30. G. K. Shnefler and
Lizzie Long, both ot Monroe twp,
Apr. 30, by W. R. Weand, Amos
A agner to barah h. l oimgman,
both of McClure.
Apr. 30, in Northumlierland, Dr.
Jas. P. Priestly and Clara Simpson,
eldest daughter of Col. A. C. Simp
May 3, by P. M. Teats, Esq.,
Jacob Gilbert of Jackson twp. to
Ada Graybill of West Perry twp..
May 10, by Rev. W. R. Weiand,
Gustuvus Moyer to Maggie Swartz,
both of Troxelville.
May 12, by Rev. Haas, Dr. L.
A. Sherk to Rcnie Houtz, lxth of
May 12, by Rev. Erlenmeyer,
Cornelius Wrtzcl to Matilda Hols
apple, both of Washington twp.
May 17, by Itev. Erlenmeyer,
Jacob Greiner of Shamokin Dam to
Amelia Mitchell ofKorthumberland.
Mar 21, in Beavertown, by Rev.
Klose, Richard A. L Harner' and
Lizzie Howell, both of Paxtonvilie.
May, 24, by Rev. J., K. Snyder,
Jouathan Goodling to Mary Troup
May.28, by Rev. W R. Weiand,
IRrtm II. Herbster to Laura A.
Bell, both of BeRtown, Mifflin Co.
May 29, by Rev. Haas, Michael
Slear of Union Co. to Louisa' Long
of Jackson twp, this'epunty. ';
May 31, by Rev. J; P. Shindel,'
Josiah Walker ot Buffalo two ,
Union Co., to Matilda E., second
daughter of A. J. Peters, Esq.,' of
x rankhn twp., this county. ,
June 2, in Montour Co., by Rev.
Tighlman Derr, F. J. R. Zcller,
rst., and S. Jennie Brown.
June 18, by W. R. Weiand,
Cloyd II. Mattern aud Mary Baker ,
both of McClure.
June 17, by Rev. W. R. Weiand,
Robert Long and Ada Roth rock,
both of Adamsburg.
June 21, by Rev. Erlenmeyer,
Isaac Sauer to Susan Derek, both ot
Middlecreek twi).
June 23, by Rev. Erlenmeyer,
Lewis Roiislt to Amelia Rcigel, both
of Washington twp.
June 25, by Rev. Roht, Howard
Romig of W est Ik-aver twp. toSabil
la Beaver of r rankhn twp.
June 28, by Rev. J. P. Shindel,
Gabriel Iknversox and IdaM. Mcrtz,
both of West' Buffalo twp., Union
July 4, by Rev. John K. Snyder,
Samuel Brown, of Greenwood twp.,
Juniata Co., and Lydia Lawver of
Perry Co.
July 5, Daniel Kemble and Kate
Hendricks, both of Union twp.
July 13, by Rev. W. A. Haas,
Valentine Varnes to Sarah Mason,
both of Selinsgrove.
July 16, Henry Breininger of
Troxelville and Mary Gill of Se
July 23, Ezra Rotish and Mary
W alter, both of Washington twp.
Aug. 2, in Beavertown, by S. A,
Wetzel, Esq., Wm. Kiester of Uni
on Co. and Mary Ellen Moyer of
Beaver Iwp.
(To be Continued next week.)
Carpets ICarpoto I f Carpoto 1 1 1
la !;()ii!Mi-
Ont Sale i
We have just finished taking our
Stock and find we will be needing
mote room for Hew spring Hoods,
We prefer "making Quick Step
prices to many of our winter goods
than carry them over till next sea
Ladies' Cloaks,' Capes and Wraps
muBt be sold at cost and below.
Don't mim the Bargains on Ladies'
sod Children's Cloaks snd Capes.
They must be sold as we don't, carry
any over Season. ...
Men's Navy Blue Beaver Overcoats
only $2.50; Men's Heavy Stora
Overcoats only C4.00. Also Men's
and Boys' Heavy suits.' ther must
go at and below cost. '' '
We have avervthinc in. Footwkre.
A. few of the fall and, . winter styles
are still .here All stses. . They will
be sold for about one .half their val
ue. Tbey are fullJW per cent, less
than lastv jesr. Mea'a Gum Boots
only $2.25 ; 'Ladies, Rubbers from
18c. to 45c. Our shoes must., be re-,
duced to make room for the incom
ing spring stock. No is your time
to mate .Bargains in Bnoes. , .
We wiljl give a special dis
count of 10 per cent, on ev
ery dollar's worth Dry
Goods. Notions, Clothing,
Boots and Shoes, in fact on
everything but Groceries.
" Important to Subscribers.
Those of pur subscribers who ex
pect to change their postoffice ad
dress this' spring, should notify us
of the samev ( Be especially careful
to give your "old address and the new
one. Also send in your name ex
actly as you find it printed on the
label of your paper. . By observing
these points you will be sure to get
Ar buckles' and Lion Coffee, 11c i 4
lbs. for 40c.
llinnna rn4fi 1 Q. . O IKo trW Ofw
Loose Roasted Javo, 13c; 2 lbs. for
Java and Mocho. 35c i 3 lbs. for 90c.
Extra loose green coffee, 25c.
10 lbs. Soft A Sugar, 50o. 9 lbs Gran
ulated. 50c.
2 lbs. Light Brown. 50c.
Corn Starch, 5c ; 3 lbs. for 12c.
New liice, 5 : very nice.
Best N. O. Molasses, 14c. a qt.
Syrup, 18c. a gal.
Light Syrup, 35c. a ual.
Chocolate, 18c.
baking Soda, 4c. per lb.
Boking Powder, 6c. J lb.
Rasing, 7c.
Silver Prunes, 12c, extra nice.
Oatmeal, 10c 3 packages 26c.
Crushed wheat, 15o., 2 packages 25c.
Coffee cakes, 5c. a lb.
Ginger snaps, 5c. a lb.
Oyster crackers, 5o. a lb.
Knick-knocks, 8c. a lb.
Water crackers. 9c. a lb.
All Kinds.
All Qualities.
All Prices.
The whole lower floor of my store is taken up with Carpets, Rugs,
Art Squares, Curtains, Window Shades, Curtain Poles, Hassocks '
Rug FriDge, Floor, Stair and Table Oil Cloths, &c, &c,
We can show you the largest and best selection of the above goods
ever shown in Lewistown.
Rag Cantet as low as 20c and up
amox uirpet " " Tic. "
Velvet Cnrjiet " " 75c.
Brusscll Carpet as low as 50c. and up
All Wool Carpet " " 50c. " "
Half Wool Carpet" "35c. "
-7-0hina and Japan Matting 100 Rolls to Select Fromr
Conijre quality and prices, you will fiud tluit our store is the .
place to buy at. The goods are first-class, prices are the low
est, our rooms are clean and no trouble to show goods.
Be8peCtfa11 W. fl. FELIX, Lewistown, Penn'a.
Liberal AcQustments- ' Prompt Payments,
Only the Oldest, Ptrongest Cash Companies,
Pire, Life, Accident and Tornado.
Ifo Assessments' Ho Premium Notes.
The Aetna Founded A. D., 1819 Assets fll,055,513.88
" Home - " J853 " 9,853,628.54
" American " " 1810 2,409,584.53
The Standard Accident Insurance Co.
The New York Life Insurance Co.
The Fidelity Mutual Life Association. '
Tour Patronage 8 elicited.
Iiqid on to Your Dollars,
Until you see Solid-fact Bargains. We have
Pnfd the 8eason with a stock of goods
that beats the record for beauty and low
, prices. . Be fair with yourselves snd see
, oar, Elegant Stock ; of Spring , Clothing.
, It presents an opportunity for economic
al buying that is not found elsewhere. .
Spring Hate, faijcy SIjirte
- ' Everybody needs somethiag in'his lin
We have just what you need, and at the
prices that defy Competition. We have
the Finest Line of Gentlemen's Furnish
ing Goods on the Market Hats. Caps,
Yaliees, Trunks and Rubber Goods we
have in large assortments.
We Jiave a line unequalled in the county" our Spring wear, in price
and quality, cannot be beat in the State. We want you to see our shoe.
In Carpets, Kugs and Oil
cloths we hove all the newest patterns and
choice colorings. The latest de
signs are beautiful and at about a
quarter off from former prices.
Good Ingrain Carpet, only i!&e.
Good Home-made Carpet, 20c. -
8-4 Floor Oilcloth, 50c. per yd.
t-i Table Oilcloth. 14c. per yd.
5 4 Table Oilcloth. 12o. per yd.
No. 1 Butter, 15
No. 2 Butter, 10
Fresh Eks, 9
Onions, 80
Dried Applet, 2
Apples, 80.
Shoulder, 8
Potatoes, 50
New Lard,
Turkeys, 10
Young Chickens, 7
Dried Cherries, 8
Bacon, t
Ham, 10
N. B.T-We have no Spec
ial Bargain Day. Our Bar
gains are Every Day. ,
F. H. Maurer.
N. W. Corner, Front and Union Sts
New Berlin. Pa.
these points you will be Bure to get ps m n fCLt J IPSTJ O O
yp?rreguu:lyandayoidcOT-j j CTfeA; )
Great Reduction Sale of
For Ninety Days I
The Undersigned Offer The Public Their EH-
SYLVANIA. We are not Milling out, but we do this to increase oar sales above anypre
vlous year. We giv a few ot the prions as follows :
Sott Wood Chamber Baits $14.00;Cotton Top Mattress i
Hard Wood Chamber Suits 16.00iWoven Wire Mattress. 1.75
Autiqne Oak Suits, 8 Pleoei 19.00 : Bed Springs 1.2
Plush Parlor Suits 80.00: Drop Tables, per ft .60
Wooden Chairs per set. 9.50;Platforin Rockers 8 60
In stock, everything in the furniture line, lueludlngM Irrbrs, Book Cases,
Desks, Sldeboards, Cupboards, Centre Tables, Faney Rockers, Baby Chair
Feather Pillows, Lounges, Couches, Dougbtrays, Sinks, Hall Racks, Can.
Seat Chairs fine, medium and cheap furniture, to suit all classes.
Prices reduced all through. Come early and see our stock before' giving
your order, and thus save 15 to 80 per cent, on every dollar.
Special Attention Given to Undertaking & Embalming.
ivIBw In
an Store,
I keep everything in the hardware line. Horse shoe
nails, other nails by the keg or pound, toe steel, cast steel,
tires for buggies and wagons, round bar iron, chains of all
kinds, forks, shovels hoes, tools of all kinds,
Horse Blankets,
1 Whips, halters, tie ropes, curry combs, brushes of all
kinds, brooms, tinware, granite ware, tubs, buckets, and
Patent Washing MACHOfed;'
. . . Gall to see my goods and you will be convinced that
you can buy cheaper here than any where in the county.
YoursSi-esp'y, f -1 I fcrnr Mt Plesssnt '
I a