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TfwTFflST stamps fob miHjMPQUTOS ampahy raeefSflliM
The jury list for June court is in
C. A. Roleuder of this place was
an Adamsburg visitor last week.
P. M. Teats, ot Huuimcls Wharf
lias planted an acre with raspberries
Miss Rertha Reaver of Swineford,
who had been at Cammel has returned
Fob Salk. A 000 -lb. leef.
bailor address Rox 6fJ, Glolie
Mills, Pa. . tf.
The Roster of the Lutheran C,
E. Society will be founded on the
inside wgvs.
Another special shoe sale at
Schroycr's Selinsgrove next Saturday
und don't you forget it.
J. W. Stiever of Mt. Pleasant Mills
was a county scat visitor on. Thurs
day of last week.
John F. Wagcnsellcr of Selinsgrove
was a county scat visitoron Wednes
day of last week.
The new church ut Salem will lie
dedicated next Sunday. Eminent:
speakers will be present.
Attorney E. E. Pawling Esq.,
and his wife visited relatives in
Union county on Sunday.
American. Machine Comjiany,
Columbus Ohio, are advertising
Bicycles at 17.50 in this issue.
Chas. Rrosius and J. A. Shafl'er,
of Fremont, tire attending Riieknoll
University at Lewisbtirg. ,
200 pairs ot hIkm-s on our Rar-
j.gain counter to select, at Schroycr's
I special sale, Saturday Aju-il 253 rd
Don t miss it.
W. H. I tamer, who moved from
Selinsgrove to Kremncr this spring,
was a caller at this office Tl ursday
of last week.
John Roycr and Peter Meiser, of
Fremont, are taking views in licrks
county for the Excelsior view coni
.any." Miss Eva Kothnsk ot. Swine
ford will open a select school in the
Franklin school building next Mon
day. A full line ot tinware can Ik;
found at Schoch and Stahlneckcr's
tand. All kinds of repairing
promptly ut tended to. tf.
Charles Staufter and family 'and
J. J. Miller and wife of Selinsgrove
on Sunday Mere the guests of Alex
ander Rowersox and family.
James Itunkle and wife on Mon
day went to Rcllefonte to attend
court, having l)ccn summoned as
witnesses in the Gensburg trial.
The Spring poets are set aside to
make room for the Spanish war
poets. Among the latter is Captah.
W. H. Knepp of Troxelville.
George S. Krebs of Troxelville,
formerly of Siglerville, called in to
see us last week while at the county
scat. lie is a pleasing young gen
Mrs. F. F. Itanek nee UoseAyers,
of Williamsport on Saturday came
down and is visiting her parents,
James Ayers and wife at the Snyder
county capital. 4
If you luppun to drop soot on the
carpet during your spring house
deaning, cover it thickly with salt,
anditmav be swept up without
blacking the carpet.
A depot and switch tower will
Ik? erected at Selinsgrove junction.
The work of erection has already
begun. The improvement will be
great and will cost about $4000.
Dr. George Edward Reed, LID.,
President of Dickinson College, Car
Isle, delivered a lecture Tuesday
evening in the . Methodist church
aj i Selinsgrove on ."Qualities that
Wln"; .
"""WtMdnirtrokM paace. '
-J! MUM UfflM 01 bletMdMaa "
WT0 OiattcbMocnituuonM'a paga.
L. Dunkelberger can supply you i
with the newest thing in plaid shirt j
waists, neekwear, kid gloves, leather
belts and "Plaid Hose." Give her
a call. M j
Our Summer Millinery Opening
will take place Thursday, Friday j
and Saturday, April 28, 2i and 30.
Jj. Du"KKLBEIKiF.R. tf.
The Democratic Standing com
mittee met at Middloburgh on
Tuesday and passed resolutions nrg
injr Senator Simon P. Wolvcrton,
of Sunbury, to lie a candidate for
A very complete history ot the
Ladies' Mite society of this place was
handed us this week from the able
pen of Mrs. Lizzie R. Smith which
has been crowded out this week. It
will appear next week.
J. E. Ribighouso, the enterprising
merchant of Mifllinburg, was in town
on Tuesday night. 1 le reports his
sister Jennie, very ill with lung
trouble necessitating a treatment un
der the care of a Philadelphia
The assessor of Washington twp.,
Francis Glass, reports, 4138 resident
taxables, .50 mm resident taxables,
24 estate taxables. 208 names en
rolled in the militia for the vear
K. C. Walter and family spent
Sunday at Atlanta city, N. J.
This week Mr. Walter is spending
in Philadelphia selecting and pur
chasing new goods for the firm of
Rnnklc & Walter. ,
John . Renninger, who resides
alstut 2 miles east of town, comes to
the front with a large chicken egg.
The egg was laid by his own good
stock and measures Si inches in
circumference, Who can beat this?
The Lewistown camp of Sins of
Veterans have volunteered their
service to Pres. McKinlev incase of
war with Spain. They secured 2)5
names on Friday night and it is
said they can secure a full hundred
Don't forget ourspecial offer of the
Post for only one Dollar jkt year in
advance. Those who have been pay
ing l.f)0 for the Post know how to
appreciate the liberality ofthisoller.
This offer is good for a limited time
v .
James Middleswarth, L. E. Pawl
ing and Phillip P. Mover are the
viewers for a new bridge across the
Susquehanna at Georgetown and
will meet for that purose in con
nection with the viewers of Xorth'd
county, on the 20th ot April.
Sunday Charles G. Hendricks
and his sistei Nettie and Misses
Delia and Alice Pauling, all of
Selinsgrove, drove to town and
tarried a while at Hon. G. A.
Schoch's residence. Miss Delia is
spending some time here.
On Thursday W. F. Dagle open
ed his new confectionary store in
the Rrautigam store building on
Queen street with a fine supply of
goods. Rack of the store room he
has a small building with steam
power to manufacture ice cream,
which he will sell at wholesale and
retail. Northumberland I Yob.
There is a very noticidilc feature
in the growth ot the steel trade ot
America, namely, that it is larger
outside of the rail business than
heretofore, the former having practi
cally consumed all of the product
ot steel ; now it consumes but 25 to
30 per cent of the year's product.
Prof. Edwin Charles on Saturday
went to Pert Treverton to spend a
week of pleasure and of business.
Mr. (. harles is the active and ener
getic ibr.rrian of the ' historical so
ciety and he will ho doubt want to
ransack some of the garrets . in that
vicinity for old copies of our county
papers."'".' '
On Sunday morning altout 4
o'clock h wreck occurred at the west
end of the bridge east of K reamer,
this county, in which 8 or Olsix cars
were demolished. The train was
westward Imund and a coupling
broke which generated the train.
When discovered the engineer back
ed his train while the rear part was
still in motion. This was done too
rapidly and hence the collision
caused the wreck.
Mrs. E. C. Aurand is in the city
this week buying a new stock of the
latest styles of millinery and lurmsli
ing goods. Will have an ojieiung
on the Hi., -i, ami 'Mii ot tins
We are making an ellbrl to in
crease our business. Notice our
prices. Children's Ijoghorn hats 25c?
Children's flats 25c, Velvet Roses
at 1") and 25 cents, Velvet, tie.
L. Di'.NKKi.r.i:niii:i:. tf.
Mrs. Aurand is selecting a new
and complete stock in Philadelphia
and New York this week ami will
have her new goods here in a few
days. Her opening will occur Apr.
2(i, 27 and 28, 18!8.
The third quarterly conference of
the Middleburg Mission, U. 11. Church
will be held at the new ion's Church
April 2l at 2 p. in. Preaching Sat
urday evening; Sunday 10 a. m.
Communion services. Key. ).(.
Romigwillolliciate. S. 15. Roughter
A smooth, cav shave, genteel hair
cut, or other tousorial work, is al
ways obtained at Siles' Rarltcr Shop,
in Wittcnmycr's building, opposite
Post ollice. (Jo to Soles and you
will make no mislnke, siiav'iig soap,
face cream, hair nil and egg-shampoo
for sale. A E. Sulks.
Mii.mnkky Oi';. I will
have my millinery opening on North
Market Street, Selinsgrove, Apr.
28, 20 and 150 being Thursday,
Friday and Saturday. Special re
duction in all colors of Rihlions and
all kinds of hats. I will have a
large asssnrt incut of hats on hand
trimmed and tintrimmed. Call ami
see mv goods and ham my prices.
Katk A. Wacknsku.kk,
1-1 1-I3t. Siilinsgrove, Pa.
Mrs. Catherine I lower of Swine
ford and Mrs. Edward Rower, of
Rcnova have embarked for the
sunny clinic of Mississippi to visit
the former's son, Dr. (lias. Rower.
Mrs. Catherine Rower is well up in
year and such a trip is considered
a remarkable undertaking for her.
She is the daughter of the distin
guished Congressman Kreaincr, avIio
during his life time was the most
prominent man of this neighborhood.
The Snyder county Historical
society are desirous of knowing if
there is not some one in the county or
elsewhere who has a set of the old
Colonial records published by the
state that the owner would wintri
bute to the society. The society
would also like to have thehistoryof
the Susquehanna and Juniata val lies.
This organization is doing its work
for the benefit of the public and any
one having copies they can spare
ought to contribute them to the so
ciety. The complete schedule ot the
National League Rase Rail games
for 1898, issued by the Lake Shore
& Michigan Southern Ry. is a very
handy book for lovers of our national
game. It not only shows the oppos
ing teams and where they play each
day in the season, but contains 8iace8
for filling in scores, pitchers' names,
hits, junsand errors, with interesting
items about the 1897 games. Any
one can procure a copy of the book
by sending 4 cents in postage to
A. J. Smith.' G. p. & T. A.;;LVS:&
Alv S. Ky., Cleveland, O. ,. j ,
Rob lawless of Shamokin, a
brother of Martin lawless, who is in
the Middlchurgh jail awaiting trial,
last week stabliod Martin Purcell in
the lmck. Purcell is in a serious
condition und lawless is jn the Sun
bury jail. The 1 jaw less gang is a
bad set.
The ten-year old son of Hand
Grayhill of near Richfield was
caught by a circular saw hist week
and was vcrv badly cut in the arm
and shoulder. The arm was all
lacerated and the pain was so severe
that it caused the boy's death. The
remains of the lioy were buried Sim
dny. The lad is a nephew of E. C.
Grayhill and Mrs. Jacob Gilbert of
this place.
A very scions eonllagration was
narrowly avcru-d in which at least
the Post printing ollice and the
stable adjoining it would have been
entirely consumed on Tuesday after
noon. The 'engine ro-mi was all
ablaze, the (lames shooting opto the
ceiling, much beyond the power ot a
bucket brigade to extinguish, but
the fortunate presence ot a small
chemical lire extinguisher purchased
from the York Chemical Co. last
summer came to - our rescue. The
charge had been in the extinguisher
since last summer but the little
"animal" did its work and hence
we have a right to term it the ''Hero
ot the Hour."
The2Sth Annual ( 'onvention l the
Snyder County SundavScliool Asso
ciation will coiivenein .Middleburg
Pa., beginning Monday eve., May
Olh and will continue in session until
i-jTuesday eve., May 10 every Sun
day .School in the County should be
represented by delegates. Two of
the;State Workers namely, Itev. 'has.
Ithonds 1). 1. of I'hil'a. and Mrs.
J. W. I Surucr, of Newark, N. .1.
which of itself is guaranteed that
the instruction imparted there will
be of great value to every worker in
the cause. All ministersand Snpt s.
should be present and take part in
the discussion. Work and pray fir
the success of the convention. All
come. Yours Truly,
II. I. IJumk;, Secretary.
Nickcrson, Neb.,
April II, 1S0S.
Editor I'nsT:
Kudosed find a inoncv order lor
81.2r for the Middleburg IW
another year. We can't do without
the old Snyder county news in this
fin away Nebraska for war is all
the talk out here.
Respectfully yours,
Damki. Royki:.
W. F. Charles came from a Scot eh
Irish family named Fit. Charles that
settled in Upper Sal ford township,
Montgomery county, Pa., and was
Isirn near the Rattlelield of Valley
Forge. At an early age, alsmt six
years, the deceased came with his
father's William Fitz Charles
family to the vicinity of Richfield
in 1812. The f ami ly moved to Fn-e-burgin
1830,nnd from that time on
he had liecii a resident of that place.
Many years ago the Fitz, part of
the family name was dropped and
since then the family has been known
by the name of Charles. The de
ceased was liaptized in infancy by
Rev. Herman and his siionsors were
John Kccll yand his wife Susan. In
later years he was instructed in the
doctrines of the Lutheran Church,
and wnsadmitted to membership in
St. Peters church, Freeburg,by Rev.
Schmidt. He entered the marriage
relation with Miss Rebecca Roush,
in 1830. Eleven children resulted
from this union his wife and three
children preceded the father into
the world beyond, four sons and
four daughters remain to mourn
their loss. As far as known there
are 48 grandchildren 39 great-grandchildren
and two great-great grand-children.
IIppiIo Knlrrril lor Hrrord.
E. R. Hai-tmanaud wife to Emma
Ilergcr, lot in Centreville for $800.
Daniel Gaugler and others to John
Gloss and wife, (i acres and 18
jiercl ics for one- dollar, etc. Heed
dated 18-18.
It. R. Gross, executor of Christian
Gross, to John C. Smith, house and
lot in Ilea verb vn for 1,:500.
Giti. Fishir and wife and others,
heirs of George Gaugler, deceased,
to Mary Gross, 2 acres and 120
parches in Monroe twp. for $."0.
Catherine Coryell to (i. M. Gross
28,1 20 sq. icct in Monroe twp. for
one dollar.
Heirs of Esther Aurand, etc., to
Daniel (iaugler's heirs, 2 acres and
lOo perches for ,"iO dollars.
Commonwealth of Pcmia., patent
deed on 17 acres ill Union twp.,
Union Co. (now Monroe two., Sny
der Co.) surveyed July 17, 1702.
Deed dated 1811.
Win. !I. Hreese and wife to A.
M. Aurand, lot of ground in Adams
burg for $0:5.80.
Chas. A. S-hiercr and wife to A.
M. Aurand, lot in Adamsburg li.r
Johv. A. I lalley to Amanda A.
1 1 alley, lot ot ground in Chapman
twp. for 8100.
Kelieeca Meiser, Pavid and I!. S.
Meiser, executors of Joseph Meiser,
to Mary Ann IWtzlinc, 12 acres in
( 'hapnian twp. for 82-"0.
Amanda .1. I 'Mi and II. W. I'lsh
to A. (J. Rashoar, assignee !!r the
bcnelit ol creditors for two tracts of
land in Spring twp.
Henry It. l-Vtteroll and wife to
Mary C. Swarlz, lot of ground i i
Troxelville for $00.
Geo. . Hichl, alloriiev-in-lact
for heirs of Henry I iehl, deceased,
to U. C. KerslctUr, 12:5 acres in
Chapman twp. for 8 1 ,."0l.
R. F. and wife to
Mrs. Elizabeth Naugle, 10 arcesaud
Mo perches in I'errv twp. for
I'.d ward Kucpp and wile to clla
Snook, lot No. lil in Adamsburg lor
$ I .
John S. Smiih and wile to .lames
II. Aiglcr, .8 acres and 00 perches in
Reaver twp. Cr $2."0.
Mary A. ltathfoii to ( 'alviu Rath
Ion, Philip Iloiid and Henry S.
Miellcniicrger. L perches in est
Perry twp. for $IJ." and dower.
V. 15. Wincy and wile to Mary
A. Itathfon 10 perches of land in
West Perry twp. for $.'".
William II. Kiegel to Lottie V.
Kinney, lot No. Ill in the Schnurc
and Eycr addition in Selinsgrove
for $7"i.
Will lrobnlvl.
The last will and testament of
Ijcah Kinney, late of the borough of
Selinsgrove, was probated last
Thursday. Lottie V., wife of Daniel
Kinney, is the sole heir and Daniel
Kinnev is the executor.
Loiter rnnpl.
Ijcttcrs of administration in the
estate of'Sarah IKmfer, latcot Centre
ville, were issued to Willliam Ren
ter, her eldest son.
MnrrlnRe I.iaenHra.
f II. C. Hendricks, Selinsgrove,
I Lizzie M.Jarrctt, "
D. R. Secsholtz, Huminel's W.
Lucy J. Tarbcaux, ' "
Ijiist Friday we had the pleasure
of a visit from C. L. Dowlin of
Philadelphia, J.' II. Hartmau of
Centreville and our own townsman,
Attorney H. II. Grimm. Mr. Dow
lin, while '.ere, took a trip to the
trout streams for some of our high ly
prized lieauties.
'To Cr CooitlpatlM lif
Tke Caamrata CandrOaUiartla 10s or Bo.
If C. C. a toll to oare, Aragglau rafQDd nooay:
The Record of 30 Years
?7r Marru itex for the Thirty
Wui-h Comillitl to f!,rirr 'lrt
unt Jiirolltviionn hih! Ut I'tttterve
Ac Nome.
Nov. 27, by Rev. IMinoiids,
Jai-ob Ncrhood and Hnnnuh Ziebcr,
both ot Troxelville.
Dir. 1, by Rev. Krleiinicycr,
Enoch Rilgcr of MiuJlhrrcok twp.
to Janet (e Polish ot Washington
t wp.
1W. 15, in Pittsburg, Persili r F.
t'iiiith, Esq., superintendent of the
Sunbury ov Lewistown Railroad,
and Laura Wood of Pittsburg.
Dec. .", by Sainilel Scholl, Esq.,
Chas. S. Piehl of Washington twp.
and Catherine Sliolzhcrgcr of Union
Dec. 7, by A. K. iil, Allnil
Ileinibaeh ti SarahC. Iteachel, lioth
of Franklin tup,
Dec. 7, at the par.-oiiage in Rnn
ncrville. I,v Rev. W. R. Weand,
Henry Krebs and Sarah M. Schrov
cr, both of West Reaver.
Dec. 7, by Rev. Edmonds, Jerome
Aiglcr and Lucy I 'ouch, both from
1 co. 0, at the resilience of the
bride's parents, by Rev. A. K. Zini
mernian, Dr. (ii . Smith of Mid
dleburg and Sarah J. Klase of Snv
dcrtown, Norlh'd ( 'o.
Dee. 1 I. at Centreville, by J. II.
llarlinan, Esq., Tobias Mitchell ol
Union Co. am! Mary J. Shrader of
Snyder ( .
Dct. 10, Amos Hartmau of Rristtil,
I ml., formerly ol Centreville, Sny
der t 'o., Pa,, ami Elvina 151 i of
Park vi lie, Mich.
Dir. 2."., bv Y. II. Wagner, Fs,,.,
Aaron Fetter ami Susanna St; tier,
in .tli uf 'niun ( 'u.
Dec. 2:5, in Lewistown, by Rev.
S. G. Shannon, Henry lliuely of
Milllin Co. to Sallir Myser ol' this
Dec. 215, at the bride's resilience,
by R v. A. II. McimcIi assisted by
by Rev. J. (i. Anspach, J. Alfred
Schoch of this jilaceto Alice.Mciisc!'
of Milllinburg.
Dec. 2.1, bv Rev. Frlemiicyer,
Henry Ryron and Sarah Spanghr,
both of Jackson twp.
Die. 2.1, by same, Henry W.
Felty and Sarah Gill, both of' Pa-
Dec. 2.1, by J. H. Hartmau, Esq.,
James Row of Northumberland and
Amanda Hartiuaii ot Centreville.
- Dec. 2.1, by Rev. II. It. Weand,
Robert Lepley and Ellen L. Folkcr,
both of Decatur twp., Milllin Co.
Dec. 2.1,.in S linsgrovc, by Rev.
Morchead, Albert Drumhcller to
JaneGillinger, both of S linsgrovc.
Dec. 25, by Itev. Erleiuncyer,
I'raiM-is S. Rover of Washington to
Agnes Roush of Fnvburg.
Dec. 2.1, by Rev. W. A. Haas,
George S. Shadier of Em-burg to
Adelia Walter of this place.
Dee. 25, by Rev. A. F. Yager.
Lewis Charles to Lizzie Ileintzcl-
man, lioth of Port Treverton.
Dir. 25, by Rev. Shindel, James
II. Jjongand Martha E. Sanders,
lioth of Centreville.
Jan. l,by Rev. A. F. Yeager,
Jacob Hoffman to Martha Witmer,
lioth of Port Treverton.
Jan. 4, by Rev. W. A. Haas,
William Row to Mary E. Hare of
Penn twp.
Jan. 4, by Samuel Scholl, Esq.,
Daniel Reiehenhnch of Washington
twp. and Mary Herrold of Union
Jan. 4, by same, Jacob Sharp and
Willimine Kauwell, both ol Wasli-
J jngton twp.
. Continued on the editorial page. '
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