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Editor und iroprietor.
flie r.roierty of A. K. Gilt
irgoing repairs.
Vshier Thompson was in Mexico
lie public schoulsof Middleburg
VI on Tuesday
Jisses Carrie and Mabel Vitten-
are visiting in Philadelphia.
V Wittenmverwasin Fhila-
)ia last week buying new goods.
a. Rev. J. M. Rearick of Cen
tal! is visiting rclativesin town
II. Custer and Wni. lieaver
L. Il,:l...l.,l..;. hnvimr tlinir
till j. iiiiauvitjiu o
V Htoek ot goods.
larles Marks, of Dickinson Col-
Carlisle, is at home spending
Custer vacation.
lion II. Rowersox, of Paxton-
dropped iu on Monday to Ihj
a new subscriber.
lues fj. forresicr, oi oeiins-
was granted an original pen-
bf $0 per montli.
J. C. Ainig, of Ixwistown
Euster witn J. L. Murks in
lyn across the 'stream.
II. ILLcitzel ofMitflinburg
.several days with her parents,
Avers and wile at this place.
I. Sehoch and wife are dorat
the brick house in the Flats
y vacated by Dr. J. V. Seip.
Lutherans at Hassingcr's
and in this place celebrated
rd's Supper truster Sunday,
Vll line ol tinware can be
at Sehoch and Stahlnecker's
All kinds of repairing
)uy attended to. tf.
lA. Gordon, ot Mt. Pleasant
F '
culled at our office Monday
hg and inserted u legal notice
r Summer Millinery Owning
I i mi i t i i
ike place niursuay, rnuay
ktimiay, April 28, rjaml 150.
Ia Dl'N K KI.Iil'.ltG Kit.
c Grouse and William Shindel,
its of Susmiehaiina Univcr-
re 8H'nding their leister vaca-
hth their parents in Aliuillc-
i Christian Endeavor Society
Lutheran church under the
ps oftlicGoixl Literature Com
held Piaster exercises Sunday
)ou need any trunks or satch
rail on II. Onnenheimer.
prove, where they have a large
make a selection 3-31-3t
P. O. S. ot A. Camp No. 515
place on Monday evening by
unoiis vote offered their ser
i President McKinley in case
with Spain.
Xmkelbenrer can sunulv vou
e newest thing in plaid shirt
I neckwear, kid gloves, leather
)id "Plaid Hose." Give her
will need some spring shirts
dish pauts and if vou dron in
jenheimer's Selinsgrove,' they
Vow you bargains. 3-31-3t
I S. Sidney . Kohler (of New
(made a pleasant call at this
jon " Monday morning. ' The
ind is a pleasant gentleman
pular pastor.
H. Harris Bower. . on Fri-
irted for Kerrmoor, Clear-
ountv. . where he nwruvl
..e : i l S m
Want position and one which
Her filled during the spring
tooth, epy shave, genteel hair
other tonsorial work, b at
tained at Soles' Barber Ghop,
Wmyer'i building, oppottfe
Hfe.. to , boles and yoo
hair oil-ai
John Yodcr, a studcut at Gettys
burg, spent Easter in town.
We are making an effort to in
crease our business. Notice our
prices. Children's Leghorn huts 25,
Children's flats 25c, Velvet Roses
at 15 and 25 cents, Violets, 5e.
For Sale. A 000 lb. beef.
Call or address Box G9 Glolie
Mills, Pa. tf.
The railroad depot is much im
proved in appearance by a fresh
coat of paint.
Harrison Moyer purchased the
meat business from Fred. Uathfon,
and he now has entire control oi the
business at this place
A very beautiful floral pillow was
made for Moses Fry by Misses
Dora Rickhart and Mollie ftolcnder
and Kate Hitter, in which there
were 15 lilies.
J. W. Adams of the Union Steam
Laundry, MitHinburg, was in Mid
dleburg lust Wednesday. He lett
an order with us for nn advertise
ment which our readers will find in
the Post.
The Smith Grove C. E. Society
elected the lollowing named officers,
President, Izora C. Smith ; Vice
Pres., Frak Mitchell; Rue. See.,
Jennie Bollinger ; Cor. Sec.,' Lillie
Gordon; Treas., Samuel Bollinger.
A junior C. E. society was organiz
ed with Johu Housh Superintendent.
We learn of quite a number of
our subscribers who arc preserving
the marriage record. This is an
excellent idea. Thosw who do not
care aliout going to the trouble of
preserving it can buy it in book
form when completed.
Thomus V. Coojwr's candidacy
for the gubernatorial chair has wine
to an end by reason of his determin
ation to takehimxelf out of the field.
Colonel Cooper is neither as red
headed nor us hopeful as he was
thirty years ago. '
Wasted. An honest and indus
trious farmer with help to put in
crop between S00 and 400 acres in
lirown Co., South Dakota. I will
give the right man an immense oiw
portiinity to make money. Corres
pondence solicited. Address,
Dk. D. F. Swexoel,
Aberdeen, South. Dakota.
The editor and Mrs. Wagenscller
were in Harrisburg last Thursday.
The editor appeared lefore the
Uovcrnor in behalf of the Snyder
County Historical Society with a re
quest tor a set ot Penna. Archives.
1 he request was granted. Unfor
tiuiatelv the state is out of vols. 4
and 5 of the second series.
11. II. IiUnee of Mifllinbiirg was
over here last i nday. He left an
order for an advertisement which
appears elsewhere in this issue. He
had just rccicved an order for a C
ton monument for 11. B. Fcssler and
a 4 ton monument for Win. Fcssler
and some orders taken for bodies in
the liidge Church Cemetery in West
.Weaver twp.
Millinery Opexixo. I will
have my millinery opening on North
Market Street, Selinsgrove, Apr.
28. . 29 and . .30 beinir Thursday.
o j j
Friday and Saturday. Special re
duction in all colors of Ribbons and
all, kinds of hats. I will have a
large asssortment of hats on liand
trimmed and nntrimmed. Call and
see my goods and learn my prices.
Kate A Wagenseller,
4-14-3t .7 Selinsgrove, Pa. 1
1 Dog Lost. On Mar. 29,. a dog
belonging to me strayed away. ' It
was a male, foil shepherd, black in
color except a little white ! In the
face and white in the breast Any
Inftrmation brought or sent to the
undendgned that will lead to the re
covery of the dog will be libendly
rewarded. CabubbRbI '.
Mrs. J. C. RhiL, of Mifflinburg,
was visiting relatives nt this place.
Two Turkeys I.iomt, Two
turkeys In-longing to S. (J. Moyer
strayed away from Henry Swarm's
farm last week. lVtli had one wing
and the tail clipped. Any inform
ation them willlx! tliank
recieved by Mr. Moy-r or at this
Important to Subscribers.
Those of our subscribers who ex
pect to change their postoffice ad
dress this spring, should notify us
of the same, lie especially ea refill
to give your old address and the new
one. NAlso send in your name ex
actly as you find it printed on the
label of your pajwr. By observing
these points you will be sure to get
your papr regularly and avoid con
fusion, tf.
Policies Must be Transferred-
Those who carry insurance upon
their household goods anil intend
changing their place uf residence this
spring, should not fuil to promptly
notify the agent and have the Mlicy
transferred to their new abode.
Otherwise should a fire 'occur and
the household goods lie consumed,
they cannot recover damages.
The Lehigh University.
The Register of Ix'high Univer
sity, recently issued, shows an atten
dance ot oU'. students, divided
among courses us follows: Mechan
ical Engineering 100, Civil Engi
neering 84, Electrical Engineering
0(5, Mining Engineering 4(5, Ana
lytical Chemistry 28, Architecture
10, Literary and Classical Courses
28. The teaching force comprises
42 instructors of all grades, which
is in the projtortion of one instructor
to less than nine students. A dire
ful study of the legister shows that
while the University is largely de
voted to technical branches, the cul
ture studies, such as English, litera
ture, history, modern language, jo
liticul economy, and philosophy form
quite a large part of tliecun iculuin.
Abuudant oportunity for practical
work is afforded in the physical,
electrical, and chemical lalxirutorics,
and in the summer schools in Civil
and Mechanical Engineering. The
literary and classical courses are also
well equipped.
A Strange Pedigree.
Murray Courtright had a jackass
registered at the prothonotary's office
in Hollidaysbiirg Friday. In the
certificate of registration apieared
the following, written in the pedigree
space "Pedigree not certainly known.
JSelieved to be a lineal descendent
of the celebrated pair of asses said
to have been in Noah's ark and a
distant relative of lialuam's ass."
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes.
About 400 pairs of Men's Wo
men's and Children's shoes will be
sold this week at special sale at M.
S. Suhroyer's, Selinsgrove. Closing
with 'auction on Saturday afternoon
evening, ic 4.1SU! , nuiu m:
ginning at half past omv .
otiH Aunmnr. A 1 Ktlt . unln Ln
At Freeburg Pa. Apr. 5 th 1898.
William Fits Charles, son ot Win.
Fits Charles and his wife Catharine.
was born in upper Sulford Twd.
Mon. Co, Pa. the 15th day ot Aug,
1800. Died Apr. 1st 1898. Aged
91 years 7 mo. 16 da. .
April .4, at Selinsgrove, Jonathan
B rouse, aged 83 yrs., 7mo. and 23 da.
At Hoffer, Catherine Bohner.
wife of Daniel fBohnerr born Feb
9th, 827. fe4 Upr-SthtlS?)?;
ngedVl yriVl inoiOOf das: t'
!. , .-:- '' ' - -
Moses Fry Hangs Himself.
Sunday Morning lk W'm Found
Dead Ia ID Bum Suivndvd
to a Ladder.
The first news on Sunday morn
ing that reached the ears ol our
jieople was "Mose Fry hung him
self." The news proved to be only
too true. 1 le did not reach home
Saturday evening, but Mrs. Fry felt
no concern await that us he lreqiient
1 II l . . i i i
.y w us nuieu u way 10 uiieiui sick nor-
scs ami woum siay an mgni. vt nen
Mr. Fry failed to npjcar Sunday
morning, Mrs. Fry made a search
a Hint! nn lifki lwitti iiliioi uli.i I
.. ..w w , -
found him hanging in the barn stiff'and
cold in death. He hung his hat on
the ladders of a wagon where he lett
a note saying, " My troubles endeth
my life, to my friends Good bye to
you all," He then used a line and
fastened it to a wrung of a ladder
and the other end about his neck.
His struggle was probably brief.
Upon learning the fate of her hus
band. Mrs. Fry gave the word to
the ncighliors, who gathered in and
took charge of the Ixxly. M. Z.
Steininger, Justice of the Pence, em
paneled u jury consisting ol 15. W.
Voder, foreman, Daniel liolcndcr,
II. D. Stah lnecker, Henry Iiachuiun
Howard Folk and Harry Sptn-ht.
The jury rendered a verdict in ac
cordance with the facts ubove given
Moses Fry was Uirn Apr. 2, 18:54
and followed the profession of horse
doctcung and farming. He was a
soldier in the late war and was try
ing to get a (tension and it is said
that on Saturday he ireicved word
his claim had been rejected. This
is evidently false s no papers arc
found on his jktsoii. There was no
hay, no (Kits, no corn and nothing
else to feed his stock and it is supp
osedthatthis is tin.1 real source of his
trouble, lb-would have been (51
years on the day he wvs buried Tu
esday. Kev. Hertz officii ted at the
funeral. The decensed is survived
by a widow and an only daughter,
married toCeorge Hickhart, mhi oi
II. K. liickhnrt and wife of this
place. The farm of Mrs. Fry will
soon Ik- sold as she is not able to
oversee the farming of it.
Teach County History.
Kroia I'liiltt. Iniiilrcr, Murcli, itx.
The Iicbanon Daily News com
inends The Inquirer's efforts to in
duce the school authorities through
out the Stilt; to teach more State
and county history that is now taught
in the public schools of even the
niot progressive couutics. "Those,"
it says, "who are at the head of ed
ucational affairs in this city and
county cannot begin too soon pre
paring a course of study having this
v .
object in view, in no otber way
can the boys and girlsof our country
become familiur with its history and
its geography as well.
This is true, not alone oi Ixlan-
on county bat of every county in
the State. It is a singular fact that
in many of the interior counties not
a line of local . history is taught.
The daily and weekly newspapers
far in advance of the authorities
whose duty it is to insure useful ed
ucati6irto the' young print from
time to time chapters of the politi
cal, military and social past ot their
localities, but the schools, ' the os
tensible teachers, do nothing I , Th
Historical Societies are doing a good
work in many places among the
adult population, but it is naturally
confined almost wholly to adults;
Every publio school in the State
ought to have a county history as
a daily text book.
Robbers broke into J. E. Magee's
store Tuesday night and stole ' quite
a great many clothing. 'f There was
some ' money i in the dfawerl but i it
was not touchedv ' " ' 'V
APRIL 14, 1888.
99 0 THE Vm
O. E State Convention.
Harrisburg, April 1:5, 18'.IN.
Kv. Dr. George 15. Stcwan
presided this week tit the meeting of
the general committee having charge
of the arrangements for the State
Christian Endeavor convention tolc
held here during the lirst week In
Oetoltcr. The architect submitted
his plans tor the seating arrange
ment of the Chestnut street market
building. The floor will I x divided
bv four aisles into three blocks of
!"." - , " "'""
seats, with numerous exits opening
lrom tlu. ,i)lo aisItSt Thm ,H,
a large platform at the rear end ol
the building for the ehor;;s of o(H)
- un,ww j the convention. There
will he also lavatory und other con
veniences tor the accommodation of
thcdelegatcs. City Controller (iough
is chairmanof the hallcomniitteeuiid
is already mapping out his plan ot
fitting up the great hall for the con
Mr. llcttcw, chairman ot the
committee on finance, reiMirted that
the societies of the Chrisuiin Endeav
or Union arc responding in a com
mendable manner und will fully
meet the committee's first expecta
tions. He said that the ltcrsnnal
contribution lrom citizens are heart v
and generous, and the high stand
ing of those yet to rcsjKind gives as
surance of satisfactory results.
Miss (iractl rcMrtcd from the
committee on badges recommending
purple and gold as the convention
colors, inis recommendation was
approved, as well also the following
badgecolors ; Reception committee,
cherry red jciitertainment committee,
yellow ; ushers, white; pages, pink;
choir, lavender; general committee,
for-gct-mc-not blue.
Mr. Musscr, chairman ol the
committee on decorations, mnde an
interesting report describing briefly
the general plan fur decorating the
convention hull and the building
throughout. There '-ill U- an
electrical design in front, with
lavish disnhiv of color within the
Mr. Aleck reported that the en
tcrtaiumcnt committee had organized
and outlined its work.
Mr. S-ott, chairmanof the print
ing committee, reported on tin
souvenir programmes, which will
contain a description of the point
of historic interests in- Harrisburg
with illustrations, the music to Is
used by the con vent inn and othc
A meeting of the State executive
committee will Ik; held nt the gen
erul headquarters in tins citv on
Tuesday, the 21st of April, to elect
a successor to tS.e Rev. Allan 15.
Philputt, of Philadelphia, the presi
dent of the State Christian Endeavor
Society, who is ulnnit to remove from
the State. The Harrisburg Union
will entertain the State Committee
at the Commonwealth Hotel in the
evening. At this meeting of the
committee it is prolmble that a pro
gramme will be finally agreed upon.
In order to complete our files we
want the following named issues of
the Post.
July 8 Sept. 10, 1869; Oct. 6,
1$, 1870; Jan. 20, 1871; Apr. 17,
1873 ; Nov. 4, Dec. 23, 1875 ; Mar.
7, 1878; May 15, 1879; Feb. 17,
Mar. 10, 1881; Apr. 23, 1883;
Mar. 27, June 12, Aug. 7 and Oct.
30, 1884; Sept. 17, 1885; Jan. 28,
May 6, Oct. 28, Dec.. 23,1886;
Dec 29, 1887.
Any of our readers having copies
of the above issues' will confer a
favor by letting us know. Such
copies in good condition ' will - com
mand a lair price, (' tf.
. J. W. Goodling. proprietor of the'
National' Hotel, Danville, was in
town Tuesday., . i .
;.. i .'''.''""
VOL 35. NO. 15-
Knlvrpil lr IU-rl.
H. Elizaltcth Woodi-ntr r
the administrators of llcnrv W'.mn!-
rull, deceased, to .John . V,HriiH
J acres in p,. tup. for $12.S.i4.
V. Mitni
Mitnianto John C. Kon.ig, am
in I'enn twp. fbr $S)().
JK'I 1). I!.nll.r and wife to IVter
P. liroiise 20 acres and 18 ktcIics
in Jackson twp. for 1000.
Cora E. Erb to Clmrlm l l-vi.
a lot of ground in Ti-oxdville fi.r
eo. II. Stein iiim-i- ;m,
John F. Stetler house and in the
borough of Ali.hlleburg for 1200.
Hastian Stepp and wife to Enos
Ihlger l.'iucres in I'mnLlln ;...
$11)1.10. '
R. 15. Wcav.-r unl John V
Hhoads 50 acres in Perrv two. f,-
Joseph 1). Ulsh and wit;, tn f,.
rinda Mickel 2 lots ..f'AM'l,,, i:...
Jacob Musscr and Catherine his
wife to Mary Catherine llothennel ,
lot of ground in Port Trcverton for
WumI or AiMiffimirnl for nonrdl or !..
H. W. Ulsh to A. (i. Hashruir. in
Spring twp. tract No. I containing
20 acres, tract Xo. 2 containing A
f J. A. Keams, Rcavcrtown,
Ellie M. Aiirand, pKiiver Springs.
(. A. Klinglcr, Kratzervillc,
Fiettu kline,
(C. W. Frymire, Shaniokin Dam,
(Chrissic.l. Kern, Sunbury.
f 15. F. Srhrist, Penns creek,
llattie E. liicgcl, Mi,ldleburg.
(J. l. 15ogar,M. I)., M.-Kees F.
(Cora A. Wildt, liiiehanan, Mich.
Suit hern writers and i-coiiomists
continue to urge a diversification of
industries in that section under the
stimulus given by the new protec
tive tariff. The Charleston News
and Courier in u recent issue calls
attention to the fact that although
the Smth produced moie than 11,
000,000 bales of cotton last year,
it did not raise enough IIkxIs ami
provision crops to support its own
population mx months, and has Imh-ii
inlying corn, hay anil wheat in the
West, und concludes that the pro
ducers of that section ought to lol
low the example of those now en
gaged in the enterprise of diversify
ing industries which have U-cn so
greatly encouraged iu that section
since the enactment of the Dinglev
The Fireside Publishing Com
mny, of Philadelphia, has issued u
booklet by the Honorable ThomasX
V. Cooiier, Ex-Collector ofthe Port
of Philadelphia, and self-nominated
candidate for the Governorship of
Pennsylvania. The Publication i
styled "The New Equality." It is
an arraignment ot theexisting trusts,
syndicates, and other monopolies.
It demonstrates how hollow is the 1
pretence that these certiorate mon
opolies are created with any view of
cheapening the price of commodities
to the people; and outlines the only
possible method of effectually as
sailing and eventually overcoming
these giant Octopuses tliat have a
tentacle in everybody's pocket. Iii '
order to bring it within the reach ot
every voter in the country, the price'
has been fixed at the astonishingly
low figure often cents. It deserves,
and. is certain to have a very exten
sive circulation. ' . It will be warmly
welcomed and appreciated, as a good,
solid work, well worth possessing. -
T Car' citMUpUlM filiwi.
TkkGmMuM Om4i OathMtl MterMa.
f - V