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iw - a a
I- U. Bower wmi bora at
town, nerawej w"vi
..j n haa been a resident of
luntyallhtalife. At present hli
i in HartiniDurg, wn -citizen
and baslneM man.
.thr. the late John a Bower.
on after the aon attained hla ma
and the latter at once took
of the larpeeatate left. In 1886,
ut 23 years old, he was elected
itate legislature, and was regard
ing the members of that body aa
ible and Industrious. Two years
e was chosen as a director of the
rland Valley Hallroad company,
same year, 1858, he was a candl
r auditor on the republican tick-
It la tka ! That A waits a BlaJ. Haw t Treat rii
There, wtta CuiltNkl Meat.
It Is verjr.atrange.that men, as a gen- It ia aoarcely necessary to repeat the
eral thing, should be proud of that general remarks on treatment for fun
of which they should be ashamed, and gus diseases published In several previ-
ashamed of that which ennobles them.
Now, to my eye, a man never looks so
grand as when he bends hla ear pa
tiently and lovingly to the lisping of a
little child. I immediately love tkat
man whom I see with a baby in hia
arms. I delight on Sunday to see the
fathers leading out their little ones lu
their best attire and setting them right
end up, about SO times a minute. It fa
as good a means of grace as I am ac
quainted with. Now that a man should
feel ashamed to be seen doing this, or
us bulletins. But concerning brown
(Monllia fructlgena) we may rsy
that only the moat persistent effort can
hold this fungus in check.' As all grow
ers have observed, the decayed fruits
hang to the twigs and persist over win
ter. It ia from these, in the early days
f spring that an abundant crop of
llev Brew.
"Just think!" t.:t said. "I never met
him but twice, and yet he sent me low
and kisses In a letter. What wo aid
you do about It 7"
"I should never recognize him again,"
replied her dearest friend, decisively.
"That seems rstber harsh, but "
"Any man," went on the dearest
friend, "who does not know enough to
deliver anything cf that sort in person
should not be entitled to the privilege
of ft-m'nlne society."
Aftfrwnrd. when the matter was
The blxddrr wh rrmtrd for oue
purpow, iiaiufly, n rt-rt iiii,ele for the
oriue, nu amnion it Ik ne t liable to airrady DisOe sr4 to he made In (!' s m Kloo
any loroi of dit.fe vie, pi by one f
i wo ;. me nrr v m from
lu k teallaftj bora
Alaska) Why not
get your rnmtw ot
Ul irrMl furl uftr
the wondVrlal iirbveries
dike Ataka Eldorado THK WACUIXii
spores are borne, and the petals of the t i!;Mt up at the Cirls Debating club, it
flowers, young leaves, and even many ununiiuoiisly decided that she wss
branches, are attucked. These mum- risrlit. Chicago PoRt.
mled fruits also hang on all mi miner and
continue to produce spores. Hence, by
think it necessary to apolomze, eren i the time tbe fruits become half-grown
jocularly, when he meets a male friend, ' or begin to mature, the infecting spores
is to me one of the unaccountable may come from the old decayed fruits
things. It Beems to me every way such of the previous year or from more re
a lovely and good and proper action in cent infection on )he young growth of
a father that I cannot help thinking I the current year. Whenever the fruit
that he who would feel otherwise is of f hos become bndly iittiiclu'il treatment
so coarse and Ignoble a nature as to be
quite unworthy of respect.
How mnny times I have turned to
look at the clumsy smoothing of n
child's dress, or settling of its hat or
bonnet by tho unpracticed fingers of a
proud father. And the clumsier he was
about it, the better I have lowd him for
the pains he took. It is very beautiful
to , me, this self-nbnegntion. which
creeps so grndunlly over a young fa
is quite useless.
The proper plan Is to remove all de
cayed fruit from the orchard when the
trees ore free from foliage, ns it can be
easily seen at t-his time; then, before
the buds swell In the spring, wash the
trees thoroughly with a solution of
concentrated lye or of sulphate of cop
per. The first solution should be made
by dissolving right cans of lye in 50
gallons of water, and the copper sul-
W Very Coaalderate.
Mrs. Heeson tleorge, what makes
j-ou so quiet when you're out In com
pany? You sit around like a dumb
person. Why don't you talk more?
Mr. Heeson My dear, I do talk when
1 nin out alone I was quiet this even
ing because I thought it wouldn't be
just the thing for one family to iinop
olize the conversation. Washington
iiuperletir Hniion f ihc kidneys. The , PANT un.i. r h ctamrwr I. utii t' d i i r"
Sl-Cl'llll WMV ia from naialMi iniul I D"it fir IKd ImlliM Vlnlnr II. li... . .1
' treatment of oilier iIim-hbvh. I rti.-lu the wonderful (old Held nf Klui-nie
CI1IKP t'Al BK. j ! Aliiaka. lunwew fnrtun.- I'aw ulri-ady
I'nlleitltliy urine froiu unhealthy ben Kelurdaiid inure u ) ii..i,
kitlne s it. the chief ranee of bUdder ' """ Wl" v.u allow lil golden i pp,,r'i.nily
trouldt-s.. u the wmul), like the I l" ,,u b'T A ,,-w l"H'- iisird Id
blndder, wnsereHted for one purposes. In this Olidertsklnif may he Hie ,i:.rlalUn tu
and if imt iloelorecl ton much is not I y"f '"r'uup. The r'nh t., ilu, w0nrt tih.I nre.
lilile to wvHkin'n or diM-ncr, except ! ''lea In inmliatr ai-'ion. T: e ni-,t In Ihr
ili rre eiiHes. It in (.iliiMlcd Iwek o( j ''d He flr-tt In fortiii e. No m.rh pp,.iiiirUy
hihI very clone to the IdioUti r, there- 1 h'aevar Ihtii piewnieit lu the x-np e t C the
f re hiiv pnill, dihense or iiieou veni- t !"'' Kenrrallim li cfTmd in ihr Klon-
States Commissioner of Fish and
ther. lie is himself unconscious thnt phate (blucstone) in 50 imllons of wa
he, who had for so many yenrs thought tor. I consider the lye preferable, but
first and only of his own selfish ease ' the latter may be somewhat plensnnter
Seldom Fain!.
Boody Doctor, I'm very much
alarmed about my son. He has hud
three peculiar attacks wthin n week
and durijig each of them he was with
out sense or knowledge for nearly three
Doctor Oh, don't be uneasy about a
little thing like that. I've known poo
plo to live all their lives in a similar
condition. Chicago Daily News.
nnd wants, forgets himself so entirely
whenever that little creature, with his
eyes nnd its mother's lips, reaches out
j coaxing hands to go here and there,
, or to look at this pr that pretty object.
I Ah, what but this heavenly love could
Gen. (now Judge) Xuthan bridge over theaiixioiisdaysand nights
the nominee for governor, but j of care nnd sickness that both these
cnted by 300 votes. During , twain ot one llcsli ure called to bear.
JIV lnv! .mv irin: 1 Here
paign Gen. Goff frequently re-
to the candidate for auditor as
Vht bower." After the close of
paign ..Ir. Towers was elected
lirman of the Kepublienn Na-
nrrue for tho state of West ir-
ld within'a short time there-
istcd in organizing 2-Si) repub
) President Harrison appointed
rs supervisor of the census in
irgiiim. ror Ins worlc in mat
lie was highly complimented
iutendent IJobert P. Porter.
Avers has spent much time in
. of ichthyology nnd in piscn
scarch. - lie has the finest
along tliis line that is to be
is r.'ule of New York. When Mr.
;.s riven to understand that in
..i'ility ho would receive t!:e
lent as fish commissioner lie
look tip that line of work.
p. study nnd close application
rs has been able to prepare
Jfor the position to which he has
ointed by tho president. lie
l iven his time niul attention to
ieular species or family of fish,
kr.ado a study of all elapses. ITe
lie habits of the fish which frc-
io waters of Xew Kngiand ns
those which float in the waters
kiuth nr.d the rivers of the west.
pion, the trout and .the bass have
in for their share of nt tent ion.
era lias mapped out certain
ich he expects to follow.
lie Plnycil While the I'nlleut
II CunCncil lied.
have ever been confined to
for a long time by the brcak-
eg or while regaining strength
lurgieal operation, you know cx-
om experience how long the
re in 'passing away, with no one
jto nnd when you have read so
t your eyes ache too much to al
to read longer.
ody with an experience of this
readily understand nnd praise j token wished to recognize
kst Instrument of Torture Evolved
by Yanke Bralni.t
nt Invention of a piano to be
lusively by invalids. Doctors
kes know that the luck of some-
do or something to amuse the
one of the chief difficulties In
an Invalid back to health. This
pvented piano for invalids fills
ft precisely, at least for those
iw now to use it nnd enjoy do
lt side of the bed, says the New
orld, are four unriirht steel
kach pair of which rests on a
supplied with six easily mov
n. These four upright beams
together near the lop, high
above the bed to allow this
I be rolled from the foot of the
fo the head, where the patient
ph tho keyboard. Ttia nln.A
Jthego uprights, and looks much
proinary upright piano, except
m legs, low keyboard and light
jtion. The keyboard on the
r Placed where the ped
p an ordinary piano. This key
1 inclined In order to allow it to
ay reach of the patient,
!Liwhlla about
f P"m a while reading a
it is! Mine!
Something to live for something to
work for something to come home to;
unci that last Is the summing up of the
whole mat tcr. '
j "Now let us have n good love," snid a
littie three-year-old, as she da; p"d her
ehubby arms about her fatl.ei'.i neck
when he came in at night. "Now let lis
; have a good love." Do you suppose that
man walked with slow nnd ia'aid
steps from his business toward I lint
bright face that had been peeping for
' mi hour from (he nursery window lo
watch his coining? Do you mij po.-c
: when he got on all fours to "play He- i
1 pliant with (he child, that it even
: ci-('sc'l lii m mind tinit he had wnrl.ed
very hard ail that day, or that he vm:s
not at that minute "lookingdigniiied?"
Did lie wi:;ii he had a "cluii," where he
could fet away from home evenings, or
I was that "good luve" of the little erea
: tare on his bail;, with the laughing eye.-!
! and the pearly teeth, and the warm
I clasp about his neck, which she wr.v,
j squeezing to sutTocalion, swteter and
I better than anything e'se that tlru
! world could give?
Something to cftne home to! That m
what caves u man. .Somebody there to
i be sorry if he is troubled or sick. Sotne
i body (here, with fingers like sunbeams,
gilding and brightening whatever ('.ley
; touch; and all for him. I look at the
! business men of New York, at night fall,
j coming swarming "uptown" from their
'it ores and counting-rooms; and when
' I see (hem, as I often do, stop anil buy
! one of those tiny bouquets ns (hey g ,
I smile (o myself; for nllhoiigh it is n
little attention toward a wife, I know
I how liajipy that rose with its two
I geranium leaves, and lis sprig of
; mignonette, will make her. He thought
of her coming home! Foolish, do vou
call it? Such folly makes all the dif-
ferenee between stepping off, scarcely
conscious of the cares a woman carries,
or staggering wearily along till she
faints disheartened under their bur
den. Something to go home to! That
uiau leu, n, unu oy ever so slight n
it. God
bless him! I say, and all like him. who
do not take home-comforts as stereo
typed mntters of course, nnd Cod bless
the family estate; I can't see that any
thing better hns been devised by the
wiseacres who have experimented on
tho Almighty's plans. "There comes
my father!" exclaims Johnny, bounc
ing from a group of boys with whom he
was playing bnll; and sliding his little
Roiled fist in his, they go up the Bteps
1 nnd Into the house together; nnd again
God bless them! I say, for there's a
man who is all right. X. Y. Ledger.
A Good Paddlns.
Victoria pudding is a dish very com
mon at English tables, and is made
from boiled potatoes. Pass them, while
hot nnd in tho meuly stage, through a
sieve, and mix with them a little butter,
sugar, two eggs to six medium-sized
potntoes, three tablespoon fuls of cream,
and the grated rind of a lemon. A pudding-dish
is buttered and preserved
plums or peaches spread on the bottom.
The potato pudding is poured over nnd
baked in a moderate oven. Serve hot
with powdered sugar sprinkled over the
top. X. Y. Post.
Ham Croquettes.
One cupful of finely chopped cooked
ham, one of bread crumbs, two of hot
mashed potatoes, one large tablcspoon
i ul of butter, three eggs and a speck of
cayenne. Heat the ham, cayenne, but
ter and two eggs into the potato. Let
tha mixture cool slightly, and then
shnpo into croquettes. .Roll In the
bread crumbs, dip in beaten egg, and
again in crumbs; put in the frying
basket and plunge Into boiling fat;
cook two minutes, drain and serve hot.
Ladies' Wqrld.
Baked Apple Saaee,
. Pare, core and quarter apples to fill
an earthen crock or deep pudding-dish,
taking care to use apples of the same
degree of hardness, and pieces of the
same size. For two quarts of fruit thus
prepared, add a cup of water, and. If the
apples are sour, a cup of sugar. Cover
closely, and bake In a moderate oven
keveral hours, or until of s dark red
to handle. This washing is very im
portant and perhaps does as much real
good as all Inter work.
The later washings should be given
ns follows: Weak llordcaux just as
color shows plainly in the bloom-buds,
nnd repealed soon ns bloom has fallen.
If the work is well done to this point
very little infection will have survived.
Concerning value of later sprayings I
much in doubt. If the early washing is
not well done. I have almost no faifh
In la(cr treatment.
All washing or treatment of orchards
should be done with a spray-pump.
Poor, half work is ii'-ually a dead loss.
--William I'.. A I wood, in l'.rillctin Vir
!;itii:i livpeiiment Station.
Corrretly Aiianereil.
"Xow, Thomas," said n certain bish
op, after taking his servant to task one
morning, "who is it that sees nil we do,
and hears nil we say, and knows all we
think, and who regards even me in
my bishop's rolies us but u vile worm f
tho d ust V" f
And Thomas replied: "Ti e ir.i.-siis,
sir!" Tit-I'.its.
A I.oer'M llc-Nrli imi.
Miss Mil;1;;-1 don't see how il is your
sister failed to li:i: me at the station.
Vou said you world describe me to her.
Infutiiated I.ovi i- (who sees a ; nod
Ideal' more i:i Mi:-; Mi"",' than ullur
folks ciiii) Yes, I told In r to look for
li beautiful girl, with ihe face of a Ma-
i:rv Nie-I- mi Clnyey llrouiul unci
till it lllllhllio.
is considered best for pear
Clay soi
cult IIIC, .1
will not thrive
donna, nnd th
queer she mi m
I'. I l:
1 Kill
i T
a -ylph. It's
,ii .still it should not lie too
1 1 : 1 1 Micky, A pear orchard
well, savs Green':
1' (.lower, on any soil that has not
ti clay subsoil. Next to a friable clay
Inn 1:1, a gravel is most di sirable.
A light, sandy soil is the lea.-t desirable
of any, niul yet pears can be grown n
;i m ! y soil. Standard pears can be
planted ) to :i.) lei t apart. according to
i-i;c'.;i:-.t:'.i-,ces and habits of giowlli.
If planted ::.) feet apart, iw.iif pears
can be planted between the rows each
way. I in b r a landard pear for (.en
it:: I orchard culture, for I lie reason tiiat
they require less fertility and cultiva
tion, and for the further reason (hat
(hey are longer lived and ir.ahe larger
and more permanent trees. When the
question came up for a vote, however,
before the Western New York Horticul
tural society, we found that the dwarf
pear was the favorite for orchard plant
ing or for garden. Dwarf pears have
the advantage of coming into earlier
hearing. The dwarf pear is not short
lived. It requires more pruning an I
more attention than the standard pear.
Many varieties do better on Ilu1 dwarf
pear than on the standard. I should
not locate a pear orchard or any ither
orchard in a. low piece of ground. I
should locate on a hillside. The pear
is easily transplanted.. I transplant
several thousand every spring, nnd they
do not lose on nn average one out cf
one hundred trees. Pear trees come
lntp bearing earlier than the apple.
low to Keep Them fri,m Sitrnnllnif
All Over tlie
My way is to firmly drive four-foot
stakes one rod apart and nail to each,
30 inches above the ground, a short
Ic?.:r.c:: Car.n:t b Czv.L
Ilil-V ...!, r . .
li.- leeiil !ir!le H !.!.
fll-i II I'd Imttl.'l: . I 1
VV.IV lo I 'ITe '1-iitli --. I i.'l l!i, -I Is 1
t I'Mllll l ellMvllt-.. .1. .illit . i .Ml I 1 1 I
II, tan .1 I'll 1 1. 1 : 1 em "i i in-
1. 1 -i :n lii oi ; ii -. win ii
ll tni'-ii ; ' i l.-i-;' n;,i:::
l ii' .-t l.i -ii i. .:. .in t i ii' " i
lli-.-il' i's.s is I hi- I - vi ! I . :t in 1 H
tint: e.ill I (' l:lie'li n .t . i f I . I t
1: i lint lieil ri'ti'll' I "i , 't ,n -I-lllil-Vi-l
; lil;ii' i .i-i'l fill, i I
' in li. -. !:'- ll U -i 'I 'lai,' '. e , ii .i :i:
lilt loll ill t '"' lull. -'"is mi! I .
We will "Ivi- us;: ITNIIi-Kn I m i!g
any i-iis.. ul lii-ii-h. - , i -: 1 1 1 -1 - . i . I ii i
imiiiimi ii.-i-iii.-.t.i -. ii v i.i. s c i .'.i; :: :
semi (or i-.o nl .' '. Ii
I' .1. OIAM.V in, T I
s .hi : .-. Iinu: -si-. J-, . II ,'; r i..-no-
n i- i.i--i.
:lv I. in
'H. -I, I"-
: u
. : vi I
.! lie.
I-a 'lUTVii't-r .f 1M ellriTi'. 'i
1'r.uiily inrttlr from k ,ii i:i i M is
jitiif :'di h rknc in voiir f.iitulv
In iivi'ii's H;tkc u-i' ii y 1 i m! y !i
rii tly (tfrv ilir-l i Until f mn tin- i;r;t.
i...t f.t
1 I ilu .
piece of plank two feet in length and
saw a notch close to each end of the
upper edge. In these notches firmly
stretch No. 16 wires and brace back
the end posts. Tbe accompanying il
lustration makes perfectly clear this
simple and effective way of doing the
work. The advantages of keeping rasp
berry and blackberry vines from
sprawling all over the lot will be best
appreciated by those who have tried
this method. Farm and Home.
How to Test Paris Green.
Parts green ia generally favored as an
arsenical poison by entomologists In
preference to London purple, because
it is of more even composition and easily
tested. Pure Paris green when dropped
into common ammonia will entirely dis
solve, leaving; a clear, dark blue liquid,
not green, like the color of the powder.
It any sediment remains, this ia some
form of adulteration, and therefore
represents an Impurity, Chrome-green,
which might be used to adulterate
Paris green, .will give the liquid a
dirty green color, and will deposit a
bright yellow sediment in the bottom
of the vial. ' London purple is just a
effective, provided It ia of good quail
ty, but its quality can only, be de
ftermined by a chemical analysis.
Which is bottrr, t tlioi'.u-hly
clottiiHo ami purify th" I11 just
now, or miiko yourself lialilo to
tho many dungorourt iiilnwiitH
which uro so provident i u rint;
Hummer? I ni puritien linvc heen
accumulating in tho hlooil all
winterand right now a tho time,
to pot rid of them. A thorough
courso of Swifi'u Specific U needed
to cloautio tho hlood and puri
fy tho system, toning up and
ntreng;thening it all over. Those
who take this precaution now aro
comparatively mife all summer;
' hut to neglect it ia to invito Botno
form of sickness which 19 so com
mon during tho trying hot season.
It is now that a courso of Swift's
will accomplish so much toward
rendering tho system capable of
resisting the evil influences which
are so liable to attack it during
the summer when sickness ia so
abundant. It is tho best tonic
and Bystem-buildor on the market,
because it is a real blood remedy
and is made solely to search out
nnd remove all impurities, and
supply an abundance of pure, rich
and red- blood. S. S. S. is made
exclusively of roots and herbs,
and is Nature's own remedy. It
is purely vegetable, and is the
only blood remedy guaranteed tc
contain no potash, mercury or
other mineral. Be Bure to get S.
S. 8. There is nothing half as
liar Pn.oi Jl
ri Ci iil.iiillsleil in llinkiiltieVK. hack,
bladder or urinary pHsnine i often, by
liii.-lnUf, iiltritiuteii to leinule weak-j-h
or vvoinli trnnlili' if Mime sort.
Tlit iTim- incHhily niMiie tout may lit
n Hfily iivoidt-il. To llnd out. "cor-rni-ilv,
!ft your iirine.isiila for twenty
four liiinr. tt s'-ilnnent nr fttling
indicntfw k ill in- y or lilitdiler Iruiilile.
Tin- mild Mini iIih eMiii.Ml.niiry etWt
of J)r Kilinei'r Sv"nnii Koot, the
itrrnt kiilni-v, niul liliuUti i- riuieily i
K ll rell7.ell. II ynllheedu llli-llilMIH'
you should iav- ti;i licst . At drug
k'ists I,fiy cents mid one (Inlliir- Vim
inny Iim vh n Mttiiiii Imt i li- niul pnm
illlel, lint Ii si-i,t i-,.h y liuiil, Upon
l'i uci it of tin if toct-iit sliui'lis to
cover i-iist nf iimtiiL'i' nn Hie lioltle
Mi'pliun I lie HI Iddlcliiiiiili I ' i.t. mid
si-iu! Minr nildi'e.s-i ! lie. Kilmer iV
Co., l!iii;li!oitMii. , V 'l ii,. .i-,.n ii-ti r
f lllis i,ll.l r y lllll in tee 1 l,' i;elill ine
lii s I Ills nlft-r
illki .M.iskrt Hold r'irl''. All Klwrcliiildrca
Ki t llivir lull iruMirtiiiii ef nil prolit . .Noilivi
ili'tila :n-ninilo on Muk rt iimiini. imsoUI.
Srnil jrniir tinletv cm-lii-iuK Our millnr fur i Ii -nlmrr
ul futty inul-i!i Ami iiiiii-iissfsnlilr NtN-k
ilrsin-il In tin- WASMINiiToN lilit.ll KIKI.IlS
KXI'I.OKATION IM'.NY. lmi.t-m, Vli
'I lie fAuW ini; Tnroiitu ileuli-r in siipilii's fir
tli- Kloi.ilike llli.l Alaska lire Islm-klmlil-i-is
in Ilu-1 ll'uiiiT niul will itifi.rin ymi in nnl
inic tin' ri li.ilnliiy nf its ullu i rs: M.,nl v A
liiiiin, ilroi-eries: A. K. Ilnskn. ll.iriuss t o.:
Mliiris lil-iiss Co . li-y IiimhIs mill ( ; .lin ; W,
o. Itn linn', -nt tiller ; IIiikii I . M. I i-i.U
T.ii-or's, ilaritunre i'n. tii-tyr.
IrwM Ulr.
ur.4 V U V V1
t.-.lh P. .
; . r c a
V. ! I Mr.;-
cf r.z.
noiiiim; st iiiois.
s,ir.'fii-,r,. '4',;.- . ,
i - ' ' t : !1 , - ' .
V'-',.': '
! 'x.
1 'mi li,
I'M- ,
I i
-,'J J
if I
'- - ."lin V. ' '' .'li: ,r , ,
I'.ir s.ilr :it M' U'f Ul-.
co kot r.nv-' !;:
" .:. II. i-i M l.'', I- I. .:
if ' X yVV--!" . . -h .
! " !
I " . y " :n-.l 1 ' I.--1- V , .,
II ' ' if 'Vsll-m. l.i-e v''T-s.
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"Mother, will you take me to see the
foot bull inntcli this af It'rnoiiii?"
"No, darling, but if you are a good
boy niothcr will let you help hercleau
her bicycle." London Idler.
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BOTH One Year for $1.75.
Send all orders to Tjik Post.
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the Coimtltutlon of tli United HUten, the Coniitltiitlon of the Stale of New York, the Diniclry
Tariff Bill, with comprlon of old and new ntei; President AIvKinley' ( oliliul ni ap
pointed, Ambusadora, Connuli, etc; the neionuolof ConKren, name of prlncipnl oflleeraof
the different Stntea, eommandlnv o nicer of the Army and Navy, with their mlarii'R; Titblra of
Fuhlio Htatistlca, Klectlon Heturna, Pally Plalforma and Committee, Complete arliuleH on the
Currency, Gold and Silver, and a vaet amount of other valuable Information. The atnmlanl
American almanac, authoritative and complete, corresponding In rank with Whittakor'a Al
manac In Europe.
Bond all order lo Tilt Pout, Middleburg-, 1
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- Farm and Fireside.
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