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Tbe data, printed kfttr
your luune. on tbo label r
tbl paper, ibowi the Uiae
to wlik'U your nubeerl
Uoo bu bet a paid. .
-Prlce per Tewr, tl.M.
Listi -
w . nrwnr.T.n
Sitofnd Proprietor.
""nnUrt 111 b D0.U1 OT
Lswineford schools will close
lU, Mar. 26tn.
s Reizel moved to tbe house
Vtlj racated by Ll V. jjacutuan,
Ockor of Laurelton is staying!
her brother, David Ocker, at
Hi a pleasant call by William
tick of Franklin township last
k Wolgemuth of Selinsgrove
It tbe county seat on DUBiness
leg Wenrick will move from
llin towDship to farm for Reu-
lucker in Union township.
oawant a first class Piano,
or Sewing Machine, coll on
S. Riegle. Middleburgh, Pa.
E, Stahlnecker offers a com-
ine of Stoves and Tinware for
Wing trade. Call to see his
Judelphia has a greater mileage
itrio railways than the whole
many, according to the Eleo-
Hay was tbe first ideal Spring
A every body seemed to be at-
to the inviting out door at-
Wagenseller, tbe sucoessfnl
Vd of wood and willow ware.
In couaty seat merchants last
lord H.H. Faust and Dr. E,
I . -1 Tk L
fr oi ceaveriown were in
etween trains last - Friday
a woman read a newspaper
will discover that nine out
pok over the marriages and
Kholly of Selinsgrove and A
list and Ootlieb Shrey of Ver-
re Middleburgh visitors on
Dunkelberger, one of the
ul pedagogues of Middle
wnship, was a Middleburgh
woman who thinks she has
for managing other people's
ight better apply it to look
her own.
Sampsell of Centerville
town Monday on his way
p Beavertown where he
feral days.
Moyer and Hon. Charles
Salem, two of Penn town-
ccessful farmers, were in
Umig of Swineford bought
mules of Aibert Enirle of
f'n. He will use them in
r business this spring.
Tinware. Stove Rnnn! ra
fi Roofing, Cooking TJten-
pi variety at Wm. E. Stahl-
"i ahop, opposite the
f ns, the conductor on this
!m ou duty since before
"nursing a sprained ank
nday he resumed his du-
P. Auraud and her broth-
l"0BjLKng, of MaroeUus,
edRev. F. Aurand and
her friends at Mifflinburg
' receipt of a catalogue of
d Marshall College, the
-w Austin Francis Gil
PUwe, a member of the
'olthat institution.
JfBo sale Saturday at Se-
io aorelotof Oeo.Ebv
Ht by H,L. Phillips
mi in nrn nr 1.
w m liUbBt (Jl
h cLin, president of
Association of Rn.nn
"HaUfor April
Dr. Salm will be at the Washing
ton House on Friday of this eek.
Mrs. Ann Alleman of Selinsgrove
spent several days with Mrs. Thorn-
as Bower.
If you want a first cUbs Piano.
Organ or Sewing Machine, call on
Frank S. Riegle, Middleburgh, Pa.
Miss Rose Soboch of Swineford
last week paid a visit to her aunt,
Mrs. Grouse, who resides near
Cowan, Union county.
Dr. John C. Amig has sufficiently
recovered from his recent attack of
typhoid fever as to return to Lewis
town to resume his practice.
We are thankful to our friends for
the many complimentary expres
sions for the excellent portraits of
McEinley and his cabinet published
lust week.
An Eastern fashion jourual an
nounces that "there will be nothing
new in bloomers this season.". We
conclude from this that bloomers
will be worn by old women only.
Charles Forry, proprietor of the
Meiserville Hotel, will this week
take charge of the hotel at MoKees
Half Falls. Reuben S. Meiser will
begin the hotel business at Meiser-ville.
Qo to H. Oppenheimer, Selins
grove. He will show you a nice line
of Qenl's Shirts. A special line of
shirts with the latest design of
Laphenus Walter of Kreamer was
in town ou Saturday to get his mar
riage lieense and paid for the Post
a year in advance. The Tost is a
necessary adjunct to a happy home.
H. 0. Dern of the Altoona Tribune
witnessed a bull fight during the ex
cursion oMbe National Editorial
Association to Mexico a few dayB
ago, but the revolting sight made
him sick and he will never go again.
Fanct Poultry Buff Leghorn and
B. P. Rock fowls for sale. Also eggs
from pure bred. White Wyandotte,
Buff Leghorn and B. P. Rock fowls.
at .75 per 13 or 1.50 oer 30. Address,
L. F. Gemberlino,
tf. Selinsgrove. Pa.
Since stating last week that Chaa.
MeiBer would be the successor to
Moyer and Meiser in the butcher
business, we learn that Mr. Meiser
will retire and Mr. Moyer will con
tinue the business.
A smooth, easy shave, genteel
hair cut, or other tonsorial work, is
always obtained at Soles' Barber
Shoi, in Wittenmyer's Building, op
posite Post office. Qo to Soles and
you will make no mistake, Shaving
soap, face cream, hair oil and egg
shampoo for sale. A. E. Solbs.
Wm. Grouse rented his farm in
Franklin township to a man in Mid
dlecreek township. This man has a
family of 8 children and aa thnrn war
some probability of becoming a to wn
ship charge, the township authori
ties asked Mr. Crouse to cancel the
A telephone line is in course of
construction from Port Treverton
passing through Chapman, MoKees
Half Falls crossing the river to
Georgetown and Herndon. Dr. Bo
gar and Mr. Bingaman are the pro
lectors. This line will afford a con
venience for the people along the
new line.
It is said that the Keatinir Wheel
Co., Middletown, Conn., desire a
good agent in Middleburgh. As the
Keating is known the world over as
one of the finest and easiest running
wheels made, it would seem as
though some of our business men
might open correspondence with the
Keating people to good advantage.
The wheel is a ready seller. 3-18-4t.
Victor H. Wertz of NewDort.
whom some of our people have spec
ial occasion to remember, in part
nership with L A Deisher of Har-
risburghave purchased the jewely
store of It, O. and Cyrus Novinger
at Millersburg. Mr. Deisher is a
good workman and a reliable dealer
and Mr. Wertz will do well .to follow
his example.
nip TiniE ami km emdeavdrs to
a. M. win iun
Wbo la about to resbjii aa Superior Judje.
Mrs. J. A Luiuburd spent several
days in towu and assisted at Pot
ter s moving.
Miss Sarah Ocker. a sistor of Da
vid Ocker. on Sunday was marrind
at Laurelton to Henry Williams
The Post exteuds best wishos.
Harry E. 8pecht on Tuesday out a
half cord of wood for tbe Editor in
aa hour and a half. This is a snlen
did record from Harry and shows
with what vigor he does his work.
C. C. Soebold will move from Mid
dleburgh to this city on the first of
April. He will occupy the Eich-
uoltz residence on Walnut street
Sunbury Item.
Spring Goods just received at Mrs
E. C. Aurand's Millinery and Fancy
store, also buster millinery ftooda.
Hats, Tarn O'Shanters, Flowers.
Ribbons and Laces. Come and rive
us a call. All goods will be sold .
gardless of pnoe for cash.
During a recent visit to the Rn war
graveyard in Swineford we noted
two trariais almost a century uo
The inscriptions are: fl.1 "Albright.
Swineford whs born Feb. 16, 1728,
and died Oct. 15, 1810," (2.) "Solo
mon Aurand, sou of John and Cath
erine Aurand, was born March 28th,
1805, and died Feb. 15, 1813."
Miss Libbie Duukolborger on
Wednesday morning went to Phila
delphia to buy her Snriner (inn,a
She will return next week with a full
line of tbe latest styles of Millinery
Uoods. She will attend all the hircre
spring Millinery Ooenines to oh
serve all the latest ideas in the
trimming. Every body is invited to
call at her store. No trouble to show
A marriage license was srrauted
last week in Northumberland coun
ty to Calvin Shaeffer and Miss Laura
Zimmerman, both of Mt. Carniel.
and were married on Sunday. The
former was a resident of Swineford
for several years, havine moved In
Mt. Carinel last Spring. Here is our
mr lor their happiness.
Percival Keiser will retire from
the hotel business this week. He
will leave the Keystone Hotel at Se.
linsgrove to permit Samuel Kauff.
man, the popular proprietor of the
Central Hotel, New Berlin to take
charge. Mr. Kauffinau is a good ho
tel man aud will no doubt pleaso tbe
many friends of the Keystone.
The barn on Dr. Nipple's lower
farm below Selinsgrove was entirely
consumed on Saturday about one
o'clock. Four horses and two mules
were burned also 2000 bushels of
corn and other grain. The horses
and mules belonged to Mr. Arter
the retiring farmer. Twelve loads
ot material belonging to the new
tenant were also destroyed. The
barn was insured.
It has now been definitely decided
to rebuild "Row's church" at Salem.
Hon. Chas. Miller. Henrv Movap nnrl
Samuel Maurer are the members of
tbe committoH representing the Lu
theran congregation and laaan V.rA.
ley and Enos Klingler. the Reform
ed. As this churoh is the oldest
place of worship in the county and
the cemetry the oldest burying
ground, the Post will shortly pub
lish a complete history of both writ
ten especially for the Post by Prof.
George JS. Fisher, a nntiva of th
Deed Eatered tor Rreer-4.
Henry Smith aud wife to Jas. H.
Long, four acres in Beaver Tp., for
Henry Bickhart and wife to David
Bickhart, 96 acres in Washiueton
Twp., for $2000. ,
Susan Miller and Joseph Miller to
Wm. M. Keller, lot No. J7 in Beaver
town, for $300.
John Gilbert and wifo to David E.
Spaide, 5 acres iu Frankliu Twp., for
Emma J. Fox nud Hiram Fox to
James H. Bogar, lot in Port Trever
ton, for $700.
I.cttar of AtlmlulMratloii.
In the estate of Roswell Uothroek.
late of West Beavor Twp., to Dr.
Marand Rothrock of Mt. Pleasant
In the estate of Johu S. Hassimrer.
late of Franklin Twp., to M. K. and
U. E. Hassiugor, of this place.
In the estate of Henry G. Seehrist.
late of Union Twp., to A. S. Seehrist
of Verdilla.
Marriage Lleeane.
"Hbarts Fluttering with Dki.d-
siohs." The following marriaire li-
censes have been granted since our
last publication :
ID. A Breininghouse, Lewisburg,
i aaran Ei. uorgy, Franklin Twp.
J S. W. Shra wder, W. Perry Twp.,
I Anna A. Markley, " " r
JJuo. W. Hassinger, Beavertown,
(Jennie M. Bingaman, . '
S Laphenus Walter, Kreamer,
( mrs. unzabetn Smith, "
j Dr. E. M. Miller, Beavertown,
JSsllie E. Aigler,
Commissioners' Onlee.
The Commissioners have made the
rate of tax for aouuty purposes at 3
mills which will make a total tax of
about $14,500. The total valuation
last year was tl.847.354. The aver
age valuation last year for horses
was $27 each: cows. $15. It has
beeu deoided that the assessors shall
assess horses so that tbe average
shall be $22.50; cows, $17.25. This
action of the commissioners was due
to the fact that the average last year
varied from $39 to $18 iu the aver
ages of the valuation of horses from
different districts.
Conductor Wolfkiel's Narrow Escape.
Andy Wolfkiol, the votoran aud ef
ficient conductor ou S. & L. mail.
made a narrow escape from serious
injury if not doath, near Beaver
town, last Wednesday afternoon.
Andy's train bad run onto the Biding
to allow a double- heador to nats.
and wbilo standing ou the lower
steps of the smoking car an individ
ual who bad been induluioir excess
ively in strong dring staggered out
of the car and down the storw.
bumping Mr. Wolfkiol with such
force as to almost knock him off the
car against tho fust-running freight.
Fortunately he succeeded in srrasp.
ing the guard railing and thus sav
ing himself from what might have
been sure death. It is unnecessary
to state that Mr. W. hustled the in
ebriate back in to tbe car with more
speed than he had emerged from it.
Lewistown Free Press.
Good Suggestions.
People shouldn't growl because a
newspaper fails to have every scrap
of news so long as you take no trou
ble to give the information. We
have heard of readers who have
been awfully put out because no
note is made of the arrival or de
parture of friends visiting them, or
of social affairs of Heaven sent
babies that visit their home during
the night. The average newspaper
man isn't medium nor a mind read
er, but must depend upon those
who have a scrap of information to
give to ha,Ridpway Star.
Silver is down very near the lowest
point which it ever touohed, whilo
heat is at a high level, and is likely
to go higher. Nobody hears the par
rot talk now of silver and wheat be
ing yoked together, but this is be
cause tbe silver issue is dead, tem
porarily or eternally. If the issue
should be resuscitated in 1900 the
follies and falsehoods of 1896 would
be repeated. ,
Himiabara- Lovers Nklp Oat fer Parle
Lewlsbanr News.
. The Mifflinburg Telegraph gives
tnefollowiug accouut of a seusa
tional elorement that has sot all
Milllinburg to talking:
"Wm. E. Wise and Mrs. Benjamin
Hackenburg, both of this place, left
for parts unknown on th
traiu east on Tuomlnv 1 auk Tha
former deserts a feeble wife with
three childreu, tbe eldest not over
11 years, and the latter a husbaud
and. the same number of children.
We have been informed that each
left written messages to the effect
that they would prefer doath to
capture. We might fill a column
with the gossip afloat concerning
them, but the above tells the whole
Mr. Hackenburg is a fine young
man and industrious ; and Mr. Wise
iH a true lady and mother."
This (Friday) morning Mr. A. D.
Miller, father of Mrs. Wise, called at
the Jfeics office on business. He in
formed us that he had just returned
from Danville where he had taken
bis daughter for treatment. Soon
after her husband bad deserted her
she became despondent, followed by
violent outbreaks until it bm
clear to her physician that she had.
temporarly at least, lost her reason,
and for her own oomfort and safety
was taken to the Danville Hospital.
Tbe whole affair is most unfortu
nate, involving aa it does the family
names of some of tbe most highly
esteemed people in aud near Milfiin
burg. Mr. Miller said that Wise
had made love to his daughter when
she was a girl of seventeen attend
ing his school in West Buffalo Town
ship. He objected to the marriage
at first, but W'so pressed his suit,
professing the deepest affection for
her. In an evil moment the father
yielded to the entreaties of the
young lovers and they were married.
All went well until the husband be
came enamored of Mrs. Hacken
berg. His love was passionate, in
fact her charms seemed to hypno
tize him, and that he might more
frooly devote himself to her, the
elopement was planned and con
su mated. We predict, however,
that the "novelty" and romance of
this sort of a mix-up will be very
quickly dissipated, and then the re
morse, the hell of a condemned and
guilt conscience I There will be
two very mournful and penitent
eloping sinners coming back to Mif
flinburg in a few months seeking
sheltor aud reconciliation. Ed.
Postmasters to Hold Four Years.
Washington, March 15. Postmaster-General
Gary made the defi
uito aunouncoment to-day that tbe
administration, after duo delibera
tion, has decided to adhere to the
four-year tenure of office, policy for
all postmasters. He stated that ex
cept in a few cases where removal
for cause was required on account
of delinquency, incompetency, or
other instances of unsatisfactory
conduct or administration of the of
fice all postmasters, fourth-class as
well as those of Presidential ap
pointment, would be allowed to
serve out a term of four years. This
officiul statement of policy, one of
the most imuortant so far determin
ed upon by the administration, has
beeu awaited with great interest by
the entire corps of postmasters, and
by the patrons of 70,675 postoffices
throughout the country.
Something to Consider.
You are weak, sick, out of health.
You have tried local doctors. Did
you ever stop to think that it is the
great specialists in your disease who
can cure you, tne pnysician who
can cure you, the physician who
treats and cures thousands of cases
like yours t Dr. Greene, 35 West
14th St., New York City, is the most
successful of all specialists and has
the largest practice in the world.
You can consult him free. Write to
him without deWand he will ex
plain by letter your case fully. This
will cost you nothing and doubtless
lead to your cure. .
The Trinmph or Promises. Whislcey and
Boodle of no Significance.
Beavertown, Pa., March 22, 1897.
Eo. Post
By a letter from Middle
burgh published iu lust week's issue
of the Weekly Herald I learn that
some of our political friends are still
groping alone in tho dark.
By statiug that the "Corabiuo is
dead" by the rejection of a few and
the oloction of another as chairman
of the Republicau Standing Com
uiitteo of the Couuty of Suydor don
not in thj leist substantiate the
idea that there existed a "Combine,"
much loss that it bus been killed.
I wish to state, however, that
there existed a oombino some time
ago who had tho recognition by
State leaders as loaders of this coun
ty in politics when they never were
able to seoure the majority ballot at
a single election. This combine died
a natural death. It died at the voice
of the general population of Snyder
county, but it is still trying to sur
vivo defeat as does the rooster when
deprived of its head. The combine
met its fate by tbe exeoution of true
and honest convictions of right of at
least a majority of voters as you all
know ; and when the majority of a
common people give their decision
a free and unrestricted ballot, they
cannot be called a combine. A com
bine is just what Mr. Middleburgh
wishes to lift out of the mire and
hold up to us as Moses did tbe smtke
in tbe wilderness. O no. we saw it
beforo it went into the mud. It is
true we have our leaders in the dif
ferent departments and they aren't
little boys either as he tries to inti
mate. They have not bought us
much less sold us. They are men '
Wiio are neither very likely to bo
tray us, but if they do ; woe be upon
their heads politically. I think they
are doing as woll or hotter thau any
other mou in Snydor county could ;
at least we thought so when we vot
ed. We have also elected candidates
heretofore wbo paid their canvass
ing expenses out of their own pock
ets with their own silver and gold,
and we can do so hereafter. I do
not think that the right mau in the
right place nood havo a large
amount of monoy from higher sour
ces outside of tho county to spuud
lavishly to be successful. History
does not justify that fact.
As for tbe cry "Tho Combine is
doad ;" they havo let tho cat out of
the bag aud we aro very glad of it.
We know just exactly who belong to
their gung and thero uru no excuses
acceptod from men who cry "no
gung." Mon don't staud alone in
these days. I am not going to be
couio specific in mentioning iiumes.
You all know. I pity the man who
thinks that tho rising generation
should be kept in tho dark and old
worn out men romain in ofiico until
they sail safoly into tho celestial
worlds, and thon give our govern
meut into tho hands of tbo iuex
perienced boy. And furthermore he
is badly fooled if he thinks that we
are boys. Wo are young, middle
aged and old mon. We huve iu this
common populnco, which the man
from tbe centre calls ulcombino, men
whom wo measure intellectually,
morally and politically with any mau
in his rotten combine.
Those men will meet with the
same fate, under the auspices they
are marching, as they met with
heretofore. Our motto and issue
will be "No Combine." "No Cor-
poration." You understand T
And we don't care either what the
Committee does on this point, as it
is very often of late composed of
men whose names are smuggled on
the ticket and are in no wise a prop
er choice.
Trob Blue.
Brqnesta to Fulllll Thrir Promises.
Adamsburu Herald.
Dr. Smith's mail for the last few
dayB consisted largely of congratu
lations on his election to the chair
manship of the Republican Standing