The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, January 14, 1886, Image 1

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    ' -. ' ' . w . ,
Ho that will not n
iU m is a bigot;
ho that dtnnol is a fool : lio that dare not is a slave.
NO 4
),AlTD01TlVniTT3E WAY.
ills ont upon the street, O, bow
tthn da we meet.
tome poor old man whose life Is
rmmlit but woe ;
lith age lii form la form It bent, In
liia pocket not a cent.
And (or shelter ho does not know
where to go.
lien let us oheer them on, for they
wool oe wmi hmik.
Don't Hueer at them because they re
-.1.1 n.l irMV
teineiiihwr while you're young that
Ml IMV lO you 1IIHJ' nnnr,
When you'll be old and only la the
"here wa a time I hear when the
vminir wr not MO llttCtT !
f I-, .
Hut since that time there been an
awful chance.
I'onng men, how sad to think, that
their old parent they will shrink,
We nee It every day 'tU iiothintf
Tuke thin poor old wreck of toil he
will noon be 'noath tlie noil ;
For death, I'm sun", he often prays.
Himself and faithful wife after toiling
all their lives
Find they're poor and only lathe
The sonr Fve sung I'm shore i for
rich an well as poor ;
Tuke a rich man when he's jrrowinir
JIls friends will clasp his hand and re
lations 'round him stand,
Awaiting him to die they want
his gold.
Then let us from this hour do all
flint's In our nower
T's liiake the puih foi old folks bright
and say.
Ilemember while you're younjr that
tint' to voti mav come
When you'll bo old and only in the
Dare to say no when you're tempted
to drink;
Pause for a moment, my boy, and
Taluk of the wrecks upon life's ocean
For uiiHwerlng yes without counting
the cost.
Think of the mother who bore you in
Think of the tears that will fall like
Think of her heart ahl how cruel
the blowl
Thiuk of her love, and at once an
swer no.
Think of the hopes that are drowned
in the bowl!
Think of the danger to body and soul;
Think of sad lives ouue us pure as the
Look to them new, and at once an
swer uo.
Think of a manhood with ruiu-tainted
Thiuk how the glass leads to sorrow
and death;
Think of the homes that, now shad
owed with woe,
Might have been heaven had the an
swer beeu no.
Think of lone graves both unwept
and uukuown!
Jliding fair hopes that were fair as
your own;
Thiuk of proud forms now forever
laid low, ,
That still might be hore had they
learned to say no.
Think of the demon that lurks lu the
Driving to ruin both body and soul;
Thiuk of all this as life's J .urney you
And when you're assailed by the
tempter say no.
Loilie Visitor.
COLN. It ibort Q. IogerBoll ia no infidel,
and yet his thoughts, outside of re
ligiou are things of beauty. Iiis
sentences bulge with richness Ilia
othios frequently touch tba beart
pting of natural feeling. In the
'North American Review,' for De
cember, bo baa an article on Lincoln
which ia aa pure and beautiful in
thought aa if penned by 'an aDgel of
light,1 iuBtead of one whom many
believe to be wedded to '(he prince
of darkness j'
'Lincoln waa not a type. lie
stands alone no anceatora, ito fol
lows, and no eocceaaore. lie bad
the advantage of living in a cow
country, of social equality, of per
aonal freedom, of seeing ia the bo
moo of bie future tbo perpetual
tar of hope. lie preserved bis in
dividuality and aelf-respeot. He
knew and iniogled with men of ev
cry kind i and, aftor all, men are
tSr- ! r, tceastt ac
quainted with the ambitions and
hopea of the heart, the means used
to accomplish ends, the springe of
action and the seeds of thought.
tie waa familiar with nature, with
actual things with common facts
lie loved and appreciated the poetn
of the year.tbe drama of tbo seasons
'ltisuo advantage to live iu a
great city, where poverty degrad a
and failure brioga despair. The Gelds
are lovelier than paved streets, and
the great forest than walla of brick.
Oaks and elms aro inoie poetic than
steeples and chimneys. In the
country ia the idea of home. There
yoa eoo tbe rising and setting sun ;
yon become acquainted with tbe
stare and clouds. The rountela
tiona are your friends. Yon boar
the rain on the roof and lixteu to
tbe rythmic sighing of the winds.
You are thrilled by the resurrection
called Spring, touched and saddened
by Autuuiu, tbe grace and poetry of
death, every fluid ia a picture, a
landscape i every lauJwapo a po
em i Kvcry flower is a tender
thought ; aud every forest a fail y
land. Iu the country you preserve
your identity your personality,
there you are au aggregation of
atoms, but in tbe city you are au
atom of aggregation.
'Liucolu never finished his educa
tion. To tbe night of his deuth ho
was a pupil, a learner, an inquirer, a
seeker after knowledge. Yon have
no idea bow many men are spoilud
by what is called educatiou. For
tbe most part, colltges aro places
wbero pobbels are p.IiRhcd and dia
monds are dimmed. If bhakopcare
bad graduated at Oxford, ho might
have been a quibbling attorney or a
hypocritical parson.
Lincoln wub a many sided
quaiuted with smiles aud tears,
complex in brain, single in beait,
direct as light ; and bis words, can
did aa mirrors gave the 'perfect im
uge of bis thought. He was never
afraid to ask nevor too diguified to
admit that be did not know. No
man bad keener wit or kinder hu
mor, lie waa not solemn. Solemn
uity is a mask worn by ignorance
aud bypocracy it is the piefaco,
prologue, aud iudex to tbe cunning
ortbostnpid. He was natuial iu
his life and thought master of the
story-teller's art, in illustration apt,
in application perfect, liberal in
speech, shocking l'harasuea and
pruJos, Ufiug any word that wit
could disinfect,
'He was a logician. Logic is the
necessary poduct of intelligeuco and
sincority. It can not be learned. It
ilat a
s me cuwu oi a ciear bead and a
good heart. He was candid, and
with candor often deceived tbe de
ceitful. He bad intellect without
arrogance, genius without pride,
auu rengiou wimout cam ttiat is
to say, without bigotry and without
'Ho was an orator clear, sincere,
natural lie did not pretend. He
did not say hat be thought others
thongbt, but what be thought. If
you wish to be sublime you must Le
natural you must keep close to the
qrasa. You must sit by the li reside
of tbe beirt ; above tbe clonds it is
too cold. You must bo simple in
your speech j too much polish sug
gests insiuoerity. Tbe great orator
idealizes tbe real, traosfigurea tbe
common, makea even tbe ioauimute
throb and thrill, fills the gallery cf
the immaginalion with statues aud
pictures perfeet ia form aud colors,
bringa to light tbe gold boarded by
memory the miser sbowa glitteriug
coiu to tbo spendthrift hope en
riches tbe brain, ennobles tbe heart,
and quickens tbe conference. Be
tween bis lips, words bud aud blos
som. If yoa wish to know the d ifference
between an orator and an elocution
ist between what is felt and what
ia said between what the heart and
tbe brain can do together and what
tbe brain cau do alone read Lin
coln's wonderoua words at Gettys
burg, and then tbe speech of Ed
ward Evertt. The oration of Lin
cola will never be forgotten. It
will live until languages are dead
and lips are dust. The speech of
Evertt will never be read. Tbe elo
cutionist believes in tbo virtues of
voice, tbe sublimity of syntax, tbe
majesty of long sentences, and tbe
geuins of gesture. Tbe orator loves
tbe real, tbe simple, tbe natural. He
places tbe thought above all. He
knows that the greateat ideas sboald
be expressed ia tbe shortest words
t':' t-9 mtit fUtova nd Uj;tbat 0d ia lo?, sd ;c fuAiabtt
least drapery.
Lincoln waa an immense personal
ityfirm but not obstinate. Obsti
nacy is egotism firtuoenn, heroism.
He influenced others without effort,
unconsciously aod they submitted
to him as raeu submit to nature, nn
consciously. He waa severe wilh
bi in soli', and for that reason leti tit
with others. Ilenppcarod to apolo
gize for being kinder than bis fel
lows. He did merciful things ns
stealthily as others committed
crimes. Almost nshamed of tender
ness, he said and did the tiubltvt
woiks and deeds with the charming
confusion that awkwardoess tliut
is the grace of modeety. As a no .
ble man, wishing to pay a small dehl
to a poor neighbor, reluctantly of
fers a hundiod dollar bill aud asks
for rbaoge, fearing that ho might be
suspected cither of milking a dixpla.T
of wealth or a piett uite of payment,
so Lincoln hesitated to show bin
wealth of goodness, even to tbe bust
bo Lnow.
Nothing diecloses real character
like tho use of power. It is easy f r
the weak to be gontlo Most people
can bear adveisity. Hut if you wib
to know what a mau really is, give
bim power. TLis is tho supreme
tet. It is the glory of Lincoln tLut
having almost absolute power, he
never abused it, except upon the
side of mercy.
Wealth could not purclmae, power
could not awn, this divine, tliii lov
ing man. Ho know uo fear except
tho fear uf doing wrong. Hating
t-lavery, pitting the muster seeking
I o conquer, not persons, hut pnju
dires bo wa9 tho embodimenet of
self-denial, tho courage, the hope,
aud tho nobility of a nation. He
spoke, not to inu-uno, not to upbraid
but to convince. He raised bin
haudn, not to strike, but in bene
diction. Ho longed to pardon, He
loved to sou the peuils of joy on the
diet ks of a nife whoso luibbaud he
had re-cued from death.
Lincoln whs the grandest figure of
thj civil war. He is tho gentlest
memory of our world.
Tho word orthodoxy is thus de
fined iu Webster's unabridged die
liouary ; 1st; "Sounduoss in faith ;
a belief in the genuine doctiiues
taught in the Scriptures 2nd : -'Cous
sonanco to gonuine scriptural doc
trines ( as the orthodoxy of a creed."
According to these deliuitions tho
creed of every church is considered
to be truly orthodox by its members;
and tbe articles of faith which ore
now generally recognized as ortho
dox doctrine, comprise a number ot
points upon which probably the
greatest number of creeds are iu
agreement. There is thereforo no
other evidence that theso creeds aro
more truly orthodox thau others
than tbe fact that the g eater num
bor of tbo 1'rotestaut churches have
adopted them.
How tbeu may wo know what
genuine orthodoxy is Here aro
so many churches whose creeds all
claim to make tbe Scripture tboir
only guido, yet a largo number of
them do not ogreo with what is
treated as tbe accepted orthodoxy.
Wbi-b are right T or are any of
them altogether right, or absolutely
wrong f These are importuut ques
tions to which every etucere Chris
tian is anxious to have tho correct
The most vital points are express
ed iu such plain language iu the
Scriptures that careful readers can
hardly bold a difference of opinion
as to tbe meaning. Among these
are, that Qod is love itself j that be
is alwise and almighty. Hut we
read also a great deal of God's an-,
ger wrath and ire aud in several
places that be repented having
made man. That be who ia love it
self cbould be angry, and wbo bas
all knowledge should fiud bis great,
est work so ousatisfaotory as to
cause bim to repent of having made
it, seem to be contradictions. And
why oould cot Ood, who baa all
power, make aud control bis works
exactly aa be desires to have them t
From saou matters as these come
various opinions and creeds but is
it safe for any one to be so positive
ia bis opinions aa to call those
berterodox wbo differ from bim
Hot doee it seem aa if any one
oould regard bis belief absolutely
right and safe, while it shows a con
tradiotioa ia tbe Script area i ' as
in anor, and that be Is omnipotent
and is alwise, and yet tfjd woik of
which be afterwards recanted.
Tbe trinity of tbe Oodlua l in
another point upon "which creeds
differ as well as modes of worship,
ceremonies and rite1,- or rather
they diller as to what implied by
worshiping and honoring (lod ; and
by humility, and repeitlauco towards
(Jod. Creeds also dijer as to the
resurrection, whether) it will be a
tidibgoflhe uatural- body, or ex
clusively a spirit oij one; "and
tthetber spirits have bodies. They
differ aUo as to hem 3 and hell
what lhiy arc as to Christian fiith
aud works aa to angels, whether
they were so created or whether
they are the blessed who died in the
Iiji d.
If people who beliovo the universe ,,w )0y w,.d not only m an. I
to be the woik of 6d, and the 'fight, but hn was boss. Hefoie sun
Scriptures to bo bis Word given for 'd.nvn that night he hud been pn
instruotion. correction. jnd reproof 8CUcd with two big bites from an
of mau, (2 Tim. 3:10) cau so greatly 'apple, three in.ii hies, a ball of kite
diftVr in regard to whak tho Scrip- string and half a pound -f brown
tures actually teach, it seems very sugar in an old straw hnt, and other
proper that they should ull bear j boys were waiting to shower I on
each other iu great charity. Hut 'ors and presents upon bim at mu-
wbilosnch cbarity ia evidently very
proper and necessary, and pluinly
taught in the Scriptures, it ia no
j :! 'ilt-alao very well for all to ins
j quiio humbly aud pi.tiently, as to
the reasou why people So
That what a percjn hue been
taught from cLildlioo( on any of
these subjects ban a lasting influence
is kuovvu to every peisou ; and so
also the extent or limit of bis
knowledge of things generally. Hut
what evidently has the greatest
bearing upon tho views aud opiuiotis
concerning Qod nud the r Ltion of
the human race to hiiu.MH tho state
of the mind aud afl'coiion of each
individual thinker and inquirer
iod even declared thit to the
fro ward ho will show himself fro
wnrd and just to tboso who love
justice, which shows that a person's
views of Ood aro greatly influenced
by bis owu character.
Ono other great difficulty iu the
way of obtaining a trr.o understand
ing i f tho Scrip tut'OH is too literal
interpretation of it. Hut how shall
tho carnally luiuJed discern it
spiiiloully t Thoy however, who
dusiro or profoss to bo spiritual,
should earnestly strive to "find the
spirit aud life ' that is iu tho L rd'i
not da If all Christiana were doing
this wilh all their might there
would be a greut harmonizing of
creeds ; and differences of optuions
would cease to estiungu. There
aould soou be true Curietiau char
ity aud foiboarance botwecu all re
ligious douomiuati ns ; aud Christi
anity would become a universal
brotherhood ; for all their aims and
purposes would bo one. Hut is not
the Christian world now thinly
moving iu this direction ? Ml Joy
The New Hoy Asserts Himself
Uuue tbe lloost.
The new boy hud moved in that
is, tho family which owued the ui w
boy bad moved in. It was quite
likely tbo new boy would show up
iu tho back yard during the after
noon, and bo after eohool seven boys
beaded that way. TLe new boy had
only been seen from a distance.
Was be sassy No one could ans
wer I Would be fight f No ono
could tell. He must be tried .' It
was tho solemn duty of every boy
in that neighborhood to ruako this
important discovery at tbo eailiest
posible moment. If be could be
licked, well and good ; if be wus a
fighter ! They broathod burd
over tbe thought.
In half au hour sevon beads ap.
peared above the alley fence behind
tbe boy s bouso He seemod to be
expecting tbem, aod bud heaped up
u peck of green tomatoes at the foot
of a plum tree.
Tbe seven glared down at him.
He glared up and back.
"What cher want"
It wus the new boy, and Ihcro
was "sass" in bis tones.
''None o' yer bizoess I"
It was one of tbe seven wbo ans
Git off'n that fence P
'We won'tl".
"I say git off 1"
"Shan't do it l"
Tbe new boy stooped for bis t6
matoes, but when he 'raised op tbe
seven beads were gnoe. ft wa set
tled be was sassy. Im sgutt
"Xoo thtxe f fcr-j t4 tUsj. , ,
Who T" fiom the yard.
"You dasn't light f '
Yes I dast '
"I'ann't como over !"
"You see 1"
Ho cumo over. It Imd been set
tied Hint Johnny Fly tin idioiih'
tackle bim, and lotinny wss reid.
n grabbed for tho haw b n'a hv.
iind tho boy grubbed for his cot
and they tugged and twihted.
' Sick him, Jo rny 1"
Clean him ont I '
"Pull his huir."
Hut Hih timv boy had tho hot cf
it. no onm.i d'l-vii on top i.f Jdh- tn
:itid gollled hirt eye nnd bit hi tin
ger, and oflVred to h.-k any mi'i eU
in Hie crowd, iiis ftither came out
just then, and the seven run awnv.
hut llu evidence was all in Tin
V, )'. Sun.
Cirrjrhs out his 0:hn-
Hugh Mefluiro, ft son of the
I'merald Islo, who In 1 volunteered
iu thfl Tenth Mississippi Hfgiinont
of Inf intry, stationed nt IVnsiie d i.
Florida, in lw(!l, was pi iced upon
picket ono night on tho bench, with
orders to wiilk between two point,
aud to allow uo ono to pass without
tho countersign, and that to be giv
en in a whisper. About midnight
tho Corporal and relief dice ivered.
by the in jonlifrM, Hugh up to t'm
waist iu water, tho tide having set
iuiuuceho wus posted, two home
"Who goes thuio t '
"ita'.t, lolief; ndvimoo Corporal
and givo tho countersign."
'Corporal ""1 am not going in
thero to bo drowned Como out
here au 1 lot me reliuve you.''
uigh "Devil u bill will. Tho
Liftcnaut Lull mo uot to lave my
Corporal "Well, then, I'll leave
yon in the witter all night," going
away aa ho spoko.
iiiili "Hall ! I'll put a Iioln in yo
if yo pass without tho countersiou.
Them's me orders from tho Liftens
ant. cocking and leveling his gun.''
('orporul Confound it, every
body will hoar it if 1 btil it out to
Hugh "'Yes, mo darliut, and the
Lifotenuut sai d it must be given in a
whisper; iu wid ye. Me finger's on
the trigger and it may go off.
Tho ('orporul hail to yield Hiid
wade u to the f titlil'ul sonant, who
exclaimed "Ho jabers 1 its well
you're come; the coulteiiu' tide has
uently droued me!"
A wifo can hide any small object
from her hubbuud by putting il in
the JJiblo.
When tvtiu babies are so reiy
much alike that they cannot readily
be dihtiuguished apart, the difiically
cau be overoomo by slitting tho ears
of one with a pair of bcinsors; An
other plau is to tattoo a lizard on the
forehead of one baby und un elo
phaut in the forehead of tho other.
A wife muy ofteu be cured of a
lack of animation and general tedium
vilao with a few poker-ehips and a
photograph of a pretty actress care
Itssly worn iu the bubbaud's vest
A husband, in sewing a bultou on
his trousers, will Cud that a small
tuck-hummer aud a pair of tweezers,
woikod in Bc-iootiflo cooperation
with his tcetb, will serve as a practi
cal substitute for a thimble.
A good way to name a new baby
ia to write a good many names on
elipa of paper, shake thorn iu a hut,
and take tho top puper. If the name
thus obtuiued doesn't suit, kiep
oa shaking tbe bat until you get a
suitable one on top. If the baby is j
a boy let tbe wife maosge tbe bat
but if it is a girl let the husband
mauoge it, 'ibis precaution should
bo taken to prevent "stufling''
tbe but or soy uufair manipulation
of tbe returns. .
Ths best way to prevent tba clil-
dren from playing with tba cat is to
p lit eat off for a goal. .
Unlj Temperance Bitters Known.
.w Winer tnrdlrlnr known no cHcrtuaiijr
ppp.... tit,. HimmI ,,r t!--,--!t,.l (tln'rw.
Million lar lrllniii jr Iu It" won-
ilirfiil nriiii.A , - It .- u.
It In a purely Vrrelobl" fntrnti'in,
tiu'l'fmin tin' imliv l'. rt. mi'i i m( I iiiituri'ln,
tin1 tn.'ir.-iti:il )r,i,Ttit'f (( hrii vfctift'.li ti
tll'Trfroill IVtllmllt till! II-.? -f Alt. 'III. I.
It remutrw I't.i ruimijo (I... aw, mill llio
ili lit rts'nv, m Inn liculili.
It llio urmt lllood I'nrlllrr rimI
I li.' iriMt! rilm lelf ; n imiili' I nt t n it
T'lhi'; n p'-rl'if l(,'iinvfti..r umI InxiLMiiutMr .f
Hip ti.'iii. N..f,T l ..r In I l-tn t el On"
wiulfl hi in.'ilirlim Iw-i-ii -imiMi.inlt'il p,,..,-.-!,..,.
til" i.n,T III VlNMMII IllllPn. Ill llinl.llg lilt
i It i v. rr ,li ... ii.r.i, lr in.
1 Ik . Ilernl I vt', A j 1 1. t.t. I i .r. tlo, Cur
TiiIiisIivh, N 'i I rilii U-, lnMtlvi-. h. !! iv., I niiiiti-r.
lTit:int. S-.flirlil.-, A n It-III It, H. It'll, liimtlr
ftnil 'I'lttiic tri.rt.'H of iriiAH I'.n riit
c--. '! tlt..N' i.f fMr illt,-r tnr,( in,- in ll;n tml.t.
Ml l,l1ltl rull I'tk.' lln IllTTfK. m I nr.llnij
In it.r.-, ti nn. iiiiil r.-i.inin I.hil: iiiiw, II. ip.nUil
t'li'tr thin. i mil nut ili ptinVfil t'T linn rul ...iH.n
or olli t ui-.nii-, lh iIa! iiiuim vtudUl
t'V,!. I' .. I nf r,'. .ir.
Itlll.iiiv. It pmllt.'iil. Inti rnilttrnl iiml Mn-
lurml Ki'i. tufi .r,-lrtl,-iil tlii,.iiu'lii,ut tin I. nllv.l
nri'r mi, I llivir ni Ii ;l,iiurl tln'; 1 1
Kti-l Vttuuni, i'iuta..jr diu,n f ani ul uau.ual
lit-nt mill tlr nr. a,
I lie-n !' ' -r nrr lnvnril' rrciniiiti1 't
-:tlt-lv,i it.-l 'ili:'t:ni'Mtn ol th alMlnii. li, ilv.T
b,i.''.. In lli.-ir Ir.-ntmi-iit. A nir. i iv,,, i-xnliiij;
apiw,-rful lrttuii'-o u;m'U Uicmi uiaiia, U alisu
lul -'r ii-. , a.nrv.
'1 li-re I n cnll.nrlle fur tlio nrpo
rqnul In I r. .1. U llki'K, Visa, .All lllTlklix. n
II will H r.lny .,ii,i.. li tliiikTiilnrrd via, l,j
ttnitl-ir wiili wii'nti ei-' tn,ti hi,' I,..hIm, nt tliu
ilim,l til. 1,1 atillHlllilinu' tl." t"' rMt'iTi nf tin' ll.'l f,
ninl L'i'iii r:i'lv r. "i',1.11 lliu liia;il. liiinliiuw u(
III,' ili.'f-tlv l,n.',,n.
I nrlilr Hi.. Ixnly ni-M l.i-t ti--n-o ! )mrl-
flhk' Mil IH II 11.1.- Villi Vl'.l UAH lilTTHl. Nn
rjiiil- piii' , in I il., t,i i M ,if ii at, -in I In;-, fiii. i.rin, it.
II liii Iif.irnic lit,' Moiiim-li niiiltiiu
li'ilt,") tin.' t, ii I'l l l.uir iiml Hn, la. t'liiuialnir
tint lili'inl nf nil iiii,in III.'-. Iinixirtuiir I if" iiik!
vi ; r l.i I'm. Ir mi,., in . I riu i v iiik lf ti Itliimt llio
ni'l i.f ( :i 1, in,-l. r il in-r mi' nila, all i,.i.,.ti"im
in VI -r fn in t'li- KVatiMii. Il Ik i iir nt ;K!iiilnih
t 'll'l, iiinna ill ucl.,)li, Uliil cvituili iu IM
ri1 "lit.
1) i,.,ln ir liiillcail-tn. Iie1:ii'lin,
l'.iln in It,, Mi,,iil.i'i. I iiniriis, 'I i, 'hi ni"-!i nf lli"i
I Ii' I. I'll, inn, .n:. i. I'l.ii'ir.., I n. I 'I'u'.li' lu th
M i llll. In. l ull A'l.i.-I s. I'al,il.'lli,'ll nf tl'9
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July 4,?..
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I.ouNIhiik, I nlou H o., Vn1
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JliX K iiroiiiis,
K'lutz, S,id, r Co., P,t,
f t! 1 'i.ll.'fli'.ns iiuu,,tly iiiail.',.
Physicians, Vr.
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Physician & Surnren.
Honrr Stri,)$, Suli rtounty, Vet.
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.'outre villi., J'enn'A,
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WiddleliurKh, runn'tw
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Fremont, Snyder county, Pa,
?lraduataol ll.ttlmora (tollaaa of Phyilal.aa
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March, IT, ISbl. If.
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