The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, May 22, 1884, Image 3

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    iobiMil vtrf ThMrtday.
Tim 'i i rtlli1 imi ti tttf Utt ' 6ltl 1,11
Kill '("
thuide Smith Is hont on a visit to
IiIh mother.
House rbanlnr and cold dinners Is
tlu-oixlr of tlite day.
Th regular trm of May Court
coitmiehces on Monday.
Joseph Walter In building a
uwr honsa to his residence l Mid
dlflnirHu t t. w.. Wnnklln toWll-
ship la repairing, repainting and
erwlae Improving hi hov
Kev. Orwlg held communion ih Lutheran church,
dlehnrgh on Sunday.
Albright Hwmeford, P? ye
. t.i.1.iv morning
f. r
Shad Mountain on a
(,eor Wa-I'lngton Foote, the Jol
lv nm tl.meer of MlUinbnrg, will be
li. re next week with a full stock, of
stationary, &'
A ebV't ehou tl whednl of
tbeS. 4 I railroad went Into effect
i,it Monday of last week. See cor-n.,-(iMl
time table In tliln lsmn.
U. C. tluteliun, our popular Clothier
Mil the) city thin week buying hi
tor-k of Summer good. Hen adver
tixemenlnext week.
The prevailing fashion for bnliien
t ujg Ba icr will be sli feet of cloth
lug to id Inches of baby. Now lay
your pinna accordingly.
The haystack hat now worn by the
jfirlw looks like an Inverted fun
nel with the point cut off. It i not
hniiilfoine, but very popular.
(ieorpe Campbell, Ilopktnnvllle, Ky.
any : Hurdock Mood Hitter In the
lfft preprntion for the. Wood and
stomach ever manufactured.
Hkwaukok riiAVDM. Bo sure you
get the genuine Dr. Thomas' I'dec
trie Oil. It cures ColdM, Croup, As
tlinin, Deafnt' and HhcumatiHin.
.T.G, Smith lino added the I .a Itepa.s
oda a 10 cent cignr, tho (told Itrnd, n
6 center and Nettie a 2 for to his al
ready hire stock of cigar?.
A wreck on S. & L. Deviation nt
the Hed Hill, two miles Kant of Mid
(Ileburgh, delnyed trains about nn
hour on Monday morning.
Mr. Han?, of .Vt. Union, who in a
practical jeweler will be nt Itarber'
lrug utore during Court nnd will he
Irewm! to repair watches guuran
tceing all hi work.
Hunhtiry now bus two daily paper
tha Jtoily puhlhdiiit hy KIchnltz of
th Drmiirritt, and the dally JVir by
Urelce of the weekly JSVim. Thl is the
most coiicIiikIvx evidence of Sun
uurys rapid growth and business
IT 1.T . . . .
iversretrer, of Hcdford, Tl., vl
iceu inn many friends hereabout dnr
iiiglinepnM week. "L'ry V knowledge
i rmiroaaing una Imiulhie with the
pen nave won him the enviable posi
tionof Hneretnry for the Superinten
fiem, oi me neufonl Division of th
euiiKyivaniu itailroailut a salary of
.) per month.
Thoio of our subscriber whose tn
4.1. .1
i'ir paper rea.N, "Deo, 1,'Bi" will
please send us a little money. It has
not been our custom to dun throti-
I'aper, ana we tlon't Hko to do it
lint ftti tlitu nntt..l .
I'ttiiivuiHr oneitMon we
re council. l to auk the forbearance
or uie prompt payers aud the utten
tion o leIiti(iientH.
v;oi,lkitios otick. Notice is
liereby given that tho books of Dr. K,
.totiirock, who lately moved to Mo
('lure, are in my hands for collection
All perxoiis knowing theniMelves in
(lebted on said books w ill plonne make
immediate payment.
May 23.4 w.
Capt, . W. Rynn Tort at this place
ims imvle a change in their pro
gramme for Memorial day. In order
to take in Centreville grave-yard the
i ost will decorate at this nlnnn
(Middlebugh) 5 p. in., and the graves
nt centreville about 3 p. in., pro
gramme will tell. The other arrange
menu remain the saute,
J no. Y. BmjiDicL, Chairman,
i ne normal Muslo School now l
fewslou In the MiiHioal College at Free-
ourg, fa., under the care and manaire
ment of F. C. Moyer, has a large olass
of boarding students in attendananoe
froui ten counties, under the inntrue
tiou of three eminent male and female
teachers. The college has in use six
Pianos and seven Organs. Students
admitted at any time during the ses
sion. A full assortment of Mundell & Co
celebrated Solar Tip shoes the best
hoe in the county for children Mens
calf button and lace shoes, Ladies
common sense- shoes. Boys calf shoes
button end laoe, Plow shoes. Low
shoes, Slippers, Walklug shoes. Calf
boots for men and boys, aud in fact
anything you may wish in the shoe
line can be found at Schroyer's, Be
llnsgrove. He sure and see Ills stock
before purchasing eUewhore. 0-13-4t
Now-a-days parents entertain a silly
notion that their children must be in
structed in a gen ted profession; they
repudiate the "vulgar" notion of
bringing a boy up as a oarpenter.
cabinet-maker, shipwright, or in fact
any oocupatiou that Involves labor,
lis must be educated for the church,
the bar, the law, or for the post of
civil engineer. Hence these profes
sions are over run, and hundreds, nay
thousands, of young men area burden
upnn their families, beluc unable to
uuu anything to do. .
m .
AtUMAIl.tlO K-W8.
The-lorg tree In front of Oreenhoe's
houttf was cut down this wkH ftot
being considered dories a Jftbrw.
We were visited by artfrtsriing rain
whhdi makes ylbj look bright
On Monday the ntsUI train brought
to this place IS Pigeons, with Instrue
tion to let them go as soon a they
arrived hern. When they were freed
(hey circled about over the town for
about half an hour after which they
could not be seen on aooount of the
storm. They were sent here from
(Jlrardvllle, Pa.
Misses Nellie Milhouse and Gertie
Shannon of Mlddleburgh are visiting
friends here, the guests of Joseph
Daniel Smith and wife of Lewistown
spent Sunday In town stopping with
L. It Haines.
The latest thing out Is the mother
who stopped ayouugiuaeq the road
and tried to make a bai gain for her
Some of our young men are not sat
isfled with one girl but they take a
"(irons." Its all right.
It eem (i. W. B. is learning to yell
Mort "Judging" by the frequent visits
to Peola.
S. II. High, representing Smith, Jt Co , was here looking after
his trade. Sam Is one of the best
salesmen on the road.
Ira Sehaffer Is representing a Perry
county Nursery. Ira Is a clever mail
to deal with.
We noticed an apple tree lought by
Jacob (Jreenhoe of J. II. Iiong agent
for W. L T. Smith, N. Y., which Is
so full of blossom that not a leaf can
be seen. Jim said the tree would bear
the first year and by nil appearances
ho was right.
Quite a nnmberof children are sick
at this place.
Scribbler in last week's Tribune must
have over-estimated himself in eggs
and in selling goods.
One thousand bushels potatoes
wanted at 21 rents per bushel In ex-
chuuge for the celebrated Wire lied
Springs. Apply at once to II. I. Ko-
mig, Heaver Springs, Pa.
The following is tho orderofsxer
cises for Decoration duv at this place
The procesMon will form In the f.d-
lowing order: Hand, Sunday schools,
U. A. It. Post, citizens. Upon reach
ing cemetery procescion will form into
two ranks and allow uiemliers of Post
to pass between and receive the How
crs which will bo collected for the oc
casion by the children. The proces
siori will then form a hollow square
with tho Tost on the Hast, Sundiiy
schools on tho North, Hand on the
West and citizens on the South. An
address will then be delivered follow
e l by musie by the Band and the re
citut Ions of appropriate poems, pray
er, ic. The decoration of the graves
will follow, after which the procession
will again form mid march to the
church where services will be held,
after which the Post will move out in
regular order and be dismissed.
A Mix.
Ckntiirviixk (Jossifh.
The apple trees are very full of
bloss jiiis, and unless cometliing hap
pens to destroy the same the crop
tills year will be large.
Mr. Slayniakor, of the firm of Slay
maker &; Co., Ruubury, Pa., whole
sale deulers in oils &o., was in town
on the llith.
Mr. Thos. Kothfon of Franklin. Mas
In town one day last week selling
(filbert's Lightning Insect Powder.
Samuel H. High, representing the
extensive hardware house of Smith,
Seltzer & Co.. Philadelphia, Dun.
Keen of the wholesale hat and cup
establishment of N. Horkcnstoek.
Philadelphia, Mr. Kennedy, repre
senting tho reliable boot and shoe
house of M. H. Siiahr. York. Pa., and
W. H. Reed the popular tobacco
avrent of Milton, interviewed our
dealers on the 14th. The commercial
agents are brim full of stories, jokes.
courage, selfassurance and grit.
I J. S. Kerstetter and P. Klinirlnr.
democratic candidates for Countv
Commissioner, were lu town during
past week.
Dr. Hiegle of Dundore, was here lu
town a day or two reredtly.
Henry Snyder of K reamer, was in
this vicinity a day or so las week, at
tending to the duties of his calling.
When two of our young ladies k Iks
each other they fulfill v Kosnel in
unction. They are doing unto each
other what they would that young
men should do unto them.
Daniel Zelher, a veteru farmer of
tl6 upper end of the county was in
our midst a few days ago.
V"iie a number from HiU r,i,.,
took In the horse salo in Mlddleburgh
lout week.
Mr. V. Walter and dui.i.u. o.-ji.
of this idaoe wr in im.i .
,, ".iuurgn on
mo A I til
miss annum daughter of Rhtrr
ueicniy ot Mlddleburgh enjoved her.
n m am......
self among her many young friends
here during the past week.
i ue nappiest man between town
and Jacks mountain Is Geo. Hartmau.
Shifty" says its a new little bov.
Sheriff Reichly and D. T. Rhoads.of
oiiddieburgli, spent a few pleasent
uours in our midst on Saturday eve
Miss Alice Walter, astudent of 17n.
ion Seminary, New Berlin, .was Willi
lier parents here over Sunday.
Jjooks nobby lu hi new hat Davie
Capt. J. D. Keise, of Phlladelnhla
the vetern grocoryman was in town
the other day.
Miss Kate Reichly, a pretty idrl of
Mlddleburgh is smiling upon her
many young frleuds during the pres
ent weeg. Rkportkr.
It might be advisable for young
men to stop going West and give the
girls a chance. From the report of
the Superintendent of Schools to Il
linois, it appears that there is a su
perfluity of about 10,000 boys in that
6 ..
We will let the statue rest And
now Grant has financially failed. - k
On Monday we were favored with
some hand-organ music, I suppose It
win hot be lotig till the title "Prof:'
will be prefixed to the name of tho or
gan grinder.
IIoO. tterd Snyder of Mt. Cannei was
In town last weekk -
Mrs. John Rudlslll and daughter ot
Blleabethville are the guests of Mrs.
Sarah Haas.
Miles Potter Is canvassing the town
for Jailtes (t. Maine's book, "Twentv
Years In Congress." It Is a good book
and should have a large circulation.
What has become of that famous
Jubilee Association f Has it died of
financial fever t We thought it was
to tie a permanent organization. The
12, 13, 14 and 13 of June are fast ap
proaching, gentlemen.
We were under the luipreeidon that
the (LA. R. Post of this place had ex
tended an invitation to the great War
Governor last June already to be pres
ent on the aoth of May, 1834, to deliv
er tho oration. How in It Joseph A.
I T They have, however, c-hoseu an
eloquent orator In the person of Maj.
NVm. II. Dill. We are well satisfied
witli him.
L. J. 1'ritx has placed a sign up at
bis livery. He Is never behind the
Schoch's Warehouse aud Dr. Wag-
onsellor s new barn are going up rap
Kdward (Jcmhc rllng has withdrawn
from the firm of (Jeniherling & Hro
Albert has opened n tin shop In n
room on Pine street, a few doors west
of Heller's I'.inporium.
Jonathan Rudy is having his house
1 endorse the reasons given by
"Beaver," why the fire was an acci
dent. The Trihuuf goes to prove that
the origin of the fire was incendiary
Hut Its reasons do not outbalance
Heaver's arguments. The gentleman
who furnished tho Post with a report
of the fire said: "The miscreant had
cut the tire alarm rope." Now how
could they climb up In the steeple
nnd cut it? The steeple is closed (wish
it was open so we could hear the
church bell plainer.) When some
parties went to give the alarm, the
rope came down from the steeple. If
the rope would have been cut it would
have piirted hi the middle. This
proves that no miscreant cut the rope
No, the fire was an occident -every
thing goes to prove It.
F. H. I'lrich hurt hi foot while
helping to tear down the old church
A board fell from the bellfry, endwise,
which bruised his foot severely.
The following are the order of exer
cites attending the commencement of
Missionary Institute: Friday, May
30 and Monday, June 2, examination
of the classes in the classical depart
ment. Monday evening, June 2, ad
dress to the aluundof classlaal depart
ment by James C. Shindcl of Solins
grove. Tuesday, A. M. examination
of theidogicul department. Tuesday,
P. M. address to alumni of theological
department, by Rev. S. F. (Ireenhoe
Tuesday, evening, Baccalaureate by
Rev. J. A. Flickiuger, and graduation
of theological class. Wednesday, A.
M. commencement proper. Wednes
day, campus exercises by students.
A golden stream of grain running to
waste through a leak in tho granary,
aggregating many bushels every year,
would not equal the loss suffered in
open sitclit on many farms by the
waste of golden streams of liquid ma
nure, l armers are too often grossly
neglectful of their interefts in this
matter. A first step towards improve
ment would bo to arrest water from
Mowing in the yard, and leaching In
putting eave troughs on all barns and
sheds that have none, and provide for
tlieir emptying into drains or capa
cioiis cisterns. Theso latter might
serve to supply water to the livesotck
Tho yard ought to be shaped to slope
towards its center from all sides, and
ir i ne soil is irravellv or oiten It slimil.l
be overlayed with stiff clay to prevent
the escape of liquids. The stable
noors should be drained towards the
yard basin, In a way to lead all tho
urine to this place. Then the accum
ulating manure in the yard would be
constantly charged with moisture jind
if not tramped too hard, decomposi
tion would take place- to the best ad
ItoLfi ot Hoaron. The following
persons have pahl their subscription
to tho Post to the dates opposite
meir names. Mliould any mistakes
occur In those credits or on your pa
per please notify us:
Simon Long,
J. Transue,
J. F. Iteichenbuch.
April 1,
Dec. 1, '83
Deo. 1, '84
H. Iaudenslairer.
H. II. Shaffer.
Deo. 1, '84
J. P. Yodor,
John V. Walter,
Deo. 1, '84
Deo. 1, '84
May 15, '85
May 10, '8JJ
Deo. 1, '84
July 13, '84
waniei 1J. HassinKer,
Dr. Kanewel,
Frank Bubb,
U. Kersteter.
June 1, '83
The new stylos in headwear for 1.
di this sprluorls linilsiiMllv nlli
,,, , . 1 o
will beseen by calling on Mrs. Kllen
Aurand, headquarters for Milliner
anu aiicy goods.
Ilia nobbiest Men's ' hand-iimil
slioesever brought to Snyder county,
or suia oueap ac Bciiroyer's, Selinr-
grove. Call aud sea them.
Wantkd. -Ten Terch Sand Ston
(or lacing. Address,
D. A. U&Knicii,
Sellnsgrove, Pa.
600 tons Rock-oak Bark wanted by
Simonton, Barber & Co.
For Bargains lu Hoots and Shoes
go to M. S. Sohroyer, Selinsgrovo.
Sugar is very cheap at present but
as preserving time is approaching it
w.ll no donat soon go up.
Capt. G. W. Ryan Post, No. 304.
Dept. of Pa. (J. A. R. will comment
orate the JJOth of May th ttt follow
ing manner : ; ,
FonKsoow SRnvh'tt.
Members of the Post inoet nt the
Post room at 0 A. M., sharp, and pro
ceed to llassingers(ir.ivc-ynrd, where
decoration of the graves of deceased
soldiers, buried there will be made,
accompanied by appropriate ser
vices. After I his tho members of tin
Post will return to tho Post room,
and dismiss.
Re-osseinble at 5 P. M., when the
Sunday Schools and citieus wilt join
in a processionjwlth the members of
the Post, and proceed to the Mid
(lleburgh t einet ery, w here services
will be held in accord with Depart
ment Orders; after which the audi
ence will he dismissed until the eve
ning ceremonies.
In tho evening Public Memorlid
Services will be held lu the Court
House, commencing nt 7) o'clock ,
consisting of nu address by Maj. Win.
H. Dill, of Capt. C. S. Davis Post, No.
US, Nehnngrove, Intersperced with
music by Stetler's Cornet Hand: sing
iug by the Philharmonic (ilec Club of
Freehurg, by the Choir of the Chion
Church at Mlddleburgh, services by
the Tost, A;o. The ives of de
ceased soldiers, neighbors and citizens
are all Invited to attend (it any or all
of the Pulihc Services, and anything
in the way of wreathes or Mowers will
bo welcome.
Lieut. Rhodes' Zouaves or Sons of
Veterans will ulso take an active part
in the processions und services.
By order of Memorial Committee,
J.No. Y. Shispfi., Chairman.
S. Weis has some important things
to say in his advertisement this week.
XXX IS inch shingles for sale at this
office. Apply to T. H. Barter for par
ticulars. A new 7-drawer New Home Sewing
Machine for sale cheap. Inquire at
this ofllee.
Straw hats of every size and de
scription comprising all the latest
styles for sale at S. Oppeuheiiner's.
It will pay every body to examine
the immense Hxk Furniture, for
sale by tho Popular Furniture man
V. It. FELIX Lewistown P
You woulif be astonished to see the
les of shirts at Solly ( ippeuheimer'st
They range in all styles aud si.cs,from
the costliest linen tocourscst working
It is the desire of all to appear well
In .society, but a gentleman cannot
expect to do this however well dress
ed unless he bus a hat that
becomes him. This specialty can lie
secured at S. Oppenheimer's who has
an immense stock on hand.
riici.LiMi oi T at CosT.-On account
of th luunager of my store. Mr. Lew-
Is Kahn, leuving Selinsgrove shortly.
I am compelled to closa out mv lari'e
M n k;K AT C( 1ST. Among the arti
cles to be sold will he found a large-
assort mens of Womens' and Misses
Fine Shoes and (falters, Mens and
Boys Film ami Heavy Boots and
Shoes, (iuiu Boots and Shoes.Trunks,
Satchels and Yulices, (.lents Furnish
ing (foods, ic. This opportunity
should not be liiisstnl ly I he people of
this county who desire to purchase
This Is a regular bona fith: sale and ev
erything will be disposed of at hot-1
torn prices. Don't fail to take advan
tage of this.
Mrs. H. Marx,
Between Keystone aud National Ho
tels, Selinsgrove, Pa.
To thk Ladiks. If you want a
nrst-ciass line dress shoe, either Kid
Button or Pebblo, nnd the very lutcst
styles, call at M. 8. Shroyer's, Selins
grove, where you can be supplied
witli just whut you want.
Men's 2.09 Calf button or lace shoe
the cheapest In the county for tho
money at Schroyer's made of calf
skin and the bottoms sewed on, Kid
top. J ust what you want for a cheep
snoe. All warranted.
fcD. Poht. Pleaso annouee to the
citizens of Snyder oountv that wa
will be in Mlddleburgh on Ma" 27.
28, 2D and 80, with a magnincentstock
or ail kinds of Harness, comprising
sixty sets, whlnh we will sell at public
auction. An opportunity will he
afforded to examln all goods before It
ts offered for sale.
Jonathan St A. J. Haktkr.
Millhelm, Pa.
You Can Laugh
at the grim destroyers, Croup and
Whoon lllir Cotllfll. if VOIl llfLVH f.lliLt
popular standby and incomparable
remedy, Dr. Kessler's English Cough
Medicine at hand. Tli
dent family keeps it in the house to
be iirepured for emergencies, price 23
and CO cents. Sold and warranted by
Dr. Barber, Mlddleburgh, Pa,
An Szamplo.
A rale sleklv child thn nt Mnrinn.
aid's celebrated Worm Powders ad.
ministered releived of the enormous
i vjQ
ii.iuiiwr oi ioi worms rosy oUeeks,irood
heulth alid apjietite the result. Hold
and warranted by Dr. Dtirber, Mid
dtburgb, Pa. '
Duster and Phosphate for sale by
Stmonton, Barter 4. Co
When you go to Sllngrue donti
forget to call at Salem & App's Music-
at Kmporlutn, where you can buy any
thing In the nihslo line at reduced j
prices. 4 17 4t
Opksimi thk Fotxtaix. Innuui
. . i : . 1
wricss on i os beueatu the skin is se
creted the liquid substance which
gives the hair its texture, color and
gloss. When this secretion stops, the
hair begins at once to become dry,
lustreless, brittle and gray. Is that
the condition of your hair? If so, op
ply Parker's Hair Balsam at once. It
will restore the color, gloss and life by
renewing the action of nature. The
nalsam is not an oil, not a dve, but an
elegnnt toilet article, highly appreci
ated because of its cleanliness.
.iiiudiciMirg kci
cosst.ctkh wnmiT t
Slmonton, Harbor V. Co.
'.Vheat nr, t,t ft h i
r.t; !
:n I
y:. 1
I'itt'-d eh
Cnpitted "
Spring ( 'liickcns per lb..
Pea Coal
Chestnut C"iil
i vr i
. it
Blacksmith Coal o i0 '
KtfgCoal 4 .-.01
Plaster, per tn 1 1 imi
Salt per barrel 1 (Vl
" " sack 1 (i
" " " small 8'.
Koek Oak Bark H.OII, In trade $H M)
iM.vuuir.i). ' l
MayS, nt Beavertown tiy Kcv. 1) '
M. Stetler, Miss Susan C. ltomig and I
Aniion llouser, both of Decatur, Mif i
tlin county. i
i)i i:i.
May b, near Beavertown, .Joxeph i
Yerger, aged lis years and 4 months.
May 10, in Adams t wp .laeoh Hick- j
el, aged bi years, :i uioiit lis and '.'II '
davs. i
Advico ts Kithors-
Arn on ilirinrli(l t nlkai n. trnkn of '
T"or rm h s tl. k dill. I suflxrlnir snri ittIiir I
"till ciln ol niiltliis lasib? If u.rsnil St nnra
nil Kt bolt Is of Mn. Wminw'l Sue is i in
uer son ('iiii.khks Tsrtiiis'1. ll win 1
l in. slnulnhlo. it will rell.'Tctli" "r ll'tl"
uilernr limn I iat.-ly. i. n.l nu i hkiIj-'
rtt. tliarc I' H i nilHtk otmiil It. II rur ilv
ntKrr Mini ilUrrliiKm, rastilatrn ihs Momm-h J
ml b.i. , riiren win. I cull.-, unltenii the ihi.ik, I
r.'.lui.ei liill.un, d.I eIv tone nn.l . n. I
ry to the whola ryitoui. Mil-. Wixti..u-ii
SanTBisii SvMi-r son Ciiii.iud.s '1 kkiiiino Is
I H fur ala
kisui in inn lama id. Ik Ida i
of one of tlin ultli nt anil hast (ninHla
pnyioin in tba oitail smt.n, sn.l in f,.r
hf all ilrusnUK tliroul,out tli" anrhl. I'rloa
11 ranti a butllt. Mar K, 'kl ly.
llalim n liiri ar..rtmptit ot rpinnantu ainl
l."r Ol llllllliMIIIII. ir'Ul. VllliH, KlitlllX iiinl
irlvvtH, wo Mti ( 1 1 ii tc Hi. 'in nil In ii ...uro-il lui'i-.II-k
fiirtiisliinu t Iii-iii lor "rriiiy I'melivrurK '
I -iililnii... Mum, Th. . i.. ' A( hA'il:
Nn. I 1 a ho n.l .fin- limnlli. or i'"Ho IIK.
Milln.. uml liniru.lnl vrlvcti (nil ililli-rnit . .Iimt
til" tlilnn Inr Mm llliwt MlloTli (iuII' TM nf filnrv
wulk, Sunt ni.ilnil, f .r fid In (,.,wt1, ,,)',.
or I I'i'i.l "I iliii. I' A 'K 1 K Nn. u-i'oiitiilii-I
Mic iliii ir tiiiu'n nt iiiik'Ii nn nirkiiui No, I. Si-ut
for fl.un. Tin-on arn nil ol llm very
lliiont iintlll)' nn, I rami., i l,r t,)ii.ill,, l unv otlo r
MIK worK In tlin t'. S. nl tliri'i-1 lines our iiriro.
Tlioy Mill j.I.-hm. any Imlv. lino orl. r nlw
lirliic a ilntvn inori'. I. AIMKs .11 , N (' A I. i'K
K M'Y WliliK. with 4hi IMuMriitioiii ii ii llnl
In-1 ni. t mil- li.r iirn-fu- imi, ,irk, lnni,l t-l v
Imun.l. ,-ImI.I Ah el-, t IiI.t m, , A l.lii'-,
Tim li'M iiK.ii i:h Sn k fit , l(o lumtiT, N. Y.
A Valuable Farm
fPllE nml.TKurucil will sell his farm
-L itiiHii in I riii.klln tofii.i,li,Siiy,1.ri.iiiini
nuttl ! U'llhit Iroin
Him-,, ni .iiiiiniriMiritn, on inn .m.iiii
oiiu in I lu finrlh
nmri" or lom, 130 arrci are un.lrr u
on It l v o I lm l tio ImiIiiiu'o In tiiiil,
irovciuaiilii urn a gooi!
Ulu.h l ito of
r. Tli. Im-
Two-storj Lop Fro mo Houpp,
lilotl pi'iiti'.!, WOOD IIUI'M:, 2't)U.
I HI Its. (Mini)
Frame JJarn,
ni otlu-r nic,i'ury on i ti n I I.I I tiu . Kunnln
aiitur at luirii nii'l In ii't'. I.i'il,- nmnay re,iiir,
to Imy an.l a lunir 1 1 mo allowml to imr. Kur lur
tliur purtlculura uJilruM
AI.UHX Si'tllll'll.
In. I.uttlnlown, Ta,
Every Bundle Warranted !
to of San ail Us!
Salesmen Wanted
To .all Nari.rv Stoak for th. iin..k.. m...
arlea. K.l.bhpli.J l;i&. Liharal
nu ajrENSts faia. fanoanant ni-
viujiiivut. a,nn mr i.rro. H , JC. IIOoK-
KKUUJdrANY.Kuobaalar.N. Y.
v ia rm-p. .
Tfirce Grades of Standard Fertilizers.
Auilress :
Oettysburg, Pa.
I IT 8m pd.
In the matter of Ute In tU nJ.n.'
Me of Jacob iicdirht Cimrt of Slimier
'I'll, undanlirnail Auilli. ui...u..i . ....
l r.hau.' Court of KnyUcr anni.ty t rtt.trll.ut.
in. o.i. in ma oamia or John 11. Hwhrl.t and
Hanry II. Narlirlat. Kx.euu.ra of tha lact Will
ainl'lVtamontaf jsonb SwhrUt. diViwIl
iimdoKi.P, Ulrlch. Km . r ii,. ,...!. ...
aoclooa A. M.ofiialil day. when an.l l.or n
IHUtlMlDtarantsranoliaail to atUnd, or baftir
aarlarra4 from partlclimlini lu rild rti.lrlliu-
Now is owr TTIhec I
twlsti In Inform tbo resiJcnts of Sotiter connlv thai I Into a tine as
sorlmbut of
Cooking Stoves, Ranges, Heaters,
Parlor and Bedroom Stoves,
(eluding tho New Lilit Honsn Cook, Silver Hu p. U.liiV I'll.lo. Tunrt
Cooks, New Snnsliinft, New Jnsppr. New i'rcoid i m ims, Iu
tincil.le, Tl.n penr Hchtcis. Nw Ivnlv Pawn, Nt
Ills, New Jasper licuUis. Ncv (iuj.hsi .Sun
Firepliieo I enters, and" ol liti s. M r
Heators from 15 to 30 Dollars,
are all of tbo latest pulb-ms ami I-.-t tnuleml. K"iint.(ocd to bo oh clunp
US the flnspest iii.d us ijoimI (is the beet.
;Ca11 and seo tho
of wlnoli I have nn lnrgo and well-selected slock ns enn bo f-.t ixl in tie
county nud at prices that will c()iiij;u with Wholi-siilo Houses.
Tinware, Spouting and Roofing.
Xono but l'io vorj 1 est inaleri:! us. ,1 Sp.jntin, und JU-fn-fr deno CO
slant nolicu. piclfnllv submitted.
! Mipni.itirimi! pa.
I linvc now in
iS! i n i n a 1 1 m 1 1 1 stock
Mil I
of my own mnk I l:tvc n!out 70
Scsitrns in
Itiglit hern in srork, ino!u!iiio a
fine line of Gilt pjiperw and 85or
dcrs. W; trim tlio od$xs of all pa
per sold notwitlistandino this aston-isliino-
low prices we sell at. Conic!
Ritiitily your rooms for the least
I "
Don't say you v noi going to vctttf this, for ioti aro
Yon, detest advertisements but ioit' read tin's aft the
sntnr ! It Di akes a man awful mud tovonnncucc and.
not he able to si op. Listen now, air join: to tell ioic
of our u
comprising everything in the clothing line J7 n's suits,
of the best French l orstel. Flatcf. Prince IUh vt, En
gincev suits, Spvingdndlom and mole skin units, J ar,
W ool and Straw Jlnts. hase-hulL huts in 1,hk, -hu
' 7 T- ... , . ,
! CU I II IIUI ', ItUUlif. flOl S Of
r .
itts,UcUcoid Uuijs ana Cotlors, Luien Collars, Juvd-
ri, Aockwcur, Trunks, Satchels, 1 afisrs, Uause under
ware, and everything in the line of Cents Furnishing
Everything .from 10 to 1,j per cent, cheaper than can
he purchased elsewhere.
for which wo will pay the highest market price-
April 10, 'SI. SKMNSCHOVK, 1A.
Iu his Storo on MAIUvirr 8TKKET, will bo found a flno lot of
and all prices, in (lolJ, and Frecious Stone.
Elgin, Rockford, Springfield and Hampton
iu Gold and Silver, at reraorkalle low prices
of all kinds nnd descriptions. HOUKKS' F VMOUS
rba place to buy WEDDING PRKSENTS. CLOCKS nf .11 -i...v
lions aud
The largest toiiotv of Snootnelos
Goods can be brought from New Yoik
Jewelry bouses iu America. I
work puarantee.l to pive SHtisfactioo. EiT-iinir;. lir..:!.
Watches, Ubatns, &o. Call
trouble to
Aug. 2, '83.
Fino cok Sotvos,
storo and for sain
ofCiirpct.s indud-
,, . ,,
(III Colors, tiO!S (llhl (IClltS
all prices. -....-
n nntn
I 11 llu'a n.rl n II.. i
for nUon fr. 7... .
mn.iiii .
and examine our stock. No '
show poods.
Y. B. SMITH, :
Sl'NEUr.1, pa. -