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    PaUfcked Try Thursday
- -
Tkri 1 1 tkiir nut ti Mir iras, 11' feni li'n
nut tnr
John Francis It suffering from the
effect of a sprained back.
60Q torn Rock-oak Bark wanted by
Siinonton, tartar & Co.
For Darpratnt In Boots and Rhoes
go to II. 8. Schroyer, BeTtnsgrorc.
Mra. Dr. Ditrber and little daughter
nre visiting Mlffllnturgh relatives.
Frank Hubb, agent for the Peerless
Washer, reporat wiling lota of ma
chines. A. J. Cosgrove le applying the paint
brush In the most artixtio manner on
8uire Schock'i house.
Oar present flel Improve correspon
dent will please send hie name with
fcla neit communication.
. Alfred Rchoch, who returned
from the city a few weeks ago brought
with hiia a magnificent stock of goods.
Washing your hen house with wa
ter strongly Impregnated with car
bolic acid Is said to be a sure antidote
against Hoe on poultry.
The nobbiest Men's bund undo
shoes ever brought to Snyder county,
for sale cheap at Schroyer'e, Selins
k'rove. Call and see them.
M. L. Hlulr, Aldermen 6th Ward,
Screnton, Pa., stated Nov. , '4 : He
had used Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil for
sprains, burns, cuts, bruises and
rheumatism. Cured every time.
Bad draining causes much sickness,
bad blood and improper action of the
liver and kidneys is bad drainage to
the human system, which Burdock
Blood Bitters remedy,
Henry lleigle this week had the
dwelling house which he purchased
of Kmaiiiicl Schaiubaoh moved on his
own lot which he recently purchase d
of K. Hummel. Alex. Bowersox did
the business.
We acknowledge the receipt of an
Invitation to attend the eihibitlou of
the Junior class of 18-15, at the Lewls
bnrgh University on the evening of
May 10. ltW4. It Is executed In inag
nlflceat stvle.
in n. iMMiws-ii you want a
flist-claes line dress shoe, either Kid
Button or Pebble, and the very latest
styles, call at M. S. Shroyer's, rJelins-
grove, where you can be supplied
vrm just what you want.
misses lasie ami Klttie Musaer of
Hartleton were the guests of the ali
tor and family over NuudA.v. Their
lii tie brother Lowell, who had been
spending a week In Middleburgh re
turned home with them.
Men's t2.00 Calf button or lace shoe
the cheapest in the county for the
money ut Schroyer's -made of calf
skin and the bottoms sewed on, Kid
top. Junt what you want lor a cheap
shoe. All warranted.
Weir Millinery Good. Come
one, come all and see our Summer
goods, latest style. Hats and Bon
nets, also trimming cheap and pretty
just received from the city.
C. C. L Jknnik Donx.
Next Thursday being Ascension
ay, we win issue the Post on Wed
nesday in order to give the boys a
. .mice 10 eaten their annual supply
offish. Correspondents and udver-
4 l.. lit t
..r win piease make a note of this
ana sent In their articles no later than
cltizHnsof FSuydor oounty that w
"III be In Mhldleburgiron mI27
of all kinds of HarnoHs, comprising
ixty sets, which we will .ell at public
?l An PPertlty will be
afforded to examlo all goods before it
in offered for sale.
Millheim, Pa.
The contracts for building the rail
road fro,,, Bellefonte to Lemont, were
awarded In Philadelphia on Saturday
UU as follows: Charles McCaffsrty,
of Bellofoute, two miUs; Oeo.S.Oood
x lflWmt thre m"e"i JkmaU
& Batchelor, of Lock Haven two
nines; Biilpinan, of Sunbury. and
oi wiwisuurg, two miles; Van
Dyke & Wilson, of Williamsport, one
A full assortment of Mundell & p..
celebrated Solar Tip shoes-the best
vhoe In the county for children Mens
calMuitton and luce shoes, Lathes
conuuou-sense shoes. Boys calf shoes
button and lace, Tlow shoes. Low
shoes, Slippers, Walking shoes, Culf
boots for meu and boys, and In fact
anything you may wish in the shoe
line can be found at Schroyer's, Se
linsgrove. Be sure and see his stock
before purchasing elsewhere. 515 4t
Hkh Dia'CKBii.-Ichwutdokeu8ht
inier soga we dos es kuinmed dos un-
rer wriim puayer so gone sin tsu un-
era ormn. Sie lava besser und war-
rit bessra gluder und gapsucht das un
t r agena klnner. Dengst do sie dona
es tar ebbes dos sie in der shrleft galas
nen, odor duua sie die geike spela
mrera agner sock T Lua uns dls wlssa
und ruler sin Immer donkbor.
Eisr Tox Batsalbr
Fun Penns Township,
H B. Tomlinson of Millheim, Cen
tre county, who has been astoiilshlug
the people with his business qualifications-enabling
hiui to retail mer
chandise for less money that other
weu-todo merchants could by them
. . . ..I . . . ..
worlil" i..i. .
. ... wee a ana nis store U now
the hands of the Bberlff. Things got
that he was dubbed John
Wannaujaii,P Jr. This was no mis
take of the people but it wae rough
on John WannamakeP. Th-
want Up lilts. m,iti ....i I his
own hk .tick.
-t m wuoiesale, went the "wayof theil"lP8 w" notice the loth of several
A0AMtm0 fffcwfc ,' .
i lie proiemnnw sjramuier was sac l staiea some I acts aoont tnose Banbury
l.fll ..W 1.. .. ..In. ti.M'f-tl .1 .1-- 1 i 1 d .. ...
vitw mw wwm mil vuw awa.av " w unu.TIIU1fl UVIWriUlVnt TI1CD I fl r 11 I fill I
but odw takes the op1 posit ttew and
sari It falris tod tridobi
Henry Gets has received tiistiriett
Mill from Canton, Ohio, and hat eom
tuenoed Work for H el f rich & Smith tot
the new school house. They turned
out 190 brick In 5 minutes and at the
same rate with a double set of hands
they could make over 80,033 in ten
hours and of a better quality than
those made in the old way.
Daniel Alters Is repainting his house
with ready mixed paint. A. B. De
Long, artist.
Last week we paid a visit to the
boss carpet weaver, Jos. 8hrefller,and
found him busy and lots of work on
band. Joe knows how to please ev
erybody who gives him a carpet to
weave, If you don't believe it try him
Joe Is also aU. A. 1L
J. O. (loss and wife of Troxelvllle
have started on a trip through the
Western States.
Laura Smith of Lew Is town was the
guest of O. II. Knepp.
vuice a numour or our people were
at Beavertown on Sunday.
Chas. Hanley of Lewistown paid a
visit to his friends at this place
Miss Kline of Lewlstowu Is staying
with Jacob urconhoe.
Our town is overrun with agricul
tural implement agents, almost every
other man you meet is agent for some
O. H. Knepp, wife and daughter of
this place and Nathan Fetterolf and
wife have started on a trip through
the Western States,
Win. Woodling Is sporting a bran
new fence lit front of his house.
tin last Saturday Isaac Rothrock
gaean entertainment to the little
boys and girls, treating them to stor
ies, lemouade and cakes. After hav
ing spent a good time the little folks
returned homo. Parents cannot send
their children to a better place to
have Bible stories told them.
8. C. Buchmiin agent for the Bissull
Curpet Sweeper bus received a lot of
them which he is now delivering.
lliey give perrect satisfaction. He
will call around in a short time when
you can give him an order for one or
The brick layers have commenced
work ou Dr. J. O. Wagner's new
i lie Heaver Springs Currier shop
nns orders enough on hand to kep
tlieiu busy for three months. Banks
Dreese, Manager.
Sallio Spangler of Mlllerstown is
paying a visit to her many friends at
this place.
Jacob Draese has returned homo af
ter an absence of about six months.
The election of County Superintend
ents throughout Pennsylvania on
Tuesday marks the completion of the
third decade siooe the adoption of
the present school law and the elec
tlon of the first County Superintend
ents, the Act having gone into effect
May 8, 1M4. The County Stipern
tendents who have served Snyder
county since the passage of the Act,
together with the salaries paid each.
as far as we are able to learn, are as
follows : Prof. Jacob S. Whitman.
of Freeburir. was elcctml In Mw
18.54, for the county of Union. He
reigned arter serving one year ; the
your Union county was divded, Da
vid Jieokettdorn, who resided at
Adauitfburg, became his successor,
through appointment, receiving a
salary of 300. The next County
Superintendent, and the first elected
for the new county of Snyder was
Prof. Daniel S. Dover, of Freeburir.
The Directors' Convention in Muy,
1857, agreod to pay Prof. Boyer $200
per annum, but the directors recon
vened six months nfterwards and
raised it to f)00. Samuel Alleman,
Esq., then a resident of Middleburgh,
was elected in 1800, and received a
sulary of $400. Prof. William Moyer
was elected In 18W, 1800, and 1W09,
salary, $500. Prof. William Nootling
was elected In 1872 aud 1875, receiv
ing $500. Prof. Noetling resigned
immediately after holding his public
examinations in October, 1877, and
State Superintendent Wickersham
apimiuteU Mr. Wm. P. Scharf, of
Selinsgrove, as his successor Mr.
Scharf was elected In May, 1878. He
was the first County Siiuerintendent
of Snyder who was elected after the
passage of the Act giving County
hill aw... I l. a . .
mienaems a salay of $1,000 and
upwards, prof. William Moyer was
again elected as County Superln
tendent in Jtfay, 18H.-Frcburq Cour
ier. Shamokijt, Items.
Seeing so many communications iu
your worthy paper from all parts of
Snyder county, I concluded to drop a
few liues from Northumberland
At this present writing the streets
oi mis town are thronged with peo
ple, parading back and forward, nod-
ding their heads at almost every body
uiey i8s, in ract some would pay a
proper respect to a "Lamp post" if it
oniy nan a bonnet on.
It Is my sad duty to retiort thBt
Joel Kasemaii, who labored In com
pany with mo and anuuiber of others,
was unfortunately thrown frm .
tressel forty feet high and was dan-
ferously injured.
I am sorry to say that mv coninnn
ions wno came witli me from Snvder
i i .. . - i
Bounty, were unaoie to remain away
from home. Hope they may have a
more substantial mlno; when next
they go away from papa and mamma.
While pondering over the noimtv
. .
of our best and respectable citizens of
west beaver, sorry to lose theia.
Many thanks to Win. Moyer, for
the kindness he has bestowed upon
us durlug his term of office as county
Superintendent. He had surelv
dutv. and hona hi till A JkA41S tadll
do.ibe same, j. j, h,
SkLHrsonoTll lTKs.-Last week I
fire. Now I do hot wish k place an
dlsoredlt npon the wrong parties; It
was hot the Fire Or Hook and Ladder
Companies, that behaved badly, but
the rowdies that came with thenl.
The select school of Messrs. Helnt
xeluian and Potter was discontinued,
because they had too few scholars.
The other school report a roll of 84
This section was visited by a refresh
Ing thunder shower on Friday. It
was a wlcoma visitor.
The 12th lost has been appointed
as the time for beginning to tear down
the old church that has stood for 81
years. We would attempt no rash
guess at the number of confirmations
that have taken place at her altar.
The congregation purpose making
the new edifice the finest church
building in Snyder county.
Thomas Wenrlch's house was visit
ed by burglars on Meuday night. The
trying to break the lock on the back
door awakened Mrs. W. who called to
a neighbor, but the neighbor did not
hear her. By this time the robbers,
hearing the noise of her footsteps,
fled. They should have hud a load of
No. 6.
The Directors on the 0th did their
duty fully, by placing at the beud of
our common schools, that able educa
tor, MaJ. W. 11. Dill. Success attend
him iu his new field of labor. We
learn he will locate in our midst and
open a Normal school free gratis.
This Is the duty of the County Super
Prof. Keenan of Freeburg acted as
organist In the Evangelical Lutheran
church (General Synod) on Sunday.
1 lie follow Ing is the programme of
the exercises attending the unveiling
of the Luther Statue at Washington:
May IS, 7.45 p. m. Memorial oration
in Memorial Lutheran church bv
Key. F, W. Conrad, 1). D.,of Phil
adelphia. May 10. 745 p. m. (German) A. J. 1).
Wedeuieyer prehiding. Addresses
by Kev. F.d. Moldehuke, l, 1. of
T. .i:ity nn.l Kev. F. Ph. Hen
nklni-nn, D. D. of BulMinore.
May 7.45 p. in.- Hen. J. A. Kkin.
C S. A. presiding. Flat form
meeting with 15 minute speeches
by Kevs. Drs. J. Fry. D. M. Oil
bert, Joel Swart., Kev. . II.
Oristtinger. Poem by Kev. M.
May SI, 2 p. in. Ills Honor. Chief
JiiHtiee Waite presiding. Iratious
-Hon. O. I). Conger, V. S. Sena
tor from Miehian, ami Uev. J.O.
Morrix. D. !.. L. I. of Baltimore.
Unveiling prayer bv Key. C. A. Hav,
D. D. of liettysbiirg.
Unveiling of statue by the Presideut
of the V. N.
Music will be furuihhed by the Marine
The Catholic .Virror of Baltimore Is
telling its readers a falsehood, when
It suys that the statue of Luther is to
be placed ou public ground. The
ground Is the property of the Memor
ial church, except a very small corner.
The erectors of the statue were com
pelled to place a small corner of it ou
public domain so us to give it a nice
position. But we would also remind
the Miner that there are statues of
Roman Catholics erected wholly ou
public ground.
During the centennial of American
Independence, some Catholic citizens
of Philadelphia made application to
the commissioners of Fairmont Park
to erect statues to memories of Chas.
Carrol, Commodore Barry and other
noted Romunists. Now this park is
the property of the citizens of Phila
delphia. A majority of them are pro
testants yet no one kicked against the
statues being placed there
If Catholic statues can stand wholly
on public ground why can't only one
sun 11 corner of Luther's rest on pub-
ho ground?
Jackson Township NcuaKm
The welcome, copious rains of last
week makes nature smile and every
thing appear lovely.
The apple, peach, cherry and other
fruit trees are In full bloom and a fair
crop Is propable.
There is a fair prospect for a reason
able crop of hay and wheat.
About one half of our fanners have
their corn planted and tho other half
wish theirs was planted.
Jackson had only five delinquent
School Directors on County Superin
tendent Election day.
Joseph 11. Moyer is Belling buggies
for a firm at Milllinburg.
Quite a strange animal has been
captured near Penns Creek by Cal
vin u. and Harry Wetzel. After
consulting books containing sped
mens of different species of animals
we pronounced It a Shrew, but to the
uisgust or its captors after its impris
oiuneni or a rew days it gnawed a
noie uirougu its enclosure and thus
made a clean escape and has gone to
iians unanown. A handsome reward
is onerea to any person who may re
v.M.i hi c unu identify it.
n manairera or th TTnln u
,u74" bW ""'In we taking sub
I - fcJVIU-
.-.T l, runas towards the
erection vi an additon to that instl
vui.uu un convert it into a college
win jrnr iiencn.
Prof. A. E, (loble occuplod the pul
pit of the Lutheran church at New
Berlin on last Sunday for ltev. A. C.
Felker, who by a severe blow from a
piece or wood while engaged at re
pairing fence on his farm
Istownlast week, was seriously hurt
I.I. . . . "Mill
-"wu nm men ana wM uofc tQ
Jerry J. Spangler. residing .hA,.
.....o sourn-west of New Berlin
near Penns Creek, offers hi.
consisting of 27 acres of land, all In
Kou .uue or cultivation for sale
and will give possession t
chaser 30 days after sale.
The Republicans
olid for J. fi. Blaine. As Jackson
township goes so goes the Union I
Plaster and Phosphate for sale by
Bliaonton, Barber k Cj.
MX2A0fttAL tkt A
Capt. (I. W. Ryan Tost.. No. 104,
Dept. of Pa. (I. A. R. will commem
orate the 30th of May In the follow
ing manner :
FortKxonjr SKRVtCRS.
Members of the Post meet at the
Post-room at 0 A. M., sharp, and pro
ceed to llassingers Grave yard, where
decoration of the graves of deceased
soldiers, buried there will bo made,
accompanied by appropriate ser
vices. After this the members of the
Post will return to the Post room,
aud dismiss.
Re-assemble at 3 P. M., when the
Sunday Schools and citizens will Join
in a procession with the members of
the Post, and proceed to the Mld
dleburirll Cemet erv. whero servieeii
will bo held iii accord with Depart
ment Orders; after which the audi
ence will be dismissed until the eve
ning ceremonies.
In the evening Public Memorial
Services will be held In the Court
House, commencing nt 7J o'clock ,
consisting of an address by Maj. Win.
H. Pill, or Capt. C. S. Davis Post, No.
14, Selinsgrove, lntersH-rced with
music by Stetler's Cornet Band; sing
ing by the Philharmonic (Dee Club of
Freeburg, by tho Choir of the Union
Church at Middleburgh, services by
the Post. iic. The relatives of de
ceased soldiers, neighbors and citizens
are all itivi'ed to attend at any or all
of the Public Services, and anything
in the way of wreathes or flowers will
bo welcome.
Lieut. Rhodes' Zouaves or Sons of
Veterans will also take an active part
in the processions and services.
By order of Memorial Committee,
J.Nn. Y. SmxriKl., Chairman.
Mr. App, from Selins (trove, Penn
sylvania, and Mr. Well Himsewortli
of this city, have in Mr. Housworth's
stable this week a car load of horses,
which they are going to ship on Mon
day to Selins drove for sale. A large
number of persons in this city have
been at traded to the stables this week
to see their horses which is by all odds
the finest lot of horses ever shipped
from the city. Every animal is as
near perfect in the class to which It
belongs, carriage or draft, , n a horse
can well be, and they are all young,
sound, gentle, well broken and relia
ble iu every respect. Mr. Housworth
is probably the best buyer of horses iu
this part of the country, and he has
bought these horses with special re
ference to the market to whiehthey
are going, determined to get suitable
ones, without regard to cost. They
aro fine horses, and have been bought
at big prices because they are tine.
We hope the gentlemen will make
something on their venture. AAm'ii
City (111.) Journal.
The sale of these horses will take
place at Seliusgrove ou Monday, May
10th, 184.
The new styles in head wear for la
dles this spring is unusually pretty us
will be seen by calling on Mrs. Kllen
Aiirand, headquarters for Milliner
and Fancy goods.
The Harry Sisters, known as tho
Educated Babies'' will nppear at the
B. Church, Middleburgh, on Thurs
day evening May 15, under the direc
tion of tneir father Prof. J. It. Harry.
They are spoken of In the highest
terms by the public and the press
whoreverthey have appean d and we
hope they will have a full house.
H. Wels has some important things
to say iu his advertisement this week
XX.X 18 inch shingles for sale at this
office. Apply to T. 11. Hurterfornar
--- - c
A new 7-drawer New Home Sewing
Machine for sale cheap. Inquire at
this office.
Straw hats of every size and de
script Ion comprising all the latest
styles for sale ut 8, Oppeulieimer's.
New Sheet Music aud Music Books
constantly on bund or ordered op
short notice ut Salem Si App's Music
Store, Selinsgrove.
It will pay every body to examine
the iminenso Stock Furniture for
sale by the Topular Furniture man
W. II. FELIX Lewistown Pa
jozK9 for nAijR. We have a faw
Organ Holes for sale cheap at our
music oiore, Holinsfc-rove, Pa. .
Sajhim Apr.
i on wonui oe nstonislicl to see the
les of shirts at Solly OppenhelmerVI
Uiey range In allstyies andslzes.froni
the costliest linen to coarsest working
It is the desire of all to annear well
In ;socIty, but a gentleman cannot
expect to do this however well dress
ed unless he has a bat that
becomes hlui. This specialty can be
secured at S. Oppeulieimer's who has
an Immense stock on hand.
Don't buy your Piano until vnn
have examined the Sohmkr and also
the WnKKUxiK.the bust Plonos in the
market We are sellinar them at lower
prices than any other house in Cen
tral Pennsylvania at the Musical Em
porium, Selinsgrove, Salem tt inn J
Sklliko out at Cost. -On aertonnt
of (He manager of tnf store. Mr fow
ls Kahn, leaving Selinsgrove shortly,
I am eoiupelled to close out mjr large
STOCK AT COST. Among the arti
cles to be sold will be found a large"
assortmens of Womens' and Misses
Flue Shoes and Oaiters, Mens and
Boys Fine and Heavy Boots nnd
Shoes, Quid Boots and Shoes.Trunks,, dents Furnish
ing (ioods, Sie. Tills opportunity
should not be missed by the people of
this county who desire to purchase
This Is a regular bomi fi L sale ami ev
erything will be disposed of at bot
tom prices. Don't fail to take ml van
tage of this.
Mux. R. Mahx,
Between Keystone and National Ho
tela, Selinsgrove, Pa,
Ton Can Laugh
at the grim destroyers, Croup and
Whooping Cough, if you havethnt
popular standby and incomparable
remedy. Dr. Kessler's English Cough
Medicine at hand. The w iseand pru
dent family keeps it in the house to
be prepared for emergencies, price 85
and 50 cents. Hold and warranted bv
Dr. Barber, Middleburgh, I'll.
An Exarapb.
A pale sickly child -three of McDon
ald's celebrated Woini Powders ad
ministered -releived of tlie enormous
number t f worms rosy chceks.gontl
health and appetite the" result. Hold
and warranted by Dr. Barber, Mid
dleburgh, Pa.
When you go to Selinsgrove dotit
forget to call ut Saie iiAj App's Music
al Emporium, where you can buy any
thing in the music Hue at reduced
prices. 4 17 4t
riN!N( TDK Fot XTAIXH. Ill nillll
borless bulbs beneath the skill is se
creted tho llipiid substance which
givesthe hair its texture, color and
gloss. When this secretion stops, the
hair begins at once to become dry,
lustreless, brittle ami gray. Is that
the condition of your hair? If so, ap
ply Parker's Hair Balsam at once. It
w ill restore the color, gloss and lifebv
renewing the action of nature. The!
Halsain is not an oil, not a dye, but an
elegant toilet article, highly appreci
ated because of its cleanliness.
Wantkp. Ten Psrch Sand Stone
for facing. Address,
D. A. Ci.Kiuui,
Selinsgrove. Pa.
ilmlririlt'biii'tir Murkct,
CinRCTKi wrm v or
Simontou, JJnrbor Sc Co.
Wheat (J5 to l 00
Rye ; no
( irn f(n
Oats ;ih
Mutter V5
Eggs U
Pitted cherries 14
Unpittcil " 3
Blackberries H
Raspberries 25
Onions ftd
Lard i-
Tallow oi
Npriug Chickens per lb 0
1 urKeys 10
Side 'j
Noulde 14
nam in
Ties 25 o ,y
Pen Coal 'j c,!
( 'best nut Coal 4 fiij
hlacksinitli Coal ft no
Egg Coal 4 fiO
Plaster, per ton JJ (HI
Malt per liarrel 1 i;fi
" '' knuZ:ZZZl'Z" 1 si
Kock Oak Hark fil.OO, in trade $15 50
m.vimm 1 :r.
April 27, 'M4, by Kev. J. ). Short ess
K. A. Kantz of Selinsprove, l'a., to
Miss A. Laura Hughes of Kautz, Sny
der county, l'a.
KavliiK a InruA nj..rttncnt ol rviutiunt ami
lvt' ui liHiiiiiin'J mlk, ntin an. I
vlvflp, i are pulling IIipiii un In ii"nrli'.l luui
llrion. liiriilKliiiiu tln'iii nr '('riirj' rtciiw.irk
I'licliliina, Muip. Thill-, Ni-., r. I'AI'K.MIK
Ko. I 1 H llllllll-iillliu llllllltll' III l-lll.-ll mIUk.
hUiiuhihI l.r.u ii lt-.l voIvUh lull l I f l.-rcnl ) . .hi hi
llm Ilium lur lln- in.i-l miliorli (.iitlcru i.l f.uirv
work, Sunt iiiat.m. fnrM i-hhi. Iu piniiil ..(',
or In-iit kIhiii.(. I'ACKAHI; Nn. V-'niilnln.
Inn thrt-o 1 1 ittiniH'li un un-kno No. 1. hrnt
iolnilil lor l.u). I'lii.'s uro nil nl (ho vxry
SnuKt iinlilv iiihli'Hniiiil In- c 1 1 1 .1 1 1 -. I nl utiy uth.-r
mlk wmki. In tliu i s. ul dm-., iiiiih. ., i.n,...
i hi-y will .iim hiiv linly. Ilnu linv
iininc ii ii-m-n ini.r.-. l.MHI.S M AIS'l'AMil'
V AM Y WIIIIK. Willi 4 10 lllil -trulli.lit nn.l full
iH.uti.l, i.mMimI.I (hi ,-i. Iir.l.r imw. A.lilrcuj.
inxirui-nnnit mr Hi lliitli-
in in wuric mi n.i aniii mi w
Tin; llm iikmtuk Mi.s t'u., Koi-Iio'Iit.'n.
A Valuable Farm
fpilE nnilfirsiened will sell liia farm
J- Htuiiloln Krunklln lnwnnlili,Snyilfiroiiiinly,
.... iiiiinit wrm hi .illililiuinirgll. on me MAUI
Mini i.lliiir Ironi Mlililh-huriili Lu llnnvariuiiii.
ouu tulle ourlli ul Itrnlcr. conlaiulnl eg
15 1 Acres,
mir or lM. 1M rri. aro unilr a hlsh lati of
oultirullon Hi. Ixlance la Umber. Tli. tm-
iruveui.ul ar. a uo
Two-story Log Frame House,
.".'i',d.. l,'.n,'. WOOD HOUSE. I t:oN
I H1IIS, (ll)UI)
Frame Cam,
and other n'eoinary oulbulHlns'
wnt.r at larn ami bnuui. I.ltiio mm
l.ltllo nioaoy rniilrii
to buy ami a Inns lime allowoj to iay
rar mr
vuv9 iritriicuiarB auurvM
H lm.
ALLO N"Illlfll
I..wltowu, l a.
m is i
Every Bundle Warranted I
of UM Knots !
I.etl.r. ot admlnMratlns oath.. ttat. of
1-r.d. I rouo. latauf tarr In. Kn.ri.. 11 I.
jsrtrjkTi ja-JSr' r ' 'j,
d.e.ail karlns bMD grant.illa tbs uod.r, sll p.rooi SbowIds In to laid Mtat. ar. tomaks
liomllat. payment, ebll. tboe. hsvlag alslsil
will k.ia duly sath.ntiest.d t.
Has II, ISM, AduJalMraWr
Mow Us YouiiB TTflLae I
I wish (o inform- the resident of Snyder eonot tbat ! bar ss if
ortment of
Cooking Stoves, Ranges, Heatero,
Parlor and Bedroom Stovec, 1
Including lbs New Lifrht House Cook, Silver Harp, Ladies' Pride, Te
Cooks. New Unnsbine, Net? Jasper, New lUcord Large, la
viDcinie, ii.c.-peor Heaters, isew I'.arly
-a i rlis ti .
Ins, New Jasper Heaters, New UolJen
Fireplace Hcators.
Heators from 15 to 30 Dollars,
are all of the latest pnlforns and best material, Rfiarscleed to be cbtap
as tho cht'iipeat and as good as the boat.
Call and see the Fine Cook Sotves,
of which I lisvo oa larpn and well-selerled n stork as can te found in tie
county nnd at pricen that will compare with Wholesolo Houses.
Tinware, Spouting and Roofing.
None but tho very t est used. Snooting aud Hoofing done on
short nutice. Respectfully submitted.
MiPni.Brunii i
I Imvo now iu store ami for sale
a inniiiuiotli stock of Carpets includ-
of my own make. I have about 70
Ucsigns in
Right liens in slock, including a
fine line of Gilt papers and fiior
dcrs. We trial the edges of nil pa
per sold notwithstanding the aston
ishing low prices w e sell at. Come!
Beautify your rooms for the least
Lk Here NWl
Don't say you re noi going to read t lii s, for yon are
You detest advertisements but you'll read this all the
same I It makes a man awful mad to commence and
' H0.f ho aufc o stol' listen
! i ,,v
comprising everything in the clothing line Men's suiti,
of the best French Worsted- Fanet, Prince Albert, En
gineer suits, Spring-bottom and mole skin pants, Fun
)Yool and Straw Jlats, base-ball hats (a base-ball in
each hat Vanilla hats of all colors, Boys and Cents
suits, Celleloid Culf s and Collars, Linen Collars, Jewel'
ry, JS'ockiccar, Trunks, Satchels, Valises, Cause under'
ware, and everything in the tine of Cents Furnishing
Everything Jrom 10 to IX per cent, cheaper than can,
be purchased elsewhere.
1 0T WlllCh. Wti ll'lll lint I.' Iuttli4iif lit ut'hfit i.i'xa
April 10, -til.
Iu his Store on MARKliT STRKKT, will bo found floe lot c4
MING of all K.UN1B&
aod all prices, in Gold, and Precious Stone.
Elgin, Rockford, Springfield and Hampton
in Uold and Silver, at rerairkaLlo low price
of all kiuds nnd tlcBcriptions. ROOKRS' FAMOUS
Tho placo to buj WEDDING PRESKNTH. CLOCKS cf al destrit
tiona and all prices.
Tic Fan Kings MMicn Macls, al $1.25 ajalr
The Isrcoat tsrioty of Speofarloe in tbis psrt of tbe oonntrj.
Goods can be bronRbl from New York for selection from one of tbe larvMsi
Jewelry bouses in America. Iloimiring-rt epecisltT, and all
work (runrtnfeed to pits, ssfisfaction. Ksr-rings, Breastpin
Watcbes, Cbaios, &o. Gall and examine onr atock. No '
trouble to abow goods.
..'. svkiioiit. ri.. '
Diiwo, New
and others.
A. '
now, wc are going to tell yon