The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, May 15, 1884, Image 2

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    T. II. IlyVTtTl
ftufctoription fll.50 TVr Year.
Dim (Mot, Vm Y ....... ...yM
tiBktil . t me Tear :vn
Ube'rowrrb Nrn, . fear u n
Krnlee-toat ftardt, pr tear 5.oo
A.fltar, rxanlor, Adiatoletraktr, anJ
.wwm Rutfc. fo
wlftMlrNbl arraaameal. ar made, all
MfMknMli,liiMrH lor lea tban I manth.
ftwr flM par tu.k Mf A Inaerilon 1 if
let la revon. le.ertloa and 7 MnU lor a.b
twnrat ImwIIoi.-
Ui JJJJ I J. .
Republican Ticket.
For CongrrM,
of Juniata ounty.
For AcwiutiW,
. Al.FitUI) HOrHK'll,
of MM.)l-l)urKL.
Tor NlirrlfT.
of Went Iteavvr.
For Treiwurer,
of Frmikliii.
For (.'uininlanlonvra,
JOHX MOHN of IVntro iwnl JAMES
K. UOUSKKof L'nloii.
For Auditor.
Al)AM SMITH of H.-uver nn.l O. W.
ftlKUUllof Wet-t IVrry.
For Coroner
Dr. E. W. TOOLE,
of Frt'ebtirt.
The Pooftto very properly pnsci1
the till jilaciug Getiornl UiudI on
Ibe retired list of tie army at fall
pay od tbo 13tb witbout debate oi
opposition. 1 b8 tcti m is entirely
proper, witbont nuy rcferenco to tbe
lite bnelncps misfortune of (bo Jin
tingoislicd KolJicr. He Iuih deserv
ed thin, much of tbo country be bo
valiently served in tbe boor of ii
Hoed, Tbe Hooho f-bould follow tin
action of tbe Senate at tbo earliest
opportunity. Vu''i Times.
Tbe Mormons, Dot Fatipfiol witb
LoMiug anpretnacy in I'lub and do
tying tbe United States Inns there,
are iovadiug Lliho, whicb tbey pro
pobo to convert into anotber Mor
mon atrongbold. Ibete is an nbriD
dance of loud talking iu tbo news
papers, tbe cburcb aud in Congress
about tupprcsbing polygamy and
bringing tbe Mormons to lurum, but
we ootieo that it all begins and ends
iu talk. Nothing tfTVetivo is cvii
doDe, while tbe plague spot serenely
keeps growing and uprcading ovur
tbe fairest regions of tbe great inte
rior basins and plateaus
Tbe Qorerument has paid ont
since the cIobo of tbe war neurly
SGSO.OOO 000 in pensions to tbo sol
diers of tbe Toion, and is now
trihutiug among tlit-ui over $00,000,
000 a year. 1 'infilled veteruus arc
provided witb comfortable homes.
For tbo able'boddied and capable A
record of fuitbful servieo ia tbe army
is generally a passport to ofl'ioe or
occupation. Ail this is n it nbould
be, save that tbe granting of pen
sions has assumed uunarruuted pro
portions under tbe interested tnuu
ngemcnt of claim agents.
Tbe Ifu)ucuntic party U now like
tbe negro wbo, wbua bis preacher
nuid there were but two roml, one
adiug to damoatiou, tbe otbor t
(lestruction, vehemently exclaimed,
' Den din ui""Gt''ll take, the woods.'
That party seems to bo in the same
dilemma. It has the Tariff bull bj
the horns ; if it lets go it will be
gjrtd to douth, and if it hold on it
will be kuooked to pieces. It a hon
est members have tuken to "tho
woods" in which there is uo party
trail mapped out iu tbo
Wall Street Imu Bomoliiio'' of r
panic on a email Hcule lbt week
when it was uonouncod that irint
A, Ward, bankers, bud suspended,
which was followed by tbo elapse
of tbe Marine Dank. Tbo first
member of tLe firm is a son of U. S
Grant, who, haing muiricd a C'uli
fruU millionaire h d.-mghter entered
tbe speculating urtna a few years
Oio and autoniahtd all witb bi ex
tensive deals iu stocks, aoJ,
Tbo more formidable Mr. Rhine be
comes as a candidate the more Lit'
teily is be attacked by bis enemies,
lie is receiving the mott savage
thrusts from his professed party as
sociates, and one of tbe standing
arguments against his nomination is
tbnt it would necessitate a 'defen
sive' campaign. Tbo fact is, those
who have sought to destroy bis
chances as a candidate by dragging
to the light the musty scandals ol
tbo past have strengthened him in
the estimation of the public by giv
ing his friends an opportunity to
clear np the old charges. This has
been done very explicitly and satis
factoiily, so lint there will be noth
ing to explain or defend should he
be nominated.
It is not possible for every roan
possessing the intellect and tbo ag
gressivo spirit of Mr. Ulaiuo to
spend many yeais in active public
life and not provoko antagonisms
There is nothing negative in his na
ture or disposition and by his posi
tive conrso on all questions ho has
(undo many enemies and excited the
petty jcabusies of smaller wind bj
tbo rapid progress ho has made iu
the domitin of statesmanship.
Let those who are apprehensive
as to a defensive campaigu reflect
for a moment upon tbo grave charg
es prefeiied against Quilitdd when a
candidate. Like Maine, Garfield
had been long in tbe tbe servico of
tbo country, and two or threo of bis
acts were seized upon aud tortured
into nets of criminality. Thero was
this diffuience, however, tbo accusers
of ni field wore his political ftp
ponenls,wbile the party associates cf
Maine are doing the dirty woik of
defamation. The people vindicated
(lartield, and wucn bo become Pres
ident bo gave tbo highest evidence
of his confidonco in Main's integrity
by making him bis chief adviser.
There is nothing now charged
aguiost Klaiuo that was not known
to Garfield, aud if the latter did not
regnrd the former as fit f jr tbe
1'residency he would not have made
him the head of his administration.
Those who have confidence in tbe
judgment cf Gai Geld need no argn.
ment to convince them of the integ
rity of HI
rial (liizi He.
same evening (it being Waabiogton't
birthday) and all wbo heard Lim
were captivated by bis eloqnnce and
personal charms. He very toon be
came exceedingly popular as an In
slruc'.or, and bis sorvicos for reven
teen years among ns have given our
people an opportunity of learning tbe
worth of a first-class teacher.
Ilia tumorous a Ureases befjre
teachers Institutes in various ptrts
of our Stato, at Sunday School cele
brations and otherpnblie occasions
bavo established his reputation as an
orator, second to noon, lie bos
been offered professorships in col
leges and Normal Schools at advanc
ed salarios but bo declined thorn all,
preferring t remain with the peo
ple of Snyder comity. In placing
him at tho bead of tbe common
schools of Snydor county, our direc
tors Lave done well for the cause of
education and at tbosame time bon
oring a very worthy citizen. lie
will now have an opportunity of
mingling more frequently witb tbe
poople of the county and tbey will
find him to be a plain, sociablo and
uun'iiming gentleman.
"WliRt ii t-ft!itlhil lirlcltrn bMwi'Pn flit n
ftn.l rhll'lh'Miil l t liKlnn. M.iw IntiillU-lr Ih
rliilil Ih-k'hk" wllli pnir rii'l worliln nn -n'cr
mif Uti-. ami hnw Intiillivrly. nn iinttin I He, th
ii. il in in lii'n. lurk to rnyrr ami nrli'p, ut
titiK Mini"' H axnln at le liv ul ln Willi lh Inlnn,"
rrnnrii. Sir I.. Ilnl wrr Ii) turn, la hla ' Str.uat
Yr, lull l.' twrpl IIf 1.tHiil nltiitiRntH the
lirliUo ol lil Ii luiinv hull nii'l anlul n-li"
tliDiimli alili-l tlm a II 1 wntrr ilnuli ami rnar In
wrath mi J ilcMilatlnn. 1'rnyrranil aur-hlp alone
it n-it 'imam tho r. riiilurc oiu tnn-t
In- iiti-lnt kon lipiuatli, a nl liniunn art nml rklll
mii't rrnr anil x lultlv Hi Uriu'lurr
lotl'o ill In Ih-M ri-tni,iftm In the lawn Ho
linti iihiiIm Inr the (riatiirc4 whom Ho hai iHri
unilc-r thrlr r intMl. Nellliar t Ii .-litl.l'a triKllul
"t ur I'Ktlipr," nor tlir ohl man n KorKi-t in not
in the inhlKt of nil up Innmimon," will alter tlilf
liv the wiflwht of a ainale u-ratn.
'sclem-e anil art llrnt then lulth anil prnrrr 1
Hit uMr i'f Hr.ivcn Itoell, Iitvlnltjr lienln
thri imh ll nxi-nu, ami thou aunntu are the din
povrrlen nl in. in : not tho vniiiie aniioiii-pmatitK ol
iri,irtn or pnrr. J lilo a linnlon to jroii ? I him
lime ilr.iK? In your iowrr with lilc'i
prolili'tn iiml ilulim wi-nki-neil t You aro not
well. Your iil t rluKifl'li ami tainteil, par
ham : or nini' Inr.Kirtimt oran l tonitil or over
worknl. Th'i lail may bavv tukrn the form or
ilvppirin, rn-niniiMin, aoni. miiinria, niim in
tlie rtomarh, rliroiili- h'-ailn'-li', or any ol a ilnwii
oilii-rlllx. I'AKK KIW'S I I INK' will Inrlirora'e
vnn. an frmh air Invluorateii Hioho who have hern
lint np In il iini, iPtii i rlln. It In owerlul. pure
ii-lK'lou. ai-ipiitifli'. rali"-tho kryHouc ol Hie
central a-cli ol tliu urhlKc ol iiik.
Irof. William U070:,
lato SiijtiiutfciuUnt of Coin nun
Hclioulb, 'juils tho duties c f this im-
poitaut office and 1 c tires to private
life with the proud i-atisfnetion that
he has the approval of all tho people
and the consciousness of having faith
fully and impartially discharged his
duties, l'or twelve years bo ear
nestly and vigorously devoted hie
time and talents, with marked mic
cess, to tbe work. That ho should
Horvo the public for so long a period
and escopo, entirely, adverse criti
cism is expecting too much. Hi
high moral character, undisputed
s.ciiil excellence aud admitted ncho
lastic qualifications eminently lit ted
him for a faithful and aftlcient dis
charge of tho very important work
and turned asidu the poisoned ar
rows of coiicuiled and nnfricndly
criticism. Neither want tf public
confidence or growing nnpopnlitrih
but bis lorg eeivice, and a public
desire to do something for our emi
tieut utid excellent citizen. Maj 11
1i)1, Flood iu the way of Mr.
Moyei's re-election, Mr. Mover'
ready and hnmble submission to
tho popular will made Lira mnnv
new friends and imparted renewed
confidenco nnd greater esteem iu
his mimcrous old nnd tried friends
to re lire Ibus from public service is
tho ttiougest and best evi lencu that
tl.o pe:plo will ngain call him tj ac
tive, public duty.
J hrrp' y Klvt-n thai
ho t liKllrl,
llllnin llnltxwurth,
lohii II r o-kler
llaoiel Holeuder,
oi.i Npreht.
orae i) hmlto
Kohert .Vlilillatwartb
Henry SioiH
obi U'eii'lt,
Slini'll l.nnK.
eih iMoKer,
Da 1 1 Herrnlil.
Catherine liotliarmal,
N llouner
Samuel Unmbjch
Hyron Hartniao
liaheth Keoler
lir 1; M-nnee
have their prtltloni lor Tavi ro. llrere
with the t'lork of quarter hiloni of hnyler
county, mil tlieaaiue will bo prenentod lorap
nruval nn Miin,lav. the Mth ila tl Mav next.
Aol now. .lanu ry lth, 1 7, It la onlereil
that the clerk nl the court Innert In lha puhll
p U"ii of Tavern I.loentea herealter a nutlno
that all'aunea uranieii hy the ; iu't will ha
nu I iiml voi-l. un'e.4 u.a aiiiniaant mill nil
the lame within lifleea iUy alter tha mine
hall hive been urai.teil. hy the pro,tuntlnn nl a
reriilnt li-nin the c.onlv I reasarer to tue t'lera
oli ilJl'ourt. that the I.lcen'e f hi heao
paPl. i i it i i iiia ,
rf. W. II. Dill,
the newly electod Couuty Suporin
tendent of Snyder C unty, as born
at Warwick, N. V.t August 26, 18 U
Ho atteuded the Warwick Institute-,
backed i Dat'vo town, aud entered ltut
i vt t mi.-i ii
hv IU cams ct old Ulv -sea. tho fi. m Gers uonego, .1. u., xueouoro re
eni .,td anliioiUJ cond leuce. In , Ji"SioyeD, our present S jo. of State
tit t.tWnDal; rant U..ta Lislb?ioe president of the Collego ai
n-bavicgbeencompellea to make lLat luao' wLau ixloeo 5T
an MaitDtveut. iolae- AHer taking a lull course
mil aaaaaaaaaaaaaa I in that lustitulb be graduated With
fail- bouors. Ihetocain of war then 10
sounded through tho land, aud he
When the intelligence of tbo
wre of U. 8 tiritnt itiscbed Washing
ton, Senator Ivliuonds of Veimout
hastily c fTer d a resolution to re
tire tbo General at a salary of
000 per nimum, ond requested thut
owing to tbe cit'ouiust'jnue witb
wbicu the house was acquainted,
rromwt action would bo takeu in
tbe rueasuro. We ar uu ardent ad
tuirer of General Grant, and -believe
it justice to retire buu in doe time,
but that ether important buoiness
tboiild be sot aside to make good Ibe
joss of Grant through his prodical
sup, looks to us us though some
p rsons wot mighty anxious to
ii ske donations of other people's
J D-oney. Young Grant had to have
3.OOO per mouth as liviug expenses
and-lhe 6rm lost the balance in
1 be b"v is
entered the servico of his country u
a private, was souu promoted to
cttptttucy and whou the war closed b
was commiubioned a Major lit mor
itorious services during the three
years that he served in the army
lie participated in uiiny hard-tought
battles, tbe lust boiog on the bloody
field of Gettysburg. At the close of
tbe war be went back to his native
town. 1'rof. lioyer, Tresideut and
Principal of tho Froeburg Academy
applied to a firm in New York, for
competent teacher aud this corres
poudenco resulted iu securing Maj
I). 11, who arrived in Free burg, Feb
-Will the cmlnir man arankef" wa ent
iled by lT"f. H-k In hla cbamiln para
I -Met Ue aaya, mon-nvnr. that the rational
way to mm fciharro la throinrh tlie rU
All aaTw that otily the ln-at tihacco a!inult
be n-.1. Wh!.U la fin ttf That ti
which Natum bMrontriluiU-rt the ninetei
nul'lf SaTrra. lllark wi-ll'a Hull l'urham
Hiiiokm Trhvon Mu t!- hill romplcti-ljr.
h'jirly two thirila of all the totaimrrowu
nn UieOol'leiiTotiarmlK-ltnf NnrUi Caro
lina Krpa Into U10 manufactory rf ltln.-k-well,
at Inirluuu. '1 f ry my tlin u k i f
tfie enliro iw.-tion. Hn--Miwkwi'U'a
Hull luirhain
Kuioklna Tolcco la thr
Imlof thai biliarco. Don't
N ilm-lvcil wln:n you buy
l'he iMirhaxn HuU Uat
mark la pu
i-vi-ry reutune
lllir-kwiirn (K-iiomd Hull Pnrhara
Aa Uj' liioluu of all )ulirw ot
tUnokina Tobacco.
MalloiKroT Uoroukb
Heaver Town'blp
Owing to ill hcnltli 1 would nn
onucc to my pntrons nnd citizens
of the surrounding community that
I have to disbnndon the mercan
tile business, till improvement 01
health. Would extend this time
six months to my pntrons to settle
up their accounts nnd would say
that 1 will keep u full stock of mer
chnndico for the next 90 days nnd
will positively sell cheaper than any
other store in the county.
Very Respectfully
Deaver Spriogs, May 1, '84
lift 3 BLOOD,
III ahd a
wyvPositive Cure
Baartcirif tt
1 J
Sasricirif r
l InfklllM. remedy Ihi
'all dlaeaatw or lha Skin
and Blood, auch aa
Tot tar,
Plmnlaa M lllntclioa.
and Ii the beat IU-me.1)
lor all mal linm-
plalnU nl Waak
neeaaa. It baa cured
dlaaaae. of the LWr
and Kldneye whan all
other remedies faave
rkOMWrwr DiaetK inaaaaiJ. jtm sa.l
If SanaChlraj SaM, pot If kar mat tuA aa4 It, aa4
fwiu DM mm Ray It, writs 10 and w wlU aaad
I ftm by xpras, pfwpUd, 00 raaadp of prttm.
Otm in fhraa tattlea of KheomaMe MVM4l
elear tha ijwiu of Blla, and nra any taae) af Ia
amrawory ar jkuw unwimaiiani, or naoraajia.
.TTira to St bottle, will antra tinlnala. h
Its wont fcra.
Tout fo rlx Vottlea ara warranted to aara
corrupt and running float;
Tonr to aft bottles ara wamatwd to san
any caaa of Ball Hbeum. to alfbt butt la. will tore U worat
1 of St rufula.
of Khavmatk
pymp will rnre any raaa of Cbronl. Khunualata
.Tmm two to four month1
twenty yearn' atantllng,
If yon hay. bean a auflWrar yaart, sad hare
nacd alt lh. remadle. yon aoold tj of, with ao
avail, do not ba dlaoooracad, aw EbenmatU
Syrup will cur you.
Price, S1.00 par bottlat S bottUs tar 99..
Band for our pamphlet of TaatlmonlaU. eta, .
RHEUMATIC SYRt'P CO., Bocbeatcr, V. T.
FUH 8 ALK UV I)UUUaiST6 l'rloe l.UUpr otil orO boius lor
Every tlepat t man t full and reaJj for bnsiness, Tba Largest aod mott
Carefully Selected Stock of WALNUT & PAINTED CHAMBER SUITS
ever shown io Lewistowo. Sixty Chamber Saits, priees from 925.00 to
$125,00, beiog twenty-five saits mora than aver on band at aoy one
time before These suits are all gotten np in good style, make and fin
ish. None Better, and will be sold low for rash. Call and inepeet goods
BLES all kinds MATRESSE3 of all kiuds. FORTY LOUNGES from
$5.75 np. Rppb, Brossols. Terrv's Hair Cloth, and Velvet coven. We
take the lead in these goods SIDEBOARDS, handsome and elegant.
Oar own make. All Prices low foivCasb. Our desire is to please. Oca
Motto : Good Goods, Low Pricos, and No Trouble to Slow Goods
PICTURES, PI01U UK FRAMES, otc, for tbe million.
W. H. FELIX, Pro.
Wider Fona Draw.
Won der AuJam un deAfe ebos gavrist hedda
fain Solly Opponboimer seino store we sie ira gor
da gawest woia don betta siesich net gaboddored
mid laub blotter, for see betta gUJcr grega kanna
dos eee net ma gakust betta nnd wai-e roa Wee
Lissnese gaweet. Are bnt glaJer fr bova fer $1.35
de suit, an fer menner gone wenicu mair. Io bem
mer beat are ollas dos ich mi lava gasanna hup
Wisoe hemmer fur Sundog, un oily sotta fer war
dog. Hi goods is alfort ust w aare sogt dos es is,
un ich lr ftrboftcjlor not sana wee de lite see
so wolfile mocha kena. Are hat no aw hols dicber,
Fnrtiisbiog goods, Satobels,'(Trunks, Revolvers, tin
an lot onera sccba dos ieh uet wase wee mere as
deitcb hast, over ich wase doi boo wolfile sin. ieh
bop one gafrogbt was ere will mit aofel atrow
beet, no but are es moul af garisa dos erne der
bate opgafolU is na hut gaiogbt : "Dose will be
all sold before do eeaBon closes or I am a liar I '
Having jnst opened a msgoificent stock of General Merchandise desiro to
eall tbo attention of Layers to a few facts that will not only please but
Astonish the Public !
They are now offering good brown
Sugar 4 pounds for 25 cents
and all other Groceries at corresponding prices. Jn DRY GOODS tbey
have an unlimited variety of everything, Wooiens' Hose at & cts a pair.
ratgicg in price from 8 to 75 cents per yard.
100 Pieces of Cottonades
at fi t no 8 to 25 cents per yard. They have also tbe finest lot of
Stone Iron Chinaware
in the county, while thoir stock of
Glassware is Simply Immense.
io fact eveiytbiLg in tbe line of General Morchaodise found in Groat Va.
ricty aud at
Bottom Prices.
Follow the crowd and yoa will find the place.
i:i;holi ki kli;,
a Letier. af AdinlDl'trailnn on tlia eat
nf Jumel llaaiunr, Ula U e't ller
towi.tliin. Snviler CouDtv. I'a.. ilei M. birlDu
t.aeo (iranteil to tlie unueri.:neii, an prenna
know ma- tlieina ve Inloltel to aall eitate ara
riutateil io make linuieiliata payment, Ublle
lima, LavInK oialuiiwill ret.iil lliewduly au.
tu.ttilcat.d to
May 1, '!. pi Ailmlnlttratun
i-!fuilv Cauirlit with I.ockwootl Si Fob-
Iit'k New ICIfi-trid Knrlur
Aliirin, "H ciMitH.
Now l;ii-rlric I'.ill. '.v.: Now Annunt-latur
Kunli, TV , rsiw Sunn lor, fl ; New ,svmiwiim
Ai y. 76. l I'iiiII liniliilia. 'in, iirk-palil : e I'rup
Aniiuiii'latiir. i-iiuiiii'i. w. annua w inwii.
M miiI mnuuy alio your nMera. ralenl. an-
nlle.1 I). W . KnhaTKK k I'D..
ill rara uuw new iera.
nA ort. 7 W. ao autire atr.nger
pell spvaokod aud mi U led, U appeared tefors ao ftodience ib-1
A strictly vegetable prepa
ration, composed of a choice
and skillful combination of
Nature's best remedies. The
discoverer does not claim it a
cure for all the ills, but boldly
warrants it cures every form
of disease arising1 from a tor-
Did liver, impure Diooa, ais
ordered kidneys, and where
there is a broken down conai
tlon of the System, requiring a
firompt and permanent tonic,
t never fails to restore the
sufferer. Such is BURDOCK
BLOOD BITTERS. Sold by all
druggists, who are authorized
by the manufacturers to re
fund the price to any pur
chaser who is not benefited by
their use.
PRICE, 01.00.
FOSTER, hllLE'JRN & CO., Props,,
Jnlin I'riiikitiank, et nl va t TV Mate, at. al.
Ann r.llMt Itnwe, va Win 11 Mot 'arty, el aU
V. V Hiililiiii-k, v.l W Omiuli-r.
Moovn III. It. S-n. va Win 11 l.a h.
t ranklln and Nuwlun l lrlrh, Tnnnnta In Com-
Inun va'l'lia Ikironitli ol KHllnnitrnvn.
laaaeaml Mm) .iiiiiiicriiniu, v. Abr anil t.'har-
Into Kmi-ln-r.
Joreiiiinli nml KmuiiiSnyiter, vii Jacob ana Mary
Kuiuia J Hcriuun, do-Helm, vl Sain anil (leo.
lull n U ii ii'! S.i rili M Snoko, vt DutIJ Kolotily
an I V II ll n-kiiK.
'Iiurlva Krnufe. v I niul IMcndrr.
Sjiki', va .lolm S Wolf
s.iino vadeurKU 11 lli-mlrli-ka.
lohn III, 'I lorry va I. l( linniniei.
I'lieS (1 S:ili, ami llull.linif AMnelallon, T
II N liovnr, rt ul.
Ilnrllnulon II kul, rial va Htiniiml linwen at ul.
Tliealmve i-naea dre at laaue mid lor 'irtalat
May Term 18t.
3. CltOl'KI-; ITolliy.
I'fotliya. (IfflM SJ, KM.
VTOT1CK ia hereby Rven that the
Uv f.illnwtns Wldowe Apiiralaemanta nuitor
the flOO Kaw, have been Dleil with Ih Ulerk ul
the liruliaua- nnri ot nny.irr coumy, lorron-
n.nt.ii.,,, .I, ainntlav. Ilia '2Ath da of Miff
Annrillainent ni i.yuia lioilin wmow oi nnuon
HoiihIi, lute ot WiuliliiaTlnn tnwnaili,(lupenaril.
Aliiiinemnl nl lltinry lluiiiinol una mnna
lluiinnel, i-hllilroii iin l fielra ul Wlllnim Hum
uinl late ul Cliaiiimn tnwn,hl, ilooeuaoit.
Airnlnniiii iii ul .vary Ann now, widow oum-i
Uow, lute ol MliMlncreelc townlil, Uec-caavJ.
Apiinilainidit ol Catharine limine widow of
UaiiUl liMUto, lata ul rennlownablp, ilmcHicd.
Appraisement of Kliiabeth Troup widow ol
John P. Truup lata ol Waehlnnlou towonblp,
iiiay ), 'at. J. uituvac, wiarn u. u.
Tb. Ureat tveuu of Hlalory In Una Volume.
List of Grand Jurors
Drawn tot Regular Terra .omtneoelDf Man
day. May It la,
A ilama John V. Zechmaa
Heaver I. H. knapp, fbara. Komlg.
H-avar Well Tliomaa Harbatar.
i;bamao Jamea K. Hohrer.
t-'raukllo Aaron Uulla, tlanra. Pnyrier.
jaokioo Juramlab Mjiaogler, Ooorn. f,
MI ldl.borgh-HeorKe M, Khlndel, Jobs M
Mlddlacrick John KleliU, .taoob BallBf.r.
Daniel Dunkelh.rK.r.
Monroe I.aae r'lb r, Kdward ilumaal,
l'enua Sliuoo Harmon.
K.-llniKrove lame, A. Ilarratt. Jobs T. Mark.
I'Dlon liaao llrlll, F. te Aukir
WatblnytoB lald Arboaat, Joka 8telBa,
beoton btraub.
List of Petit Jurors.
dama riiarlca Vignett.
aaver JitUn Walker (Jherlea I.loid. Anttln
liluil iman. A. N. liorunr, K Iwaid Krrad.
Ilaaver Woat Henry Krelia, i'lillip J.Manberk
Toblaa E. Koltx, (Jeortjo Muyder, Jacob
Cbapmau-r. W. Wallln, John O. Kt.ltrer,
John tl. Kreliztr.
rentrM Heulwu taalr, John K. Shnakl,
rraukun uanry nauuli, Atarlau Krear,
Na'on rt. DtolimU.
Jai-kaoo llaruliart Kllna, J a ran 8. Hitler
MUdl.M-re.ik 1. U. 8lber, ferry Rjw, Kobert
Monroe Jureinlab Aip. Samuel L. App
Pe ina Oi-ome C. Oimti-r. tlharlea Henfnr.
I.rry lUiubavl Winner. Jubu feller, Joaapb
l.eniK, naury tiarilliiK, r.rry uelui, J , B,
(ire bill.
I'.rry Weat-J. It. Wlllll.
Hellnxirova Mid. WelZ'l, 3. O, L. Mklndel,
II. E KlrKelvvT.tlharlea tl Mor.r A B
Keck, Waller Hummel, Kdward I'lab.r,
Ii J mirk
Union .leranjlab Btraob
Waahlnnttr Hxnry J Srhnee, Ulrooa) B.noln
nWU Urliuia, NalUaK lielbl
(In old Ist olficc room).
Always keeps ocjband a full lino of pnro
Drugs, Chemicals, Patent Medicines, Perfume
Druggists' Su dr ies
n other miscellaneous Roods generally found in a first class Drag
Store. Also a fall line of
1 (IRK AND LIQUORS for medical pnrposes. Physicians pre
sciiptioDS carefully compounded at all hours and at reasoLable rates.
Residence on eorser, opposite U. B Church, Middleborgh, I'a.
iJ'LW !. , ,
Show) how nallona have liven made or di-alroy-ad
Iu a diiy How tauie or IHcniiter baa turned
on a lnala onntwl, A Orand Houk lor (lid or
Vniinu Siivt'H Tune AliU tlie Memory Uvea
l lt-amiro ami Inniruetlon Muia and inn llltia
Send for fall d.aerlptloD and tenna. Addrera.
i t. 3tu. J. I), Mot'l'KUY k. t o , I'lilla.
In tlie matter of the 1 In the Onaii'
tutc of .liiciib Stxhrit ' i'oui t of tiiiyikr
itirtniutl I l.ounlil
Tne uiuleralKned Auditor appointed by th.
Oriilmiin' Court ol Huyder county to distribute
tho balanre Iu the bail'l. of Julia Ii. Hechrlit nnd
lli tirv II Nrrhrl.l Klirlllora of lh. but Will
ami iVaiaiuenl ol Jaonb Km-hrlat, deiiaiiud. will
alt lor the purjioao of III. eiipoinluienl at tb.
uflluoollt. P. I lrl. li, Ym., In tbe borough ol
Si-lln'tjiove, on 1 Imrml iy, May !Und lnt, at
Uo'rliK-k A. nam nay, wnen
By Tlrtn. of Kundry writ. I.aa.d out of the
Court oi common ri.a. oi nnyuer county, ana
to in. dlrretrd, 1 will eipoie to uuldla tale, at
tli. Oourt Hoiim. la MlilJItiburali. on SATl'H-
DAY, MAY 17, lN.t, at IU O'c-Took, a. in. lh
lollowln ( Ileal Eatai.-. A eertalD
lot bounded by land ol A, K. CJilt, Michael
Koloeb and olbora, whereou I. a drain Houaa,
f oal Yard, 4., Alao a New lirlok lloue and
Irfit. bounded b lota ol Homuel II. Walter.
.lerainlab Urouna, by a fubll. Knad, and an
Alley, -i ni-i. properii.a ara auuatva in r rank
Un Towuahln. Hnvdar llounly . Pa.
R.lii-d, taken Iu aiaeuilon to b. told l tb.
prepartf 01 U. It, lunaienerner
April ii, 16M. nnrrirr.
XX Latter, ol Admlnl.irntlon on tba ..lata
nf Mary Ann Arbogaei, 1 1 of Parry lowu.blp,
Hinder Uo.. I'a.. .laoaaaad. having been arant
ad io tb uiideral-nd all peraoui baowlu
h. niialvaa liidebta.l to .aid a.tala ara I.OU..I
...a i,uu .ii ' ad to make lut mad lata payuaut, while ibo..
i.arll.-a Iniereat are not to attend, or La lor- bar nir oiaiui. wilipre.eni inen nuiy auta.a
.. barrad from ,riicir r In , ..W HUtrllm- noaica to MkXUkm AFBOOAST.
" iuYiior. M.f 1 'bt. A4lliiialor.
HUIVI IUIXY, lv. Dealer in
Breech & Muzzle Loadina
Shot Guns.
riNK and
Brass Shot Shells & AraraanitioH.
Fori! anil American Doie ana Single BreecMg
J. H. REICH is also ono of tho largest STOVE AjfP
TINWARE HEALERS in tbis Bcctiou of tbe StaU.
HIRAM tlDLCY It CO.Rocfiuter.N.Y.