The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, November 29, 1883, Image 1

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i H ARTE It.
Ho that will nut re n in i bigot; ho thut cannot in a. fool ; lio that dare not in n bIjivp.
NO. X.
In It worth while to Jontle a brother.
Bearing hi load on the rough road
' of Ilfet
la it worth whir that we Jeer at each
In llackii)N of heart that we war
to the knife T
ol pity um nil In our pitiful nt rife.
tod jity us nil an we Jontle each
God pnrdun us all for the tritiiupH
we feel
When a fellow coih down ncath his
loiul on the leather,
Pierced to the heart; word are
kei'iier than teet.
And mightier far for woe than weal.
Were It not well in this brief life's
On over the ithmuH, down into the
We gave him a nh fiiHtcud of a Her
ent, 'Kre folding tne hands to be and
Forever, and aye, In duct at his aide.
IxKik at the roen ulutlnreiirh other;
Look at the heardx all In peace on
the plain,
Han, and man only, make war on his
Ami laiivcliM In htn!ieart at his perl
and pain,
-(Shamed by the beast that g down on
the plain.
Who am de doctah r asked
Brother Gardner, as Samuol Sliiu
Annlljr got room for bis foot and the
meeting cam to order.
in the fust place be am young
man. who t'ars op sidewalks, lugs off
gates, takes op two seats io de street
kyar, walk six abreast on do Bide
walk, cultivates slang au' ana only
two p'ints removed from a loafer,
lie graduates. He has 1'aroed some
Latin, some surgery, and what he
doau' know 'bout medicine bo aiu't
gwino to practice on. By an' by you
bar of biiu as a sucoostifdl ductal).
He has stack bis stukos au' drawn
bic Jiuos. lie hus I'm nod dut cub
tor ilo am a irentlo cathartic, an' bo
will pnrceod from d:it to linger what
may bo good fur typhoid fever.
"De doctnb ntn n mnn who pnek-
ers bis motif au' ebnkes bis bead.
De am werv careful not to tit Ik loo
much. Ifonoof bis patients fonn'
dut aqua pura meant wutor de
doctnb would consider tbo case
hopeless. What be larks in knowl
edgo he reck ns do family will mnko
np in good uuseiu'.
"Tbe doclab nm a wiso man. Ifi
be fiuds do pnlso tip an' do tni:giio
Don't call yoor mother "old worn
an." Lot bur always be "mother."
Old lady'' is bad eoongb, bnt "old
woman" applied to ber wbo gave you
life and nursed you in infancy is
rude and unkind.
Once it was "Mother, I am very
bnngrys" "Mothor, mend ray jacket;"
"Mother, put np my dinuer," and
then mother, with bor loving bands,
would spread tbn bread and butler
and stow awry tbo luncheon, and
sow ou tbo great patches, ber heart
brimming witli affection for tbo im
petuous, cm ley littlo pole that gavo
her so many slops, and disturbed
ber with his boiritoious mirth.
Now she M tbo "old woman," but
hLo did not think it would ever come
to tbat. Suo looked on through tbe
futiiro yoars ant! saw ber boy to
manhood grown, and be stood trans
figured io tbe liht of ber own beau
tiful lovo. Never wa there a moro
noblo son tbao ho, honored of tbo
world aud tho staff of ber declining
Ay, he was her support even tbon,
bnt tho did not know it. Sbo never
realized tbat it was bor littlo boy that
guvo ber strength f-jr ber d lily toil,
coaled be kLOws dnr am a fever. Ifi"u,l that bis tlendor form was all
it shouldn't happen to bo n fi ver do that upheld ber over tbo biiuk of u
Is it worth while that we battle and
Some poor fellow down Into e
iluxt ?
Clod pity us nil: Time too soon will
All of iik together, like lea vex in u
. K"t,
Humbled. Indeed, down into the
When the crumbling bones of
John Howard Payno were carried in
State across tbe ocean, and boron to
tbeir last renting place amid tbe
pealing of music and singing of
requiems, tho wbolo oution looking
ou, it was impossible not to romeui
ber how much tbe life of the poor
poet would have been warmed and
brightened by a very little of this
appreciation aud honor.
If, instead of tbe universal lauda
tion which bas been given to tbe
dead Poe, a hearty, genuine effort
Lad been made by one or two friends
to keep bira from ruin, be might
Lave lived bapily for many years.
It Las always been tbo habit of the
world to neglect its heroes aud lead
ers while they are living, and to
Leap honor aud pruiso on them as
eoon as they are deaf and blind to
Loath. "Bailifis," sang poor Moore,
(who himsolf knew the bailiff well),
"may seize my last blanket to-day,
whose pall will be held up by ooblos
When Ben Johnson lay dying io
poverty and banger, Charles I., wbo
Lad long known of bis want, sent
him a small sum, without any kindly
"I will have none of of bis alms,"
said tbe poet ' Ilo sends it to me
because I livo la au alley. Tuko it
back and toll him bis soul livoe iu an
alley l"
Thousands of years ago tbe prov
erb was old. "Better boing a living
dog than a dead lion." Especially,
1st ns add, if tbo living dog is not
starved by bis friends in food or
praise or love.
Americaus are nsnally too crowd
od and hurried by tbe incessant
struggle, to cordially obeer and en
courage each other. Detraction and
fault-finding followed,. Lincoln and
Oarfiold . to tbe very minute they
were struck down, when tbey became
popular detni-gods. Some of our
public men might be temptod to wish
fur assassination as good luck, com
pared with the perpetual lashes of
too knout of public opinion.
Even in : oar individual lives, we
are too apt to keep back tbe express
uioos of our admiration and lovo for
our living friood to lavish it on him
hen dead, Bisters and brothers,
even husbands and wives and par
ents, treat each other with petulence
and aelflsb coldness ' for years, ontil
death comes, when tbey sob out on
tbe ccmn of tbe dead an affection
bicb would1; have . illuminated tbeir
lives. "He knows now how I loyod
bliortbey cry. .'
'J'ha living man bears and knows
that wbioU is told nhn. lint there is
"'ways the possibility that th. dead
iieuiciuo won ui uo jiiHi do sniuo
good. When bo can't toll a case of
measles from n caso of small pox bo
kills two birds tta ouo stouo bv
preecribiu'fur do latter.
"II a tarn Jy doclab should sot
down an' tell a patient dut bo bad
bilioue fever, an' dat be was givin
him sartin romodios au'dut he would
be out in twelve or fourteen days, do
patient would expire insido of two
hours.- Bo only safe way om to
shake do bead, scare do wifu inter
fits, an' prononnco it a case of life an
aoatn wuar de ohillen mus' be
spanked and tied np, de doah-bell
inufllod, au all de roluahuns tele
grapbod to. It's only artor do pat
leut aro soeu suwiu' wood de week
arterdathe am told what a clus
shave he had.
"De doclab am a roan who slicks
When bo gits hold of a cuso dar' am
no let go ouIohh ho om pulled off. If
be can't cure be kin advise a trip to
ilftckinaw or 1'Iorida, an' if do pat
ioutam nucivil 'cuff to die on his
hands all oddor doctahs am roady to
testify dut his life was prosarved a
bull y'ar longor dan could bavo bin
expected. Do docUU wbo would ad'
mit dat a caso was too complicated
fur bim would bo bustled outor de
riug io no timo.
"De dotah am a great stickler fur
de'porfossional.' It ain't profession
al toadvertisu dat be am a doctah
De public mtiB1 take bim for a bank
robber or a boss-jockey an' keep up
de inquinu' until it aid dibkivered
dut be am a doctah. It ain't profes
sional fur two doctahs to meet obor
de same patient, fur fear be will git
well. Itaint professional for one
doctah to amit dat anoder bas writ
ten morphiuo wbar he meant miiu
ine au' killod somobod. E'hmi wbou
a coroners mrv am sittin' on da
m -
body of a butchered woman it ain't
professional fur a doctah to cnll it a
case of abortion. It ruuu' bo bis
opiuynn dut do wamau was run obor
by a tiaiu of kyors. .Nobody eber
b'urs of a doctab makiu mistakes
De undertaker kivors 'em up an' do
iratornity tako do witness stand.
Let ns now purcood to biznoss."
Another fraud is reported by tho
Hazleton "nam Speaker." I 1 armors
read this : 'Forsorae time pasta
man named Frank Bennecht, rep
resenting bimsalf es agent for John
blotter, a heavy borso dealor of
Ilarrieburg, bas been piaotioing
some tricks on tbe farmers iu come
of tbe surrounding counties aud
parts of Luzerne. His method of
working is simply to go smoog tbo
people to whom Mr. Moltor is well
known and to endeavor to purchaso
horses for tbe latter. Agreeing on a
price bo presents tbo farmor with a
cbeok onacortaiu buuk, und od.l
tbat bo bas made arrangements with
a prominent man in tbo neighbor
hood, by which the farmer 'oun get
bis money immediately if be bo de
sires, ihis scusme appears to
work well,' as soversl bavo lately
beeu swiudled i Constables are now
on tbe lookout for bim, but at pres
eut his, whereabouts is uuknown."
When a Touwr man esoorts his
girl bom after eveaing service, Lei,. ... ..
liuda tbat the lon-t Li rnnn.i u "eved that Lia
daik disiair.
She oiily know tbnt fIio loved tbe
chilil, aud felt among tho mists of
ago bis love would bear ber gently
through its irnimulios Ito tbo dark
ball that leads to tbo life beyond.
But tbe son has forgotttn tbe ten
dor ministrations now. Adrift from
tho tender moorings of borne, be is
cold, selfibh and bonrtless. "Mother
bus uo sacted moauiug to tbo prodi
gal. Sbo is tbo "old woman," wrin
kled and grey, lamo and blind. Pity
ber, oh gravo, and dry those tears
tbat run down her furrowed cheeks !
Have compassion on ber sensitive
heart, and offer it thy qniot rost,tbat
it may forget how much it longed to
be ''dear mothor" to tho boy it nour
ished through a careless childhood,
wbo, in return for all its kindness.
bas only returned reproach. Dear
reader; aro you guilty of liko fugrae-ituduf
There Wero Giants In those Days,
Years ago the Sawkill was then
only a village tavern io Milford Pa.
and was kept by a remarkable mau
named Lewis CornclioiiH, who, at tho
timo of his doath in 1811, must bavo
been tbe heaviest man iu the coun
try. Tho following is a copy of a
copy of a certificate entry iu one of
tho books of record in tbo Clerk's
office of tbo county, tbe original en
try having boon made immediately
after Mr. CorueliouB' death:
Lewis Cornelious Died September
27, 1811.
His height was 6 feet
Circumference below tbe waist, 8 feet
2 inohos.
Circumference above tbe waist, 0 foot
i inches.
Circumference of arm above tbo el
bow, 2 feet, 2 inches.
Circumfereuro of arm below tho cl
bow, 1 foot 0 inches.
Circumference of wrist, 1 foot 3 inch
Circuiufuionco of thigh, 1 foot, 2 in
Circutufercuco of calf of log, 2 feet 7
Circnmferenco of anklo, 1 foot 7 in
His weigho was G15 pounds, with
out clothing.
During bis lifetimo Mr. Cornelius
would not consent to be weighed
ho above was bis weio-bt after
eath, and after a long illness, dur-
tng which he bad lost muou flosh.
Mr. Cornelions was survived by a
wife and seven children, tbree sons
and four daughters. Tbe munige
went of tbe hotel has never passed
out of the bands of tbo family. The
wife, tbree sons and one daughter
are dead, and tbo bouse is now man
aged by tbe remaining daughter.
wo of tbo sons weighed over tbree
hundred pounds each at tbe time of
tbeir death, and tbe deceased daugh
ter weighed over four hundred. Ooe
son, wbo died two years ago, bad
boon shoriuof tbe oouoty fivo times.
nude that the loogest war round is
John Gedlioger, a minor at tbo
Cuyler Colliery, near Girardvillo, by
mistake ponied basin ot scaldlog
water upon bis bead, ; AH tb akin
and bair have fallen off and it ia be-
aigbt ;will to do-
A w man arrived at tbe depot
here recently from the East with
seven children io tow, and at almost
the same Lour a nan reached the
aarao depot from the North with Ave
offspring of various ages and sizes.
Sbe was a widow aud be a widower,
and tho children bad not been
npanked moro than once around be
fore there was a sort of mutual sym
pathy tbbt begot admiration and
then friendship. Ouo of tbe widow's
boys offered ono of tbo widower',,
girls a bito of his friend cako which
was accepted iu tho spitit tendered,
and n 1 0-year old giil bolonging to
tbo man iuuJo to tho2-yenr-old belong
ing to tho woman, and soon secured
tbo privilege of wiping; its uobo and
combing its bair. l'rosently tho
widower niudo bold to iuquiro :
"Madam, am I wrong iu believing
tbat you are a widow "
"I bavo boeu a widow fourteen
mouths to-day," sbo answered.
"Great Scotts ! but it's just four
teen months to day oiuco my llan
nor died !
''Which way bo you going !"
"To Illanuy."
"That's just whero I am going,
too. Did you promiso your buabaud
uevor to marry again ?"
"Aud I didu't promise my wife,
eitbor. l'.ict is, I believe I shall
unite as soon as I fiml tiomo good
"Aud my children uecd a father's
care," sbo sigbod us sbo pulled littlo
Jobu Henry off tbo wiudow-sill and
bumped bim into a scut.
Tbo man gut up and walked
around tbo waiting-room and took a
closer look at the childruu. Thoa
ho returnod and Baid :
"I Biippose you've got a few hun
dred dollars, bolonging to some
church can wash and bakoaud mend,
and are of a mild and fo iviujj dis
position ' '
'Y8, that's me.
"Well I'aiu kinder religions, even
tempered, and am worth obout !?2,
000 I'm sort o'struck on you. There's
something about your eyes tbat re
minds mo of JIauncr "
"Aud you look liko Alonzo around
tbo mouth," she sighed.
Then be bent over and whispered
something about Cbicugo and get
ting married, and sbo nodded ber
bead. He gathered bis children un
der his wing, took them into a cor
ner, and solemnly aud iuij resBively
chtiorvod t
"Children, I'm going Io git mar
ried to tbat woman over tboro and
givo you a dow mother. If any of
you are goiug to kick and boo-hoo
about it, begin now, so tbat I can
tune ye down before tbe truin goes.
Henry, you are the oldost. Are yon
going to dscluro you'll run away or
commit suicide T Let mo kuow tight
now for this is a good placo to prauco
yo around with a sbinglu "
lloiiry said bo guessed it would
bo all right, aud tbo rest of tbe
crowd seemed to agree, und leu min
utes liter tbo widower aud widow
sat holding hands aud trying to eat
peanuts, and tho twelve children
were biting, and pulling bair uud
kicking to see wbo should have a
seat on the steam beuter.
"This is kinder tbo work of heav
en chuckled tbo widower as bo hitch
ed a little uearer.
"You bet, lovo I" sbo replied as
she shucked another poanut with bor
Wordsworth says : "Tho boy is
Father of tbe man." and tbo Cleve
land, (Ohio) Fitnnrr offers this good
advico to aspiring buys t
Tho biglient attainment for you.
my boy 1 In to bo a man. This
world is full of counterfeits. Bnt it
is a grand thing to stand upright iu
defeuso of trath and princiolo. When
persecutions cmno Somn bido their
faces until tbo storm pannes by oth
rs, can bo bought for a mess of pot
ago. From such a one, turn away.
But stand by a fiieud ; bo a man ;
do not ruu away when d in gor
threatens to overwhelm bim or your
self. Think for yourself. Bead
good books and rond man's faces.
Tlwi M(l In tlwt ftt. !. i. II... ......I .
J" l"" " lM" M ItKAYKiiTowy, Pa.,
iisooui Ojes ami Hold ynnr lOUgUO.1 Oilert hla .r..(fl m..n.l rvl,:m to Die rillAna
rrn,in.,!i;,. : "voriuro.n.l1.,.,lty., -M.
fully. If HueceKS crowns your efforts
bear it quietly. Vo your own tbiuk-
ing and keep your own secrets,
worship no mnn for his woulth nor
bis liueiige. Fine feathers don't al
ways cover lino bird. Bo sober, bo
honest, lie just in nil your dealings
with tbo woild ; bo true. They
will sell you f.r mouoy or populari
ty ; don t trust them. Wear but
ono fuco und It t that bo au honest
Vnrrcvill.'. IVnn'a.,
(ftorhl MfHlonl .firtlfo. lolh- rltli
ofOntrrrllU nl vlclnllf . Auk
Q K in i A I f H A SS I N( 1 KB,
M lildi.'liinx'li, I'l-nn'o ,
Ollrr. hln prnf.-mlnnnl rvlr-s. t Hip i-lllrn
il MLLIikImTkIi i.n.l viiluli). ( ih..i i ii .i.,r
went til W n-h Ii.k on llnima . .Inly 12.".
(iUIKIl BABHl'.ll,
MiiMli'lmivli. I'l-iin'.i..
ft r - M - r. f - -1 ' n it iinrvlci.. I lie i lil?..i.
ui Ml I lli'l.uitf P'I vlrlnltr 11 lri
Vvt pi Hi,- ( rl 1 1 ,--. 1- Ar'i. l.l'" I iilnMiii!
Kual'lruci- un i-uriinr c ,-. lto I'. Ii t l. -ircli.
Ill Sll it V (Ml M !tv. r.o,
Jt! MAU AM) 110 I'll BOCK,
Fremont. Snyder county, Pa,
IrmliMifliil lUlt liii'irr I ',illn'fl n IMi) hpIhhii
nu i-ui-icrnii. iiiiihii inn tiiih.pi tii',i nrvlo
In in miiiin. r-i -ahn himH-u ami noriuan.
.Murid, IT, IH-l. tf.
i L.JI. '
Allot ii vtiH-Al- hiw.
Ii ob uikUHsr. iw ii. moti-i.
Miui-M.r.ruii, i'A.
0(trt lilr I'ri'l-Miiinul ert lum l the fob
Ilo A II liuKtiiMj n ruatail In llielr rm will r
rrlro priinit attttitlno. t nunulimlun In Kng.
Iiob niiJ tii-rmaii. Cll,ol , '"I-
k. HorawKUTir,
Hl'.l.l SMI U V K, I'A.,
t'.iiri-i..n Hint Ilntlii'r Ii-k il Lu-ini-.. i.r.nii i .t
Iv Hilrn,l, lo. l.'uurulUtliihi Iu Knull'li "il
I lariuli.
Jua 1,
Y H. Dl LU
. lulling. I'rnn'a
All I n lni'- rntnt . .1 .i dl. iro will Iq
iriini.ll Jilti'i. l. il i.
S 'l li'i.'.i".
a riotti:v
.l'niii .v.
wniGKinr aitd talent.
The vast population, trafllo and
turmoil of tbo world's metropolis aro
strikingly suggested by the simple
statement tbat 2,200 trains leavo tbo
railroad stations of London every
twenty-four bours.
Tbe stone upon which Goorco
W asblngton stood wbou bo took tbe
oath of office as the ' first President
Of the Upited States, is now set io
the wall of tbo main corridor of
Belluvue Hospital, Now York, but is
to be incorporated into the monu
ment now io course of erection ou
the steps of tbe sub treasury build
log.. . . ',. ,
Virginia gave Hancock nearly 85,-
000 majority in 1880. In 1882 Ma
hone carried tbe State by 1,400, and
now it baa gone Demooratio by
something like 10,000. This plainly
abowa tbat the 8laU ia doubtful, and
tbat it will ba fair,- fighting ground
a 1881. . Tbat the cLoucm for car
rying it under the present issues lias
with tbe Republicans will. ha ?r..r.
"Toko that bottle hikI go out and
get mo sumo whiBkey," said Col
Jimjama to tho Bad-eyod woman
whoso misfotnun it was to bo tin
wife of n convivial inebriate
"(livo nifl money to buy it with."
"tiivo you money ! Why, any
darn fool cun got whisky if bo has
money, but to get whiskey without
money is what takes talent. I
thought you had somo talent."
Taking up tbo bottle with a Mgh,
tbe patient, long-suffering womau
went ont. In a short timo nbo ro-
turned. Apparoutly sbo had bee'i
successful, for sbo plncod the bottle
before bim, und snid, In low, re-
pronebfnl toneH.
"Tboro I tako it, and drink to your
bonrt's content."
'Now, that's what I call smart.
You bavo got real genius or y ou
couldn't get whiskey without mon
ey ," and placing tbn bottlo lo bis
mouth bo was about to iuench bis
thirst when bo discovered to bottle
wus empty.
"Why, what duos this mean f"
"It means that anybody can drink
whisky when tbo whisky is in the
bottle, but it takes real talent to
drink wisky when tboro is nonoin
tho bottlo. Diink away. I know
you have got talent."
Physician & Surgeon,
! I r .Vyi.-ii.., S iy.lrr l iitinhj, li.
I ffnr In priilr.nlnnnl lertlcm In Mm ful.ll
Utti on .Miiln Klriint. .lunoU 'K,.
JU. J. O. WAdNKlt,
I'll) slrlan mill Surpron,
IIITr hl prnf.'iiinl n.irvli-i Id Mi. p,li ti
u( AiU.iintmrit ami vli-lnlty, Aiiti. 6,'MJif.
i: kiii-:i'"h iii.oi K,
Srliiinjirori; I'rnn'n.
I'rnrx.MliinBl builnom irntuitly mtnnile.l to,
May .i. ;!).
KruUfrvilU', Smilrr Co., Pa.
l)(Tr ht prnfiUKlnntil irvoi to tlicltlin
o lir.iir.rvllta n I vlnlnlty. A uk .i.i.'l
Solinsgrovp, Penii'ii.
llnhl Co ((?
Always say, yes sir, no sir, yes pa
pa, no papa, (bank you, good uigbt,
good moruiug.
Uho uo slung words.
Cleuu faces, clean clothes, clean
hhocs aud clean liugor-uails; indicate
good breeding.
Never leave your clothes obout
tho room. Haven placo for every
thing and everything in its place
Hop befoio entering n room, aud
never leavo it with your buck toward
tbo company. Bemomber this.
Always offer your seat to a lady or
an old gontlounu.
Never put your foot on cushions,
chairs, or tables.
Never overlook any no who is read
ing or writing, nor talk or road
aloud wbilo others aro rending.
Never talk or whisper at meetings
or public places, and especially in a
privato room whero any one is sing
ing or playing tho piano.
Bo careful to injure no one's foel
ings by uokiud remaiks.
. Never tell tales, make faces, call
names, i Minnie tbo lamo mimio tbe
unfortunate, nor bo cruel to insects
birds or anything else. '
11 'i If S'l'iaro Solid of Solioi-li'g corner.
.U)t L. KIKMIi, Prop',-.
Toms $1.23 p:r day.
Mr. R toll I M uUn BK'Mil fi.r all km In of Knrin
I 111 I' 1 1 lllUllU. 0it. Il, i.l.
J. M. H0USER, Proprictjr
Tlil h iti-l h k lat:y lnon roll 1 1 l nnil rffiir
nl-!iol, iniitlni; Hit nuiiihi-r I lintel In nil re
Kpecn. imlim wllliim (imlr.'l lor iliuuio.iiu
ii. I-1 dm ui i'ie ir.ivnlliiK inioiin,
Kl-lilnn (-art i h will ii oil Uilit une or t lie lot
liUi'en in lli xniiiiiv in i.,.ini: Komi nlilnit
u ion i ii. ui vioiuiiy oi uiu li itol.
Auk. 2, :i.
All prnloMlonnl I un iiri.. .ri.oi.tlr at'-Kd.J
lo. lunmultiilloiit In hun 1 1 c It ami ' lonnn n
Mfl.ll'lmr:), Siiylrr C
On It ronsiilt. J Iu lJuu Hr t orilf.nan.'mi,
E. bowi;i,
Mithfitturt, Pa,
CijIIci'I ion" inn ile.
ami ' liiriiinn.
1'iiurullatton In K. r h 1 1 . t
.lui.e j:., n.i.
New Corlin, Pcnn'a.
rrufi -Ion n I l.iiHtio. flit rimte.t 'o Ma ear
lll rciflL ronii alii-tilloii, .loin Ji),';a.
Attorney it Counaellor-At-Law,
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A.W. I'OTTKB, it N. I. POT F I'.It
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By W.M. I!()l..NV(ltTII,
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lifiinoueicii, iioiiiriiiioici ami Imprnveil. The
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HHNKY SI'AIIN. l'roi.'r
C W. SI'AII. lrrk- A r.l,'76.
Jeff Buvis, says a writer in a Now
York ovoniug rmpor, really was put
In irous wbilo iu prison nt Foilross
Monroe t but his captors bad a hard
time in getting tbe chains on him
When be loarnod tbat he wns to ho
ironed bis excitement rose . to fury
as he paced his cell, vontiog itself in
incoherent ravings i and while tbe
four men employed la rivotiug bis
chains were doing so, tbe writhing
and npboarals of the infuriated man
developed the strength of a maniac,
aud only conned .Jrnm ahr evliaa.l
A good solid Black suit fur only $ I 2r
Mon's nent Union Ciissimpro suits in
dark ..pi '0,S1.00fi 2."), 87 oo, s.o', ?s no, hi.od
J10.00 per suit.
A solid good pnir of pants at $1.00
niul'J each, .
AM) Ills lli li'T A I lullNKY hill SN orii
l N 1 V.
' I. ii i tr I'h.
fonnulintli n Iu I...IU KtiHllrli ami Mermen
I.iimuk". 'r. 6, larl.
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TT attohnkv at law,
Li'wisluirg Ta.
(lifer. hl prnl. Mlnnal .orvl.-e In the rulille
I ol!.!i-il,,i, an I all other ir.il0-,.,M, l,ui..
uuiii. nmruriml in hla nam -III receive
l-roiiipt uti-nllon.
Scliiiun-rovo, fa.
tlrtert hl pr.ifc.l .nal feirli-ea ,e iiil.lla
All liuiinei. colruM. I in M, earualilbu
Jan. (:
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l.eHslnii k, it ion (n ra:
.'rnn Hou-o"k ' S'r"Ct 'nu "I l'm.
Hen. J., a.rt.,f,
Lot of liilni Oyer-coats
at 5 00, So.OO, $(1 50, $7 CO, 87.75,
J8.00, !?S50, jflO.OO to If 15.00
each big bargains. Everything
Bottom Prices.
Dry Goods, Notions, Oroceries.Hala
Si Caps, Boots it Shoos,' and every
thing In the line of general merchan
dise. No tronblo to show goods. 4
HOW LCST, uow BEsrasrn !
,1ut iiibl-hf.i. H new ...liilnn (. l)r t i.i.
we'll V... rin". ' r srm,,,..
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no a." 1 "", ' ela.i.H, r'nV..
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two i.o.i. t. ,,. A.l.lre.a "niarf
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11, . "rl N,w "ri N-'o.t 111!
cl. lt.'el 1;.
V?irtl nSi.V.,l".,,,,r Vlior. Ne4o5:
rrualratlen, II j turlra. or any evil lemll of
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Aitrri W'w,i,v,,;c!nm ko of m w-
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ly Uoiis. . . .. ... u-
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