The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, September 13, 1883, Image 4

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    ' do.
On railway train. JmhI lliio il o
p'litilj llrossnl, inolhn1y-loo!;il
wuin to. nprrmpiiiiie I I y ft u-i-v l v
k it lo fishit ra' Iv tlnsft 'l hi.lii'
Thn boy . a jji vt-n t 1
nihil,,; 1,1
hi-i-l d fil'flj ij nations und u
r.iimtl!? mmuI I whine uo u
'iii i.iiJ t .ijt Liun-elf around and
'( I bvl boll of hi a V r h mi;.
1 f. blitter tii'O tilt bo o ml I u
stand up, ' aiJ on vf t'.ie ladies,
ll ir.i, '.ban. ' rpli-il th imther
It I i 1 jr. ,,oi tuny tk bjl I of
him If jo'i wnit to rdip hi;u, l.ij.
Iii it. I't tin hoirt to l it."
Ki ate roe " f.ltfrtl tbe annoy
rd ; "I di I not think tliit yuu could
i- .f mj remark "
' :, oo hinu dono. f'jr I know
n u . W fiioil'ii o n y anyone,
i t 1 1 nny mom u r.trii'1,,..- i Mint
do not bt I cv.i't.
).iCo I had i lilMo by tliut I Blip
i ul. lively tiiuu In w mid :ck!
(juestioun or l t tt. I'd rUp bini
,8 determined to tiling llltll Up
n'!itlyt no fiitt ho wool I pIciHi ct j
enboly. IU wn the i ltd vt nn
I f I Hll. I I ill I HO ILIICll WUIlt to HCC roi'podv I Eviivbly mi I
t.nt 1 ivai ii molel in aud thai
in y ti-jii would bo n uroat iuiiii, and I
M s.i flittered by tljfHB reuinik.
I iitt I .! even mie sliiet tuatiev-
r with biin. (un Lnlit juflt after 1 ,
UaJ put Li.n t b 'J i- uupiiii ciui.'.
hii I while wit wcro t t! the tilth-fi-Ho
tuL.e nn I b.'.in to cry. I
tolJ hiiu to bush, nn 1 uhou 1 foinj.I
bo Ji1 not iuteuvl to obey mo. I went
I tllO rtlhl H1lli' 1 ill. II. ' I'llllt ; I r ill l.('ii)hi",' ono f tho
Pvi'iipuoy i f nvirk-' I , 'niul I iihhiiic
von dit i : xl'er umih ymi Mill in t
ivjri't t '! n.' 'i 'lihiiicn wbic'i yon
invo ii.! picl '
rbunPii i.''iiiio my littlo buy.
1)0 hie- to ft up. riiJ nil iNy
.n tc I At nijht I sent for n
i. bu' bi f iO til TUillil he
1. ! ibn't think tlu-r i
to i.i ue niin.rnhlo w miio in tin
oiiK' I t --k 'u:b Iitllf b ot whii'h
n i'.i i1 i -. befoul bll wh'ppfil
1.' .i f r t'i'i!int m'l l lr-mil I p'H
tl. n tuy buro:in. I cool I ut
b. ir to li vi' in the same ho;ino whero
I . i'.Ii my htihbwul anJ little boy LnJ
ibi d and I move 1 awny. On t vn
rin. while walking a!on u l.inoly
Irtii'i t, I aaw a littlo boy a veiy
Umull boy dtaiuling nmotig
tall weeln. I RKkel him where lit
lliii il. nn 1 ho pbiokeil a IiIohhoiii atul
) M it out to mo. I nhkoil him
where were Lis iu ther and father
mi l with curious intelligence bo ro
l-lii-! thnt fon.i li men too!; them
a v:iy in box. I knew then, tint
bo wiim n w iiif, aiul 1 took him home
, witli ran. In the niht hi critnl , nnl
1 nut up and h&t by the fire with him
un 1 rix'ke I him. Ho wm very del
icjl.-, but ho wan a liijlit tlmt rhonel
cm, my withiiinLj noul. This h the I
chil l, and he'a woaring tho little '
b it that I put on tho tmreau. l o i
luuy nlap him, but I ciu't."
b.9 Gpsnanaa's Handb:ck Froa.
lb-fore btartiOp; on hinautum hunt
in; or fUliing expedition the ih
apnrtamAn Bill da well toconnult the
pnt'cH of "A P.irit lise for Gunner
and Angleie," a neat and bnadypub-
lii-Mion, reeeutly ianued by the 1'kh-
pi ni IV-pnrtment of I'hiln b-lphin, i
Wiliuir.tiiu HtiJ lSttllini'ire 11 lilroud. i
I'i i i M little pamphlet tui.ln Iheppmts-!
iiiiin'd paradino in the Mitrylnnd und
-htwnie Peninsula, ard that "lib
j -ot i exhaimtively treated with 'te
giird to it huntin,' and fithing re
onreei. Tbo book ia handsomely
iiluatrated with phtea of the princi-
n-il tinaMAa nf cranA an.t vill nrn
a valuable prize to the pportbnmn.
copiei may ue prucuiea, iree or
chni o, by addrenbin J union H
Wo ul, General I'taneuer A cent
P. W. aud Ii lUilroad, l'hil-idelpli-
(Cvnlinuai rum lost uart.)
How Watch Cases are Made.
Imitation always follow, a aurccasfiil
trliiie, aud imitatiun ia ono of the beat
proof nf real hom-Ht merit; unJ tlnm it ia
lliut tho Jtnun 'W (iM WutcK Cue Liu
in imitator. Ilavi-m ran uUay till the
j-i :iuiu by the r ule-mark of a crown, from
........ - - -.tlJtWH
?!:. lie mil -.-m ill crouiionul
I. 1' i re i-i!iiiipi in the cop of the wutrh
;i-. ..tier, are very i-aiitioiw uImiiiI en
i!. i Jtn ; an article unit lln-y not only kiuiw
tli i t it i gixHl, Itil that tho clmrai ti-r of
tin-1: nnufai-turor i (uth that the (piulity
: iLe giKxls will ba ktpt fully vp lo rtandard.
Wiu.iiaimir, P , Feb. IS. IW.
Tli Janice ISnaa' Uold Watch Cax an Hku b t
f lAcb on. I eall anlla aooUwr. ikhi'I n4
1 1 ivtiuiui.nd tbuit tli.y M-U UtruiMlviti. Ono ul
t i a. k'linri.lia. buie JainmH-iM'UiildW.k bl'a.
II. u-"( rfcl yi-ar.,(uii U la aayodaaever. WiUiUui
rt i .lo Hot U.itil In wit my owu guriiUJ. ea
Ici!.1 y villi tlia n.w and lii.pmvt-d taaua, wtiica
a. .iu L oi .(dutuia. 4 aaac T. Li n La, Jtt" .
Nw N.J.. Jan.L IM.
i tr l I rate, No WM. knuwn aaliie Jauiaa lluaa1
'i-liliCor.oajn. into my poawiwlou about
. iu um iuce Dial tluw. and la l'U
I lb rnou
ilaT 1 lianntui.utl.iU.oui-wU'b wtaiDtba
Na0iJuM ll.andlu ounditiou lowe lhat
ILa fcrtJ"' r ou! aorii tlie movruK-nt. wblcb U
tii eilber1'1" . n.j. h. k. tu. o.
"M)0. WaUb Cm. raaarla.Palbw
tbflIU aDOtha". 4 'raua PaaabWUbeala, new
ytars befor tb . .) ,
IhA MAftd flN.MlJlUU
1 1 tit i. PI ,1 VtXftilU 1 -
' Jr - ".other
inVkn - Ki yV--. HocTl of
Selin3rova, Pa, j
A r"l notion of 12 pir rent on nil
ioooils, witb upTinl t'iiri(iiinn in .lob i
l(t. Womon'd I'tbblo HoMon Shoon.
ui tt.' huttH'liil'i. iiinrked 0.
for $173. Moii,1 tV.f .s'hin it t.
Knots iniirkf.i ff Ivr !:t oO. A.'.'
iIht boots nii'l hI'H.h ftu, in joopoi
lion to Um nbov( priccH.
Sumo ware mil l lit coit.
U-'infiubur tlmt nil my oorln will
bo moM for oavli sit lb nbovo i iln"
ion for tbe month uf Ango-t oiil.
I J thin in onlei' to iiink mom f.o
I'nll Mini NV in t-r to k. Calliiiul hpi-f-r
yuuiKclf tlmt I iimmiii pint Uat 1
hiiv. Ucspi rlfullv Vmiis,
Ant?'.). '83
- - - -
On nm C- H,inhtGl
Selinsgrove, la.
Wliolosalu and rtetail Ucput for Pian
os, Ora ns, and Sewing Machines.
We alulotle ami retill ih- f I'.i.alnu
I'ari nter an I ltrl-liiip. t Umbiip; Sul'tner.
Hailjt Ii HvUI ii . W bi tl-i k.. un1 H
riniflnn I'lanna, an.l tlia r.lcl-r-e. Nw Md
red jo and Kly Scum Mdilii-.. Wi-nlve.
a aunrtitea witli vrry i urtf unieut (or ellil .
w 0 , t0 fln,anj ,. a ard baenn. !
'In.od Warrrnoni. in K-lr)' 1-uildliK.
aimvr the N.tlimal ll.'tel. Auii. ':i
'!J. H. II3F11AN &
IVoiuiotoifTof tho
Old Corner Store,
Send greeting to tho people of Sny-.
,t r ccmnty tbt o
duly add now '
ood to their cf'usive stock of
'Dry Goods,
Dress Goods,
L.MIi:s AND (i K.N IS
Furnishing Goods
Wall Paper,
In fact eveiything found in a first- 1
cliisa atore. Every depuitment in
completo. Wo have- a good (dock
mid invite you to come and aee it. proof ia the bent doiuountra-;
K( 6pectful!y Submitted,
J. H. Hrrrman & Bro.
Blank Book Maker Sta
tioner, and Steam-
MaJrJf T E.B J.
Jr'uud mind ia ovcnpied iu h'Kitianto w
Vou never saw en iudiitiioiis,
i i lit- it
r r w "' -
atlBtt..l:voaig man wlio knows mmo
Happy Eoxnes !
'ins nuiwxjKix op- iioBiEo r.sjrvDxs
by tha
i '. wr
la beyeW.a of cantyiataUon. CHtr
waxed gn tan hi
MM (or tntbotbinfj
the torfaca ot yoor
haftdlron. ctvlni
ttrcm a relish end
smoothness, that
Ctvtafl y,t)ur dothes
a finished look.
fferjember this
Soap It
than any ether in
the market, and yet
for it.
. 7 j v a
and Bickering odors lo fill vour houses, no laborious rubbing on tho waah-board, while the
washing can be done in one-half the? time necessary by f'llowing the old worn-out method.
X1ADAM for it is to the ladies desire to speak more especial iy--you are the interested per
son in this matter ; you it is that suffers the ills aris'ng from the wash tub and its heavy cares ; you it is
to whom the perplexities and responsibilities of the household rightfullybelonp, and you it is that should
interest yourself in a trial of the qualities of this toap, that has always proven itself to be a boon of salvation
Wc do not come to you with a plausrble story calculated to have you try it, simply for the amount
of money such a sale would bring m; wo do not come toyou as irresponsible parties, who have no reputa
tion to suffer calumny, but we do present to you this br.inJ of soap upon an absolute guarantee and
recommendation of a well known industrial establishment of Philadelphia, of sixteen years' existence.
Do you suppose for a moment it would compensate us to make false statements to you and ruin our
well-earned reputation ? No, dear reader ; what we say about DAY'S SOAP is the truth, and it is sus
tained by the evidences of thousands of housewives from all over the country , besides which we stand
ready to endorse it all with ready cash. WDAl'S SOAP the Original and Only Patented.
, , mmm ii - f Wltlela k Mlr' Sklaaad Cloth.
Trt TTV k27Vrd? ftS VT n TtTl l wm.i in. uiMkimiihi' m.i.d. citiM.
U II f, ri T nTI
IU tkm at Monanf In (h M of Snap that vUl data tbiikla well u Ikt tUlliM 1 ttla Day4 Iwp Will Barely
It w
rlH la no m.;
Ko soda, no vuflMnpr crystab, no lyes are to bo used, but simply supply yourself for the
next wash-day with a b ir ot DAY'S SOAP, then ciref ally read the directions and follow them to
tho exact letter, and if you don't siy pitch out that oil 7aah-b0iler, for I am a wiser woman, you
will be the first person we hive yet heard of that haj been disappointed.
BfiPNCw remember If you don't intend to follow ths directions do not try the soap at all, for
unless you d this you will be disappointed, anJ then you will scold us and yourself a well.
The cost of one cake will convince you that it is the best and cheapest soap ever offered you,
while the smiles that will encircle your brow will do justice to a golden sunset.
Have you confidence in this newspaper ? If so, do you suppose the owner would allow us
to swindle his readers by offering them tempting inducements? He uses it in his own home, and can
c-rtify to its merits. Now you get a cake from your grocer in time for the next wash-day, and become
acquainted with its intrinsic worth.
Ask your groc;r for it, and do not allow him to put you off with anything else for a substitute, for
every dealer can obtain it, aid should he refuse you, send direct to
E1W.& FFaiCaC, Prop's, o! tho Philadelphia Steam Soap Wert
17tVW6-58-6(W2 Howard Street, Philadelphia.
rpilE undersignod tvoald rospoct
' fully announce to the public that bo
Htill in tho field, 1 tU tho most
, complete stock of Furniture ia the
couuty, which the
Tremendous Sales
of the pant few months justifies lim
to aell at bottom prices. Tbe stock
; consists of
Parlor Suits,
Chamber Suits,
vfty whero for thu
?-ill sums on SI und 80
ir i
I Oi k. ' Ik? ;
ffot QQy lie lobboJ,
frugal benteu a to injuro him for
a .1-1.1 t.. t - .a I- t- n,
mini. u jo". uu
thun t,-,i.i,t tho noetn. -,,nd
Happy Koines ! !
N a Um CWlebtato! labai- m Baalta-waTta,!
rtv v n
fiu-IHtV Air th rrna'nrtlAti of H ar) tared
r At-. i -i i v. t mTna
Itlll 1 1 Ifmt I r" 1 Wlllel
, W Ul tlMa
t.-tur a natlabrlor Ut moatdr ltctt
D. R. Stratford,
at Li-" low ii ih pri'pureit to 1 1 1 r 1 1 i k 1 1
of all kind. In Hi neaeit an oandioiu,! il
.not out ol ib
Best Marble i
at n'lort notli a, All wutk warraDted to (It
.lll'lft.'ll o.
O-I'lear rail and etamln my nml. rial and ,
brnr oi y ri -o brforn pU'ebaalnn l.ebi. I
.Iao 6, (nil.'.
- o
tyou r.placa Ibat old Pump wild a new on nut Aral carefully etemlti Hi
Buckeye Force Pump,
Pi. Ililrkev. la lb vrr laala.t liunrovruieu
I Iu I'mupa, It la cuu'triiniod with alr . htinlior
, wlnoii mako it v.rv .aty tn nprr.le . Hot. eta
I v aiitlii-il In tbe tlii'iiHV I'll in p. and wnt.r ran I
Ii. thrown ui'iili any I.iiiI.IIiik Iii ca.e of nr.. 1
Von i-an w.l.-r vour Hnnlnn and Yard, Willi
VV liidowa. Vli IIiiuiiik., and have a
pvi-rrmdy no vniir o n prftiulne, at uu mora ot
man an oniiuary pump. 11
Cannot Freeze
la cnld wonlli.-r. Uurtlil.. ti.vond a doul t. Tha
vt-ry puinn tor deep walla. Tlie workliiK parte
ar It-aib.-r uoilniit and talvr wltlilu a pore
laiu lined t-liaiuber. Notblnit to decay abuut II
I Ho
Iron Turbine Wind Engine
la elan Improveuiant In Wind Knulnee
Call and ana t'lnaa nuiniia Iu oneratlon. or for
parllcularaaddr.. c BHATTON.
I.pwb-inwn,, Mlffliu cnuuly. Ha.
N. S, Fisher,
at f llntt r va, SoyJer eouoty, Fa., I, pr.par
dtoluralib nioiiumtntN, Oriivc
Ntones ..lid Bi: I Id
in Work
ol all klnde In tb aawett and bandtomeil d
luul, itorlmd out ol lb
Best Marble
a (hnrt notie. AIX WORK WAEBANT.
Plata ea'.l and aiamlna my material and
learo my prlnt be fire purcbiilDK eliwbere
Jnn.S, lJ.y,
Farmers & Dairymen
"Woiulerliil Clmrii
a n7KT.THevoBTUN sny deb co., pa,
HoWondcrrul Cbur-B kt, become Ih favor
tlm re
1 ia laratwra ane .liiirviD-.
iMiy.fJiara. lt ta li eonelru.
ring mm riuillTurtMBU MB Mun UlUWMMimiiinpniii
, UmjV IAY S scalding or I
t f X . . Jrt.- f. J VltmTTVtTW J 1 . , V .i . lvv V J. U1.JI..
ruiiM i 10 a aao ier. no vvvr"iB.Wiw. - .i.
iiuiiiti s inn iiii)iuc(vte luuouiittriTrr mi
llioiuelvtB ludobiiariTf Klld r.t.tu
- rlol Jr::':,?:
Happy Homes ! J I
Day's Soap
o lt nfmort t annpty- fhO onlr4
Save your health,
Save your time,
Save yowf patience,
ftf uttafj this Soap.
' cnpleasant odor
Ha tlcknets at
tha result of a hard
day's wash.
Ha fcot water.
Ho wash boiler
& but clothes nice gyJ
whlta 2nd as Ira
srant as new pqwb
art a ti-..-.j .1.naM.
n HlKctalaUt' Hkvlai Join..
KvaiyaicKljr'a SklB aa4 '!)
nrm W
We are t'ie lanrttt f armi-ra, turret aeed araw.
r and laiyuat aced dealer aiibuni baui
bive itruatuit famlitliie fur produtlng Heat Pteede
A 'I ... ar. imi1, and only tlie lmt eent out
Qu ArmuttiCatalogu on fVic I'M blinira THU
dudi-t all tbe deeirable new and ttandard varleUt
of Flower. Vegetable, rield and Tree Beetle, aud
riant. bentPKKBtoanyaddreaa.
AlMhar, M. X. aa laktactt 111,
may t fnnnil e
d e at GEO. p.
itrktvirTi r.frvA
Krwini'ia APVBBTiaiaa Bohbao 110 Ipruo
4uir coutraeta may
uadf tor ia
From $10 to 30 per tore. These
farms have Rood buildings, timber
land and fruit of all kinds, good wa
ter, bealtby climate, good land, good
urrketa. For further information
and prices address
Ileal Eatate Agent. Houston, Del
HorCaialogue Free.-feU
i i. .
nut u
utsustht aa'Aor are fnutuUd kit all.
t... i.... -...i l'..l..r I'.n.i ulll
ur r-'
ur. re- iiLVJiu ,.r,r..i..i i i...r-1'vn.
Datuchi ,ti fjo'$ Advrtinti'nnniti
Itetter thnn Itreei'K nml I't-wtoinn
Under ii New I-'Iiik,
F.xnthalt im nif ntut ofh (if n 01
I'lnrlilil hiil til kr,,t f.fiip lull i,t Ik ,l -1 I
i-inilg ia art. Art in'int linli nnlnr.
r lii-r in ih If. ilc hiiiimim ih. -ln r
I lift Nonb 'Aril rhll tin tha !.
iiuit hii..i . r . i).i I In til t mad." rli.
Hi. .1. (I. "' r'f, ul Kufl lut ie, fl.t , "i
Ai RkH'n Tump It .in it. Iin Hi wurlii
l-ir itftM, nn I in -it 'll i h purrstu iioftn t
i : eli! in . ai-tt m I h uf i it I i Hi a r.
-' n ilnllpiil ml i) .lio foui K I.i t, wl'li
b" lliti! K'Ul II) hill r rilt. It meil Id :m
tni.i IIH -'I hil Hi Ii -tl I .rff'iu
In nml Irt-M'tiFnl lor lhl n I'nr.itilti in I t.l
I i wfanl; t h-itin i. luiit. I nm ul") lml m
t'e Hint lh tuiil" nr lit rill Tim
molU nf hi III lo o i nt nln kiii dill -I
Mho Mum oh nf rlnnilliK II Ii tin
Irnl i ur fl r aril Inrlvu aul "
l-n. inn.'', Hi t o till mrrrUI
ntluit t i tb lift tl l uttsr April 14. 13.
n iinnif nml mil 1 1 thin n-i m.t'i.n l
niiiait r t flinply I'n k r'lt Toi.Ib ' (llnm-r '
ii ilr . n il. I"f the I. nii In! uni.rliir ' 1 1. ii
lrilri" i. i-nnn'untK nniii Ii t,.lr mtrr nr
i.y n i i 1 1 ii 1 1 k irforlor 'rratlini omlci
Im Hum oi ltlni:M i 'l ulnn-r Ii mi un
'mini lm II irnrinn i grmllanl In our l o.. ic
t ur lht Mif rrlniiii. Hill tf. will,
ui i lo lk ir prlelf ul tli i-bini;
Tbar I, a okaaitn, hoTr, In lb prapira
tlnn It.tU, and all l u'tl, rinlnlitR la tb.
hun.ln olilaalari, wrappad aniler lh amnl
ntn tlinoca Tomo cnlla tb ,nlr
-n'Hi-li. 0 lh l"lm'l- faatar ot llmrui
u. i at li.f Uitiom ct th- aulrlil wrpi-
Cat a rrH nAY-rEVE?.
t-l vr'cT
Kof jtt t tv
ian miclil nlih
Hay Fer from r.
1 In A at until
front. I nv :T
Orairo Halm a trial.
rii rallel waa tm.
' a OFWft. . . .
ht i. rbtlon It r-
a lip p laotaa Ir r umii
4ATaMaf Lf Hia pawaa
-.1 vttrrhl vlrut. bealtlif p.cratlon.
It allaya lull tintnatton, protect the mfiinliran
l Unliiir t't tlm boad Iroiu ail.llil -nal cnldn,
completely l.etln the aun-f and renton-a lb'
en or taut and mnell. H.neflolal fi-ull"
ar. nallr.a.l by a tew in.llntt lont. A tb"f-
oiia . Ireatrrem will rnr. lnrqualeil f. rcnlilr
in iiea i. Avroeabi to n". f'nd lor cirmn.r
So d by druKHlKtt. Ily mall 6Go. apaoka;
tl.V BKOTHKKS, llruK.'Intr, Oweno, N. Y
ri-r uinutn ii.ailt-allinit i-iir M.e H'Nile tnd III-l-a.
Writ In J. O. Mt-Cl'llY A Co., Pblla. I a
ToMorrow n Long Way Off When
Help ih Wanted To-Day.
Comfort la novel In a burr. Pain and rill.
Ir.n are In h..t lite. Ill to the "friend In
need" the friend wbo due"H nine
tb it tb o d ailann i n , in compliment i.r te
Inir 'a frlrnd Imleeil." 1 bat Ibey do not ken
Um lulti rer in la lbs .allei.t xref
lenee of IIKNSON'S UAl'ilSn roll.U'S
I I. AN'I KHt. I lie iilre of rtber ilit
wbelber imniui it tberwl paid " Walt un.
Ml tn.iDor rn w : ive oau .roiuiie noinina; no
thatpur olth inoraeut. lint pain unrenev i
iki- n-ilie liniB-ieu. tuanein in-i uvi.rii.ii-a
llen-nin'K pianiem i t - n applieatlan. Tbey at.. rn.HI.e. warm and b. al. euntalniuu.
na n.ev do, rbeinloal and itie.llolnal anenia n
in hlunoat ainoieney. I neir mniin nuw.anu
lb ai-nulii bare tbe wnrl II API' INK cut In
lb miilili ol racb planer. r-ri e :o ceni.
sa.ibury a Joboauu I'liuuilftl, New Voik.
Tliiii wftfrfrtm!fmiaTrrTr
fur niif,out4t'(iwallaif ljUldioirnLuid ijrtVftn Uo
ur niMir. ;ntjijirnit . til U ClVVrfl "M
4Ui.lJilrW.ilt.ljW.n -a
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...t ll.aralur nf li t- werld, nil. n tbe l-eni edl
tlnna puimmied loo pmie I aialmii f'r..
I.iit pru-er ever kiino n. Not noi l by ileal
at. ."eiit ior nttinuiHtlun Perora payine t, "
evulen- ol a-iind laltb. JOHN II. Al.l'l- N
l'ui.libr, in Veney .Street, N. Y. 1. O. Hui
nt roil i a i.
Famly BiWc:
nnlaliilnu bnlh verloin nl lh N
n-i.l. lu ib.- I'lim l"! nfnur l.nrd ami Sa
vi ir, ban Imiinel IIHiHtratioiia. KINK I'llO
I Ml l A r II ALhlVlS.elaKaiit denic'i'. baid-
'iiitiv bnii d Kxtra iniliii-emeiili. ollered t.
1-netneilo Aaent. Jllunlret'd rata lou ai I
-n .pplloatlon. A. I . llol.M AN a. t o., 1'blU.
Ii Lla.
rn A Tub Wobi.d W athb STATiosanv
X AJXill Pai kaok ia tbe lumen erlilnii r
He in ma inata-1. contain it eneeta Itotii
Paper, It Ki vel a, I'enell. Frn-ILiMor, pen
iDd a banilemne pic ul Jt-walry. Hattll prl
ii root. lour duz lor .oo. A waieb
unr oit.ed w th v-ry lour iioieo you nr. er.
r'tir 'ii leuli.lo on or two cei l utiaue ttamiie
w will .end a i-nmpiet aiui.e packaK. wltli
leaant Onld I'laled Mi eve Kuttone, Hold
f I j led Slude.Hold I lal.-d roller Hutton.lland
nui Wat. h rbaln, Oold Plated Klnar and e.-
rant Mearf I'ln, Healeter It'u .lui untn. 41
.me Illustrated rialoiu of Onna, S. II cuik-In,-
It.ivnlvare, T let op. e. Spy illaeeet.VVtli h
,. Aeeordeone, Vlollne. llruanellei, ar., Iree.
n'tlie al on- lo Wuiilu M a m r ai ttki no I n ,
; Namau Stret. Nw JJQ'J'JJ
and all Billeu, Comolilnt, ar rvlieved by taking
Wright's Inttian Vegetable Pilh.
Tvtly VifiUUi; X, Orlplt. rrtc, iit. AU Srtf (UU
ii, ii. i:i:b(bi:k
Having sow in store the largest
stock of Furniture of every desorip
tion ever brought to tbis town.
From tbe moat Haborata
of latest etyles,to tbe common Lome.
I sm enabled to offer great bargains
and will irnarantee satisfaction. Fur
niture made to order and put op in
tbe most substantial manner. lie
uj mi ' .
hi w f rm oitinim. rsaaru
T. SJ f iinroif II
t. MyPf
I L y tb,M.j.
pairing of all kinds. House Carpen-
larinnr nrnro ,T nHi... t :JtK'l'l tin
iliaid lriiiiiif
Philadelphia nd Keadl
rtaa Koii.
Arrangement of Posserrger rains
MAY :inl. 1HS3.
Trunin h'iirWrtn(m an fottam .
Fr hLRmckin ll.1 amflhlO m-.l:in an
:l p. m.
ror vt.iwnti, it-Mind. Tamtqara, rult.
VIII.-. Hr 'lnaa i PMU1lph1t i:l . at.
Iratnnfnr limn inn vtiV an follotti :'
l.aar Mh.mnkln H-.o and mms a. m aait l:M
nit a.iOp. m,, lat 9M a.
naanioa a. m.. rnltPTl'l MU m. anc
in Sup. m. T.m-iqua 7'i t. M, t. ni. and S.-M a. All. Oarraw
9;3I a, in niiJ3:i p, m.
1 1 mm rrtne llnrriuurn n, fnllomt :'
Tnt Nri York. ia AlUBtowa, T-M a.m.
ami .4ti p. m.
rnr tori, tib i nnaai.aiann noana
Prnrk H- rt.." N. t a. rr., aid I 4- .
!'. r riillaiKlpbl.. t.3. 1 .Ml. a.m . l it ad
I on r. bi.
v,r h mllna. M. M. I W. I H a. m . 1.4.
I o ami p. m
ri.r roitiTilii.l90 nt, i u a. n, 1.41 and
4.'' I'.m. and via lhuTlklll a (
I'.ri. 1 1. at a.i.o p. m. I or Anl.ara, I ID a rn.
''ii- A Hon town, 5. IT, 1 10, t JO a.m.. l4Sm
t no it. m
Wn Market rnf l.a'ianoa wJaMt, aad
Salnrd. onlr. 4 no a, m.
Atiiiitmaal for Hnmrneininftn. a mn. ra. ia-
larBiM. Inata llBtamolftown at H.40 p. m.
Tb T.w a. na, and i.4 p. m. iraia bt
tkroagk 4r, fuf ! Tork, ia Allapiowa.
Shu day a
Fnf Atlanlotra and VTa Station, f.W a. .
-..r Tln.illn. I'MNdclDlila. aad Wat Sta
ll -n. 7.iv a. m. and p. m.
7ii-ii fur i7Pniiiiv; i'nr ni fnwnrM f
l.rtr 4a York, tl AII'Blowa, 9.00 a.m
I I" and i :m p. ni. . . ..
l.otTft Kw Vrk, U "Hound Brook Bent"
ai.j l-lill..'. Iphu. 7 41 a. m , i ao. 4 t.m p.
oi, . and II tin mMnlBht, arrlvi at llurrl.
tiari I. n, , nu, t, p. m.,aad li.lo and 40 a
ltta Pbl adalphla, 410 .M a.m. 4.00, 1,10,
aim t an p. m.
Leave rnttevlllo, 6.00,0 DO a. m .and 4.41 P
l.etv Neadlna-. i.oo. 1.S0. ll.SOa.m.,1
.l 7.,-u, en.l 10 ss p. m
Leave HotUvlll. via Sehnylklll aSaeana-
banna llranrb, I im. ni . and 4 4 1 p. m.
I,env Alleutowa, t 00 40 a. n., ,,
ami 0 Ii, it. in.
Way Market leave T.ebaaoa
and Saturday! only, 1,16 a. in.
I.rave New York, via Allenlnwa, 1. 10 p. nr.
1'hlla.leliibla, i,!0 a m. and ., p. b.
I.eav llomllnu o.not. in. aud 1U.36 p, m.
Leae Allenlnwa at 7.U p m. IIR! II
I.etve Hurt lubnr, for Paxion. Loehlat, tad
Siuelton d.ily, etcepi aunday. 4n,0l,a.
m . I .16 and V 40 u. ni.i dally, exrept Malnrda
and Hunday, 6 3, p. tn and oa batarday only,
4.45 and 6.10, p. m.
Ka'urninK. leav eiernen oaio.rrn nn
day, 6 in l.i, lo.OO II 46 a. m., 2.15 Bd IV. 15 p,
m. dally exrept Saturday and sundav, 6.10)
P. ni. and on eaiurday only, 6.10 and 6 0 p.m..
Gen'l Wauager.
(ien'l rn'r& Ticket Agt.
rb t'fl.vll a 4H.
From tlioao aourotta nrlae tbrca-fotirtha of
tlia illm-Bm-a or I no buinan race, l ln-a
ayiiipuuut iiiiliciitn tbinrcxietenrn: Iae (
Appetite, Atovrrl co. live, Hlcla H.aal
nclie, fulln.t after catlnaji avarelon ( of bttdy or mind, Kraalatlon
of fond, Irritability of temper, Law
aplrlte, ,eella of haTlnaj aajlt
eitntadm-, Ulaaluaae, 'Iuti rla, at taa
Icart, ,) belor th eyeehla-hlv cola
orcd trltie, lOXaTIFATIO.-a, ami !
niunil llinuau or a n-inmly tlmt ot ta dlreellr
iii Hut I.Ivor. AanLlvurmttillcIno TCTT'll
rl 1,141 liavn no o.iinI. Their action on 111
Kl l.ii.yaiinil skin iaaltn prompt; rniolnaj
ull linpurltlot lliroiiffli tlicae three eeav
narer of th ayet.m," prtMluclng aipe
Mif ,outi,l illKoailon, n-iriiliir etmila, a clear
akliiaiulavlKorouabrxlv. TI'TT'a PlI.La)
cnu4 no nuiiM-a or gilptnir nor luterlarav
tvlili rlnllr v.-ork and are a pi-r feet ,
nn FEr.i.M like a niCvr mam.
"l Ii iro bad Dyeni-pala, with Coneiipa.
tlou. two yenra, and liuvo irl"d ton illtTi-ieiil
kliiila ur pllla, und Tl'TT'l arn tho 11 ret
that nay Uoua uia any good. Thi y bava
rleanmt rno out nloefy. My apptdlla la
apU-mlld, fund dlBt-al readily, mid 1 now
liavo tiutural paenairt-. 1 foci Ilka a new
man." W.l. EDWARDS, Palmyra, Ot Offlie,44 MurrayBt.,N.T.
Vbat Hah oa WniiKKB rlianrad In
tantly to n cii.oear Ulai-k by a alimlo u
plication of Ibl 1T. Sold by Ilrutff lata,
or aunt by rzprea on receipt of 0)1.
OITI'ti., 41 Murray Btrewt, New York.
who a uu,j,niio .tm mi oimumI e rtt ewa
pr Uiao.oir.1 position of lie line, onat taa
jCmi and in. W.i b iha.nort.Al roul.,aod eae .
riM ua.Mii, ir. wuboui oiiango of eare, mIvm.
CliioMe anifa.n... City, Couuell BluOalLeavea
trorta Au-h.'oo. alinu.apqlia aad It rl. It
ronueoia m V uun lluie wiia all tbe priaelpal
ium ol road k tw..a tbe Ailauiio and the VaUt
Ooudl lia ei. upraeui te unrivaled and aaaaoia
eint, blna eoloud of aloet Comfortable oa
auiiiul Day ..'oautaee. afacoiaeeut Ilorloa Me
ellaina Cbair Ore, l'ullaiau'a Fretllcet ValM
aiaepina- Cera, a id tbe Line of Limn Car
la lb world. 1 .r. Tr.t:ie biwee Cbioaae and
Miuouri River Vi-'o'.- Two lni betw mo Cat.
aaeautf atianeaiwlieaaa Sb P.ul, via tee laa ju
A New and Dlreo- Line, vie M. ni. m 1 K .
k...bu reoenlly ba oim i. -l i.viwu.n H . ud.
Morfola. Newport N. t'n nun . .,;a m i. . j .
fuata, NaabylU. Louitvili. U . uu.v . ...
udianapoliaaod L.fajeti.-. ... ' oi-i i i i.
lie and at. 1 -oil aud i'i l-?-'
All TnrouU A-aeue' Tiav.l ou ,..i kwa-
Tralna. . , . .
Tion.ufor ealeat all pn' 'Pl ?la.t OatevaUt
tbe Uoiied Biaiee and Uauao - . , ,
Duixt eh.oaed iliroiuu V?? "i of fare L
waya aa low aa oompotiiore tat Aer leaa advert
"foI'dnaUed InformaUen.fei tl). Map (ad Vslo.
ar of th
At your
r aeareel Tioket obim, or acr "eee
OABLS, ' . r- .HM,
i-l-ra. A ww I B'l'r,- J . V
w. n
a, Vloe-fne. A w'
1 " V
i leva
in i.i i .
J. amplaprapatatloB t 1 J" Tft YT '
of tb publi aould repr UialllJUlrw at
D win lurnun noarum, , i. rrm.
rataof,venty-ayeant,We,,t f-a
centtauieai. BiaoiiDg jjpi A I !""
Tbo. not utyloa: tflaS b, the Br- -tOBoU
fully Invttad tooall, aad away
dlatatiaSad. Maom a S Hoffl VSftba
UoartHuuea, ktlddlabara i
Saddler and
Centrevll nvdir , . j , - , .
flv -. , ' P. 7 T vi tn t