The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, September 06, 1883, Image 1

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T..H. nAHTKH.. ' Ho that will not roamm is a bigot; ho that cannot is a fool ; ho that dare not is a nluve. KDITOU and l'KOPKIl.TOR
-11 I 1 - - " 1 " " 1 ' I UM I ! .! l i i l i . i i . .1 ,
Tbe muflVd (.ruin's sml roll hns boat
Th floMivr's litt tnttoo !
No more on life' it parade shrill meet
The brtr nnd fallen few.
"Ou fume's etorual oainplnif Krortnd
Thlr silent tentu am upread,
And Rlory guard., with lolemii round,
Tlis biviouac of the dead.11
Ho rumor of the foe's advance
Kow iwcIIh upon the wind,
JJor troubltnl tUouht at midnight
Of lored ones left behind.
'o vl.lou of the morrow's strife
The warrior's dream alurius ;
No lirnyliitf horn, no sereauiliiK fife,
"Stt dawn shall call to arms.
Their shivered swords are red with
Their )himed head are bowed,
Their haughty bami.'r.trailed in dust ,
Is now their martial shroud ;
And plenteous funeral tears have
The red stain from each brow
And the proud forum by battle K-udied,
Are free from anuUh now.
The Height ug troop, the Uiibhiiitf
The bugle's stirring blout,
The eliarK', the dreadful .'uni.oni.ilc,
The din and shout are pted.
No War's wild notes, no (Glory's peal,
Hhall thrill with tierce delight,
Those breasts that never iiore may
The rupture of the light.
Jjike the ilerce Northern hurricane,
That sweeps his great plateau.
Flushed with the triumph yet to gain,
Comedown the serried fo.
Who heard the thunder of the fruy
Hrt-uk o'er tho field beneath.
Knew well tho wutch-word of that
Was, "Victory or Death !"
Editorial correspondence.
ClBTTYSIM UU, PA.Ailff. SSth'83.
We hoarded tbe train at Middle
bnrgb, on; ruoruio, Angus!
24fh, bound for Oettysbnrff, via
lewistowu. We reached Uan isbnr
At noon and were dianppointed iu
finding the Leisliituro adjourned
until Monday. We coald not blame
thorn, for they bad oot been notified
of our arrival. We visited tho balls
of both booses, however, and found
few straggling members lounging
io tbuir easy chairs rostiu tbem
selvos after. tbe many bind unfooght
When tbroagh examining tbe law
factory we proceeded tbrongh tbe
other departments of interest in
cluding tbe flag. room, wbere all tbe
regimental colors of tho State are
displayed or concealed which they
really are, being so close together!
that (be folds overlap, rendering it
Impossible to ttll tbo color or con
dition of the standards representing
us various regiments, la a corner
of tbe room is a complete collection
of tbe impliraents of doatb used in
both armies, the chair on which Oen.
Moaae sat dnriog tbe battle of Get
tysburg and tbe muslet used by Old
John Burns, the citizen-soldier of
Oetlycboig, ete.
On the afternoon of the next day
we joined tbe excursion over the N.
U, It. B, for Gettysburg. Tbe ride
Jong tho Susquehanna was a de
lightful ooe, but nothing of impor
tance happened excepting tbe Com
mander of Middleburgh Post G. A.
K., losing bis bat. He bad stuck bis
Load out of tbe car window to locate
tbe position of tbe enemy when be
came in contact with a branch of a
treo that was going tbe other way,
When tbe train rolled in sight of
Gulp's aud Cemetery Hills, cheer af
ter cheer could be beard above the
rumble of tbe train. Tbe old veter
ans were happy, foe it was tbe first
time many bad been there bines the
evening of tb last days' light. Tbe
Bomber of men belonging to the
Grand Army of tbe Republic became
more and more numerous , on the
train, and when we reached Gettys
burg the pavements, botel balconies
sod public thoroughfares were lined
with blue uniforms. . .
Cere we are now, on the battle
field of Gettysburg. .Twenty years
go its streets tba now teamed witb
motley crowd of bappy people were
aceae or earuage. flsbel batteries
planted' on vsrvrotfiwct and
f tk lemlen Jifjf jut tbej
... 7 - - - j
country round about echoed with
hostile cannon. It was the gloomi
est period in the history of the Uni
ted States. Tho war which bad been
carried on for over two years bad
accomplished comparatively nothing
to what wss expected, Fredericks
burg bad echoed defeat to Chancel
lorsville and tbe Southern army bop
ed to prolong the echo to Gettys
burg, where tboy expected to panil
ize the North by locating the brunt
of battlo within its borders Hu
mors of foreign iuteivenlion became
rifo and Koglaud stood ready to leud
succor to tho South just so soon as
tbe threatening aspect of foreign
powers against itself abated.
Lee bad evidently como to stay.
He bad brought 00,000 comrades
to- share tbe prize. They had for
gotten, however, that they had now
turned tbo aggressors in plsco of
tbe defenders giving tbo North the
advantago they bad so long enjoyed
and so fuitbfully improved, lie fell
upon the Union army ouo milo west
Gettysburg July 1, under Gen.
Reynolds, and though tbey exceeded
our numbers by two to ouo they
were met by a bold front and every
inch disputed over Seminary Ilidgo
back to town, where, huddled in
uarrow streets and snhjocted to a
raking artillory aud infantry Tiro they
fill into cuiifiihiou which terminated
in a complete routo. 1,200 men woro
enptured und tbo bnluncu took a
strong position on Cemetery Hill
just south of tbe town.
During tbe night tbe steady (ramp,
tramp, of tbe boys brought tbo hap
py uews of boavy reinforcements.
Tbe morning of tbo second day found
both armies about equally matched,
numbering about 80,000 men each,
with ft fair field and fair Cght In fore
them. Gooeral Meade wus tiow iu
command of the union forces-
The 6ecood day's fight lasted un
til ten o'clock at night and resulted
in heavy losses on both sides with
out any decided advuntage for either
Tbo third da) 's battle opened at
four o'clock in tbo moruing and end
ed at sunset with (he confederate
army repulsed at all points, having
lost 5.000 killed, 2:1,000 wounded
aud 8,000 nnwounded prisoners.
Tbo Union loss was 1831 killed, 13,
713 wounded aud GG13 misning.
Thus ended tbe decissivo battlo of
Gettysburg iu triumph of tbo army
of the Potomac.
Leo at ouch moved his nlmttorod
army toward Virginia, followed by
Meade as far as the Potomac which
had been filled to the brim with
boavy rains, but tho confederate
leader by skillful management kept
tbe nationals at bay until the night
of July 13th, when part of bis meo
crossod tbo river on a slight bridge
wJrilo tho balance linked arms and
thus interlacod and stoidtod they
forded the river in a mass, nearly
shoulder deep, with the loss of but
three meu, Meade had ordorod an
attack ou the morning of tho Uth,
but daylight revealed that tho bird
bad flown, much to the disappoint
ment of tbe loyal poople.
Tho work of burying tbe 8,000
confederate dead was a herculean
task, and owing to many being in
such an advanced state of decompo
sition, tbey were buried io slight
ditohes, in the fields or gardens, or
by the roadside just wbere they were
found, and the visitor frequent
ly finds human bones along the
banks of brooklets and in newly
ploughed fields. Everything shows
the traces of war. The poople do
not seem to have recovered that en
terprising npiiit with which tbey
were accredited before tbe war.
Some fields bavo not been ploughed
sinoe the war,- and scarcely a bouse
but what is scarred with bullets,
while some of tbe old fences that
stood twenty years ago have rails
witb eight and ton bullet boles thro'
them, rendering it a great field for
relic hunters. Driving through the
country you are met at every farm
bouso by children carrying cigar
boxes full of grape-shot, micnie balls
and pieces of shells, tormenting you
to buy until you wish they bad been
shot in another direction. The balls
sell from one cent to 112.00 a piece.
Tbe former price being paid for tbe
common mlnnie bull and tbe latter
for a solid shot from an English gun,
the missile weighing about thirty
pounds, a . foot . long, witb converse
groves on the sides, The gun wss
placed on tbe extreme right of Sero
irie ry Hidge and tljrsw its shot witb
great accuracy into tbe Union fjrtI
flcations on Little Round Top, four
miles distant. ,
Tho State encaropmont of the
Grand Army is tbo leading feature
of interest in the town at present,
but to outsiders it sppoars a stale
nff iir. The soldiers sit and discuss
old scenes and at times becoroo very
earnest find elaborate in their argu
ments. We overheard one comrad
dispiriting another ou a cirtain point,
when tho first comrad jumped up
and exclaimed :
"1 gneos I should know. I was
there, and when Lee oponed bis
heavy guns on aa I bugged so close
to old raolhor KartU that I rubbed a
bolo in the ground with my nose.
Go along down and I vt ill show yon
the edoutical hole!'
Tho encampment Jis located on
Cemetoty II ill, and nearly a thou and
white tentH greet the eyes of tbo
visitor as ho emerges out of town on
tbo llullimore Pike All tbo earth
works i emain as they wero at tbe
time of tbo hatile, aud cannons com
manding the field around are still iu
position. Ilonrds locating tho posi
tion of tho various commands are
seen in every direction, wbilo a num
ber of tablets aro erected every year
designating tho spot where heroes
fell. Tbo only Gouoral who scorns
to bavo been neglected is (! eneral
Royoolds, whrt commanded tho first
corps in tbe first day nnd wus tdiot
dead by a rebel sharp shooter about
half a mile west of tbo Semiuery
building. Tbo exact placo where be
fell is in disputo.Jnnd tho, board lo
cating tho spot is freq ieully chang
ed from treo to tiee, probubly to al
low tbo relic hunters a chance to cut
canes from "tho tieo under which
Reynolds fell."
Tho National Cemetery is the
principal olqVct of interest to the fit
izen. It contains seventieu ncrcs of
land situated ou Cemetery Hill, tho
sceno of homo of tbo most terrific
fighting, Tbo grounds aro semi
circular form each body pointing
toward a common centre the loca
tion of tho monnmeut. Tho number
of dead burried hero arc 3,57 "i !I7S
of theso aro unknown. Pennsylva
nia furnished T35of tho known dead
At tho entrnnro to the cemetery tbo
visitor is confronted by a maguiliceut
statute of (lonerul Royuolds.a braver
man than whom never drew a sword.
In tbo centro of tbo grounds is the
National Monument. It is of light
grey granito, sixty feet high and
twenty-five foot fquaro at tbo base,
aud is surmounted by a wbito mar
bio Btutnto of tho Genus of Liberty,
holding in her right hand tho victor
ions wroath, and clasping in hor left
tbo victorious sword. Four buttress
es projoct from the angles of the pe
destal, supporting four allegorical
figures reprosonting war, iiibtohv,
vekcz and PLENTY.
The entire cometory is lined and
spotted with evergreens, loudoiing
it one of tbo most beautiful burial
places tho Nation could have select
ed for its heroic doad, whose blood
has soalod a covenant in the eyes of
God that our should not come
Kent on, embalmed mid sainted dead !
l)eur Is the blood you gave ;
No impious footsteps here shall, tread
Tho herbage of your grave.
Nor shall your Klory;bo forgot,
While Fame her record keeps
Or Honor points the hallowed spot
Where Valor proudly sleeps.
T. II. II.
Humility is a virtue all preach,
none practice, aud yet everybody is
oontont to boar.
lie who swims securely down the
stream cf self confidence is in dang
er of boing drownod in tho whirlpool
of presumption.
A new post office iu the South is
called Lang try. It is hoped that it
will not bo truo to its name, and
cause the mails to go astray.
A Peruvian living in Milan has
made a clock entirely out of bread
In this country many porsons are
trying to make bread out of paper,
but tbey have only been partially
successful. Tbey complain that
subscribers won't psy up.
A complimentary vote is some
thing that is thrown at a man to
make bim feel bad because be is not
quite popular enough to be elected.
It is said that Dr. O. W, Holmes
has nsed tbe same pair of razors for
fifty years. This statement, if true,
proves two things t Mrs. Holmes
is exempt from , corns, and eba has
vjtlet knife in th bouse.
The rhila.' "Press" contains tbo
following acconnt of tho way in
which William Young, recently of
Mifllinburg, was fixed up by wes
tern sharpers t
Waukesha, Wis., Aug. It 'The
fact has just leaked out that William
Young, president of a bank at lUa.N
ing, IV, has just been (locoed of n
considerable amount of money by
con (Hence men. It appears that
last Wed needy Mr. Young arrivod
here and went into stylish quarters
at the Fountain House Ou Tburs
aftornooo a fino-lookin yotiug man
approached Mr. V j'iiig, "Mr,
Young, of Reading," said tbo strang
er, traveling and have not seen any
body from homo iu weks." and tbo
young man informed Mr. Young
that he was a sou of Henry H. l'clc
ert, president of tho Second National
Rank of Reading. Ho asked affec
tionately for uews, and about Mr.
Young's son, who is randier in bis
father's bank, aud other pooplo in
Reading. Tho two meu sepiiatnd
agreeiug to meet Friday moruing at
tbo Silurian Springs.
Promptly at the hour and tho
p'uee named tboy mot Bj;ain. 'i'ho:circlo aiound a storm,
stranger was iu buggy and begged
Mr. Young to get iir and tako an
airing. He did so, and. they started
for Hethesda Park, which Mr. Voting
had not yet seen. Wbeu near the
foot cf main street, the stranger re
marked that be had bought some
lottery ti.-kets, aud guessed that ho
would sco if tboy had drawn any
thing, so ho halted in front of tho
widow J olio's house, ni.d tho two
went in. Tluiy wero ushered into
rooms, tho only fui nituro of which
was a wooden table, on which wete
a sptcial drawing ebuit und a bunch
of numbered curd. A mnu at the
tublu said tho stranger's ticket bad
won tl.OO , but tho stronger bud
owned only on -'enth of it, so bo
would bo given 100.
Mr. Young saw a pile of hills a
foot deep, and piny began. Now his
companion was f.V'M) ahead, and then
anin penniliKS. He jumped fiom
tho table in a frenzied stale and
wautud the lottory mnu to tako his
note. -No sir." I'p and d nvn tho
lloor tho young stranger walked,
picturiug tho horror of an exposure,
and tho sorrow of his respect.' 1 falh-
er and mother, and tho coolness oN vo,U' r,',MI 4,"r ,,,,L'ulur lm ,,,"M
his higbtoned friends. Light camoM,li,k,ni vlmt a to BOio-fcnuf
at last. Tbolott.vmnnw..ll k""1 tor oil ur seena tea been
tho noto of Mr. Y'oting, n bunk pres
ident, and savo Mr. Ytuitig's friftnl.
Tbe latter gavo n noto for $ 1 .100 for
security, for seventy days, and tho
stranger gavo a noto for. JlfiOD to
Mr. Young for sixty days.
Mr Y'oung began investigating,
and found that ho bad beeu swin
dled. On Saturday ho informed the
Sheriff, and beforo night tho agrcos
blo young stranger was iu tbo cool
er. When tho case was called to-day
Mr. Young was uowhoiu to bo found
and the piisonor was held until 2
o'clock for tho appoarauco of bis oc
ousor, but at 2 o'clock u i complaint
eamo, aud tho prisoner was discharg
ed. Au hour later Y'oung came
steaming into tho justice's ofllco and
inquired for tbo prisoner. His sur
prise and chagrin when ho found hi
had beou discharged becausfl of his
nou-appoarauco may bo iinmagined.
He explained that a fiioud of
Kckert took him out of town on tbo
promise to get tbe $lf00 noto and
io that way freed Kckert, and he
discovered, too late, that he was
victimized, simply to keep him away
from the courtroom until the pris.
ouor should be discharged. A u ef
fort was mado to re arrest Eokert,
but ho hud loft the towu.
Always possessed of a devil
printing office.
According to the Cincinnati "Kn
qnircr" a trump refusod to saw wood
for bis dinnor, giving as a reason
that he was bitterly oppsod to tbe
destruction of our forests and would
do nothiug to encourage that kiud
of business. And be walked oil
picking bis teeth.
While a dootor was visiting a eick
woman in Rowlandsvillo, Peon , two
children poured a pint of molasses
into bis silk bat, which he didu't
notice until bo put the tilo on bis
bead. Language cannot describe
bis feelings, but it is said that he
will petition the next legislature to
pass A bill making it a criuiioal of- .
, i;u vi vears iaio. ,,, . .1
a I
Tho Pnrmers' Club of tho Ameri-
cau lustituta has issued tho follow-'
ing rules for foretelling tho weather:
1. When tbo tomporaturo fulls
Buddebly there is a storm funning
south of you.
2. Wbeu ho temporal tiro rises
sitddeuly theto is a storm forming
north of you.
:- Tim win.l idivnv t.t.iw fim n
region of fuir weather toward u le
gion where a st mm is forming.
4. Cirrus cloud always movi
from a regiou ff'iirj a storm in in
progress to a legion of fair weather.
5. Cumulus clouds always move
from a regiou of fair weather to a
region wbero a storm is forming.
0. Wbero cirrus clouds aro mov.
ing rapidly from tbo uorth or north
east tbera will bo ruin
ilisido (if
tw mty-four hours, no matter bow
could it is.
7 Wbeu cirrus clouds aro moving
rapidly from tbo south or southeast,
thero will bo a cold rainstorm on tho
morrow, if it bo in summer, and if it
bo iu winter thero will bo a snow
H. Tho wind always blows in a
and when it
blows from tho Uol th, tho heaviest
rain is east of you ; it it blows from
tho south, tho heaviest ruiu is west
of you ; if it blows from the oust, the
l...nvi.i.f ruin iu umitti. if it lil.ivvu I ,hT"r" h'' lriif.mloiin I m-rvl.-.m In id- ,- tn-n
neiiMChi ruin is souin , n u oiowsi,,, A i,,,,. ,,,,,,,,, All((
from tho west, tho heaviest rain is
north of you.
0. Tbo wind never blows unless
rain or enow is falling withiu ouo
thousand miles of yon,
10. Whenever heavy whilo frost
occurs a storm is forming within
ouo thousand miles north or north
west of you
$10 A LINE
Vo paid If '0 i lino for tho follow
ing recipe how to succrod in life,
and llrr Huns Yn,r h:is receipt
therefore : Peon gout, your brayers
say every dimes ynu dein forgot.
Ptiou hardt vol kin' like dr rich
mans mil der grafo one feel in. tie!
up from pod on top dot sun, und
don you putter sco that you done
der day all through. (loiio der
mead-Hohore yourself to. l'ot vns
dor must imboitenest ding from all
sufo ninny tollnrs. Ni for oiidstny
lader as vheii you homo gome on
dot pianos dor frau schuno her
wholo niiduro and got so m t I lilio a
she tuiful. loii't dobt run into ; it
vub pettor ouf you valk iu und oud
run. I.if in vono room undil you so
many chilleru got you most dwo
rooms Imf-it vas putter to grawl oop
and shump oop und full down. Peeii
demperato-trink iioding stronger as
peer. Look on anoder viinmens.
not ; for ouf you dot do, dey looks
at you, end dem vas pizeu lookt
souio dimes, I'onM peon afraid you
shilleru got, liLo dem Yitnkey vim
inens ouf your fudiler nnd mutter
peeu frtidt fon dot yor dou'd vin
hero to mit blousure lif und trink
higer bear. Msko friendt mit ef
orypodios vono enomy wurstor as
four buodert frieiidts. Pon'd iu dar
church box pud lesser as fouuf cend
doso voneceud man mako der
bookeeper in-hcafen madder as ter
tuifel, uud him ofurydimos scharge
a hundert dimes more ou der own
sido und nodiugs ou dor pay side.
Kentucky State Journal.
Ireland has Bafely passed through
her period of famine for this yesr.
Shu is saved, not by the good will
aud charity of Kugland, but by a
new crop of Irish potatoes.
After Octobor 1 two cocls will car
ry a. letter ah easy as threo cents
does now, which shows that tbe
country is getting easier. Hut it is
just our luck. Just as wo used to
three cont stamps we havo to lose a
cent on ovory letter. No wonder
that crime etulks boldly through the
It is ioipossiblo for a man to bo
careless in business affairs, or un
mindful of his business obligations,
without being weak or rotten iu his
personal obarao'.or. Show me a
man who never pays bis notes when
they are due, sod who shuns the
paymeut of hie bills when it is pos
sible, aud I shall see a man whose
WOial character is, beyond all ques-
i'usicians, 'r.
Viitrcville, Penn'ii.,
(Tori liN rr.iff ,.onil hm Ice, to lh rliuon
i.( ontrvllls ami vicinity. Auk. 'i.
Midd!i'lui'li, Peuu'ii ,
()llr hi! rofK.iti n.rrli-K t.i ih lllmni
Ml '""rK!1 n I virlt.lty. fin l.
i in ! -i i.
Juljr li. ni
. ne.t ui aMilnitliiii limine.
Middli'lmi'li. IVtm'n.,
( lltrr til, profcMlrnnl rvlrM tlm r'tni
a' MliMIMiurg nl lrlnltf I iilli-o ion ilouri
! ef III- I ourt llnnnn, l'i Arm.l.l Limiting
Ilcxl Icncn on coriipr i'. file t'. II cliurrli.
iilIC i Al M ltt.COT
Hie avium ow.v. Pa.,
OHtr irnf(iinnl rv. m to llio dtloui
oudrlown i,il vlainlty. Apr. t, 'J.
Fremont. Snyder county, Pa.
Hrn.tilMeol lUlllimira Cnlli(ft nf I'hy UrUnn
n. n K"n. oilorn hi. i rili's.nnl irvlc
: tn ili pui'lla. N-.!k r;nill.U ami Ofirniao.
Murch, 17, MM. If.
Physician & Surgeon, r Sii'iii'ii, S tifltr ( uunl'j, 'n.
I TTnr ll. lrnlr"M.i:lI not vIltH Inllm , iil.ll
I olll.-o on Mnln meet. Juno li
U. J. ). WAONT.H,
I'll j sl laii tun! Surgeon,
Kl I 's IM.OCK,
St tiuyov, Viiu'ri.
IT if'i'l inal biMlnons (romtly ttmll to.
J'rnlz-fvi!li Sn'ittr (
illtiri hl iiifnl'in:il norvljoi Io tlm rltlini
u iv rt xnrvii 14 mi. I vloinlty. 4 iw .),';
)U. A. M. SMITH,
r.s'r.i.v ax J) sriaN(ix
l MtoTK lil iryfn!innl -rvlini In the Itlrous
A.lniinhurn ami vl. lultjr.,
Se I. 4 T.t.
Seliusgrove, Penn'a.
IHWS II l.l,, Solln-nrnvK. Ph. U
r I tu ii nil klli'li ul wnrk ut h rt itntlre.
Cleaning & Ri'iiairiiijr Neatly & Clicap
ly Dans.
I Imve aUoii l uito full, rllun nf nni nl
tlm Intn-t tv If ! i-'iitiiH ntiil ouhm imi from
Nim, ..rli it nl I '1: 1 1 it .
1'rr.iMin wl-hhiK In lnvo i ni"tif nn.l mvll-li
mill III .1 0 ni li in . nil mi tho .b.ivti. Think,
ml t r I'.ist (ni .
1 mu yuum rsi.
K. R. lircK.
II ANoVHt S SI'I'i'lKMI. At. unl.lllnn uml
eily fure Lt Nrvnti llalilllty ml Wak-
na.K, I. mi n( Vllitlty nn I Vluor, Nitvoii.
I'rilrtiin, lly.inrlii, nr ny ell imult of
It iltHcrntliili, exifli.. ii, nr work, aMiuca nl Alo
Iml, i.iimni--, fco. (nror forty tliou.aml I
ttvo riii-ai, )
0-Senil !.1i. vil.irni)h r Imix of nu i.
Aililria. IHI. M. W. IUiIoN,
I'nr. l'lrk M, ,v ilii.'un l lce, CIiIcko, III.
7-1UI V.
.tuft, nnw tilllloi) of Dr. it I -vrrtwll'
( . l. lirnlnl I ..ny on Dm ra.llcl
ours nl S i-ii it u M niiiiiiiiKA i r Snnilinl Wimnk
ni, Inv.ilnuturv Mondial I. m.ea, imphi icn
i v, Mi niiil an. I I'liymntl lneumi-lty, 1 . i.l i .
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H it, HO. Oct. li.'K ly.
llullas rroudi bullaa,
Auuarloaa Bulb. AIM
uil Window Uar-laaia,
DEAi.r.n iif '
Iron, Nails,
Steel, Leather,
Paints, Oils,
Coach & Saddler Waro
Stoves ALThnvnrc
Cataloffua t
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hltftil.'Ua !:,!. ...
Atlornvis-At- Law.
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June 3, 'Ta.if.
New Berlin. Penn'a.
rrnfraaliinal bnln. rMrnale.l n bit car
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Attornoy d, Connn-llor-At-Law,
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. ,. . . ATT(IKrKV AT LAW.
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lrara Ma I'mfnanlnnal Servlrr. Intra BukU
C'onaultatlona la l.nxllrb aniUlanuau.
Solinsgrove, Pa ,
OHr Ibalr rilfii.iiial rrrt.-a. to tb pubilav
A II loiial iiu'tooaa antru.taj In tbalr rara will
reralrr ir.niiit aitenlloo. umoaon Main M.
July 4. 72.
T 7 O I X I Y A 1 I A W.
All i r.iiij.liiiikl loialiinaa ami coliei-tlnv an
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J O U N 1 1 . A 1 1 N OLI, "
Atlornoy nl Lnw.
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rniuit attention.
Mol:nsiov, Vn.
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Jan. ",' ',
A M 1' KL II. UUWIU, '
Lrulabni K. I n Ion o.. Pa:
(ilti-a nn Market Street, on. door eaat of Cam.
arin llnna.
Iiecwn. fTI.f.
Hotel Cards-
J. M. HOUSCK, Proprietor.
Thla hnll h.i late y be-i te.lit d an I f.fur
nUba.l, inaalnv Ita nnniii.r i hnial la all re-apei-n
Nn palna llli a a(.i-.. ir laaaceum
iii.ilailnn of the traveling pin. t
KlabliiK i.artli a ti flmi u,i e ol I be beat
plaoea In tb. eoaotr to aiopat; aood Liblan
u the vlulully ul tuu a .in
Auk- t, .
a. n.
Thla Uotel la plaaaanlly located la Ibe "(auera
and I. a arydealrahle place for traveler lo.i.'.
tba aaaTuf aueoiniuodalloue at low raUa P-t
euiiaatnpplni once will be aura to call a at a. Tka
beat ol m nor lu tbe bat M . "
aTA Bralolak H.alaaranllntann.olt.a w.
u"'- Apr.i.'r,.
BeiDailala.1, Karuralebod and laiprevaj. l b
in.i.t i-eutially I bote) In the tuwa. riraa
el are-raninilatloae for tho Irvallaf fuklu.
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