The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, June 14, 1883, Image 3

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Published nvtry Thur.o Jiy.
irnK !of!fT Connf.. fhe Cn.irt or
Ffi isr Cum'.f ere tiel.l on Uie tuorth Monilay
4 f'ebruar' (September, end Second
Monday ol Deeemif .
."' rrl-nJf th'onctiAnt tho rodnly will
osllae by tendlne; u" the tie! In tt tlr rcfpei-.
tire teft, tllixt ami .emhborlion.t. tivti.l
the plain ft. nd te will ilri Hi em up.
II r.ed be. Our oolnoinn will el.y ! nprn
tothe who wlnh to pak through tlitiunn
tnml or looml quMilonn of fuliile lnr l ;
t tve will Dot hol.l urll ronlule lor til
cplnlom ibey may eirre.
1T07IC3 70 SUESCSIBSr.3.
Look at the fluirnre on tin label of
vour paper. Tims Aitares tell you
rnn path to wiuni yotr st menu
Tiox is PAtti. Within 3 weeks after
mnnev in hunt, see if dat e is ,HunK,tl
No other receipt is necessary.
WfiltW 'Hi l" I l.r I I ' i I
r."ma'm A. I.: iiii i. ii.
4 Si) iu ju .T. 7 ID 16'
4.VT I Main strel , tH '
-il 94 l.rHI-t n 7. IX Iff.
4 ia 9 ,viti ; t. , s.ii
4 lu .l Hin t r : 7 31 -' .1
4 04 K.('7 I 11 ' hlii'll . 7 2 3
4 110 9 ol 13 I Wainer '7 41 ' 1 .
(.41) K 44 ' 17 . Mi" lure T J ! 3 1'
.4 ,s 33 3i Ftfl nta M tlla I 7 7 ! 3 1'
i, 1 s.l ' 31 Ailnturi ox ! 3.1.1
..o mo v. ! H-rtown !') a
a. 11 7. 4 , JO ! Intr ! M ' 3 4i
3 lo 7.:t ; 3.1 i Mtii,llitirnU , .10 (i '
il 01 7.31 M I Mo'eer ; H 4 I.'
5 1.7 7 17 , 37 I K runnier "4' 41
3 51 7 07 8) I rcwllnn A 4 ;M
3 4! .60 i 4:1 ! Pollniirove .M 4 J'
2 a 8 :ii 4 Solliiitr..ri J. " ' IX 7
5 30 ( ! . ' "-ii I o'f H
"Iters 'j a tiile" anci it tik:n nus, aa' l3ita t:T
piini "ea."
Jonh 1 Sinltlt is nlill on tlii nicl,
There will he plenty of fruit thin
(. C. Mntelins wrt on the hick lint
pevurul diiMj laitt wouk.
Joseph Walter's .tiew
van raised on Tuesdav.
bunk liiirn
CI. C. (Uitelhis visited friends nt
Kratzervilln last Sunday.
CI. M. Sliindel p.iid Mirtliiibiirx rein
lives a vi.sit on .Saturday.
Aaron Stetler's new hou' near the
Franklin bridge is under roof.
NiiiuUy Selii'.ol l-'ehtival on UowerV
Island next Saturday evenly;
Klins lluuitnoi is Ijuidinun nddition
to his liverv stahlu in Middleburt'li.
R. Weis rulls especial attention to
1 1 i h magnificent line of White inods.
If you need anything in the line of
Hosiery cull on S. Weis, Selinsrove.
Samuel Wittenmyer lost n valuahle
cow last week. Cans of deutli un
known. avis Ciift and family of l'aitonvillc
were the guests of Siit-riiT Keii-hly on
Mrs. J. S. Hoohand dMUjjhter Veii..,
of Miniiuhurif a ret vi.-itint; Midddlc
burgh relatives.
Kvery lady in the bind hhonld nse
Day's :Joap, ic will save her time, la
bor and patience.
Ladies' White floods in eudless va
riety nl the accustomed 1 jw prices at
CI. Alfrd.l Schoeh's.
l)r. 1'erkiiis was in Mitldlelmrh on
Tliui'filHV evening and rehearsed the
hinders for the jubilee.
Dr. J. M. Wallace, of Itichlb'ld. spent
Saturday ai.d Sunday in Middlchurgh
;ue.t of Jcre t'roiisf.
tnu of the Snyder county irisiners
whs a lii'uer man than tirant. lie
luadv t le third term.
Linnen (ioods of every description I
and for all nnes, hi,.,, and tastes ut S.
Oliponheimer's Selinsnrove, Ma.
.uisses .u nuni; xearner. 1 acy. j,une
and Kittle Musser of Hartleton, vis
lie I in Middleburnh Saturday.
For all the fancy fascinations famil-i''
iar to frail femininity, cull at S. Weis'
Dry (ioods Kuiporiuni, Selinsnrove.
Mr. I'lmerSchoch of the Mitlliiibarn
TfUijmiJi, his wife and little boy, were
tho Kut'ht.s of tho editor ami w ife Sun
day. fieehold & Hunklo continue doinn a
amahhinn business-far expocdinn their !
expectations when tstartinn out in
Wt linv,l lit l:.uf ntlll.rtif n irl. r.t
1. .,11 , . , , , ;
llOnottlnr tin. lolur umil ,,f .1 lt.iiiLr 1
in Middlebuinh will bo mpphed in
the near futuie.
The majority of our people are nt-
A -ll.l ..,ll . . .
xeniiinn toe juouenio-tiay ( J liursilay;
arid our tow n resembles Holdsmiih's
"Deserted Village. "
Mr. arftl Mrs. William Harter of
Aaronsburn, Ma., father and mother
of the editor, were in Middleburn,
(Saturday and Sunday,
t, u. uuteuus remeiniieredtnel'osT
with a lot of Ilrst class ico cream on
CJ-A 1 i
ninuniuy eveiunn. i wuu oomk, una
no mistake uhout it.
Mr. J. Y. Shindol and Mrs. L. N.
Myers, who hare been spendinn a
week with Mifllinburg friendH, return
ed home on Saturday.
One of the heaviest thunder hlioxv
ern paused over Mlddlehurgh, on
Wednemlay night that ever visited
thin section of the state.
The prime ry election of Snyder
county will he held on the ltlthof
June. Polls open at one. o'clock P.M.
ami closn ut 7 o'clock P. M.
II. 0. Sa.mi'ski.i,, Kec.
F). T. Rhonda has two more chilled
plow brand now which lie will tell
for $4.00 a piece. They cost hint $V0
t the factory. This a rure chance
for any person needing a good plow
Dr. Barber & Hasnlnger last week j force us to produce serious internal
removed the bandages from the brok-( injuieg from which she suffered excru
en limbs of Mensem. Jaineu Hothrock, elating pain for (several days. At this
la., ..I tir.i... ,1 at. ixr 1 1 inn-.. ,,, ... 1 . i . .
"imim iici.u.uuuumr, iimivi, Mrj
are .11 perfect jol, au! tic patient,
are huppy.
An:th:r BJd cf the Snydor
Csunty Cafo Blowers t) Exape.
The two prisons taken to tho East
ern renitentiary by Nheriff Iteichly
and Aaron Sutler on Monday oflast
week, made another bold but unsuo
cussful attempt to escape from the
I'rasp of the law by jumping from the
train at Downington, 8',' miles on this
nidd of Philadelphia. Tlierlrcumstan
ces as related to us by Sherill lieiclily
were as follows:
When they left here the Sheriff had
them hand eulTed together, but upon
reachitiK the Selinsrove junction lie
deemed it prudent t put the hobblo
on them, against which they utroiin'b
protested. Afterthoyyot on thetrain
tirnin they seemed perfectly nnniiiub
ful of w hat tranxpirei'.but were clos. -ly
watched by the Slu rilT, espcciall..
so when he formed the ncnaililitn'i
of Hon. Herman C. 1'ry, member tf
'he Legislature from Luzerne county
who the bijj fellow as tin
man who had been sent to the pcnl
tentiary from his county for horse
Kverythititf passed olT tpiietly, how
ever, until the train had pulled Mit ol
tho Downiutown depot, when boil
jumped up and ran fur the d.xr -the
little fellow ahead druin the hul
ble, and the bij; fellow Mlowinj; with
the ctilts fast 10 his w l lt. clinki n
of the ch iins br.)ii!;lit ali tin' p is-en
rfers to their fe-.-t and the exciteineti1
was intense. In an instant the sheriiT
n up and after - reaching thu plat
form just as the littl. f llow jutiipe,!
.ifT b it in time to catch the bi fellow
by the nape of the neck and haul him
back, at the same time pulling the bell
rope with his other hand. The train
which had been runni:ir at the rateof
t went y in ii.'.; an hour, stopped almost
instantly, an I detective William Ur.-i
dy jumped oiT mid followed the Ih-ci;,-little
I i ir I i .-I : i ii :t 1 1 in hot haste, while
the train pulled out for I'hiladelphia.
with the sliei'iiT and his one prisoner
o-i board assured bv the railroad au
thorities that I'r.nly would briu in
the other one. How they bad trot out
of their irons no one could I' ll. The
bin fellow, in walking from the plat
form to his seat after bcin caught lo
the sheriff, nulled the culls olT his
wrist and threw them on Hie (loor as
if thev were but cotton slrinjrs.
On reaching the I'enitetit iary, the
Deputy Warden greeted the pri-ou.-r
w ith --
"Hello! are you, back naiu
"Never was here before."
"Ves you were, and your mime i.-
He was then blind folded mid led to
the Warden's olllce, who upon seein,'
him. asked :
"Is this your third or fourth term
lel e '
The prisoner seein;' that the name
was up, nave a hann do look and re !
"Third term. Five years last time."
The Sheriff then Marled for the h.
renu of I uforiuat i-u, xxhere he ex) t
ed to net news from the little Fnnlish-
luan. I" pun his arrival a
. . , :
' "
awaited him from Mradv, slatin ' Unit 1
, 1.1
HiepHM..,,-.' was recaptured and he
1 ii ... o . . .1. . . . .. 1
lllllll.l lit II III III. .S .I...I' .I.I.III.IIII . I
1 ' 1
lll. e, cor. :!lst Market Mreet.. and
net him. He did so and found his man
rather the worse for the racket. Hoi Some people no to church to hear,
had jumped down an embankment of j""' minister discourse on the b,joei
nt least lift ifoef wliile 1 1,., i r.o .1 w ,.s I
inoxinn twenty miles an
hour u'nl I
landed on his head-badly
that portion of his anatomy. II
unknown to the prison initio
and cooly rem. irked (hat il' h
to e
e.inty llls , k '" 'Mempiin;
U WlJ"1'' ""t ''"t Suyd-r
ll"' 'ney.
tireat credit ndew Metectixe Mradv
,, t)l0 ,.Hir(,a,j authorities for the
ivady'assistanco they lent ini ecapt urn
the prisoners; and be it said of She) -
Mcichly that the county may be
proud of anotlleii'.vxhowith the poor-
esi laciimes, successiuny m-M ami
safelv delivered a brace of the worst 1
1 1 ,' 1 .! . ,
black-leiis that evi-r wore Irons.
Shannon, after a sojourn of ;
two years
Iowa, Inu returned to
his home at Meavertoxvu
I'vrvthinn in the lino of ( ieneral
Merchandise will be found represent-T
ed at It. Alfred Schoeh's store, t foods
alxvax s just as represented.
J 1
The House Friday, 1st, passed a bill"" 'lv''""' L oir.rinK new bar
with only ten dissenth.n Votes, to ex -! a,u "' ,,,t' i,n)fy io"ds. No
tenn'nate the Mnnlish sparrows. They ,in"H' I''""r.v ''"'"'s Carpets, Mat
do not prey upon insects. Let t hem
.1. p
Utilized for that purpose.
I'ho bill1
has also passed the Senate.
Wool Ciiiinixii,.-Tho undersinneil j
will receive wool for cordinn if left1,,,. ... ....
with Philip Swiuefork at his Furniture! . mUU,r M,K "' hU ''as' ''llair-
store, MMdlelmrnh, uml return it to
when corded, free of ;
also sells, all kinds of
llK.MtV 11 ICISKll.
M,..,...jn U-.,ut.ill,. ,.M.,..I.I
K.i.n.ur, ..o.uo,..! i,r,r,n,
,.,.1 ..i,..f nttv v.,.,. si I....
' -"i "
eveuinn. June a, coinuiuieusuiciao ny
shoot inn himself In the head with a
revolver. He had been ill for Home
time and the rash act is attributed to
temporary insanity.
Owinn to the Inclemency of the wea
ther the Salem Sunday Sohool Festi
val diil not take place 011 Saturday
evening last uu advertised, and conse
quently wmi postponed until next Sat
urday evening Juno 10. All ure Invit
ed to attend.
Skuioiis ArcinitXT. Mm. Philip
Spade, residing about 1) miles south
of Middleburnh, on Thursday evening
of lust week trap ted through a hole
in the floor of her barn, striking her
I side on the edge of a plank with Hitch
wrillllg U IB BUppUHUU II) IIU OIH 01 I,-,l ,ull,.l. 1 1, .. Ill .o ,
dau,er. Dr. Kothrock, attciril.,.? ,,ave
..I. 1 .l,.n '
TI,.H,.1,n.l I,L lnJ.!.,'
. . v...,.. v.... ...
up the work of tho year. Satisfactory
settlement was made with the tux
collectors, a financial statement was
prepared for the auditors and the did
Hoard adjourned. Tho new Hoard
met in the after-noon andornanl.ed by
tho re-election of the old officers :
Pres. S. II. Straub, See.-.?. 11. Hnrt
innn, Treusiirer-L'riah Herder. A
special meeting will be hi Id neM Sat
urday after-noon.
Mrs. M. F. Slii'ary, spent several
lays in MiflUnbtirg last week, visit
ini relatives.
Mr. Michael Youmr, who has been
ittemliun school at New Merlin, has
returned home, where he expects to
einain duriiiLT vacation.
It has been observed for some time
Hial our friend 'ha. 10. Siitnpsel, lnc
li.'en carryinan eeeediiily pleasaiit
I'inteiiance, somo thought pcrhap
ii" had received a from the
ilil country, but time has ivvc.ilci.
dilTereiit. lie gently reniaike 1 as In
nine up street the other morning
"The new b.ihy is a nirl." Audits tin
ilrst baby, too, that ever came to hnl
It'll 'hat ley's heal t. We coiirnt i
liiiu on bis new found joy. and Imp,
lissluuibers may not b dirlurbvd by
this'iio. t we!coii;e iitor.
'I'lie I'. anelieals will hold theii
pi.irterly confvrenei. in their church
it this place, on the pi'h. Fri mdiio
iy I'. I'. SweiiL,'el, V. L. of thisdis
! rirt, in tin eciiniu;; and Sunday fol
lowin,; ill the forenoon, when the Sri
raui-nt of the Lord's Supper w ill b.
Miss Kate, daughter of ShcrifJ
I :.-1 1 1 -, is iiitin:: her ninny yoiin;:
I'rieii Is ill t his place. She is, evident
ly ha in a tine time.
Mr. .1. V. S lit. wife nnd dau-h
!er, of A.hiiiishurn, spent Sunday in
town, as t he ntiests of Mr. kcuawcl.
t'harle Matteui ami Alfred Troi 1.
of Troveh iMe. took in the hinhtsiil
this place on Saturday afternoon.
t'hiTiiex will be plenty this year,
and th" aveiene boy is cast inn a wi-t
fol eye on t In-cherry trees, count itii:
;the hours .when the warm sun wili
j;ivti them a deep red Color. The
! iroulile, is tli;,i ju tln ir hist,. t,,
i tat
the fruit thev i at it before it i-
ripe, w hich eaU'.en.'.ich sharp pains in
the internal machinery.
John Martly, Hi" fireman on Muckle
Snyder's haw-mill, ..pent the last two
weeks with his family and is itppnr
eiitly happy, lie says its a bouncing
b h y. II Mil lilt.
Tin' Tenth Annual Interstate Mic
nic and Mxbibiiion under I he auspice.,
of the Matroii.iof lliishandry of Menu
sylv.inia. Maryland, West Virginia.
Jersey and Mclaxxarc xxill (.ii..i m
! Williams- i irove. ( 'umb-.r! i nd ' ity,
1 " "" Motnlav, Aun'ist V'l, lss , .,,!
coniinue until Saturday, Aunust '.Vitb.
Two years ln nce, b.', we may ex
peel liie loeilsf,.. Tlley ;,M ,;,,;
th-ir appe.iraiicc in I v. ;. heir pn
- - 1 1 om1 111 tiiirt tin 1 1 1 r v 1 ' 1 t nil
M il ) 1 t r ts::i ivm , ,1.1 1 . . .
1 1 :'. . .
'"OI..I.I, 10. -o 1.0 or 11 piiearan 'is liar 1
,.,,,.: m, .,, A .. . I
...... , 111 1.0 1. I io I
, I
fori 1 1 ei t linos eo I o . . 1 1 ... 1 ..ii
Iv)l, -' '
!.., o iii.ii .i
ol Christ la nil y us laid down in the
; '""'' o" make a display o
. 1. :.. I . 1. .
; 1 : io 1 1 e 101 n 1 ic; - especially II tlley have -I'leei inn a sllllllner trip. I in OooK
lanythinn lioxv ; - ot h el's no to passjcali be had byealhmr mi any ir.'enl
a x ay I ho I i uie, a ml home make it uu of t his co:npany, or em o.- in ; IJ cents
oecasi in for tin M'ciirinn of a ipiiet i for p. .sta ; and niilres:nn Tin -. L.
s all oTer the Slate are com-
pi aid i ij; of Hie ra vanes of 1 iiu 1 1 es- i.i n
fly in their w heat lield-. Siiyd- r
count X' is not beliealh the lioti I
t h.-M' ,est rudix . Iii 1 1. posts. Mr. J.
,', rnch ,,f K rat .orville infor.iied lis
last week 1 hat some of his lidds xx ill'
,lut yield over a ouarier of a cron ow -
.j,,.,,,, , . ,.;IV,..,.S , 1...
I In icuera Svnod of t he 1 .1 1 1 ! I ' lit 11
t luircli at its recent session at Spring
Held, (Hiio, appointed the lot Ii No
yember next as a day to celebrate the
birllnh.y of Luther by the Church and
Sunday Schools, The I, ut heraus over
the entire world will make this auui
I'1"-1"'""' mieresi aim
, " wifl '""""'d sj.i.if.
S. Weis comes to the front with a
1 l"'Ks.''ii v uans, . ji is store is too
! well
Known inroiiniioiit tins section
loeiiaie. 10 require any encourage
nient in order to secure barnaius. He
Lives (ho Strictest attention to ov.lers
..r . I... s' .
bv mail.
p)1',,lt('1"" his head for he had nohair
10 u l" " " weary ami achinn
. I"1'''
ah no tniniisoflils liorrihle, horrildo
. .
111 a man connemneil to earn his .....i
u t.. .. '.
i'j n.iioojj u weekly weak!,' sheet.
II u, il.
1 lie nieiu House, Selinsnrove, Ph. .is!
gralually growing into publio favor inies is seldom goo I for anything ; he
as a hostelry, and the accoininodatiiig'iH made of that kind of maternl whic'i
proprietor, J. L. Kiehl, may xvell feel Is so easily worked, that everyone
promt of his successful enterprise.
During this week his house Is crowd, d
to its utmost capacity by people who
had engaged rooms inonlhsugo.vhVh
is sufficient evidence that his accoiu
inodatii ns urj in publio demand.
A Centre township man Is reported
to have set his childr. n to work pick
ing stones in his fields on Sunday of
lust week while he and his wife went
to church. We are not a theologian,
but give it an our unsolicited opinion
that this fellow, like Hunyau's Pil
grim, will find a good many hungry
lion on Ida road to heaven only they
i i.-... ., . . .
wuu I. uu umuueu, ana ir, perclmnce,
i . J lUIWUpll 111 l lU-
.lax XiliiUA ttjle In vrMi to
fct JiUxIe.
v ......... .......
.....I I I . I.ul... ntlli
school which closed last Friday, after
a successful term of elht weeks, I
suitff the oversight was dMc to -i
"sore foot." but such a pleasant event
should not lass bv tinnoticerl.
On the afternoon above mentioned,
at the rinninn of tho bell, tho pupils
and some of their niatiiiuas ass-.mbtcd
at thu "school bouse on the hill, "after
which they formed in double column
and marched to Mr. Il-iriy Smith's
nrovejust north of tow u, w here the
little folks enjoyed themselves, us
hildrcn only can. for several hours
by di'.Terent p!ays and names. At
about . o'clock supper was iimioune
ed, when they heated thctiiscMcs
.tround the table tilled with the uuii.y
X'mhI t hinns iisiinUy prepare.) for Mich
cciisiiis of which they all partook
wlili a relish. After supper they re
turned home, all feeling that the time
was well spent. This day widben
rreen spot in the memory of the liitl.
folks and one loiin to be 1'enii.Miibi'red
by all present.
Onk N.r Iwn no.
The net annual session of the
I'elilisy Ivaia State Teachers' .ssocia
ion will hi- held nt Williamspori. July
10. 11. K (Tuesday. WediM.h.l.iv and
riiurs,l. ,. A eonvenl i .n of ineSu
.eiinteliilelils of (he State has been
ailed to inei t at the same time and
olaee. The rates at hotels and on
iiilo.n Is have been reduced, and no
doubt this will Ii the lar gest iiietiun
of educators eve: h 'Id in (!;. State.
mix person .i.'Minin intori.ur an
obtain the sa,e by address!,, . Henry
llouck, llarrisbnrn. Ma., win. i chair
uian of t he i xeeutive coiuini'
The band boys have domed their
new suits. There is but 1 1 1 1 iftlie
' Ihish" about them which makes them
all the more liandsouie. T!iey have
a Ideil a new member, wit 1 1 a reed in
s! ninient, xx hii'h lioxv make- twenty
.iielili.-s in (ill r. lid. Till, i' i f
tile host, if not f'e hcs hand I, . '. ;d
Mi 1 1 1 1 - I ania.
'M'iii't so, John ;'hat if
x.iil should be si ruck d- ad x ith Slirh
horrid out Ii-on your lips ;" said his
wife, hoothin-lv. "Swear so t .Inn
ininy crickets, by all that's picat, I'm1
not sxvearinn. "it 1 am n"i"n ex
press my opinion of this confounded
nine -cornered ba.oo of ii blamed rick
ety infernal bit of stox e pipe -" I )it
the wife with her hands over her ears,
Cu Sunday a couple of vouni; folks!
Were seen proli e me I i n ill broad day
Hnht with arms around each other's
necks. They did not seein t . i n. t ic
ieoii!e passing them nxxinr to love
heiun blind. The rest of I he pedes
ti iims drew asid .' under a shady nook
and luoiiifiilly hummed Mr. Wat Is
faciiiiar hyiiMi, "lloxx vain are all
ll.ill- here below."
W' have received a of th"
Summer Mxcnrsion Uoiite liook of tin
M. 1!. M. Co. for sea. f lvs.(. The
nooiv lor tins year has heeu xciv
. . 1 . . . ,
T""1" ""I'roxe., an.) . niaiKci, aim
Million improve. 1
is ju-t xx hat is xx anl.
i".u-t what is wanle.l hy por-ons
niplatinn a summer 1 1 if. Il eon
t 'his about lVo dim-rent routes.
" vi'l o.liill lul col, .red map. xxl.i.-h
1 w ill iiild largely to the nil.nit.iu' in
1 1 . '
Wat i- llOelih Av. Mittsburnh. Ma.
I', lit or Sini! h of the Milton . ;ii s
i has been arresied i.nd j 0 , 1 umier
! bonds for an allowed lib. )
iiirainst 11 man u lion ilauhtei-
atleiupted suicide on 11 i,.f the
ill! real 1.0 Ml of her father. If our
brofhi r was uiisiufoniied xv are sorrx
! for him: if it is true, we e.,iv in his
siunk in hoxvinn the man up. We
xvould hot nive a piccauue for a man
xxho would run a iiexvsiapci- all his
life and not tell enough truths tonot
soinobody mad. Sin h an one should
he placed at editing a Died eal alma
line. Me sure y ur'e rinht. brother
Smith, then hexv to the lino and hoy
or mind the chips.
Wanted -A xx ife xxho can handled
l.roo.u. Tol.rusi, doxvn the coio.xel.s
and sweun 1111 t lie room: To make do
cent bread that a fellow can eat Not
the liori'ilile compound you every
xxhere meet; Who know show to broil,
to frv, and to roast -Make a cup of
nood tea and a platter of toast ; A wo
man who washes, cooks irons mid
stitches. And sow,, up the rips in a fc'-
lows'sold breecln-s, And make h'i',l,ai'.l
oxx 11 nariuclits au item which Is
horrid expensive as every one knows-.
A common sense creature, and still
wit h H mind to teach mid to nuide -
exalted, rctlucd, A sort of an annl
,and housemaid coiuhined !
.. ....
J'.NKMIKI..-- IIHVe Villi I IIUinii'MT HO
I . ... , , .
struinni on ami nuun mem 1101
they block up your path, walk around
tl,Mi d(J ',. ,,lty vvgnuA ,f , r
their suite. A man who ha no cue
has a baud in it. A sterling character
one who thinks for himself, and
speaks what he thinks isalwuyssine
to have enemies. They lire as neccs
sary to him asfiesh air; tliey keep
alive and active. A celuhratcd char
acter who was surrounded with cue
inies, ukihI to remark: "They are
sparks which, if you do not blow will
go out of themselves.'' l.stthishe
your feeling whil i endeavoring to live
down I he sea nihil of those against you.
If you trtop to dispute, you do but as
they desire, and open tho way for
more abuse. Let thopoorftllowstalk;
tlier will be a reaction if you perforin
hut your duty, and hundreds who
were once nlienated from you xi ill
ft ..! In Vol, tfk .fiL IK.U,A II iw
Bark, Batk, Bark.
mm A n "V. . i.riiin,-, ... .hv ..,
1. I.,..!, I V.I. U ..I. .. 1
D. II. Hotmhoi k.
J. H. HofTmnn & Hro.. Selin'irrove,
! ,vi" tnnlntain their renitatloii for
I liavlrnr Hie tlnest and best;ed
store in the county byalways bavin);
their r-tore chock full of the latest
novelties in tho market.
J. II. HolTman & Mro., Sellnsnrove.
Ma., extend a cordial Invitation to ah
- persons attcmlinn theHreat Miisiea'
Juliilee w ill llnd our store nearly op
posite the Jubilee Huildimx where wi
shall be pleased to show you every
thiie,' kept in our line. 'all and set
.1. II. Hoffman .t Mro., Selins;;rove.
Ma., W ould call lit t ell t ioi t -t'n'ir
tine assort un lit ol .New Mort Ties,
hinh colored i'ichue- in ail the leadhu;
shades, the newest and most fnshionn
ble arranneiiu'iit in the market an
illustrated card will be uiven with ev
ery purchase, setting forth tl e differ
etit ways of wenrinn the Ti. s, Ac.
J. II. MolTniaii ,V I'.io., S. litis-rove.
M.I., lire the m knou led,;...! h a.lers ill
ladies tine end fancy dress ! .(
every desci iptioii, ladies neck , ea r,
h osery, c. Mart i. -nl. ir atteiiti.ei i.
calletl to the new invoi.'i' of Shetlahii
Sh iwls. ladies black lio-e, the newest
Ihlnn in bosi.ry. Also a full line of
kid. brilliant Lisle. Tlifea I. and Met
lin nh'Vi's. also silk iind cotton milts.
Thestraw Ilatsat S. l ppeiiheiiiier',
take the cake, tirealest Variety ale
lowest juices in the county.
Head w ear of every d. script ion, ii,
cludiiin wool and fur hats at S. I M
penheimer's. Cull and see them, that
! V(,M ,n.iv ,.,.,.,. ,. tl,M tvl,.St
Whip' Vests are all the "no" Hii
summer, an I S. I ippeiiheimer, antiid
p it inu' t lie 1 1 1 1 1 -j 1 1 I . has laid in ah
extra larne stock of all sizes, styler
and x n riot ic.
Why sxxeat and swelter durinn tin
hot sinnmer months, when you can
Cll'lse Von'. olf to fool c..l:if. .!( !lh!o II II. I
I - ..,' r... loot a I do or ,i i-o I , l.ii x in,:
' . 1 1 1
-po!,,l' A I
Trx one
n o-.- i .ater
cuts a pair.
Mtts. . M it .
oil can by a nood Mill Ion Shoe fol
!,!. Jo at Mrs. K. Marx', Sehns-rove,
in can bnv
men's plow shoes at
I a pair at M rs
nrove. Ma.
K. Marx' Seliii'.
W u i Mi:n i:s. I hav
ceixed a luannilieent stoe
wear for Spring and Si
m ike a speej.ilt x of t he i
,ls( re
of fool
lJochc-ier Moois sh,
i:oe, for diirabiliiy
'ol Clllillot net I hem
place iii iox.11. I'.very
s, xxhi.-h an
and 1 1 1 1 f-. 1 1
nt any other
air warranted.
Mits. U. Mxux.
.1: .1 and loM,.,,
ve, M.I.
an I el x 1 .
Hotel. S.
It will p:iy every body to examine
the immense Slock of l'lii-ililUll' l'o
-ale by the Mojiiilar r'ninituie man
W. II." FKI.IX I.ewisio.xn IV
W.Mi:i'. A pia tied M.ook An nt
to a-vinio the inaiia;'onieil of the
subscript ion dopn rt nient in a puhlbh
in,' holt-.. Address, statin,' ex
pel nee. M. 1 1. Mux, V.'H, Mlnladi I
phi. 1. M.i. a lu --t.
Messrs. W. W. Wilon Mr... the
Milllinbiirn M.akors now x jsji . . 1 1 r
toX'll every Tlle-d lX mid I'rid i, sup
pi, inn ''ir oil i..ii- xxiih fresh xxhcii
and rye bread II. .11-, I'a! r, I'd I, "b
A.C i.e. W. W. Wll.sox ,V Iiu...
Ji -r I.'io inx i-o. A Hue lot of I. a
die.' dr. s. si. 10- al prices that wi'l
C0luiilce I sell a b. tier si
I hau yoi ever boiinhl b' tore for the
same inoliov.
Mi:- Ii. M xi;.
Mi'tXVooll Nll'ioll d all l KeXstolie llo
b is, S.-liiis. r.iyo. Ma.
WVMI'l' 10 linellls ill SllXllel Co.
to ealix ass and sell n' ax e Sloiics aln
Moiruneiits. Ad. Less or call 011 N. !
Mi-her, at Solins ;rove, l a.
c ui itl.i I i n xvi i:k I v ti v
'simonUm, H:ulx.l- iSc Co
I Wheat
.V(, '"' "
(,',,.,, )',exx
j Potatoes...
'.''.V' '
l It
I n
to r.
ic ;
.J'l to
IIS pr. II). .
, "
pea l 'oal
'host mil 'oal
I'llacksiuith ( 'oal.
L .'n Coal
Plaster, 1. or ton..
S.dt po b'UTel....
j -in
' , ,
.1 ....
11 uu
. i " j
sac .
sun. 11...
May '.'nth, by Uev. T. U.,
lJohc'rt Aiiuiiller to Miss Mollio Weis,
both of Pawling Station.
Drovnsd in Beer.
Concerning this Popular Heveriit;e
Txxo Men Lxpr. ss I'lu ir Minds.
l'l, l.u't ! nlr, uml you may illi'k I'ln
llier.. th m ti.u .Biiie of nil oountry are like
ly in lu iln.mi lo I In a llooil of lm r beer,"
lioulelin it. 1 1 uu a si la teetotaler ill" oilier
.lay Int. the eur i xnur ouruere.l erreion
.lent. 'Hi. i iterunm ilrlnk Iiu utruok uu karO.
U it Hi. nei-mi I" ,
'T. 'I ml tin' orft of tlili Lei r-tlrlnklnx
liiiklin-x t ill ii Ii set" "l kl.lney trnul.lra, a
it lienvy win . r lo Hi" wve," aJiltJ a oily
i Inhlol .ii, x no lnJ a knowie.lne "f llie tuin a
au'a u'ii'l.i" y to mi Uplior. "Tbo uililnlsul
diioi ner" loivie belilaU It a wane ol lurre.t
inn lion. lituiJa.-uei, turnld liver, caueee, ami
nil lay' the k'tuJulluD ol HrlKQt'e
i.i ....
'liiiu iiinUiicUoly faoti aonount. In rrt for
I ho lucrouulng of UKNSUN'S OAl'UIN L
.101 iii a wi k' m wi.inli mI iin.:. uiilljiktee
.,mi,t.,nn i-rio. :t oeoia. Ak your
......I I... .hfiiil u
6t-ufy fcjQboiob,C!iemUU,iNw
Now bs Tifoiir TTnnMie I
I wish (o inform tbo rosidoula of HnyJor county that I bare a fine o
norlmt'ut of
Cooking Stoves, Ranges. Heaters,
Parlor and Bedroom Stoves,
Including- Ilia Noxv Liht House (,'ook. Silr Harp. La.lien' 1'iide. Taurei
L'ooLs. NeT Suiishiiie, Nexv Jasper. New Hecotd ln?cs. In
liticible, TLn Spear Jleattili, N I'ltlv I'axvn. New
Ii is, N'exv Jasper IfoutMS, No.v (i dl'ii ,juU
I'inplacu llcnli.iH. ami othejrt .My
Heaters from 15 to 30 Dollars,
10 nil of tho latt hI p ittet tis ntnl heel imi'i-t in!, ittnl it. Iwin; l )tfl ju
ftasiiii I olli-r Iheui below actual cost I i hc-nro then- s,i1d.
Call and see tho Fmc Cook Stoves,
f wliii'h I liavo nn .ryo and xve'l o!erte. i noe; ni Can !o f nitnl in t litj
foutily Hinl at prii'en tlmt xvill comp ite with Wholemlu lloti.iud.
Tinware, Spoil ting and Roofing.
None but fli t very I est mntet i , used Sti. utiii;r and It ji. lino; J.inu ntt
holt tiolice. Ki.-pi ctlully hiibtnittcil.
Miui)r.ri:n:ii ma.
Seiinsgrovc, Pa,,
IM-'.AI .I'.i: IN
Dry Goods, Notions, Fancy Goods,
Carpotes, Oilcloths, Matting, &c.
Takes especial flcusit re in railing atU ntitm to his fina
While Goods department
'mrtrisitfj 'icforia l.-iwus, P,( le, Aj-iisthiks, ,SV.
lie is .selling his t iitirc sit bk oj ))' (loods at fu r
rent less than the usual . ;. order to reduce s'i.ek.
ilinc till" oj liih eonr, t
ishnn re ood,s 0 u'l kinds . ,,', V ".'. ..'.'..'. . , -
dies .Until 11 ICitittroidi red I ndc: m ar and S- n ts
fine line of SJSll UUIHOXS. regular mal . !;.;
anion i than a brilimnt linen'
in all the 'axhiunul 'le colors. I!rcriithin new, neat and
i hcaft. UtSPLClrULl.Y YOURS,
is. wi:ijs.
.''':' OnltTs ly in;iil i i- 1 1 1 1 1 1 - Mllcndtd to.
1 ! jimv.Ml iin I In -mi I .r t!. (rj on n
uui l l-y ull in(j;ini i;io ti a . ul, ,iii j
Irl'lnr.l .1 r 0)1 ji s I ti r i.t - n.l Ii rn XX'., 1. to. r;. . In.,
' 11 11 1 v . j imI 11 1 1 . 1 . 1 r y 11 11 I t a im am 1 1. . 1 . .111 r
I il:i "l I- in u
1 1 1 : ti mi Iotii iIo. We .,r 1 "1 tliiii M.'i.s' Sul:n I r p: M iiml n it it r !.i
Coys s tuts. uoo:l. for 5I T.0 an ) ii)vr.iils. Utitlcrwcar (or 20 ani tp
v..-.n!s. Min's Wool H.its 40 c-.:;.s and iiiivvaid. Boy's VVr.cS li ds 2'j
ten. s anil tipwaiils. b'ravv H.i'.s lit.Mits.ifid upvvai (!s. Finu V.'lnle
ini: Is. PciCiih! Sliiits. Cij,c!! Mii.ts. &c.. Cufts. Collars.
Nuctii'S. Kukp. Clnvcs, Si'speiKtcrtj. 1 rttrsks. bntcliuli,
Valiccs. Canes. Untlii Win (is. Lap Ruhcs,
' in I h I. ill 1 no i I I'm ti;-h:u
1. 1
nrrii l'
a r u,,t
i! o.n,
in K. e 1. 1 ia -'Mi u i nu '
. i. , u U-. f.,,1 , 11.' v. . 1. 1,
4 I I II I.I
I . . !.,, I'.
at 2l
I !
Lcwistov;:i, Hifliu county, Pcnn'ta,
Sm-i iii l 'i.v Iv in, I'iii lor, ( 'li.-iiuliop,
J inniiu" lm, Iltill. ;uil Iv il lii 1,
Hilil I ll HK'IIIIK (lI'l'M'r' l M'l-SsOt 1.
Paiiite.H'lmudii i-Suits, from .
I', ol.
all xviliiiit, eovcroxl iu Haircloth,
Wnln nt Chamber Suit9, with Marblo
HolstcndK fiotu
I Ibireaiia, StandB, Lounp-os, Chairs, Muttroas of all kiods. Tho
dui ful VYovoti Wiro Mattross or SptTng Iiottoii) tho best maclo.
All goodd kept iu stock and on hand, rouJy for Balo, uud at CAS II
IMIICKS, that willeonvioco all, that you can save monoy by buyitiR whr
IIia l,,it,f nii.1 nliuna ntil u.l,,if ,am 1..., 1.x. ..In .l I 1. i:
Jll'l feXJU 111. .. m. .mj a fuu null.
ei od, with tho boHt of caro, to li. It, depot. Cull and boo tho the ltumeniv
Stock. No troublo to slow goods, OUIt MOTTO : Good tiuodi, Low
Prices, and to please, a'l. Orders by tuuil will receive piotupk u''eution
at all times. Youra Hebpectfully,
Jao. 'J7.1831. W. II. IT'KI-.IX.
4M1 I t
Tho Worhl.
renn Harrow it made of the P-t V :i
every way firt-class. Forme' I x i . .
with our iiiiprovvmcnts ii i. i' . . .10 .
tu your iutcrcbt and l. i . 1 ' . .." .
. ..; U
Cpposilc riini1"1; '.. . . ,
Hi. j.iiLli ', uu I t!i m. In i. I fu:li ,:vU
i.nru.i .f .- ..,.! mulio h. .
I i:,o . n - i- k , it Hill ic r . 11 : . I
-.i.t In 1 1-.
t ihv mu
XX i .!. .n'l in o i,
. ,i ,,,,. if, i ,
we ..j L. I r . .1.
I X K I" l"'' ! ' (
Il AU nu i.rk
.1 f.
iSoS3:!"ou:rK c. V
, ii im r, i ,
vt r-v i-'i
.'.' to !j'ft5.
liaw Silk, anJ Phiul.! s, of
Tops, from
- - 4 to if.1"
ent i Wheel Eevolvei anil pivet thr) prtx-m!
iinrrow, two UttrrowniKii il pawiitt; ct . t it
oncf, tlicrclorc wilt clo uuble u
otliti Harrow and lavetln f i
1 1 .
Another yreat advantsi-e 1' i
over any other, if c ti ! ij
toto lTv Mirert-H' I'.il'l
and u 'Wi, c.o .,,1 1. 1 , .. ,
m''l" . . r !. '
1. -.1 !' ,i. , ;.-
1 ' ' ..;.,.. ,J ; -
v ri.'jiir
I st
!n il .-
.1- hi 1 ,.
I.r.;' t!,.
. . 1.
I 1 1 !
MOXXMN kl,.i.,it.i. oA.
t -7-