The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, May 31, 1883, Image 1

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    III ' I . - ...
'T. II HAUTEtt. .
He (tint will not reason in a bi ; lio that cm not is a fool ; he lliat tlavr hoi is n .slave.
UMTOIl and I'liOritlKTOU
sous cm ecnccLiiccis.
l have bcn back to my home aaln,
To tli place wher I wan born.
1 have nenrd tbe wind from the stormy
e nt1lnjf through the corn;
1 tve seen tli purple hills one more;
1 bftve stood on tliti rocky count,
Y"Bere tlio wave atorm inland to the
but the thing that touched me moot
Wm alitt'l leather strap that kept
So i no school books, tattered and
I sighed. I smiled, I could have wept,
When I came on them one morn;
Tor I thought of the merry little lad,
In the morning sweet and tool,
tT westliei wan flood or weather had,
Oointf whittling off to school.
My finger undid the ttrnp ftitaln,
And 1 thought how my hand has
And half In levlug. half in pain,
Hack ward my memory ranged.
There was the grammar I knew so
I didn't remember a rule;
And the old blue speller I used to
Itetter thau any in school;
And the wonderful geography '
I've read on the green hillside, "
When I told myself I'd surely see
All lands in the world so wide,
From the Indians home in the far, far
To the mystical Cathay.
I have seen them oil. Hut home l
When the evening shade fall gray.
And there was the old arithmetic,
All tattered and stained with tears.
I mid Jamie and little Dick
Were together in by gotia years.
Jamiejiai gonu to the better land;
And I get, now and again,
A letter In Dick's bold, ready hand
From some grout western plain.
Thero wasn't a book, and scarce'a
That hadn't some memory
Of days that seemed like a golden age,
Of friend I shall no more see.
And so I picked up the books ngain
And buckled the strap once more,
And brought them oer the tossing
Come, children, and look thenio'er.
And there they lay on a little stand.
Not far from the Holy Hook;
And his boys and girls with loving
O'er grammar and speller look.
He uid. "They speak to me, children
Of a past without annoy;
And the Hook of Hooks in promise
Of a future full of joy."
iirfr's 'Wttkly.
Dr. Andover threw himself iuto
the big leather-covered chair before
iiia study fire with a little weury
He was a fine-looking man of thir
ty t not baudiome, but noble and
mauly-looking one to be trusted
for over, with his broad white brow,
nud grave, clear grey eyes
Dr. Andover's patients especial
ly the poorer class and tho children
tnrncd to bin instinotively for ad
sice and sympathy.
i'oor old Ujtty Cary.Ja bedridden
paralvtio, could not repeat to him
without shedding tears of gratitude
Little Jaue Ellis, Buffering with
an incurable hip disease, looked op
on him as a sort of god upon earth.
But fate had lately.frownod upon
In the first place, the bank in
which the greater part of his snug
little fortune was deposited, had fail
ed ; and direotly upon this came the
Dens that some mining stocks in
vested were worthless, or nearly so.
The doctor did not fear poverty
himself his praotice bronght hi a: a
comfoi table income, for the rich ap
preciated him as well as the poor i
but miles away in a distant city there
was a lovely girl whom he bad hop
ed to call wife by Christmas time.
A gill who, though not wealthy
herself, bad been extravagantly ed
ucated by ber wealthy uncle, in
bose luxurious home she lived.
He knew that no privation bad
ever come to ber she saw a petted
darling, with hands like a baby's.
Lovely, dainty, useless as she
seemed, Dr. Andover bad poured the
whole passion of bis great Leai t out
upon ber ; and you are not to think
him weak because, just at first, when
the news of bis ill-fortune came to
him, he shrank sod trembled under
it, thinking ol the girl be loved.
For be must give ber up, tiers
fts no duubt about that.
lie could not ask her to sbare the
fate of a poor physician who depend--ed
upon Iiir fees for a living.
So Dr. Andover had written her
a brave farewell letter just annontb
before the time arranged for their
wedding, informing her of hPs alter
ed fot tunes, and releasing her from
her engagement to him t aud he
had received no answer, although it
was now Christmas week.
The doctor was worn out with ex
posure to rough woathor and many
sleepless nights.
The demands upon bis time and
strength bad been greater than us
ual, yet ho had replied to them all,
never failing in kindly courtesy bo
side tbe couch of Hetty Cairy any
more than iu the luxurious obamber of
ilia lame Goldschtuidt, who fed him
so generously.
It was Chris truss week, and Maudo
was to have been his owu next i'ri
day evening.
This thought tortured him un
ceasingly, together with some words
in a letter which had readied him a
few days before a letter from an
a -(luaintanco who was visiting iu the
city nhere Maude lived,
I mot your fiancee at a parly lust
erei ing," ho had written.
I almiro your choice.
''.She was the brightest ; loveliest
girl there."
Dr. Andover experienced a cruel
sense of devolution a he tnrnodthut
senteuce over in his mind.
Maud hnd not love 1 him after all.
She could bo gay and blight when
they were forever separated.
The study fire smouldered to
ashes, and still ho sat there, weary
and sid, until from sheer exhaustion
he full into an uneasy slumber.
About miduight bo awoke, alter
nately burning uud sniveling, while
a dull pain throbbed iu his templed
Ho was his owu patient now, so
bo swallowed n powder and hastened
t led ; and when his landlady
came in tho morning to rail him, sle
fouud him unallo to liso from hi
pillow, feverish and half delirious.
Christmas m rjing came, bright
and frosty a duy after good St
Nicholas' own heart, aud the doctor,
a trifle better, although weak and
languid, opened his eyes to close
them again immediately, with a lit
tle pang.
This was to have been bis wed
ding day !
He could hear tho meiry Faluta
lions in the street, the cIuhIi of bells,
and the pealing organ from St
l'tiul's Church over tho way, and the
suuligLt, and miith, aud gladness
made his own pain seem tho koeuor
just.for a moment uutil his gen
eroua heart could gather strength
and reassert itself and bo glad bo
cause others were glnd.
His landlady, who had been like a
fond mother to him, came in pres
ently with a very smiling expres
sion upon her broad face.
Many of bis gratoful patients
had rememberod him with some lit
tle Christmas tokens.
Mrs. Derby had placed tlicra up
on the table at his bed-ide ; but
now she held in her arms a smsd
package addressed to him in a la
dy's familiar hand, aud registered in
a Aidant city.
Msude bad returned tho engage
ment ring.
Dr. Andover received the pack
age in silence, and Mrs, Dot by look
ed at hiiA with a crestfallen expres
"I thought you would bo so pleas
ed, doctor,
"I've come to know Miss Ever
leth's handwriting you see, I sup
posed she had sent you a Christmas
' The package eame two days ago
when you were delirious, and I made
bold to send tbe lady a telegram
telling ber of your illness.
"And, Pootor Andover, can you
boar some pleasant news f
"I received a telegram in return,
stating that Miss Kverleth would
start at once to come to yon.
-'Now that ifc the sort of a girl to
mako a man a good wife.
"She will probably be bere to
day. To day !
Dr. Andover listened to Mra. Der
by in bewilderment.
What did it all mean f
With trembling fingers be tore off
the wrapper of tbe tio ' package, and
opened a jeweler's case.
There upon its bed of purple lay a
wide gold finger-ling ex traordina
rily nide-tbe ioiide of wbicb WM
oompletely covered with fine lolbr
And Dr. Andover read slowly,
through blinding rapturous tears
the word which the jeweler's in
struments had traced there the
grand old Scripture words which
had arisen in the heart of the 'girl
who thus proved herself worthy of
hint, when bis letter had Come to her
after many weary dnys of delay.
' Entreat me not to leave theo, or
to retnru from following afior
for whither thou goest I will go ; and
wheio thou lodgest 1 will .lodge
thy people shall be my people, nn 1
thy Ood my (lod ;whero thoujdiest
will I de. and there will 1 bo bin el;
the Lord do so to me and more also,
if aught bat death part thee and!
me.'' the sidewalk ?
Mrs Dolby slipped out of lie How would yon like it if she stood
room, crying herself at the eight of jon tl street corners, or in frout of
Dr. Andover, usun'Iy so calm snd tbe theatre on matinee dsy and
strong, and self possessed, sobbing winked at all tho fellows an they
like a baby over Maude's Christ- iune out?
mas token, j H' would yon liko it if she
It was nearly noou whon Maude chucked the handwuiuo w liters un-
herself came. ' ('l'r ",0 cu'n flt)J Culled them
She had removed her wrnps iu j "dear ? '
Mrs. Derby's room, and after a light! 11 ,w would yon liko it f oho vuut
tap on the hick man's door, sho oii -
Dr. Andover had thought her
lovely in her exquisite parly, aud
carriage, and home toilets, but uev-
er had sho seemed sr swyet and
gracious and womanly as now, when
iu her pain grey traveling costiiino,
her lovely face a liltlo pale with
wearineHS and excitemeiit, Lei
mouth tremulous, and her daik ei
glowing with n polenin light, she
glided ill her swift noiseless vtsy
across tho room to Lis side.
My d it ling .
"My own, nweft.trne-henrSed d ir-
lingl' eiie l (ho doctor, clasping
both hands about her nud drawing
lior fiieo down to hi own.
And prcMntly, nfl. r tho fust
greetings weio over, Maude ex;;l.iiu-ud-
"Yotir letter was delayed in some
"I did not get it until a week ago
''i'on iet))oin-r the gicat pieco of
gold which you sent mu from Cali
fornia two years ago ?
' Well, when I got your letter 1
look that gold to a jeweler, and had
it inado iuto that ling.
"Aud then, after I received Mrs.
Derby's telegram, I made mule
promise to bring me t i you at ouco
"I would have couio nlono if he
had not come with tim, horriblo and
unconventional as my faslibnable
fiionds would have died me.
"Why, dear! what a silly butter
fly yon must have thought mo I
"And do you think I am good for
nothing but to darco and ting, aud
play the piano
''I assure you, sit" and hero she
doubled one small white fist in a
very threatening fashion uuder his
very noso "this ; hand, which you
consider so w eak and useless, can
make most delioions bread, and pies,
and cakes ; can even mako beds, and
sweep, and wash dishes.
"Aunt Alice never neglected Ibal
most important part of my education
and I am sure I shall make a most
excellent wife for a poor man.
"That is, dear" and hero she
flushed up glorously "if you will
have me,"
Dr. Andover smothcrod ber last
words against bis shoulder, and as
soon as she could free borself from
his unceremonious embrace, she be
gan anew to coax and wheedle bim
into oousenting to soma plan of ber
own, to which at first be objected,
but finally yielded i snd tbe result
was that, at five o'clock that after
noon, Maude Kverleth was made Dr.
Andover's wife, and at ouoe asserted
her authority by taking upon ber
self tho duties of nurse.
Of course, uuder such treatment
he rocoverod rapidly 5 ond every day
grew to appreciate more aud more
tho loyalty aud worth of tho swoet
littlo woman who had not failed bim
in bis dark hour,
A father has been complaining to
a friend of tho family of tbe conduct
of his prodigal sou.
"You ought to reason with bim
seriously," says the friend of the
"So I dot So I bave I" says the
father in dispair, ''but it has no ef
feot. Tbe young sooundrel will lis
ten to oobody who isn't a fool like
himself. I wautyoa to go aud talk
Young nan ! II ow would you
like if you had to stay in tho houso
nine days in the week and bear
nothing but dissertations on shirt
buttons and historical reminiscen
ces about bur6td suspender but
tons T
How would you like it if every
tiiuo your wife saved a few dollars,
she would como honlo at l'J o'clock
H' morning with her back teeth
afloat, and pull every door bell in
the neighborhood out by tho roots f
heron the street with her hat cock,
odonlho back of Ler head, while
she was doing' her ulnioht to make
sauage meat of every ash-ban cl on
l ,, elub every night and came
home with her breath smelling li Lo
a decayed skunk T
How would you like it if you had
to have all tho children of the house-
i hold attend to all their wantH and
jthuu receive only look.-i bleaker than
a ton of coal for your pairs ?
j How would you like it if you had
1 to live all vour hfo with su -h an am-
algamalud brute as voursilf ?
Youn,; man do mi e-ir think
that your wifo has a ton h i, loving
iieai t right under
'I.. corset that must have been tsr
j i ibly lender nud loving and bum
j to Imvo sai l "Yes" when tlio minis
tcratd.e.1 tho fatal c iiiumli 11111 ?
Drop it, young man, or 0110 nf
these days that teti.i.-r. lovirg.bravi- foui hi 1 h vr, hi..! ra ready t
. -. . . ..!.... 1 1 1 ... . . . 1 11
he. u t will bu ak, aud then von 11
hovo to tako the oliildreii and 10
live with vour mother-nn-law.
Homor wan a beggar.
Terence, the dramatist, wns a
I'lrttitus, (ho l.oman eoiniu poet,
turned a mill., the poet, died In t! 0 Klreet.
("levantes. died of hunger.
Spencer died iu want.
Iiydeu lived iu poverty and dia
Sir Wulter llaleigh died on the
Tasso, Ihe Italian poet, was often
distressed for livo shillings.
Duller lived a life of penury and
died poor.
liacoii lived a lifo of meanness
and distress.
Otway, Koglish dramatist, died
prematurely, und through hunger.
Steele, the humorist, lived u lifc
of perfect warfare with bailiffs.
I'aul Dorghesn had fourteen trades
and vet starved n-ilh aII
-.i....... ., , ., , . .
... ... .
v.umierioii, mo ciillil or genius
1 . ii- 1. mi-olio 11 1 1 1 1 ii 1- wiiii 11 vns lojeit'.i
and misfoituuo, destroyed himself ;,. 0 ., , , , ,
at eighteen huu. J he 1 unkeo had eveiy botnli
i: . 1 1 . lout 011 the ground itli tho bung up
Hentmogho, was refused admit ,, K, , , . .,, ,
:.. 1 ii. iii- ,, Hu procured a bucket and tilled
tance into a hospital he had himself! ,, . ,
erected .them all with water; then ho came
Savoge died in prison at Bristol
where he was confiued for a dobt of
The death of Collins wni llironn-h
neglect, first coining mental dorong-1 moniioh' ,Leir ",'"'U1"t wa
men. I great The water h id fro01 dur-
Goldsmith'a "Vicar of Wakefield"! iu-11,6 niU1, uua U' ,ilur,,i:,"
was sold for a trifle lo save him fiom r',n, ""n W"H " f"" Z"
tbo grip of the law ing water had broken every bomb
I'ieldinir lie. in thn .,.-
ground of the English factory at
Lisbon, without a stone to mark the
" " J 1
Milton sold bis copyright of ' Par.
idise Lost" for $75 at three pay
ments, and finished bis life in ob
scurity. Cannons, the celebrated writer of
tho "Lueid," the great Portuguese
epic, euded bis days, it is said, in an
almshouse, and at any rate was sup
ported by his faithful black servant,
who bogged io tbe streets of Lisbon
for bim.
An exchange says : "A friend
tells of the' remarkable success be
has had in the use of decayed wood
as a fertilizer for bis fruit trees. IU
has fine, thrifty trees and plenty of
good, sound fruit aince he adopted
tbe common aonse plan of fertilising
bis good orchard with decayed logs
and lumps.''
One frequent cause of Iron bio in
mariitd lifo is a waul of openness in
business matters A husband mar
ries A pictiy, thoughtless giil, who
has been used to taking lo more
thought ns lo how she should be
clothed limn tlio lilies of the field
He begins by not liking to refuse
any of her request, lie Mill not
hint, no long us hu help it. all
euro in trifling expenses bo docs
I ,,ot ''ko to associate himself in her(
I min.1 with di.iapp jintmotits und s.-lf j
-m.!in. mm "no, "iii nom i iiuvi-
boon willing enough in the sweet
-'ig-niess to please of her giilish!
bve, to givo up ony whims or fancies
of hor owu whatever, fulls into Lab -
: , i , if.
its of caielfsi extrav.igai.oo and feeis
- ... ... ..
ueihu.i iihuioii wiieu ill litbL a IT-
mouslrain-o comes. How much :oiii.e n .m.ou nrii. Juno u
wiser would havo been pel feet open-j j ()
ness in tho begintiing ! "Wo Lave!''
ilHt ho iniii-h i.ioiw.v i . u.,..i..l ll.i.l
J ' -l -
. ...
Hummer. .ow, simil wo
mallei's thus or thus was tho
question I heard a very young hii-
band ask his still younger bridon .t
long ago ; aud nil tlio wouruihood )
iu her nnswered lo this demand upon
it, and her help ut planning and I
counselling proved not a thing to boJ
despised, though hitherto she Lad
''fed upon tho losis and lain upon
the lilies of life." I um Miodkini? I
i ,u'1 mariiagis that urn not mai
ringes when eniis has wedded'
ulcun beoauso Vulcin hud proHpct-:
j'1' ftl forgo luil marriages whine'
two tiuo hearts have io-l out o,'.!i -it
r,r love's bake to Irani the lesson
of lifi-, an I to live togotliei- until
the left ofi'leath shall purl them. An I 011.1 of
tlio lir-.t less .lis them o kail) i
to trust ciicli olhi r enliu Iv. Tin
tn it-t fi ,v. o ts gii 1 of ail" til i 1 osi bu 1
gat ili 11 i.f gii Is, ' if hli 1 1 n! v l ive ,
'acquires seiouthitig of
V 0:ilH!llllll--H
1 1111 ' help and make her email mm ili
! CVH 'or gem-ral 'good Tiy her
and yon will see Our (-ifinfi,t
1. .. . Jii o . .
Miny yars ng.i it J'lttslmr iron
lii 111 ptiiohaHid a lot of .11 . 1, in u i-i I
j bouibshi-lls for old iron. 'IhohhoUs
I were not loaded but in t 1 . 1 r to
luielt Iht'iu it was necessai v that tin v
nhoiild bu broken iiii
l ili-j W.tS lit
. . , ... , , , ,
tempted With slodgu ImiUiarlH, 1ml
.111 11 .i-.,i
tint hiiioieiii made but little progress.
and it "us finally given up as a had
jib. I luii day a long hlltn Yankee)
'came along and s.i i :
I ' i mi'ieisiauii you i.avo 11 j id i..r
u man hi re."
' Yes," was tho reply ; "o waiit
tint pilj nf boiubd out thero liol -
! eu."
' How much will you pay ':"
"Wo will givo j mi a tip npicO"
siv and 11 iiuai'tfi-cunti-i if voti will
1 '
' agl eu to blOali them all .'
t.t I I.. I.. II,., " -..j,..,,. 1
I ho Yai.kee. Tho d.iv
as a ...i i
r iluwu to1
r nowu 10
'one, and the thcrmoun ler
..-ro. The man immediately went.
'ID Wdll,', 1)111 illH.I'ltlK'.l lo lllliO 11. r
. . . . ,
iuto tuo house, made out tlio bin.
and said ho would call mound in
I tho morning for his money, lively
ono wus much mvNlitied, but iu the
inio hi least a uou pieces.
"What makes you limp ho t" mk
od a Harlem man of a friend who
went hobbling aloug towuid the bl
vated railroad
'My knoos are awfully sore
ontsch !" he yelled, as he struck his
leg against a hydrant.
"Have you been saying your pray
ers a great deal, lately F"
"Not to any lemarkablo extent,"
he grinned.
'Well, Ibon, what makes youi
kuees so sore t"
Tulliug the lacks out of carpels,
preparatory to house-cleaning. Con
found it !" ho exclaimed, as he paiu-
fully climbed the stairs leading to
the station.
Henry Ward Ueecbor observes
(hat "when one is religions through
fear or Doll and Dell s remuneraliou,K,.,. fur vuurselvea before nurehasiiur
be ia apt to carry a good deal of Loll
aUut t i tli Liui,"
f'ttsicittrts, ,Vr.
riiisii, snti.i:n.,
HuAVKUroWN. l' ,
Hili-M 111 Mfc-. . n 1 1 ,rt l.-vt to t!, i-liW.,
ol U 'KvKiiiiwti vlj.i.lty. Apr ' , 3.
I.UItHOt IHItl'.KH. l. Kll. IIA1MM.KII.
OiU r liii-lr proira.l. n il ...rvi,ir. (. i',o l:ln
"I Vt lMl"t,ll K IM- vt.'l'.HV
' nn 'I n.'l'.ltv i ili.-n n ! .1 . r
Won el lb oiirt II. .u-s, Ir, Am. If. I iii.iim:
. .. n, i. -a.
1 II M A I; l v 1 1 iii i i i 1. i.-
ri S.iyiler county, Pn,
ilrilunivK Hi Ii l:r.ri ( i llmr .,( I'lr,
: ti li'. i."uii"'. m. Z iL'Ju
.M.iivii, ir. ih-i. ti.
j 1 I J. .SMITH,
1 n.
Physician & bwrceon,
i ,., ' . . . .
.-r-vr .! v.4, Ur(..,
llllii.. til. . i . - .
s njsit mil IIIMI Jnr
..f A.ltui-h.iri; n. vl.-iniir, AuM' Jif.
I , J ,:t'l!,:,JT.
1. 1 U fll .Il l' s Itl.'.M'K ,
V'.'r-.I ,'.;.
rffci.iiil bu.lnr.i ro:ntly ein.i 1 ,,
Miiy :i.
.".ii . ii .Vuv''r In.,
Oflnri bt p-.ifiionn I nrvlcaj In lhrllltn
11 K r.npri tlio . 0 I vl.Mnllv. t
i'vsiciax Axn sriioms
hf h. TVl-.ln:l tv. i- 1 . '. i Ut,.1,.
... A.ifttiifl.i.iK ni I 1 11.11 y.
j Sn. 4
. F. VAX i;r'.KII!K,
LIHilCAL MI'.CII !('.;, 1 1 K N T I S T
Selllisgruve, I'enn'u.
Wo aro NowReadv
I'" i x hi t 1. r. 1 foil t t!i ("'Mitfl ( Si, y ler nt..l
AII'I Jk ' 1 IflllK f'MtTltit'-i (ItU lltll'st t "t
sriMNd AND
. . -.r .!tiT. .1 In tl.l-r.mni y ml l I Kll is In
n r 1 11 1' IIMI nnrtr- 1- Irixi I'ciim.
' "I"' I' I' "1 1 .1 roti'iun.i) t . tli"
Wants of tho People
nn-l . -l sui.- tli-t tiiiy
Will Prove Satisfactory
Wi) I, n o litri;i ni .1 li l .1 uri'iit vili lo'y "I '
su;,,. -mhi... .1 v..t -. r .,1, ,.. m..
11. I.r 1. I .. if 11 il 1 1.1" t .1 m.i 11 1 1 I ii 1 iiii I .li'i.ifw ul
lim, 1 1 !.:'.' i liu h iiii-, l'i llilf, itii. I vvr v I Ii tuu
I" on- 1 .-.- - lino.
Sluslins, Je.j:s. Lin:ns,
m- 1 o
nfiAt-n-irrc .kt.
Tickings, &c
weiiav, ,,',,i...,
1 1 J t ULlbi , iUllitlfA 1 UlllUiU,
I c-, I- IkIiiui llrilii.,;.. I'.itiuiii, itn.l ev
1. i In 111 l.rl'ig.".. I r 1 hi .. 1 11 v is.
Fnrnlsliing Goods !
In ml(Hf l n t our riiiil-lo iiwurini r.l l
line 1 1 ri l n. ii. li 11 is titun llili.u In lis
I uuo i.r
mil u.iu.In ii.r ovoi yilny w -nr. Al" a lull line
i 1 lit . ry l.l
Groceries, Spices, Wood
and Willow Ware,
Cr.eoi. (Ill l'.illi, 1 ulile ( nvrrii, I li riiirnro
Olnmwitr, Hum nimire, TO in i n'l ry,
ln. Uil Cu'liiry, t '.iri.'iitr T'ilH, Nullt
III iii.. I. in I 4, II .r, I .ro, himeniH k .
r 'l'i..ili. - hoo 111 u 1. 0 r ' Mmk,
ll.iin. I'. III. SrII, Mlu.,
Mi.ul.lnr, r..l t il,
l.i-l.i Ii-hOiik
Wall Paper, &c.
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A- A TTofl V V AT LAW.
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A C. SI. Ml -SON.
Selinngrove, Pa.
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I oh I Cords.
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Selmrove, Pa.
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A, .r.l it 'ol.
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NOr.TH Til I tt I Si'ttBET, I'lllL'A PA,
Toi'ins'fJ-'O per Any.
C,V.SIAIIN, (Ulk Apr.l,';.
County Surveyor1
Kratzerville, Snyder County Pcnn'a.
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