The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, May 10, 1883, Image 1

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Ho that Mill not resison a a bigot; lie (lint cannot a fool; he that dart not i a slave.
i:i)!Tou and riioi'iuinoit.
We worked thro' fprlitff and winter,
thro' mininier and through full.
Jlut the mortKB worked the hardest
mid the nteadiPKt of all;
It worked on nights ami Sundays; it
worked rach holiday;
It settled down among us and it nev
er went away.
Whatever we kept from it seemed as
had as theft;
It watched tu every minute and it
ruled us right and left.
The rtixt and blight were with us some
times and sometimes not;
The dork browed scowling mortgage
was forever on the spot.
The weevil and the cut-worm, they
went ai as well.n eaiue;
The mortgage stayed forever, eating
hearty all tht same.
It nailed up every window, stood
Kuard at every door:
And happiness and sunshine ninde
their home with us no more;
Till with (Ailing crops and sickness we
got stalled upon tin- Krmle;
And there eaine adark day on us wh.-n
the interest wasn't paid;
Aud there coinen sharp forclosureuud
t kind o' lost my hold.
And grew weary and diseouragetl.aud
the farm was cheaply sold,
The children left and scattered, w hen
they hardly yet were grown;
My wife she pined nnd perished, and
I found myself alone.
What she Uied of was a "mystery,"1
ail' the doctors never knew;
Hut I knew she died of mortagu
just as well as I wanted to:
If to trace a bidden norrow were with
in thi doctor's art;
They'd ha1 fouud u mortgage lying on
that woman's broken beurt.
Worm or beetle, drought or tempest,
on a farmer's laud may fall.
But for first-class ruination, trust a
mortgage 'gainst them all.
WHIM. tt,lton.
I - ,
Pretty little Mrs. Ainsworth was
in tears pretty little Mrs, Ainsworth
was in the babit of being in tears;
it was one of her special weaknesses
and irritated her husband as nothing
else could do.
"Eternally snuffing and blubber
ing," be bad said, savagely, as be
grabbed bis bat and went out the
front door with a rush and bang.
"Ob, dear 1 dear ! How co uld
be be so cru el !" moaned Mrs
Ainsworth, crying the harder. "To
go and lea ve mo like this and all
. because I wanted twenty dollars
for a new pair of our tains that we
needed badly and theu to grow bo
angry j be 'a a be ar! Oh! why
lid l ever marry bim T I might
tave known mamma said be was
stubborn and bad a temper. Oh,
dear 1 dear 1 dear 1"
And lower sauk ber bead in tbe
sofa cushions and tbe little clock on
tbe mantel ticked the hours away
until Mrs. Ainsworth raised ber
bead with a start-of surprise,
"Twelve o'clock! fhe exclaimed.
"I wonder why Ned isn't here t
What can keep him in tbe office so
late at night T Hark? What is
It was tbe sound of feet upon tbe
pavemont, , followod by a sudden,
harp ring of the-bell.
Mrs. Ainsworth hastily smoothed
Ler buir and ran down-stairs and
opened the door starting back with a
cry of terror at the objects that pre
sented themselves. There, in charge
of two burly policomen, was Ned,bis
clothes covered with mad, bis faoe
with blood, an 1 bis wild eyes and
lolling attitide betraying all too
plainly bis deplorable, disgraceful
One of the policemen touched bis
bat respectfully to the stricken
young wife.
"If you please, ma'am, it's nothing
eerious. Tho boys at tbe store made
a night of it and wound up with a
row. The out on bis boad is not
dangerous and by morning bo'Jl bo
all right"'
" Dy morning he'll be all right,'
Ob ! no, 1" thought Mrs. Ainsworth.
"lie is mined be will never stop
now. I know bis disposition, and I
Ob, God I pity mo ! I helped to
drive bim to it"
"Assist bim np-stairs, please," she
aid, "and tben you can go' and she
wondered . how she could speak so
quietly and follow - them so calmly
when ber heart was breaking.
Strong arms laid bim down upon
tbe lounge, and then tbe two police
men departed, and the wife was alone
with ber sorrow and sbamo.
She wiped, tbe . blood , from bis
forehead,' smoothed ' back tbe wavy,
tkea hair, and knelt by" his side
and prayod.
"Help uie belp me to be Btrong,
Oh God! and to keep Litn from temp
tationii,'1 was tbe ceaseless piayer
throngh theloug hours of tbe night.
At last be stirred uneasily, and
suddeDljf started op to a sitting pos
Hallo, Nannie ! is it you ? And
are you through crying t Where
are the boys and" with a look of
fear crossing bis face, in bis bow
awakening faculties "whero the
mischief is that money t" feeling
nervously in all his pockets.
'What money, Ned ?" inquired
bis wifo, a new dream coming over
'Why, the monoy I had of obi I
Smith's. I forgot to put it in tho
bank, as be ordered, and went offl
with tbe boys on a lark, and and
by Jupiter, Nannie I it'sgouo ! I've
jbeen robbed of my employer's tuon-
ey" his faco whitening like a dead
I man's as ho sank bnck upon tho
j fl anJ regardoJ Ler witu u,ourD!
fill horror . . i t
"llow much was it ; she manag-
,, ... ., . ... ,.
ed to nsk through her trembling bps.
T... ii nl, 1 1 it i
& i. j buiiuoimu .luiinirj i uu Hum
tcilli A crrnun tmrtimr liia f.if.a in liia
, , .... ..... , ,.
bauds. "Oh, littlo wifo ! liu
, , ..
ruinod man. I never can repay it
...... I . iv
f 'lilt. lit. If I pnnnnl osnnlin nn.l I
haven't a dollar. What a mad fool
l'vebeeu! Hush! isn't old Smith
in tho hall ? Yes, I know his voice,
aud bo's got wind of this somehow.
I'll novor be taken alive, Never!'
and as ho spoke she saw souio
thiug bright and shining in his
Sho couldn't cry out, though she
thought sho was dyiug, aud nearer
and nearer came the voices ami
whiter and more desperato grow tho
face of her husband.
"Ned ! Oh, Ned !" sho moaued.
"Why, what is the matter f Come.
wake up. It's dark and cold in here
as a barn, "Why, Nannie, little
wife, what is it T Did I frighten
you, or was it a dream T I could
not get away from tho offico eoon
Hut ebe could not auswer. She
only Hung her arms around his neck
and sobbed so hysterically that he
was really alarmed.
"How uervous you are, my darl
ing! But listen, whut good news
i'vo brought! Mr. Smith cumo into
tho office to night and smiled as he
looked over my statements of bales
aud profits, and be said :
'You've worked bard, my boy,
and merit and inorease in your sal
ary. Wo will make it fifteen hun
dred from this ol.'
"I dou't know what I said. I
don't think I said much of anything,
but be looked satisfied and shook
my band so kindly and added that
faithfulness found its reward usual
ly ;' and so you can have your new
curtaius whenever you want them,
and a carpet, too, perhaps."
"Oh 1 dou't care for them now,
I was so foolish to frot over such a
trifle. And I've bad such a dreadful,
dreadful dream !" But bho never
could bring hoi self to tell bim of it.
"I was nnloyal to evon dream so
wickedly about such a good, kind
husband. But I'll never forget it or
the lesson it taught me. I'll wasto
no moro tears over trifles. Allk
V. M'Keeocr,in Arthur's Mayazine
A minister settled in one of our
Western villages, iu which the prim
itive manners of pioneer lifo had not
been smoothod by refinement aud
cultivation, was sca'ed in bis study
one day, endoavoring to arrange the
beads of tomorrow's discourse,
when bis attention was called by a
loud knock at the front door. Tbe
visitor proved to be a tall, gawky,
shambling countryman, evidently
arrayed in bis Sunday suit, and a
stout girl, attired in a dress of rod
calico, which, from tbo freqnont
and complacent glances toward it by
tbe fair owner, was considered quiet
a magnificant affair.
"Won't you walk inf1' asked the
minister, politely.
"Much obliged, 'Squire ; I don't
know but we will. I say, you're a
minister, ain't you Y"
"I rockoned so. Betsy and me
that's lietsy a fust rate sort of a
gal, anyhow' Betsy,
"You are, now, and you needn't
go to deny it. Well, Betsy and me
we want you to do it."
"You wish to get married !"'
"Yes, I believe that's what they
call it, I say, though, mister, before
we begio, lot's know wbat'u going to
bo the damages, as I reckon it isn't
best to go blind."
"Oil, 1 never set a prico. I take
what they give me."
"Well, that's all. Go abend, mio
1 ister, if you p!enso ; we're in ahuiry,
as Joe's got to tiuish a plantiu' the
taterpntch oforo night, aud Dety,
she got to fotch the butter."
Thus adjurod, the minister com
mcucud the ceremony, which cccupi
ed but a few minutes.
"Kiss me, 15etsy,'' said tho delight
ed bridegroom. You are my old
woman now. Ain't it nice V'
"First-rate," was tho Batisfuctory
"Hold on a jeik !" said Jonathan,
as bo lt f t his wile abruptly and dart
ed out at tho gate to whero tho wag
on was left.
tlll''.. 1. ..1 . . 1 kn. -. 9
I "uuwo jum uuaunuti ouu iim
Uskod tho luinUtor, somewhat eur-
. ,
1 1 , ,.
lii'a v it 9 iui iiju DUQaiiuc,
i ( ...
was lue contused reply.
Just then Jonathan made bis up-
a! 1
.pcniaucu, dangling in bis baud a
1 .. . , -
i'uiiiui ui niin iirir .
"Mam mutlo them," said ho, ' and
I reckon they arc good. If they ain't.
ijust you send them hack uud we'll
send you sonio more.'
CLUES3. The following valuable extract is
from an address delivered by Judge
I'.. II., of Taunton, Mam ,
before tho Statu board of Agricnl
turo of that State : "Of ourso ev
ery one kno'.VH it conveys all the
feuces stauding on tho farm, but all
might not think it ulso includes the
fencing btulV, posts, rails, etc., which
had oucu been used iu tho fences but
hud boon taken dowu and piled up
for futnrn who sguiti in tho saruo
placo. But ne.v fencing material
just bought and never attached to
llin coil would lUit. tmnx. So nileri'
of hop polos, 6tored away, if once on
tho land, have been considered a part
of it ; but loose boards or scaffold
poles laid loosely across tho beams
of the barn aud uever fastened to it,
would not bo, aud tho seller of the
farm might tuku them away. Stand-
ing trees, of course, also pan aa part
of tho land ; so da trees blowu or
cut dowu aud still left iu tho woods
whero they fell, but not if cut and
corded for sale ; tho wood ba9 theu
bavo conoludod to bitch teams,
become personal property. If thoie sity bo all tho way through a hteno
be any manure in tbo barn yard, or! graphic guess? Think what the
in a compost heap ou tho field ready
for immediato use, tho buyer ordi
narily takes that also as belonging
to tbo farm, though it might not bo
so, if tbo owner bus previously sold
it to some other party, and bad col
lected it together iu a heap by itself.
Growing crops also pass by a deod
of a farm unless they uro expressly
reserved, aud whou it is not intend
ed to convey thoso it should bo so
stated in tho deed itself ; a more oral
agreement to that effect would not
be valid in law.
"I feel to-night,'' said aCarrollton
lady, who was ulwaysat a loss for a
word, at a musical party tbo other
evening, "I feel to-night liko a liko
a dear mo, bow stupid I am !'' Like
"A morning star," suggested her
"No dear s liko a. What are
those, birds that sing after dark T"
"What nonaeusoyou do talk ! Of
couruo not. Well, now, bow annoy
ing !"
"Uetsy bugs."
"Mabhisb ! Dear me bow extreme
ly annoying. What is it I feel liko t
I know what it is just as well as any
thing. Thoso birds that novor niog
except at night-tiuio."
Tbe latter suggestion of Ler bus
band was rejected with scorn, aud
sho remarked that it was of no con
sequence, she would probably thiuk
of it by and by About two o'clock
the following morning, Harry was
dreaming that, .while on top of a
beer barrel when it exploded, be was
blown clear into tbe middle. of a
Saudwhioh Island barbecue. Just
as the odor of roasted missionary
greeted his nostrils, be was awakea-l
ed by bis wife.
"Harry ! Hairy !.'
"What's tho matter now t
"I've got it,''
"What tbe colic V
"No. pet i its tlio nightingales ''
"Whore do you foel them, pot t"
"O ! you stupid I've tho word I
couldn't think of to night, I feel liko
a nightingale.''
"I'm darned if I do," and be turn
od over and went to sloop.
Tabiado's Advico ro:;s.rdin2 the
Merchant, tho Lawyer ar.d iha
"If tboto bo room for only one
more passenger in tho life I out, get
in yourself. If there bo a bimbo to
lift, you Hiiperviso whilo others
shoulder it. Vou bo tho digit, while
others nro tho ciphers on tho right
hand side ; nothing in themselves.
but used to augment you. This,"
i Ulltll 111 'Pll I Mill . 1 i Vf IC t t f . . fl ' I .1
, m v.(3.i.i-fi
j to that theory of tho (limpid advanc-
, , ., , ., ., ,
ed by 1 uul. "hour jo ono auothor h
, , ,. , , , , ,
Sometimes the burdeug cumo down
on tho hhouldcrs, or tho head, or the
heart. Looking over this assem
blage, you all seem well looking, but
each of you bus a burden, au 1 some
of you have moro thau you can lift,
l'n ii 1 proposes to split up thene bur
dims into fragments, you to take
part of my burden, aud I part of
yours. When Mis Appletou,
daughter of 1'anitl Wubslor, was dy
ing, hIio affected tho groat lawyer
to tears by her thought fulness for
his health as bho retain ked that ho
was out on u cold d.iy without au
overcoat. How much moro beauti
ful tho care of others thau tbo ever
lasting taking care of ourselves !
What yon and I most neod to learn
is tho (-j)ii it of helpfulness.,
"Kurourago tho merchant if bo
had a superior stylo of gordj, or if
his clerks have adorned h a show
window. You need not four that he
wll lio juin.'d up and arrogant. He
will have pleuty of trouble before the
day i out. Soiuo cranky woman
will coiuu in and pull down Loodi
enough to lit out a family for a w in
ter aud not buy a cent's worth
j Ion't bo afraid that your praise will
j maLo tho merchant apoplectic with
j plethora. Encoui uge tho newspaper
man. lo you know how many nu-
uoyaueos hosulVirs? liavo you un
derstood how often his best uud
most elaborate article is lluug out :
how bo must report au iudisiiuctly
uttered speech which must of necos-
nineteenth century would bo with
out n licnspnper. Kucourage me
chanics ; pruise them if they do their
work well. If bo does not got bis
work douo it may bo becauso his
w ifo ha been sick, ho has lost two
children of scarlet fever, and hue a
felou on his finger.
"Encourage the fanner. It is a
commou remark that tho farmor is
independent. Independent of what?
Independent of tho rot in his wheat?
Iudi-peudunt of the grasshopper, the
locust, the army worm, aud tho po
tato bug T Indepeudeut of tho storm
that blows down bis crop, oftl.i
snowbauk that buries bim until he
shovels bis way out f ludeptmdent
of frozen eurs aud frozen feet ?
"Kiicourago tho doctors. There
is a great dual of cheap wit about
tho doctors. A man recently wrote
a book, "Every Man bis Own I'oc
tor," Ho ought to yvrito auothor
"Every Man bis Own Undertaker '
Doctors buvo so many hardships aud
uunoyauces that they need our en
couragement. They stand botwem
our families and tho grave.
"Ouo day there wua a drcadfu
forebodiug iu our houso. All hop
wus gone. The doctor camo four
times. Tho children put away their
toys. We all walked on tiptoo, am)
at tho leust sound said "Jiiixb !"
How loudly tho clock tickod ! How
tho banister creaked, although wt
tried to koep it still ! Tho dootor
came four tiiues.aud Btayod all night'
At last the restless patient sank into
a Bweet slumber, and the doctor
looked up and said, "The crisis has
passed " We propped ber up with
pillows and easy chairs, and tbe
south wind tried to blow rose leaves
into ber faded cheek, and the child
ren brought flowers, and when the
doctor told us that in a day or two
Bertha could ride out, ob, bow life
camp Uck (g our loube, and, as we
helped tho old doctor into his gig,
wo notice I not that his step wus
"Kncourago tho lawyers. They
are so often chentrd out of their fees,
ao often have to bear ponderous le
pouihilt it s, nnd have to maintain
the dignity of llieir profession against
tho thai kn of tho profession. The
only man allowed to stun 1 o i Sinai
esido tho hold win Mohus, tho law-
.. .
"llnconrngo tyo teacheis. Don'l
cut down their kh! .h n. whn vou bi.
gin to 1) i.'i oxoect them
to work tho great shilling machine!
. , , , c ,i
oftno modern school miceesNfiilly 1
without enc luniL'ement, 'I hey urn !
expected to take children nf lifte. n I
and inako tlieiu uielaphvsieians, :
imithcniaticiariH. and ilietoiieiuiH.
" lrii,i..iii ;i...i nil u!..l .... ...In I 1,,. I
,, .
tell tlletll how bad they lonk, but
remind tlif.'in of similar c.ies that
VOU liavo been cured. Clioelf.ll
words nro moro stimulating than
j cognac, tonic, or bitters. Kncoiir-
,nge young men starling i' bu -inesH 1
1 1 i '
I by rcminir'conei'H of your own expo-
rience. hi'i who are eHtHlilisliu l in
I, . i .1 . .
, uusii.ess lciuuiimer wnai you went
I thtollh. ,
ii you navo uoining losnyniaii
is encouraging, put your l.eth tigln !
together, cover t hem with tho cur -
tniuofvum- lips, presn your bp-'
tight, und lnId your hand overvoui '
,, . , , ,, , . "
month and keep Mill ! A man once
bought porno caed birds, and iuiine ;
iliately opened (lie doors of tbe c age,
and set tho ufhb.ily. "What ;
old you do that f jr a byst m 1. r .
nsked. "I'ecaiiKo I was a e.ii tivoi
once myself, and I know haw good
it is to bit free.'' iov. Alexander II.
Mcpuelis on I.1H Ui atli lie I Malle i
tho pardon of mi unfortunate woman
who was in pi mod, aud when ho was
about to d it a friend said to :
"Governor, tliii is too great a ""
sponsibility for a sick man.
are very sick to-day ; you ha l j
a fi i r. until fl 1 1 ti. i n-i i w . 1 ni t i.w '
Stephens said. know what la,,,'
unuiii, nn i iu "'M'i'iiuie. iu inai par
don was tho l.i.d Bi,'iiaturo he ever
wroto. Surely if 'In iwt li ue our
liiirdens. wo cm uH'oid to beur each
othci'e burdens."
Mo' pooplo am born tiled dau
Io coat ob Gin'rul Jackson
woiihlnt uiiiko a 'spectahlu vent fur
, , . , , , . I UI.'I ,ii I' I'l JUI 'J H.11 liivj
do corner loafer in lilacMierry tuno.
io di-hhii niiu puis up i.out del Will Prove Satisfactory
bos' tent at do camp-met tin.''
Iela.y niggah am do ono duti v; l",vo Hr" H,u lJ ' "ri!1 varir-ty ..r
u,,;::; w u. , DRgSg (jooDS,
lur is oll'en mo' 'ligion in a peckivv j. Dm
ob taters dan a bushel ol, t. ac's. NOtlOHS&TnmffiffifiS
Pur's alius gwiuo to bo heaps ob
wo'k dun to-morrow.
tl ., , . , , , . '
1o dchhil alius li-Lca w id do lales
stylo book. i
Do wise dorg' stop in do race
inter a rubbit t , argy bout do rea- i
son obits stumpy tail -
kyaut pull us big a load as do mule. f
Do bigges' iidll yo' ehher k(.tched
k. . . i .
ouu dat got erway j.;s us yo war
Imlliu' il I
Do udder side ob do road am alius
do host wulkiu fur do mau dat owes 1
yo' half a dollah.
Dai'd heaps ob perfossiona dat j
wont bo crowned 111 beabeii.
It doau' tuko a beiiy good mem
ry to reckerlec' do n pay day.
Do fus spring robiu uiu do ono
iiathes col'.
Do tihadder ob yo' own gn alnees
'11 nebber keep yo' ftliu gitteu sun
struck. Angela on tombstones tlonu' alius
muko angels in heiibt.u.
Do wiso niggah doan' furco bis
'tpifiiutauco on do healthy wasp.
Do uiouHQ doun's hub foldiu' doubs
to its libin room.
Misfortnues am t ll'ou mighty Fpry,
,-t i i i , , )
w ile good luck cuius dowu do road j
on crutches.
LoDg pruyors doau' fit short mom
Wen yo' set out to brig on yo'
pedigree, doau' fo'git Out do fus't
uian was a liar.
"I liM'hiilMiilm."
Quick, complete cure, all annoying
Kidney, lilailUcr and Urinary Diseases
fl. Druggists.
Htrletlv llrst iIiins goods tit lower
prices then can lie pm,h:iM' clo
where at ItJlcrV, buliu.
t'n.sicitms. AV.
IIC1MI tl M"ll.i:o,,
(lt!r h! trn'e.ii.tiul Ffrv to lh eltlretii
ol ll.aii-riuwn mill loinlty. Apr. f , 'W.
. rii, njtKiiii:n.
"i n.i m,.i.iiv ,,m lrvt ,,, r
Wot ci Hi I uurt Jlnu.-c, lii AruM' I uii.Mtip
t Id. , I hi.
! . ., .. , . . , "... , ,,.
Y t
i . i.. i. . . . .
f ri i.ior.t. Snyder county, Pa
ra'imtioir l'Mnmrof.iiirBdi,! iMiy. o:in, j
,u ' 'I'K' "!!. ' iirrs i,i I r ii 1 1' . .i iu i" r v ira
1.. m ..,i.i. sv h;.K im. ,j
Mll"' '". '
di.. o t.
i iiysejiitii a aurijcon,
i l " '""'lnnitl rsiTln Intli- lull, 1
p'1"' 0 un ",Uln "'rout. .luno j
)U. J. . WAOMIH,
Vln lt ,;,n s,,,l s,,r
rAa.,'::;,!; ii'v:', "' . yn'
" " --- ---
I I J. I.( K 1 I'.Ii 1 .
i, 1
aUKUtUN lltmiST.
K u ni:it'i"s e.i.iirrf
v-, ,
."'illlM'W'i', Villi 'I.
rrnfi'"l'.iil l.ii"ltiu .rniiit ! norn lo l ti,
n-.f v. -tm.
)K1C1 V. L Jlj:iMANN,
1' -
Of M iril,i.nnl mrv., t thtrlttrnii
o k n t.irniio mi i vi-imiv. a u,: ji,-;
'i u
I'll .V ,I.V sr.'GKiiX
.1. .i ttl.,i vi. il ity
j I. VAN lU'.-KllfK,
:. ,,,,,,. ,
I I l(l U'A I. M i:CII MCA I.
Scliii'igr.ivc. I'eiin'u.
XJhilJ jYYh
.Wo aro NowReadv
To xvlillill niiil -ol In tli iii!e f Suy tfr oUil
nl it --1 11 In.: .t it 1 1 1 -; lUu lint-l b i.-k nl
I, vr ..,.,, ,n ,,,,,,.,, , R, ,.Ki. i:s to
mi I r I ii I 1 1 M l.s. our h l It live ti-en no
le -tCil Mi i iei-i ,1 ru.i-r-.'in-n tu tin-
Wants of the People
mlirit. Iiik nil tie I ilnil tli- mi l liil'!i u
Ml). Mitlim. "l.ul. 'i-li ii-K'i, I. t.
HuiiiIIi". i i 1 ii u Ii .iiiiii, I'rlnti, uii'l ivorj Hi Iiik
m ibo iirv.i uuu.
- -
XtlUSlillS, JeailS, LilieilS,
Ti'nlriYKvn f,n
llCKingo, VXU
i. ii",.. .i4juu'. in. ilium-, iitiiiuu, iiu'i
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GeiiL'n'i! Dress Goofls,
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Groceries, Spices, Wood i
and Willow Ware,
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Wall Paper, &c.
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New Cerlin Pcnn'a.
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Attorney (t Cotm?'l!or-At-Law,
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Rolinsrove. Va ,
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' ' ATTiillNKY AT LAW,
Lewinburg Pa.
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Hot, I Cards.
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Le Hotel. AlT.lU,';o.
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Airll U, '81.
ivlcehaIll, House,
11:1 a- .lies
TeiunH $1.50 per dny.
1IENHY bl'AHN, I'rop'r.
Oonntv Surveyor . -Kratzerville,
Snyder County Penn a.
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