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    - 5T33S roLTesr ectrerr sews, HifflireaLL3irao,
(' ct' md General Intercut, Gathered
11 Home or Clipped from oar
Mr. VV. R U?rk8tre3r and
4auhter Mrs. L A. Ltmberson
3f Taylor township, spent a few
hours in town Tuesday.
On account of Flu all the com
roiitors on the Fulton Democrat
,nd all but one on the News,
iave been in bed during the past
jveek. We are very thankful to
be able to tret any kind of paper
;o our subscribers this week.
If you have been a victirr. of
,he flu be very careful of your
health. Those best informed
lay that flu convalescent? are
nusceptible to the tuberculosis
Iterm and unless great care is
uken for a long time after re
covery it will develop. Don't
i,io(T at such warnings. Heed
ihem. Your health is your mist
jirecious asset and you should
conserve it.
Mrs. Albert IIkoo.
Martha Jane Barnhard Mix3on
vas born February 15, 1851, near
IVanklin Mills, Pa., and died
December 10, 11)18 after a ling
i ring illness, aged about C7 years.
She was an invalid for a num
ber of years and had been con
fined to her bed for a long time.
The deceased was a daughter
(f the late Isaac and Rebecca
Dernhard of Frunkiin Mills, Pa.,
md wa3 the wife of Albert Hix
m of Waynesboro, Franklin
County, Pa., where they resided
I I the time of her death.
The deceased was a faithful
r.embcr of the Primitive Baptist
(hurch for a number of years
j rid held her membership with
t ie Tonoloway church near War
iordsburg, in Fulton County.
I he was held in high esteem by
I II who knew her, and the pa
tience with which she bore her
EjfTering manifested her confi-
( ence in the Saviour she so dear-1
1 loved.
The funeral services were con
( ucted at the home in Waynes
loro by Elder A. J. Garland of
Washington, D. C, assisted by
Lev. Poffenberger and the large
r umber of attending friends gave
evidence of the high esteem in
T.hich she was held. After fu
lcra! services the remains were
1 iid away to rest (and to await
tie great resurrection morn), in
the cemetery near Waynesboro.
The following are left to mourn
ter loss as a wife and mother.
Her husband Albert Hixon, the
fillowing children S. T. Hixon,
Luth A., Agnes, of Waynes
toro; Abigail Stocum, Philadel
phia, Pa.; M. M. Hixon at home;
C. G. Hixson, Massillon, 0. Four
brothers, three sisters and 11
grandchildren. She was a suf
ferer for about 30 years and death
resulted from a complication of
Njtici to Shareholders.
The regular annual meeting n!
tao Shirehollera of the Pulton
(ljunty Bind, :f McGsanoll.
turg, Pa , for the election of di
rectors for the ensuing yeat
vull be held in the banking rooms
of said institution on Tuesday,
Jinuary 14, 1919 between the
tours oil o'clock and 2 o'clock,
I'. M.
Wilson L Nace,
12 12 41 Cashierr
Notice to Shareholders.-
The regular annual meeting of
the sharelntdei's of the first Na-
timalBinlr, of McCoanellaburg,
Pa , for the election of directors
tor the ensuing year, will be held
la tbe Banking Rooms of sai3
institution on TuesdayJanuary
4, 1919, betxeji the hours of 12
('dock r.oon and 2 o'clock, P. M.
MeiiRjll W. Nace.
3 2 12 4t. Cashier.
1 Specialist in Chronic Diseases
Acute diseases get well of themselves or
;un into chronic form. There is always a
'ause and you can not get well until the
ause is removed. Cause and elf ect is the
i jreat law of nature. You know the effect
-find the cause. Send me your name
uncL address and let me study your case.
Consultation Free
. Mrs. Bertha Strait.
Bertha, wife of Stewart Strait,
of Belfast township, diedattheir
home nt 4 o'clock, Wednesday
morrir-r, Drermhrr 24 1918, aft
er (id iUi-osio! some tAo weeks.
Funeral Thursday. The deceas
ed was a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Bennett A. Truax, and a
fine woman.
Corp. Levi II. Garland Tells His Ex
perience Since Leaving U. S.
Cliatillon, Sur, Seine.
November 28. Ill 18,
ThankHiiivinc Iy.
Dkau Bkotiikk:
While I was Hitting
here watching the rain fall so beauti
fully my mind ban diifted back to
i year ago today, while with my wife
we ttcte seated aioiind my mother'
table with a large turkey in the cen
tre, ami today I am aliiioul five thmir,
and miles away in a foreign country.
Hut I thought I wduld take a few
moments of my leisure time and
write you and tell you all a few of
many experience, since I have land
ed in France. I nhall begin with
July 31 Ht. While torrents of rain
were beating down upon the parched
earth, we were called out with our
full equipment and about six o'clock
we bid farewell to our comrades in
Camp bee and otarted through rain
and water for the port. After bik
ing about eight miles we arrived at
City Point, there the 111 Cro-H i
sued U!-plentyf hot eofT-e, chewing
gum and cigarette, and believe me,
they wero nurely appreciatt rl, for we
had had nothing to eat for several
hour and were wet through. Wh
took a small boatabout JO o'clock that
Highland drifted down the liver t
Newport News and landed about
ten the next morning. Thai after
noon we ascended the eang plank of
a large station transport and about
an hour afterwanU that great mass
of steel wai shoved out in the briny
deep. You cannot imagine the in
ipiration as land grew dimmer and
dimmer, till at last we found our
selves surrounded by bin" water and
(ierman subs. We were attacked on
each of the following davs, respect
ively, 3rd, 6th, 7th and 11th. I do
not have time to' go into detail about
ach but shall give u few dut.iils of
our attack on the 11th of August. I
was down in my birth when all at
nice, a tremendous cannonading be
'an and I rushed up and climbed up
m one of tbe large derricks and wit
nessed one of the fiercest h.tll'es on
water. Ojr ship wan fortunate
enough to escape without a scratch
but our sister ship just on our right,
received a large torpedo and began
to flounder but was hastily towed in
with the other ves""'" The battle
lasted about two b . o or more and
we were tbe conquerors, for what
subs were not sunk sneaked away in
old German style. About five hours
later we cast anchor and waited for
daylight to enter tho magnificent
Harbor of Brest, which wo did the
next forenoon. Then on the after
noon of the 12th, we decended tho
gang plank'and started in a hike for
a rest camp, and reached it about
sunset. It was ono of Napoleon's
old camps where his famous troops
several years before, had trodden.
After spending a week there we left
for a rail head and late in the even
ing we stepped aboard a western
bound train, and after two days and
nights anived at the Classification
Camp near St Aganian on the 20th
day of August- That afternoon wo
started again and hiked till about
night when we arrived at an old
French barn, just about famished
with heat for it was ono of France's
hotest days- St) we soon fell asleep
and were awakened by tho clear nous
of a distant bugle. As the sun was
just appearing up over an E intern
city we started up for breakfast.
But unfortunately for mo I had con
tracted tho Spanish Iiill tcuzi and
waa sent to a hospital while my out
fit went to the front. After spend
ing twenty days there, celebrating
my 23rd birthday the second day of
my sojourn in the hospital, I loft
there on the 10th of September and
went back to theClassifiualion Camp.
I spent a few days there and in an
adjoining camp. Then we started
for the front again,, and after a bike
of several kelometers we took a box
car and rode for.two more days and
nights and arrived at Chatellon, Sur
Seine, where we still are stationed, a
few miles back of where the liue
You all must remember that this
is a very brief sketch of my experi
enoes. I don't have time or space
to describe all oar stops in various
cities and plaoes.'but my experiences i
that I have bad are worth rnillious
to mo, and more too shall bo honor
ed by the people of being
chini-ili il a a shirker. I lmve t'iv'n
UJ l'iv home .11 il InVC'il npi H to ilo
try nil'' -mi i t . i I nf in ;une,
ii- 1 miii Um veiv'lioi oi luahh
and weinii about 1 t!0'l.-i.
I chill close for thin time, w th
lov- f'-r yon nil.
Coin'. Lkvi 11. (Jai!I.ani,
and Corps School Oi'ii'l-,
(Jo. A. A P. 0. T30,
Am. K Forces Franco.
Great Historical Dcuin;rjt.
President Wilson's address to
Congress on November 11, fol
lowing the signing of the armis
tice by Germany, will stand out
as one of the world's greatest
historical documents.
Next - Sunday, December 29,
this wonderful address, beauti
fully decflrated, and containing a
photograph of the President, will
be given free with "The Phila
delphia Kjcord." It will be done
in rich photogravure, size 11 by
15 inches ready to frame.
Every American would be
proud to i ave this histoiic treas
ure framed and hanging in his
home. And here is a friendly
hint : i you want a copy, place
an order for next Sunday's "II c
ord" with your newsdealer as
soon as possible.
Mr. and Mrs. 'J horn is Ileder
and two sons Harry and Melvin
made a tiip to Chund ersburg
early nn Christmas morning tuid
spent the day with their son-in-la
v and daughter Mr. and Mrs.
Adam West. The road was muddy
but Mr. lleeder said Christmas
only came once a year, and they
would spend the day with their
Flnlclcy Elephant.
An etcpliioit, in 1 it 4 nntlve Innrt, Tin1
n 1 1 1 1 1-4 1 Juli to liinl vlril hi' likes to :it.
C'.inlrniy to (In- geuerul hellef, he will
ll't eul nnytlilliK. lull lie seli-ets cure
fully Urn liest nf roots, Ih-iIis. fruits
mill Villliilis ve'eliililes. When 111 enp
tivity, lie ents nluiiit the saint' Idml of
fodder, Willi a few exceptions. Includ
ing puslry, lire-id, nuts (cliiclly pea
nuts) mid sniiicotlii'r jiooilics which
may lie ofTered to him. Kli-phniils eat
no kind of meat whatsoever; they will
only eet pure grown food or clean
bread or paslry.
, Know Whortleberries?
Very few people, we suspect, have
tasted whorlli-hf itIcs, and many do
not know what lle-y are. There is nn
excuse for tlieir Ignorance, us rxl
nerts were long in douht whether the
fruit, was I he same as the Mllicrry ; hut
now they are agreed that I hey are one.
The Scots call them hlaehcrries on ac
count of tlieir color, which is a genuine
lilue, mid so in Hie "Merry Wives" Pis
tol Instructs (lie fairy to "pinch tliem
blue as bilberry."
Birds Speak a Language.
The birds and animals do not use
n great many words or sounds, but
they can certainly understand each
oilier, writes (ieorge I'.ui'bn In the
Colunihiis Dispatch. That Is, they are
nble In converse with each other to
Rome extent. There Isn't any doubt
libout It. They bave (heir alarms- ol
danger; they bave tlieir distress calls;
they have their softer tones 01 affec
tion. Caesar's Wounds.
In n paper read before the French
Aeadmiiy of Medicine if was declared
Hint although .lelius Caesar received
.'to wounds when be was murdered only
one was fatal. The first blow produced
only ll slight wound, but Hie second,
which penetrated the walls of tbe
thorax, was mortal. After the first
blow Caesar fainted and then Ills ns
suilaiils struck at lit in repeatedly.
Twenty-Four Hoer Time In China.
In China time Is calculated on n
basis of a 21-lnmr nt retch instead of
two 12 hour periods, as we are still
dolntf. This Is Indicated by n time
table of the Shanghai-Nanking rail
way. We have, for Instance; Tanynng,
12:li!1; Chltiklnng, 12:."2; Nanking,
H:1.r; Pukow, ir:.0. Italy also Is ns
Inff 21-hour time. The day begins ut
ene o'clock in the morning and ends
with midnight as 21 o'clock.
Teach Child to Love Pictures.
A child's taste In pictures enn be
ciilllvated by having In bis room pic
tures which are good both ns to color
mid subject. Pictures dealing with
nature In any form are always at
tractive to n child and If they nre
hung low In the room so that the child
enn even handle them K lie wants to,
this adds much to his enjoymeut
Docks' Electrically Equipped.
Electricity plays nn Important part
In the equipment of plerc It Is used
for the operaliou of the Are pumps,
tho sprinkler system, lire nlnrm, for
trucks, lighting the Interior of the
pier nnd for the protective lighting
outside of the pier, also for' the move
ment of freight cars by electric loco
motives. Had to Have Their Tobacco.
In the Revolutionary war long pipes
Were smoked with great delectation
by the Continental troops, nnd when to
bacco wns dilllcult to obtain ninny of
the soldiers would go out of their way
to get la contact with bauds of Itiner
ant Indians, who always had a goodly
upply of the weed.
Some Real Object In Their Learning
the Meaning of Good Old Ameri
can Word "Nuff!"
In (lie halcyon days of youth nnd
the country school, when two lints
had nn argument that could only
he settled hy resort to fists, and nil
the. hoys foregathered in the wood
lot adjoining tho school to witness
the nli'iiir, thcro was just one good
old American word that ended the
ilehato. The hoy on his hack with
streaming nose nnd battered optics
yelled "Xtiiri" Then the victor let
him up, and further hostilities were
called oir until the loser had gained
in weight nnd ngility. .
There is a legend of Aguinaldo,
handed down from Spanish war
days, to the effect that when the
American .haul am weight, Fiinston,
was pressing him hard, tho Filipino
leader sent his secretary foraging
through the small domain still under
his control fur an Ihiglish dictionary.
Ho finally relumed with the precious
hook, hut could not Hud the word he
wauled. It was "XtilT."
There is n suggestion here fur sur
rendering ('ioniums. Villi their ob
session for clliciency, it is a reproach
to them that they have not thought
of it before. Instead of yelling
''Kanierad," let them substitute
"Xuir." It is two syllables shorter.
Our lads are terribly miick on the
trigger, nnd many a man has un
doubtedly lost his life while yam
mering out these extra syllables.
San Francisco lhilletin.
Creat Lakes has some sweet tooth.
Tossibly it is just ns" well that there
are no sugar bowls on the tables in
the mess halls at the naval training
station, for Jack evidently gets his
share of sugar in other forms.
During the past three months rec
ords show that the sailors have spent
ijil ",'5,000 for candy. This amount
buys on the average of 50,000 pieces
of bar candy every week, not count
ing 20,000 bars of chocolate, 10,000
boxes of craekerjack nnd 15,000
packages of cookies and cakes in the
saino length of time. In seven days
ibout 20,000 cigars nnd 11,100
packages of tobacco are sold, not to
mention the 1,0:20,000 boxes of
matches. '
A 15 per cent profit is made on all
articles sold in ships' stores and the
proceeds go into the athletic associa
tion fund.
A pilot left his aerodrome for n
cross-country flight on a very misty
da', nnd carefully set his aneroid.
After flying for a couple of hours by
compass he thought he must be Hear
ing his destination. He could see
nothing below him nnd so descended
to 500 feet. On ho flew nt this
height for another five minutes. De
riding to land, he was about to make
a magnificent volplane, when sud
denly the mist cleared and he saw
tho ground immediately underneath
him, about ten feet below. His
faithful aneroid still insisted that
he was 500 feet high. The explana
tion lay in the fact that the place
where he was about to land was 500
feet higher a hove sea level than the
aerodrome whence he set out. Trifles
like this nre nil in tho day's work.
"I seo the kaiser is anxious for
''1h3', after what he's done if tho
war should end tomorrow and tho
kaiser live to he 300 years old he'll
never know another minute's peace."
Tlio Kaiser Prepare plans im
mediately for nn airplane that will
travel to the moon.
Draftsman Hut, your majesty,
wc don't need such n machine.
The Kaiser liut I may in a short
time. J udgo.
" ' '
"Vat's dor news from der frondt?"
asked one Ilerlin citizen of another.
"Ach ! Der news iss dot der frondt
is now vcrc der rear vns," replied
the second dolefully. Koston Tran
"Have you done anything to make
tho people happier since you grasped
the power?"
"Yes," replied the Russian terror
ist. "-I have had my funeral an
nounced a number of times."
$l;0()-Nlc 1 srrand well
bill, cay 8 roni route on an
elegant loi n(-ar churches and
80 ool, with concrete walks to
erelloca'ed on a residential Btret
city watei and a desirable home
In every nay. Poaaesslon jfhen
in 00 days, Call and examine.
MoConnellaburg, Pa.
Citizens cf Foreign Birth Ready
t3 L5?,d to Support
Uncc S::a. ' '
f I r I lii nlnrl ncllve unili In ronml
Injr up xiilisri-ipKiiMM fin- tin. Knurl Ii
Liberty I i In I he Tlilnl Kcilcrnl
Itescrve liislricl nre the people of
foreign blilh. They have ;i line or Ion fniiiicil mill premise that
they will produce the ciii,ition nt
the c-n 1 1 1 1 : i 1 1 .
leliiils Imve Just been plven out by
0. A. Sclcliklewlcz, cnciiiIIvm sccre
lin y of I lie Korelu'ii Limu'ii'l!' com
mil lee. Mr. Kcleiildewlez upenlix sev
en! I liiliillliiccs. lie net propose
fljnt Hie Korclun l.iinuiiiMe committee
wouM be much! n.ipp'iiK In Hie nine
pnicn which Klsirlii :!cpt ember 'S:li.
llefoie iiicklinj: Hie fiiielKii hiimnouo
people for Niilrsrriptioli he w'nnleil In
know bow they were llxejl fur money
anil how they fell iiImuiI Imyluii l.lhcr
ty r.oinls. To ecl the fuels he iniule
II lour of Hie h.illistrliil centers
thrtumhoul the ilinlrcl, liilklns; lo Un
people In their, in the milieu
mill simps, nml In meellncs.
"What I lenrneil wns a revelnllon
lo nn," sahl Mr. Si-ienklewlc. "The
forcinii-bnrit people have money In
haml which shnulit be n Rolil mine
fur us in lli.allin; the Kmnih Loan,
anil lliey me mure than wllliiu: to
invest II in bniiils If rightly approach,
eil. I will li'no you some Instances
lo show what 1 mean. In Slininoklii
the Hon. Will'iim McI'iiUch lolil iiii
nf a Pole who was In.hireil while
winking in the iine. When be was
brnnghl to the l.nspllal II was fniunl
thai be hail SI' I wrappcil aroiiiul his
anl.le. When ipiestinneil. he salil that
he thought it was -;ifcr fur h'ni to
keep the money with him. but thai
he wniilil have put It into Mberly
lloinls If he hail known what they were
for ami what a gooil liivestinejil lliey
"A man In Old Kovgp was emleavnr.
ing for weeks to buy gohl amminllng
lo $1000. When (pieslliineil where
he bail bis thousand dollars be said
be kept it bnme, ami wanted lo get
gold because he believed II was mure
secure I linn buyim: bonds nr deposit
ing money In the bank.
"In Clearlleld :l Slovak priest told
me of a visit to Slovak homo where
lie delected gold pieces in n bucket
under n table, t'pon Ids perslsienet.
to nnd the purpose of keeping gohl
at home he found thai there was
SS.'.n, ami the woman fTionght It was
i In only Mfe way of keeping her
money, t'pon bis persuasion she lie
linsMed most of tbe money In the
haul!, nnd we expect 11 to come out
during tin? next Liberty Loan cam
paign. "The chairmen of those different
dislrlclH declared that lliey bave no
trouble with foreigi.ers The only
thing needed I a vignruus campaign
mining those people speaking differ
ent languages."
Mr. Sclenkiewi.-. established effi-c-llve
cnmniillccs of different nationali
ties which already are out rounding
up "prospects" for bond pinchase.
The Koieign Language I)i vision In
Philadelphia Is ready lo start the
drive. A series of jieetings lias
been arriinged for next week. The
Seamliiiavlau people will meet on
Thursday night to discuss tlieir plnns
for the campaign. The Hungarians
nre gelling ready for the first time
to. take part in the drive, mid show
their loyalty to this eounlry. Tin
Polish committee notllieil the secre
tary lluil they are wailing for word
from the headquarters, and that their
force is ready to open the campaign
.1. It. Noynre, I he chairiuan for the
fJerinnn-Ainerican committee, wrote
to Judge lliilliiU-Vn : "Our eounlry Is
calling us iiguil. ; I inn ready lo re-,
spend, so is nnr ,,omiytl loo. We shall
be glad lo serve flgain whenever yon
Along (lie Vesle river Hie shells nre
falling hy the thousands Into the
strongholds of the enemy. They are
exacting ll terrible loll of life from
Hie lierman ranks. They are forming
barrages behind which the Yanks are
pushing fiiiwaril. always forward.
They are demolishing trenches nnd
barbed wire entanglements. Occasion
ally they are demolishing ml enemy
ammunition dump. They are fcentinR
Hie Hun backward toward tin Hhlne.
And over thousands of fertile acres
through this broad laud Hie sheaves
are likewise falling into Hie yawning
nioullis of the threshing machines,
Streams of golden grain are lilllng
Hie granaries nnd elevators. The
yield has been exceptional. Kew nre
the fields Hull have jiot set n new
production mark. And Ibe price Is
better than It has been In tunny a de
cade. Like the Shells, the Sheaves will
help In beating back tbe Hun.
Kor not only will they furnish sus
tennncc to Hie' allied armies in the
Held. They will nlso contribute ma
terially in furnishing the militant sup
plies of warfare. Iland-in liand Hie
sheaviTj ,,,l shells will serve.
Tho fanner has done well Ills part
In production, lie will reap' liaml
soniely In profits upon bis season's
work. And having done so lie will
lie In heller shape Hum ever to help
Ms country further through Hie pur
chase of Liberty Ponds.
And bis country, more than ever
now, expects Ii i lit lo do this.
Ttuy Pond", nnd liny Knrly.
The Man Who Knows.
No one knows better how some trrent
tnsk Intrusted to some ono else ought
to be done than a man of no prnctlcal
experience of his own. Ohio State
tuslness Woman.
"Ah, here comes Mr. Hocks. I'll be
nice to blm and maybe he'll make love
to me so my husband can sue hlin for
alienating my affections."
M 7i P fv. :' ' 8
H We started last week
Fall Underwear
but got too busy to get it to the printer. We
wish now to say that wo wero fortunate
in getting WOOL UNDERWEAR for
men at $2.25 each, and the Wool
Union Suits at $3.50.-and these
ARE WOOL, too.
Men's cotton union suits I 7G to 2.25; Men's
heavy fleece-lined shirts and drawers at
98 to 1 20. Hoys' and Misses' underwear
separate and union 18 lo 1.00 each. Men's
sweater s 1.50 to 4.50.
Horse Hlankpfs. 1 n n 7 HO T?rtl I'll -?- Its OrT
to 7.50. iMcn's and Hoy'
Men s Cord pants lined all through, 3.1)0. Men's
36 inch work shirts 1.25. Single-barrel
10 and 12 gauge 7.50, fullchckcd, shells of all kind . k
We .have a full line of Nevcr-slip goods this season 1 1
ana at the right price. 50-11). heavy tinned lard
cans 05 cents; butcher knives 15 to 35 els. Coal
oil 13 els. a gallon; holdfast shoe nails 5c. The
Heaviest stovepipe at lio cents a j ,int; elbows, 20 v
cts. Eureka fodder yara-nice goods net all tar, A
21 cents a pound. I
Rubbers Rubbers
We have a nice lot of rubbers of all kinds, and at V
the right price. We handle Goodrich and Hall A
Band goods.
k Our line of shoes never
! iUia tall . C, y.t
would rather they would advance the price and keep A
fi up the quality, than keep the price down and take j
y it out of the shoes. j
I Just received a nice lot of MISSES UNIOX SUITS V
I at 45c suit, and some Men's Ileavv Under-shirts nt V
Come in nnd we think
dav's wattes and show
J- . ' 1 1 . 1 1
uuju rce 111 an uic stores.
Thanking you for past
We extern! cur best wishes for a
lirosperoi.H uml happy New Your
nml. respivtfiilly mriicit 11 con
tinuance of jou." piitronajjo.
McConnellsburg. Chambersburg.
I'liimiwmjaJi' ii.wihwm'.w ,mn
During Decem
ber We Will Pay
Delivered to our plant in McContiells-
burg. Soe Mr. Prank Tntle, our lo
. cal manager for further iuformation.
Cumberland Valley Creamery and Dairy Co.
rTTT.rPfYM nnTTrxrnpv TnTTCWp
. $L50 a Tear in Advf
f I
, A
to lellyou something: r
Mackinaws 4.50 to 10.00. A
was in better shape than i
.. 1. . ..i.
we can save you a good f
vmi snnu i'o.ul ilmt von f
r '
1 1
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