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if HI El 4tl VI
Slume 1.
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1 a mm r. I.OX(J.
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Full of News.
Fulton County Nkws l.s this
jf a new journal published lit
inellulmrjr, this State, uihUt the
jvmcnt of Kditor H. V. lVck,
lly of tlii Fulton Democrat. The
Is eight (lajjes, full of newa uml
iiited and has all appearance
jniing a Hiieccssful venture fur
fader; The Itch gladly receives
gWS and extends best wishes.
jastle Press.
J' i uiini run.
FuM'on County Nkws, a new
recently started in McCon-
rg ty' Kditor ?. W. Peek, for
owner of the Fulton Democrat,
en received at tills olllee. It is
j column, right page paiKT.brim
excellent reading matter, well
I, and we congratulate brother
ivishlnir that he ''may live long
onner." Democratic News.
I'M All Wants.
w face has made its appearance
exchange desk this week, yclept
Fulton County Nkws," pub
kt McConnellsburjf, Pa. Tlic
r name of 15. W. Peck, former
of tbe Democrat, appears at the
'whih is Kiillicient guarantee
e child will be nurtured, eultur
tratned ho as to make its in
; fety in even the remote sections
lome county. In its seven-eol-arfco
form it bids fair to It 11 all
dot (Only as a local news gath
fat as a business medium. Sem
ly Kews.
! I
?Iiu y A. Vallanee, wife of Mr.
Valhince whose farm and home
g tfie turnpike about a half mile
I Harrisouville, died on hist
1110111 ing.
lit twenty years ago a cancer
ta appearance on her tongue.
Incer was burned out by Dr.
jaiid she seemed exempt from
vjther trouble In this direction;
11 lut. t li ree y ea rs ago ea ncer a ga i a
JU ippeariinee, this time in her
U.atid, for many months she had
i intense sulTerer. Everything
filno.Ior her relief, but the malady
beyond the reach of medical
ras a lady of estimable ehar
lavlug f,. muny yvilVH lln
jiry mcmbci: of the Asbury M.
ffh tit Crecnhill.
r JeiuitliiH were laid in the cemi
Ol thAt church on Sunday, ser-
pniiicted by her pastor, Hev.
jililglies. Desides her lnw
jlne'yen children mirvlvo her:
vidinda Fisher, near Ilunting-
raj Annie Smith, Harrlsburg;
' laljuda Sipes, near Harrlson
I Ifr Susie Sliaw, near Hustou
;4'itima, in Virginia, und John
Tho children were all ut
rilher's funeral but Mrs. Smith
bima. Mrs. Vullance was aged
I'll '"ml" arm ,) nays.
h r. .i i - .
$ale ri:(;isti.r. .
ursdav. Oct.nliKi- on i mid t i
alidad will sell ut his residence
lOjMliind Sipes farm '1 miles
f arrisonvllle, horses, cattle,
implements, household goods,
Jul jilt o!
of the M F, church In this
HIS occutiiixl luut U.....1
liiiv Uwi Chambers, t)f Dig
fW-vy, und theeventnur bv Kev
5 iliildwln. of Clellrllwld l'..v
I , ... isniijiiiii, 4 a,
lflin the Presbyterian church
ud evening and at C.reenhill
COURT pkoci:i.I)1N(;s.
Octohcr Term, IS!)!).
The first it ml linal account of II. l'
Palsgrove, administrator of the estate
of Edward Crawford, late of Taylor
township, deceased, approved and S.
W. Kirk, Ksi., appointed auditor to
report a distribution.
The (list und final (separate) ac
count of Mrs. Lizzie Knouse, one of
the executors of Henry Oyler, late of
Tod township, deceased, conlirmed.
The account of Mason Ilarton, ex
ecutor of Charlotte Darton, late of
Irtish Creek township, confirmed.
The civil ease of Daniel KnaulT vs.
Howe Mellott was settled by the parties
and did not come before the court.
In the rase of .lunette Lund Company
vs. Dennett W. Peck the Court direct
ed the jury to return a verdict for the
plaintiff for three hundred und eiglity
tlve dollars and thirty-five cents. On
motion of uttorneys for defendant the
Court grunted permission for u new
The case of James C. McKee vs.
Moses Dielil, wus discontinued.
The case of Samuel A. Nesbit vs. .T.
Walker Johnston was settled by the
The Ayr township road-plow suit
eame up and a jury was empaneled,
but the Court sustained a mot ion by
tlie defendant for a compulsory non
suit. Commonwealth vs. A. V. Funk,
charged with shooting trespassers in
melon patch. Jury found him guilty,
and Court sentenced him to pay a line
of one dollar and costs of prosecution.
Same vs. Charles Snider. Charge f.
and b. Not a true bill. Uellc Webb
to pay costs.
Same vs. W. T. Fohner. Larceny
und receiving stolen goods, on outh of
Willi am Mellott. True bill. Process
awarded for defendant.
Same vs. Horace Cook. Charge of
f. and b. on oath of Mary (iulluhcr.
Nolle pros.
Same vs. John II. Peck. Selling
liquor withoutlieenscund glvinglirpuor
to minors, on oath of Joseph L. llieh
ards. True bill. Sentence suspended
in this case; but there is another charge
made by same informantthat of sell
ing liquor on Sunduy und giving it to
minors. The defendant plead guilty
and the Court sentenced him to pay a
line of one dollar and ull costs of pros
ecution and undergo on imprisonment
In the county jail for twenty days.
Same vs. Jos. Vants and Frederick
Davis charged with larceny und re
ceiving stolen goods, on outh of John
U. Curbaugh. True bill. Jos. Vat'.ts
plead euilty. Court sentenced him to
pay a line of one dollar arid all costs
of prosecution and undergo an impris
onment in the county jail for a period
of three months, and to restore the
properly stolen if not already done,
or pay the value thereof. Nolle pros,
entered as to Davis.
Same vs. HurtmanTruax and Martin
V. Mellott, charged with larceny and
receiving stolen goods on oath of D.
A. Gillls. Not u true bill, and county
to pay costs.
" Same vs. Win. S. Fohner charged
witli larceny and receiving stolen goods
on oath of William Mellott. True bill.
Process awarded for defendant.
Petition of Win. S. C'levenger, over
seer of poor of McConnellsburg Poor
district for leave to enter an appeal
from an order of approval of the bill
of Samuel and John Render, presented
and rule granted to show cause why an
appeal should not bo taken. Oeorge
H. Daniels, F.sp., appeared uthuruud
waived issuing and service of rule.
Same vs. S. Logan Dlshong. Charge
f. und b. Defendant discharged under
insolvent laws
Inventory und iippraisnient list of
personal estate set apart to widow of
Dr. W. F. Trout, deceased, approved
unless exceptions be tiled within twen
ty days.
Same vs. Clem Pennel. Charge (1)
Assault und battery, (2) aggravated
assault und buttery, (3) shooting with
intent to kill, (4) wuntonly pointing a
revolver, und (5) carrying concealed
weapons, on oath of Wm. C. Ileatty.
True bill ns to ull tho counts. Sinne
duy process uwurded for defendant.
Court eonllrmed sale of real estate
of Joseph II. Swope, lato of Licking
Creek township, deceased, to Samson
II. Mellott.
Isaiah Lehman, Fsq., appointed
guardian of (leorglcttu und Hstella
Florence Lashley, minor children of
Wm. 1'. Lashley und wife. Pond In
the sum of one hundred dollurs. Mr.
Lehman wus also appointed guard lun
of Lillio KUen Lashley, a minor under
fourteen years of age. Bond $')0.
M. H. ShufTner, Esq., was appointed
to audit tho accounts Ac., of the Pro
thonotary Register & Recorder and
Clerk of the several courts.
Report of views on county bridge at
Weaver's fording in Thompson town
ship, and over Hrush creek near Crys
tal Springs were confirmed nl. si; the
grand jury recommended a bridge In
both cases, und tho judges approved
their recommendation.
Petition of Hon. John M. Fore as
signee of Robt. A. McDonald for rati
fication .of certain real estate to Ron.
D. H. Patterson, was presented and
sale eonllrmed.
In re The Middle-States Loan Dulld-
ing und Construction Co.. of Ilagers
town, Mil., vs. Josiah V. Deavor and
Miiry !. Deavor, leave was granted
plaint ills to open judgment, amend
sci. fa. and u rule ordered for defend
ants to file ullldavit of defense within
thirty days.
Petition of Cramer Iternhard grant
ed for inquest on estate of Isaac Hern
hard deceased; ulso to May S. Red
ford on real estate of Joseph II.
Swope, deceased.
Judgment directed to be entered
against T. Speer Dickson, deft., und
in favor of W. Scott Alexander for
72.NO with interest from Oct. 4. 1H!I1.
II. II. Strait appointed guardian of
Howard Swope minor child of Joseph
II. Swope, deceased. Rond 7."i.(M) and
of Austin (!. Swope minor above age
of 14 years.
List of personal property set apart
to children of Jacob Daniels, late of
Licking Creek township, deceased, ap
proved, unless exceptions be filed with
in twenty days.
Inventory and appraisement of real
estate set apart to widow of John Sny
der, late of McConnollsburs;, approv
ed and ordered to be recorded unless
exceptions be Hied within twenty days.
Return of sale of real estate of
Peter Fix, lute of Ayr township, de
ceased, approved by the Court.
John P. Fisher of Rethel township,
appointed guardian of the estate of
minor son under fourteen years of
age, of George M. Myers. Rond $120.
Wiih. w's appraisement in estate of
Henry T. Mellott, deceased, approved
and same ordered to be recorded un
less exceptions be filed within twenty
Widow's appraisement in estate of
George Summers, deceased, und or
dered to be recorded unless exceptions
be tiled within twenty days.
On petition of John P. Sipes, F.sq.,
administrator of Naomi Freeman de
ceased, he was permitted to pay Into
court the sum of ifS".K", and upon the
payment of sumo be discharged as ad
ministrator. Sheriff Daniel Sheet acknowledged
his deed poll to Hon. George W. Skin
ner for four tracts of land in Thomp
son township sold as the property of
W. II. Pittman, for 2:0.M); also, to
Dr. D. A. Rill for tract of land in
Dublin township, sold ut the property
of George W. Parsons ns the suit of
W. IT. Nelson. Consideration, .'ll."i.
Order granted on petition of F.lizu
belh M. MclObbin to the Rrul Kstate
Trust Company of Philadelphia for
payment of money lor education of
John W. McKibbin, son of Alex Me
Kibbin. Permission granted to S. O. Fraker,
guardian of Hurry W. Welch for per
mission to pay Laura 1!. Welch the
sum of $Ko,oa a year for support of
sa id ward.
Solomon Slaughter, the well known
old colored man was found dead in his
bed on Wednesday morning. Re hud
been on the street apparently in his
usual health the day before. Sol had
for many years driven the bus for
Lashley and later for Rixon. He
seemed to like the job and kept ut it
until he became too .weuk and old to
continue the work. As tile bus was
going along Spring street the day be
fore lie died, Sol stopped and looked
at it till it passed him. The writer re
marked to Jeff that Sol was thinking
of his old driving days. His steady
look of interest seemed to talk, but
said nothing. That night Sol was at
his long home.
Re wus born in Virginia und was u
slave until the war. Re escaped to
the North during the war and for
many years resided in McConnellsburg.
From lHHil to the date of his death he
resided ill Everett. lie was a quiet,
well-behaved citizen against whom no
harm has ever been charged. Poor
old Sol! Farewell. Everett Press.
Wm. L. Moseby, on the 2d Inst.,
sold thirty-one head of fat cattle, ull
reared on his own farm in Wells Val
ley, to Drought Rrothcrs of I"vlstown,
Pu. In addition to these, enough more
were purchased from other Wells Vul
ley farmers to make out a large drove.
Tills shows up for the the enterprising
farmers of that splendid little valley.
Mr. and Mrs. Georgo R. .May cele
brated the twenty-fifth anniversary of
their wedding ut their homo In Everett,
on Saturday evening, September 30,
About one hundred guests were
present. Mr. and Mrs. May were the
recipients of muny handsome und val
uable presents, gentle reminders of the
esteem iu which they are held by their
many friends and neighbors. Mr.
May Is a native of Whips Cove, but
has been, for more than u quarter of a
century, one of Everett's leading clti-
Our friend Charlie Fore, ut Knobs
ville, Is proving himself to bo a very
successful ugent for the White sewing
What funny people tho world cou
tulns. Tlicro is u man who said re
cently that every time ho got on u
ferry bout It made him cross. Wliui
an unhuppy disposltiou he must have.
Daniel W. Cromer, of Fort Lit
tleton aud Max Sheets, of McCon
nellsburg, are spending their odd
hours iu reducing to subjection
wild, untamed bucking bronchos
that they obtained from a drove a
few days ago, at Faunettsburg.
It will likely be a triumph of mind
over no matter. Mr. Cromer
purchased two and Max one of
the animals with minds of their
own. We have no rexrt from
Fort Littleton up to date, but if
Mr. Cromer's experience tallies
with Max's it is highly probable
by this lime that he regrets that
he attended the Fannettsburg
broncho sale. Everybody knows
that Max Sheets delights iu run
ning up against a high-mettled
and obstreperous piece of horse
flesh, but he is more than pleased
with his recent purchase, which
was never before restrained by
even a halter. For days he has
been trying theciviliztngiufluoneo
of guy aud stay ropes and halters,
ropes to keep him from going
up, and ropes to keep him from
coming down, and st ill more ropes
to keep him within the bounds of
an acre lot. On Monday lie took
neatly a score of colored men,
who had previously bidden an af
fectionate adieu to their families,
out to a Held to assist them in the
turning process, and our inform
ant tells us '"it rained niggers for
about five minutes," after an un
successful Wild West perform
ance. The broncho's movements
are so mercurial that one can
scarcely get a snap shot with a
The Everett Republican, which
last week of all others failed to
reach us by mail, appears giv atly
changed in typographical appear
ance and make-up and a change
iu management. C. S. Clark, a
former I Jed ford county boy, but
more recently connected with a
prominent newspaper iu Wiscon
sin, takes charge of its editorial
columns, iu connection with its
founder, John C. Chamberlain.
1 1 i s now pu bl i si tod by Tl to 1 lv nib
lican Printing Company. Doth
Mr. Clark and Mr. Chamberlain
are married to tho daughters f
the kite lamented anil ti'leutedCol.
John M. Bowman, under whoso
tutelage they have evidently ac
quired "the nose for news," aud
tins development of other faculties
essential to livo journalism. In
looking over the columns of The
Republican we find much to ad
mire and little to condemn. It is
as full of interesting, newsy mat
ter as an egg is full of moat, and
its advertising department exhib
its a desire on tho part of the
Company to present the state
ments of the business men of Ev
erett to the public in the most at
tractive and artistic manner. We
have watched with admiration tho
growth of The Republican from
its birth, nearly seven years ago,
and noted with pleasure each suc
ceodiug substantial improvement
as this late one certaiuly is. It
is now an eight-page paper. Wo
wish the firm tho success their
enterprise so justly merits.
Amos Plossingor, of Del fast
township, intends removing to tho
old homo place in Brush Creek
township, near Locust CI rove, now
occupied by his father, Jacob Pies
singer. His sou, Harry, residing
at Locust Grove, will move on to
his father's farm.
Sauner Ray's house, near Big
Cove Tannery, is Hearing comple
tion. Sauner will have every
thing handy, as ho is close, to
church, school house and all things
necessary for his moral aud phys
ical welfare, Wo will tell why ho
is getting his house in order at
tho proper time.
Loguo lless, of Old Belfast, has
just completed a handsome resi
dence that is very commodious
and nicely locati 'd. When we vis
ited him he was having it painted
by an artist of much ability and
taste. Even tho lloor got a coat
of paint. But that is another
now thi:y plastfri d.
Ileu Franklin or Solomon or
somebody else once said "Econo
my is wealth," and no people so
well appreciated the t ruth of that
maxim so much as did the early
settlers iu this county. If the
people of the present day were to
in alee as much money as they do,
and spend as little as their
worthy ancestors did, no poor
tax would have to be paid, and
printers woul 1 not got rich print
ing sheriff side bills.
Alex Patterson, of Ayr town
ship lives on the "old Patterson
farm" iu tho Cove. Part of the
dwelling house iu which he lives
was built perhaps a century and
a half ago. Alex, iu making some
repairs to the kitchen, removed
some of the plastering, aud was
struck by the method used to
plaster walls iu those early days.
They did not use plastering lath
as is done now, requiring nails to
fasten them. 0, no! They just
made a lot of locust pins about
two inches long and between a
quarter and a half an inch square
and sharpened the ends. Then
with it hammer with a sharp beak
and a poll they struck the logs
I with the beak making a hole inlo
j which they drove the pin allowing
j it to stick out something more
than an inch. The wall was just
driven full of these pins which
served to hold the plaster instead
of lath as now used. So well did
they answer the purpose that
much of tho plastering of the
room, done so many years ago,
was iu as good condition an when
first put on save ordinary wear.
Jacob L. Hess, of Belfast town
ship, is an authority on 'conns. Iu
fact, when Mr. lless starts out on
their trail, tho 'coons, like Davy
Crocket's, generally come down.
He invites tho McConnellsburg
hunters of these nocturnal ani
mals to call down that way aud
enjoy some sport.
David Harr is making some ex
tensive improvements to and
around his residence in Belfast
township, such as weather-boarding,
lie ha.-; it pleasant location.
Levi Keel'er, who left Ayr
township last spring to try his
fortunes in Belfast, recently pur
chased the entire stock and farm
ing outfit of Elmer Johnston, and
last Thursday moved back and
took charge of the farm lately
owned by Mr. Johustou. We are
glad to note the chango of Mr.
Keefer, aud wish him success.
He served very efficiently several
years on the Ayr township school
board, and has iu other ways
made his usefulness felt to tho
citizens of the township.
J. Elmer Johustou, who recent
ly sold his farm in Ayr township
to his brother Findlay, and also
disposed of his personal proper
ty, left the Cove Tuesday with his
family to make their home in Al
via, Iowa. Mr. Johustou and his
family carry with them to their
new homo tho best wishes of
their mauy friends here.
S. S. Hanu, of Ayr township,
has recently had his pension in
creased from twelve to fourteen
dollars a month.
Jetf Harris has moved into his
new home tho Myers property
which ho recently purchased in
Ayr township.
Lumber is on the ground for
tho erection of a haudsome new
front porch to the Fulton House.
Tho Messrs Linn will do the
Tho Court last week designated
two hundred and twelve as the
number of sober, intelligent, and
judicious jurors to be selected
from tho whole qualified electors
of the county at large to serve as
jurors iu tho several courts of
Fulton county during tho year
l'JOO- This duty was performed
on Wednesday of last week by
Jury Commissioners, S. II. llock
ensnuth and David Rotz.
Mas. R. At'STI.V, of Suluvia. spent
the past week vlsitiii;? friends in town.
Mas. Sau.ii: M. Cook, of Webster
Mills, lias been in illhealth for several
Rkv. R. II. Hix-ivr.n, of Perryvllle,
Md., spent a day or two In town this
Ai.iiftiT II. Wir.srN, of Pittsburg,
Is spending u few days in Met 'onnelis
burg. Mas. F.kvin H. Fisnr.a, of Ocm,
spent part of last week among friends
iu town.
Stki'IIKN Kr.nrr:its, of Hustontown,
was a business visitor to the county
seat Monday.
E. M. OlxviN nnd mother, ol Dub
lin township, visited friends in Red
ford county last week.
UkokokC. SCOTT and S. C. Dick
son of this place were in attendance
ut the Red ford Fair last week.
Ma. and Mas. Onouciii W. Cooriat,
have left Ilugcrstowii und gone to
Milton, Pu., where he has bought a
.Ik.uu Rootii, of Dublin Mills, spent
last Saturday and Sunday with the
family of his father, John Rooth, in
Todd township.
Miss Lh.i.ian Nohuk who left this
county two weeks ago is dangerously
ill with typhoid fever at her brother's
home in M issnuri.
Mil. AN'1.1 MliS. .IiHIN'OTT and Mr.
and Mrs John Itoolli, all of this vi
cinity, visited friends in Everett the
lirst part of the week .
Miss Cap.imi; Fii.i.hs, of Mt. Union,
wlio has been visiting friends tit Fort
Littleton, returned to former place on
Wednesday of last week.
J. II. Kantk, the inventive genius
and blacksmith, of Rustonti n, drop
ped into Ti:i: Nkws olllee on business
for a few moments on Tuesday.
CiKOUOIC SLOAN, of lilllTdlo, N. Y.,
gave his many friends here a pleasant
surprise Monday by dropping in
among them for u few iluys' visit.
.1. C. Rol.l.lNsllKAl, of Licking
Creek township, was in town Satur
day. Re has bought a line farm near
Upton. Franklin county, and w ill move
upon it next April.
Rkv. axi Mks. A. R. Garland, of
Purcell, Bedford county, spent a few
days during the past week visiting
Mrs. Garland's sister, Mrs. M. A.
Kelley, of this place.
Rkv. H. M. Asa, pastor of the M.
E. church of MeCounollsburg, is vis
iting the family of his son, Rev. II. IC.
Ash, in New Rloomsticld, says the
I'erry County Freeman.
DaniklR., of Ayr town
ship, wlio has been sutiei ing during
the past ten days from a severe uttuck
of pleurisy is, we are isnl to s:iy,
able to be down stairs iigain.
Rl'.V. R. F. who occupied
the pulpit of the Presbyterian church
at this place during the latter part of
the seventies, has recently accepted a
call to tlie Presbyterian church ut
Dauphin, Pa.
Calkii Mki.lott, who has hud em
ployment ut Curwensville, ClcurlicM
county, but wlio has been spending
some time with his family in Dublin
township, expects to return to Cur
wensville next week.
Jacihi Rkss and Miss Elizabeth
Pittman, botii of Thompson township,
were married by Elder Funk on Mon
day of last week. Jake has never had
the slightest fear of Mauser rilles nor
Indian scalping knives, but at last he
has allowed himself to be captured by
u harmless maiden. Well, we wisli
them both a long and happy married
Rkv. D. P. DitAWHAi'1'it, wife and
Master Herinon, are in Gettysburg.
The reverend gentleman is attending
tlie meeting of the Southern Synod
which convenes there, and will then
go to Philadelphia to take in Tlie Ex
port Exhibition. Mrs. Drawlmugh
will remain lit Gettysburg with her
parents and other friends until their
return home.
Dit. A. D. Daliikv, of this place,
has been appointed a mcmlcr of the
Pension Kxuminiug Hoard to succeed
Dr. Win. F. Trout, deceased. It is
very probable that the Doctor will be
selected as Secretary us it is desirable
that tlie olliee bu tilled by a member
from MeConnellsiiurg. The appoint
ment of Dr. Dalbey is u good one and
will be sat isfuetory alike to the gov
ernment und tho pensioner.
RKV. A. S. HAI.DWIN, of Clearlield,
l'a., spent a few days during tlie past
week among his many old-time friends
iu this county. From this place he
went to Shippensburg to attend tho
llfth Mid-Year Examination and Min
isterial Institute of tlie Central Penn
sylvania Conference of lliu Methodist
Kpiseopul church. He Is a member of
tho l!o u nl of Examiners, a position he
lias had f jr sixteci; consecutive years.
Wiujam V. Rkattv, wIiq was hot
by Clem Pennel ut tho bum of Peter
IetiHiiro In Union township on the
night of April -Oih, was in town lust
week. When shot, he was springing
forward to ;:r:ih the revolver iu Pen-
nel's band. The ball entered about
an 'nu ll from the hem t pussinir down-
I ward through t're body until it wus
taken out on the buck live l ibs below.
R has not been able to do much work
since the shoot ing.
Ct:oi:i;i'. A. Com.', who has been
.with the llrniof Geo. W. Reisner A Co.,
us salesman fur almost, seven years,
has resigned that position that he may
be able to give his entire attention to
the management, of the P.ig Cove
creamery at Webster Mills, of which
he Is proprietor. George is one of tin'
most popular and substantial of our
! young business men, and with the rep
utation for butter making that the new
creamery has already established, al
though only put in op'TU'.iuii last May,
his success is assured.
Mil AND Mtt't JillN Rl-S'5, of lless'
Mill, were iji MeCnuiellsliiirg Wednes
day Mrs. Nancy 1! unites Fetter.
In the Issue of Tun Fvlton Coun
ty Nkws of September 2s. In a local
lllllili- llll li li .1 .III .'114 J..I11I1II11UIH
Disappears" v.e made mention of John
Fetter, deceased, the husband of the
lady whose obituary we take from tbe
Fuirlleld (Iowa) Journal. She was
the aunt of William F. Selsor, of '
Mereersburg, and John, Anna ami
Mary Selsor, of MeCounelhiburg:
Mr-. Niru-.v ltii;'tiivi Ki;lirr, uu'vim-nuIIy
liminii asOniniliiiii bVtii'r, Id :ill tlieoliler furu-
..t ..,,,:,., i .i.i t l i.
I lllen of Kiili tli-lit. iiii'.seil iiway. Snmliiv. Oet. I,
Mil the tiim-iii'tli yrar or !n-r are. ill the heme
( .if her it luchu'i-. M":. A'iIm1 t!:i:fm.i:i, m New
! eiil.-aui).
NaiK'V l(il;'ln-"-. I'YUrr liorrl April (I, 1nh.,
I iu llinitint:tliiti eouniy, IVmi. Iter faitier was
! a uUlU'f In the war H IH-.'aiiil ilietl from il-s-j
ca-a- eoiitr.ujtcl iliu in;,' ttii- I'onlllrt. She was
ttii- sei'onil of eliiliU-i'ii. AT. tho iu-e of
1 ii'Vi-u -.tie ri-tnoveil to .Mi'Coimr'Nb'uv. l'a.,
where she spt-i.t tho rt litiiimter ol lu-r chpil-
tiooil mat vouth. Here she w as r.tarneit in I!.?
to John I-Vtu-r. villi whom she removed to
loiva In IH51 where she spent the remainder of
Iter lire.
For all hut m-vi'u of these foriy-i-l(.'lit years
she was au lnh.ili't:ut of Kalrllolil. Iter hus
band imMleceaseil lit r thirty-six yeans. To hor
was lioin ten children suveu Imi.vs unil rhruti
i-lrls: only three are uow livinu-Mrs. Alible
Ilortm in. of l-'iilrlli'ld, with whom she made tier
home for tweutv-Mvo years, Mr..L, Stuvcns, of
St. Louis, and Mrs. M. .tones, of Los AnreU's.
Cat. She also Irnvi-s three Kraud-ohiliticn und
four i.'reut-i.'ra ud-child ri-n.
Orandma Fetter has bi'cn n member of tho
Conirrejralional church since IHiW, and an active,
resourceful tu:d helpful worker up to the lust
few years. Al the aire of S7 hhe assisted In
w al'.lnif upou the ifuests on tho occasion of u
reception mvun In her honor uml mit'l the lnt
four years, was In possession of ull hor facul
ties of mind and hotly. i
Iu the pas -iliiif of li.-anduia fetter, n benntl
fut life has been closed to earth. Kvcry uc
tiuuintance was a friend mid admirer. She saw
the nood iiuallllus of every olio w ith w hom sho
met. and her simplicity, Kcuerosity und churlty
made her universally beloved. Her mind wus
of unusual breadth and irrusp, nnd her remliui:
w ide und vailed. She was a perfect type of
tlie pioneer dami-i w ho have made this west
ern country what it is. In the olden days when
there was no modern conveniences or hel.-,
w heu lurtre families were tho rule, these wo
men found time for social intercourse, Intel
lectual Improvement and rclirlous culture.
They eanuot be too hiliiy honored. "Their
worit- do follow th.'i.-i.
The last two yeui of Orandma Fetter s life
were cioiuh'd bv leri.ii-ncss, ami death came
to her as a blessed ivik-r. Hut she leaves it
uiomni v lhai the Iclii 's nnd princes ol the eurth
niii:lu 'in v - a memory of a consistent I'hrls
tian Hie of si'If-saehi!.-!' and love.
The funeral will be held ut the house to-morrow
at -'.:: p. in., Kov. ;llilord Suowdcn unlet
mint:. W. S. Sliutzor, n Uitltiinoroiiiul
Ohio bnikoiiKm on tho way train,
n'siilinir ut Urunswick, Md., was
struck by imssoiifjor No. 2 at
I'awjwuw tunnel, twenty-live miles
oast of Cumberland, Md., Thurs
day and instantly killed. It is
supposed ho was asleep on tli
track when tho accident occur
red. Mr, Sliatwr was twenty
eilit years old and married, lfo
was a son of David Khater, who
resides on tho farm of .1. Watson
Crai.LT, near Williamson, Frankliu
A youutf man named Copiiu lies
in a critical condition ut his homo
iu New Paris, Jtodfi.i d county,
the result of un.-.hit Avotiuds in
tho face, neck irid shoulder from
a double-bariviled shotgun iu
tl to hand s of La f ay e L to ; tha 1 ,
Coplin, with two other men, was
working ou Saturday for Shoen
thitl. Nhoenthal upbraided his
wife, und young Coplin interfer
ed. Shoenthal ordered him
away, and after Copiiu had go no
into the public road Shoontlml, it
is claimed, tired tho shot. Tho
wounds in the face aud neck nro
serious, and it is feared the sight
of one eye is destroyed. OlUcers
a ru searching for Shoenthal, bu,t
have been unablo to capture lniu.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Hill, of Jlel
fast township, are happy over tho
arrivul of a big baby girl.
Tho small pox scare has about
Bubsided iu tho uortheru part of
tho county.
Ono of our lady subscribers
says tho arrival of 'fur; News is
''J-Jko u breath of mouutar.i air,"