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His Release Decided Upon
the Government.
'T Action t the I'muicU of Minister
Cna an Kxrltetneiit In rrl-Tti
Aatl-ISrevfua l'apsra Attack President
l-nnWI, but Fall lo lauia Trouble II
Will l.r franc.
Frl, (By Cable.1 The ronnnll of ir.lnln
tr decided lo pardon Iireylu Id principle,
'flie pardon will take effect In a few Any.
Dreylu has relinquished hi appeal for a
reversal of the judgment of the court-mar-
ll In (aid that Dreyfus will be seut abroad
before the roniultntlon of hla pardon, In
( order to avoid demonstrations.
. The official announcement wa made lu
tlii form, In order to avoid demonstration
any kind at limine and lu I'nrle. Hut
the pardon of breylus In not merely Imrnl
ueot, but win actually signed. Measure
bave been taken In Ilenues lu connection
ulth It, and It will hare a good tfluct neu
trally. 'i'li decision of the Cabinet to pardon
I'reyfua created less iutt rest lu Tarls than
would tba result of u big horse race. In
tuot. It may be said that It caused DO enclte
aaBLt whatever. 'J'Uer una no rlotluK on
boulevnr l". Jo front of the ofllcea of
the Libre 1'arole, where a crowd usually na
omble lu the evening to rbzo upon Ihe
hog colored transtiaieuolos oubilde tho
Window of the lending nutl-Homlte organ,
.hero was not the slightest gathering or the
luiuteat sign of n demonstration either for
-r against Dreyfus.
Ou would think tbnt Ihe fire of the Drey
fus aeltai Ion had hurued Itself out. The
aull-Dreyfueard eveulug papers tried to In
luierent Into the government's action
' a rabid attack upou 1'realdent Iioubet,
but their effort were futile.
The peaceful crowds that filled the tnbles
lu front of the ca(t'. sipping their nflcr-dlu-nerronVe,
looked at tho newsboys who dis
played the front pages of these shoots with
I heir violent bend Hues, but utterly refused
toetiolted. The majority did not eveu
... tlieous the matter, or only made the pa
tuic remark thut the decision m Just what
bad beu expected nud predicted by every
partisan newspaper since the Betines court
martial delivered Its verdict.
The aoil-Dreyfusnrd newspaper Bolr had
the most sensational cnotlon, two line of
enormous letter extending across the en
tire front page, announcing "The Traitor
Dreyfus Pardoned. Outrage ou the Aruiy."
Then, In the course of an article violently
altaoklug President Loubet, It said: "Lou
litt lias given himself a coup de grace lu
jTdonlng Dreyfus. IU should bo prot
ested for eniumlitlng uu outrage upou tho
army, for bl decision amounts to this. Uy
atruka of the pen be has destroyed tue
fleet of the sentences of two courts-mnr-ttal,
and bos declared that two uillltury
courts have lied."
The Bolr adds: "The alTalr has become
grave when the chief of state assumes the
leadership of the antl-milltary movement
4 pardon a confessed traitor, tinier the
pretext that he hits been condemned twice,
, iuetead of once."
Th Italny 'tmnn In Hi riilllpplnea Will
last Until November 1.
Washington. (Special.) Information re
ceived at the War Department show that
the rainy aeasou In the Philippines will last
; fully six weeks longer, or uutll the 1st of
November. Until thut time, no Information
j is expected of any military operations of
.'importance. The present conditions are
uch a to make nu lmmedlute renewal of
the campaign Impossible.
The delay, however, la welcomed by the
v nxmy officers, bocause It affords more time
f Sot the transportation of troops to Manila.
Tbl work la now said to be proceeding with
great vigor Over ten thousand troop will
cross the Pacific this mouth and about five
thousand will be sent over during October.
This will Increase Gen. Oil' fighting force
4o nearly 60,dOO men. aud will enable him to
pre lurther from Miu.lla thnn be has yet
been able lo do, besides which he will have
an army sufllciuntly larse to bold the towns
which be oapture from the enemy. At
j present the army I divided Into two dlvia.
:lon, one north aud the other south of
Manila, under U.m. Lawton and Muc Ar
thur, respectively. A regin.ent la stationed
to Manila a a provott guard.
lr Firty Will Attend the Function at
the Whit IJoiis.
Washington, (Special.) Partial arrnngc
ineut bave been made at the Yli't huse
ir the dinner which President McKluley
rill give Admiral Dewey. Ic will Le held
on the evening of October 3, at 8 o'clock, In
the Btate dlulns-room, and the number of
SMiesi will la limited to fifty und will con
sist of prominent officers of the navy and
army, and high officials of the G.overnmer-t.
A few Invitations have already gone out.
They are not specially engraved and simply
xtvud the President's Invitation to be pret
erit. No member of the diplomatic corps
will be present.
Will I'robsbly Live nt Folkslone If lt
leased. London, (Iiy Cable.)It is reported that
ftlaltre Laborl and Mndaine Dreyfus visited
Folkestone, five miles (rotn Dover, and en
Kuged apattmenU, where Mndume Dreyfus
nd bar children will dwell lu the event of
lier husband's pardon.
1L Labor! la reported to have been much
aCected by tbe kiuilly rxpresilon toward
lilmaelf and Madame Dreyfus while at
HstOO.OOO Fire Ml I-oa Angelaa.
Lo Angeltts, Cnl., (Hpeclnl,) Fire de
etryed an entire block In the I usluess por
tion of the town, doing damage that will
amount to over ii 0,000. Una toiin mis
fatally injured. The lire sturtcd In the var
nish room of a carriage factory and spread
rapidly, destroying the plums of tho 1'nrin
tug aud Milling Company, the Perry Luui
tier Company, and a number of small stores
aud lodging bouses.
Tragi Affair In aiamplng ftrouml.
Georgetown, Ky., (KpO'iliil,) Town Mar
bul Duke, at htamplug Ground, this coun
ty, attempted to arrest Zuck Hud. loth. lJuih
-usod pistols aud both nro mortally shut.
Acaloaldo Willing, but Oil. Is Not.
London, (By Cubic.) A dlxpnlch to Knu
ler'a Telegram Uouipauy from Hongkong
1 hja advlcea from Maniln aunounen that
1 uulnnldo I willing to relonse nil tick ami
.vlllnn BpaolsU prisoners, but, It la added,
' i. Geu. Otis re I u ner to allow Hnanlsb ves-
to proceed lo i'lllplno porta to reoelv
Th Miners' Strlk Spreading.
Montgomery, W. Vs., (Hpeolal,) filx bun
1 red miner in the Kanawha field aud a slm
:ir number on New lllver Joined the ilrik-
The government Is aked to furnish means
of transportation for between 3,000 and 8, C0
people In mining districts of Alaska, who
bave abtindauco of gold, but no food or
The city of Cleveland sued Thomas It.
Tears, and tbe Itlver Machine and Holler
Company for motley paid tor material that
was never delivered.
Frederick J. Fllbort, cashier of the Pala
tine l!ank In Palatine, III., was murderously
attacked by Walter l.awtou, with a tack
The Gersan Cnthollc Central Society In
HI. Paul, passed resolutions protesting
against the desecration of churches lu the
The price of white paper for tewspapcr
has been advanced nnt-qnnrter of n cent
t'T pound. Shoe leather has also Leeu ad
vanced. Hhlf joiners employed In tho Cramp yards
In Philadelphia, are striking for nine hours
as a day's lahi;r.
The Elk T'mnlng Comfany's tannery nt
Wdgway, Pi-., tat destroyed I y lire.
President Din, of Mexico, has been grant
ed a vacation to visit Chicago.
John L. Haunn, chief of police of Dnlton,
On., was killed by moonshiners.
Ill-henltli led ClHlbtirn Whitney to com
mit suicide In Jackson. Miss.
Four bodies were taken from the ruins of
the H.apltl st. Vincent do Paid tire In Nor
folk, Va.. and snauy nre still to be iircounted
for. Several flroicen and uurses were In
jured. Henry V. Johnson, Mayor of Denver. wa
elect, d f resident of the Lngue ot American
Municipalities, which decided to hold It
next meeting In Charleston, 8. C.
Ouidlelmo .Marconi, tbe exponent of wire
less telegraphy, reached New York. He
comes to make experia.cut under govern
Wont auplces.
The firm of Burrotl, Farnum A Co., of
Chicago, tried to force down tho wheat
market, and failed In trying to do so.
The Plngrro plan of municipal ownership
of street railways nnd three-cent tore In
Detroit hns been abandoned.
Prince Alexis Kurngeorgevltch, of Kervlu,
Is said to be a suitor for tho bund of Mle
Mahello Hwlft, of Chicago.
Itlchiird Houeck pleaded gnlliy In Chicago
to the charge of murdering Waller Koeller.
What Is expected to turn out n case of
yellow fever developed on the transport
Michael T. Horner, n Biltltrrf contrac
tor, was awarded 31.0 0 by the New York
State noard of Claims ou a prison coutraot.
A circus band wagon drawn by six horses
dashed down a steep street In Klohmoud.
Light persons were hurt, but none futally.
Two members ot a U iptlet Church In Oull
ford county, Vs., exchanged eight shots In
the crowded church. No one hurt.
The yellow fever situation nt Key West la
alarming. There nre four hundred case,
thirty new cases are reported dally.
The simmer City of Jacksonville t-trnnd- A
In a storm ou the Non Carolina coast, but
the crew whs saved.
Mr. Lawrence Gardner, member of Demo
cratic National Committee from the District
of Columbia, Is dead.
Six colored men were shot dend nnd on
wounded ly white miners at Canervllle,
HI. Governor Tnnner ordered troops to the
town and pronounced the killiug a premedi
tated wholesale murder.
At a meeting of delegates to the Trust
Conference who nro opposed to trusts a
movement wnB started tor the formation of
notl-trust organisation In all sections of
the couutry.
llev. Dr. G. T. B. Howard, notorious as n
swindler lu connection with European ee
tntes, was captured and taken bnok to tho
Ohio state prison to serve out his term.
Daniel Ermnntrout. member of Congress
from tbe Ninth Pennsylvania district, died
-In Rending nt the age of sixty-seven years.
Henry O. Klog, of Bo'ton, has brought
suit lu tbe United State Court for 500,000
acres of laud in Virginia and West Virginia.
Bobbers gagged tbe watchman of tho Ex
change Bank ut Frankfort, III., blew open
tho safe and got away with (2,000.
Mrs. EHz Barber, mother of the president
of tbe Diamond Match Company, died ut
Akron, O., aged eighty-three years.
No clue was discovered to the death of
Miss Laura M. Bacon, who died In Ylnelnnd,
N. J., from arsenic poisoning.
General Alger, it is now reported from
D troll, has finally decided to withdraw
from the senatorial race.
Corporal piinliliment was Judicially ad
ministered to William Hops, u colored boy,
In Suffolk for thieving.
ArlLur E. Cobb committed suicide lu Now
York because he was abandoned by u youug
A meeting of antl-lmperlnllsts from nil
over the couutry Is to be bold in Chicago,
October 17.
The striking workmen at' ship
building works, Philadelphia, have Informed
the superintendent that they do not nsk for
more wages, but for a ulue-hour Instuud of
a ten-hour day.
Twenty-flte lives were lost In the hurri
cane along tbe coast of North Carolina lu
August, and the losses to crops on the uiuln
land amount to half a million.
Cornelius Vauderbill'a last act of charity
was the pnylug off of a mortgage on the
home of a inun in Newport who bad ouco
beeu weultby, Liu lost all.
Cliailes O. Sumuers, an escaped convict,
returu d Ironi the Kloudlke to surrondor
himself to the nutboritle ot Jackson, Mlsr.
Auditor Marye, of Vlrglula, deollned to
j ii y the Gilines Battery lor services lu inuln
talulug the yellow fever quurautlne.
Tho Solehury Farmers' Club, of Pennsyl
vania, have derided not to send suni le of
wheat lo the Paris Exposition.
The entire family of Water Bane was
found dead iu Piatte Canon, Col., probably
poisoned by the lather.
The Window Glass Trust hns been effected,
to Include llfty concerns, with a capital of
seventeen millions,
David W. Beallman, accused of setting fire
to his warehouse lu Williams Grove, pa,,
was acquitted.
Fire destroyed half a million dollar.'
Woitu of pro erv lu Lincoln, Neb.
The Amerlanna had an engagement with
the Insurgent at Bulemac. There were no
casualties ou the Auierlu.iu side.
H oretary Boot hss approved of the sup
pression of the paper kuowu as Iiecouceu-
trado, at Havana,
Colonel Dunby atfd Trot. Dean Worcester,
of the Pblllpplno Commlssluu, buvu beeu
ordered home.
Corporal Dnmphoffer, of Cnmpnny B,
Sixth Iuluutry, wus seuteuced to be shot ut
Captain I,Hrr has reported Ills arrival ut
Gnnin, under date of August 7.
Admiral Watson was reported to be enjoy,
lug good health.
The Filipino force became operative nt
Th Cuban guards, not the Amerlann sol
diers, killed the bnudits lu Hnluuln, Culm.'
The Cuban continue to commit outrage
upou tbe Spaniard.
Tbe cruiser Cliarlestrn bombardd th
Filipino' tort a. Sublg Bay, I ut did little
dainug. Tbe monitor Monterey will con
tinue tbe boinburdmeut.
General Otis cabled to the War Depart
ment lor additional slaff iffioers.
Patients Still to
Accounted For;
rnr Hod lea Huts Heen Taken from the
Knln of the Hospital ). Vincent de
Paul, Ml, lei, W.a Completely Con
sumed by Fire-Thar Are Other Miss
ing fireman and Nnrses Inlureil.
Norfolk, Vs., (Special. )-The ruins of the
Hospital ot St. Vincent de Paul have yielded
up four bodies to the firemen's search.
The dead are: Mrs. Mnrgaret McEwen,
seventy years of age, a lady of weak wind,
who was there for safekeeping. The only
way she oould be Identified was by hot ear
rings, the body being so badly burned.
Mrs. Elizabeth White, an old lady who
had beeu nt ihe hospital for a long time as
n boarder. She was on the touch Moor, and
the body bad fallen through to the third.
She was Identified by the structure of her
Cherry Boswell, a Ihree-yenr-old child,
from Lewiston, N. C, who had a clubfoot,
and was thore for treatment.
Miss Plppen, of North Cnrnllua, who had
Just entered the hospital, nud was to bnvo
been operated upon. The body was found
In the ruins of tho bed in which she slept.
MIssTlppen was from Tarboro, N. C.
Flremai Thomas A. Burrct, of the Qucn
Street Euglnebouse, leg broken, right arm
Iractured In three places, and cut on fore
head. He is still alive, but bus not regained
consciousness, nud but little hope ot bis re
covery Is entertained.
Fireman llobcrt A. Foster, driver, hurt
about the head, but not seriously.
Barrett, Foster and several other firemen
had run a line of hose through thn main en
trance ot the building, aud wore driven out
either by the lire and :noke or by premoni
tion of an Impending collapse above them.
Hud they remained lu the poroh they would
not hnvebeo i Injured ;but,n they went dowu
Into the yard, a mas of timber, brick wall,
etc., pitched out aud down Irora above
Miss Kate Dolun, of Washington, D. C,
one of the nurses of the Institution, jumped
the stairwell from the third story to the
first, lauding In a sitting posture nt the feet
of Hitter Btroard, tho slater superior, who
happened at that point just at that moment.
Shewashuit about tbe neck, hands aud
back, and Is considerably Injured.
Miss Teresa Glass, of Blchtnond, Vs., nlo
a nurse, Is badly burned about one bund and
foot, and slightly about the face. She wus
carried to a residence on Wood street.
The property loss Is very large, and tho
Insurance la comparatively small. The
former will reach the neighborhood ot
000, and tho latter Is only some thirty or
forty thousand dollnrs. There were very
many narrow escapes from death nnd many
heroic rescues by the firemen, who, despite
tbe fact that they were exhausted by the
large lire Just preceding the hospital holo
caust, worked to save human life as though
their own was ut stake. B-sldes, they were
still further handicapped by the absence of
thn eighty-foot extension ladder.
The firemen from Portsmouth and tho
navy yurd apparatus, manned by marines,
rendered valuable assistance. They re
sponded as quickly ns railed upon by Chief
llyan, of Norfolk. Tbe light against tho
devouring element was a long one, but tho
north wing and n portion of tbe west wing
were sated. The remalner of tho immense
Institution of mercy lies iu ruins. As soon
astthe ruin had ceased blazing, tho searoh
for the bodies of tho victims begnn. Ambu
lance bad been sent to every bouse that had
offered asylum to the Inmates of tho hospital
for Information, nnd still tbe list of missing
was large. The authorities ot tbe hospital
declined to make tho name public uutll
they woro accounted for In some manner.
Tho firemen discovered Mrs. Mi Ewen's
body at the window of what bad been her
room on the flourtti floor. All the bodies
discovered were on the upper floors, and
the positions In which they were found in
dicated that the victims had made every
effort to escape. They wero all charred to
The reply of tire Transvaal government to
Great Britain, which was handed lo tho
British representative nt Pretoria, It Is gen
erally believed, declines to accept tho Brit
ish dsmauds as a whole. Tbe reported al
liance between tbe Transvaal nnd the Orange
Free State has increased the war fouling lu
Tbe Prussian government continue nt
war with the Bund der Lnudwirtbe, and the
Emperor bus ordered that all officials con
nected with tbe organization be dropped
from the court list.
Under the reorganization of the German
artillery, the number of field artillery regi
ment Is lucreased from forly-olgbt to ninety-four.
Germany hns nn automobile club.
There are 3,000 union stogie-makeis.
The 1'edoratlou ot Labor claims 1,000, COO
Mississippi hasn't a bureau of statistics.
New York plasterers demand (4.51 a day,
Germany's army employs 10,0 0 musicians.
Minneapolis Is shipping sugar mill to
Shelby County (Mo.) oats yield 40 ceuts a
American use 250,'. 0 J, 00 0 poker chips an
nually. Chicago woodworkers buvo been conceded
the eight-hour duy.
New York bors truckmen say their busi
ness was never so good as now.
Fort Dodge (Iown) tllo worker' wages
have been increased 15 cents a day.
Minneapolis Taxpayers' Association has
takeu up tbe subject of tax reduction.
The Baltimore nud Ohio Southwestern
U illroud has abolUhed the position of trav
eling engineer.
The New York Furriers' Union celebrated
Its twentieth anniversary with a reunion.
A sticker used In Kansas City: If It Were
not against the order of the court orgiuiiz-d
labor would boycott McCiiutook' reatuur
ant. Socialist meetings have been hsld In
Dulutb, despite tbe ol J. ctlons of Chief ot
Police ilansiu.
A New York carpenters' urlon has donated
tin to the striking furniture workers lu
Denver Trades Assembly protests against
the muklug of army uniforms iu eustoru
The Typographical Union ot 'Frisco was
ordered to pay $1,200 (damages) to a mau
It kept out of work.
Bedford (lad.) stoneplaners demand an
Increase of 6 cents, making their pay 80
oents an hour. For overtime work they de
maud 45 cents au hour.
Muscatine (Iowa) women will operate the
street car ot that ulty September 13 tor tbe
benefit ot the park fund.
Cluclnnatl Central Labor Union doe not
want to accept a delegate from one ot the
union because bo la a newspaper man.
Mayor Johnson, ot Denver, say the street
railway company cannot bar a perpetual
franchise. Twelve year or nothing.
Hl'NlMttnS Attn MlLHtf.
Awful KarthqiiBk In Valley of Ih Rives
Mender, Asia Minor.
Smyrna, Asia Minor. (By Cable.) There
was a terrible earthquake at Aldlu. a town
of tho Blver Mender, 80 mile southeast of
this plaoe.
Hundreds of persona were killed In the
Volley of Meoderiz.
Volcanic cones and other traces of Ignc
ou actlcu extoud over a considerable part
of Aln Minor, of which the vlllnyet or
province of Aldln is one of the division.
Earthquakes frtqueut throughout that
Smyrna, only 60 miles distant from Aldln,
as stated la the preceding cablegram, and
the most Important seaport of Asia Minor,
hn especially been frequently ravaged by
convulsions of nature. It was destroyed by
an earthquake In A. D. 178, and rebuilt by
Marcus Aurolius. Other calamitous visita
tions of this character, affecting much of
thn surrounding territory, occurred iu 1C8H,
17C8, 1H40 aud mi).
The city of Aldlu is fonr mile In circum
ference ami baa n population ot 85,000,
chiefly Turks, but Including also many
Greeks, Armenian and Jews. It occupies
a beautiful site near the Biter Mender,
Which empties into the .i:eau see about 15
miles below the Island ot Samos. The city
has au extensive trade, chiefly In figs,
grapes, olives nnd cotton. Figs nre grown
In great abuudanco lu the orchards sur
rounding the city.
The province of Aldin, In which thn city
is altuuled, cou ulns au nrcn of about 20,01')
square miles und population ot over
WrUhY TO 1I t:lKI( IIS.
Another Miiry Tlmt Manila Hero Offered
li Fight Oermans.
Chicago, (Special.) Tho ltccord prints
the following from Its correspondent, under
date of Nice, France, August 29:
Speaking ot his experience with Vice.
Admiral von Diedrlcbs, in Maniln bay,
shortly after tho destruction of Admiral
Moutojo's Heel, Admiral Dewey suid to me
lu conversation:
"I was maintaining n strict blockade of
Manila, and bad to know the character and
Identity of every vessel that eutered the
bay. The fact that a ship Hew the Gurmnu
flag was no proof that she was really Ger
man. "In carrying out my orders my command
ing officers acted discreetly and tactfully,
giving no offense to tho naval reprosonta
tlvus of any power except Germany. I
don't know why Vlce-Admlrnl vou Diedrlcbs
should have felt aggrieved. 1 always at
tributed his protest to ft luck of knowledge
of International laws.
"Admiral von Diedrlcbs sent bis flag licu
tannnt lo me with a list of complaints that
ha wished to make against tho way I treated
the ships under his command. They luid
exjiausted my patience. 1 hud beeu for
beurlng in the extreme, and this rotest or
eomplnlut was loo much. As nearly us I
can remember, my exact word were:
"What Is It you wan:'.' Do you want
win' You know what that means. If you
do you can have It lu live minutes. Wo are
n peaceable people, but we havo got Into a
light now nnd we urn ready to go on. If
necessary, we're ready to light the world.'1
Tionp Transport btrurk n Iteef In tUe
Middle of the Right.
Yokohama, via V.ctorin, B. C, (By Cable.)
Interesting details aro ut bund of thy
wreck of the Anierlcuu transport Morgan
City In tho Iulund H. a of Japnu. It appear
that It cam very unr lolng an Appalling
catastrophe. Strlklug upon a reef at 3
o'clock lu tbe moruing, the ship remained
fast uutll duyllght, when, by ndortlug tho
expedient of rushing tho men alternately
from one side to Ihe other, tho si l,i vat
rolled from the rocks Into doep wutor, where
she at once began lo Mil rapidly. Site headed
for tba shore of the bland of Iuosbluu, sev
eral mile distant, sinking perceptibly with
every yard of progress. She reached tbe
bench barely a minute before otherwise
going uuder.
The discipline of the men was admirable
nnd all were gotten ashore In safety. The
seamanship shown appears not to have been
bo admirable, ns no precautions wero tnken
to make the boat .fast to the shore after
beaching. Tho day was spent In removing
stores, the transport lying very nearly bows
under, but well afloat ia the afterpart. Latu
lu the afternoon, without warning, the slid
off the steep Leach and sunk in about six
North Georgia Veterans of the dray Meet
at thlckaiiiniiga.
Chattanooga, Tenii., (Special.) A re
inloti of ex-Confederates of North Georgia
was held at Chlckauinuga Park. Addresses
were made by Coniiressmnn J. W. llnddox,
of Georgia; Col. Touillusou Fort, of this
place, nud others.
Col. Garrelt Andrews, of Chattanooga,
urged thut monument bo erected In each
Southern State to commemorate tho heroic)
devotion aud solf-sacritlce of Southern
women during the olvll wur. Resolution
favoring such movement were unanimously
Advices From Orient RihI That Ovnr 3,000
Wars Killed by Typhonu In Japan.
Victoria, B. C, (By Cable.)Over three
thousand persons are dead und missing as a
result of a recent typhoon in Jupuu, accord
lug to advices brought l y tho steamer Em
press of India from the Orient. Much dam
age to shipping is reported. Tho E mires
Dowager of Chlua Is said to bo seriously 11).
LI Hung Chang has been recalled to power.
British Haying Mule In Kentucky.
Louisville, Ky., (Special. An agent of the
British gov-mmeut is negotiating with a
local firm that deal extensively In horses
nnd mules for tho purchase of 1,000 pack
mules for use In South Africa. Xi' is undei
stood tbe mules uru to be shipped from New
UHUd Ills Sweetheart's Mother.
Parsons, W. Va., (Special.) Sirs. Jacob
Simmons, a widow, living near Miirlineton
Pocahontut county, wn shot nud killed by
her daughter' lover, Borneo Killlson. Mrs.
Simmons protested against Killlson courting
her daughter, nnd thus angered hlin to the
execution of the deed. The officer lire
liter the murderer.
Withdrawn 1'roni National AllUnre.
Raleigh, N. C, (Sneclr.l.) The North Car
olina Slate Farmers' Alliance tins withdrawn
from the National Alliance. No reason is
given tor this action.
Coal Mines to Itesnme,
Huntington, W. Va., (S oulal.) The large
Dlugess coal mines, that have been idle for
two yeurs, hnve resumed. The general
strike In th New river fluid has brought
this about.
tlv Vears for M order.
Suffolk, Vs., (Special.) James Brittle was
convicted at Isle of Wight Court House ot
eompllolL1 in the murder of Patrick Mc
Donalda white tramp, who was beaten to
death Aud hi body placed on the railroad
trucks last April. The Jury was out for one
week,tud In IU verdict fixed th prisoner'
aeutsul at five ysurs lo tbe penitentiary.
Colored Men Killed by White
Miners in Illinois
The Whites Had Forbidden the Negroes
to Knter Cartervlll When Thirteen of
Them Came Into Town to Take n Train,
the Whlta Miners Attacked Them-The
Negroes Try to Kacap.
Carlorvllle, III., (Speclal.)-Cartervllla
was tbe scene of a bloody riot. In whloh six
colored men were Instantly killed, and one
fatally wounded, while two other received
(light wounds.
Trouble hns been brewing since the militia
was recalled ly Governor Tanner. The
whlta tninera of this place have refused to
allow the colored miners to come Into town,
alwnys meeting them and ordering them
back. Sunday, however, thirteen colored
men, all armed, marched Into town, going
to th Illinois Central Depot, where they ex
changed a few words with tbe whit miner
Then they pulled their pistol and opened
fire on tbe whites, who at once returned Ihe
fire. A running fight was kept up. The
colored men scattered, some being closely
followed by the whiles up the main street,
while the remnlnder fled down the railroad
tracks. Here tbe execution was done, all
who went through town escaping. After
tbe flirht was over four dead bodies- wero
picked up, nnd another morttlly woundd.
They were taken to tbe City Hall, where the
wounded man wa attended lo, and an In
quest held over the dead ones.
Trouble bag existed here off nnd on tr.r
over a year, but no fatalities occurred until
June 30, when a pussenger train on the Illi
nois Central Railroad was fired Into, and one
colored woman was killed. These were ou
their way to the mines, having come from
Puna, A short tfme afterwards a pitched
battle ensued between the union nnd non
union forces, during which time tbe dwell
ings occupied by the nou-unlon colored men
were burned. Several arrests were mnile,
and tbe accused are In Jail at Marlon await
ing trial on tbe charge ot murder.
Superintendent Donelly, of the Bruu
mines, where the colored people realde, r-
pori tnnt they nro worked into a frenzy,
and that, while be la doing all lu hi power
to hold them In check, he I afraid that be
cannot do so much longer.
Company C, Fourth Regiment, I. N. G.,
arrived here, and will endeavor to i reserve
order. Forty miner from the Herrin mine
are reported to have left that place for this
city, armed with Krng-Jorgensen rifles, and
determined to assist the white miners there.
On Victim a Treacher.
Murphysboro, III., (Special.) One of the
dead colored men at Curtervllle Is a
preacher; tha others are laborers. One ot
them, when first shot, started to run. He
wn shot again, and fell. Gne of the white
men then rnn up and shot him through tbe
bend with a rifle. Tho shooting took place
lmnif diutely In front of Mayor Zimmerman's
house, and iu full view of several Indies
seated on the porolt. Before the noise of the
first shots had died away the streets began
to llll with excited armed men. After the
crowd of colored men hnd been killed and
scattered, It was the evident Intention of the
lnfurlnted miners to go to Oreanvllle, where
the big non-uulon colored camp Is located,
end finish the work. All the afternoon nu
angry crowd of men patrolled the streets,
Later the projeoted trip to Greenville was
apparently culled off.
Th Solehury Farmer' Club Derides Not
to H Ilepresenteil In Pari.
Doylestown, Po., (Special.) Tba Bole
bury Farmers' Club, composed of tbe most
representative agriculturists In tho eastern
section of Pennsylvania, at Its regular
monthly meeting beld at Carversvtlle, de
cided not to send sample ot wheat to tho
Pnrls Exposition, as they had decided to do
at the request of the Department of Agri
culture at Washington. Resolutions were
adopted to the effect that "it Is the duty ot
every citizen of a country established lo In
sure equal justice to all who express their
condemnation ot the sacrllloe of that Jus
tioe upon the altar ot militarism evidenced
In the conviction ot Captain Alfred Dreyfus
and of any system of government by whloli
tbe innocent can successfully be compelled
to suffer to shield the guilty."
Poison Mail linen Probably Administered
by the Father ltemsdy for I'livarty.
Platte Canon, Col., (Special.) Waller
Buoes, bis wife und two children were found
dead lu their cabin nt the upper end of th
canon, Th bodies showed no signs of vio
lence, and tha house was undisturbed, leav
ing th Impressiou tbnt tbe father bad poi
soned the rest, and then lain down to die.
The tragedy was prol ably due to the pov
erty of tbe family, as the father bad
been out of work for some time, owlug to
suspension of a sawmill In the vicinity. The
bodies were nil lylug In one bed. A tlu cup
at the side ot tbe bed, showing dregs, wn
the only Indication of the course pursued by
the parent.
Bervlce Stripe for It. A- O. ltnllroail Man.
There are many uniformed employe ot
the Baltimore aud Ohio Railroad who bave
spent tbe better part of their lives with the
com- any, but very few peoplo aro aware of
their length of service aud devutlon to duty
that fans mado them valued men. Vice Pres
ident aud General Manager Underwood will
shortly Issue au order, providing for service
stripe for these men, that the public may
know ot their faithfulness and ntl lty. a
gold stripe will mean five yeura ot servioe,
aud a silver stripe two year. Some of the
Baltimore and Ohio conductors will be en
titled to from seven to nine gold stripes.
The uouipauy will alio furnish conductors,
brnkemeu and baggagemen of all elusue
with budge, so that they may be easily dis
tinguished by those uufamlllnr with the
Melville E. Incalls was born on a farm nnd
begun work a a lawyer.
The President nud Mrs. McKlnley have
given more brilliant dluuers nt the White
Ilou-'S than at any time sluee tbe ante-bellum
Lord Mayor Daniel Tallon, of Dublin, nnd
John Redmond, nre coming to America to
collect funds for a memorial to Parnell lu
Emperor Wllllara confines bis newspaper
reudiog. to press clippings specially prepared
for blm, aud posted on gilt-edged fooUoau
Held I by Masked Men.
Greenst'tire, Pa., (Special,)- Michael Ms
Nulty, und John Murphy, ol Calumet, were
held up by masked highwaymen, beaten In
to lii-eii.ii illty. and robbed of nearly oue
hundred dollar aud valuables. The men
ley lu the road uuconsclnu several hours.
There is no clue ti the Ideutily of the
OH Cables for Ammunition.
Gen. Otis ha cabled thn War Department
for 5,000.0X0 rounds of ammuultlou forth
ani yr.fl '. The consignment will be sent
Uooi Bua FrubsllSO.
Americana Iloinhard Filipino Town
Movement Wall Had.
Manila, (By Cable.) -The United Htatca
cruiser Charleston, the monitor Monterey
nnd the gunboats Couoord and Zaflro, with
marines and blue Jnckets Irom tbe cruiser
Dultimore, left Cavlle September 1R, and, a
already cabled, proceeded to Sublg Buy to
destroy nu Insurgent cannon there.
Owlug to tbe bad weather, the operation
wa postponed until Saturday, when the
wnthls for three hour horuhnrded tha
town of Olancapo nnd the entrenchment
where tbe gun wns sltunted.
Men from the Cbarlenton,' Concord nnd
Znllro were then landed under a heavy Ic
aurgent Are, proceeding lo the ennuon,
which was utterly destroyc d by guncottou,
and then returning to the warships.
The American hnd one man wouuded
during the engagement.
While wailing In Suhig Bay for betlei
weather tho American descried Filipino re
inforcement moving toward Olangupo, At
0.40 o'clock A. M. the Monterey begnn the
advance upon tha town, wbloh wns nbout
three miles east of tha monitor' anchcr.ige.
Th Cbarltslcn, Concord and Z.iflro fol
lowed. At 7.23 o'clock the Monte v opened fire
with her secondary nnd main batteries, the
Charleston and Concord joining Immedi
ately. At 7.0a o'clock the Insurgent cannon
answered, the first shot pnsslng closoto thn
Monterey' Smokestack. The guu was fired
twice only.
The American bombarding then boenmo
gonernl. At 0.3) the Monterey advanced to
a range ol COO yard, using I er main lat
tery. Two liundrid and fifty men were
landed about 8 0 ynrds east of ilia cannon nt
j 11 o'clock under n severe shore Mauser fire.
I The men from the Charleston were the first
I to reach the beach, but the Concord's men
were the first ut the gun, which they reached
nt 11.10 o'clock. The caunon was found to
ben 16-centlmelre Krupp gun, presumably
obtained from the Spaniards.
Mennwhllo tho warships continued to shell
the shelving beach on the east aud west side
to silence the Insurgent lire upon tho sailors
trorn the trenches skirting the bench.
Gunner Olsen exploded 50 rounds of gun
cotton, In three dischargee, in the ennuon,
which bad suffered Irom the lire of the war
ships. The Americans then returned to the boats,
the llrtng Inland being kept up to protect
the embarkation. The Concord's meu were
Ihe last to leave thn shore, and thn warships
were reached at 12.50 o'clock P. M.
Cadet Brlnser, with tbe Concord's launch,
armed with n Gatilug, did excellent work
ou the left of the lauding party. Captain
Myers, of Ilia murines, captured a muzzle
loading field piece. Lieutenant McDonald
was In command of the landing party, and
the movement wus splendidly executed nnd
The numbers of the Filipino there could
not be ascertained nud no dead were seen.
The Mouterey fired for four hours 21
shots from her 10-Inch gun and 17 from her
12-Inch guns.
The town, wbloh was riddled with shells,
took fire at several point'. ,
Actress Mint Hint In Full View of 1h
Audience In ChntlMnnnga,
Chattanooirn, Tenn., (Special.) Julia,
Morrison, leuding ludy of the "Mr. Piaster
of Paris" Farce Comedy Company, shot nnd
killed Frank Leiden, stage a nungnr nud
lending man ot the company, on the stage
of tho City Opera House just after tbe cur
luin rose for the performance to begin.
Three shot wero fired at close range, all
taking effect In Leidou' In-ml. He sank to
Ihe floor and was dend iu n few minutes.
The woman was arrested and tukeu to the
A coroner's Inquest was held, at which it
was developed ti nt trouble bad existed be.
tween Leldeu nud Mis Morrison, and she
flapped blm. it appears that they quarreled
river tbe woman' ullcged bud acting,
Leiden accusing her of being an amateur.
The woman claims that Leiden repeatedly
Insulted ber, nnd tbut she shot him lu self
defense. Tho verdict of Ihe coroner' j'iry wn to
tho effect that tho murder win lomeditatcd,
md wholly unjustifiable. Xho wornau
claim to be from New Orleans, and a mau
with the company named James, she says,
I her husband. James hns beeu arrested n
the Instigator of the crime.
Photograph Oaller In Wisconsin llio
Scene of Terrible Conflict.
Eau Claire, Wis., (Special.) Hugh Thomp
son' photograph gallery was the scene of a
iuel with swords. A I andsome youug
woman was hired by Thompson us bl
Later a man In a state ot grent excite
ment entered the gullery. He said tils uame
wns Magulre and that he was the husband
nt tbe girl. Exactly bow the fight started
Is unoertaln, but hanging ou Ihe wall were
two saber, and In n moment Thompson nod
Magulre were engaged iu deadly conflict.
The girl called for help, nnd as Arthur
lllckard, n lurnlture man, rushed Into the
gallery, be saw Thompson on the floor, cov
ered with blood, nnd Mauulre apparently
about to run tho sword Into . Thompson's
snest. lilckurd pulled Magulre off and the
latter fled. No arrests have been made,
1'homi sou's Injuries muy prove fiitul.
Illugliamtoa Citizen Will Hrlng a I nlo,
Case Inlu Court.
Dirifihnmton, (Special.) Herman Mcln
lyre will sue his cliy for placing No. 13 on
his residence. Mr. Mclutvre is free Irom
uperstillou lu everything but the traditions
relating to the unlucky number. On Janu
ary 13, 1883, bis home burned down, aud he
lost his wife on Muy 13, 1HH5. His son wns
killed on bis 13 h blrlhdny and this was thn
culmination of Mr. Mclutyre'a dread ot 13.
When Crandall Street wus numbered it luil
to his bouse to beur the number 13. Mr.
Mclntyre will test the cuao with an uctiou
agaltiBt the city, alleging that the number Is
clearly a hooduo to himself aud hi prop
erty, und the corporation bus no right to
Jtiuauge him.
Hoy Klllad and Girl erlonsly Iijured
Near (Jreensburg.
Greeiiuburg. Pa., (Special.) George Keck,
a miner, of Grit .town, sot a can of powder
behind his kitchen stove utter returning
from work.
His two children, a girl, aged 5, nnd boy,
aged 7, were iu the room, aud the. boy
dropped n match Into the cun.
There was a terrible explosion, nud both
children were frluhtfuliy mangled and
burned. The boy died a few hour later,
aud tha girl Is probably fatally butt.
Llqald Air Company Formed.
New York, (Special.) -The organization
of the Tilpler Liquid Air Company, with a
capitalization of 10,000,000, baa been com
pleted. The cifllct-ra of lb company are
Charles E, Tiipler, president; Frank J. Can
non, vlce-presldout Philip K. Reyuolds, sec
retary; E, A. Klrkhiim, treasurer,
Many Carloads of Freight llurnad.
Charleston, S. C, (Speolal. The Atlantic
Coast Line freight at Darlington, a a, to
gether wtfb fifteen or twenty carload ol
freight, wa totally burned. The total Ion
I about (20,000. Local msrohnut lose
muub ol their lull good by the Mr.
A Native of New York State '
Interested In Legal lluslneas i,
th Time of 111 Appointing!,
fended Tweed In a Celebrated ff.
Ellhu Roof, the new secretary , ?
wag born at Cllntou, Oneida
New York, Feb. 15, 1845. H9
.. .... r , nH .... 1J
nuo i ii uiiui, iui muiiy ycur j
for ot mathematics In Hi
college. In his youth he
school and paid his
through Hamilton, subsequently W
lng law there, nnd he compUidal
course at the University Law
New York. He then entered the :f j
flee of Matin & Parsons. His fir. It:
nerihlp wag formed with j( i
Strahn. and the next with vie
Hnrtlett, who became a Judge ft
supreme court. Mr. Root wad n
ed with the municipal reform t
ment In New York city In 1871. f '
he was the republican candidal '
Judge of the court of common H
but was defeated, though poll;;
large vote. He wag chairman
Republican county committee :V
and 1887, and for many yearn P'
five member of tho Twenty-fir
sembly district. He was appolr, '
President Arthur as United .Sta1"
tnrnev tni tViA .nuih... .it..-
1 J .v., uio nuiiiuciu Uleilii
New York and served two yearf(
lng his long career as a lawyer;
Root has been leading counsel
noted cases, notably for Tweed a
gersoll on the exposure of the t
perpetrated upon the county ofjf
York by the Tweed ring, for Judi?
ton In the Stewart will case, P
executors In the Hoyt and Havef.
will cases, and for the ccntestaJf
the Hammersley will case. He ;!
counsel for nnd director In .'
banks. Is attornoy for several
railroads and the chief adviser iV
syndicate controlling tho BroV
railroad. He Is also counsel foA
large private corporations, y
Root was chairman of Governor
evelt's campaign oommittce las:
Where I'eopls Never Marrj;
One of the questions confr.,
Lord Curzon; the dceioy of li.ft
how he is going to Introduce
rlage. As things are female ed.s
is out of the question und the !
ab!, happy state of wlfehoii
motherhood Is Impossible. The
has no existence, while the tie if
tual love and honor which unl:;
rents and children is unknown.!
custom is known as "man
njiAix Kr-v
FLorrt nmto. itwt mtt
High firnrln Vxtrn
WHEAT No. 2 Hod
COHN No. 2 White
Mi.tK,iiiH.i-u A roim...
HVE-No. 2
HI l0
12 01
it 50
fi 00
(i 0J
11 A Y t.liolco Timothy,
iood to l'rlnio
M llAW live lu car bis.
Wheat llioeks
Out blocks
ruNJir.n norms.
TOMATOES Stud. No. 3.
in. ....
TEAM Ntiindiinis." . . . 1 II)
C'OIIN-Ury rack!!..!'.!.
CITY RTKF.I19 t 10' ,'
i tty Cows ., 0a'
FOTATOE8 IlurliaiiUa. .
if on nu)i)ccTH-shu ti.v
t'lenr ribalde 7
Hums.... ,
Mess I'urk. or' liar "
LAIIH Cruilit..'
H st rellund
lUTTTErt-Flrie Crmy. . .. 2M
Under Finn 24
Creamery Itolls 21
Si it
CIir.KSE-N. Y. I'aiicv... 12 iff
N. Y. Flats n
ISkim Cheose b)i
pons Sliiti.. . n
worm Carolina.. 7 li)
Ducks, per lb H
TOTIACCO Md. Iufor'8.. 151 $
Hound common HO
I i ve a root
I'F.F.F Dost Jlouvea
4 20
4 U0
I' till ANU H HI tOt.
lied Fox
Hkunk llluck. . .
ELIHU ROOT." ''' !
FLuCfl Southern 9 fl M Si
WHEAT No. liilod 71
UYE -Western
COllN No. 2 M4
OATH No. 3 27
lfUTTEll htiite 15
ECKltt Stuto li
CHliEBE htnte 11
FLOUIt Southern 8 85 i,
WHEAT No. Sited 7u.'
COltN No. 8 87
OA'i'tt No. 2 2H
1IUTTKH Htm 21
taatj-i'eun ft nit'
k. User r.OOU uiea are new out.
tj f,Mi mrwj mnrm n