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    Republican News Item.
THURSDAY, SEPT. 29, 189 X. lgnorance
lgnorance is the mother of
\ scepticism. Ignorance does \
V not abound to any great extent J
4 in Sullivan County, 112
0 5o that there #
£ is But Little I
£ Scepticism £
t about the Value oft
fa* IKlews
\ ITtem j
1 As a Profitable $
# J
JHbvevttetno 5
\ Aebium. $
it,Your neighbor does. #
Don't borrow. #
County Seal Indices.
-Steady there, .leaks.
Korksville lair, Oct. I, •"> and •>.
—To stimulate trade try an adver
tisement in the XKWS IT KM.
Lawrence Bros. litis < oil lather's
new hotel ready lor plastering.
('has. Ballard of Towanda, is
visiting Laporte friends this week.
Judge 1 >tlnhalll presided at a
suit tried in Towanda on Friday last.
MissSallie Heed of I'nityville,
is the guest of Mrs. T. .1. Keeler this
Joe ('oo|ier was calling on his
parents in Klntira the early part of
this week.
Harry Paulhamus of William
sport was a liusiness man in town on
—Att.v. S. 15. Karns,wife and fam
ily of Ucnton, are visitin«- Laporte
friends lliis week.
—Samuel Cole and family of I'n
sliore, were registered ttt Hotel < Jal
lagher, on Wednesday.
—All the candidates were in town
this week shaking hands with their
numerous friends.
—Autumn is a young thing: yet,
hut from the way it starts oil'nobody
would suspect its immaturity.
—Vote for Doctor Christian for
Member. He is si representative of
a young, honest professional man in
With something near $2">0,OOU,000 j
of it in the Treasury, McKinley
should have taken Bryan there on a
visit to see what his present views
on »-old might be.
—A. F. Heess, County Auditor,
will occupy the Prothonotary's office
doring the present campaign, while
Mr. Lawrence will he engaged in
calling on his many friends through
out the county.
The voters of Sullivan county
will make no mistake if they elect
11. W. Osier for Sheriff. He is
capable of making a worthy officer
whom the people can he proud of.
-K. V. Jughani, Frank Buck and
Dr. Randall were the conferees from
Sullivan county who assisted in the
nomination of N. Ji. Culver of Wil
liainsliport, for State Senator, at the
conference held in Bloomsburg on
—Wm.J. Lawrence's record in the
Prothonotary's ottice has elevated
Sullivtn county in the official scale.
Democrats and Republicans will
unite in returning him to this im
portant station.
-The new bell presented to the
Baptist church tit this place by .Miss
Ambrewster,Wits hung in the belfry
one day last week. The bell has an
excellent tone, and litis inscribed
upon it the name of the donator, the
pastor E. R. Powell, and the trustees
Messrs. T. J. Keeler, l\ W. Meylcrt,
R. A. Conk iin.
—Colonel Stone's reply to Dr.
Swallow is pleasing to the thousands
of friends of the Republican candi
date. Dr. Swallow has been claim
ing that he is in possession of evi
dence of all kinds of official malfeas
ance, and Colonel Stone very grace
fully informs the Doctor as to his
duty under the circumstances. But
the Doctor has no such evidence,and
all his talk is merely for political
| IT.G.l T .G. Little formerly of this place,
I lost a valuable horse Inst week.
Ulysses Bird spent a few days with
: his uncle at Hillsgrove,who has IHVJI
ill for some time.
Walter Webster has returned Inane
Miss Cora Brown spent the past
week at Hillsgrove.
R. I«\ Bartoe ami wife have re
turned home.
Eagles Mere.
I!. W. Bennett, Smith Boudinati,
('hris Little, Alfred l'.enm'tt,( 'larcnee
Bennett and Harry Little went out
I to B. \\". Bennett's hear traps <>:i
Saturday last, and to their surprise
! found a large hear in one of the traps.
It did not weigh ipiite four hundred
pounds dressed.
.Jerry Stark house and wife were
called to I'nityville on Sunday last
by the illness of his mother who is
well advanced in years.
I'. <i. Kiesingcr is growing into a
horse jockey. lie traded twice last
week, and says lie would like to
trade again.
\V. .). Taylor lost another line
horse the other day, and the mute to
him about two months ago. Treven
says, all that lie has cleared has gone
in the hole.
I'ierce Schug of 11ughesville came
up on business last Tuesday.
Clarence and Lloyd Dunham of
Laglcs Mere, were in t«>\\ ii Sunday
Miss Anna Shoemaker of Laporte,
visited friends here last week.
Dunning Lockwood who has been
■ lui(«> sick i< able to be out again.
Burnley Liesier, a returned soldier
and Howard Ldkin of Strawliridge
Thompson of Muney Valley, atten
ded services here on Sunday evening
Thomas Laird of Davidson, i- in
town going to school.
Charles Morrison is again home
after a summer's absence.
Mrs. Wilson Starr is sick.
Among those toattend the Hughes
ville fair were: Mrs. A. T. Ann
strong and children, Mrs. Marry
Kapler, Mr. and Mrs. I'lulip liider,
Walter lla/.cn, Misses Anna lla/.en,
Myrlte l'-dgar, Celia Magargle, .May
Simmons, Mrs. T. B. Houseknecht,
Mrs. A. Ldgar, Mrs. A. Converse,
Mr. and Mrs. Kli Bostian, 11. L.
Lockwood, Mrs. Clias. Starr, Misses
Myrtle and Nora Christ, Jerry Watts
and many others.
Mrs. Walter Woods and Miss
Amanda Woods from Pishing Creek,
were the guests of friends here lately
The L. M. It. B. train men slip
ped off from Supt. B. <L Welch w ho
wished to accompany the night train
Saturday and remain over Sunday
at Eagles Mere. On their return
they found him still waiting, and
were obliged to make an extra trip
1111 the mountain that night. "The
best laid plans of men and mice"
and practical jokers "oft gang agley"
Tim Smallest
(Joust is the smallest republic as to
area, but Tavolara is the smallest re
public as to population. (Joust is only
one mile in area, ii is located on the
fiat top of a mountain In the Pyrenees,
between Prance am! ."-'.pain, and l.s rec
ognized by both of countries. It
:s governed by a President and a ("otin
?il of twelve. It was established in
iuis and lias l!iO inhabitants. The
President is Tax Collector, Assessor
and Jadge. t'loust has no church, cler
gyman or cenie: The people wor
ship in a church their own
territory, and ihe dead liodies are slid
Jown to a cemetery in the valley l>e
;ow. In that vaTley all the baptisms
and marriages are performed. Tavol
ara is twelve miles northeast of Sar
dinia. It is an i.-.!.inil tive miles long
by a half mile wi.i \ Its Iota! popula
tion consists of 11;..'-tive men, women,
ind children. The women goto the
polls with the n:e:\ and elect every
rear a Prer.idenr ami Council of six,
>il serving without pay. The inhabi
tants sitpporl THENISE!VPS by fishing
4ml raisins fruiL ;:U vegetables. *1 he
■epublic has no army and no navy.
C< )X liKNSKI) ItKP((IIT of thr condition of i lie
lIKST NATIONAL 11ANK of Uuslmre. I'a.,
At close of business, July 11, lsvis.
Loans ami niseomits * 1 s;:7 .SI
r. S. lloiicis to Secure Circulation IJ.'kxi ou
Premium on I'ulted States Hotuls I.uuOOO
stock Securities 1.'i,200 (10
I'urnlture I -JOO 00
Due I' com Hanks Approved reserve Ant 7:1,70:! Oti
itedeniption I'uiid I , s. Treasurer ">('.J.")O
SiK-eie and Lejral Tender Notes 10.132 34
Capital S "iO.imiOCO
Surplus 10.000 oo
I nilivided I'rolits '.'('>72o(l
Hue National Banks .IS'.l'il
circulation 11.J.'1000
Diviilens Unpaid iu> oo
I lejiosits 10'J,t»78 97
5 217. 106 ">7
State of Pennsylvania, ( ounty of Sullivan ss:
I, M. I>. Suaris, Casbier of the almve tunned j
bank, do solemnly swear that the alxive state
ment is true to tile be>t of mv know tedue aiul be- 1
M. 11. SWAHTS, Cashier, j
Sutwerltied and sirorn to before nietliis LMith
day of Sept IS'.IK.
JOHN 11. CRONIN, Notary Public,
JNO. 1). RKESKK. ' Directors
j JOINT mm
I He Declines to Meet Chairman Elkin
on the Platform.
; Ho Point* Out What Should Occur to
Any Sensible Man, That tho Charge*
Proposed Kor Debate ( linrue Crimes
and Misdemeanors Under the l.awn
of tlie Commonwealth, and That tlit>
I'roner Place to Deal With Them IN
! Court, Where It Ik
! Swallow's Duty to Present Tlieiti.
(Special Correspondence.)
Philadelphia. Sept. 2ti. —The two sig
nificant events of the week, politically,
j aside from the satisfactory consumma
| lion of the Republican harmony pro
j gram In Philadelphia upon the lines
i predicted some weeks ago In this cor-
I respondence, were John Wanamaker's
avoidance of a joint debate with State
Chairman Elkin in Media on Saturday
and Colonel Stone's crushing rejoinder
to Swallow.
The crank candidate for governor is
sued a public challenge to the Repub
[ lican candidate to hold several de
bates with him on a carefully prepared
list of charges. In the main they are
the same old charges which he pub
lished in his newspaper last winter,
for which publication he was convicted
of criminal libel and is now awaiting
He was then unable to produce any
evidence in support of them, even
enough to acquit him of malicious In
tent in publishing them, and Colonel
Stone promptly turned his letter over
to the district attorney of Dauphin
county, properly holding that if the
charges were true the only effect of a
public debate, with an exhibition of
the testimony, would be to give warn
ing to the defendants In advance of ar
rest and enable, them to escape jus
tice. Following' is Colonel Stone's let
Philadelphia, Sept. 2:1, ISDB.
Rev. S. C. Swallow:
My Dear Kir: My attention has been
called to a published letter dated Sept.
21 and addressed to me in which you
challenge joint discussion upon what
you claim to be the issues in this cam
paign. I am not surprised that you
have omitted prohibition as an issue,
but 1 am surprised that the Prohibition
party which nominated you upon that
issue should so soon forget the pur
poses and objects of their organiza
tion and follow you in a crusade which
entirely ignores prohibition. You chal
lenge me to discuss 12 declarations, or
charges upon the stump. All of your
12 declarations charge crimes and mis
demeanors which may be severely pun
ished under the laws of the state.
You do not name the offenders nor
the time when these crimes and mis
demeanors were committed, but claim
to have evidence to substantiate them.
I have no such knowledge, except your
unsupported statements which you
have heretofore made, but have been
unable to sustain in the courts. If
you have such knowledge of crimes
committed, and have such evidence, it
is your duty, not only as a good citizen,
but as a Christian minister, to lay
the evidence before the grand jury of
your county. The witnesses which you
propose to call in joint debate will be
sufllcient to obtain an indictment if
they are sufficient to convince an in
telligent audience of the truth of your
That is the proper tribunal to hear
and determine the truth of these
charges, and that is the proper course
for you to pursue, instead of under
taking on th<- stump to prejudice the
people against candidates whom you
do not charge with committing the
crimes or with knowledge of them. I
have, therefore, taken the liberty to
refer your letter to the district attorney
of Dauphin county, where you reside,
for such action as he may take in
the matter, assuring you that if I am
elected governor of Pennsylvania I
will heartily co-operate in all cases to
bring guilty parties to justice and
punish all crimes againi the state.
Truly y0..0,
The care with which Mr. Wanamaker
avoids public cross examination upon
the reckless assertions he has been
making since he missed the United
States senatorshU> and the guberna
torial nomination is succinctly set forth
in the following report of the commit
tee which sought to arrange a joint de
bate on Saturday:
William L. Mathues, Esq., Chairman
Republican Executive Committee of
Delaware County, Media, Pa.
Dear Sir: At a meeting of your exec
utive committee, held In the court
house, Media, on the evening of the
21st inst., the following resolution was
unanimously adopted:
"Whereas, It has come to the know
ledge of this committee that an inde
pendent meeting has been advertised
to take place at the courthouse, Media,
Pa., on Saturday evening. Sept. 24, at
which the Hon. John Wanamaker has
been invited to speak and discuss the
Issues of the campaign; and
"Whereas, There are questions at is
sue in this campaign in which all are
Interested; therefore, be It
"Resolved, That the chairman ap
point a committee of three (3) to confer
with the committee In charge of said
meeting, and also with the Hon. John
Wanamaker and the Hon. John P. El
kin, chairman of the Republican state
committee, and arrange, if possible, to
have both gentlemen appear at said
meeting and discuss the issues of the
campaign in a joint debate, in order
that the people may have an oppor
tunity of hearing both sides."
The undersigned were appointed In
pursuance of the above resolution as a
committee to wait upon Mr. Wana
maker and Mr. Klkin and arrange for
the joint discussion at the time stated.
On Thursday morning, the 22d lpst..
your committee went to the city of
Philadelphia and called at the office of
Mr. Wanamaker. He was abaent and
It wti reported that we could not tee
him until Friday morning. On Friday
morning, at 10 o'clock, we again
called on Mr. Wanamaker at his of
fice. We found him In and made
known to him the wishes of the Re
publicans of Delaware county in the
matter of a joint discussion.
He then askeiT if the state chairman
was willing. We informed him we
would see. We immediately went over
to the Republican headquarters and
fcund the chairman at his desk. We
made known to him our desire that he
would meet Mr. Wanamaker in joint
discussion at the courthouse In Media,
as per the resolution. He promptly ac
cepted the invitation and addressed
the following letter to your committee:
Gentlemen: I am In receipt of your
invitation to meet the Hon. John Wan
amaker in joint discussion of the po
litical issues of the present campaign at
the courthouse in Media on Saturday
evening, the 24th of September. I here
by accept the invitation. It would af
ford me much pleasure to meet Mr.
Wanamaker at that time or any other
time during the present campaign to re
fute the charges that he has been mak
ing against the Republican party of
this state. Very respectfully yours,
JOHN P. ELKIN, Chairman.
Your committee then reported the ac
ceptance of Chairman Elkin to Mr.
Wanamaker at the office of the latter.
Mr. Wanamaker' replied that he would
not enter into a discussion of this kind
unless the committee of his friends
having in charge the mass meeting at
Media so directed.. We then called up
by 'phone Captain Albert Magnin, of
Darby, who was the committee ap
pointed to make arrangements for the
Wanamaker meeting. When told that
Chairman Elkin had accepted the In
vitation to enter into the joint discus
sion with Mr. Wanamaker and that Mr.
Wanamaker referred the matter to
him, Captain Magnin refused to make
arrangements for the joint discussion
on the crounds that he had no author
ity to do so.
We have labored faithfully to carry
out the instructions of your commit
tee and arrange for a joint discussion
of the issues involved between the par
ties above mentioned. It is due to State
Chairman Elkin to say that from the
first he expressed a hearty willingness
to meet Mr. Wanamaker and discuss
the Wanamaker meeting at Media, as
well as Mr. Wanamaker himself, show
ed a disposition to evade the responsi
bility of a joint discussion at that time.
All of which is respectfully submit-,,
Committee —John 1.. Hawthorne,chair
man: Edward S. Hickman. Charles M.
The committee of Lackawanna Pres
byterv appointed to superintend the sale
of the Laporte Presbyterian church prop
erty has been authorized by the congre
gational meeting held Sept. lii. to extend
the time lor the reception ot written bids
to Oct. 11S0S. These bids may he
left with Miss llattie ( 'rocker. Laporte.
Several bids have already been presented
and time is asked for presenting others.
The Congregation reserves the right to
accept or reject any or all bids. After
the 15 of October the successful bidder
will be informed bv the Committee which
bid they decide to accept.
Rbv. I'. H. Bkooks.
On behalf of the Committee.
Fish and ham, prices right, at .1. \V.
Hack's. Sonestown.
Williamsport & North Branch R.R
In Effect Tuesday Sept. 13, 1808.
X wu rd. Hon th wu r< I
pin. a.m. a.m. pm
52D 10 sa Halls 9 l*» 440
f'»:*oiflo2s Pennsdale 41 fl->
540 10 40 ...Hugliegville 82 4 iM
>4h in-is Picture Rocks i»2.'> lit
I . .1 I In •: Lynns Mills f922 f4 08
f.">54 flosf> ( hamonni -0 f4 0o
ft»o2 11 04 (ileii Mawr II
f<» 12 fll II .strawbridge ftlUi f:M7
i» If. fl 117 Beech Glen f*>ol fa 42
<•2O 11 21 .... Muncy Valley n» s in
02* 11 :so Sonestown.... 852 8 ;:j
»"• 4."» 11 4«.» Xordmont i »
701 12 08 LaPorte 821 2 *»7
7 01 ]2U La Portu Tannery s l'.» 251
f7 20 fl2 Kingdalc fsiv> fi? n::
7 12 4."» Satterfield 7 .V> 2 20
pin. p. in. am. pm.
All trains daily except Sunday; " t " flag
Connections with the Philadelphia k Reading
at Halls, for all points north and south, and the
Fall Brook and Beech Creek railroads. At
Satterfield for all points on the Lehigh Valley
railroad. At Souestown with the Eagles Mere
R. E. EAVEXSON, (Jen, Manager.
HughesvilU'P a
John M. Converse will be
prepared on and after Wed
nesday, Sept. 14, to fill or
ders on Wednesday, Thurs
day and Fridays of each
week until Nov." 11, 1898, at
his mill in Sonestown. Pa.
John. V. Finkle has opened his large
and comfortable house lor the accomoda
tion of court boarders, and also lor regu
lar boarders by the day or week, at rea
sonable rates.
Corner ol Maple and Muncy Sts,,Laporte.
Administratrix Notice,
Kstulc of Walter Spencer, late of La|>ortn Itoro.
Sullivan county, deceased.
Letters of administration u|«>u the a hove named
estate liaring been granted to the undersigned,
all i>ersoiis having claims against the same will
present tllem for payment, duly authenticated:
and those indebted thereto, will plea.-e make
Immediate navment to
KM M A SI'ENVKK. Ailinrx.
A. .I.Biiadi.kv. Attv. l.apnrtc.l'a.
Public Notice.
Notice is hereby given that an application will
lie made to the Honorable Judges of the Court of
Common Pleas of Sullivan County, on the :10th
•lay of September. 18!i8, for the charter of a eor
-1 oration, to he called "The Citizens' Military
Band," of Herniee, Pa.,the character und object of
which ure the acquiring 11 knowledge of the art
and science of music, to furnish music and enter
tainment lor the public of Herniee, Pa., and"to
have a |>ermaiient organization to be known; as
"The ntlxens' Military Band," of Bcrnlee, Pa.
A. HIEAW.KV. Solieiior.
.Laporte. l'a., September 7. IS9S.
C. R. Gumble,
Dealer in and
Hanufacturer of
AND Your Patronage
Lumber Is solicited oil the basin of low prices. hon't It l lai.i escape
V. e nrf rid of our lame stock ol' hand made
WagOflS, We nlco (leal hi laclory made platlrotn sprinsr WHtfon*.
Blacksmithing and
West Main Street LAFOIv TIE.
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