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    Republican News Item.
Til IT IIS DAY AUG. 1. 1898.
The News Item Fights Fair.
Published Kvory Friday Morning.
By The Sullivan Publishing Co.
At tho County Soat of Sullivnn County.
Entered at tlie Post Office at Lnporte, an
second-class mail matter.
St'BacitiPTioN—sl.2.o |ier aiuiiim. If
(i.-ii'l in ailvjinoe SI.(K). .Sample copies
free. All communications should be ad
dressed to
Laporte l'a.,
The searchlight is one of the most
important items in the electrical equip
ment of modern ships, and much in»
teresl attaches to the present appear
ance of a new type of high power lens
mirror projector, made especially for
marine equipment. This little light
is intended for the smaller class of
yachts, of 100 feet or under, and is not
too large for the smallest boat that
can float a dynamo to supply the cur
rent. The lens is nine inches in diam
eter, the total height fifteen inches and
the weight forty pounds. It throws a
clear, round, solid beam and will show
up a buoy about half a mile away on
a dark night.
Within the last few years America
has made great strides in the manufac
ture of searchlights. In the same
works where the minature projector
just described was designed, search
lights of seventy-two inches diameter
are now being constructed for naval
and commercial service. The firm, in
stead of relying, as was formerly tho
custom, on foreign lensmakers, has a
fine lensmaklng plant of its own, where
not only the lenses are ground and
polished, but the special glass required
is prepared in a large sweating fur
nace heated with crude oil vaporized
by heated compressed air.
The prepared glass is placed in fire
clay moulds of the shape of the rough
lens and the heat is gradually in
creased until the glass "sweats" down
between the halves of the mold and
the surplus oozes out from the sides.
The mold is then placed in an oven
and burled in redhot sand and the
temperature is gradually reduced over
a period of two weeks. The glass,
when cold, has become thoroughly an
nealed and will stand the severe heat
ing and chilling to which it is ex
posed in the searchlights without risk
of breakage.
Lower! nur "Old Glory."
Now when the sunset gun is fired at
a United States military post. "Old
Glory" comes down amid most impres
sive ceremonies, and not as formerly,
when loosened halyards allowed the flag
to descend with a run, to fall on the
ground and be bundled up in a manner
that bore no marks of the respect due
to the emblem of our nation. The old
and unseemly mode of procedure has
been entirely changed, thanks to a pat
riotic sentiment that demanded that
all ceremonies having to do with the
Stars and Stripes be performed de
cently and in order. It was in response
to that sentiment that the Army Hoard
on Drill Regulations adopted an en
tirely new and most effective system
and one that was suggested and urged
by Captain W. R. Hamilton, of the
Seventh United States artillery.
Immediately before the time of lower
ing the flag, the force at the post "fall
in" ready for roll call at the foot of the
staff, where every man can see the
Stars and Stripes as they are illumined
by the parting rays of the sun. Then
conies the measured roll call, followed
by the buglers sounding a "retreat."
When the last note of the bugle is
heard the gun is fired, and all the men
are brought to "attention." If they
are armed, arms are and
visitors and bystanders always remove
their hat 6.
Then the band, which stands on the
parapet, immediately below the flag,
plays "The Star Spangled llanner."
When the playing begins the flag starts
down, not hurriedly, but deliberately,
and in rhythm with the music. As the
moving air fans its bright folds, that
are given an impulse by the measured
motions of the halyards, theytwave in
time to the music, and perfect the har
mony of sound, action and sentiment.
When the last bar of patriotic music
is completed and the final Inch of the
halyards payed out, the flag ismot al
lowed to touch the ground. A sergeant
and his detail stand ready to receive it,
and four men appointed for the pur
pose take it in their outstretched arms
and fold it carefully. Then it is car
ried to the guard house, placed in a box
especially provided, and\kept
under careful guard until the .imorntne.
y.oia lIN a Joker.
"Figaro," of Paris, says that Zola
once tried to play a joke on a waiter,
and succeeded to a certain extent. The
attendants in the Parisian restaurants
are noted for their ability to give an
answer to any question that is asked.
Zola ordered a "sphinx a la manengo."
- 'I am sorry to say they are off. Mon
sieur," answered the waiter. "What!"
demanded the author, "no more
sphinx?" The servant edged up to
him confidentially and whispered,, "We
have some, Monsieur, but I don't care
to serve them to you, as they arei/not
quite fresh."
How a Freneh Policeman Clot Reinforce
ment*- to Capture a Supposed Thief. '
Mile. Jeanne Granler, tie well known
French actress, once met with. 4m
amusing adventure. It (happened at
Marseilles. In one of tfc& little* pieces
she plays by herself she has for acces
sory the lay figure of a man, skilfully
articulated and dressed In a travelling
suit, with which she dances. The
figure during her voyage was enveloped
in a tight fitting covering.
On reaching Marseilles it was left in
the luggage room with other things.
The curiosity of two railway employes
being aroused at the sight of it, they
took off the covering and resolved to
play a joke on their comrades. They
placed the figure in an arm chair at the
desk of the cashier and shut the door.
When the employes on night service
came they opened the door and were
surprised to see a man sitting down
before the cash box. They immediate
ly closed and locked the door and ran
for assistance.
A policeman arrived, revolver in
hand, believing, like the employes,
that he had to deal with a dangerous
thief. He called on the figure to sur
render and follow him to the sta
tion. As it did not obey the summons,
the policemen shut the door and went
in search of reinforcements to sur
round the place, and thereby to prevent
the culprit from escaping. The door
was again opened, the armed force
entered, and it was not until they had
suddenly pounced on the poor lay rob
ber that they discovered the joke.
KSiriO.OOO for One Word.
What would you think if you could
make $250.000 by speaking a single
word? Hon. Willrani M. Evarets. says
the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, once
received the enormous fee of $250,-
000 for a legal opinion he expressed in
just one word of three letters.
A great corporation desired a legal
opinion on a matter involving millions
of dollars, for upoi} it practically de
pended that corporation's very exist
ence. They decided to refer the ques
tion, which was wholly one of the cor
rect interpretation of law, to William
M. Evarts, and to be guided Wholly by
his opinion. Their lawyer stated their
case to the Senator, and asked hiiri the
important question. Evarts' reputa
tion and success are wholly due, not
as a cross-examiner or conductor of
cases, but simply to his remarkable
knowledge of law andiiis power, which
seems almost like intuition, of deter
mining just how the Supreme Court
will decide any question of law.
When the attorney for the great cor
poration put his question, so vitally
important to that corporation's exist
ence, Evarts sat buried in thougtit foY
a minute, and then answered in one
word, "Yes." liis bill for the one word
was $250,000, and the corporation paid
it without a murmur. Evarts' answer
proved to be correct.
rnuNf a l'niiic*.
The wife of a Pittsburg real estate
agent had expressed a desire for lob
ster. Not the common canned stuff,
but live lobstvr, ,the real thing. The
vender of town lots remembered this
and before starting for home bought
two of the finest, wide-spreading
crustaceans that ever came out of the
Atlantic. Ta insure tlreir arrival in
good condition he had them put up In
a large market basket half-filled with
ice and covered them with a piece of
paper. As soon as he got on a sth
avenue car the trouble began. Those
lobsters grew tired of their seclusion
and began to get in touch with their
surroundings. The car was crowded
and their owner had to stand.
Suddenly a sharp-faced spinster
startled the car with screams of "Help!
Pickpockets! Police!" at the same time
clutching the real-estate man's arm.
"Conductor, have this man arrested!"
she exclaimed.
Everybody looked at the supposed
culprit and then those nearest.the pair
burst into laughter. One of the lob
sters was still tugging at the lady's
Items Worth I'erusing.
In India the rhododendron grows to
a height of thirty feet. Marigolds and
camomiles in North Africa reach a
height of four ori.ft*e feet.
An ignorant man who "stands upon
his dignity," is like the fellow who
tried to elevate himself by standing
upon a piece of brown paper.
With an apparatus called the myo
phone a French scientist claims to
have proved that the nerves may live
hours after the death of the body.
"No," said the hank cashier, "I didn't
need the money. I wasn't speculating.
1 had no necessity for stealing it. But,
hang it, I didn't want to be called ec
A farmer at Chrichel, England, is
eccentric in a high degree. All the
animals on his farm, horses, cows,
pigs, and fowls, are white, and he
will have no others.
('t')iun'n .SliiKiiiß Shell*.
A remarkable phenomenon connected
with the Uatticaloa lake is that of the
singing shells, which on a quiet night
it is most pleasant to hear. Arrange
ments were made the other night for
his excellency the governor to hear the
novelty, and after dinner Sir West
Ridgeway was taken on the lake. The
night was a lovely one, and very still,
and the singing of fie shells was heard
to advantage.
lllniiioiKlm All ColorN Bat Violet.
Diamonds may be black as well as
white, and some are blue, red, brown,
yellow, green, pink and orange, but
♦here is no violet diamond, although,
in addition to amethyst, there are (sap
phires, rubies and-garnets Of "that col
CONDENSKI) IIEPORT of the condition of the
FIRST NATIONAL liAXK of Dnshoiv. Pa.,
At close of Uisiuc**. July 11, lb9S.
Lou lis and Discount $ IJS.HOI
T. S. Bonds lo Secure ('iicnhitimi I' 2. OU
Premium 011 rnite<l siuUft IJond> l.oouoo
Stock Securities oo
Furnituic l,'.!uoun
Due from Bank> A|.|MO\<«l reserve Agt u7
Redemption Fund I , s. Tfeasuier
Legal Tender Notes. 12.y;J9 2:;
3 205,9 4y
Li A*.
Capita l $ ■* Mmhjuo
Surplus iu.nuoiju
Undivided I'loliU J JuT no
Due National I'.unk* 1.07 • ( J0
('irculution.. . lO.ItfOOO
Divldt'iis I npuid -HJT U0
lV|iosits Go
tf 20T..889 49
State of Pennsylvania, County oi nllivun as:
1. M. I). Swarts. < ashler «»i' tin* itl»ovi* uamcil
bank. «!«> solemnly sw ear that the above state
ment is true to the best oi niv know leilge ami he
M. 1). sWARTS. Cashier.
Sulisrril»ed ami sworn t«i before me this ".'">th
davof.lulv 1898.
.lollN 11. CRt)NIN, Notary Public.
Correct Attest:
.INo. I> RKKSUU. Directors
r.'l!. I'OMKUOV. I
Administrator's Notice.
K-/<(/c of Mdi'ji A/< ( 'or/1/, Idle of FJk
ftmil township, (Icmascil.
Letters of Administration having been
granted to ilic undersigned, A■ luiillislrji
tor in the estate ol' M:irv McCartv lull* ol'
Elklaml township. deceased. notice is
hereby i\ell (lull all persons indebted in
saidestate are requested to make immed
iate payment. ami all persons Inning
claims against ii must present tliem duly
aullienticateil lor settlement.
. DOWNS. Attv. .lOSKI'H PA KIM It:, |
TlltiS. Met AU'J'V
$2700.00 worth of
Shoes, Pants, Ladies' Skirts,
Capes, Corsets, and Shirt
waists and everything in
Men's Furnishing Goods.
Will close ont llic entire stock at near
ly "i(lc on the dollar. This will lie the
greatest sale Laporte ever heard of. Every
body should take advantage ol the bar
gains 1 will oiler. We will surely give
you prices that you will surely lie astonish
ed. It will pay you to buy not only lor
present lull lor future use. I will lie glad
to give the Lowest l'rice to even body.
It will be a special favor that every body
should come and examine my stock even
if you don't expect to buy.
Highest price paid lor'iinseng.
LaPorte, Pa.
Below I. O. O. F. Hall.
Kducate Your lloweU With Cuscaretb.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever.
10c, 'JDc. If C. C. C. tail, druggists refund money.
do to.l. W. Buck, Nonestown, for
rubbers, blankets, carpels, clothing and
dressgooib at 1 'eeetnher low prices. High
esl prices paid for butter and eggs.
KxroLleut wheal Hour from sl.lO
to SI.LM at A. T. Arinstong, Sones
town, Pa.
Farm tor Sale
The undersigned on account ol fail
ing | health will sell his valuaele farm
situated on Muncv Creek about nine
miles north of Hughes* ille, l'a. pari of
the purchase money can remain in prop
JACOB Bucks, Straw bridge, Lycoming Co.
Notice ol' Dissolution.
The partnership heretofore existing between
XI. K.lteeilei- and 1.. K. Ives, doing business under
the lirui name of HeederA: Ives, has been dissolv
ed this Hlh da> of July, by mutual consent. Al|
ill-Ills of said firm to be presented 1.1 XI. K. Hecder
for payment, and all parties owing said linn lo
make )no mi nt lo same.
K. K. IX'KS.
See the cash bargains J, W. Buck is
ottering this week.
Inspect Bucks shoe stock before pur
chasing elseware.
llowAtiti IIAKKIS. President. College,
leading to degrees in Art, Philosophy and
Science. Academy, a preparatory school
for young men and boys. Institute, a re
fined hoarding school lor young ladies.
School of Music, with graduating courses.
I'm - catalogue, address the Register,
W. ('. (!hi:tz.iNiiKlt, Lewisburg, l'a.
I oiler the following properties: TO
acres, hemlock timber, near Ringdale;
371> acres, virgin timber, Klk Run, North
Mountain, close to railroad; ;!'2ti acres,
coal lands, at Berniee, adjoining present
workings; S lots (one entire section) at
Kagles Mere, each lot "■> feet tront on
Pennsylvania Ave., with "Bradford"
privileges and title; 1 lot 7»> ft. trout on
LaPprte Ave.; several choice lots iu La
Porte Boro.; also several warrants ot
stripped lands in LaPorte, Col Icy and
Fox townships suitable for farming or
grazing purposes.
11. T. DOWNS, Atty-at-Law.
LaPorte. Pa.
KvnrylHHiy Ray* 80.
Cascarcts Candy Cathartic, the most won
derful medical discovery of the age, pleas
aut and refreshing to the taste, act peutly
and positively on kidneys, liver and bowels,
cleansing the entire system, dispel colds,
cure headache, fever, habitual constipation
and biliousness. Please bay and try a box
of C. C. C. to-day ; 10,85, fit) cents. (Sold and
guaranteed to ctirq by ail druggists.
! "Running solves appeared on my
| leg and spread over the entire
lower portion of the limb. 1 got i
no help from medicine till I tried
yours. I was cured by one bottle of
Q Ayer's
ISAAC ACKER, Cowans, Va.
A Ilorribto Itiulroad Accident
is a daily chronicle in our papers; also
the death of some dear friend, who had
died with Consumption, whereas, if he or
she had taken Otto's Cure for Throat and
Lung diseases in time, life would have
been rendered happier and perhaps saved.
Heed the warning ! 1 t'voii have a cough
or any allection of the Throat and Lungs
Cation T. .1. Keeler,Lu|>orte; W. L.
11 oil man. llillsgrove; B. S ;; Lancaster,
Forksville; C. B Jennings, Agt. Kstella;
.Ino. W. Buck, Sonestown, and get a
trialjpackage free. Large size 50c and 25c.
G. A. Rogers
(Successor to B.W. Fawcett.)
Watches, Jewelery,
Silverware, Etc.
Bicycle repairing. Bicycle sundries.
Fishing tackle, at lowest possible
Oood News.
No other Medicine was ever given such
a test as Olio's Cure. Thousands of hot
ties of this great < ieniiali remedy are be
ing distributed kkkk ok chakok, to those
Mlllit'led with Consumption, Asthma,
Croup, severe Coughs, Pneumonia and all
Throat and Lung diseases,giving the peo
ple prool 111 a I Clio's Cure will cure them
For sale only by T. .1, Keeler, Laporte;
W.L. Ilotlinan,llillsgrove; K.S.Lancaster
Forksville; C. B. Jennings, Kstella; Juo.
W. Buck, Sonestown. Samples free.
Large buttles st)c and 25c.
New lot ol'liniotln and clover seeds and
onion st'ls at John \V. Bucks, Sonestown.
No-To-Hae for t'l.'iy Cent*.
Guaranteed tobacco habit cure, makes weak
men stroug, blood pure. Mc, it All druggists.
To fare (?ointl i|iat ion Forever.
Take I'ascareta t'anuv I'atliartlc. 10c or 25c.
ft 1' <C. tail to cure, druggists return! money*.
New Grocery
We step forward.not backward. We
are opening up new ways for I lie pub
lic to attain just as good bargains in
General Merchandise
at Laporte as in Williamsport or else
where. We are planning each week
to that end. This week it is
Soap, 12 bars for
Three.cans of corn for
Six pounds of oat meal
Business at llie store is getting busier
each week. The newness ot the goods
■ :iinl the littleness ot price tends to
turn the stream of trade our way. A
call will convince you that you can
do the best at
and Summer
Every corner of the store is
bright, with the newest things
for Women's wear and Men's
wear and Children's wear.
We are glad to have yon come in
and see the new life of the old
store and look at its excellent
line of goods.
Spring Weight
for Men, Women and
In conjunction with
the inviting varities, all
prices will be found more
than ordinarily small.
Grocery Department
A new and fresh sup
ply of Groceries have
have just arrived.
Vernon Hull,
Hillsgrove, Pa.
Three Big Stores- MUNCY VALLEY
An Explosion of Values.
Two or three reasons for this—liberal supply, bet
ter qualities, less in price than found elsewhere.
Ladies' Dress Wares.
They are the kind women want, and our prices will
cause lively selling.
CORSETS Selling at Corset Prices.
No other line in these stores has such decided
growth as that of Corsets. Augmented sales each
month demonstrates the superiority of brands.
General Merchandise.
There is to be found a general line of seasonable
goods constantly on hand.
Remember the Place.
We keep in stock at our mills a
complete line of dressed lumber
Gang Sawed and Trimmed Lumber.
Hemlock Novelty or German Siding,
Hemlock Ceiling 7-8 or $-8 stick,
Hemlock Flooring any width desired,
Hemlock Lath both 3 and 4 feet long,
Hardwood Flooring both Beech, Birch or Maple,
The same woods in 3-8 ceiling.
Buy Good Goods!
And you will be surprised
how cheap they are in the end.
We have just unpacked such a stock of coate and capes to which we are pleased
to call your special attention. We do not prelend to handle the cheapest
coats in the market, hut we do say we have the BEST and neatest fitting
garments made. Our coats and capes are made to order, and iu the latest
styles will) prices to suit everybody.
Ladies and Misses, Boys and Men, you need not go halt frozen 'this winter for we
have plenty of underwear for you all, hoth in cotton or wool, red or gray and
the pnces are very low, so low that when you see the goods you will b» aston
'-lied that we are able to give you such bargains.
One word in regard to foot wear:
Our shoe department was never more complete and if you will Mavor us with
your attention for a few minutes when in town we will conviuce you that "we
have the most carefully selected line of tine anil heavy boots and shoes ever
brought before the public. On crockery we have just received some very
pretty designs in Decorated Dinner Sets to which we invite your attentiou.
The buying of country produce has always been a special feature of ou
Business, and we still continue iu paying the liighest each prices for Butter
Egg«and Wool.
E. G. Sylvara pushore, ipa.
Wright & Haight,
M, R. BLACK, Forksville, Pa.
Doors, Sash, Moulding, Flooring, Ceiling etc.
Full and complete seasoned stock always on hand.
A fine line of furniture etc. The most complete line of
Coffins and Casket to select from in Sullivan County.
The finest hearse in the county, with equipments to match.
Embalming a specialty. Funerals directed with
safety and dispatch.