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    Republican News Item.
Ignorance Is the mother of
'[ scepticism. Ignorance does \
v not abound to any great extent ▼
I' In Sullivan County. J
<> So that there #
is But Little s
j' Scepticism £
<[ about the Value oft
\zbc iflewe
| ITtem I
l As a Profitable #
jabverttstng \
< flfoebium. i
# Read it, Your neighbor does. £
sSubscribe, Don't borrow.
County Seat Indices.
—Mad is Madrid.
—Hail Columbia !
—The "verge" is here.
—Rally round the flag.
—Second edition of spring.
lt looks like the brink of Summer.
—lt will be quite a shell game when it
—The season of sudden showers has
—The shadow of the war tax is already
upon us.
—Hotel Eagles Mere will be opened on
May Ist this season.
—Do your best and you will be able to
do better to-morrow.
—Clias. Lauer was a business visitor in
Williamsport Monday.
—The man who confesses his ignorance
is on the road to wisdom.
—Wm. Hartt of Elkland was doing
business in town Tuesday.
—Mrs. Alfred Taylor of Muncy Valley
was calling in town Monday.
—A chain of circumstances is generally
love's most binding chord.
—The road to success has but few
resting places along the route.
—The theory of charity is always right.
The practice is often wrong.
—W. C. Mason Esq. and son Robert
were in Hughesville Monday.
—No fraud is more horridly wicked
than cheating in a love game.
—To marry for money may turn out to j
be like going to the hornet for honey.
—lt is a great accomplismcnt to know
how to make the best of life as it comes.
—Mrs. Darby Kennedy of Muncy Valley
is visiting with friends in town this week.
—Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Ritter spent
Sunday with friends at New Columbia.
—County Treasurer Thrasher was at
tending to th*» duties of his office on Mon
—Prof. M. P. Gavitt and Tlios. E.
Kennedy were doing business in William
sport Saturday.
—That suggestion of a stable govern
ment probably means an interference ot
the horse powers.
—The County Commissioners were at
their office the early part of the week
transacting business.
—Mrs. E. V, Ingham of Eagles Mere
returned from Philadelphia last week and
is spending a few days with friends in
—When a man tries to convince the
people that, politically the nation is wrong
find out if he was always square in politics
—Miss A! nia Lauer returned Monday
from a several months visit with friends
in Philadelphia.
—Atty. Crawford of Hughesville enjoy
ed his first catch of Spotted beauties in
this vicinity last Friday. He captured a
nice mess.
—President McKinley is now readv to
pitch some ea«ion balls rightover Spain's
home plate, the indications arc
strong that in Cuba will
soon make a horue run.
Died, Saturday April 16, Grover, son
of Alvin Hill who -ecently moved from
Muncy Valley to thu place. Deceased
was five years old, and '.iad suffered near
ly two weeks with fever before his
Funernal services were heW j n JJ/E.
church on Monday. in "Jiount
ain Ash cemetery. /
—A good deed is never ijc/et: he who
sows courtesy reaps friendship and he
who plants kindness gathers/love. The
real friend is the one who Ayinvathizes
with you in your troubles, wli> a ";d 8 vou
in your adversity, and tries tJ, m ake you
tbiQK cloudy skiea are sunny Jones.
j —Talent is unminted gold.
—Adversity lias sliarp teeth.
—More good will be sure to come if we
are grateful for the good that has already
j come.
—ln this time ot war realities it is
I apropos to remark that we never heard
of any one being killed iu the accidental
! discharge ot duty.
—lf the great powers of Europe really
want to see how this whole country can
keep step to the music of the Union, they
can be accommodated by putting in their
oar in behalf of Spain.
—The surest way to keep a woman's
affection is to continually tell her that
you are quite prepared for a change at
any moment.
—There is no surer way of making a
woman look upon a man as a bore than
to have him tell her of her past follies,
particularly when she knows he is speak;
ing only the truth.
—Just as soon as we learn that we all
make our own luck or our own destiny,
we will be much better off. Wasting
time, force and energy in worry or dissat
isfaction over our conditions in life is
weakening and keeps us down. Trusting
to luck is another bad thing. The suc
cessful men and women of the world do
not take any stock in luck. Believing in
luck and thatsortofthing is degenerating.
Our joys and happiness, success and
achievements, are all brought about by
persistent, inteligent and well-directed
effort Effort backed up by indomitable
will power, courage and hope will bring
about the most happy and gratifying re
sults. On the other hand, blindly trust
ing to luck and believing that you have
no hand in controlling your destiny or en
vironment is the philosophy of the fool.
A thorough study of cause and eflect will
convince any sound mind that we all must
reap what we sow. The beet thing that
any one can do is to cultivate a disposi
tion to work faithfully and cheerfully and
do the very best they can. The steady
trend of higher civilization and standard
of Christendom is being moved forward
by its own force, through the propaganda
of those w ho liave attained success, reach
ing down and lifting others up from below
and placing them on the fields of action.
Work! is the passport; don't be afraid of
—Both House and Senate have united
with President McKinley upon such act
ion as will put Spain to the choice of sur
rendering Cuba to the Cubans or fight to
continue its cruel proprietorship of the
island. Details are unimportant to the
readers of the NEWS ITEM. — Results are
looked for, and results may be expected
within a very short time if the European
powers do not interfere. The United
.States has no fear of being able to cope
with Spain, single handed, but it does not
wish to draw other powers into the con
troversy if that can be avoided. Nordoes
it wish to assume needless responsibility
with regard to Spanish and Cuban bonds,
—a responsibility which the wilvSagasta
would gladly thrust upon us, could he find
a pretext. These and many other matters
have required careful consideration, before
positive war measures could safely be
adopted. The time consumed in weigh
ing and determining these questions may
be considered as time well spent, and
serves as a satisfactory offset to the clamor
and abuse that have been heaped upon the
Presiden by the reckless shouters for war
at all hazards.
A policy has been determined upon and
a plan of action laid out whereby the onus
of the first blow may be thrown upon
Spain,—an onus which in reality attaches
to Spain already, in the blowing up of our
battleship in Havana harbor and the mur
dering of our soldiers and sailors, which
seems clearly to be chargeable to the
Spanish authorities, indirectly if not di
President McKinley has certainly used
every conciliatory means consistent with
humanity and the honor of our Nation,
fo stop Spanish cruelties and useless
slaughter in Cuba, but without avail. A
dogged and generally insolent persistence
in the avowal of their rights to deal with
Cuba as they feel disposed, lraa been the
spirit if not the language of their everv
communication. A degree of shrewdness
in all their diplomatic doings has given a
superficial coloring of good intentions
toward the victims of their oppression,
but, in 110 sense have the harshness and
cruelty of their treatment been abated.
In their diplomatic sparring they have
tried to lead the United Slates into the
erroneous commission of some overt act,
whereby ti breach of international law
might be/made the pretext for an appeal
for ''aidjftnd comfort" from the European
powers/ But the President has moved
slow!\|fand cautiously, anticipating every
possible danger, and avoiding every pos
sibl A-rror.
jfwar, at best, is a calamity, but under
circumstances it appears to be a
necessity,—a necessity created by the cry
of starving men, women and children,
who appeal, in the name of humanity,
for succor and relief. Since war alone
can only furnish these, let it be short,
sharp and unquestionably decisive. Let
the Nation put forth its strength irresisti
bly, and promptly wipe out every vestage
of Spanish authority and misrule in Cuba.
Let the people who have fought for justic
and freedom, have both, —and have them
in reality.
—A. E. Tripp was in Canton on busi
j.ness matters Saturday,
i —l)r. Wackenhntli now pulls the reins
J over one of the finest drivers in the county.
!He purchased it la»t week from » party
I in Canton.
—Z. £. Botsford of Nordmont, while in
town on business Wednesday, oiled the
wheels of his party paper by calling and
paying his subscription. Who's next?
—Dr. Wackenhuth was appointed
coroner by Gov. Hastings to fill the
vacancy made by Dr. Everitt.
—Atty. H. T. Downs was transacting
legal business in Williamsport Tuesday.
—lt is apparently useles to be good in
this world unless you are good for some
—Whether aeked or not, the powers
should advise Spain to take the olive
branch. It doesn't look as if it might get
anything that bore more resemblance to
—And now the fond papa thinks it his
duty to carry home a box of tin soldiers
for the edification and education of his
son aged 8 months, who at once promptly
proceeds to swallow one, demonstrating
thereby how he would put down a rebel
The examination of applicants for com
mon school diplomas in districts having
adopted the Berkey system of grading
will occur as follows:
For Elkland, Forks and Fox Townships,
at Forksville, Apr. 29th.
For Davidson and Laporte Townships
and Laporte Boro, at Laporte, May 14th.
For Colley, at Lopez, May 21st.
Examinations will begin promptly at
9:30 a. m.
Assignee's Sale.
Two farms, with beautiful Susquehanna
river flats, a grist mill with 4 runs of
Bnhr mill stones, two dwelling houses,
a blacksmith shop and wagon shop com
bined, and fifteen building lots, will be
sold at public tale at Sugar Run in Brad
ford County on Friday May 6th. 1898 at
1 o'clock p. m. For particulars address.
THOS. J. INGHAM. Assignee of J. W.
INGHAM. Laporte Penna.
New lot of wall paper, timothy and
clover seed, onion sets at popular prices,
at J, W. Buck's.
Evflrrbody Says So.
Cftscarets Candy Cathartic, the most won
derful medical discovery of the afte, pleas
ant. and refreshing to the taste, act gently
and positively on kidneys, liver mid bowels,
cleansing the entire system, dispel colds,
cure headaoiie, fever, habitual constipation
and biliousness. Please buy and try a box
of C. C. C. to-day; 10, 25, 50 cents. Hold and
guaranteed to cure by all druggist*.
Executor's Notice.
Estate o( Edward R. Phillips, kite of Davidson
Township, Deed. Letters testamentary on the
above estate having been granted to the under
signed, all persons indebted to the said estate are
re quested to make payment, and those having
claims to present the same without delay to.
Sonestown, Pa., April 16th 1898.
Exeoutora' Notioe.
Letters Testamentery have been granted to A.
B. Kilmer and C. N. Porter on the estate of Daniel
Porter, late of Fox twp., deed. All persons in
debted to said estate are requested to make pay
ment, and those having claims to present the
same duly authenticated to the undersigned
without delay.- A.B.KILMER,
Shunk, Pa., April 6,18»8. C. N. PORTER.
Notice is hereby given that the partnership
heretofore subsisting between Q. W. Meyers and
C. E. Crawley under the flria name of Meyers &
Crawley was dissolved on the 2nd day of April
1898, by mutual consent. All debts owing to said
partnership are receiveable by said U. W. Meyers
to whom also all claims and demands against the
said partnership are to be presented for payment.
Muncy Valley, Pa., April 6,1898.
Doubles the Plruarn of m Drive.
A fine carriage doublet the pleasure of driv
ing. Intending buyers of carriages or har
ness can save dollars by sending for the
large, free catalogue of the Elkhart Carriage
ana Harness Mfg. Co.. Elkhart. lad.
Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoke lour Life A nay*
To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mag
netlc. full of life, nerve and vigor, take No-To-
Bac, the wonder-worker, that makes weak men
strong. All druggist*, 80c or 11. Cure guaran
teed. Booklet and sample free. Addre**
Sterling Remedy Co, Chicago or New York.
Stockholder* Meeting.
The Annual Meeting of the Stockhold
ers of The Sullivan Pnblishing Com
pany will be held at the office of the Sec
retary in Laporte Borough on Monday
the 2nd day of May 1898 at 2 o'clock p.
m. A full attendance is requested.
THOS. J. INGHAM. Secretary.
Subscribe for the NEWS ITEM.
E(locate Your llowels With Casearet*.
Candy C'atliurtic, cure constipation forever.
10c, 25c. If C. C. C. fail, druggist* refund money,
Williamsport & North Branch R.R
In Effect Monday Sept. 0, 1807.
Northward. Southward.
pm. v a.m. pra
515 10 40 Halls 946 440
f5204f1045j I'ennsdale 941 f4 85
581 10 58 Hugheaville 932 424
5 40 11 071 Picture Rocks 925 4 14
f544 fllll Lyons Mills _... f922 f4OB
f5 47jf1l 141 Chamouni 920 f4 06
554 11 21 Glen Mawr 914 400
'6Ol fliao, Strawbridge f907 f3 47
f6 09 f1136| llecoh Glen.. f902 f340
• 12. 11 401 Muncy Valley 849 3 88
818 1146| Sonestown 852 3 32
®Bl 12 04 Nordmont 837 3 15
6 54'12 25; L&Porte 8212 57
•J' 12 28 LaPorteTannery 819 254
1713 112 45 Rlngdale fBOS f233
7 27| 100; Satterfleld 7552 20
pm. p. m. am. pm.
All trains daily except Sunday; "112" flag
Connections with the Philadelphia k Reading
at Halls, for all points north and soatb, and the
Fall Brook and Beeeh Creek railroads. At
Sattarfield for all point* on the Lehigh Valley
railroad. At Sonestown with the Eaglee Mere
R. E. EAVENSON, Gen, Manager*
H agheiTille.Pa
Goto J. W. Buck, Sonestown, for
rubbers, blankets, carpet t, clothing and
dresegoods at December li»w prices. High
est prices paid for butter a od eggn.
WsEaiAS, Ho*. E. M. Dtr.fHAJT, President
Judge, Honorable* John S. Li Be and Conrad
Kraus Associate Judges of the Oosirts of Oyer and
Terminer and General Jail Deliverer, Quarter
Sessions of the Peace, Orphans «3ourt and com
mon Pleas for the County of Sullivan, have issued
their precept, bearing date the 99 day of March
1898, to we directed, for holding the several
courts in the Borough of Laporte, on Monday the
23d day of April 1898, at 2 o'clock p. in.
Therefore, notice is hereby given to the Coroner
Justices of the Peace and Constables within the
county, that they be then and there in their prop
er person at 2 o'clock p. in.of said day, with their
rolls, records, inquisitions examinations and
other rememberances to those things to which
their offices appertain to be done. And to those
who are bound by their recognlzation to prosecute
against prisoners who are or shall be in the jail of
the said county of Sullivan, are hereby notified to
be then and there to prosecute against them as
will be just.
Sheriff's Office, Laporte, Pa.„ Apr. 14, 1896.
Trial List, May Term, 1898.
1 Henry McDermott vs Thomas Mahaffey. No.
56. May Term 1895. Trespass, Plea, "not guilty".
Dewitt | Collins & Inghams.
2 H. J. Shaylor, vs Stewart Chase, No. 33. Sept.
Term 1896. Replevin, Pica, "Property & c".
Hill I Downs & Crawford.
3 Mitchell, Young it Co. vs A. J. Hackley, No,
104 Sept. Term 1895, Scire Facias, Plea, "Payment,
payment with cause <stc, Hill, I Inghams.
4 Frank Middendorf, vs The Lehigh Valley
Rail Road Company, No. 60 Sept. Term 1896, Tres
pass, Plea, "notguilty". Mullendt Walsh | Thom
son a Streeter.
5 James McFarlane, vs W. C. Mason, No. 92
Feby. Term 1897. Defendants Appeal. Plea.
"Non Assumpsit, paymeut, payment with leave to
set off. Hill, | Inghams.
6 R. H. Brewer, vs The County of Bullivan, No.
47 May Term 1897, Trespass. Plea, "not guilty".
Mullen, | Bradley A Inghams,
7 A. C. Haverly, vs Benjamin Kuykendall, Jr.
No. 71 May Term 1897, Trespass. Plea "not guil
ty". Mullen, | Thomson.
8 Merritt Shaffer, vs Sosephine FitxPatrick, No.
98 May Term 1898. Feigned Issue. Plea "Pay
ment . Inghams, | Mullen.
9 Durward Saddlemlre, vs C. H. Jennings <Si B.
W. Jennings, trading and doing business as the
Lopez Manufacturing Company No. 54 Sept. Term
1897. Trespass. Plea, "not guilty". Hill, | Ing
10 Martin Markle, vs E. V. Ingham, No. 152
Sept. Term 1897. Defendants Appeal. Plea "Non
Assumpsit Payment, payment with leave AC.
Hill, | Inghams.
11 F. M. Lewis, vs J. W. Ballard, No. 5 Dec.
Term 1897. Defendants Appeal. Plea, "Non
Assumpsit Payment, payment with leave AC.
Mullen, | Walsh.
12 Viola Jennings, vs George H. Moore, No. 42
Dec. Term 1897. Interpleader. Hill, | Mullen.
13 Russel Karns, vs Harry Paulhamus No. 59
Dec. Term 1897. Defendants Appeal. Plea "Non
Assumpsit" with leave to give special 'matter in
evidence. Karns, | Bradley.
Prothy's. office, Laporte, Pa, April 9, 1898.
Statement of Laporte Township.
Nicholas Karge and Michael Jordan',in account
with Laporte township aa.Overseers of Poor for
the year endlng i March.l4,.lß9S.
Dr. Cr.
Orders issues to N. Karge Overseer 32 uo
By receipts tiled 30 00
Orders issued to M. Jordan services 16 00
By receipts tiled 1600
George Karge in account with Laporte twp. as
Poor Funds ending, March 14, 1898.
Dr Cr
Bal due [from '96 settlement 8 54
Received.of County Treasurer 163 00
do P. Karge Collector 29371
Money Borrowed .100 00
By amt of orders redeemed * 404 1!)
Commission on same 1010
Cashjn'hands 150 96
$565 25 565 25
Geo. Kargef.ln|account£wlth' , ,Laporte twp; as
Treasurer for.road funds for year endingiMarch
14,1898. Dr Cr
Received from County Treasurer 368 50
do ' do 130 82
do N. N. Bogart 146 57
do P. Karge, col for '96 46 15
do E. J. Mullen 800 00
do do 140 00
do P. Karge, road tax 208 50
do do 8145
do County Treasurer 400 00
do do 365 28
do James Murray 2 70
do County Treasurer 238 79
do P. Karge collector 196 90
Orders received by Treasurer J99119
interest on above orders 26 54
By receipt from James Murray... 150 00
Treasurer's percentage 79 19
3115 66 3246 92
Balance due Treasurer 131 26
N. N. Bogart in account with Laporte twp. as
Supervisor for the year ending March 14,1898.
Amt of duplicate 221 78
By exonerations 4 39
Land returns 8 33
Collected by cash 13 59
do work 170 55
Amt turned over to successor 24 92
Orders lnued 567 04
By receipts tiled 537 02
Orders issued not receipted for.. 30 02
By vouchers for work and plank.. 12 71
Balance in hands of supervisor 88
Order on R. Magargel judgment 54 00
By receipt filed 54 00
Supervisor services 280 3b~
Orders issued to,pay Supervisor.. 265 44
Certificate for bal due " 14 06
By cash 88
280 38
James Murray in account with Laporte twp. as
Supervisor for the year ending March 14,1898.
Amt of duplicate 173 81
By exonerations 8 42
Lands returned 630
Collected by cash 22 95
. do Awork 120 35
Amt handed over itojsuccessor 15 79
Balance in hands.of Supervisor 26 00
By receipts filed on Orders 3663 58
Orders issued not receipted ,for... 288 80
3952 38
Supervisor's services 358 60
Team work 72 00
Orders issued for Supervisor 317 60
By cash 48 95
Certificate Issued for bal due 63 95
430 50 430 50
Liabilities of Laporte twp on roads for settle
ment ending March 14,1898.
Amt brought forward from settlement
of 1896 1850 00
Judgment of B. Kline _.. 600 64
do J.W.Carroll 26446
do Geo. Fiester 146 57
do E J. Mullen 910 00
Order of Oeorce Carge 13126
. do N. N. Bogart 14 06
do James Murray 63 95
4010 94
We the undersigned Auditors and Clerk for La
porte twp. certify that the foregoing statement is
true and correct to the best of our knowledge and
J. A. TROUGH, Auditors.
E. C. PETERS, Clark.
Notice is hereby given that the partnership
lately subsisting between Smith Boudman and
John Manuel, of Shrewsbury twp., Sullivan Co.,
Pa„ under the partnership name of Boudman A
Manuel have this day been dissolved by mutual
consent. All debts owing to the said partnership
are to be received by saldjohn Manuel, and all
demand on the said partnership sue to be present
ed to him or his attorney.
A. J. BBASLSY. Atty.
Laporte,Pa., April 1, •*.
L R. (jumble,
Dealer in and
Hanufacturer of
AN p Vour Patronage
Lumber * 8 eol ' c ' tp d ? D Me l>anin of low prices. Don't let this faui c«c*| -
Worrnno We are S ett '"g r of our l ar £« stock of hand made wagone.:
vvagons, Wt also deal iu factory made platfrom spring wagon*.
Blacksmithing and
Weßt°sain*Street LAPOR TE.
CAMPBELL The Merchant,
I will have something important to KIT to you regard
to my new stock of
Spring and Summer Goods
Which I am opening up for your inspectio
Yours very respectfully,
] Direct from Milt to Wearer, >■
i ★ Which Saves you 4 Big Profits, it ,
« The Commisson Houte. The Wholesaler. The Jobber ana' Store >
; E.ROSEN BURGER 8c CO. »*> 4 e .loaust.. NEW VORKUTA
: rtR MPIM Qft MlasKsgssj
W V■■ VV Cargcst Value eocr Offered. 1
4 l».wJ Oar Great Bargain Offer! , , On account of the Mure < I one >
' Ixr~|® BOYS' ADONIS SUITS, sen ing a Woolen Mill in Ireland, w<-
UsSELJ VA rum IXTiu run or PANTS. bought last Spring the entire production c t .
These Suits are guararUfd to bo their Cray and black Irish Frieze of 6 «... r
< P S ' C « at a sacrif.ce. Therefore we are at - i
Hrowu, in sizes from S to*9years of to ,he «bove. lest than the ►
a Made up double-Lroasted, raw material price. $10.75. never 1
\ « Sailor Cellar—Collur fancy before in the history of cK.thing and *
< ■|H Bfttwn P h '°P>b> "ever •«!.. will ycu have .
\ $2.99 Waist Bands. Trimming chance to get half such a value for your
/ _ and W orkmanphip the very Ust. money. Above price is less than the
PinU. HHT BISM fr»e aif« 10 to It yean, without new tariff duty on the material. They sre
/ tailor Collar. Mtntlon age atUtt birthday, and If Urgent ran 11. made up double-breasted a* per cut below,
■■ with raised scams lined throughout with \
/ * JWST THINK OF IT ! * extra heavy woven plaid linings, pinked
' A CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER tacines all pockets framed an J well staved
; $14.0056.98 sSS-sS;
) Whst you can save by buying direct . able to duplicate *
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) Guaranteed to be made from All ~r| P ru: « or * «ccount of/1 TO O
Wool, Fancy Brown, Gray, BLck or |V y to the new tariff duty. • ►
J Blue Twee.l, made in latest style, 00 Measure same as
<4 lined with Imported Farmer Satin, for a Sack Coat.giv- y.
) trimmed and finished In thebest 0112 *
st Custom Tailor manner. You cannot fx I \ also night and K
) duplicate It in your town for $14.00. J A 112 \ weicht. ® ■
i Sh»J4to 4 ». . /[ {• M \ A«. stamp' wiU g
I The same goods made for AI AI bring you samples, " , ,w.' >.
\ Youths, i) to 18, in long Pants, 112! ft () I T7 1 j I catalogue, tape J r
1 Coat and Vest U. Uu 1! I measure and blanks. 112
\ How to measure men's a youth's Suits: \ VJ|f pay express
u Measure around the breast and » /l\ 1 charges ir.d should 1, L
waist over the Vest, aod from crotch / \\, l ' you not feel satisfied pi 112
A to heel for Pant a. •/! i we wi.l refund the £ 1 !>
) When ordering, send Po?t-Oface j A 112 a ffrf.'Z; \ 1
Express money orw'rr or Reristered / /I | I Kt-member you *" j • »
j Letters. Money cheerfully refunded if ,/ /II J buy direct from one (
<< net satisfactory. Send 2c. for ;fl UJ J * of the largest Cloth- ►>
meaturinf \Bf JP| | i. igmanufacturer*in
tt M
A great time and labor saving eonvcnicnci-.
800 Hen's, Boys' and Children's Suits,
200 Overcoats and Ulsters
600 Pair Trousers for Men, Boys and Children
Not sold before Jan. I, '9B
together with cotton and woolen underwear, over
shirts, sweaters, hats, caps, trunks, valices gloves and
not a weakness in them, nor a limp in the styles. Not a piece
gathered for the occasion or marked up just to be marked down.
They "simply jhaven't moved as I'd like and now they must.
I have marked them at prices that will make you buy.
J" "W CAE-OLL. BS31°""" Dusbom, 1>