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    Published Every Friday.
Volume 2.
Business Cards.
ChKs K Hi lUmboz. Arrnnfc
D 11. I.ornh. rtgClllb.
<< I V K<TOW S I* A
Fllt-if \ \TION\I. ItW'K'
CAPITAL - - $50,000.
I> >f« m (ii-ni-riil IliinUiim
I'lusiduiit. Cm-hier.
K. \V. <iAI.I.ACiIIICU. Prop.
Warm meal.-ami I•»i»fl»ir> at all limirs,
oyster* aii<l khiik' hi sonMin.
Har supplied with rim ire.* I li«|ti«•(>>. wilieiilld
«*igui» (iinhl -tal'li- iinmi provided.
C.»n nt'csl ftl wit li Iho Commercial
Ilolcl. Fir.-t-class Horses and
Wales reasonable.
A hotel «»l*e.-t:ihl .-lied Herniation.
Stnetlx Him rla.» in all of it.- ap|*>iiilinciiL>.
Kill %V«*l I -llppl C«l V\ 11 11 (III' 1-C.M 111 ll«|IIMl>.
l-.VI'OUI'M I'A.
hi* I # • • *«l e' pp'in'xl ho.i-c
ie a?» |» u ii Ii e y nt 8 p ciio
Canton Street,
W. K. Poiuuu,'r.
L>. itEEi-'E, I'ropi letor.
If US IO K. I'A.
One >i lir *i <n I l.e-i <|«>|> ■«• j
hi I iii lii -e i.«> nt i I .
la lii til l. il c.« *.U ol ur ji ' ay
I. 'X' i 1 It-'-
I'l'ofcssioiul C.inls.
Lfjf i U II -8 .tie '".| to
n i m iju »iiig cm it e8
Oini'e ill Court House lUllMiug.
Attorney at Law.
Oilier in Cuii i• i \ lini ul i ii^r.
Cullwtioiw. eon veyaiiriiitf; tin* settlement of
estate- other iegul business will im'ivt'
prompt attention.
Vr I Ill«.\ r.V AT «%w.
OKI- I K IN .uUJITI HU Ll»l.10
\i A Oi L.l HOI SK.
I.A i*« • »«TK. I'A
Mmnl iv ut i'im'li week ill I'Wksville.
Eiiory P. Ingham. Uurvey K.. Newiti.
ATTn KT"A«a W,
OKIK IIS 711-17 IKANKI.IN Itt'll.DlXG.
l:U So. I.'tli Struct Philadelphia,
II iviiix retire l I'm n tlie oitlee «»f I'iiited States
Attorney ami Assistant I niled state- Attorney,
will euniiiioe llie Keiu-ial ol law ill the
fn.led Male- eo.irts. an*l ill llit* crniits of the
I'ity .in I I'lMiity nl' Philadelphia.
\\enlTY r. now NST
\tr II \ V-.T L»>»
OKKIC iv I'l H .■« HI'II.I»I*Q
C II | IMUNP. .ig AK
A ' T"«V V Al I. AW,
\'i»TA V I'l 111. r.
urri k •• m vv i •t• kll.
-IIOK i . • A
.P 1 iONSUS \vALSH, ~
A-*- RVr.V AT L W.
OH- in '.: ik uilding.
mmrtß, PA.
lened at the Laporte
torn work solicited. All work
0. W. BENNETT, Prop.
Republican News Item.
From the Keystone.
Stop yer kirkin' 'IKJIII the times— Stop yer 1 ickin'. jrii a-hold
p Gil ii It lift If on you; Of tlie wheel nnd Mini it. 112
112 Skirmish 'round Hiid |tr»li l lie dimes You kin never handle gold I
\ Kl'tlie dollar* KIIUII you. 'Lew you try lo earn <t.
£ ('roiikiu* never l>ou>rlit a dress, Brush ifie coliwehf from jfour eyes /
<imwlin imi'i in it. Stop your blaiu'd re|iinin' J
J Fix vour |H-e|>err on success, An' you'll notice that yerskies 112
C 'l'lien u<i into win it. AHUK'II be whinin'
Times in jfittin' pood ajtin— If you h>in't the nerve to try J
V Try 10 help them all you kin. Sneak away Home* here and die
> Don't nil 'round with hangin' lip; JMHHt J
That in Hiire to Hour you Q
r Try to git a better >tnp YKS, STOP YER KICKIN'. THIS J
: On the work before you ; EVERLASTING KICKIN' HAS GOT TO X
I Pin Home finger in yer words BK AN INTOLERABLE NLUSANCK. \
K When you jrreet a neighbor; GO TO THE OLD BXLIABZIL! }
I £ Throw your (rouble* lo the birds, JUWELRY BTOHE KOK WHAT/
; Oit rijrhi down to labor, YOU NEED AND BE HAPPY,
| j An'viiu'll notice ev'rv day J
I Thinga is cotniti'right yourway. S
I W1 ▼V ♦ ♦ ♦ The Cheapest Place in
_ , the County to Buy
hardware W w
High $25 Wheels S4O Wheels
Large tubing, k Large tubing,
Grade tllli F,Ush Joints ' i F,ush j° ints '
Fully gjg Wood rims, I Reversible
Guar lIH Single tube tire, F Handlebars,
' mi Detachable sprocket' 2 P iececrankhang :
anteed s|sJ ers, Hunt saddle,
iSingle tube tire, etc.
1 landlel are, Siiddles. Lamps, Bells. Licks. Bakes. Peddles Cranks, Spokes, Rltm, Tim,
both single and double tube, a full line of Bicycle Supplies.
New and Complete Assortment of all Staple
Goods in the Hardware Line
sui-h as Barbed Wire, Nails, Poultry Netting, Milk Pans, and Pails, Garden Tocls, Paints
Oils, and
and heavy and shelf Hardware. All kinds of Tin Work and Spouting done by competent
workmen. Write for prices or give us a call whenever in need of Hardware.
n. A.Rogers & son.,
In Order to Make Room tor Our
Immense Lioc of
That will soon arrive
to make room for the
large line of new goods
For Spring Trade
Highest Price Paid for Butter and Eggs.
Bernice Echoes.
Mining Fore-man K. H. Uuy WAS trni •
siciing official business at Towand;
Mumliiy of lust week.
Miss Matiie Wallers visited friendi ■
Dushore H few days li st WEEK.
Mrs. Datiiiinl (..'lurk ami children «
Cortz Pit. are the guests of Mrs. Clark
parents, Mr. and Mrs John McDotia d.
John Roberts and daughter Ri.tli visit
ed friends ill Towards onefd y last week.
Miss Amy Kelley visited her parentsa
Leroy week.
Mrs. Elisha Keller of Bloomshurg if
visiting sou H J. Keller of this plan
Mrs. Charles Boyd of Springfield 111
and Mrs. John Boyd of Dushore was tlx
guests 01 Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Tayloi
Tuesday and Wednesday of last week.
A young man ol our town spent fivt
weeks in urging on a moustache sleek an
brown, hui when he went to see his girl
she siright-way called it down, and h<
hasn't heen up since.
Monday light of last week March 28tl
the following officers were elected in til
I. 0. of K. M Katonku Trib-- No. 3360l
(his place. Worthy Sachem,G. L. Boili- .
■Senior; Sagamore, Samuel Wood, Junor;
Sagam- re, Willium Brown; Chief of R.
cords, Samuel Northrope; Collector ot
Wampum. Nick Cunninghalii; Keeper o
Wampum, Joseph Hellsmati; Trustees.
•J. W. Roberts, A. 1.. Weed, and H. E.
Watson was elected Representative of the
great Council.
Thursday evening March, .Vst, Dis
■ rict Pres. 11. A. K.irns, accompanied b\
Atty. Ing am. and fi other members of the
Laporie Camp No. 294 P. 0. S. of A. al.-o
'J members of Kordmoiit Camp No. 53<i
3 members of EsteJa Camp No. 131 and
I member of Columbian • amp, No G<>3
came to this place and instituted a camp
ol P. O. S. of A., with 37 charier members
I'nis ('amp will be known as Washington
Camp No 481. The following otfi.-ers
were elected and installed by the District
I'res. Past President, J. S Taylor; Presi
dent, Joseph ilellsman; Muster ot Forms.
II W. Taylor; Recording Secretary, C.
M. Kick; Financial Secy.. A H. Roberts;
Treasure.', d. W. Roberts; Guard, W. S.
I Roberts; Inspector, E. fc,v llc.Jev, Conduc
tor, G. E. Kirkendall; Vice President,
Harry Bazley; Trustees, W. K Holmes,
G. E. Boidou, J M. O'Niel; Chaplian,
Samuel Ivingslow; Sentinels .Itidsou Cum
initis and Joseph O'Neil. This campwill
meet in the K. of L. Hall each Friday
Mrs. A. J. QuigUy and children who
has been visiting Iter parents Mr. and Mrs.
Patric'i McGeeverhas returned to her
home ill New York City.
Prof. J. 11. Tlmver of Dushore WM io
town oued y last week.
William Kast who has been at Rocliest
ler for the |>ast three weeks returned home
last week.
Mr. T. Everett of Columbia Co. was the
guesl of his brother, L>r. Everett of Mil
dred last week.
Frank Sage who has been nt this place
' for the past two years went to his home
in Riiiumerfield Saturday where he intends
lo slay for the future.
A. 11. Roberts spent Saturday and Sun
day visiting friends at Tawunda.
The Bel I Telephone Co. has placed a
Telephone Pay Station heie. C. E. .lack
son is the central siaiion. N W. Blight
loi>a phone in his office, and Rev. J. A
Enright has one in his home. We do noi
know how many more will be placed in
Mr. Andrew McDonald ofTowanda was
ihe ginsi of hi- parents Mr. and Mrs. John
McDonald Satuidav and Sunday.
MissZelpha Cunningham of Dushore
visit d friends nt this place Sunday and
G S. Little is on the sick list, Dr
Woodhead was called and we are glad
to report him some better.
Moses Randall and Boyd Osier of Lin
coln Falls were callers at Littles camp
J. J. Webster has moved his family up
to keep the boarding house. While we
are sorry to haise Mr. Kay we are glad to
have some of our old neighbors near us
again. Come on more ot you.
Sieve Albro has gone toShunk to move
Wm. Morans family to their home in thai
Abraham Deremerand wife of I.aporte
supplies their place at L. G. Plotts camp.
Ilcrm Ilolhrook and wile are the
happy parents of a little daughter.
J. J. Webster is building a slide up ihe
mountain anil expects to slide the logs
into stock his mill.
Miss Nellie Birdsall of Estella is a
pleasant addition to our town. She is
stopping nt Mr. Holbrooke.
Mrs. L. W. Bartlett of Washington is
visiting her sister Mrs. Wm. More.
John Grant of Estella is drawing the
rihbius over old Dock and Dick for G. S.
Little. CukW.
A Sentimental Aggregation.
Monday was a day of seemingly gnr>
c'leer for the Democratic leaders ot Snlli
v n county. The Committee meetin
.v is well attended. The meeting itse'
wis exclusive and private. All the doon
w.-re barred and carefully guarded. W lu<
t anspired is only known by the liapp
hind that left their secret quarters shal •
ng hands with each other in excellet i
c leer. The harmony pie was excessivi
i size, every one seemed satisfied will
t teir piece which was evidently cut larg«.
I'lie only danger remains that they ma
lave got an overdose of harmony pie to.
highly »• isoned tor digestion. After tin
ueeiing adjourned a good many ol'
hatchets were buried in a liquid gravt
•ver Gallagher's hotel bar. It was a da;
•»f much joy for Democracy.
The War Situation.
The story of ihe lust six weeks, so far jn
the administration it co icerned, is that o
energy, patriotism and zeul. Whateve
falls we shall not be taken uuawnros. Tin
overumeiit has likewise shown the sp!en
lor of moral power in its restraint am
-elf-respect—no wantonness, ,io liybi
liearied waltzing toward war, no injustici
io rash vemure; and yet there may b
siern, sad work ahead, and no momen
ias been lost in the preparation for tl>.
loing of it.
This readiness we owe to the Prrsiden
I'lien why not trust the President? 11.
done k' OWN ihe whole case—what w.
owe to our dignity, to humanity, to oui
unbroken frienilship with Spain, lo a <h -
cent respect for tbeopiMions of niankind.
lias an hour been lost in seeking the trull
and in preparing for whatever duty trut!
may impose? The President has beei
trusted thus far. Why not trust him to
the end.
What would be our position if tin
policy ot yellow journalists, Jacobins ami
revolutionary juntas had prevailed, were
there not men like Allison in the Senate,
Reed in the House, McKiulev in the ex
ecutive chair? At its best war is a fearful
thing. The country has been upset b\
the mere rumors of war.
Western gentlemen demand war be
c ittse the prairies are on fire. And yit
why not trust the President. We have a
sieady-headeJ murinerat the helm. Then
has been no mistake as yet. Why slam
pedethe American. The crime of tin
Maine shall have reparation and expia
tion. Massacre and starvation in < übt>
will cease, the burning chimney next dooi
will be extinguished. And if in answei
to our moderate demands war should
come it will be a war of vindication, ot
humanity, the solemn, sober act ot a
christian people.
Therefore let us trust the President. 11
the outcome is peace it will be peace with
honor. If otherwise, then it will be a
war which will bring no sliuine.
Atty. F 11. Ingham alter a few days
work in the town of Beruice secured thir
ty-four names for an application for a
charter to organize a camp of the "Pa
triotic Order Sons ol America" at Betnice
and March 31 -t was chosen as the time
tor instituting of the same. H. A. Karns
District President, of Sullivan Co. at once
set to work lor a grand institution of the
camp. Ail Cani|is in the county and the
New Albany t amp were a»k to partici
pate. On the night of institution there
were twenty-two brothers of the Ordei
present notwithstanding the condition of
! the roads and weather. At about 9:30 p.
m. District Pres. Karns culled the meet
ing io order and alter at pointing visiting
members to fid the different stations pro
tern he commenced the work of institution.
Mr. Taylor consented togo through the
imitation ceremonies so the otiier mem
bers of Hie Bernice camp took the obliga
tion and then Mr. Taylor was introduced
lor imitiation much credit is due the veil
ing Brothers for the successful carrying
on ol the imitiation. The officers of the
new camp were then introduced and Dis
trict Pres. Karns installed them intotheii
various stations. When the time for
verbal communications came several re-
S|ionded. Everybody present was much
impressed by the good sound and well
chosen remarks that were given by Bros.
J. S. Taylor, outsine boss of the Bernice
nines. The Camp promises to be a very
strong institution and therefore much
credit is due Bro Ingham for being 'he
organizer of the same. Bro. District
Pres. Karns can lie congratulated on
having been the institutor and for his
faithful and well performed duties of his
office. The visiting Brothers are to be
congratulated on the successful peiform
ance of their duties. Bernice is to be
congratulated on having such a good
lime and patriotic order A BROTH KR.
1.50 Per. Year.
Nnmlicr hi.
Republican County Convention
rureuantto the call of County Chair
man and despite the inclemency of the
•eaiher the Republican County Conven
-011 convened at Laporte, Tuesday, A|.iil
tli, with a full quota of delegates fn m
verp precinct. Convention was called to
• der by chaitman F. P. Vincent at 2
> chick p. in. M. R. Black was elected
'resident of the meeting and M. C. Mur
vr atid S. Taylor Vice Pre?i«h nts.
ecretaries, Dan Grafius and Otto Bahr.
lie President upon taking his rent gave
he assemblege of marked intelligent
'inking men a short, crisp and pointed
peech. The calling of the roll was as
Bernice.—J. S. Taylor, Nelson Co*,
'oel Saxon. Cherry.—A. L. Cox, E- W.
I utlinasier, B. P. Ilunsiiiger, Lawrence
.avelle. Colley.—A. K. Barnes. Patrick
•low. Davidson.—L. M. King, T S.
immons, D. W. Darling, G. W. Bigger.
*.lk and.—M. C. Murcer, 11. E. Fawcett
\lbert Kaye, H. N. Osier. Forksville.—
I. R Black, W. E. Miller. Forks twp.
—Thomas S. Gibbs, U. Bird, J. K. Bird,
.'ox twp.—A. K. Campbell, W. H. Fan
'ing, A. B. Kilmer. R. S. Funning.
lillsgrove.—.l. L. Rogers, C. W. Sadler,
I. A. Miller, Dan Graffiti*. Lopez.—
•tto Bahr, W. L- Jennings, W. M. Par
i-h, Win. .J. McCarty, J. 11. Lepsch,
Iermil 11 Scliram. La|torte Buro.—F. 11.
B. S. Cuwel. Lnporie twp.—,J.
0. Pennii gton, J. U. Boist'uid. Mt. Vcr
n»n. —Geo. VV. Lawretison, B. P. Edkin,
Shrewsbury.—J. VV. Ann iller, E. V.
Ingham. Dusliore. —John Sell err, C. 11.
lones, 11. >. Osier, L. E. Wells. Ring
lale.—Mose Miller, John O'Donnell.
llicketts.—U. W. Miichel, Joliu C. Cor
C. H. Jennings wn» nominated tor the
! < - andidacy of U. S. Congressman, with the
,'ower (o select his own conferees. Nomi
nation of candidate lor State Senate uua
referred to tlie will of the committee, who
over he is,to have the power to select his
•wn conferees. Dr. B. E. Gamble was
manimiously elected delegate to State
| Convention with the power to select his
| ilternate if unable to attend.
F. P. Vincent was re-elected Chairman
of County Committee. Members of stand
ing committee were named as follows:
Berniee.—Nelson Cox. Cherry.—K. It.
Ilunsinger. Colley.—o. O. Barnes.
Dufhori' Boio.—lolin Davidson.
-D. H. I.or.ih. E^'-:;id.—U. Bird.
Forksville.—M. R. Black. Forks. Win.
Uird. Pox.—A. B. Kilmer. IlilVgrove.
—G. E Darby. Jamison City.—Noiman
Schuyler. Lopez.—W. E. Jennings.
1.11 porte. Boro.—A. Buschhausen, Mt.
Vernon.—Boyd Bennett. Laiortetwp.—
I. T. Low. Shrewsbury.—Chris Peale.jr.
Hicketts.—John Miller. Jiingdale.—
John O'Donnell.
A motion was made arid carried that
the naming of the local ticket be post
poned and the convention adjourned un
til some future date at the call of the
Chairman. The meeting then adjourned
with the best of feeling.
Necktie Social.
There will lie a necktie social at the
home of Mrs. Uptnan on Saturday even
ing, Abril 9th. EachHndy is requested to
make two neckties of light material, one
.-die i.s to wear and the other inclose in a
plain envelope with name inside. The
envelopes will be Sold at 25 cents. Ice
cream will be served extra. Proceeds
will (jo to help the indebtedness ot the M.
E. ."Sunday .School. A cordial invitation
id extended to all.
Golden Wedding.
Fifty years ago to-day March 30th, 1898,
Henry Koghensparger was married to
Nancy Keeler in Davidson Township,
Sullivan county, Pa. by Lewis Zaner J. P.
Today they Celebrate their golden wedding
at their home one mile south of Laporte.
There were present, Thomas Koglien
sparger, their son, Mrs. Angeline llieins a
daughter, Mrs. Eliza Ann Keeler, Mrs.
Susan J. Mosteller, Mrs. Etnely E.Anders
sisters of Mrs. Koghensparger; Edward
Keeler and T. J. Keeler, Mrs. Edward
Ketler, Mrs. T. J. Keeler, Mr. and Mrs.
Russel Karns, Mrs. • arrie Karnsand two
children, Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Conklin,
Mrs. M. C. Lauer, Mrs. Charles Wrede,
Miss Bertha and Laura IIeil"g, Miss
Eililin Mason, Mrs. Charles Funston,
Mrs. Maud Boyer and Miss Ida Tinkle
paugh. A sumptions dinner was served
and all enjoyed some good etories told by
Aunt Nancy. Several nice presents were
given to the old couple. Rich compli
ments were returned with many thanks.
Mr. Koghensparger cut the first timber
that was cut where Laporte now stands
and Mrs. Koghensparter was the first
girl to help Mrs. John Wlllson cook in
the first log house that was built in the
fallol 1847 when Laporte was first start