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    Republican News Item.
CHAS. L. WING, Editor and Manager
THURSDAY JAN. 27, 1898.
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J.aporte Pa.,
The coal teamsters of Boston and vi
jlr.ity met at IC6 Broadway, South Bos
ton to decide whether to call upon the
city government to pass an ordinance
obliging the owners of he ivy coal carts
to put rubber tiies on their wheals;
also to have the cart 3 fitted with side
lights. The teamsters declare that the
rubier tire 3 ar.d sidelights are a public
aetes3:ty. as so much coal U delivered
tn the evening during the busy season.
Many of the coal daalers are opposed to
this proposition. They declare that it
would put them to e. he ivy expense,
which would make a sad inroad upon
their profi:s.
There seems to be a growing opinion
among the dealers that it would be bet
ter to discontinue the delivering of coal
In the evening if this expense of rub
ber tires and sidelights is to be forced
i-pon them. Th y ; ffl m that the deliv
ering of coal in the evening is wearing
upon the horses, and th:U they would
be pleased to discontinue it entirely,
providing eve-y dealer will agree not
to deliver coal af:er 6 o'clock at night.
These men. It is said, prefer a union to
the expense of rubber tires and side
Mewnire on a llnnfcnofe.
Some years ago the cashier of a Liv
erpool merchant received a Bank of
England note, which he held up to the
i.ght to make sure it was genuine. In sc
doing, he noticed some very indistinct
red marks, as if word 3 had been traced
on the front of the note and on the
margin, and out of curiosity he tried to
decipher them. At length he made out
the following sentence:
"If thi3 no:e should fall into thf
hands of John Dean of Longhillmar, be
will learn thereby that his brother is
languishing a prisoner in Algiers."
Mr. Dean, on being shown the note,
lost no time in asking the government
for assistance, and finally secured the
freedom of his brother on payment of
a ransom to the Bey. The unfortunate
man had been a prisoner for eleven
years, and h?d traced, with a piece of
wood for pen, and his own blood foi
ink the message on the bank note, in
the of its being teen sooner or
rseftiln?s: of It'o Owl.
"Can there be any possible harm In
killing owls for women's hats?" ex
claimed a New York milliner to a
member of the Audubon Society the
ether day."Of what use are the hor
rid creature 3 to anybody?"
The pretty milliner was quite sur
prired when told that owls were very
useful birds. Owls eat the field mice,
and other small rodents that work
great injury to the farmer, and every
one that is lost r.ot only means a me
nace to the farmers, but a distinct loss
to agriculture.
Dr. C. Hart Merrirtm, ornithologist of
the United States Department of Ag
riculture, has estimated that In offerinf
a b( nr.ty on owls and hawks, whic-h-re
sulted in the killing of mo:e than 100,-
000, the State of Pennsylvania sustain
ed a loss cf nearly f3,000,000 in one
year and a half.
I.eft-Hn 'iteil Ammiln.
It Is we'.l known that left-handedness
has often been observed in animals.
Acco d'ng to Vierordt, parrots selzf
objects with the left claw by pre'erenct
or exclusively. The lion strikes with
the left paw, and Livlrgstre ; ave it
bs his opinion that all animals are left
harded. Prof. Jordan has recently ver
ified the st-.tement with regard to par
rots. Ho found that this bird makes a
readier use cf the left claw for climb
ing than the right.
Tnrkff'n Postal Syitein.
Although Tin key some years ago en
gaged n German official to reorganize
Its postal system, It has not yet been
able to win the confidence of foreign
residents, who continue to make use
of the Austrian, German, English,
French and Russian postofflces in pref
erence to the Turkish.
A physician who has given much
thought to the subject says that so
long as the cvc.'ist can breathe with
the month shut lie is certainly safe so
f.".i as )>e • .strain is concerned.
Out of 25,000 school children exam
ined In Minneapolis 8,000 had defec
tive eyesight. The highest percent
age of defection waß found tn a poorly
lighted and unsanitary building.
Swing BrlHges Operated by Electricity.
All the swing bridges across th
river within the limits of the city o
Chicago are now operated by mean,
•112 electricity.
'ue Servants anil Wii tern Noted Cor Their
A writer in the New York Mall and
Sxpress declares that Belgian servants
md waiters are noted for their excel
ence. They a«e never in want of em
jloyment, ar.d are as eagerly sought
or by experienced housekeepers in this
:Ity as in Brussels itself. The secret,
iccoiding to a distinguishd scholar of
his city, who has studied the daily life
>f that country, is to be found in what
lie known as housekeeping schools.
ri:e:e have long been established and
! ire considered a necessity by young
iron and women who desire to enter
:lie calling mentioned. The scholars
ire educated in.groups of ten, this hav
ing been found to l e the best number
'or obtaining the highest proficiency
in the part of the pupils. Arrange
ment is made whereby girls can study
'or a week, and then work for a week
! iv more, and then again resume their
•education. 'I he tens are also broken
f nto other teas In order to accustom
hach scholar to the sensation, or ne
cessity of making new acquaintances
ill the time, and at the same time to
31 event their losing the spirit of rival
•y with which they begin their work.
4,t the end of one year the scholars are
j very proficient. The girls are taken
'rom twelve to eighteen, while the boys
ire taken at a later age. Besides cook
>ng, marketing and housekeeping,
here are special instructions in re. arc!
ii clothing,, house repairing
1 id other matters of domestic econo
ny. _
Hails Hi- ISeei.
According to the Chicago Tlme3-Her
t!d, Sam Knight has robbed more th in
1 thousand bee trees. In his country
>vild flowers grow. The honeysuckle
blooms till frost. The jasulma gives
fragrance almost the year round.
Sweet are the pea and pptato
juds .until way into the fall,
vVi 1 d bees swarm about in droves.
There are 110 apiaries in Washington
:ounty. When honey is harvested by
he busy little bees they to to a tiee ui
Ips ,th i . i.g r. Sm Kn git waich
;s them during the sammer while they
i.e at work. He baits them just as the
urkey trapper baits his g :me. lie se
lects a stump, and 011 top of it places
i drop or so of molasses. Then he
,ake3 a chew of hometwist and waits.
When a bee comes along and 1 ghts 011
he stump he stays there until he has
oaded deep enough to require a depos
t. Then he lilts his wings and makes
i line for his home that is as . tra:ght
is an arrow. Sam Knight takes up the
rail. He follows until the tree has
;een found. He makes a mark cf ame
sort on the bark, blazes- the way back
0 the stump, and then goes to another
iart of the forest, where the same
.hing is done over arain. In the
ourse of a couple of months' work
.Cnight locates a hunched or more
A I'.ovat Coi rtxtilp.
In the year ISIC the Grard Duke
Nicholas went to Berlin on the import
int errand of selecting a anions
he Prussian p;ince33. Princess
,'harlotte was given to under
tar.d by her parents that a
r.ion with the grar.d duke was gre.t
--y desired by them. During a supper
;iven in the Duke's honor he was
d next to th's princess, and while
laying absently with a ring, he told
.or that be had made a careful study
112 her character and disposition, anil
'.at he found her in every quality best
tlculated to make him happy in v.ed
ed life.
Wh le talking, he thrust the ring in
.o a roll cf bre'd be ;ide his place, and
isked her to signify her consent to 1 -
cme h:s wife by taking up the ring.
Presently the piir.tess, in a most tin
.ncerned way, took tp the roll as if
Mistaking It *)r her own b:e d, and,
lnr.oticed by the company, withdrew
he ring and placed it on her fir. er.
icon afterward a magnificent wedding
was celeb"ated.
T'ijjlitv Year* a N in.
For eighty years she has beard no
icunus but the singing of hymns, the
chanting of prayers, the low-toned,
saintly converse of the sisters.
For eighty years she has seen no
sights but the convent class, the chaj
>l altars, the black- o' ed nuns, the
Now she Is close upon a hundred
years old, this French S s'.er Hator, cf
the Ursulir.e Convent, at Boulogne.
She Is the oldest living nun.
What a stracge corn ersa,..on there
would be if she and seme active eld
lady who superintends her daily, he;
farm and a great tribe cf descendants
»t one hitdred-odd years, rhouid talk
Don't Mnnn.
"The worst possible thing for a man
to do when cares oppress him," said
Mr. Gratebar, "is to mope; to sit dawn
md think It over. If the:e is anything
in earth that will mildew a man and
make him gocd for nothing, that's it.
What he wants Is activity; to keep
moving. If he can't work, or think 3
he can't, let him get out and take a
walk, and start his circulation. It is
imrzing what a little fre3h air and ex
ercise will do for a man. Keep moving
ir.d the first thing you know you'll find
yourself whistling, or humming a tune,
and then you laugh to yourself a little
and go back and goto work.
Hindoo Ingenuity.
Inventors In India are not as slow
as m'ght be supposed. A cooking box,
Introduced by a Hindoo, is run by solar
beat. It is lined with mirrors, con
centrating the rays of a heater of cop
per, covered i.ith glass, and performs
lis wotk quirk!} in boiling, baking or
(low a Wo nnn Obtained In Acl i nil re nn Im
]iurtuiit fenprente ( ourt Decision.
Some years ago the widow of a
famous union gennral was intimate
with the wife and daughters of a jus
tice of the Supreme court, and was as
familiar with their home in Washing
ton, as with her own, which was In the
immediate neighborhood. She was al
to intimate with the family of a prom
inent and popular lobbyist who was
supposed to represent Jay G<suld, C. P.
llur.«;ington and other men of larp-e in
terests whenever anything concerned
them in congress. Ail iha parties aie
now dead, except the lady in the case,
whom I will call Jlrs. Smun. relates
W. n. Ci rtis. She was a handsome,
r.mbitious and frivolous woman, whose
husband committed suicide by drown
ing himself in his bathtub. She lived
R gay life afterward, but mana.ced to
keep many of her old friends. Know
ing her love of money and the fact that
I her income d d not keep nace with her
1 expense, the lobbyist told her that he
would give her SIO,IUO if sha could gA
him a copy of the opinion which the
justice was expectt'd to deliver in the
fiupreme court on the following Mon
d :y. involving tho constitutionality of
t e Thirman Pacific railroad law. He
I !d her that he knew the opinion w. 3
i'l manuscript, an:l believed that the
5 dge had it locked up in the desk in
his library.
Sui day mornir?, a3 s'-on as she saw
t'-p justice acd hig family start for
chv.rch, she vent across the street,
aroind 7hr circle, rang the bell
ar.d told the servant that she wanted
to icok at a took in the justice's 11-
hr.::y. As she was accustomed togo
short the hoi re almost daily they
t ought nothing of it, and she was al
-1 .ved to remain undisturbed in the
s me rocm with the decision
fir neaily two hours. It Is
ppored that she had a set
:if fake keys, for the justice said
lint the opinion was locked up in his
Cask and could not have been reached
otherwise. I-: t, at any.rate, the lob-
Lyist is known to have obtained the
opinion in advance, and the woman
was shortly after able to pay off some
pressing obligations. An investigation
disclosed the facts I have sta:ed, and
it seemed tote the only possible way
the opinion could have bean obtained.
Of course the incident terminated re
lations between the two families, and
when the story cot about town Mrs.
Smith found it more comfort hie to
rent her Washington residence and re
move to New York.
Tlio First Fo'nr Explorer.
The haidy mariners who were the
pioneers in polar discovery achieved s, considering that they had ev
erything to learn, about the methods of
re tic work, and their vessels and
;• ipn:er.t3 were very inadequate. One
112 the greatost of all arctic voyagers
.vas the man who commanded the first
ri:e pobr expedition. William Ba
!s. lie sailed from Holland in
r>34 on the little fi hing-smack
Irrciriis. ar.d the object of his
i yage shows hew Ignorant the
Merchants and of those
i.:; i were rs to the navigability of arc
ic seas. Baicntz pushed into the un
;::own for the pr.r; -e of sailing
| rd ihe r.crtli er.d of Nova Zembla
I i finding a ncrtbe «: ;-;iß3age to Chl
: . ; d so for a mr-r !, be skirted the
'I of ice that b:i"red h s way, seaking
: ■■ v direction for a lane by which
mat travel through the pack, put
ir?: h vessel about eighty-one,
i travelling baok and forth along the
a<.'. o for 1,700 miles. The highest
lortli : e attained durinr this careful
. ron of the icc:l " was 61-1
• itale mil: ; south of the highest poir.l
i (bed by Nar.sen, or S7l miles from
he pcle.
A K iinti IIIT Ifor.p.
I was F'e kirg of old harses while
• TV: ei'.ville, Ivy., recently, saj-3 a
\ "ite" in the l-nnisv.'lle Post, and a
'ifr. s iid: "You remember old 'Baw
y.' I i tie Tom Prewitt's 'te in,' as he
'-ed to C'U the bay ploddßr." I said
r d'd, but couldn't remember the
ior.-e's are. My frler.d answered:
Hawley must have been clpse to forty
vh'er. he turned Iris steel-shod hoofs to
he bitteicips. 'i he animal was a
haracier in town, as was good old
■cle Tf m, and for twenty-five years,
hrorrh rain and storm, snow and
leet, the we'.l-ke; t horse pilled Uncle
Tern ar.d his express wagon to ar.d
om the little biirk depot. Bawley's
iwner h: d taught him to bite the boys
vho were wont to ar.noy the oid 'nag'
irle l e was hitched at the station,
:r:l li ? sly old rasonl chewed on many
i hit of coattail and hat crown. When
Mawley d'ed Uncle Tom mourned as
•'rce e'y :is he would for a member of
he family."
Tlie V«i'n;c i tn iiinnry.
Oscar Be 1:, six:een years old —at- ard'or at law, of Har
•ey. 111., is probably the youngest leg
-1 lirht in the country. He has just
-■■ red Ivs first fee from a landlord,
vhoEe dilatoiy tenants he forced to
■;\y. lie has fixed his standaid high,
.rd 1.: following the example of Abra
lr.m IVnioln, In that he s?ys he will
rly take bus'ness which his oon
ierce and investigation show to be
Tiilc'ntj In Tshmli,
to P'-'nce Krapotkln, this
s the w y they t ke a cniuj in Russia,
The r facial of the village takes a nip
• ! br .rdy and .;: ,vs: "How many chil
•• .>n wc a born last year?" "Oh, 25!"
Then l*e • • iroltcr nip and says:
Oh, lot's , y Cv!"
AN « * I
or- 'll • ; :v.'tnn by
iicc;-t :■• ••• - ' $ a
but extremely good for the suft'orer
from that harassing disease is Dr.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. No medi
cine can compare with this great
remedy in the . prompt and perma
nent aid it gives in all bronchial
affections. It stops the coup;li,
soothes the irritated throat, r.a«i in
duces refreshing sleep.
" I hid a bronchial trouble of a per
sistent and stubborn character that the doc
tor pronounced it incurable with ordinary
remedies, but recoinmer.ileit mo ta ?">' Ajer'd
Cherry Pectoral. One bottle cured me."
Forest Hill, \V. Va.
"A short ti-ne ago I was taken with a
aevcru attack of bronchitis, and neither phy
sicians nor ordinary remedies gave me relief.
In despair of finding anything to cure ir.e, I
bought a bottle of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.
Less than one bottle entirely cihed me."
GEO. B. HUNTKIi, Altoona, Pa.
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