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    News Item.
C-tA3. L. WING, EJitor and Manager-
THURSDAY" JAN. 6, 1898.
The News Item Fights Fair.
Published Every Friday Morning.
By The Sullivan Publishing Co.
At the County Seat of Sullivan County.
Entered at the Post Oflice at a«
second-clasH mail matter.
SnBSCRtPTinv —$1.50 per annum. If
paid in advance if I 00. Sample copies
free. All communications should lie ad
dre«9ed to
Laporte Pa.,
Ingunuitj on a Swiss Mount »in Tlmt Mmle
Sonic .. luei-icuns Mi r.'.
"We Americans traveling abroad are
apt to be very proud of our reputation
for cleverness," said a tourist who
went bicycling in Europe last summer.
"And no doubt we have reason to be.
But I am going to tell you how I had
seme of the conceit taken out of me.
"We were going through Switzerland
and had reached the close of the first
day's descent toward Geneva. The
road had been too steep to coast with
out the aid of a brake, and as we were
afraid to use our breaks for fear our
tires would not last us through oui
trip, we back pedalled all the way.
"As we were sitting after supper on
the veranda of the lodge, discussing
the fatigue of our unusual exercise, and
dreading the morrow, which meant
more of the same sort, our attention
was suddenly called to a cloud of dust
descending the mountain side. Then
we saw a cyclist, coasting as nice as
you please, towing a good-sized sapling
by a rope tied to the rear of his wheel, j
which acted as an effective brake with- j
out injury to the tire 3. One of the
boys ejaculated: 'Well, why didn't we
think of that?' The rest were simply
dumb. That man was a German. 1
now take off my hat to our German j
brethren of the wheel."
Ite*t 111* H f rovers.
The worrying habit.
The overwork habit.
Habitual overeating, or taking food
at bedtime that is difficult of digej- j
The "wide-awakes" who cannot sleep j
themselves and disturb the re3t of oth- '
The "fond mother," who awakes the
baby to exhibit him to a friend.
The "early-to-bed" who interferes
with the "late-to-bed's" morning nap.
You Ai iiHt Keiuemher:
That sleepiness Is an Indication
of the need of sleep, and, so far as pos
sible, the sleeper should be allowed to i
awaken naturally.
That brain workers, nervous people
and children require all the sleep they j
can get—ten to twelve hours of the
twenty-four, usually.
That stimulants and narcotics will
In time prove sleep destroyers.
That sleep that is alike restful to
mind and body can only be induced by
natural methods.
Incubating Pcnc'iiefi.
Visitors to the new states of the far
west are generally prepared for any
phenomenal showing in the line of ag
riculture, stock-raising and the like,
but once in a while they are taken by
An easterner who was spending his
summer vacation on the ranch of a rel
ative In Colorado, went out one morn
ing to inspect a large incubator iu
which the young chicks were hatching.
In one corner of the incubator a
neglected peach seed, encouraged by
the warmth of the atmosphere, had ;
burst, and a tiny sprout, several inches
long was growing out of it.
"Great Ceasar!" exclaimed the east
ern man, as this caught his eye, "do
you hatch out your peaches in this .
Woman Dion at 154 Years.
Margaret Bouhan, better known a?
'Peggy Bowen," probably the oldest
person in the State, Is dead in her late
home, at Chicopee Falls, Mass. "Peg
gy" w *3 124 years old according to hei ,
own testimony, and her husband, whe
wrote to her birthplace, Evelane, Coun
ty Cork, Ireland, and ascertained that
the records showed that "Peggy" was
born In that village in 1773. "Peggy'
was married in Ireland in 1862, hei
husband being only forty-two. They
came to this country in 1865 and set
tled at Chicopee Falls, whe-e they oc- !
cupled a house of one room. Up tc
within two years "Peggy" retained hei
ITntqne Jitpnnege Custom.
Among the rites which are practiced
in far Japan and which doubtless dr
much to keep the Japanese women in
that sweet and meek state so attractive
to the masculine mind, is one called
worshipping the mother-in-law.
Before a Japanese bride Is married
she is put through a course of ceremo
nies before which the initiation Into a
college secret society is a mere trifle
One of the most important and most
imposing of these ceremonies is the i
adoration of the mother-in-law. The
poor little bride prostrates herself most
humbly before the arbitor of her future i
JJUi illl B.
The follow ingyoting people visit-1
ed parents and Meads here Christ
mas week:' Miss Theresa Hannon, 1
Greater New York: Patrick Han-;
non Jr., Ransom, Pa.; Misses Kat- j
jie and Theresa Leonard, Waverly,
| N. Y.; Misses Mary E. Low ery and
Charlotte Lang, and Mr. Dunn,
j Waverly; Misses Nellie Ilaloy and
I Prudie Collins, Elinira; Mioses
I Bridget ami Nellie Walsh and An
! nie Uilfoy, Towanda; Andrew Kel
liker, Frederick Wood and Miss
Katie Brogan, Hay re; Win. Tlinrs-j
ton, Greater New York; Miss Flora
Thurston, Mansfield; M.Dougherty,
Long Valley; and .Miss Nettie Fitz
gerald, Towanda.
Mr. and Mrs. Emery Kurkendall
visited friends in Franklin Xnias.
Warren Watson of New Albany,
has moved to this place.
Benj. llelsman lias moved to his
new house in Mildred.
The hall given under the auspices
of the St. Patrick C. T. A. society
of this place on Thursday evening,
Dec. 30, was a social and financial
John Bowles and John Crowley
attended the dance at Long Valley
Friday night,
.Mr. and Mrs. William Parr visit
ed friends in Say re New Years.
The members of the St. Francis
Church chior deserve great praise
for the music and singing at the St.
Francis church Christinas morning.
They accompanied Kev. Fr. En
right to Laporte where they won
the praise of till who heard them.
At the regular monthly meeting
of theSt. Patrick C. T. A. society j
of this place Jan. 2nd. the follow-j
ing officers were elected: Presi
dent, P. 11. McGee; Vice President,
James Long; Recording Secretary, j
Wm. Abby; Corresponding Sccre
: tary, Robert McGee; Financial Sec- 1
retary, John Bttrnes; Treasurer, j
John Dempsey; Marshal, Michael
David Wilhieins child is verj
L. L. Lowery visited friends in j
| Dushore Saturday and Sunday. \
Mr. Francis Hope of Dushore
visited friends here Sunday even-;
| ing. "1 wonder why?"
Cold as Christinas is an old adage j
which was filled to the letter t hi. !
| time.
And now with twenty inches of j
| snow the log and bark haulers are
! liappy.
| Sunday morning the thermome- j
; ter registered fifteen degrees below !
I zero at this place.
! Both grades of our school start
ed up again with a full attendance
Monday morning, after the Ilolidax i
; recess.
C. J. Fuller who has been at Can- j
! ton Bradford Co. the past week |
taking a course of treatment for j
i eyes under Dr. Davidson returned |
home Monday evening.
One of the worst snow storim
j that we have experienced for man}
years commenced Friday morniiij:
and kept it up with increased fur\
| all day ami most of the night ac
companied by a heavy wind which j
drifted the roads full. It is inipos-!
sible to tell the exact depth of tin
snow, but it must be from 20 to 21
We have had no mail since Fri-j
day. Only once in ten years havt
we missed two mails in one week j
till now.
Mrs. Hattie Smith, nee Brown, i>
dangerously ill at tl:e home of her;
parents at this place.
Miss Ida Right mire, of Grover.
Bradford county, spent the past
I week visiting her sister, Mrs. C, J.
, Fuller, at this place,
Miss Nellie Webster, who if- j
learning thetlressmaking trade at
; New Albany, spent Christmas week
! visiting her parents at this place.
Miss Emily ITazc of Tow anda, is
spending a few days with her par
ents and many friends at this pltn e
Geo. B. Norton has moved lib
family from the Dr. Cliaft'ce place
'to a part of J. J. Webster's resi
Prof. J. Nelson Thompkins, of
Scran ton, is visiting his parents at
Bethel and many friends in this
! place. OBSERVED.
Johnny Dcegan of Wyalusing
spent Christmas with his parents
| at this place.
Stirly Kisner and Harry Hun
singer of Say re visited relatives'
here last week.
I Charley Scureman of Towanda is
visiting his parents at this place.
Mrs. M. A. Scureman is recover
ing from her recent illness.
Ed Baumgartner, our blind
newsboy is critically ill. He isj
some better at this writing.
Miss Emily Pomoroy is home
; from Jersey City during the Holi-,
1 days
Ed Cannon expects togo to i
'.Montana tiiiri we.■k to make it bin
j future home unless he presses on |
I to Klondike.
Fred Glover and Miss Cora 1
Dieffenliauch were married at thoj
residence of the bride's parents on
Thursday last.
A. D. McHenry lias accepted a
position with J. O. Frost's Sons of
Towanda as traveling salesman.
Arch Garey of Elmira Heights
I accompanied by bis nepbews,
Arthur and Charley Garey spent
Christmas with relatives here. A
fishing trip to Nigger Pond was a
part of their program.
The Institute last week brought
a lot of fine looking school ma'ams
to our town. As a means of increas
ing one's acquaintances the Insti
tutes are a grand success.
The fncie-tse of Home*.
One of the best possible facta In the
; latter-day progiess of this country Is
: the inciease in the number of home 3.
in crowded centers of population, such
■is New York, and one or two other
jities, the flat and the hotel must al- i
1 ways be necessary, for space Is too val
uable to be monopolized by the humble.
15i:t even around the very large cities
i here are being built thousands
ir.d thousands cf suburban cot
tages and country residences, and
ill through the length and breadth
if the country, in the towns,
villages and citie3 artistic homes are In
•re:ising at nn astonishing rate. If any
I • : e will take the trouble to look up
j tho literature on the subject he will
lind that in thi3 country there are more
i ihan a hundred papers devoted to these
] home builders, giving them teach week
i plans and suggestions. The numbsr of
' books upon low-priced architecti re,
I written in the past fifteen years, ex
reeds the total for a century previous.
\ wider education is being spread, and
! ihe gain in every way is enormous.
A i:\an who owns his home is a bet
-1 ler citizen, even if there i3 a mortgage
|»m it. 'I here is a feeling of personal
i partnership in the protection of proper
! ly and the pressrvation of public order
j.i liich make? h'ni stand for what Is
' est in law and government. It is
I > e best poss'ble thing for his wife and
! i'.dien; best for him and best for the
| '■ .untry.
HOTIH OvHfpr*.
i The municipal authorities of Paris
! ire just now engaged in the suppres
| ' ion of an altoge:her novel form of
I food adulteration which is assuminp
phenoirenul proportions. Real oyster?
. ire expensive in Paris, and so, wltb
the object of suiting slender purses, ar
•ificial oysters on the half shell have
teen invented, which are sold at twen
•y cents a dozen, and they are so clev
erly made and look so nice and fre3h
that, once lemon juice or vinegar has
been added, they can not be distin
guished from the real article, especial
!y when white wine is taken In Conner
lion therewith. The only genulnt
thing about these oysters 13 the shel!
the manufacturers buying second-haml
shells at a small cost, and fastening tht
spurious oyster in place with a taste
less paste. The municipal laboratory
lias not yet proclaimed the ingredient
of which these bogus oysters are com
posed, but has announced that they
are of a harmful character.
A llid I'rlT.e In slulit.
M. Osiris, a well-known French phil
anthrcpist, has shown his Interest Ii
the Paris'an exhibition of 190U in a tan
gible way. He has just deposited ai
the Bank of France a sum of $20,000
which he has placed at the d'sposal df '
the Parisian press syndicate to reward I
he exhibitor of the most meritorious |
work in the exhibition from an artis |
tic, industrial, or humanitarian poin:
of view.
1-1«* filled to All.
Fontenelle listened to everythiru i
and he offended no one by disputini
inything. At the close of his life IK
was asked the secret of his success, an<
ae replied that it was by observing tw<
maxims: "Everybody may be right
and everything may bo so."
A Famous Dike Mnr«li.
Addison, Me., is famous for Its dlkt
marshes, which for ni my years have
bneii a source of income to its people
T!-e estimated wr,p of hay yielded b:
these lands tiiisi • ' i: is 450 tors
, '
(•' ' j
( V . . '•••
■Vv • ' ' ■ ,
' v 1
■ 1 ; r .
% l||i :
j Vcty fine thorough-bred Bared Plymouth j
| Rock birds for sale. These are dandies, it will 112
pay you to git them for breeding. Come an<!
see them ors-end for circular,
I AJsn Ew for Hatching: Fine Bared Pl>-
month Rocks, White Plymouth Rorks. Black Ma
no ItutT Leghorn*, White Leghorns, am'
Black-red Games. All line thorough bred birds
Picture Rooks.
(Cut this out for reference.)
but extremely good for the sufferer
from that harassing disease is Dr.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. No medi
cine can compare with this great
remedy in the prompt and perma
nent aid it gives in all bronchial
affections. It stops the cough,
soothes the irritated throat, and in
duces refreshing Bleep.
" I had a bronchial trouble of euch a per
sistent and stubborn character that the doc
tor pronounced it incurable with ordinary
remedies, but recommended me to try Ayer'a ,
Cherry Pectoral. One bottle cured me."
Forest Hill, W. Va.
"A Bhort time ago I was taken with a
severe attack of bronchitis, and neither phy
sicians nor ordinary remedies gave me relief. ,
In despair of finding anything to cure me, I j
bought a bottle of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. : |
Less than one bottle entirely cured me."
GEO. B. HUNTER, Altoona, Pa.
C&errg fecM
now put up in half-size bottles at
half price—so cents.
You are invited to corm
here and inspect our new
stock of Fall and Wintei
Goods which is by far the
choicest collection consid-!
ering style and quality for
the price, ever this store
asked people to look at. „ i i
/Vinler Weight
for Men, Women and
Children. ,
In conjunction with
the inviting vanties, all
prices will be found mort
than ordinarily small. j
irocery Department
A new and fresh sup- |
ply of Groceries have'
have just arrived.
Vernon Hull,
Hillsgrove. Fa.
1 am now putting up
that will not rust. |
Send me your order or
write for prices.
A II n k I M
Anyone sending a sketch and description n
inleklr ascertain our opinion tree whether n
nventton Is probnlily patentable. Communis
Lions strictly confidential. Handbook on Paten:
iont free. Oldest asency for securing patents.
Patents taken through Munn A Co. recciv
special notice, without charge. In the
Scientific American.
A handsomely illustrated weekly. largest eir
culation of an? scientific journal. Terms. t3 a
year -. four months tl- Sold by ail newsdeslers. i
WUNN & Co ®« , ® po »4 wa » New York
Branch Office. (DSFBU Washington, D. C. 1
rceewsc® I
MtiM I
Do you understand just ]>. J. C. <
Ayer's medicines will do for you ? Are ;*"
thay hslping you cs fast as you t'. ink tb?7
Write to our doctor, lie wi.l
answer all question, ar.d givo you t!.s j
beet medical advice, absolutely free.
Address the J. C. Ayer Co., Lowell, faga. 1
W.L. Hoffman's
inree Big Stores- MUNCY VALLEY,
======= PROCTOR, PA.
Bargains in
We have a fine line of seasonable ready made Clothing, x
etc., that we are selling at figures your \
good sense tells you are just. »
Men's suits, Five dollars and up. Call and get a bargain.
It is about time for our annual inventory and we are
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Strike below the belt.
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We keep in stock at our mills a
complete line ot dressed lumber
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Hemlock Novelty or German Siding,
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Hemlock Lath both 3 and 4 feet long,
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The same woods in ceiling.
Buy Good Goods!
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W'e IIMVI- j 11CT UI.|III<'I-«MI 1- 11l N fl< Ci v' C I-N'l-M il R| I P .«. U liii Ii U e »re p'en-ed
til C»l' VOIII- l-|H Cl«l lilirl li. 11. \\V 110 111 I I'll If il •(. 1.11l ti elit I It-1,1 ,M
cnHt-iii t'c inn 1 kel. l-u 1 "e< 11 on>- il.t- BLijT «ml mhhpi Hhiiiu
fiirniei.lf niiiile. Uur cnHih HIHI mt liiiidt- 10 i rdt t, >u,d n. n., | M |«ft
stales willi |N !<•«-«• to -U >t <*vcr\ IKHI«.
[.nilies !I n 1 M'.SH'H, l?F>\c !iinl M CM, vi'ii tieiil not JRO Imll I'mzcn iMH wn.ti r for we
1 h vi* |m»II« vni iin.ltr«eur liii \ nil ml, I nth in cicum or uuo l . nl HI gin > tunl
lln- |ii-ce- Mre vi-pv nv, - • Imv imi >vue i \oti -ee tue goo U a yuu win 1.0 i.ntun
11 1 »it ttf lire iiMe ti» )Tive \i>u >ut-li lmijjnnm.
One word in tegard to fcot wear:
Uur hlint' «lepHfi 111 eni «»if« never iiion* coinpltMp nixl if yon will tav#»r iih with
\ • »nr MI lent ion lor Ml« w wlifti n i. wn \v» w i!I ennunre \tU tf i»« u>
have t e IIIOHI « Hr«* Uly MUcleil »ine fine «• «l li» »v\ Imi in nn»l cll«m> EVER
\l < »Hlll I'i'Coie ih |>II lie. On eri»« Kri* lii.\f j tin 1 rec« i»e«l *ai»f Ver\
|»reti% «leai«rii.» ii Dpioimhil Dum « r SeiH i \v 1• 1« Ii in\ne your »• iienin n.
Ti.r l«n\i» t£ nl (•'un»r\ |• l*t m lU''• luih nl-wn- l»een 11 | t«inl li-. (lit*- <»! oil
Bilffin 'H*, HIHI htnl i-uiitiniie in p
'"e. C. SYLVARA, dushore^pa.
and we to's ii^
Clothing and
Gents Furnishing Goods
jittiij.lj I'JJt ; 'l-1 wool.
We arc Polling better FIIOCS than were ever fold in
this section of the county before at half the usual
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WRRY HERR & CO., MUNCY valley, PA.