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    LAPOBTE, PA. XOVEMBEH, 22nd, 1889.
Colds and coughs prevail.
Thanksgiving next Thursday.
Fresh oysters at Keeler's store.
Court two weeks from nest Mon
There are twenty cases }3iit down
on the trial list for Dec. term.
Like many a young niMi, nature
begins her Fall by painting things
A. I?. Marr of Eagles Mere, was
transacting business in town, on
A movement is on foot to make
all the county ollicers of the State
Holiday goods of all descriptions
nt bottom prices, at Me} lert & Co's.,
Main St., LaPorte.
The fountain for wealth and for
tune is good health, good habits,
care industry and honesty.
The W. C. T. U., of LaPorte will
meet in the rooms over Meytert
Co's., store on Friday Xov. 2?, at 3
p. n>.
The turkey gobbler's gobble will
soon be gobbled oft' and his body
gobbled up by the hungry gobbling
Scouten, editor of the Dushore
Gazette , did considerable blowing
last week. We consider the source
and pass it by.
The rain during the early part of
this week can truthfully be compar
ed to the rainy days of the Johns
town flood.
Miss Katie Kennedy of LaPorte,
who has been visiting friends at
Staton Island, for the past few
weeks, returned home, on Monday
Since it has been discovered that
there is no bar in the ice-Presi
dent's new building in Washington
the Democratic organs are denounc
ing him a temperances crank.
F. M. Ciossley of LaPorte, is on
the sick list and was unable to at
tend to business on Tuesday and
Wednesday. Frank has been suf
fering for some time with a severe
It is said that .lames Quitm ot
LaPorte will be a candidate before
the Democratic Convention for the
otilce of Treasurer next fall. .James
is a flue young man, pays a large
ta'i and was born and raised in
Sullivan county.
Mosrs Lewis of Ilillsgrove, while
transacting business in town on
Friday called at our sanctum and
renewed his subscription to the
REPUBLICAN tor two years. Mr. L.
soys the REPUBLICAN is by odds the
best paper published in the county.
By an act of the Inst legislature
approved by the Governor, the 6th
day of May last, each county in the
state is entitled to a free scholar
ship in the Pennsylvania Museum
and School of Industrial Art, in
Philadelphia. The appointment is
to be made by the Governor.
Morris Lauer of Chicago, former-j
ly of LaPorte, will please decept our
thanks for a copy of the Chicago
Herald, sent us recently containing
evidence of the (Jronin murder.
Morris has been ill with typhoid
fever for several weeks and is
just recovering from the shobk.
Says the Philadelphia Odd Fel
lows' Siftings : "There are (500,000
Odd Fellows' in the United States.
Allowing two feet space for each
person, they would form a line 227
miles in length. Allowing edfch
membership the same ratio as voters,
they would represent 3,000,000
Oliver Riekdld whom we made
mention of last week as being ar
rested and confined in the county
Jail for obtaining a car load of iron
ot Iloyt Bros, by faUe pretence,
recently, was released from prison
on Tuesday. The plaintiff's did
not appear for a hearing, conse
quently he was given his freedom.
The McKean court lias declared
that it is the duty of the constables
of the county to return any physi
cian who furnishes prescriptions for
liquor to persons of intemperate
liaoits, or any druggists who fills
prescriptions of this character,
deeming the practice a direct viola
tion of the liquor law.
The REPUBLICAN and Philadelphia
Press $1.50 per year. Cash must
accompany tlio order.
The recent appearance of the
Gazette and Jtulletin to an eight
page paper and issuing both morn
ing and evening edition at a re
duced price of 25c, per month, will
give it a wide circulation through
out adjoining counties. The Gazette
as we have oftiin remarked is an
excellent reliable paper.
There are business men who de
cline to advertise in a paper because
they say, it won't do their business
any good, but when they have made
an improvement will hasten to ask
the newspaper man to give them "a
notice" so that the attention of the
public may be called to their way
of doing business.
R. I'. Woods Esq., rtf Philadel
phia, was a guest of the LaPorte
Hotel bn Saturday and Sunday last.
Mr. Woods was up in the interest
of the W. &X. B. 1?. R. We un
derstand that there are still hopes
of the railroad being built to inter
sect with the L. V. at Dohm's Sum
Sirs. E. P. Cheney of North
Orwell, Bradford county, who has
been ill for several years with that
dreadftal disease consumption, died
at her residence in said place on
Saturday November 16th at 2 p. m.,
Several relatives of the deceased, of
LaPorte took the train at Dushore
on Monday morning and was in
attendance at the funeral services
on Tuesday Nov. 19th at 10 a. ni.
It would be as well perhaps for
the G"t:.ette to dry up its slush about
liquor furnished by us at Lopez.
The wet campaign made in that
thrieving town by Streby, Scouten
and Lull is too notorious there to lie
denied, and the charge is put upon
us to distrait attention from them
selves. Josh Lull will have to
knock Streby in the head or he will
betray all the dark secrets of their
That there is no real Ingham
ring we have already stated, but
what the Gazette is pleased to name
the Ingham ring is the convention
which nominated Lawrence and the
nine hundred worthy citizens who
supported him. We believe 1
these citizens feel better in the
consciousners that they did their
full duty in their efforts to redeem
the count}' from the power of boodle
than honest Democrats feel in the
success of the boodle candidate for
The Democrats finally give up
everything but the Governorship in
lowa, and everything but Governor
and legislature in Ohio. They are
also compelled to admit that In
Ohio the personal unpopularity of
Foraker, and in lowa the question
of Prohibition, brought about the
defeat of the candidates for .Gover
nor. They tried hard to make it
appear that the people of those two
Slates had finally Adopted Free
trade, but it would not go down.
Lenders of the Democratic
party of Sullivan county are
making great calculations on a
grand victory next'Fkll. They are
frank to confess that they are
anxious for the Prohibition party
to putin nomination a full county
ticket in which event they boldly say
will give them an overwhelming
majority. The Prohibition party
has experienced much and will not
be led astray by the man in lamb's
clothing next Fall.
Guss Smith of Fofksville, is al
ready making a desperate light for
the nomination of the Democratic
party, for the otlice of Treasurer.
Guss don't hesitate to write his
friends to assist him in his under
taking. It is rumored that this nom
ination lias been promised many by
the leaders. Of course all but one
will he doomed to disappointment.
Guss owing to his untireing work for
the success of the leaders of the
party thinks he deserves the honors
of the office at their hands. It is a
free fight boys, join hands and circle
STRAY BULL.—A bull came to my
place in June last, color light red,
white on breast and hips also end
Jof tail white. The owner is request
ed to call and prove property pay
costs and remove the same, other
wise it, will be sold according to law.
Shrewsbury twp., Nov. 19, 'B9.
A valuable horse owned by J. 1
TTarvey King of LaPorte twp., was'
kicked by a horse in Mr. King's pos
session on the leg above the knee on
Wednesday night Nov. 13 breaking
one or more bones of the same.
The horse is unable to stand on the
leg and Mr. King is fearful that lie
will Iw obliged to put him out of
his misery. The horse is valued at
If the Gazette can be belief ed
there is no longer a Democratic; or
Republican party in Sullivan coun
ty. it does not claim the defeat of
Lawrence was a Republican defeat.
; It does not claim that the electing
of Utz was a Democratic triumph.
It says plainly that the defeat of
Lawrence was only the defeat of the
Ingham ring. The success of Utz
was the success of the I?oodle ring.
And if the Gazette is to be credited
personal merits had nothing to do
with it, for now that the election is
over, that paper lands Wm. Law
rence and Lawrence Brothers very
highly. If Democratic principles
had nothing to do with it, and per
sonal merits had nothing to
do with the result what is the infer
ence? Capital and capital alone has
triumphed over honest labor.
Peter Gavitt of LaPorte twp.,
while hauling wood with a three
year old span of steers on Saturday
last meet with quite a serious ac
cident. He was in the act of fasten
ing a log-chain to the end of a log
when the steers for some unknown
cause started on a run, the chain in
some manner swung around Mr.
Gavilt's leg below the knee and
fastened. The oxen ran to the barn
a distance of one-fourth mile drag
ging Mr. Gavitt on the ground*
I lis clothes were torn from his back
and his I'bdy fearfully bruised.
Small pebble stones were sunk in his
flesh and removed by assistance.
The new Episcopal church which
i>» being erected of stone at Eagles-
Mere collapsed on Tuesday last, i
The structure-was nearly inclosed.
The tower which was 35 feet high
and built of stone fell to the ground.
Where once stood the frame of a
beautiful church is now the scene of
a huge pile of stone. Fortunately
working men were not engaged on
the building at the time owing to
rain which came down in torrents
We have heard of but one cause as
signed for the misfortune—poorly
constructed. Considerable ill-luck
has overtaken the building contract
or of said building. Only a short
time ago we recorded a sad accident
by au arch falling, resulting in break
ing Aaron Bennett's leg and injur
'ing several other employees on the
building. La Rue Munson Esq., of
Williamsport was telephoned, re
lative to the mishap and will visit the
same at once.
The letter written by Hugo of
Elkland, published in the Gazette
last week, commenting upon the
letter written by us to said gcnle
nien during the eve of election*
plainly sets forth that he wishes the
voters of Elkland to kiuw that he
runs that township on election day.
He says:l did my duty as I hope
the returns ot Elkland will show."
Voters of Elkland this is a compli
ment to you and you will no doubt
appreciate it. In this section of the
county shou'd a man make an as
sertion of this kind he would receive
a cold shoulder from the independ
ent voter at future elections. Mr
Hugo may meet with like indepen
dence in the future. 80 far as our
letter to Hugo is concerned we do
not deny one word ot it. The facts
of the circumstance was—Hugo was
absent from home and we took this
plan of informing him of what we
had learned and the result should he
violate the election law.
For the information of those who
have not seen the letter we publish
it below:
Elkland, J'a., Nov. 1, 1880.
ME. HUGO, SIR: —I have learned
since my arrival in Elkland, that
you have received money from a
certain individual to further the
election of John Ute. Should 1
hear of you using money in this
event unlawfully, I will prosecute
you to the extent of the law.
W. 11. CHENEY;
Chairman Rep. Stand. Com.
Should you be arrested for this
crime the otllce ot Commissioner
would be much disgraced.
The county is full of candidates
asking for the nomination of the
Democratic Convention for the of
fice of Treasurer. We have already
heard of seven asking for the honors
of this office. A mong the number
Georgie Streby ol Dushore who
is slightly connected with tlie
Gazette published at that place.
He booms up with grinning counten
ance and asks for a few complimen
tary notice" n the Convention. It
is aWI established fact, however,
that Geor<rie lias risen as high as he
ever will get to the eyes of the
people of Sullivan county—the tool
of John 0. Scouten.
From the Montrose Sentinel-Prohibi
The report that vice-President
Morton had taken out it liquor
license is authoritatively denied by
his private secretary.
Following is the denial taken from
the above mention paper :
Ellerslie, Ithinecliffe-On Hudson,
Non. 2.
I)KAR SIR: In reply to your letter
of the 26th ultimo addressed to Mr.
Morton 1 beg to say that there is
no truth in the statement made in
the telegram to the JMily JVcws
which you inclose that there is a bar
connected with the new building
erected and owned by Mr. Morton
in Washington. The building is
conducted as a family apartmeut
house, apartments being leased by
the year, and Mi 1 . Morton has never
entertained the idea of permitting
any part of it to be used as a bar.
Very Respectfully,
Private Secretary.
For some time pant the Lake Mo
koma Land Company has be<Mt
anxious to lower the water in Lake
Mokoma in order that they might
make some much needed improve
ments at the head waters Ol the
Lake—by cutting down trees brush
iVc., which at present is to some ex
text overflowed with water. To ac
complish their undertaking, it was
necessary to take the valve oil tlio
main waste gate, which is made of
large sewer pipe. Atty. Clinton
Lloyed telegraphed Wm. .Mover
general superintendent of the Lake
property, some days past to remove
the valve. Mr. Moyer endavored
to comply with his request but
found it impossible for some unac
countable cause. '1 he valve is
buried in water to the depth of 12
or 18 feet with a lever attached ex
tending several feet out of water.
Mr. Moyer notified Mr. Lloyd of
his fruitless undertaking. Mr
Lloyd at once sent word that he
would send a "diver" up and that he
would go down to the bottom of the
lake and make light the difficulty.
The day set apart for the arrival of
this (unlike event to take place in the!
wilds of Sullivan) was Monday last.
Everybody was anxious to see the
feat performed and many watched
on the street crossing to see if the
noon stage bore the man to our
midst who would dive into the cold
waters of Lake Mokoma at this
season of the year for love or money.
To their surprise the supposed man
came and alighted from the vehicle
at the Mountain House where he
Registered for the day. After he
had partaken of a hearty dinner he
proceeded to the Lake. No sooner
had the heavy weight (for he was a
two hundred and twenty-five pound
er) disappeared over the hill when
several of our people, viz: Atty. E.
M. Dunham, A. Walsh, Dr. Hill and
Chas. Tiuklepaugh left in great haste
for the> lake to see the feat
performed. Dr. Hill was extremely
anxidus and was the first man to
answer present, on the ground,
whether he thought there would be
a coroner's inqilest held or not, can
only be revealed by himself. After
remaining on the shore for a time
in the cold drizzling rain thej r by
chance learned that the gentleman
preseut was not the person whom
they had took him to be but that lie
was the proprietor of a GasFix'rs and
Plumb establishment in William Sport
Geo. Croll Esq., who had come up
to make investigations. The boys
on learning this remarked that they
had business home that required
the'r immediate attention. On their
arrival to the city they were remind
ed—Did you ever get left ?
LATER. —President Lloyd has
ordered that there be a coffer-dam
built around the waste gate and the
repairs made. Mr. ('roll wdl re
main and oversee the construed >n |
of the same.
JACKSON'S BLOCK : : Dvshore, Pa.
LAWREKCK I) ROS. offer new furni-ture of all kinds, at price which will
astonish the purchaser. HARDWOOD srrrs as cheap as soltwood
suits, cav'.d formerly be bought at Onshore. Everything nianufaetuied
from the best material by skilled workmen:
A full line of caskets and coffins! constantly in stock. Embalming
when required. Elegant hearse (the finest in Sullivan county) lor attend
dor t funerals. We request a share of the patronage.
.—Lawrence Bros.
To the People of LaPorte.
have recently removed our stock of hardware to J
The New
known as "Biddle's Block." We have increased our stock immensely
and have reduced our price to bottom figures, and cordially in
vite our LaPorte friends to call when in need of any
thing in our line.
jOBDEm 0 33Y o
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Cunningham & Cole,
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customers from —
LAMrte and vicMfY
T HE price is reduced at the breaker to'
k n per.
The State Line & Sullivan R. R. Co I. O. BLIGHT, Fuj t.
V- R O M
J. S. HARRINGTON Proprietor.
Dushore, - - Pa
q—Th-: h-: I | | :-TjT-: j | ~T]^l
It will pay you before purchasing to c all and examine my large stocJ;
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BOOTS & SHOES mads to order
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Mens' Youth Boy's and Chil-*
drens Clohing
Cronin's" New Block, Dushoe, Pa.
lorah's hotel. T. 112. C ARS KADD F N<
rn . . 1 IK Tit E OLD CITY HOTEL
Ims is a large and commodious'
, ... , . . Corner of Intra and Pine Hts.
house, with large airy rooms, furn
shed in first class style. A desira- "WILLIAMSPORT, PA.
ble place for those who desire to cs For the ,at( ' st Bt J' ,e nncl a £ ood
cape the heated term. Hunting and fit we w °uld refer our Sullivancoun
fishing in their season. The bar is ty friends to Mr. Carskadden who is
supplied with choice liquors & cigars, numbered among the best Tailors in
Nov. 13 'BS. 'k e Lumber city. Sept. 13th, 'B9.
t Apply now for
■lk I n to Backache, Bldoacbe, EheumatJsii,,
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