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The picnic craze is going out.
Jack Frost will soon putin an
Now is the proper time to fill
your coal bim
Peaches art; not a drug in the
market this year.
Stenographer Cos ton was ott hand
ready for business; on Monday.
Editor NeWell Was shaking hands
with friends in town on Monday.
This week owing to rain, has been
very disagreeable to court guests
The roads dte W trifle damp this
week, caused by the recent rains.
Peter 1). Miller of Klmira, was trans
acting business in town last week.
BoftN.—Sept., 113 th, 'B9, to Mr.
and Mrs. James (Mhsel of LaPorte
twp., a brand new girl.
Atty; A. L. Grim, of LaPorte, will
start a branch law otlice, in the town
of Forksville, in the near future.
K. W. Tonkin of Cherry twp.,
while in toWn doing busiuess paid
the RsPubLiCAN a call on Monday.
The residence of Atty. A. L. Grim,
on Muncy St., is receiving a coat of
paint. Edwin Stanley is doing the
Mr. and Mrs. George Fiester of
LaPorte township, are in receipt of
(anew boy. It arrived on Friday
Sept. 13th, 'B9.
Harry King of Ilughesville four
teen years of agej was accidently
shot, by James Mowry ou Tuesday
evening of last week.
Send us the news items of your
neighborhood and assist the £1 UULII-
I.IOAN to give all the happenings of
importance in the county.
Avery Frink of Montrose and
Mrs. Amanda Ward of NewMilford,
are visiting their sister Mrs. John
N. Messenger and other relatives of
this place.
Atty-. W. E. Crawford of Hughes-
Ville, while in attendance at court
this week-, called at our sanctum and
renewed his subscription for the
Darnel Sclioonovet of Hernittfe,
took in the Gettysburg reunion last
week. Mr. SehoonoVer is com
taandcr of the Dushore (J. A. It.,
Post and WAS a brave soldier.
A little boy- of Hiram Hitt of La-
Porte twp., at the age of four years
fell on Friday last and broke his
arm between the wrist and elbow.
The little fellow is doing as well
as could lie expected.
Mr. Michael Flynit of Deliruce,
N. Y., formerly of LaPorte, arrived
at the LaPorte tannery on Saturday
evening last, Where he is spending a
few days visiting his brothers John
and Ell Flytthv
There were many Democrats in
attendance at the lVepublican con
vention on Saturday last who wire
free to confess that they would give
the peojdes candidate, Wm. J. Law
rence, their support ou election day.
Since the campaign opened we
have received mauy new subscrib
ers. Those of our tax payers Who
are not already subscribers to the
REPUBLICAN should by all means
have their name plafied on our list.
This is not an ofT year for Coru in
the west* or a correspondent of the!
tlarrisburg Telegraph is a large
liar. He reports having seen an ear
giown in Ida county, lowa* that was
Four feet long and weighed thirty-six
The three arrests made in Dushore
recently for the violation of the liquor
law Which we gave a fullaccountofin
our i»<suo of the oth, were settled on
Saturday last. The inditement
against Cha». Holla, was also with
drawn. This is as it should be.
Mr. ltussel Katns of LaPorte was
called to Denton, Columbia county
on Tuesday by a message reporting
that his mother was dangerously ill
and requesting him to come at once.
He left immediately accompanied by
his daughter, Miss Cora Karns.
A. Walsh, Democratic nominee for
Prothonotary Register and Recorder,
will have An easy election this fall
as there is no opposition to him.
Mr. Walsh is a first class officer and
merits his position. He is a true
Democrat and is respected by all
parties for his true aud never fault
ering principles.
Dr. Perry King of LaPorte twp who'
lias been confined to his room for'
the past few weeks with sickness, is
reported some better. His many
friends throughout the county will
be pleased to hear of this good
Harry Kama of LaPorte, while
playing ball on the corner of Main
and Muncy Sts., on Monday was run
into and thrown down by a horse
driven by Thomas Kangley of
Lopez; Harry was fearfully scared
biit not seriously hurt as he took in
the lecture on Monday evening.
The accident was purely accidental.
An exchange says that every
newspaper in the State should pub.
lisli the fact that burnt corn is a sure
cure for hog cholera. It was first
discovered by the burning of a pile
of eorn belonging to a distillery at
Peoria. It was thrown to the hoga
and readily eaten by theim before
that time a number had been dying
each day with the cholera, but the
disease immediately disappeared.
The remedy is ao simple that it can
be easily tried.
Court adjourned on Tuesday and
will convene oil Monday Sept. 23d,
'B9. There Were but two Com
monwealth cases tried, other indite
ments that Were on the list were
settled and Inany of those advertised
in tli3 trial list were settledi Had
there not been two special
Juries summoned for a two week's
term of Court, the entil'e business
could have been disposed of this
week. Cases put down on the trial
list, however, to be heard during the
second week could not be tried this
week owing to the absence of those
concerned. The call of a two Week's
lerui has done much good, however,
in the way of mutual settlement be
tween parties. There are a number
of Cases on the trial list dated back i
as for as 1872 and we predict that at J
the expiration of December term the
entire list will be disposed of.
Sullivan County is disgraced by
an Attorney who will stoop to the
most degraded ami contcmptable
resorts to early a point of any hitman
l»eing We think in existence. He is
located in Dushore and has no hair
on the top of his head and when a tritle
excited his eyes bulge out like two
peeled onions. It seems that this
uian had some difficulty with a
gentleman in the county Who is en
gaged in the liquor business last
week and threatened to take his
license away from him unless he
would comply with his wishes. We
understand that this gentleman is j
only one of the many landlords of
the county who he has threatened
in the same manner. Such actions
are not only a disgrace to the man
Who stoop to such degraded posi
tions but is a slur upon our Courts
of Justiee, as an assertion of this
kind is equal to an expression of:"I
run the courts in this county and
unless you comply with my wishes
you must go." This surely must
be humiliating to the court.
JBemfce, Sept. 16<A' 'B9.
Mil EDITOR : In the hist issue of
your paper an article appeared sign
ed, "a Democrat" of this place, stat
ing the influence Which was used at
the polls at the election of democrat
ic delegates Sept. 7 th. This state
ment can be affirmed by a number of
that political faith and wi'l l>e indue
time, and furthermore that such pro
ceedings should be tolerated in any
county in this Commonwealth is an
insult to the banner that Qoats upon
our public buildings, State and Na
tional—the stars and stripes. It is
a direct blow to the Declaration of
Independence which gives to each
individual equal rights, i. e., life>
liberty* and the persuit of happiness
and that any party or individual
should be permitted to use there sur
plus of illgotten gains to further
there corrupt ends is a question
which will confront the voters of this
county on November sth. Such an
individual should have ample time
to reflect over his unjust actions and
the duties of official life should not
be allowed to trouble him.
The present contest for Sheriff
is one between industrial and moral
worth, not Wealth and should receive
a Verdict that it justly deserves.
The Republican nominee is not uii-
I der inditement for the use ol' rUm.j
. Rum influence must yo.
Judge Gansel of Muncy Valley
' made us a pleasant call, while in at
! tendance at court, on Monday.
Judging from the speech of peo
ple on our streets this week there is
no question but that Win. J. Law
rence will be elected Sheriff of this
county in November. We were told
to-day (Tuesday) by ail old time and
an tttz Democrat that he verily be--
lieVed that Lawrence would be elected
by a good majority. The gentleman
admitted that Mr. iJtz had not been
true to the Democratic principles
during the past years and snid that
it would teach him a good lesson
should he be defeated.
The Dushofc Gazette in last
week's issue demands that Demo
crats "stick" to the ticket and vote
j for tldlninees regardless of the posi
tion taken by one of them during
i the past years. Democrats what
j etttt you expect by by "sticking" to
the ticket. We dare say that there
is no better democrat in the county
than F. M. Crosslcy. He lias taken
an at'tive part in Democratic
| circles and was one of the principal
i workers in this section last fall, for
the success of the entire Democratic
ticket. What is his reward ? Why
he was thrown overboard in the
Democratic convention Sept. 10th,
and an untrue Democrat taken in
his stead. What has John Utz the
nominee for sheritl ever done to
further the success of the Democrat
ic Party of Sullivan county? lie
caine outasan IndependentCiuididate
for SheritF in 1877 and won over the
Democratic nominee. I)o you call
this good Democratic principles?
Is he a "kicker" or a "sticker" to
the party?" Should a nominee ofi
this kind attd one who received his
nomination by the use of boodle,'
receive your support? No, gentle-j
men he lias placed himself in a posi-j
tion where he should not receive the ;
support of any true principled Demo
crat or Republican. In 1886 Mr.j
Utz bolted the ehtire ticket made by
the Democratic convention and to
hitll Russel Karns for Member and j
.Trilin Yonkin 2d, for Associate,
Judge owes their defeat. These arc
facts which can not be disputed, j
Would you not prefer to vote for ai
man who has been true to the prin-j
ciplcs which he advocates, even!
though they are in opposition to
your judgment, than for a man who
has no principle ? If this is your
conviction, we feel confident that
you will fall in the tanks of the
people's candidate, Wm. J. Law
rence, and give hi in your welcome
support in November next.
The Republicans of Sullivan coun
ty, through their delegates acted
most wisely, and judiciously in nom
inating Wm. J. Lawrence of Du
shorc for Sheriff. Mr. Lawrence is
a tlative of Sullivan county, and has
passed all the years of his life among
us. While he is a very modest and
retiring gentleman, who has not
made himself acquainted in portions
of the county remote front his resi
dence, yet by his honesty, integrity,
and fair dealings with all, with
whom he has had dealings, he has
made himself hosts of friends.
He has resided the greater portion
of his life in Cherry and Dushore,
but for oue or two years he resided
at this place. And we only speak
what we are entiiely sure of and
know from personal association with
the people, when we say that he will
receive a most flattering vote where
he is best known. Cherry, Colley,
Dushore, LaPorte, Davidson and
Shrewsburj 1 will give him a heavy
vote, enough we feel assured to put
his election beyond any doubt if the
rest of the county, or the portion
commonly known as the West will
only give him the full party vote.
Mr. Lawrence is a Republican
Iroiu principle, espoused the cause
ot Republicanism when a very young
man from his oWn convictions, con
trary to his family teacllihgs, and
while he has not taken an active
part in politics, and has been liberal
in his local political views, he has
| been an earnest consistent Republi
can on State and National politics.
We can conceive of no reason why
every Republican in the county
should not give him their honest and
earnest support; alid if they will
we nre willing to stake our word and
reputation ns a political prophet,
that he will be triumphantly elected
'in November.
Dr. Herrmann, the Republican
nominee for Coroner, has man}'
friends in the county and is num
bered among our best physicianß.
Saturday Sept, 28th, will be a gala
day for the Odd fellows of Sullivan
county. Arrangements are being
perfected for a grand picnic to be
given by IjaPorte Lodge and invi
tations have been issued to
the sister lodges of the county to at
tend. The picnic will be held in the
grove on the Western shore of Lake
Mokolua. It is hoped that all lodges
of the county will be well represent
ed as a general good time is expect
ed. G. M., David Cralt of Wyalus"
ing, will be present and deliver an
Lecture on NeVada.
A highly appreciated audience
greeted the Rev. Samuel P. Kelley
of Reading at the Court House, on
Monday evening and listened with
deep interest to his lecture on Ne«
vada, which was highly instructive
and exceedingly amUsing. RoUnds
of appiailse greeted his new stories
and the audience coiild have listened
another hour, lie gave a description
of the remarkable features of the
State of Nevada, in mineral, find
boiling springs, the resources of the
section ttnd its peculiarities, with a
vivid description of the processes
of mining and mulling silver ore;
intersperced with capital stories of
stage drivers, gamblers, preachers,
judges and noted characters. He
also gave narratives founded on his
acquaintance with Hank Monk the
stage driver who took Horace
(Jreely through on time, with the
late tl udge Terry who was shot re
cently by Deputy Marshall Xagle,
with Judge Perley Who was one of
the seconds in the BrodericK duel
and others. His funeral story hi
which the great Charley Brown
figures, was perhaps the best, and
better than Mark Twain Burk Fan
shawe funeral. Ho touched on the
Chinese and Indian questions at
length and gave appropriate stories
in illustration. The descriptions of
Lake Tahoe, the rivers with no out
lets, and sketches of pioneer life
were new bright and Iresh. The
lecture was exceedingly good and
merited a much larger audience than
was present. Those who were in
attendance were delighted with the
evenings entertainment and paid the
IlcVerend gentleman many compli
A council was held in the new
Baptist meeting house lately erected
in Shrewsbury twp., on Thursday
afternoon, Sept. 12th, to recognize
the new church organized there.
Rev. J. (}. Miles was moderator, and
Bev. R. B. McDanel of Northumber
land was clerk. Delegates from 19
churches in the Northumberland
Baptist Association were present.
After devotional exercises the state
ments concerning the organization
of the new church were made. A
preaching station has been main
tained at Allegheny school hoUse
for a number of years. A*, a series
of meetings held last winter - v num
ber of additions were made to Mie
LaPorte and Eagles Mere chute*,
and the distance being so great, it
was thought best to organize a new
church there. The council declared
itself satisfied with the statement,
and voted to recognize the new in
terest as a regular Baptist church.
In the evening the recognition and
dedication services Were held. Rev.
S. 0. Reading of Williamsport.,
preached the sermon. Rev. 11. C.
Munro of Muncy, offered the prayer
of recognition. Itcv. J. T. Judd of
LeWisburg, gave the hand of fellow
ship. Bev. j. G. Miles of Allen
wood, gave the charge to the church.
Mr. James Culbcr of Muncy, ad
dressed the trustees, and the dedi
catory prayer was offered by Rev.
R. B. McDanel of Northumberland.
The services concluded with the
benediction by Rev. A. B. Still of
Danville. The new church is to be
called the Rock Run Baptist church.
Win. Hill and James llUzzey are
deacons. Wm. Hill, Matthew Tay
lor, and f\ M. Sullivan, are trustees.
Mrs. Jane Taylor, clerk, and Wm.
P. Taylof Treasurer. The meeting
house is a neat little frame structure,
30x40, costing SI2OO, all paid for.
Great credit is due the little band
who have so nobly carried out their
enterprise. B. M. MCDANEL,
Clerk of Council.
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A full line of caskets afid coffins constantly in stock. Embalming
when required. Elegant hearse (the finest in Sullivan connfy) for attend*
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To the People of LaPorte,
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