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    W. M. CHENE Y - - - Editor
ll<|,nbli<»ii 'Convention.
Pursuant to a call by the chair-,
tman, W. M. Cheney the Republican
-county convention convened in the'
♦Court House at Laporte on Satur
day Sept. H«h. D. T. Iluckell
Esq.. of <Fork»ville was made presi
dent, F. H. Ingham of Laporte and
M. C. Miller of Cherry, were selected'
as secretaries and Adam Zaner and
J. J. Webster 'were elected vice
•presidents of the convention.
The president alter the organiza
tion had been effected asked for the
presentation of credentials. There
was a good representation -of the
Republican party of Sullivan county;
and that business from the shoulder
was intended could be seen in the
eye 8 of the delegates. A consider
able number of spectators occupied
the auditorium seats.
liar nice —Tlios. Shell, Joel Saxon,
B. F. Crossley, nenry Ilamson.
Cherry —M. C. Miller, Thos. Far
rel, Guy Bakor, Amos Cox, Wm. >B.
4Jolley —Not represented.
]>ushore —Ed Sylvaria, J. V. Rct
tenbury, A. H. Zaner, Lewis Zaner.
Davidson —Jos. Carpenter, Peter
Whitacre, Thos. S. Simmons, L. M.
Flkland —Ulysses Bird., S. P.
Shoemaker. Johu J. Webster, C. A.
Boyle, D. K. Little, W. It. Right,
Alexander Keeuey, Jos. Grange.
Forks —(l W. Saam, A. W. War
burton, J. K. Bird, Samuel Bryan.
Fox —A. B. KLLmer, Elmer Miller,
R. F. Batten, R. S. Fanning.
ForksvUle —D. T. Huckell, Jt>o.
llillsgrove —Not represented.
Lopez —Fraak Rice, Jos. Wal- 1
LaPorte twp. —W«a. King, Jer
ome Laird, J. C. Botsford.
La Parle lioro —E. M. Dunham,
F. H. Ingham, W. T. Watrous.
Shrewsbury —E. V. Ingham, John
Aunmillcr, Wm. Vanßuskirk.
After the roll of delegates bad
been called the nominations were
made as followsThe President
announced the nomination of Pro
thonotary, Register and Recorder
to be first in order. Upon motion
of Ulysses Bird it was deemed by
the convention inexpedient to make
a nomiuation for this office. Con
sequently no nomination was made.
The next in order was the nomina
tion for Sheriff. On motion of E.
V. Ingham this nomination was laid
over until after the other business
of the convention had been finished.
The next in order was the nomina
tion of Coroner. Dr. M. E. Herr
mann of Dushore was the unanimous
choice of the convention and was
made the nominee. The Standing
Committee was then elected. They
aro as follows:
Jlem ice —Thos. Shell.
Cherry —Nelson Cox.
Colley —M. W. Reeser.
Dushore —P. P.Vincent.
Davidson —Geo. \V. Simmons.
Flkland —Ulysses Bird.
Forks —John K. Bird.
Fox —A. B. Kilmer.
Forksville —I). T. Huckeli.
llillsgrove —E. S. Little.
Lopez —C. H Jennings.
LaPvrto lioro —W. M. Cheney.
LaPorte twp. —J. C. PenniDgton.
Shrewsbury —C. Peale, jr.
W. M. Cheney was made chairman
of the committee. At this point
Hon. E. M. Dunham in a neat little
speech made a motion that the con
vention endorse the wise, honest
and na trio tic administration of
President Harrison and that we
cordially endorse the candidacy of
Henry K. Boyer for State Treasurer
and pledge him our best efforts to
secure his election. Carried.
This finished up the entire busi
ness with the exception of putting a
candidate in the field for the office
•i Sheriff. The delay in this mat
ter was caused by the absence of the
candidate in view who was inter
view Lug the loaders of the l'rohibi
tion party residing in town by whom
it was stated, were about to put a
full ticket in the field. Wra. J.
Lawrence, the choice of the Repub
lican party for the nomination of
this office refused 'to accept should
this rumor prove true and went to
investigate hinmelf. On learning
ndthing definafe in relrftion to the
mutter he was forced to accept the
nomination. When his name was
propopod the convention applauded
him and it was with much difficulty
that the president ceased the cheer
after which E. V. Ingham nominated
Wra. J. Lawrence df Dushore for
Sheriff. The nomination was sec
onded by a large number of dele
gates. The motion was then made
by acclamation with a hurrah by the
convention. Thw concluded the
work and on motion adjourned.
■Following is a sketch of the life of
Mr. Lawrence.
Wm. J. Lawrence, the nominee of
the Republicans of Sullivan county,
for the office of Sheriff, was born
upon his fathers farm in (Jherry
twp.,about one mi'e from Dushore
lioro, in 1856. His father, John
Lawrence Esq., was at one time
Sheriff of the county, and is one of
its best known and most prominent
citizens. Mr. Lawrence Rved with
his father, worthing upon the farm
in summer and attending school
during the winter until he reached
the age of sixteen, when he determ
ined to start out on his own responsi
bility to secure an honest living by
means of his only resources, a good
mind, a sound body and a willing
ness'to work. During the winter
of 1873 and li he taught school in
Cherry twp. The following year fee
went to Wilkesßarre and engaged
in the lumber business where he
remained for about a year, wheu he
decided to loam the carpenter trade.
It was about this time that the panic
of 1877 began and in consequence
of the numerous failures and the
great scarcity of money, work at
this trade was almost entirely sus
pended. The wages were so low
and the work so wncertain, that it
was impossible for a young man
learning the trade to earn a liveli
hood. The outlook was certainly
discouraging but Mr. Lawrence with |
a determination to surmount diffi
culties characteristic of bitn, resolved |
that although compelled to seek
other employment until better terms
shouki warrant him in completing,
the trade, he would ultimately re-1
turn to it and master it. He ac~
oordingly went to work in the mines
and passed through that discourag
ing period of striKcs and hard times.
Only those who have had the actual |
experience as miners during a pro-i
longed 6trike or though a period of
great finaucial embarressment can
form a just estimate of the trials
and privations incident to a miner's
life. In the winter of 1878 he was
very seriously injured by a mass of
falling rock, in consequence of
which he nearly lost his life. Up
on his recovery he returned with
his family to Dushore where he be
gan working at his trade. Here he
remained until after the great fire at
Milton in which place he contracted
for the erection of several buildings.
Upon his return to Dushore he form
ed a partnership with his brother,
Charles Lawrence, also a carpenter.
In connection with this thev have
recently opened a furniture and un
dertaking establishment. Mr. Law
rence is regarded as an exceptionally
strong candidate. Ilis clean record,
his freedom from all taint of partisan
politics, his high character as a man,
his excellent standing in business
circles, and his kind, obliging, and
unassuming manner, render him
worthy of the support of the voters
of the county regardless of party
affilliationa. Mr. Lawrence merits
the success he has acheived. He
has risen by dint of hard work and
industry alone. lie is a friend to
the workingman for he is one him
self, and if elected to the responsi
ble office of Sheriff, the people of
Sullivan county, ean rest assured
that its duties will be carefully aud
conscientiously performed.
Court Proceeding*.
The regular September term and
sessions convened at the Court
House on Monday 16th, Inst, at 2 p.
m. Present; Hon. John A. Si User,
President, Hons. E. A. Strong and
Robert Taylor jr., his Associates, on
the bench.
The Grand Jury called and sworn;
charged by the President Judge.
Reuben Thrasher appointed fore
The various Constables through
out the county, were then called and
made their sworn returns in open
List ot Traverse J urose for the
first week called.
The license of Barnabas 13i Ilian,
in Dushore Borough, was tranferred
to Mrs. Billian.
Meyer Goodman wa9 licensed as
a Hawker aud Peddler; approved
bond filed.
Ellen Hunsinger Addison Hun
singer: decree in divorce granted on
payment of costs.
John Speary vs. Sarah Speaiy, A.
l>oug!as appointed commissioner.
Scott May vs. Libbie May. Thos.
Simmions appointed "Commissioner.
In re sale opened estate of minor
heirs of John P. Wolverton dee'd":
The court empower and direct the
Fidelity Trust and Safe Deposit
Co., of Philadelphia to make, execute
and deliver to the purchasers suffi
cient deeds for the'land, or interest
of stiid minors in -said land, after
making sale to same.
C. S. Sick vs. <lames 'Kane jr.
Rule granted to open judgment.
Andrew Strom,'Garrin Young and
William Stewart, were admitted RS
citizens of the U. S. and duly
sworn in open court.
Commonwealth vs. John Ballow:
Grand Jury find a True Bill. Jury
called and case tried: Verdict;
Guilty. Sentence: Fine SSOO, costs
of prosecution and three years in
eastern penitentiary.
Commonwealth vs. Manley -Gil
bert; nol. pros, allowed OH payment
of costs.
Commonwealth vs. C. W. Hoflh;
nol. pros, on payment of cost.
Commonwealth vs. John Utz. nol.
pros, on payment of costs.
Commonwealth vs. John W. Car
roll, nol. pros, on payment of costs.
Commonwealth vs. M. 3. Carmody,
nol. pros, cm payment of costs.
Commonwealth vs. Christopher
Frazin. Grand Jury find True Bill;
case tried. Verdict; not Gulltj':
Three-fifths of costs to be pas by
prosecutor, and two-fifths by de
Commonwealth vs. E. A. Knapp,
This case was tried at May session
and defendant found guilty as in
dicted. Sentenced at this term as
follows: Fine SSOO, cost of prosecu
tion, restore stolen property, and
sixty days in county jail.
Commonwealth vs. Maggie Frit*,
nol. pros, on payment of costs.
Commonwealth vs. Miles Drake,
nol. pros, on payment of co^ts.
In re. partition of Real Estate of
A. Philbin dee'd. Rule on heirs to
accept or refuse said estate at ap
praisement continued until 3d, day
of next term.
G. 11. Welles vs. Jobn Hileman.
Rule granted to strike off appeak
returnable Sept. 27.
Fritz vs. Fritz, W. C. Mason ap
pointed cominisssioner
Camp vs. Camp. Subpoena in
divorce granted.
In re. petition for sale of Real
I Estate of Lulu V. Fulmer: Court
direct a sale of the Real Estate, as
[prayed for. Bond to be approved
1 by a judge at chambers.
| Sept. 17th, 1889, at 3 p. m.the
several courts of Sullivan county,
adjourned until Monday the 23d, at
2 p. m.
Wm. O'Neil vs. McGuire and
Rouse. Counsel for defdts. with
t draws, appearance and plea, and
! judgment for plaintiff; amount to be
ascertained by Prothonotary.
Dunning vs. Bostian. Continued.
Richatt vs. P. N. Y., C. &. R.
Co., continued.
Corcoran vs. Corcoran, plaintiff
takes non. suit.
Eld red vs. Gilman, continued.
Holla vs. Wilhelm, continued.
Meyers vs. Jackson, continued at
costs of defendant.
Bahr vs. Zaner (two cases,) con
Fox vs. Fuller, continued. >
Mullen vs. Staub, settled.
Teacher*' Examination,
The regular scries of teachers'
examinations tor the several school
districts of Sullivan county, will be
held at the following places on the
following dates. Davidson and
Shrewsbury townships, at Muncv
Valley Sept. 28th, LaPorte town
ship, and borough at LaPorte Sept.
30th —Cherry twp., and Dushore
borough at Dushore Oct. I—Hills
grove twp., at Ilillsgrove, Oct. sth—•
Forks twp., at Millview, Oct. 7th—
Colley twp., at Coltey, Oct. 9th—
Fox twp., at Sliunk, Oct. 11th—
Elkland twp., at Estella, Oct. 21st.
The school directors are requested
to attend the examination in their
Teachers must be examined in the
district in which they expect to
teach unless they procure a written
permit to be examined in some other
district, signed by at least three
members of the Board of Directors
of the district in which they expect
to teach.
All examinations will commence
promptly at 9 o'clock a. m.
County Superintendent.
Forksrille Pa. Sept. 14th, 1889.
llarrlaun and the Soldier*-
President Harrison's action in tbe
case of Commissioner Tanner is wise,
just and brare. It shows that the
President has the courage to do his
duty in the face of difficulties.
Corporal Tanner is unquestionably
popular with the Grand Army.
His shattered lioibs, his persona
heroism, his dashing speech, his ex
altation of tbe soldiers above every
thing, all give him a high pkieo iu
'the hearts of his comrades. There
was danger that the displacement of
such a man, t hough actually in their
interests, would bo misunderstood
around the camp-fires. Yet in the
face of sudh a risk'the President has
■seen his fluty, and lia9 courageously
done it.i
Mr. Tanner has 'brought this doom
on his own head. It is personal to
him and means no issue *wlth the
soldiers of the Republic. He has
"been his own worst endmy. His
weakness and folly have brought
their own punishment "Well-mean
ing and liigh-spiritetl, the place
proved too big for him. His indis
cretion and lack of sense aroused
antagonisms, excited resentments,
prtt the Administration in a false
position and injured the'cause of the
soldiers he meant to serve. He was
insubordinate and defiant with his
superiors. He was truculent and
insulting wiith his peers. He put
his liberal policy in the most extrava
gant manner and in the worst light.
With his prodigal bravado and his
foolish statements he managed to
create the public impression that,
without being dishonest, he was a
loose and reckless spendthrift lie
thus became an embarrassment not
only to the Administration but to
the true interests of the soldiers
The President has proved a better
and wiier friend of the Grand Army
'than Mr. Tanner. No policy of
pensions can prevail without popu
lar support. Mr. Tanner was arous
ing opposition on all sides. Ilis
lavish promises and inconsiderate
utterances created a feeling that he
was ready to strip the Treasury re
gardless of all other consequences.
; The result was that every proposal
j from him Was received with huspi-
I cion. A measure which from other |
hands might encounter no criticise |
was instantly under fine when heap- i
peared as its sponsor. He was in-1
cessantly attacked by the whole
! foroe of the opposition, and had put
it out of the power of his friends to
defend him. Thus, while he honest
ly intended to be the best friend of
the soldiers, he was in reality their
worst foe. His resignation re*
moves a fatal handicap, and permits
the just consideration of pension
measures on their merits. The Ad*
ministration had declared itself in
favor of a liberal policy with the
soldiers of the Republic, and Gener
:al Harrison, himself one of their
number, will have abundant oppor
tunity to show that he is also one
of their wisest and truest cham
The country will sustain and ap->
plaud the President. He found ft
weak spot in his administration, and
he has manfully made a change.
The soldiers themselves will come
to see that it is for theirgood.and the
people will recognize it ag the act of
a sincere, earnest, couragoous, high
minded Executive.
— 1
Cor iter of Third and J'ine Sts.,
For the latest style and a good
fit we would refer our Sullivan coun
ty friends to Mr. Carskadden who is
numbered among the beNt Tailors in
the Lumber city. Sept. 13th, 'B3.
F. M. CROSSLEY, Proprietor
I,i ave Laporte at 6:15 a. m.for Nordttiont
Arrive at Nordmont 7:30 ». in.
Leave Nordmont at 11:16 a. m.for Laporte
Arrive at Laporto 1:00 p< in.
Leave Laporte at 5:00 p. m.for Nordmont
Arrive at Nordmont <1:30 p. ui.
Leave Ntfrdraont at 7:00 p. in.for Laporto
Arrive at Laporte 8:30 p. in.
Leave Laport* at 8 a. in.for Dushore
Leave Dushore at Jp. in.for LuPort
Tlie undersigned baring been restored to
health by simple meant, after suffering (or
several years With a setere lung a&eetioD, and
that dread disease onsumption, i* anxious lo
roaki known to bis felfow sufferers the means
of cure. Totliosewho dosiieit, be will sheer
fully .end (free of charge) a copy of tho pre
scription Med, whioh tbey will find a sure euro
for Containption. Asthma, Catarrh, Dronehistis
and all throat and lung Maladies. Ho hopes
all sufferers will try his Remedy, as it is in
talunble. Thuse desiring the prescription,
which will eosi ibem nothing, and may prove a
blessing, will please address, REV. EDWARB
A. WILSON, Williamsburg, Kings County
Now Voik*« *
SHERIFF'S SALE by virtue of a writ
Ka- Imued out »F the court of Ci minor
p>ai of Sullivnii county Pennsylvania, «nH to
•me dii< eted i»nd delivered there will be ex
posed to public sole at the Court Houtie in
Laporte, on Friday the 20th dny of t>epti rfcher
A. I). 1889, at l:.'IO p m. All that certain
lot, piece or parcel of land situated lying and
heine in the twp., of Fox, County of Sullivan
and State of I'eangylvauia, bounded and de
fCribed at follow* via:
Betioninj; at a post in the road opposite
'the cemetery on the west side of the croek,
'-ihineo by lands of Everet Shaddock, north
50J perches to a stake und t tones, thenoc west
by said Shaddock and 11. I). I>ickerson, 73}
perches to a poitt in road, thenee north 521
perches to a post or point, thence by land of
Jno. B. Dicke-aon east 130 perches to stone
heap which stone heap ia 10 perches east of
creek and which 10 perches ia bounded 'by land
of Peter Holier thence by land of Peter Holier
and Wm. lioiidr South 24 1-4 degree! east
86 perches to a post and stones ihence by land
of Jno. CampbcH north 8! degrcii west 14
perches to a p<nfi and stones it being 4 perches
west of thu oreck ihei,ce by laud of saiS Camp
bell south 5 degrees west 42 peaches to a post
or point in road, ihence along said road by the
following several courses that is north fiV de
grees west I & perches north S7 degrees west 5
perches north 88 degrees efest 22 perches north
62 degrees west 18 perches to the place of be
ginning containing 60 ncrirs be tho sumo more or
Ic-B. 'llio land being mostly improved, well
watered, fruit orchard and having erected there
ou two large two ttory houses one large frame
bank barn, also one large hoise barn, one
small ore story dwelling house and other out
ALSO one ether lot piece or parocl of land
situated in Fi I township, County of Sullivan
and state ot Pennsylvania, aioresaid bounded
and described as follows, viz:
Beginning at a port corner of iand conveyed
to Mortimer Williams by Henry Williams on
line of land of Kiohard Swingle, thence sototh
about 57 J porches to corner of land formuly j
of Win. Holier, thefice along said land west
6U perches to center of a creek, thence up said
creek itsseveral courses and distances about S"J
pcrcliea to iand Sold Mortimer WilHatua by
Henry Williams thence along said land east
about 80 perches to the place of beginning
containing 25 aores uiore or less, being nearly
all timber land with the h'omlock timber re
moved about 4 acres improved'
Seized and taken into execution and to bo
sold as the property of Henry Williams.
ALSO one other lot, piece or parcel of land
situated in the twp.. County ot Sullivan, aud
State of Pennsylvania aforesaid boundod and
described as lollows viz:
Beginning at a port in the center of a creek
known as the Hoagland Branch, thence east
by lands of Potter (or Patton) 6a perches to
a post corner of lands of Uideon Witaox,
south by lands of Kichard bwingle 115 perche*
to a p st, thence west by lnads of grantor
about 80 perches to the center of aforesaid
crei k thence up said croek its seVeral courses
115 perches to the place of beginning, fon
tainining 50 acres be the sam« more or less
being a part of the Oenrge L&tnmer warrant
and conveyed to tho gruntor Ky deed of Peter
Holier an j wife which deed if recorded in La
portc in Deed Book No. 9 482. About la
: acres improved well watered* frtiit orchard and
i having erected thereon one gt>od two story
| frame dwelling honee small barn and other
lout buildings.
ALSO another lot ttf land beginning at the
| north west eoruer of lands of John P. Kilmer
I thence south twenty four and one forlh do-
I greca east eight-six pcrol»«* to a post and
stones thence north 85 degrees west by lands
of Isaac Williams B. S. Fanning aud Jessie
MeCormick fourteen perches to a post and
stones thence north by public highway to line
of Wm. Albert* thence east to place of begin
ing containing about t>enty acres more or
less and having thereon a steaiu saw mill.
Seized and taken in cxeoution and to be
sold as the property of Heury and Mortimer
Williams at the suit of Chus. E. Bullock.
HENKY TlilPl', SherifT
Sheriff's Office, LaPorte, Pa.. August 27th, '*9.
Notice if hcrtby given that the fbllowing
accounts etc., of Admicistiaiors etc., have
been filed in the office of the Kegi.-tor of Wills
We., in and for the coun'y of SuliivuD, viz:
Firal account of John Wright Adm'r. of
Martin Ralph dee'd.
Final account of W. 11. 1). Green, Ex'or of
John S. Green dee'd.
First and Final account of K. T. Batlin and
Abrain pardoe Admr's of Geo. Pardoo dee'd.
Final account of Matthew J. Burns Ex'or
of John Drake, dee'd.
And the following Widows Appraisements
have been filed:
In the Estate of Daniel, Williams dee'd.
In the Estate of Geo. Gower, dee'd.
In the Estate of AugUst Occhslcy, dee'd.
And that the same will be presented to iho
Orphans' Court 01 said County OD Wednesday
the 18th day of Septemlier, 1889, at 3 o'clock
p. m. lor confirmation and allowance.
A. WALSH, Begister.
Registers Office, LaPorte. Pa., Aug. 17th, 1889.
NO! SEPTEMBER TERM, 1889 —ln the
Orphan's Court of Sullivan county Penna
Estate of George Pardoe deo'd.
To the hein of Geo. Pardoe dee'd, and all
others interested. Mary R. fily, wife of Wm.
Bly, Delilah S. Pardoe, llattie Louden wife of
John Louden Marrie M. Battin, wile of Reuben
T. Battin, Alvin Pardoe, Emma Everett wi;e
of Chas. D. Everett, and Abrain L. Pardoe.
Ton are hereby notified that the Orpans court
of said county awarded an ii. quest to mako
partition and valuation of certain rcrtl estate,
of the said lioo. Pardoe Sec,d, consisting of a
mc-suage aud tract of about cue hundred and
six acres of laud situated in Elkland twp., in
saia county and that said inquest will ho held
on eaii premises on Monday tho 2nd day of
September A. D. 18S8. At 2 o'clock p. in. at
which time and you are requested to at
tend if jou think proper.
.Sheriff's Office. Laporte Pa., Aug. sth, 18S9-
Campbell <&Son.
General merchants ofShunk, wish
to call the attention of tho many
citizens of the Western portion of
the county to the tine selection of
; goods just received, consisting of:
, Summer Prints, Dress Suitings,
' Ginghams and all kind of Dry Goods
and°Notlons, Jefseys, Gloves and
Mitts, Ladies and Gents Furnishing
Goods, Men's Boy's and Children's
clothing Ilats and Caps, Boots and
Shoes, Straw Goods, Crockery and
Glassware, Hardware and Haying
toold, and a Fresh line of Groceries,
Tobacco and Cigars, and every thing
usually kept in a General Store, also
Agents lot
We have the finest ami largest
assortment of goods ever offered to
tlio peoplo of Shunk and vicinity,
and sell as cheap as any firm in the
county. Give us a trial and be con
vinced. Thanking our old custom
ers for their patronage in past, and
trusting that they may continue,
we remain yours etc.
iJune, 188',I. Shunk, Pa.
T. Keeler,
IB adding every week to his well
Selected Stock or Merchandise eon
sisting of Dry Goods, ft otions, Head y
made Clothing, Hats, <oaps, Boots
■ and Shoes, Groceries, bardward,
pQneenswaie, Floor, Feed etc.
'Prices as low *s the lowest. Call
and be convinced of good qualities
and low prices.
Laporte, I'a., Aug. Bth, 1889.
11. B. WAitß'.'BtOK, Prop'r.
FoitKsvii.Lfc, PA.
This is a large and commodtbtta
house, with large airy rooms, and is
furnished in first class style. The
best of accommodations offered tran
sient or steady boarders. Forksville
is situated along the Loyal Sock and
is a very pretty town and a favorite
isummer resort for city guests.
R. B. WARBURTON, Prop'r.
Forksville, Aug. Ist,, 1883
This is a large and commodiouß
house, with large airy rooms, furn x
shed in first class style. A desira*
bio place for those who desire toes»
cape the heatod term. Hunting and
fishing in their season. The bar ia
supplied with choice liquors & bigargi
Nov. 13 'BS.
The undersigned has opetlcd all
agricultural stol-e at Forksville, and
carries in stock a full line of Seed-*
ers. (The celebrated "Warner".)
I'ltnns, Jlarn.Kt,
Mowing Machines, Minders,
Reapers, Farm W'tgons^
Spring Wagons, Buggies,
/Sleighs, Cutters, & etc.
In fact all lines of farm utensilH
and agricultural implements. Coiffti
and bXiimine my stock and prices^
April 11th..1S88.
57 HILL, M D. 1
Oflico On the cortier of Mom A Beech ii
An attractive, home-like hotel.
Every etfort made to entertain satia
factorily. MRS. M. C. LAVEK,
1* ropTietor.-
A Rccorder6f Snll.C
Office at Residence; on Munc| itreei
Attorneys at I-aw,
Legal Business attended to in this
and adjoining Counties.
Telephone communication direct
with County Otlices at Laporte.
January, 18$8.
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Rochester, N Yj