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    fs© P^FaELICi^I}.
W.M. CHENE? - - - Editor
IteimMiran Priinarj- Urftinil,
The Republican Vigilance com
mittee aie hereby directed to hold a
primary election in each of the sever
al boroughs and townships of the
county on Friday Sept., 13th, 1880
at the place of the general elections,
between the hours of o and 7 p. in.,
for the purpose of electing delegates
from each district to a county con
vention, which will convene the fol
lowing Saturday Sept. 14th, at 2 p.
m., in the Court House, LaPorte Pa.,
at which said convention nornina
ntions will be made for the following
olliees: Prothonotary an 1 Sheriff.
[We are obliged lo call the con
vention on the above mentioned
date owing to the fact that court
commences on the 16th. of Sept.
and will continue in session for two
weeks thus preventing us the use of
the Court House during said time.
We make this explanation for the I
benefit of those who are curious to
know why we call the convention
on Saturday. We trust that each
precinct will be well represented.]
The Vigilance committee are as
Bernice —Wm. Phillips, Joel j
Sack son, Harry Hamson.
Volley —M. W. Reeser, Charles
Schock, John Housewert.
Cherry —Nelson Cox, Henry
Stall 1, .'os. Sick.
• Dushore —F. P. Vincent, Charles j
Croll, Charles lIofT.
Davidson —Charles Cox, Peter
Whitacre, D. 11. Lorah.
Flkland- —Jos. Grange, J. J. Tec
van, R. \V. Wright.
Forks twp. —Wm. Bird, E. R.
Warburton, David Molyneux.
Forksoille —E. J. Stuidevant, J.
Fleming, I). T. Huckell
.Fox —J. P. Kilmer, Tlios. McKay, |
Wm. Kilmer.
Ilillsgrove —Homer Peck, Geo.
Darby, Chas. Sadler.
lopcz —W. R. Jennings, Jos.
Walburn, C. W. Wilhelm.
TAl Porte twp. —Chas. Mead, Geo.
Fiester, Z. E. Botsford.
LaPorte boro. —J. 11. Thomas
Frank Meylert, A. J. Hackley.
Shrewsbury —John A un milcr,
Geo. B. Danlej-, E. V. Ingham.
Chairman 11cp.., Standing Com.
LaPorte, Aug. x'Gtli. 18S9.
It is Claimed that Graham Made the '
Leap in His Barrel.
NIAGARA FAI,I,H, Sept. Ist.—Last
Sunday afternoon Carlisle I). Gra
ham made a successful trip through
the whirpool rapids, the Maelstrom
Foster's flats, before an assembled
multitude of 15,000 people, that was
preparatory to his effort to-day to
pass over the falls, which according
to Graham himself and a few other
witnesses, was accomplished in safety.
The same barrel was used. At 6
o'clock this morning it was towed
out into the river by Andy Home
and Garret Cahill,and at 0:45 a. m.
it was let go at the point opposite
the Chippewa Creek. Down the
current it swept, plunging over reefs,
then out of sight, till at 7:10 it ap
proached the brink and dropped 200
feet into the abyss IKIIOW. The bar
rel soon reappeared intact and was i
espied in an eddy. Elmer Jones
swam out from the Canadian shore,
caught hold of the rope fastened to
the barrel and towed it in shorei
where just at 7:25 a. m. Graham
was lifted out by Jones and Cahill.
Graham was quickly brought out
more dead than alive to Home's
saloon, on this side. Graham him
self says the first 1 knew was when
someone struck the barrel and said:
"Graham are you alive?" He com
plained of terrible pains in the back
and head from the rocking he had
received, and could talk but inco
herently. About a dozen people
verify the statement that Graham
was in the barrel and many more
will say that they saw the barrel go
over. Graham was probably led to
h'-< exploit In the appearance here
of Steve Brodie villi the avowed in
tention ol jumping the falls.
S rrici S AND it AIM
ED ll* SUM.IVAN roi -vrv.
il< r t urn IIIHI l'n«i l.iltt-l.ivm for n
Time n) Brrnlet mjil 4'ainiva.t<-«
Waller I'iirsotK., the ninn
Dushore, Sullivan county, Pa., to
the Advertiser, Kays that Mrs. Rob
ert. May Hamilton, who is implicated
in the stabbing affair at Atlantic
City, is an okl resident of this place.
She is the daughter of William
Steel and was born in Wilmot twp.,
sonic thirty years ago. Her maiden
name was Eva Steel. About 1870,
at the time of the opening of the
Bernice coalmine in Sullivan couti
ty, the family removed to that place.
Ilere Eva developed into woman
hood, and about 1876 with her
beamy, added to a perfectly deve
loped figure, she captivated Walter
Parsons, son of a prominent gentle
man from Boston, who was then
superintendent of tLe mines.
During the next two 3'ears they
passed as man and wife in this vic
inity, Parsons saying she was his
wife at the hotels where they stop
ped. In 1878 Parsons became tired
of the fair but frail Eva, and re
turned to Boston, leaving Miss
Eva behind. For several years she
drifted between Towanda, Elmiraaiul
Waverly. About 1881 she left this
vicinity going to New York. The
last time she visited this town was
during the holidays last year. She
was accompanied by a man who
gave his name as J. Mann, who
claimed to be her husband. Those
who knew her at the time of her
liason with Walter Parsons said
her beauty was much faded and she
showed unmistakable evidence of
her <ast life.
The Advertiser of yesterday says:
It is now generally known and eon
ceded that about six or eight years
ago Mrs. Hamilton was a resident
of Elmira, but a few people
in fact, not more than a half dozen,
is it known that she lived there
less than a year ago. The woman
arrived iu Elmira early last fall, ac
companied by a man, who proceed
ed with her to one of the most fash
ionable of the city hotels and there
they registered as Mr. and Mrs. J.
Mann. They engaged sumptuous
apartments in the hotel, spent
money lavishly, and in short rolled
high. She attracted much atten
tion by her rich attire, and seldom
appeared twice in the same custume.
Her robes were all of si'k, and
diamonds always ornamented her
ears, hair and neck. Their apart,
ments were the scenes of nightly
revelries, and Dr. Morse was upon
several occasions called into ad
minister to the woman when suffer
ing from the effects ol the previous
evening's dissipation. Such pro
ceedings soon attracted the atten
tion of the other guests of the house
and also of the proprietor, who im
mediately caused their removal from
the house. They then engaged
apartments in a dwelling on West
Third street. Here their hilarity
continued, and the same lavish ex
penditure of money was kept up.
Dr. Morse was several times
summond to their new residence,
and one day received a call from
Mr. Mann, requesting the doctor to
accompany him to one ot the city
banks to identify them that they
might get the money on a check
for $-200, made payable to Mrs.
Mann. He did so, but the cashier
thought more than a mere introduct
ion was necessary and requested
Dr. Morse to put his name upon the
check, lie was of course too good
a business man to do this, but gave
the man a loan of which was
repaid the next day. Subsequently
Mrs. Mann opened an account with
the bank and frequently deposited
checks for large amounts drawn by
Robert Hay Hamilton, of New
They remained but a short time
when they went to Towanda, Pa.,
where Eva's brother was in trouble
cl.aiged with some state prison of
tense. By a liberal expenditure ofi
money they succeeded in clearing
the brother at the trial and returned
to this city, when Mrs. Mann drew
out the balance remaining to her
credit in the bank, amounting to
some st<oo or §BOO, and the two re
turned to New York.
NEW YORK, Aug. 30th.—During
tho past year Robert Ray Hamilton
has been dealing largely in re:J es
tate in this city and Brooklyn.
None of the deeds recorded make
any mention of Mrs. Hamilton, and
in several the granter, Robert Bay
Hamilton,, is especially declared to
be unmarried. The law provides
that a married man cannot sell pron
erty in real estate without inserting
his wife's name in the deed of con
veyance, because every married
woman has an inchoate right of dow
er in her husband's estate, which
upon his death she can claim as her
own. The absence from which an
indenture of the name of the wile cf
the granter, if his wife is living at
the time, impairs the title to the
property and the purchaser or gran
tee has cause for damages in legal
proceedings. It is believed Mr.
Hamilton was married at this time
last year. The exact date of his
marriage will he a matter of impor
tance to persons who have purchased
estate from him.
Mr. Hamilton was one of the pro
moters of the Metropolitan Land
Improvement Company, which
bought extensive tracts in the
Twenty-fifth Ward aud sold small
parcels to persons in poor circum
stances who built their homes there
on. If the sales were made after
Hamilton's marriage all tho gran
tees will find themselves liable to
expensive litigation in the event of
Mrs. Hamilton surviving her hus
band. The sales of Brooklyn prop
erty amounted to more than !?30,-
He Has » Good Appetite and Is Par
ticularly Fond ofTobaeeo.
Ottaw v, Ont., Aug. I'i. —The
town of Winchester, forty miles
from tliis city, claims the oldest in
habitant of the Dominion, llis
name is John Page, a native of Sus
sex, England, where he was born in
July, 1771, or five years before the
Declaration of Independence.
At an early age he ran away to
sea, but was subsequently recovered
and bound as a ship's apprentice to
a Captain Harvey, in the merchant
service, and while still in his ap
prenticeship he was pressed into the
British Navy, where he served un
der Lord Nelson at the Castle of
liis intellect is clear, and he en
joys talking over bis boyhood days
of over a century ago. He distinct
ly remembers Napoleon and his
first Empress. Although 118 years
uld, he can still walk, has a good ap
petite and his relish for tobacco is
W. C. T. (i. Convention.
The annual convention of the
Women's Christian Temperance
Union of Sullivan county, will con
vene at Forksville Pa. Sept. 25th,
IT.OfiltAM ME,
Afternoon session, 2 p. m.—De
votional exercises—Singing—Head
ing minutes—Address of welcome,
.Mrs. A. F. Ney—Response, Mrs.
A. Hoffman—Singing—Reports ot
Superintendents of departments—
Miscellaneous business—Adjourn
ment—Benediction—Evening ses
sion, 7p. m.—Devotional exercises
Rev. H. Lounsbuiy—Singing—
Reading minutes—President's an
nuiil address—An address, Kev. I*.
It. Pittman—-The present phases of
temperances work Mrs. A. A. Rath
burn—Women's franchise, Mrs. M.
E. Farrell—Adjournment singing—
It is earnestly desired that the
local unions be as largely represen
ted as possible. Let all interested
in the temperance worK, make an
effort to attend both sessions
Mrs. A. A. Rathiiurn, Pres.
Miss 11. M. Little, Sec'v.
As the days go by the prospects
of a Republican sheriff for Lycoming
County grow brighter. The latest
outcome of the Democratic embrog
lio is the announcement
that R. W, Lcbo, who was defeat
ed for the nomination for sheriff,
will run on an independent Demo
cratic ticket. It is neadless to add
that the chances of Lewis Homer
Martin are proportionately increas
ed thereby.
Notice is hereby given that an application
will be made to Hon. Judge A. Sittser Presi
dent Judge of tho Court of C< mmon Pleas of
Sullivan county, on the 18th, day of Sept
1880. at 2 o'clock p. in., ior the Charter of a
corporation to be called "The Mokoma
Heights Improvement Association " The
charter and object of which arc the improve,
ment and beautifying of .'Mokoma Heights" in'orte Ilnro, Sullivan county Pennsy Ivania.
t. M. DUNHAM, Solicitor.
LaPorte Pa. August 20th, l^Sil.
Ol» Kit 1 l-'F'S SA m.—By virtue of a writ of
k Fi. Fa is-tird out of the court of common
plen> of Sullivan county, Pa., and to me directed
.ittil delivered, there will be exposed to public
sale at the Court House, in LaPo-te, on Tueg
d.'V, Sept. lnber 17th, 188!), at 1:30 p. m. All
that ce ai:i lot 112 i'ee or ptr-'el of land situated
in town-hip of Colley, county of Sullivan ard
stale of Pennsylvania, bounded and d-seribed
as follows: Beginning at the east corner of
Chas. .Vnrmngstar's lot; thence south 7S des
grc s, e:nt -HI live-tenth petchcs to a corner on
•'otley Mill lot. thence abinj* said lot south 4
degrees wes\ 211! 7-10 parches to the Rawlo
line to a corner, thence north 87 degrees w st
flll perches to of lot sold Morningttp.r;
thence by the sama north II degrees en«t 230
perches to lh'- plnoj of beirinnin?, cont tinit g
\*7 acres and 17 perches of land more or le ff s.
Together with the right of way 30 feet wide
from said lot to the public road as follows:
Beginning at a corner of the lot above des
cribed on the Coltey Mill lot and land gold
M--ser j nilli or Weniall; thence S"ttth >t> de
grees cast 1(1 1-10 perches to public road
down the e-eck, thence down the 112 üblia road
30 feet thence in a line parallel with the
first line north 87 decrees west aboilt Ifij}
pirelies to the lino of the Cclley Mill lot;
thence north I decrees east, 30 fi'Ct to the
place ot beginning. Having cr-'Oted therooij
one large two story frame bouse, granery and
other outbuildings, the land being about ore—
thirl improved and in a state of cultivation
with a number of fruit trees thereon and the
bind being well w-utered.
Seize! and taken into execution and to be
soldantbe properly of W, E. Hun'injer at
the suit of John Utz.
HENRY TRfPP, Sheriff.
SherilTs Office, LaPorte. Pa., Aug. !l, 'IBBSI.
OHERIFFS' SALE.-By virtue of a writ of
O Ft. Fa. issued out the court of Common
Pleas of Sullivan coun'y. Pa , arid to tne dfreet
cd and delivered there will be exposed to pub
liu sale nt the Coutt House in LaPorte, on
Tuesday the 17th day of September, A. D.,
18811, at 1:30 p. m.
vl 11 that certain lot jiiece or parcel of land
situate I lying and !>eing in the township of
Forks. County of and State of Pcnn
sylvHtiia, bounded and described as 112 -11 -»ws,
viz: Hesjinning at a post and stone corner
made by 'Jco. WnlUer f>r the north corner of
the Ceo. KtMi ~ warrant thence al ni* the line
Chnrlrs Pleasant*, warrant, north 57 decrees
west 125 ju rchi'j* to a I'ee, h corner: thence
ill'-nLi lands of bowman >t north ;!2 <le
prces iihout 100 perches to the Little
I.oval S. i; cr"ek. thcncc bv the middle of sa ; I
Mr am Iv the several ther < fabo-it Lit)
j.rle* to the line of the land* of Christian
Tayl«»r, th-nee silong to-* said line south .'MA
d, _r es west nb ut c «» perches more or less to
the place of heginninr, containing about 70
acres in re «»r lean. Having erected thereon a
one story plank house, one small barn and
other out buiblngs. About .V» acres being in
a good state of cultivation, and having a small
fruit orchard thereon,
Seized and taken into execution as the prop
crfv of Williba J!. Kinebold at the suit of Chas.
I'.ir 1.
Sheriff's Office, LaPorte. Pa., Aug. 20th, ISS9.
Triiil Keplomber Term, ISSJK
(H ETC UN DAY S KPT KM HEP., 16 1859.)
No. 1 J. IV, Punning vs Mathias Postian,
No Sept. term 18Sfi, assumpsit; Thomson
for PlfT. Dunham for Dft*
2 11 P Me vers vs <»eo C Jackson No 87
December teim l s< *7; assumpsit- Dunham for
plaintiff, Thorn >n and K P Ingham for deft.
No. C. !>• ElJred vs Milton Oilman
and N 1 M. Oilman. No. 7-1 Feby. term
' KjrCtment. Dunham for plft*. Ing
natn f»r dl't.
N-. t. J. S TfoflTa vs C. W. Welhelm, No.
129, May'erin isss, Assumpsit; Cronin for
piPT T1 omson tor dft.
No. f> Richard Corcoran vs Margaret Cor
coran Kxtx Nfc» 17 September ISSB, Downs and
Sc »ut n for Plft Tngham f«>r Dft.
No. C. Mary Ann Hah»* vs A. 11. Zaner
Admi's. No. 55 Sept. term lsss. Framed issue,
Collin* tor pltT. Th»imon for deft.
No 7. Slav Ann Ruhr vs A. 11. Zaner,
Admi's. No. 50, Sept. teim ISSS Frnm*-d issue.
Same Atty's.
No. Juo. Tiechart (use.) The Pa. S N. Y.
Canal \ I». R. Co., No. 107 September term
Issn, Deft, appeal: Scouten fur Plft*. Streeter,
Daus and Hall for Pft.
No «.t O'Neill\s Meduirea?»d Rouse
No » December term ISSN, Dft -. appeal- Cronin
for PIT. Collins tor I)ft*
No 10 John Fox v< 11. C. Fuller and Malford
Williams, Trustees of the Evangelical ehurcth
ofS .uok Pa. No. 39. Dec. term ISBS. Djts ap*
peal, Seouien for I'ltT* In rham for Dft.
No, 11 11. M Mullen vs F.lise Staub No. 1
F by. terra ISSs. Assumpsit; Scouten for
plft', Jughams for dft.
No. 12. Thomas King vs Forks twp No.
25 Dee, term 1>"72 Tresja> on the case,
Scouten for plft*. Ingham and Smith for dft.
No. HI James D.inn vs William Dunn. No 19
Dec Term l s *(>. Eject. Thomson and Dunham
for Creuin, Collins and Ingham a for
No. 14 Geo. »V. Craft vs Win. Warn, at. al.
No. 32 Sept. T. I^B7—Trespass —E. P. Ing
ham and Grim for plff. Crawford and Downs for
No. 15 John Craft et. al. vs Wm. Warn, ct.
al. N).32 Sept. T. ISs7 —Lrespass-*-E. P. Ing
hain and Grim for pltf. Downs and Crawford
for deft's.
No. It). The Susquehanna Mutual Tip'
Irsorince Company of Marri.-burir Pa. vs
Thomas J. Keeler No. 07 Sept. Term ISS7.
pltl's appeal T. J. Ingham for plff, Dunham
for deft.
17. Same ts F. M. Crossley, 6S Sept. term
18S7; pill's appeal. Same Attorney's.
No 13 J. M. Osier vs Ario Pardee No . r »l
Deo. term ISH7; Dfts appeal, Dunham for Plft.
E. P. Ingham for Deft.
No. 19 W. C. tlarey vs F. P. Vincent No 90
Dec. term ISS7. Defts. appeal; Dunham for Plff.
Ingham for Dft.
No. 20. Mary Whitely, Executrix Ac* vs
Jno. W. Whitley Adr. et al. No. 68 Feby. term
1888. Sci Fa. Dunham T. J. and F. 11. Inir- |
ham for riff. E. P. Ingham and Crawford for j
f T o 21 W. C. <Urcy vs F. P, Vincent, No. |
111 May term 1888, Dfts appeal: Dunham fori
Plft'. Ingham for Dft.
No. 22 Frontz vs Henry Williams et al No.
91 Feb. term 1888, assumpsit,* E. P. lughain
lor Plft". Dunham for Deft.
A. WALSH. Protl \v
Proth'y's. Office. LaPorto, Pa.. Aug. .'ld, 18S9.
_ ■I 't" o -V**, ' f.lte.j b>
M'HILADKI.ritI A. PA. ta-eat once, no operation
or io.-s < 112 tii-iefrom business. Cases i»rono'.ii»ee»l in
curable by otueib wanted. Wen it tor < ireutar.
'■ Al OIUK jiUT!■.],. 1
kj It. KARNS, Prnjiripiot. I
A largo nut 1 cuuuioub'us house. poss» b- (
siti£ till th«» attribute «if it fir t-clafw iiotoi I
The Bar is well The I
Vf tlio public rcsouctt'uliy
SHERIFF'S SALE by virtue of n writ of Fi. j
Pa. ismjed out «>f tbe court of Common
pleas of Sailivnn county Pennsylvania, find to
ni« Hirectofl and delivered iherc wi'l !>e ex
posed to publin sale ut th« Court House in
Laporlo, on Fri'lnv the 20th ilav of bentemher
A. I). 18S0, at 1:110 |> 111. All that certain
lot, piece or p&rcel pf land fit tinted lying and in
in th»- twp., ofFox, C<»i:nty of Sullivan
and State < 112 Pennpvlvania, hounded and de
scribed nsj follow* vi/:
Bepiuning at a post in the road opposite
the cemetery on the weßt ride of the creek,
thence 1-y lands of Kveret Shadduck, north
sft § perches to a .stake and i tones, thence west
by said Shaddock and If. D. Pickers.>n. 73*
perches to a post in road, thence north 62$
/perches to a p«.st, or point, thence by land of
(Jno. I'.. Dickc-son east 180 parches to stone
: heap which stone heap is 10 perches east of
1 crick and whi-h 10 perches is bounded by land
I of Peter Hozier thence by land of Pet<-r il«»zier
■ and Win. lioziers uth 24 1-4 decrees ea-t
I 8(i perches to a post and stones thence by land
!( i Jno. Campbell north 82 degrees west 14
porches to a post and stones it being 4 porches
west of the creek thence by land of said Camp
bell fouth 5 degrees west 42 peaches to a post
; or* point in road, ihence along said road by the
! following several courses that is north (»9 de
crees west l.*» perches north 87 degrees west 5
I | erchOs north 88 degrees west 22 ]><rches north
; t 2 degrees west 18 perebor to the place of be
ginning containing 00 acr» sin the samcinorcor
|le s. 'lh" lan I being mo-tjv improved, well
watered, fruit orchar I ami having erected there
on two large two story housed one laree frame
i bank barn, also one lingo hors • b un, one
I small ore story dwelling house ai»d other out
f buildii gs.
j ALSO one other lot piece or parcel of land
situated in Fox township. County of Sullivan
■and .-tate oi Pennsylvania, aforesaid bounded
I and described as follows, viz:
J Beginning at a po-t corner of iand conveyed
Ito Mortimer Williams by Henry tYiiliaius on
line of la id of Richard Swingle, thence South
about v»7A perches to corner of latd !■ rmely
of Win. Hosier. thence along sai l laud
j 09 perches to center of a creek, thonoe up said
■ creek itsseveral course* and distinces about i>7i
! ]»erohes to land sold Mortimer Williams by
| Henry Williams thence along said land east
j about sO perches to the place of beginning
; containing 25 acres more or 1.-ss. bjing nearly
i all timber land with the hemlock timber re
. moved about 4 aces improved-
Seized and takeu into execution and to be
j sold as the property of Henry Williams.
| ALSO one other lot, piece or parcel of land
j situated in the twp., County ot Sullivan, and
State of Pennsylvania aforesaid bounded and
I described as tt lluws viz:
Beginning at a pot in the center of a creek
' known as the HoaJand Branch, thence east
;by landa of Potter (or Pattoti) ti'j perches to
a post corner of lands of tiide-n Wibox, theme
south by lands of Kichird Swingle 115 perches
to a P"St. thence west by I t nils of grantor
about 80 perches t« the center «.t aforesaid
creek thence up said creek its several courses
115 perches to the pi too of beginning, con
-1 tainiuing 50 acres bo the same more or less
being a part of the (Jcnrgo Latatuer warrant
and c mveyed to the grantor by deed of Peter
Hosier and fifi which deed it ret ord< 1 in La•
poru i i Deed liook So. V 102 About 1;>
acres improved will watered, lruit orchard and
hiving erected ther-'on one good two story
frame dwelling house small barn and other
out buildings.
ALSO another lot. of land beginning at the
north w st corner of land of John P. Kilmer
thence south twenty four and one forth de
! greca cast eight-six perches to a post and
stones thence north S5 degrees west by lands
of Is me Williams K. S. Fanning and Jessie
McCorinick fourteen perches t » a post and
, stones thence north by public highway to line
of \\ m. Albert* thence east to pla-e ot begin
j ing containing ab>ut twenty acres more or
j less and having thereon a steam saw mill.
Seiz«'d and taken in execution and to be
! sold as the pr »p..rtv of Henry and Mortimer
t Williams at the suit of Chas. E. Bullock.
11 EN RY TK t PP, Sheriff
, Sheriffs Office. LaPorte, Pa.. August 27th, '^9.
M i
! Notice is hereby given that the following
aceounts etc., of etc., have
been filed in the office of the Register of Wills
, etc., in an I tor the county of Sullivan, viz:
j Final a count of John Wright Adm'r. of
Martin Ralph dee'd.
j Kinal account of W. H. I). (Jrecn, Ex'or of
| John S. (Ireen dee'd.
! Firs?, and Final account of It. T. Battin and
j A brain Fardoe Admr' of tieo. Pardoe dee'd.
j F pal nccunt of Matthew J. Burns Ex'or
i of J. hn D uke, dee'd.
I And the following widows Appraisements
I have been filed:
I In the Estate of Daniel. William® dee'd. '
| In the Estate o tieo. (lower, dec'l.
j In the Estate of August Oeehsley, dee'd.
j And that the sain will be presentol to the
i Orphans' Court oi said County on Wednesday
the 18th day oi' September, ISSQ, at o'clock
j p. m.for confirmation and allowance.
A. WALSH, Register,
j Registers Office, LaPorte. Pa., Aug. 17th, 1889.
Noi SEPTEMBER TERM, I - —ln the
Orphan's Court of Sullivan county Penna
Estate of tJeorge Pardo»« dee'd.
To the heirs of tieo. Pardoe dee'd, and nil
others interested. Mary E. Bly. wife of Win.
ltly, Delilah S. Pardoe, Hattie Louden wife of
John Louden MarrieM. Battin, wife of Reuben
T. Battin, Alvin Pardoe, Emma Everett wi'e j
of Cbas. I>. Everett, anil A brain 1.. Pardoe. I
You are hereby notified that the Orpans court
of said county awarded an inquest to make
(partition and valuation ofeeitain real estate,
of the said tieo. Pardoe dce.d, consisting of a
me pitage and tract of about one hundred and I
six acrep of land situated in Elklan 1 iwp.» in ,
>aia county and that said i» ue>t will be held |
(>ri sai l premises on Monday ihe 2nd day of
Si i*« mber A. D. 1880 At. 2 o'clock p. m. at
which time and pi e • you are requested to at
tend if)on think pr per
Sheriff's Office. Laporte Pa., Aug. sth, 1889*
|Campb3ll <&Son.
| General merchants of Shunk, wish !
'to call the attention of the many I
! citizens of the 'Western portion of j
ithe county to tho fine selection ofi
poods just received, consisting of :
Summer Prints, l>re»s Suitings.
Ginghams and all kind ofDry Goods
and Notions, Jerseys, Gloves and
[Mit's, Ladies and (Jents Furnishing
Goods, Men'B Boy's and Children's
| clothing Hats and Caps, Boots and
' Shoes, Straw Goods, Crockery and
I Glassware, Hardware and Haying
tools, and a Fresh line of Groceries,
Tobacco and Cigars, and every thing
usually kept in a General Store, also
Agents tot
We have the finest and largest
assortment of goods ever oll'ered to
the people of Shunk and vicinity,
and soil as cheap as any firm in the
county. Give n-.a trial and In; con
vinced. Thanking our old custom
ers for their patronage in past, and j
trusting that they may continue,
we remain yours etc.
j. H. CAM L'UKLI, «V Sox.
June. LSS'.i. Shunt, l'a
T. J. Keeler,
Is adding every week to his well
Selected Stock of Merchandise con
sisting of Dry (ioods, Motions, Ready
made Clothing, Hats, Caps, Boots
and Shoes, Groceries, Hardward
Queens ware, Flour, Feed etc.
i Prices as low as the lowest. Call
: and be convinced of good qualities
jnnd low prices.
| Laporte, Pa., Aug. Bth, 1889.
. R. P.. \7ARB';RTOX j Prop'r.
This is a large and commodious
j house, with large airy rooms, and ia
'furnished in first class style. The
! host of accommodations oflercd tran
jsient or steady boarders. Forksville
: is situated along the Loyal Sock and
. is a very pretty town and a favorite
!summer resort for citv iruosts.
R. P>. W ARBURTOX, Prop'r.
Forksville, Aug. Ist, 1883.
Tnis is a large and commodiotiu
j house, with large airy rooms, furn->
shed in first cluss style. A desira*
! ble place for those who desire toes
: cape the heated term. Hunting and
fishing in their season. The bar is
supplied wit h choice liquors & cigars.
Nov. 13 'BS.
I+• ■ +
j The undersigned has opened an
I agricultural store at Forksville, and
carries in stock a full line of Seed
ers. (The celebrated '•Warner".)
Plows, Harrows,
Mowing Machine*, Hinders,
JReapers, Farm 'Wagons f
i Hiring Wagons, Jinggies,
' Sleighs, Cutters, k etc.
| lti fact all lino- of farm utensils?
and agricultural implements. Come
! and examine my stock and prices.
April llt.h..lSSß.
Office on the cornor of Main <& Feeeh S
j An attractive, home-like hotel,
j Every effort made to entertain satis
|faetorily. MRS. M. C. LAUEK,
I ________
Ex-Prothonotary, Register Recorder of Sull.C
Office at Residence'on M uney street
T. J. & F. H. INGHAM,
Attorneys at Law,
Legal Business attended to in this
'and adjoining Counties.
I Telephone communication direct
| with County Olfices at Laporte.
I January, 1888.
OU&\ OitelOilsl
Or own *lf' tnc.,
1 of the times for illuminating puposes,
or a family light—family safety oil
You can pin your faith to it as a
If you value light and safety in
your homes, ask for Crows Acme.
For sale to ilie trade by
Yours Truly,
§ALES £1 A H
to canvass for the sale of Nursery
Sio:"!i! Steady employment guarn
te« 1. Salary and . spenses paid to
successful men. Apply at once
stating age- Mention this paper.
Rochester, N. Y.