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    LAPORTE, PA. JUNK, 28th, IBS 9.
One week from to-day is the 4th. ;
June bugs and humbugs are both J
Strawberries are selling for 10c a
We shall not issue the REPUBLICAN
taext week.
Summer guests are arriving in
Urge numbers, at the 'Mere.
See hand b-'ll announcing the 4th
of July celebration at Laporte.
Lycoming is a Democratic county.
It went wet, by over a thousand ma
A. A. Ludy. J. P., of JlillsGrovc,
was a guest of the Laporte Hotel, on '
Mrs. Walter Spencer of Laporte,
is visiting her son J. 11. Spencer, of
Racing of all description and
grease pole climbing, at Laporte, on
July 4th.
The blackberry bushes are cover
ed with blossoms, indicating a big
yield of the delicious fruit.
The small trout recently placed in
the Mokonia trout box, are myster
iously disappearing.
The W. C'. T. U., will meet at the
room over Meylert A' Co's store t ri- 1
day June 28, 3 p. m.
Never think worse of another on
necount of his differing from you in
polities and religious subjects.
We give an account of the Cloud-
Degen marriage, elsewhere in this
issue, taken from the Tiradford Ji>ru.
Sheriff Tripp conveyed Judge j
Sittser to Pusliore, on Thursday,!
with his fast and pretty team of iron
gray colts.
Mrs. l)r. Hoinet and daughter!
Miss Jessie Hornet, of Wyalusini!', j
were visiting friends at Laporte, the
fore part of this week.
The Ti. V., engineer corps who are j
1 stopping in town, are a jolly lot of |
fellows. There arc eight in the corps !
and nearly all of them are young |
Special court which convened at j
Laporte on Monday, continued until I
Tuesday noon. The attendance was
There will bo ten or twelve boats
on Lake Mokoma for the use of.
those who desire to take a boat ride
on July 4th.
Prohibition was defeated in Rhode
Island by a vote of 5,4(19 more than
the three fifths of the total vote nec
essary to carry the amendment. The
Prohibitory law was repealed in this
state, thus giving it a very dark
colored eye.
Sheriff Tripp left on Wednesday
for Elmira, where lie learned that
Speht, the escaped convict of June
18th, is confined in jail in that city
tor disorderly conduct. The Sheriff
will transfer him to the Laporte jail
where he will be dealt with pretty
severely, we imagine.
Mr. 11. Alvin Hunsickcr and Miss
Helen Teresa Boice both of Philadel
phia were married in the Presbyter
ian church, corner or Broad and Dia
mond Sts., on June 19th. Mr. anil
Mrs. Hunsickcr are spending their
honeymoon at Mnplewood Cottage
in Lal'orte. The bride and groom
have many friends in LaPorte who
wish them the full measure of hap
piness and success in all of which
the REPUBLICAN joins.
The ease of Meyers vs Jackson
was tried at LaPorte on Tuesday
last lie fore J. V. Rettenbury, Walter
Spencer and W. 11. Davy, Arbitra
tors. I*l ff. claimed $1,240 balance
due on Rink at Eagles Mere. Deft,
set up a failure of title to a portion
of the land. T. J. Ingham and E.
M. Dunham for pltf. E. P. Ingham
and R. J. Thomson for deft. Award
for plff. in SI,OOO.
The Archdeacon and General Mis
sionary, visited Eagles Mere Inst
Thursday and arrangements are be
ing made to commence the work of
building the new church there this
. season. The ground plans are made
and bids have been received. A
transfer of lots has been made from
the old location to a larger lot on
the corner of Jones Ave., ami the
Forksvillc road near Hotel Eagles-
Mere. The committee has now over
$1,500 in bank anil #I,OOO subscribed
and work on the foundation will be
commenced as soon as the (fffntract
is let which it is expected will be
within a few weeks.
We were in error last week when
we stated that there was not a
base ball club organization in the
county—Bernice lias one.
A project is underway to have the j
03,000,000 people of the United,
States join in singing the "Star •
Spangled Banner" at a fixed hour on
the 4th of July next.
Bradford county went for the
Amendment to the tune of 3,199-1
Bradford, is a Republican county;
and thus the large majority for the
temperance cause.
The P. O. S. of A., of Sonestown I
and the Laporte I. O. O. F., lodges, 1
have l>een invited to take part in the 1
parade at Laporte, on July 4th. Mar-;
tial music will be in attendance. |
We shall not issue a paper next
week. Fourth of July week is given
the printer for recreation which is
'accepted by him with many thanks
to his patrons for their generosity.
While J. llarvey King and James
Gansel both of Laporte twp., were
drilling a hole in a rock, on Saturday !
last the sle Igo came off the handle'
striking Harvey on the head inflict-;
ing a severe cut.
Visit Lake Mokotna for a boat
ride on July 4th. Those who have
never seen it will be surprised at the ■
beautiful sheet of water. It covers ,
more acres than Lewis' I.ake and is
much more attractive.
The L. V., engineer corps, who
are stopping in town, made a visit to
Eagles Mere, on Sunday. On their
return they handsomely decorated
their vehicle and horses with laurel!
blossoms which attracted much at- j
tention while passing through town.
The REPUBLICAN like on former
I occasions gave the people of Sullivan
county the result of the June elec
tion, one week in advance of either |
of the other county papers. At this|
J date it is stale news. Subscribe forj
! the REPUBLICAN and get the news
i fresh from the mint.
The Milton Record says a gentle
| man called at their olllcewith a sam-j
I pie of 'Democratic oats,' and that it j
j measured 43 inches in heighth and
I was well headed." The former has
'a resemblenee of Democracy, but the j
I latter would sound more appropri
ate with the word "be-headed."
The vote on erecting a new school
house in Laporte borough, on Tucs- j
day June 18th was favorable. '1 lie
school directors will take proper
steps to have the building erected in
the near future. The building is to
co-tin the neighborhood of $2,500
and will be neatly and artistically !
c instructed.
Pennsylvania defeated the Proliib
itorv Amendment by 189,020 and
against the Suflrage Amendment,
which provided for the repeal of the
poll tax qualification, 235,540. The
people of the old Keystone state
have no desire to nniend the Consti
tution which has served us so well.
The directors of the Lako Mokonia
Land Co., met in E. P. Ingham's
office. Laporte, on Monday evening.
They decided that Capt. Meyers
could place a steamboat on the lake
and have the exclusive right of
steam navigation on the same for a
period of tive years.
The fast line leaving Philadelphia
at 8:30 a. in., will arriveat Sonestown
on and after July Ist, at 3:43 p. m.,
and the fast line for Philadelphia
will also leave Sonestown at 2:35 p.
m., arriving ia the city at 10:10 p.
ni. Train for Williamsport and the
West will leave Sonestown at 4:15 p.
The bridge over lloagland creek
in Fox twp., was damaged by the
recent flood. Moth abutments were
damaged and one was destroyed be
yond repairing. The repairing and
building of a new abutment to this
bridge, was let by the County Com
missioners, to John Hileman, of Du
shore, for $300.00, on June 21. The
repairing of the abutments to the
. Elk Creek bridge, near HillsGrovo,
was let to Perry Benficld, for gxS.OO.
The turniture wagon of Lawrence
Bros., of Dushore, is seen two or
three times a week upon our streets
! heavily loaded with choice turniture
> transporting the same to buyers in
■ this section. The Lawrence Bros.,
• who are well known throughout this
I portion of the county should receive
a liberal patronage from our people.
When in need of furniture give the
Bros., a thought. Undertaking a
j Bernice will celebrate on the 4th 1
'of July. '
Quite an amusing run away took
place on our streets 011 Saturday
| last. The parties concerned were
Stewart Chase and "Nick" the Italian.
They were coming up from the
tannery, Nick with reins in hand.
They turned 011 West Main street, go
< ing at the rate of a mile a minute, the
wagon turned bottom side up and
spilled both occupants out. They
were both slightly injured. Nick
who struck on his head was positive
I he was dead and called for an under
taker. The horse was caught near
the blacksmith shop and was not in
jured in the least. The wagon was
[damaged a trifle. Stewart rather
'enjoyed the experiment and says he
can make the same horse climb a
tree. Nick says he will roost on the
' top-most branch, should he be in his
I The Hughesville Mail re-printed
from the Labor Record, last week
an amusing local squib which refers
'to Lake Mokoma. It says : "Some
people are wondering if the new arti
ficial lake up in Sullivan county,
known as Lake Mokoma, will not in
time prove to lie a death trap to the
people of Mi ncy Yai.i.f.t." We would
' respectfully inform the editors of
j the above named papers, that should
Lake Mokoma spring a leak, (which
is not probable) the flood would go
directly opposite from Muncy Valley.
The course would be down Mill
Creek to Loyal Sock. The Record
\ is to be excused for this report but'
i the Mail owing to the political stand
jit has taken in Sullivan county only!
!expresses its ignorance in copying'
the same. But when the Sullivan j
county voter considers the stand the j
Mail has taken 011 all political fights
.in our County, they will agree with
! us, that Rutter lias invariably been
Jon the wrong side of the mountain.
It is interesting to read the pre
dictions given by the prominent pol
iticians throughout the state for the
1 defeat of the Amendment. The
'majority of the noted men say,'"The,
' people didn't want it; they object-j
ied to interference with their personal
; rights, rights which they have enjoy
ed in Pennsylvania for well nigh 011-
jto 200 years." They also state that
the result will have no effect upon
jtlie Fall election unless the Republi
can party should put up a man who
was in favor of the amendment.
Should rtiis Ik- done they are under
i t lie impression that lie will be cut by
the liquor dealers and by a large
number of those who voted against j
| the amendment. Chris L. Magee
says,"it settles the question for
iyears to come, which is a pleasing
| thought to him."
A party of young and old people
of Laporte visited Columbia county
'Oll Saturday last. Among the num.
liter were Rnssel Karns and wife,
Sheriff Tripp and wife, F. M. Cross
ley and wife, and George Cole and
wife. The party 011 their way to
Benton enjoyed a trout dinner at
Hotel Perry and after amusing
themselves for a few hours gazing
upon the mourtain scenerj' continu
ed their journey to Benton and put
up for the night at Hotel McHcnry.
Mr. Me Henry had been notified that
a party of Laporters would register
with him on Saturday and in order to
give them a good time, invited the
voting people of Benton to assemble
at his house in the evening to join
in a dance which he had arranged
for the Sullivan party. There were
a large number of people present
and all enjoyed the evening's enter
tainment. 011 Sunday forenoon
the Laporters started homeward
bound, and took dinner at Hotel
Tripp, at Jamison City and after
exploring the lumber city for a few
hours continued their journey,
reaching home at 5 o'clock p. m.
All expressed a good time and- ex
tended their many thanks to the
Columbia county friends for cour
tesy shown. LKTTINO: —The Corns, of
Sullivan county Pa., will on the 9tli
day of July 'B9 at 10 o'clock a. 111.
let to the lowest bidder the abutments
for new County bridge over Muncy
Creek near (Jeo. Bea's. ALSO crilt-
Iting at Ilazen's bridge over Muncy
creek near Sonestown. ALSO, crib
-1 bing at Muncy Valley bridge over
' Muncy creek, near Stevens Tannery.
Will be let 011 ground. Specifica
tions made known on the day of
letting. Corns, reserve the right to
reject any or all bids.
Co. Coms. per B. M. Stokmont.
COMS. OFFICE Lajtorte June 24, 'B9.
On Thursday of last week a very
sad accident hapi>ened in Terrels A
Trexlcr's saw mill at Lopez. Tbe
setter Mr. Frank Hoover of Smith
Port, McKean county, was instantly
killed and, Mr. Lord the saw-
3 r er was seriously injured. The facts
of the accident as near as we can
ascertain are as follows: The men
had placed a small log on the car
riage and when the "nigger head"
came up it struck the log on the side
next to the saw, throwing it over
the guard on the carriage and in at
tempting to put it Itack in its proper
place the end which lay on the car
riage slipped down and struck the
lever which puts the carriage in
motion, and runs at lightning sj>eed,
bringing the hindmost end of the
log around striking Mr. Hoover on
the head and jamming it up against a
beam crushing it almost beyond
recognizing. Mr. Arthur Lord was
struck 011 the back but hopes are
entertained that he will recover-
There were several other employees
on the mill, among them Thomas
Kangley who barely escaped death.
Archdeacon Win. llenrv Piatt,
pastor of Trinity church, Cnrlton
dale, visited Laporte l*#t week, in
company with the Rev. Samuel I*.
Kelly, (ieneral Diocesan Missionary,
for the purpose of making arrange
ments for services and looking after
j the business interests of the church.
I The majority of the executive com
mittee were out of town, but as soon
jas they are seen and the result of
: the meeting made known to the
1 Bishop the announcement will be
1 made. » 011 Wednesday evening a
service was held in the St. Johns
church," where a large congrega
tion was in attendance. The new
chandeliers were in place ami bril
liently lighted the attractive interior.
Miss Jessie Hornet presided at
the organ and the music was ex
cellent. The Rev. Mr. Kel ley offer
ed the services and in a few appro
| priate remarks introduced the Areh
! deacon, who congrSulated the con
gregation on the new church and
made a few remarks tiring the
people to different forms of church
work after which he preached a brief
but forcible sermon from the words,
"Our Father who art in Heaven."
From the report made by the Rev,
Mr. Kelly to the Diosesan Conven
tion in Reading, where it is shortly
to IK- published in pamphlet form,
Iwe gleam, in addition to the church
and rectory built in Laporte during
■ the past year he has secured lots
for the church purposes in five other
towns and the work is advancing
along the line. The statistical sum
mary shows the work done in twenty
seven counties in the State as fol
lows :
N umber of Services held 194
Holy Coinunion administered 56
Baptisms, adult 4
Baptisms, infants 14
Total lB
Presented for Confirmation 8
Sermons 136
Addresses 81
Claims of Miss'ns presented IT
Total Sermons, etc. 224
Burials 2
Pastoral Visits made 685
Places visited IV
Revisited 140
New points explored 5
Parishes or Mis'us visited where
there were 110 incuiolieiits 22
Points served where there is no
organization 17
Scattered Communicants report
ed to the nearest Rectors 83
Scattered Communicants too
remote for such reference report
ed to the Bishop 233
Communicants in Parishes or
Missions without incumbents, or
in charge of Lay Reader", also
reported to the Bishop 170
Total under present charge of
Diocesan Missionary 3i)B
Number of miles traveled 14274
Traveling expenses $242,24
Resources from all sources $266,92
U1 ,65
By traveling expenses 242,24
Amt. repaid to Bishop
ltulison advanced 'BB 50,00
By dividend declaired
aid | a : <t to Board of
Mission 21,41
* 51.3,65 313,65
• ti. I\ K.
JACKSON'S BLOCK : : J)ushore, Pa.
LAWRENCE BROS, offer new furni-ture of all kinds, at price which wilt
astonish the purchaser. Hakdwooh srrrs as cheap as softwood
suits, could formerly be bought at Dushore. Everything manufactured
from the best material by skilled workmen.
A full line of caskets and coffins constantly in stock. Embalming
when required. Elegant hearse (the finest in Sullivan county) lor attend
dancc at funerals. We request a share of the patronage.
i=E=Lawrence Bros.
To the People of LaPorte,
have recently removed our stock of hardware to
fHI \W .
known as "Biddle's Block." We have increased our stock immensely
and have reduced our price to bottom figures, and cordially in
vite our LaPorte friends to call when in need of any
thing in our line.
WILL receive our prompt attention. We carry in stock all kinds of goods
kept in a first class hardware store. Roofing, Spouting, Job work
and manufacturing of Tin a specialty. At
Cunningham & Cole,
Tll k best and cheapest coal in the market. To
customers from—
T H u price is reduced at the breaker to
C3 X <5 KiTl raT!
The State Lino &. Sullivan R. R. Co I. 0. BLIC.HT, Snpt.
J. S. HARRIGTON, Proprietor.
Dushore - - Pa
- I =-: I | :-= | =-: | -
It will pav you before purchasing to tall and examine my large stock
of new ami well selected goods. Large sales enables nie to sell for small
1 profits. Cash customers can save a good percentage by buying goods of
me. Everything new neat and first clijss. My stock of French Kid
hand turned goods are very fine and low in price. All goods guaranteed
in price and in quality to be the best that any market can afford.
rn-ni.3 j
BOOTS &52&033S made to order
If you want a fine sewed boot or shoe try a sample pair. Repairing
done 011 short notice.
*5- t&- DEALER IN
Mens' Youths Boys' and Ghil
drens Cltohing
Cronin's New Block, Dushoe, Fa.
I manufacture all kinds of heavy and light wagons at reasonable prices
Have on hand several new wagons which I offer at bottom prices All
work guaranteed. Call and examine my stock.
r riTi —1 IT it ntiM HOPS. w«LOC* GUM «»•
Ik Iwito 'tockMh*. BtdeMha,
»» s\J l>7 v -5 36
/? wr # (teara tvery *on of Pain, Ache, or Wcakaaw,
J 2SCTS. ■ 112 .ad quick*, too. ,
Bros SI.OO MT Loot for «112 HOP PIASTCRCO. *
J or mailed for pncc. J PwoiMIHTOIW. BO»TOW. <m the gemote QOtd*.