Sullivan republican. (Laporte, Pa.) 1883-1896, June 28, 1889, Image 2

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W. M. CHENEY Editor
The President has positively anil
finally refused to take any part in
the fictional quarrel of the republican
party of Virginia. He has been
visited by strong delegations from
both eides as well as by a number
of prominent individuals. To all he
has given the same answer; f 'As
President of the United States, 1
do Dot feel authorized to interfere in
politic.'! quarrels in any State.
Wherever there is a divided party
my only feeling is indifference ting
ed with disgust, and I must decline
to accept any responsibility for the
sufferings caused by lack of harmony.
"The President is generally com
mended for the position he has taken
in this matter, allthougli of course
the Virginia people think it wrong.
The President has also denounced
as false the re)>ort that he has in~
structed Assistant Postmaster Clark
sen to appoint no Virginia post
masters without the endorsement of
Gen. Mahone.
The Republican State Convention
will take place at Harrisburg, on
August 7th.
The State Vote on Prohibition:
The majorities "for"and "against"
Prohibition throughout the State
of Pennsylvania are shown in the
following table. Paste it in your
hat for future refurcnce.
Adams 1338 : Beaver IKOO
Allegheney..27B69 Blair 2284
Armstrong.. 500 Brad ford... 3412
Bedford 840 Butler 2700
Berks 19301 Cameron.... 130
"Bucks 4305 Centre 1030
Cambria.... 1200j Chester.... 1953
Carbon.... 23<»2 Clarian .... 1400
Clinton.... 4(5 Clearfield... 153*2
Columbia... 1241 Crawford... :SSOO
Cumlierland f>6B;Fayette.... 3075
Dauphin..., 367(ij Forrest.... 325
Delaware... 1050 Green 320
Elk 852! Huntingdon 600
Erie 3801 Indiana.... 2500
Franklin.... 1309' Jefferson ... 1700
Fulton 513 Lawrence.... 2GOO
J uniata .... 94 McKean 1000
Lackawanna 21 65 Mercer .'{Bs(l
Lancaster.. 11083 Mifflin 700 !
Lebanon .... 5291 Potter 500
Lehigh 9895 Susquelmn'a 2400
Luzerne.... 3459Tioga 1056
Lycoming... 1300 Uuion 193
Monroe.... 1615 Venango 3502
Montgom'rylo2s9 Warren .... 859
Montour 422 Washington 2007 i
Northamp'n 8161 Westmore'd 400
Northumber- W'yoming ... 1200
land 663
Perry 267
Phila 93750
Pike 500
Schuylkill.. 12360
Snyder 1395
Somerset... 1372]
Sullivan 296j
AVayne 754
York 5084 j
'Total 240,073 Total 50,709
Majority against prohibition, 189,-
Uncle Sam to Take A Hand,
The Government is about to take
cognizance on its own behalf of the
illegal liquor traffic in this State.
The enforcement of the Brsoks law,
under which the business has been
remarkably restricted, has tempted
hundreds of men, man.y of them ex
eatoon keepers, to engage in the
sale of liquor irrespective of State,
laws or license. This evil has grown I
to such proportions in Allegheny
eonnty that it is estimated that, no
less than 400 such resorts flourish in
Pittsburg alone.
During the past week Revenue
Collector Warmcastle, of the Twenty
third District, has received instruc
tions form Washington, directing
him to arrest and prosecute every
person discovered manufacturing or
selling liquor who has failed to com
ply with the revenue laws by taking
out a Government license. This
action is directed solely against the
proprietors of resorts who regard
neither Nation nor State laws.
Though the national Government
takes no cognizance of state license
laws, yet an unlawful dealer who
may desire to secure a Government
license for his own protection against
the dreaded processes of a United
States court would almost inevitably
disclose his object and identity to
alert local authorities.
The supplemental statement that
Government detectives will be em
ployed to unearth violators of the
revenue laws indicated there is
a very interesting and costly time
ahead for such a? persist in violating
both the laws of the State and the)
United States. j
Fourth or July Committee*.
The following persons have been
appointed 011 Committees for the
Fourth of July celebration.
Win. A. Mason and wife, E. M.
Dunham and wife, Iloliert Storniont
and wife, John N. Messenger and
wife, John Andrews and wife, A. E.
Tripp and wife, Chas. Wrede and
wife, T. J. Keeler and wife, Frank
Gallagher and wife, Russel Karns
and wife, J. C. Pennington and wife
H. T. Downs and wife, F. Crossley
and wife, Dr. Hill and wife, A. L. J
Grim and wife, A. J. Hackley and
wife, Walter Spender and wife.
T. J. Ingham, W.C. Mason, Rosa
Van Fleet, Etta 0. Lauer and Ida
T. .1. Ingham, Mrs. Chas. Wrede,
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stanley, E.
M. Dunham, E. P. Ingham, Mr. and
Mrs. S. F. Colt, jr., Rosa Van Fleet,
Ethlin Mason, Etta O. Lauer, and
Lizzie Downs.
Alma T. Lauer, Nettie Spencer,
Bessie Wrede, Mary Breaker, Mr.
and Mrs. Laurensou, Charlie Lauer,
Benj. Crossley.
Mrs. M. Meylert, Mr. and Mrs.
Tinklepaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Wat
rous, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Dunham,
Mr.and Mrs. Jessie Thomas, Mrs. M_
C. Lauer, Ilattie Crocker, Fannie
Meylert, Sarah Gallagher, Katie
Kennedy, J. E. Loeb, A.J. Hackley,
Mr. and Mrs. Snyder, Mr. and Mrs.
J. L. Smith.
Mrs. Dr. Hill, Mrs. E. V. Ingham,
Mrs. George Cole, S. Chnse, Mr. and
Mrs. Conklin, Miss Anna Karge,
Mr. J. W. Ballard W. C. Mason,
Ed Pierce.
Mies Hattie Crocker, Mrs. W. C.
Mason, Mrs. Robert, Mr and Mrs.
Watrous, Charles Mead.
Mrs. Clias. Wrede, Mrs. Breiger,
Mrs. Cheney, Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Lee, Mr. nffd Mrs. J. L. Smith.
Mrs. Etblen Mason, Rosa Van-
Fleet, Etta O. Lauer, .Mrs. C. C.
Finch, Ida Keeler, Frank Ingham,
Albert Conklin, Frank Meyleit, W.
M. Cheney.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Faries, Mr.
and Mrs. J. L. Smith, Mr. and .Mrs.
Henry Tripp, Mrs S. Glascoe,
Misses. Ada Meylert. Alma Jjauer,
Carrie Keeler, Cora Karns, Agness
Wrede, Luta Messenger. Messrs.
Rob Storniont, Chas. Lauer, Henj.
Crossley, Bert Karns, Frank Meylert
Wallace Hackley.
Misses Emma Spencer, Nettie
Spencer, Etta Ijiuer, Alma Lauer,
Bessie Wrede, Agness Wrede, Ida
Keeler, Carrie Keeler. Bertha Cross
ley, Maud Crossley, Rosa Kargc,
Cora Karns, llattie Cole, Enihia
Tinklepaugh, Noltic Spencer, Katie
Kenuedy, Lizzie Downs, Lottie
Miller, Louisa Upman, Rosa Upman.
Messrs. Frank Meylert, Frank Ing
ham, Chas. leaner, Bert Karns, Bob
M. Storniont, Benj. Crossley, Tlios.
Kennedy, Walter Spencer jr.
Mrs. C. C. Farries.
By Com.
— » m mmrn
The death of Gen. Simon Cam
eron, who was taken ill with par
alysis at a recent date is expected
Mrs. Rutherford B. Hayes, wife of
ex-Presiden Hayes, died on Wednes
day morning.
R«d Nose Mike was hanged at
Wilkesßarre on Tuesday. He walk
ed to the scaffold with a firm step.
We beg to call your attention to
the lines of the "Great anrl Only"
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul
Railway. They now own and
ote over 5,700 miles of road, extend
ing through Illinois, Wisconsin,
Minnesota, North and South Dakota,
lowa and Missouri. It is the short
line and best route from Chicago to
Council Bluffs, Omaha, St. Paul,
Minneapolis, Kansas City, and inter
mediate points. Their equipment
is unsurpassed. Vestibuled trains,
Chair cars, Pullman's finest sleeping
cars, and the fl*eSt dining cars in
the world. Meals 75 cents. If jou
contemplate a trip West, Northwest j
or Southwest of Chicago, you will
make no mistake by purchasing
your ticket over the Chicago, Mil
waukee aud St. Paul Railway. All
ticket agents have thein. Write to
oi call on John R. Pott, William
sport, Pa., for rates of fare. Maps,
time tables, etc., furnished free.
A PMity Marriage Solemnized at
Umestone Thursday,
I From the Era.
I A perfect day In the crowning
month of the year, unclouded skies
and bright sunshine greeted one of
the faiiest of June brides. On Thurs
day the nuptials of Miss M. Agnes
Degen, of Limestone, and Fred K.
Cloud, of Custer City, were celebrat
ed. Surrrounded by loving friends
and relatives, with hearty congratu
lations and good wishes the young
couple entered upon their wedded
life under most favorable auspices.
The ceremony was performed in
the Methodist ehurch at Limestone.
A. graceful act of the ladies of
Limestone, headed by Mrs. Dr. Bis
sell, was the decorating of the church
and surprising the bride and her
family by this thoughtful attention.
An arch of ferns and daises, with a
floral bell banging in the centre, was
a very pretty design. A coach full
of guests from Custer and Bradford
arrived on the Erie train. They
at once proceeded to the church.
The ushers were Charles Lockhnrt
and David Cloud, of Custer, and
Fred Schooninaker, of Limestone.
Promptly at one o'clock Rev. D. C.
Nye walked down the aisle. The
Jeweti sisters, Alisses Blanche and
(jrace, played a march from Men
delssohn with artistic ability and tlic
bridal party entered. Four maids
of honor preceded the bridal pro
cession, Misses Grace Francis, May
Chesney, Edith Strickles and Sadie
Supples. The youthful maidens
were dressed alike in white surah
silk. J'Le bridesmaids were sisters
of the bride, Misses Trinaand Lottie
Degen, and their attendants were
John Degen, brother of the bride,
and Carlton Cloud brother of the
grooiu. The groom escorted the
mother of the bride and the bride
leaning on the arm of her father
completed the wedding procession.
The marriage services was the im
pressive ritual of the ring services.
The bride and groom plighted their
troth iu clear, distinct tones, audi
ble to every one. After the cere
mony the bridal party proceeded
to the home of the bride's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Degen, where
a reception was given.
Burke Fully Identified.
CHICAGO, June 21.—Martin Burke
the Winnipeg suspect, has l>een
positively identified as one of the
"Williams Brothers," who are cred
ited with being Cronin's slayers.
The person who thus identities
IJurke is Martinsen, the expressmen
who was employed by one of the
Williams to convey furniture to the
fatal cottage. News of the identiti
cation of Burke and the circumstan
ces under which Burke was seen by
the expressman at Winnipeg was re
ceived to-night in a message to
Chief of I'olice Hubbard, from a
Chicago officer at Winning, as fol
lows :
Maitinsen, the expressmau, in
stantly and fully identified Burke,
picking him out of filtv-two men
drawn up in a line in the jail yard,
in presence of Crown Attorney and
Burke's lawyer. Wire instructions.
Chief Hubbard replied that the
extradition papers for Burke were
now en rout and would be pushed
forward with all speed possible.
Editors Fiflhi a Duel,
NFW ORLEANS, June 21. —Messrs
It. Facquet and A. T. Noquin, edi
tors respectively of the Comet and
Sentinel, rival newspapers in the
town of Tliibodaux, in this state,
engaged in a shooting atfray to-day
in front of St. Joseph's College in
Tliibodaux. Mr. Noquin was shot
in the body, dying from the wound
in loss than an hour, while Mr. Fac
quet was wounded in the head, but
not dangerously. The difficulty
arose from a newspaper controversy
which has been going 011 for the
past week.
The Sentinel, of which Mr. Noquin
was editor, accused Faeqnet of get
ting drunk at a recent picnic. Fac
quet demanded an apoligy, which
was refused and when the two edi
tors met they opened fire on each
other with the result stated.
Vet how is the bob sled racket ?
E. Vargason and A. Boyle are
under training for circus performers,
Vargason wire walking and Boyle
for clown.
The carpenters has just put the
finishing touch on the barn of
Dr. Chaffee. Now Doc all it lacks is
Mrs. Lolie Campbell of Barclay is
visiting her parents at this place.
Miss Rosa Brown is making her
parents "and many friends a visit.
G. S. Messiek has the foundation
laid for his residence. It will be
one of the finest in Western Sulli
van when finished.
Mrs. U. Bird has returned home
from her visit with her parents at
Rogers & Brown wish to say to
the public, they constantly on
hand choisest salt and bird seed.
Call and examine before purchasing
The V's gave an entertainment
Wednesday evening, and was a
grand success. There is 110 such
thing as fail, when under the super
vision of such temperance workers
as we have at Estella. BOXES. 1
James J. Murray in acct with Laporte twp
ftx supervisor for tho year toiling March 11 'B ( J
ltr Cr
To amount of duplicate 202 70
By amount of ex»ncrutioi>a 9 59
ami reiurncd 17 47
col by c-ish 10 22
col by work 171 42
202 70 202 70
Uecd from county treasurer 613 00
Col by cash on duplicate 10 22
To rcc-ipta filed 531 98
iimnuat iu bands of supervisor 91 24
623 22 623 22
Pervtce of J .1 Murr.iy 11100
To order of the above 111 00
11100 111 00
A E Botsford in acct with I.aporte twp as
supervisor for the year ending March 11 'B9.
Dr Cr
To amount of duplioate 246 26
By exonerations 6 07
returns 6 26
col by cash 84 57
by amount uncollected 12 00
do 00l by work 138 3g
246 26 240 26
Money reed from Co treasurer 1064 21
do farmer Supervisor 151
Special and extra road money
reed from Collector 608 29
reed order on Laporte borough 138 08
do from former col 69 85
By orders redeemed 1280 22
amount of interest paid 69 65
receipts fi'ed 518 52
blaeksmithinß ete 7 70
balance due supervisor 4 15
1876 09 1876 09
Supervisors scrvioeß 150 00
Order for above 150 00
150 00 150 00
Wm E King and .T C Pennington in acct
with Laporte twp ns overseers ot poor for the
year ending June 3 'B9
Dr Or
To balance in hand from lastyonr 420 52
reed of Wm Fairmnn 16 55
By recta from state liospt Danville 101 28
auditors ami clerk twp orders 3(1 50
reel of W M Cheney for pub
statement of 'B7-'BB $2 50 each 0 00
■ervieea of W E King 9 00
do J C Pennington 5 00
balance in hands ot overseers 277 29
437 07 437 07
John C. Botsford in aect with Laporte twp
usoollector of extra road money for the year'Bß
l»r Cr
To amt of duplicate 44'J 36
5 per eent added 3 30
By exonerations 13 36
return*d 25 56
amount coll less 5 per cent 282 42
coinmisMion of 3 per cent 6 97
reduction of 5 per cent 11 62
col face of duplicate 87 21
com on the above 4 36
«ol with 5 per eent added 35 54
com "n above 1 77
atuouut less 5 per cent 33 85
452 66 452 66
John C Ho'florl in acct w'th Laporte twp as
collector of Bpecial road luoued for the year 'BB
I'r Cr
To amount of duplicate 449 36
5 per cent added on uncol'd 124
By exonerations 13 36
returned "5 56
amt collected plus 247 22
com ot 3 per cent 41
the reduction of 5 per cent 12 so
amt eol face uf duplicate 82 30
C"U» on the above 4 01
co. plus 5 per cent 26 12
com on above 1 30
amount uncollected 80 90
450 60 450 60
Liabilities, indebtedness, and resources of
I.aporte twp. for the year ending March 11 'S9
Judgment in bands of li 1 Downs 247 06
Due bill in hands of Mrs Sinclair 15fl00
110 John .Karge 125 00
Note do ~e,> Hettick 82 00
Supervisor's order Botslord 150 00
,1„ Muriay 111 00
Boad machine 225 00
Orders outstanding 1050 00
2x41) 06
Bcsources 565 87
Liabilities iu excess of rerources 1574 19
John 1. Botsford in acct with school directors
of Laporte twp i»s collector of school tax tor the
year ending .June 3 1888.
Dr Cr
Whole aiut «112 Duplicate 556 73
5 per cent added on uncollected 5 35
By exonerations 27 63
returns 26 73
unit col within 60 days 229 UO
col com of 8 per cent on above 6 91
reduction of 5 per cent 12
Col lace ol duplicate 140 10
col com on above 7 00
balance uncollected 101 '^s
5 per cent added to uncollected 5 35
collector's commission 5 62
562 88 562 08
Statement of the receipts and expenditures of
Lap"rie twp school districts foi the year ending
Juue 31 1889.
Dr Cr
amt reed from former treasurer 72 43
do J C Pennington 8217
do J Botsf-ru col 'BB 392 50
1 do C'o treasurer 325 00
do state 'propriation'Bß 157 95
By teachers wages 750 00
fuel and contingencies 136 69
treas commission 17 73
balance on hand
1030 05 1030 05
Balance on hand 125 63
jn Co treasurer's hands 176 03
t'nc illcctcd 10155
Liabilities 170 00
Kesources in excesfc of liabilities 233 81
403 81 403 81
Wc the undersigned auditors and clerk do
hereby certify that the foregoing statement is
true and correct to the Iwst of our knowledge etc
L Iv tIAVITT, > Auditors.
J li KINO, Town clerk.
NOTICE Eagles Mere, P*., Oct. 1 1889. The
firm of E. V. Ingham A Co is hereby
disolved by mutual eonsent. All persons liavini'
claims against said firm will present theui to
the successor Ingham und Breed and all persons
owing said firm will please settle.
E. V. lNliilAM A J. BREED.
E. Y. Ingham A W. A. ltreed have formed
a copartnership under the firm or Ingham A
llreed, uiol will continue the business ot the laic
tirm arid will be pleased to see their tuends at
Hotel KaglesMeie.
hereby given, that I have taken out ad
uiinittration upon the estate of Geo (lower
late of llavidson twp, dee'd. All persons who
have claims against said deceased will present
tkeiu duly authendiotcd for settlement and
those who know themselves indebted will please
make payment without delay.
gonestown June 10th 1889. Adinrx.
Estate of Daniel Williams, lote of Fox twp.
is hereby given that letters of sd
mini-tration in the above nniuoil estate have
been granted to the undersigned, and all
parties indebted to said estate are requested to
mako immediate payment, and those having
olaitns against the fame to present them without
May 20th, 'B9 Shuuk, Pa
D. S. Phillips, Supervisor of Davidson twp.
for the year ending March II 1889, in aect.
with said townsh'p.
To amonnt of duplicate 220 97
" cash received of couty treas 40i> 00
626 97
" order to balanee acct. 22 66
By work done on duplicate 21.1 0:1
•' errors in duplicate 490
" exonerations allowed 87
•' interest pa : d judgment of II Karge 21 "0
" amount pai<l A. Little for lumber 15 111
" cash paid Joseph Trough and others
as per receipts shown are cancelled 15*89
" notiS redeemed cf J. A. Phillips 125 00
" interest paid on the sumo 7 ill
" 85 doys service as supervisor 85 WO
" cash paid for tools and material 11 711
" work done by bis team ft 25
649 03 |f,4'.| 63
J 0. Wilson, supervisor of Davidson twp.
for tl.e year ending March 11 1889, in aect.
with said township.
Dr. Cr.
To ain't of duplicnte less cash reed 557 07
cash reed on duplicate 103 11
cash received of county treas. 1037 15
amt. ol orders reed of Co. T. 313 30
S2O!U 63
By work done on duplicate, aiiit. paid I
11. T« Downs judgment, interest and coat 615 15
By cash paid lor guide boards as per
reet canc led If, 50
By amt of ord rs redeemed of Co. treas .313 30
work done for tar on duplicate 524 72
exonecation allowed 3 37
orders redeemed and collected 275 40
eajdi paid for work as per reets. show 108 50
team work and material furnished 19 41)
125 days service as supervisor 125 00
11*01 43
Amount duo township 100 20
D. W. Darling, overseer of the poor of
Davidson township lor the year ending .March
11 1889, in ucct with said twp.
Dr* Cr.
To aint received of Co. Treas. 44131
•* fioin W Robbing col 'SO 10 00
'' due twp on settement
of 1888 74 07
528 38
By amt for the support of L Bechart as
per rec*s shown and canceled 159 40
amt paid J V Sleek 150 00
do 1). I.orah tor temporary re
lief uf E. ltuinley 54 31
do C. B, Spuary 28 42
do T. S. Mauargle temperv relief 't 25
amt paid audit rs for the year 'BB
and per house room * 10 la
service us town clerk 3 02
registering postage and other expense 3 IM»
t ;n days service overs: er of poor 10 00
cash lor eloathing L Kit-hurt 2 00
#423 45
Balance due township 104 03
J. C. St«ck, overseer of the poor of David
son township tor the year ending Maich II
'B9, in acc* with said township
Dr. Cr.
To amt due twp. on flettlemint,
March 12 'BB. CO 05
cash fr-'in W. Sherwood col 320 95
do of Co treasurer 473 85
do of I>. M. Darling 150 00
1004 85
By hills paid state hospital for at
1 anville reels ear.celt*d *lB 2*
re«*ts ol Franklin Phillips 60 (16
do I'eter Kloskey 110 00
do Woddrup A Welsh 500
D T Stevens Jt fcon for merchandise
for pauper 56 50
T. 8. Muimons fee 3 00
rects George Helms CO 00
reels D. li. Lor.ih for ke ping ,J
Hiinaiy 10 00
D J M Both rock medical attendance 700
bill for serving a* overseer 18 00
bill,of postage and stationary 200
$750 50
Amount in hands of J C Steck 254 35
W. H. Slierwoed, collector of Poor tax f-r
ihe year 1887 in acct with said twp to amt of
Dr. Cr.
$537 82
By cash paid overseers as p"r rects show 630 42
rehait allowed tax payers 17 91
I»e.centagc allowed for collecting 21 35
exonerations allowed 14 02
cash paid D. \V. Darling Jane 3 1889
to balance 151 12
837 82
W. n. Sherwood collector of school tax for
the year 87 in acct with said tow I.ship.
Dr. Cr.
i To amt of duplicate slO6l 37
By eash paid treasurer as per rects 934 62
re bait allowed tax payers 17 09
percentage allowed collector 36 12
exoneration allowed 37 76
cash paid treasurer lo balance 35 IS
1061 37
Gjorge W. Simmon?, treasurer of Davidson
school district for the year ending J uuc 3 'B9,
in account with said district
Dr. Cr.
To cash rscd of W Bohb'r.s 133 87
do co treasurer £sl 72
do »! Bob's col .85 125 00
do W Shurwood
eol for 'B7-88 564 63
do F Kecler eoN'B4 650
amt of state appropriation 31.5 37
1887 09
By balance due treason allowance
of 'BB. 29 85
orders paid and eareeled 1849 31
percentage «»n the same 30 98
1916 14
Balance due treasurer 29 05
Assetts and liabilities of road rects of Dav»
idson iwp on celllement March 12 'B9
To amt of debt outstanding 898 45
assetts in the hands of J 0 Willson
supervisor on settlement Mar 12 'B9 109 £0
Assetts and liabilities of the poor acct at
settlement March 12 188U
Liabilities, none.
Assetts : eash in hands of J. Steck 254 35
Cash in hands of D W Darling DM 93
du»* from W R« bbins collector 8 98
do W Shurwood colle tor 187 00
Total 555 26
Statement of school acct June 3 *By.
Due Geo W Simmon* 29 05
Asset's : due from F Kecler eol ? 8| 62 45
due from J O Bobbins collector for 'BS 328 86
do W Shurwood collector for 'BB 357 77
Total 769 08
Assetts in excess of liabilities 740 03
We the undersigned auditors do heieby
certify that we have exaiuencd the books
papers and aeets of the several offices abo\e
named and find them correct as set forth.
111 GII MoGKE Auditors.
il Mnlnry nail Kjpeawn I>ni«l, or com
mission it preferred. Dalesmen wanted every
where. No experience needed. Address, state
11. tl otcr A L'o .(Urterjmen, 0 eneva U.Y
Statement of acct of Bushel Kama treasurer,
for tbe year ending June 1889.
To state appropriation 68 60
Received from 11 M Stormont col 8115 19
do W M Cheney eel 281 16
do J) Reynolds 43 57
lty orders paid 4C2 61
2 per cent com on i! 62 51 9 25
balance in band* of treas 410 tB
888 42 888 42
Statement of acct of R M Stormont colle'tor
of school tax for the year ending June 1889.
I>r Cr
To nmt of duplicate for school tax 3!>9 72
Building tax 849 34
By rtoeijißof trea.«ur«r 505 19
exonerations allowed school tar 19 0#
Jluildng tax 4 75
lands returned 12 60
commissi ns 32 59
balance duo * 174 93
749 06 749 06
Statement of resources and liabilities of I.a
portc boio school district June 8 1889
i)ue for E M /Dunham former trcas 12 05
do Win Meylert former col 25 3l
do It Ryenold* former en! 21 56
do R M Storuiont 00l 1888 174 93
In handf o( trcas R Karn* 416 66
650 51
Orders outstanding 81 11
To building funds 632 50
713 61
Fxecss of liabilities 63 10
Building tax account:
from tax of 1887-8 308 21
do 1888 9 324 29
632 50
Statement of Laforte Boro for the yeer end
ing April 7 1889 In account with R M Stor
niont cidlec'or
Dr Ct
To amount of duplicate 359 59
By amt of trcas receipts 250 12
Rebate for $77 81 at 5 per cent 3 gg
By com for col 73 92 at 3 per ct 3 69
com 112 r col 270 2'J at 5 per ct 13 61
Amt of exoneration 5 50
Taxes leturned 5 46
281 17
Amt due from R M Stormont Col 78 42
859 59 359 69
In account with Walter Spencer treasurer.
I)t Cr
Received of R M Stormont 00l 250 12
ttccd for bi ro hotel ItC* nse 85 50
Amt reed of ennnty trcas 52 71
By com on S2'.'7 64 at 2 per ct 5 95
Orders redtemed 297 64
303 59
Amt due from Walter Spencer Tr t!4 74
388 33 388 33
Due from R M Stormont col 1888 78 4j
do I) Henolds col 'BS-6 43 85
do JMe Karl a lie former treas 15 28
In hands of E P Ingliam So 00
do treas Spencer 84 74
Liabilities in excess of resources 36T 8/1
«20 IS
Judgment in favor of P Karge No 73 T
1880 (use w'th interest and cost 50 7ft
do J i! Flynn without interest 120 28
do Walter Spencer 75 1*
Orders outstanding 374 01
620 1
Statement of I.aporte boro poor fundi April
10th 1889.
Liabilities: Orders outstanding in favor of
E 1' Ingham 13 00
Resources in excels 6 10
Resources: /'ue fr.'.a Robert Stormont
overseer of poor 4 90
Bcrnett note inst for 8 years 14 2#
We the undersigned auditors for the boro of
Laporte, certify that tbe foregoing nccoonte
are true and coirect to the beet ot our knowl
. edge and belief
April 20th 1889 Auditor
T. J. Keeler,
Has j'ist received anew line of spring
goods at p.ices which will aston
ish the purchaser in quality
and styles.
P"®onsisting of Pry Goods, Notions,
112 Ready made Clothing, Hats and
Caps, Boots and Shoes,
Hardware, and in fact, everything
that is kept in a general store. Cal
icoes from 5 to 8 cents per yd.
Hoy's suits of clothes $1.25 to $6.00.
Men's suits of clothes form ss.(>onp.
Three cans of corn 25c. Call and
convince yourself of the variety of
goods anil low prices.
La Forte, Pa., May Bth, 1889.
Campbell <fc Son.
General mei chants of Slmnk, wish
to call the attention of the many
citizens of the Western portion of
the county to the tine selection of
goods just received, consisting of:
Summer Prints, Bress Suitings,
Ginghams and all kind of Dry Goods
and Notions, Jerseys, Gloves and
Mills, Ladies and (jents Furnishing
Goods, Men's Hoy's and Children's
clothing Hats and Caps, Boots and
Shoes, Stra.v Goods, Crockery and
Glassware, Hardware and Haying
toolrf, and a line of Groceries,
Tobacco and Cigars, and eviry thing
usually kept in a General Store, also
Agents toi
We have the finest and larpest
assortment of goods ever offered to
the people of Shunk and viciDity,
and sell as cheap as any tirm in the
county. Give us a trial and he con
vinced. Thanking our old custom
ers for tbeir patror.age in past, and
trusting that they may continue,
we remain yours etc.
June, 1889. Shunk, !*•-
B. HILL, M I>. "*
Office on the corner of Main A Beech S