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a; for aIartSPILLIALSCITICEII trill lotus*. Alpiaboticallyana. llo4
bead, at 40 oast* par. Use, obey latertko; SO agate a ;tam car weary
& ItA.Mikle.katkentlersand Prtationers, Prin.
• text and Binderaa&l Centre Street, rnttactile,
Pinero' Nurnit
, DECEMBER 24, 1870.
'rUE atTS'Ess, 4otruNAL is tamed every Satan's"'
....iroming,andTurnished to antelcrlhers at 12 75 per annum, in
aneenev, oatt irrearld In advance.
- CV:rn s loss-rsvesu: - . 1 ..y so ADVANCE:
Coptes to one addLesa,r co I LS tioptes to one address. 0 0 46
6 44 ea j " .45 00
To News Beaten 61 (el per la) Copies. cash.
To Ilßuisters and School .Tetiebers we will furnish 'the
Jmortisrat.,hy malt, at. ill 50 per annum., to advance; other
...llse at full rates., 1
• -;
t-,TEES Dairy' litntritlT JOUR:SAX. is published. every
scorning, Satutilay's ircepte.
- TERSIsi-Thlrteen cents per week, payable to the carr i er
agent bywhcim is la sorrr ed.
BY id.eli.z-Parahle In advance. One year te 00; ittx
; , months, $3 25; three montba,ll-4:54 -p.a.........
. .
'4'7,,DAILT AND ' WEEW LT N111CF11.9 4 JO171:1NA 1.. 67 60 per'
' •
,annum. In advance; II Oki for all months. -
BANNAN AL RAIISEY. eiblielwire. '
pETITioss are now being circulated
throughout the State, in favor of the
LegislaturOspecally Calling a Convention to
amend . the Con4itution ot,the State; and
the prababilitils al,rethat Nihon that h s ody as
' stubleo:the etitife , State will 'be heard on
Aida question.: There is no very great.nor
oppositiOn. in any section of the
sate, to the Constftutional Reform tneatire,
exceptan a few benighted. districts where pre• ,
j Udice and bigotry are arrayed against it.. It is
„!. mated that a paper published in. the Western
- part of the State opposes the amending of abe
C.onstitution on the ground of • the sanctity
of organic law, which, under .116 cireuna
itances., in its eyei, shoild be toughed, be
cause no improvinitent can be 'made upon it.
. theviews : Of:that Surma to obtaizi :on
_general matters italliat_veiti, as on this,. the
* - 1 world woulcr i - - fievCr progre, because it
would be,Tileema.iniPOssible to- do so. Mit
', such views, we . are glad to say, • ' . tlo
not prevail at least, in Pennsylvania, Mid
there is a very 'general determinatiOta
_ by the people that .a Con - yentiiM, composed
irrespective of party lines; shall. be held at
early,a day as . the Legislature: shall
it'autharity.; that the delegates composing it
shall be Selected:teq e ially from both
parties ; 'and that the work of making r the
neeessaryalterations and amendment* 'to ilk •
Constitution. shall be done in tirne - In submit
• the resnitto the'people at the ctiwing Octo
: A 4 .01501611. No ante.:war heresies nor petty
• irruorant prejudiees.of , to-day pan stop this
:work. • It niust gocni until succeo'ully
pleted, wlten . we can point to . our:.amended
• Constitutioh and the ieforms instituted un
it, with a feelihg of sare,:faetiqn as keen
tekhat 'which -find otlijrs of our
;Western sisters enjoy.
From t'MT . -until the a-,sembling of the
• • Legislature trust.tlrit the people of the
'entite State will keeps their attention fixed
tipOir this . subject, .and it'y their petitions
.bring such a pressure to bear upon the
. islature that it will give the =requisite an
:: • thorny early in the session for the holding
of the Convention. An important 'adjunct
in.seenring such • desirably prompt suction;
Will be the holding of the State Convention,
kirk:-P;ctive of party, in Ilafrisiturg, in dat:
•• prom isthi to be largely attended
frOnialtsectiats. • We hope to sec Constitu-
Ai - dna( Ilefoim a complete suceesN before the
close of 1871. •
Am sksTv.—The President states. that. he;
',proposed to include the subject cif Ittlinesty
iir' messnp. - - - ,' and that the omission to del .-
, sal was aCe r illetital. With reference to re-,
. thei ditqualitications for ,holding,
• offices imposeThXy th Fuurtecnth Amend
ment, jS, - Or the people . - of Ake..
- 1'42...ut1i • should - first. giv6. sonic evidence of
. having fully acknowledged the- validity of
thC Fourteenth and Fifteenth A ienilmen6,
. before ask i 11.:g -Nut :testy, • • W lien they
Have 'done- this, thin Amnesty should be
full and sweeping. This position may not
' liberal : s ninety 14.:Publicans would
-2 - have the President, to take hut. it 6 far in ad
vance of any -we had_reason to suppof,e would
Ise taken. We ag.reh with . the Pittsburg Gs
7.ErrE on the kilject,' quit any,
sweeping Amnesty that, may be dellared,;
will be the 1 - esti-P::of eoneefS'ion, and not art
act ttrisiiig frotuitnyTositive Conviction of •
tluty•orol justice. 10 one need lock to the
- -I.3eutlf-foi - 'llo , lightest gratitude in return
for general Anlnesty 4 ' Whostievtir does. b . ()
will hal: . hint-02-if egregiously tiPappoi Med.
• Tney ,have not proven thetnsOves of that
material. They are afraid
. to•neknowledge
I ,:e . wrong, lest the - Yankees should rejoice.
They desire to be .eottsidered mart:yrs to the
• ',. t'lo4 - _eause," and think it wcndrous Manly
tu -assert as Southern men they were too
- . proud to receive favor'. There is, in aword;
with tif)lnk.iir them, t hind ofi;:upstalt - insul-.
- enee, that See lilost 11101 - 01.12111 y
c uisethereis not all clement of manliness
or courage *tut it. "
While.huwever,weltave • n ,- ) fear of titiY. of
these men dOing us any luu•ni in the'inture,
still 'if the 4 Wish to indulge in the luxury of
.4-tficulous -- ehivtlry, let them `pay for it, b‘''
remaining, un cr the ban.of thelinvereritent.
'We ]give enough of this kind of material, in
Congress now, without hio'ing ;my additions
made to it. -It is entirely t •sel'eso note t.C, talk
of general Aninstv.- - . • • •
. .
Tin: LATE' Q1 ; AItIlE.I. IN 'Slit SE'.NATI:.-
' '
A Wtedtipgton• correspomitnt* of the Tut
lil"N. Ii" lit speaking ok'S'enator Sumner's at
tack,Upon th Presitfot in Cenrit.etion with
the Sun It lingo btu,intss, and iit Ole qq3r
ra whirl toot: ulat.:C in he Senate between .
",\lt'.. Sumner and other, SenatoN, sars; dud
tht etreet of the quarrel upon_ thk.Sennte,
, and among individual merbers, i;lTicA VA.°
- te exaggerated by outsiders: The, heat of
• debahiled to the-Yeekless i use of huigintge,
an& passion . for' a ti Me got the upper hand of
....reason." ; There have been sinne friend:hips
broken and some: wounds inflicted. ,There
.war - 'eertainly much exhibition of kal tea:-
.per :upon those from whom it was least
expected, Till , ' main leaders in the struggle
just ended itre by no means enemies. ' Mr.
Stnnue - k., speaks, of Mt. Mortoti. iu
praiseworthy terms . ; ,and' :declares' that he„tinfriendly feelings towards the
President ; that he felt It his duty to opi;ase,
.the Itresideut's' policy on San Domingo,-and
this he has done to the best of his ability.
The Senate, - by a - large - majority, hits 'shown
Limt that they do not agree with hint, and
that is the end of it. lle is willing to let his,
stweeli go to the country With the bitters.—
liebelierCs the result will be that good
Conunii!sioilers: will be api)ointo., 'lle does
. .
iicOregard the contest' as a:tjuarrel with. the
•President ;• he followiiiis Owt conience,
„and this he had a right to do; find this much
he owed to the cOutitri. The i•orrespondeut
says that it is not uni t ijcely An effort will be
nude to supersede the Ma ae'tru efts senator.
on the Foreign Comruittee, - , but ‘ 'nothing is
risked in predictinizthat the eabrt-
Senator Morton will certainly Mit:liind his
suppirt to such an attempt. -•- ,
P.11:1:17:A W. D.vvrs, acrvillne S .
,OtiAlng, and Isabella 13. lloolier-liave
sued a eall for a National Suffrage, Conven
tion at WashingtOn,'onilie 11th and 12th of
..Tarmary• next, to secure, If pokilde ; flit. dis
is scion of enfranchisement "of womeii
durlng:tbe present session of Congress ; with
asiew;to the speedyLpassnge of a XVltli
Amendment: The signers of the 'ealijmy :
"We-earnestly urge you., dear "friends, to
cowe together at this' tithe in a spirit .of
, and of hard worlF, - and let us
take - one another by the hand and move On;
ward a;, never before. • - •1.
. .
Ml,ty i of London has - been
lii.;.stfvtt .,, ,„He did not like th . e idea of using
flail for the'litirpose of holding's.
meeting in favor of. the Frendh Itapublie
and of itritish intervention, and!refutted an
. ._apitileation to that creet. London • is hav
ing a gootl:lnaiq oeillese little lit.pu_bilean.
tletuotr- dstrations." • .
TI,IEBE is a'piedietiou that RiUg Amalie.;
us wilt= have but k J ; stort There is
.ditlieulty in the Coites and the taunarehlhis
have-peen „tlettounOd. We did not expect
• the new King Would bye very pleasant .
• reign„ hut peereely . expected the
e ney*.wo.v . hi begin tor goon.:
TUE' damage caused by< shallirei; 4he eity
ef 'thiot3ville, Atliam4edltt - five ninth** af
;NO.iVtioder thri, 10 , 414 nidi tigtiait
the 144 eliellt ttkPaili:" - '
THE EMPEROR Op ozz.v4N:r.
FfIHE FOLLOWING is tbe epee& of Sing
delivered In reply WlllO ad
dress of the Germarf'deputation received by
'bitti at Versailles on the 18th inst., which
announced to him the vote of the imperial
His 'Majesty midi •
• GENTLEMEN—In 'receivingJyott here on
foreign territory, far distant from theGermau
frontier, I am prompted toe:press my grati
tude, to that Providence whose wonderful
disitiensation has brought us together in this
anefent royal residence. God has given us
victories which we hardly dared to hope or
to .ttak for. • When; last summer, I asked
youtifapport in this great war, you gave me
that support to its fullest extent. I thank
you in my name and in that of the army and
The victorious armies among which you
have sought me have found in the sacrificing
spirit of the country encouragement and sup
port amid battles and privations.
The means voted for the continuation of
the4ar bylhe late Diet have given'a new
proof that the nation Is determined to exert'
all its energies. The political life of the Ger ,
mans will develop Itself ail the more-because
the basis offered to the South German allies
is of their own free choice. I hope those
States yet to be consulted will follow the
same path. _
The summons add • - - resSed to me by the
King of Bavaria to re-establish the imperial
dignity of theancient German empire' as
deeply moved me, and not my own feelings
nor even my own Judgment have determin
ed my decision only. In the unanimous
voice of. the German Princes, the free cities
and the German natia, . I can recognize a
call of Providence, which I can obey with
(;ad's blessing. 'The King of Bavaria has
informed me that the assent of;= all the Ger
man Princes and free Cities hasibeen secured,
arid that the official ratification will shortly
folloW. :Sure' that -,the painful . sacrifices
which we are undergoing and which touch
my heart as . .youis: will not he in 'fain, we
will not lay aside our-arnis until Germany's
frontier has nothing to feat'. from future at
The North Grp rman Diet-has heeti
upon to co-operiite, id the Work of the unifi
cation of Germany.. 1 think it for its almost
•unanimous assent to the treaties giving or
ganic. expression to the unity,of theriation.
s+O M E genius; With a taste for the curious'
infacts and the supernatpral, in specu
lation, has made the following discoveries of
tbe.wonderful powers of the letter M. Mar.
bcef was to first to recognize' he genius of
Napoleon I. atthelllilitary . Colleg,e. Maren
go was the first great battle won by General
Ifimaparte, and Melas.made room for him in
Italy.. Monier was one of his best generals; 1.
Moreau betrayed him, and Murat was-the
first martyr to his cause. Marie Louise
shared his highest fortunes; Moscow was the
abyss of ruin into which he felL 111etternich-,
vanquished him in the fieht diplomacy.!
Six Apar:duds '(Massena, Mother, Marmont, ,
Macdonald,_Murat, Moneey,) and twenty 7 sixi
generals of division under Napoleon 1. had
the letter - "M" for their initial.
-::: 4, 3carat, Puke of Bassano, was the m
trusted counsellor: His first battle was that
of 4Ontenotte, his last Mont St. Jean, as the
French term Waterloo. He .won the battles
of Milesino, Mondovi, Moutmirail. and Mintz
terdau, then came the Storming of Mont ,
martre. Miladwas the first enemy's capital, -
and'MoscOW the last; into which lie marched
victorious. He lost Egypt through Melton,
and employed.Miollis to take Pius VII.Ws,-
oder. Mallet conspirthl against him ; Murat
wie the first to desert him, then Marmom.
Three of Ids ministers were :%taret, Monta
livet and :Utica ; higfirst chamberlain was
MonterqUieu. His last- halting-place was
Malmaison. He surrendered to Capt. Mait
land, of the Bellerophon, and his companions
iir St. Helena were Montholon and his valet
Marcia-Ind. ~.
f we turn to the career °fills nephew,
Napoleon .111., we find 7 flicsame letter no
less prominent, and - it is said that the captive
of „Wilhehnshohe attaches even greater im
portance to its mystic influence than did his
uncle. His empress was a Countess Mon
t ijo ; his greatest friend /*WS' Morny. The
taking of Malakoff and 'the Mamelon-vert
Were the exploits of .the Crimean war, pecu
liarly Fremth. He planned his first battle
of the Italian campaign at Marengo,. al
though it was not fought Until .after the en
gagement of Montebello, at Magenta. Mac-I
Mahon, for his important services in this
battle, was named. the Duke of Magenta, as
Pelliss.ier had fora shinier merit received the
title . of Duke - of. Malakoff_ Napoleim 1 11.
then made. his entry into Milan; and drove
the Austrians out of Marignano.
' Alter the fearful battle on the Mincio of
Solfjrino lie turned back before the walls of.
Mantua. Thus up to 1859, since when the
letter M would'.stern to- have been ominous
'of evil. Passing over Mexico and Maximil
ian we see . , how vain have been his hopes,
founded. on threa M's of the present war 7--
Marhal MacMahon, Count Montauban and
lie'3l itrailleuse MaYence was to have been
the - lia.sig-;for thf further operations of the
French army, but;:pushed back first to the
•Moselle, its doom was seaf&l on the. Meuse,
at Sedan. Lastly,' we have to notice the fall
of Metz; and all theselate disasters are ow
lug to another 3 . 1; which is inimical to the
third Napoleon, and this is.a capital M
Moltke. •
TII mu: being nodoubt that Paris is doonl-1
ed to suffer the ettretnest horrors of a iege;
the details of former sieges which it us en-1
dured may prove interesting. The ti 't siege'
(bites back to , fifty-three years fore the
Christian era. .The - whole of Pavia wits then`
embeaced.itr the! island known to-day as Lai
Cite. LAMENUS, the chief lieutenant of
Julius C.:Esen, then havihg possession of
the banks of the Seine,' was about to attack I
the city. • he Parisians foreseeing theina- i
possibility of defending it, burned their;
hotises and retired to the neighboring hills,;
where a sharp engagement was at once be- - I
gun. The Parisians spread death in the en-i
miles' legiOns, and fought with alesperate 1
valor, but Were forced to yield to the superi- I
or numbers and skill of the Romans. The;
Romans kept possession of Paris - 4pr five.:
hundred and thirty years, antreularged it ,
on both banks of the river. ,
• In 465 CHILD ERIC, the first son of l'ilEno-
NEN, chief of the Franks, drove the Romans :
.out. In 345 the Normans, attracted by the
wealth of the•capitali .of its churches, and
of its monastei:tes / Sell upon the city, burned
and sackedit. ' .41 , 856 these same Normans
-again advanced upon Paris. Thelnhabi
tants burned and abandoned it. .In 861 the
Normans- took .it .again; but as they had
already sacked it twice, they found no booty.
Worn out by so many defeats, the Parisians'.
about this time began to Surround their city
with towers and fortifications. The walls
were still unfinished—when the Norman
hordes, numbering oVer -- 31f,000 men; once
more sat down in front of the city.. The Pa
risians defended it with a tenacity ,Which
the Normans could not shake. • The siege
lasted more than a year (885--887).. The Nor
mans disheartened at the length of the siege,
were just about to withdraw, when Cue - W.138
the •Fat ordered a Sag of truce tote hung
out, and at once signed the most shaineful
capitulation on record, without consulting
the citizens. For this he was afterward de
poser._ .
_ .
the Dauphin attempted to besiege
Paris, but was repulsed. In . 1869 the King
of Englan I attempted it, and was equally
unsuccessful. In .142,.Paris was vaptdrud by:
the English, who held it sixteen years. In
n ARLES VII. atterllpted , to take It, be
the English - repulsed - In 1436 the
French • retook it. In 1462 We Duke of
Burgundy managed to pillage the outskirts.
of the city, but Was driven back. 1111464 the
Count of CitAnoLms,"tifter edrrounding the
r.,saulteti it unsuccesSfully several
tiLuts..- In 1536 . the walls of Paris repelled
the army of CuAlmts V. In 1598, during
the reign' of the third and fourth HENitvs,
the city under Went a blockade famous in
history._ And lastly, on the 31st of March,
1814, the'lgates of Paris were treacherously
opened to-the alliednrmies.
. ThepreSent is therefore the sixteenth
siege which- Paris has witnessed since her
foundation: • •
VAntors suggestions have lately been ad
vanced to explain the delay of the Gerrnami
in bombarding Paris We have - never be
lieved that It was the purpce of Von Moltke
to waste powder in any such undertaking;'
anti the statement now forwarded that a- de
lay of a month will .be necessary, confirms •
the belief that the demand of the German:
press for the bombardment is to be answered
by specious prom is only. .Before another
month has passel!. Paris may haste fallen,
helples,.pf its own weight. A cornispen
dent Nr,}4e is fanilliar with Paris • and its re
sources, and who unquestionably hat trust
worthy. sources :of information, telegraphs
:that the city is on the poiN of starvation,
that fuel is nearly' exhausted, and that the
end eannot be long delayed. It is the-te
sign of the French - leaders be say's; to make
ohe more sortie ; _ if it fails,. the city will be.
surrendered.. The facts, on which there
opinions are based are not given: neverthe
less, all Indications for - weeks past point to
them as reasonable if not correct conclusions.
Pei:4llot work Oat ills men ;it is worry..
Work is healthy. you can hardly put more
: upon man than he ear; bear. Worry is rust
• upon' the blade. - It Is pot the revolution
that , dettroys the maehluely, but the fric
tion. rear secretes acids, but love and trust
are sweet juices.
Ma. iloorEn of• MuscmPhuseits; will set
as Cbuiripan of the Committee of Ways
and Means for the balance of the session-,
Feniano-,lstaly .released from Eog.-
triaoho ' to - I.lve a grindree4 r
in Igew York.
focal ifilaiters.
'N 110031.111CSallall.
AMOS sus
Pee. NM
24 BATVICILIT... 722 4= I ' 1i.11.11.
SS 1724 DAY.-.... 723 4 141 Fall IL 7 0 43aft.
30 1it05a.27...- 72t ,•4 30 .Last Q. LS - 4 1607. -
22 TI7MILDAY.:•...i 7 'A 1 4ln INew xi. IT 7 32210.
22 WILDNisDAT 7.21 4 40, Tint- Q. 20 1142 aw.
W Talrasuay-1 7-24 1 440 i
30 6'RID.4T. --, 724 1 441 ,
Ruby noses yesterday.
Yesterday was a nipping •day. Ninny "nip-
The Ice Dealers are putting their houses in
"Turkey ItiUlltiilws'just now amuse our rural
Read the Nor York Titint7SE lirospeetes in
another ci3lunnit-L
Its About Time to make arrangements for
another course of lectures.'
Prof. &mien will open his dancing school at.
Union Hag - early next month.
A Shooting Match for a tire hundred pound
hog will'cotrio off at New Philadelphia to-day.
To-morrow—Fifty-second Sunday or the year
and Christmas, length, 9 hours and 15
minutes. ' T .
The Public SdhoOle closed yesterday for their
holidas; yacation, and the little onea ,rejolk* ex
ceedingly.. - ,
Old Iloreas witlsztlisetatting , Trindselkiled to
keep the purehars of holiday .pitisenta .ut
home yesterday. • -
"GoilPlty > the Poor," sweetly said the mil:
ienairC yestetilaY its his — hand tightly grasped
tisclersi libretti philanthropist.
The;Poet. Office will be closed on Monday
next, will be tibserved as holiday
inisnisegneneeof Christmas txmillig on Sunday
this year. -- • • -
. ,
, . ~
Recovering.-John Keating , -"tynd - Williain
Thomas; the t wo men ma° ieceived pistol shot
wounds at Mahanoy City ou last Saturday night,
are recovering. .
Holiday - Excursion Tickets; will he issued by
the R4ding Railroad Conipany, between all
stotions on -the main line and branches, good
from t2 -day until the second of . January. •
- The Carriers of the Jovnxar, will favor their
datroult ith their Annual Addres s on Mon
ay, January 3d. They wake this early an- -
fiouneement that the "stamps" may be ready
for them.
Michael Gannon cotnplaini.that some one
made a flank Movement on fits house in Centre
street last Tuesday niht, with the intent, of
firing it. .We think Michaci better keep an eye
on his domicile hereafter.. _
_ _ .
-` Two Telegraph Wires were yesterday intro
duced into our new ea - aerial rooms by the Mill
adelphia, Reading and Pottsville Telegraph .
Comlitny. We can now sit in cur sanctum and
converse with our friends in any quarter of the
.(lobe. ti'onvenient,,ivit't it?
The'Second Presbyterian Church arid con
*gfegation, Rev. pr. - Stitiley, pastor, will wor
ship in the Trinity Reformed Church, Market
street,, to-morrow, at 104 A. M. and 7.1 P. M.
Thelectures on "Man" will be continued in the
ev'ening. All are cordially invited.
. .
A Chinchilla Osercoat was exchanged by
Mistake by-.the clothing janitor, at the nail of
the Gown Guards on Thursday night. The
person who received it in mistake is requested
to deliver it without Oily to Capt. Wm. F.
lltintzinger and receive io exchange his own
coat• -
• The Fire Pings need to fro protected from
being frezeil -hp during thls extremely cold
weather by being enclosed in straw._ ati - nil
shetild see that this is done before a lire visits
usnhd firemen. make the unpleasant dis
e6yery that the plugs are frozen [And no water
ckul -be obtained. ''A. stitch in time sayas
Capt. Ber. Reilly, 11. B. Army, reached this
Borough on Thursday evening, on a ninety
days leave of atoience. The Captain has, seen
quite active service on the frontier during the
past year, with his cavalo, - company, in attend
ing to Mr. Lo ! . eseurting scientific Wfbociatious,
.etc., and the respite from duty .is well merited.
We are'pleased to see him tiioliing so well.
Patents for Schuylkill COunty.,The follow
ing patents weio issued during the ' presen ,
week to citizens of this Coutiiy:
110,345—Compound fir purilyingrAline Water
Frederick J. Delker, Ashland. .•
4,2o4—Pumps, Cha!kcy arironiiiLewis Grin
coin and John 1': 4:riscom, Plane
P!itent No. 5.V2.."2, dried September 2S, 1501. ,
Installation of Officers.—The fo .o 1V ing nom
person:4 were duly installcd officers of emisona
Lodge, No. 6, A. Y. M., on Thursday evening,
241 tio.t., to serve for thesensffing Fear:
W. M.—Luther 11.. Keefer.
S. W.—Antlionv Pryoul.
J.,W.—Satuuel . l,ear.
'ere:Ls urer —3 uhn Green.
!'Neck-tie Parties" aro the . popular -amuse
ment itt the 'rural districts out West. LA neck
tie party Is one where each lady. makes a neck
tie of the sane material AM the dress she wears,
ail of .which are taken to the place where the
party is to be helthund phteed hi a bag. When
the gentlemen arrive each must go to the bag
acid take out a neck-tie, and it is his duty to
Wait upon the lady, during the evening, who
wears the dress corresponding in material with
the neck-tie..
Passing Down. Centre Street a few days ago'
we observed a young gentleman of leisure, in
tently watching the movements of one of the
laborers employed by the new telegraph Com
pany.' After watching some time ho asked Pat
.why he was digging that hole. "Faith and I
am not.digging a bole at, aJI,. sir," said Pat:—
"What are-you doing then T" said , our friend,
"Indade sir and I'm only digging the dirt, and
leaVing the holerstand." (Mr friend suddenly
had chills; antL at Linea - started for the dual)
clothing store of M. Rohrheimer, where he
bought .a good 'beaver overenat for $l5.
Unclaimed Letters reinainlng in the Potts
ville Pest°thee, December 1S70:
Bream Doric , • Ilellenthall Jos • Moll Cata
Bobbs Harry Ilaas Voter Hush I.:^T
Barnes Joseph liam pert .Barg Pitt Maria
Bexley Joseph* JUnes Dant Reinnurt Chas
Becker-Rebecca Jones J It -Recite John W
Beck Mary Kennedy J F - Richards Lewis '
Brink Fannie Kittle Joseph Rettberg Mart
Crane Ptak Krelse Freok Rogers Saml
Cole Ellen Klumpp Fredk sehneider Geo S
l) Is EF C • Kerrigan Mart 1.4u111 VIM .Wlll
Botterweich Ten Kramer Rebec st. Oak Lucinda
Davies Bev I), ,-,lterrhatt Miss LA Smith Louisa ii •
DaVls Wln -=,- Krti M er Rate Stevlson Mrs't; ••
}yeti,t Aaron Ellen ' Temple Jos It
Foust T Mlllkard Evan Teler Sarah
Fox Marla Miller L.-leis Nl:chi:ter Hotta
chilsle Augustus .Msnion Martin Wallisea Annie
Grace John Iteconnen Ellen Zerle. Frank
Social Honor.—Every person should culti
vate 'a nice sense of honor; In a hundred dif
ferentways this most fitting sdjutict of a true
ladyOr gentleman is often tried. For instance,
one is the guest of a family where, perhaps, the
domestic machinery does not run smoothly.
Thereti sorrow in' the house unsuspected hy,
the outer world. Sometimes it is - a dissiriated
son, whose conduct is a shame and .a grief. t
his parents; sometimes a relative, whose ecceti
tr4eities.and peculiarities aro.a cloud on the
hollr.p. Or, worst °fall, husband and wife may
not bia-In accord', and there may be .often bitter
words spbiken, anki tarsh recriminations, In'
onv of Ilieseiasotif the guest honor bound
to be blind and titztf, so fur as people without
are concerned. If a gentle word within can do
any good, it may well ho said; but to go forth
and reveal the shadow of - ttskunhappy secret to
anv one, even your nearest friend, is-an act of
inaelieacv and meanness alinost"uriparalleled.
Onee in. die sacred precincts of any ,botnoOsd
milted. to its privacy, sharing its, life,' that
yon see and heir is a sacred trust. It Ii u
really contemptible togossiti of such things Is
it wo.tild be to steal the silver, or borrow the
honks Utiti forget to return them.-
Lecture.—Dv the - following letters it will be
seen that the Rev. Dr. Smiley his been re
quested by many of our prominent citizens to
delivers lecture on the "Origin of- the 'North.
Americon Indians." The proceeds of the leO ,
tutu will be applied to the liquidation (Attie ex
penses Incurred in the enlargement of the Sec:
ond . PreSk)yteilan Churob, •of Pottsville. The
lecture will be : delivered on Tuesday evening,
Geo. W. SXILEV, li, D., •' . .
DEAR Sta:—The undersigned, some of whom
heard your lecture on the •IJrigin of the. North
American:lndians," and wish to bear it again, and
others not having Leant it, but are destrbus ofdoing
Po, would;'on out own behalf. and that of the el ti
- seas generally of Pottsville, request that the 'same
be repented at an early day,
Very. reapeetfully,
Rent. Maywood, ..' • FAlw: Owen Parry,
- • .• • Jae. Shippen. . . Jae. S. Cartoanter,
.' ' _Wm. L.- Whitney, • Jacob .Kline, -
• Atico. de B. Keim, . ' Sobt. C, Green,
'Wm. lt. Wells, . " • Jas. Ellis,
Wm. Kendrick, ' ' W. P. fyon,
• F. Patterson,
~ •Geo. Evans,,
Benj. Evert, Walker & Price,
Chas. W. Pitman, M. It. Ntehom.
-John W. Stickel, P. W. Hughes,
C. H. Dengier, .• , Jas. U. lachards,
John Lucas, • Chas. N. Brumm,
' . L. WomeisdortY, J. IL Ifeedmant, 1
•Itobt. F. Weaver, tl. Bata, • •
J. K. S! fried,. sain'l If. Shannon,
Jas. J. (boner, P. W. Shearer,
.'JameaWren, ' • : .i. G. Nutting,
• .1: Turner, ~ - . - John T.' Werner.
C, Saber. ~ • ..
•‘' . Porrsvit.tx. Dec.lll, ltn.
Ltda. E. 0. PARRY. , •
,* • • • ; .
Your note of the thirteenth to received
requesting in to repeat any discourse on the -
on of the North American • Indians." It will afronl
nackiplessure to coroply with /oar nerviest and
won d name Th e third •elag •of J =WM' prin. , .
as a
satiable time.
. . - . I have the honor_ •
I • • To remaidoTours. e.,
I . m. entiirr,
. ,
Religions Notings.—lter. Mr. Grossman win
!preach in the English' Lutheran .Chtrieb, .May. Etlnare, to-morrow, IPXIOI 'o'clock it. M.—
ect..._ et Cbrh4, caleteton
liabj the wag& the Wreath" al o'cl intl oelt ; subject .
—uteowlng land Beeping. 1 . Tim public is ita
aria lr foe Die hat of the Chun* will be
in the Union IPMfeetant Chunk Whitney
Plene,connalencing on the =land manning
until tbeDith of December.
The members of - the VIM oast -'
Church of Fotlevlile, Will Pastes* in, drat en
nivenoVeYlehwYli ea . 3101/4aY tali, De:
camber Patalitls4 Chen* congrigatlew propose*
holdings grand - Pair at Valois lial, during
Chsplidafr.... — d Meddle, will lecture in the
101 • it:iglu:eery 4,1811, for the benefit
of the z widows and orphans - of our Bor
Eraugelical Sabbath School ofSchaylkill
Ilavan, will, give,* concert on the 01th inst., for
the benefit of - oer Libra:Y. This is the iatgest
school in the Borough.
Solemn High Mass will beheld at the Catho
lic Churches, iwthis Boiough at 1.1 o'clock and
also et 10 on Christmas neitning. • •
• Some of the churches have been handsomely
- decorated for Christmas.
"We are requested to state that there
will be - grand unseat - given by, the,
Choir of Mount ZiOtell Evangelical Lutheran
Church of Catawissa Valley, in the church
building, on Saturday evening, the 31st of De
cember. The proemds aro to be expended in
buying in organ fa
r t the church.
Lona' NeWs o'f' the •Week.—To-morrow will
be Christmas. A merry one to •all orour..
readers. ,
John Keating was shot in his own saloon at
Ilabaney Pity, on last Saturday evening. Peter
and Vtionsiyalones werneti'mmitted to prison to .
answer the char ge. :._ • • • • !
The house if Isaac Ebert, it Mahaney Pia . ei
Was destroyed by tire on last-Pridaykight. soss
. .
WO. No insurance,
'Pride;!the new mititary 'drama, 411 he
produced itlifaltatioy',Ciiy on the oth of ,Tan--
Michael Cooney was badly injured by a tele
giaph pole falling orchim•at the corner of Cen
tre street and Church Alley, on Monday aner-•
• Either Ritmee of Reilly township, was found
dead in bed on last Sunday morning;
On Sunday last ItOt. J. k. Seyfrit, of Orsvigs
burg, preached to a congregation, near Auburn,
numbering liNut tYrenty-tive or thirty'. persona
—besides theternall ebildrett----all of whom were
named Mengel.; • -
Thomas, of Mahanoy City, was .se
riously injured on ISM Saturday evening by
' the accidental dlaelWge of a revoiverin his on
• . -
The net proceeds of the Children's Fair, held
at Union Hall, on Saturday, ler' the . .beneti t of
the Pottsvilre BeneVolent Association, ainount
ed to over ono hundred dollars.,
Michael Crow, the miner who was beirneti by
. an explosion at SigfFied's colliery; one day.last
week, died of his Injuries on Sunday-. -
. As previously announced, Sheri ff Pitman en
tered upon the duties of tin SattirlaY-1,
and appointed the following. deputies: Captain
Frank IVerner,Jacues I. Pitman and John T.
Werner,Egg. • .
On last Saturday evening all work was sus
pended on the Port Clinton and Allentown Rail
The barn of Thoinas Montgomery,
,:Of York
ville, was i robbed of eleven bushels of 'Oats mid
four chickens on last Friday night.
The WeStern Union Telegraph Comp :my have
erected handsome new poles through our streets,
and opened another (Miceli/ the Merchants ho
tel during the present Week.
John Quinn's saw -Spencer's Wood S
. Mineraville, Was destroyed by fire on hist.
Saturday morning.
The Company are replacing all their
crossings in the Borough with neat planks. *
Two men were thrown from awagon in Mauch
Chunk street, 'and slightly injured, last Satur
.-the ANrnRACITE MONITOR will appear in an
enlarged form and a new dress on Monday.
"Pride". - produced at Schuylkill Haven
daring the first week in„Januarv. •
Oysters were never. More p . kntibil in our
marker , thamat the present time.
The._Wilmingtou and Reading Railroad has
been declared a mail route, and a mail will he
run over it commenting in January, I'7l.
Many laboring men with honest hearts and
willing hands find themselves nut employ
ment in our Borough jtist now.
John Seigenfuss, a fireman, it resist nt of Ta
maqua, was run over and killed on Thursday
morning. lit:leaves a wife a sOc o , hildrep. -
The Reading Railroad Company mar ruin fu
neral trains out of Philadelphia to the Ili 14:11 r
ing cemeteries'.
Christian Riugeison, a by a fall
of coal at Miller R. Rhoads' Coniery. so - f:ral
•weeks ago, died from* the effects on Friday of
last week: Ho leaves a wife and seven children.
- The Benevolent Association has ilqae
to alleviate suffering in our midst, ands! trt.ea,t
ly desire our citizens to co-operate N% he'n
in this worthy object. _ •
John Heebner, who di slat Selittylkill la\ en
on the 11th lust., Kaii P!gli;y:threti yc.u, old,
lacking three months. Ih resided in the . .rdns
its of Schuylkill Haven over sixty yi ars.
The Burns Club, of Pottsville, will in, tat
Capt. Glover's store, this evening, f,r the pur
pose of making arrangements for the e , oo ing
For/Sr/LiA; 'lce, 13, 1170
A reunion 'a the surviving members the
Forty-eight Regiment, the first sleee its muster
eat of the service, this Bough
on Monday, Jan. 2, ke7l:
A Shenandoah man prOpo.ies to entert.iita to
dinner on Christmas, One I» . e f.odt St :-
bath school in the Borough.
Another disgraceful prize fight occurred to,r
Hazleton, on Monday, at which Pottsville W.l4'
represented. It is said that the shooting atlc.ty
at Mahanoy City, on Saturday nicnt, grew out
of this then proposed tight. . •
The Reading Railroad -Company, who now
have control of the Sehuylkill Navigation, in
tend dredging and cleaning out the canal, this
winter,,and putting the lino in cAnpiete order
the-tations of the,coming ksi sewn,
By the burning of Messrs. Fink, Eisenhower
SI Cos steam planing mill, on Saturday cv cc-
ing at Reading, about three thousand dollars
worth of doors, blinds, Ste., intended for 'the
new building 'ofJacob nunt.zinger, Esq., of
this Borough, were destroyed.
A Burns' Festival will come off at the Mer
chants' Hotel, , Shenandoah,. on the Li,tti .of
The of the Gowen Guards, given at
Union Hall on Thursday _night was .a very
pleasant and successful affair.
The General Unwed, W. B. A:, convened at
Tamaqua on Thursday.
Skating on the neighboring pondsis good.
We are anxiously aw'
Ex_. - ---
itEronTED EXCLCBIVItLY 'FOIE - trig DAILY :kw; rat,:
.10171iNAL, 13Y CIIRIbSvPIISIt. LITrLE. L 541.1
- The case of Colhdian vs. Reber and others
(before referred to) unexpectedly terminated
soon after the plaintiff's opening by his stitare,
jug a non-suit. Damages were claimed beeause
platuffiT had been' prevented from taking off the
wood he had bought from the defendants by the
interference of a third party. 'who elaimett the
land and brought an action of -ejeetment tar its
ree"verY, and by a writ of estrepentent - slopped
plaintiff's cutting the timber. Rut it tit riled out
that no judgment had been entered in the vitl.-
Went until after this suit was instituted.
William L. Elkins vs. Franklin Feger,
mem entered : on lss•k actxiiint, by conlvs-mtm
iu open Court, for alltt 24. --
• .
.kdant S. Haas vs. Henry 11. Faust. This \Os
an action for the-pos;;ession flrderentimit'slann;
sold under execution, and for which
held-the Sheritra deed. - The ground of defence
was, that an arrangement had been tweed Up
on by which plaintiff was to take and hold tun
'title, subject to the right of defendant t., , redeetil
his property, upon the repayment of the pur
chase-money and expenses in three and six
Months; butt that, peliding ecitain negotiations
to carry this into effe-t, plaintiff had -taken up
:be dead, and then refused to eamply with the
previoas understanding with defendant. (1.
There is no Court on Monday tic xc. but it' i 4
understood (at the present writing ; thtt from
and attar Tuesday newniner, :the ap
pointed kr the
. week %via - , be ly
eeeded with.
ANNA DICKINSON.—We are permitle:l to
make the, folloWing extract front a private
letter to a lady - of this-place from a holy
friend of per's living tit Rutland, Vcrfolonl.
It expresses in el9Stp and elegant, language
the writer's opinion or Miss Dickinson:
MY DRAlrlfru - Exi) : =
- •
if this letter, which I don't proftise
to make a" very long ono, should be Pretty
much all Anna Dickinson from beginikto l z Gt
end, you must not wonder. She lectured tore
last evening on Joan'D'Ark, or, as she ::lys it
shMild be written, Joan Dam.' And there is at
least common sense in her idea of it, as tin rr i:.
-no:place called Ark in France, and it, the '1 rk:
the D With the apostrophe—would be a si;,,n,
of nobility, and she WILS:t peasant girl. Mist
says thatMe old chronicles show that her father's
name was, Dine, and that is all there is Of it. '
But the lecture!, ,It Is simply magnificent, and
HS Well adapted for the masses, perhaps, as
- Amite of the other lectures, but as a work of art,
as a literary effort, as specimen of matchless
oratory, it waSjust sn'perb. I wantetito fall at
her feet and kiss the Tery hem of her garment.
It seemed so :fitting that she,-the wondrous
maiden of the Nineteenth contuu--should
come, lattrel-ctowned, herself, and pant for us
the portrait of her sister spirit of•the Fifteenth.
All the while she was speaking I"kept drawing
parallels between the.two. It was only when
she came to' the trial's the dungeon, the
scaffold, the fiery crown of martyrdom, that the
similitude and ked God that Anna
Dickinson's feet did not tread in the thorny,
blood-stained path ot Joan Dare.: After the lec
ture I went upon the stage and had a tittle - ehat
with her. This morning I went up and spent
Abe .VOrenoon with her. Well-4 haven't any-
thing to: say. There is something about tho
girl that fairly bewitches - When I am out
other presence I canteritieize her. I can say
that her nose is enormous, that her features are.
all too massive for beauty, that her fare is too'
mtnnag, too Anamtdine, fur a *Moan. But the
moment I feel the strong magnetism of her
presence. ram at her feet wain, ready to fall
down and worship ber. She - mellows with
every year. There is leas invective, leas 'of ti e
rade, mere of womanly sweetness, as well as
. womailly,'etreugtb. •
Yours Truly. J. C. It. D.
[Marquette join-sat. ,
MOILKICD pre': ted her industries for 300
years before eh • eft Them to free-trade, so. :
called, Which they have worked under for
forty yews past. She is nowno litany free
trade than The United States, - since 'Ok, col
lects the whole interest on her natlonaldebt
in duties on imports. But her tariltis Iv led-
for revenue only, ata well it'znay be, since her
manufactures stand in the same relation to
those of other countries, as the lion among
beasts, needing no protection:, The stronger
never peek protection sgainirt the weaker.
Yet even in England the protectionist party
is, increasing, and her silk, worsted, and
other jinn good% ittamtfieturers are demand
ing protection fwm,lbe labor-degrading
ooMpfAitiOri with ktraltea
CONORiIiB bun alliourned until ihefo!irth
Jalllll4l7s lEOlg
'as, .the night beibre4,lbristmas, winos an
j,. 'through the ti= sit ~ - - •
into 7
a was , not even a =Mae ; '
TIM streld were hung n the ebiznney with lestlß
In bone s Si. Nichols* would axe be there
The chi were nestled all snug in their beds,
Whiles .
!ski ,
s of sugar-pintos danced in their bomb.;
And Mans •in her "Iterehler and lln ntroliP.
Bad Jost se sallied our brains for a long winter's nap,
When out the lawn Uwe aroma such a clatter.
I sprang thew the bed to seewbat was the tatter ;
Away to the sande* I. dew like a dash,
Tore open the shutter and Threw up the sash..
The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow
Give the lustre of midday to objects below, - ' -
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
Bat a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer,
With a little old driver so lively and qtdsk,
1 I knew Intsmoment it must be St. 'bleb. . , -
More rapid than eagles his coursers they came, '
And whistled and allouted and called thern,by .
name; -
''Now Dasher! vow DancerfnoPtancer and Vixen!
~Qn Comet! on fhipkt! on Dotulorand Blitzent
o the , t4p of :It • porchi to the top of the wad! •
bow dash away! dash away! dasb,awayiill r• •
Sala drY leaves that befit the-wild hurricane fly,
When they meet withVstacle mount to the Oat
So up to the' house - top coursers they. flew. ' •
With the Sleigh full ot , and fit . Nicholas too; .
And then, in a twink,ll4. I heart oti the roof
The prancing and pawing of etch little hoar- '
As I drew in my lonia, and was turning around.•
Down the chimney St-Nicholas cane with a Wand,
He was dressed all in fur from his heed to' his foot,
And his claims were all. tarnished with- ashesaind
A bu ndle-of toys be het flung on his back, !:
and he looked like a peddlerjust opening his pack.
His eyes, bow they , twlnkted; - his dimples, how.
# merry.. . -
His cheeks were like roses, his nose liken cherry
Ills droll little mouth was drawn op like a bow,
And the beard of his chin was as white &Site snow;
The stump of a pipe ho held tight in his teeth,
.And the smoke it encircled his beadlike a wreath;
lie had a broad face and a little round. belly,
'That shook when lam laugliedalkcra bowl full of
jelly, - •
He was chubby and,plump, a right jolly obi elf,, .
And I laughed when I saw hintru spite of myself;
A wink of his eye, arid a twist Of his head....
Soon gave me to know 1 bad nothing to dread;
He sl oke'not . a woad, but went straight to his work,
And ..Tiled MI the stpck-ings; then mined with a
And laylng,his finger aside of his nose; .
-And giving opal, up the chimney he rose. -
He sprang I's iiissleigh, to his team gave a whrittle,
And awuy they eirtleiv like the down ora thistle,
But I heard hinn eselaim. era be drove out of sight,
tiOpßiirehrbtsms to rat, pact foal/ a gad night
Ch R15T311.4 - S CAROL.
THEITE•s a song In the air!
. „ • .
I here's a star in the sky i ' . •
. .. /'here's a mcfber'S deep prayer
And h,b4hY , ' 2s low cry! • .
And the star rains its pie while the Bean tiftl Sing,
For the manger of Bettlfehedreradres a King:
Tifere'iCa tumult Of Joy
O'er the wonder:of birth:
For the virgin's sweet ixfy
Is thd'Lord ri the earth.
A,y! the star rains its fire, and the Reatititel sing,
For the mar ger (3,1 Ile titithem , eradles a Iztligy
• .
. • In thQfllght of that star
' Lle the ages. Impearled;
And that song from afar
Has swept over theivtilist: •
Every hearth Is afla me , . and the 11. 2 tin [lfni sing
Ito the homes of the nat:ons that Jesus Is Ring
We rejoice In the 14,7,4 - !
And we echo the- )g
That conies down through the night
From the heavenly throng. •
Ay! we shout to the lovely evangel they tiring";
And we greet In Ins cradle our Savior and
. rSeritney's Meatrilly..o
To-morrow Hill be eliristlfias :Ind we take
this! early opix,rtunity or extending the emit
. i 1110 10,4:itStql-SOO to our many read
. Merry I liristina , ." •
The festival Zif l'hristmas is t eg zwileil as the
greatest celebration throughout the ecclesiastical
year, and so important and joyous a solemnity
la itilecnied, that a special cseeptkon iv made
in its favor. whereby, in 111k' event of the Anitir•
versarY Lilting on a rriday, that day of the
'week, under all' other eireumstances a fast, is
transformed to a fe,tival.. •
That the birth of Jesus Christ, the deliverer
of the human race, and the—Mysterious link
csmaceting tire traoseemlent sad ineomprehen
slide attri) , mes of Dgity Nvith human sympa
thies and atTee:innssllio,ild be considered au the
most glorious event that ever li.,ppcned, and the
nmst worthy of being reverently and joyously
eqUilileillOnllfSj, proposition which must
commend itself to the heart and ren in of every
one_of His followers, who aspires to walk in
'His footsteps, and Ahare in the ineffable benefits
iwhi• it I is ha. , evu reit to man - kind.. An I
thou:4h at one period denoutuFed by. the Pull.-
itfuN UrCrMitiOUg. and to the present day
th.o.e:Taided by Calvini•tie Protest:int:4,
warranted by Serfpture, - there , few who will
scrip U! , ly dispute the propriety of observing
the.aaniversary of Uri:q . t. birth by n•religieus
:.erv,iee. •
A . question, however., which has-beeti lot g
and eagerly agitated, is here broughtfurwaru.
Is the :nth of December really the-day on which
our Saviour first showed himself iniumian form
in the manger at Petbleheth? The evidence
which we possess regarding the date isnot only
traditional, bnt likewise conflicting and Con
fused.- In the earliestperiods at which we have
any reeerd orthe oliseryance'of Christinas, we
that some communities of Christians - - (vie.:
brated the ft stival on the Ist or dth of January ;
others on the 29th of March, the time. of the
Jewish Pissiover •, while others, it is said, ob-
Served it on the f2lith of September, or Feast of
Tabernacles. There can beno doubt, however,
that long before the reign of Censtantine, in the
fourth century, the season orthe New Year had
Ines adopted AA the period for celefiratingellie
Nativity, though a difference in this_ respect
'existed in.the practice of the Eastern and West
ern Chin - eh - es, the forinmeffieserving the 6th of
Jamiary, and the hatter the Ltith of becember.
The custom of flee Western Church at last pre
vailed, and both of•the ecclesiastical bodies
agreed to hold the anniversary. on .the wine
I fay. The fixing of the date appears to have.
been the net of Julius - I:, ivho presided
'X' its-roNi
or bishop of Home, from 437 to ,2 A. The • '
circumstance is doubted by blosheim, but is
confirmed by St. Chrysestrim, who died lit the
beginning of file titlh century., This celebrated
'father of the church informs us, in one of his
epistles, thud Julius, on the 'sollthatieri of St.
Cyril of Jerusalem, caus ! ..4l strict inquiries to
. be made on the subject, and• thereafter, follow
ing what seemed to. - bel the best, authenticated
tradition, settled .authoritatively the 25th -of
December as the, anniversary of ('pr'int's birth,
rte. **Pet:term onmiutn mietropolim," as it is
,ylefi by Chrysostom. ' It is true, indeed, Unit
' wane have reprktientfal this fixing of the day to
have been accomplished' by St. Telesphorus,
Who %VAN - bishop of Rome 125-139 A. D.,but the
authority for the assertion is. very . oubtful.
Towards the elose of the second century, we
tin-1 a notice of the observant.° of Christmas in
the reign of the EmPerer CommOdus ; and
aibont a hundred years afterwards, in- the time
of I qoelesian, an atrociouslict of cruelty is re
em led of the last-pained emperor, Who caused
a church in, Nies - nut:dia. i where the Christians'
wer7" celebrating the Nativity, to hi' set on fire,
and by barring every' means of egress frit% the
building, made all the .Worshippers perish in
the names. 'Since the end of the fourth century
at least, time 2:ith of Deeember has been nm-
Pe - nily observed as the anniversary of the
Nativity by all the nations ofThristendom.
At present, Christunts-d" if somewhat
shorn of its ancient glories, land unmarked by
that boisterous jollity:Ma exuberance Of animal
spirits which distinguished it in the - time of
our ancestors, is; nevertheless, still the holiday:
in which of all others throughout the Year, all
classes of English society most generally par
ticipate. Partaking of a religious character, the
forenoon of the day is usually passed in church,
- and in the evening the: re-united members of
the family assemble around- the joyous Christ
new-board. Separated its many of th6sa , are.
during the rest - of the year, they all make an
effort to 'meet together round the. Christmas-
hearth., The hallowed.fpelings of domestic love
.and attaehmeht the [deluging remembrance of
- the past, and the joyous anticipation of the
future, all cluster round these family-gatlier
,illyZA, and in the sSered es:incisions with which
they are intertWined,-and the active deedsof
k i :al ness ant 'benevolence which they -laieeto ,
eall forth, a realisation May almost be ruffid of
the angelie nieqage to the shepherds efliteth-.
1-M9:l—'4r:tory,: to r: cal in the highest, iincl on
( aien renee, gooid-tv ill teivaN men."
i - •
clintsileAs eArtoi-s.' i ,
Ani . ti so rnan,..Poicular customs at Chrislimei,
full of so ItIOVII tweet and simple peotry,ithere
is perhaps none more.ebarming than that Of the.
Christmas carols. critic!' celebrate in jeyou,S -and .
yet devout s.railri_the 'Nativity of the Siviour.•
; r:10-terrn Ls believed to be, derived' front' Ahe
1 attin cashier (to sing,) and l iota f an interjec
' Lion expressive or iOy. the pyactiee appears
- - min , as an (dent as the eelebratift of Christmas
ifeelf, and are infarmed that In the,early
' ages of'tha Church, the bishops . wore :teem s tomed Walt g carols on Christmas-day ameng
-their clergy. The quaint, anti inestimable
Jeremy Taylor, referring in his Great Exemplar
to the G/oria in Ercchsia or firma sting by the
angels on the plains.of ' llethiehem; says: "As
soon as these.blmsed - choristers bad - sung their.
Christmits Carol, and taught the Church a hymn
- to put into her -offices for ever in tint anniver
sary of this festiyitY, - the angels returned into_
heaven." • Milton also,' in the -twelfth book of
Paradise Loot, thusalludes to 'what may 'be re
gajded as the tirst Christmas carol:
• Flip place Of blrth a !manna angel xella
Tn hfillPie Kliepherds„ keeping watch by night
They gladly thither. haste., and by a eholr
vt winadrun'd angels bear ids carol sung."
Christmas carols are sung on Christmas -Eve
as well as on the morning. of Christmas-day,
and indeed the former is regarded by many HS
the more appropriate occasion. Theu the ctior
,isters, attached to the village church make their
rounds to the principal houses throughout the
paris:-., and :sing some Ail those simple and
touching hymns. The airs to slibieti'tbey are
sung are frequently no less plaintiveand melo
dious than the nerds, ,and are often wenn
!. snied by instruments. The writer retains a
vivid recollection of carol whicklbe heard
sung, iratia
agx, on Christmas Eve by a
detachment . of this 'choir, In front of a
ecnntry bongo inMevorishire, where be was at
the Hine ,a visitor. The sweet and pathetic
inelody„;Which was both retnarkabiy well sung
and played, the pictures ueness of the group
. of singers, whose persons were only 'rendered
visible, in the darkness at the night. by the
light of one or two-lanternifwhich they carried,
and the novelty and general interest of the
scene, all produced an impression Which was
never to be forgotten.. i,Msese Christmas-eve
carols are very general ip Devonshire, and the
usual custom fee the singers is ki club the
money which they receive on such.necasions,
_and expend - it in a social merry-niaking on
-Twelfth Day, a fortnight afterwarda.
We have already, in (=meeting or Christ
mas-day and its Observances, remarkid,On the
hallowed ibelings of affection and .good-will
which arc_ called forth at the celebra
tion of tuts .annlyerary.:,-Qnsrrels are com
posed and forgotten, old rrientitshiPliarszegielred
and oonflrmed, and atm/masa spirit or charity
and forglyetters eyttked, ths , I. this clarity
merely confined Wads 04440 m and gener
osity see ogequalsi, the poor and the destitute
optperimeeUetftiO of UMW richer mightier*,
and are etudd h Ad o ptiiUM edgy ibtampedires
at the J'clar Alfaasse. From the Queen
downlvards;falli classes of :society mote
their mites to 'i relieve the necessities an
erase* the cemfOrts of the poor, both as
food and raimelit. Even in the work-ho
those abodes efahort-comnsona and little
the:- stitheritlo% for once in the year, ..-
liberal in their :housekeeping, and treat. lb in . -
mates on Cbristmies-day to a substantial diner
of reget-heerand plum-pudding. : - It is qui ea-
Wresting. to read the account in the daily rs,
1 W learning or two afterwards, of the tare Ith
'which . the inhabitants pt. the various ,Work
horses in ;London and ele_sirbere. were. ed
onss-day, it detailed chronicle in
furnished th of the quality of the treat and
the quanti y supplied to cac ti individual. ' • -
gars, too,
h st of be. ave a claim on oar charity et thi4
season, m ugr all maxims of political • . no
my, and turned u from ourdoo nn
, relieved. , 'The may, at least,. have the dole
I iof bread and wiest ; and to whatever bad • uses
they ward roslibly turn' our bounty, it i *not
probable that tlie deed will ever be•eiater • . to
our discredit i', the books of the Ikea ding
i /i
Angel.'Apr() Oa - of these. sentimenes, e e in
troduce tie fo lowing monitory linckbys ell
known anthor imi artist: . 1 ,";', • '
1 scirrnit fore.citv.ins. - -- _..
. Amidst Chetreerirrg sleet and snow,- -
The timid robin comes: r' . '
In pity drive him not sway,[. :
nutr.cotter out your Crumbs. - . ,
L I - ,
, .
• And leave your door upon the la tch
Fer - irtio!roever comes; , • ' .
Thai poorer they more welcome give,
Alai slitter out your crumbs,
.. ' I
. All haven; spare 'none are too p• - :or,
. - When wanywr li winter com(*.
lout 4 purer all your own. '
Then simtter out your crumbs. , ,
. i•
• -.Soo i n winter f4is talon yourlife,
The ,tny of reelumetn g comes: • :.
Agelnst your shisjf ill& decree, <
...' -" . Are weighed those stlttiered crumbs.
1 " i. —lll - ALF114:1".? CROWQI7I
, A 1 ,ri , •
' •;•in,...en t/ le's. it was customary to ea
the charities or Christmas and the New VI
the hiweranitnals.: Burns referS to this prt
in 'The Aida IFarmer's Address in pis 'M
wan he liresentiffelier on - New Year's in
inswitti in e4tra,feed of corn:. :
• *A ;Mid New Year. 7 wish thee;, 31.aggie'l
• , lia,`t.iierei's a ripvto thy until lawgiel' • .
:The , gyeat•grandfather of the Writer-'-a small
proprietor in the earse of Viil kirk, in St•otiatal.
and-an VpisCepaliliii—used re:pilarly himself,
every Christmas mcrning; Isi carry a, special
supply, of fodder to each individual animal in
' his sta rtle and! cou-house. Tiliaold gentleman
was wont to 'ity, that this was-a niorning, of all
others in the year, when.- man and beast ought
alike to have nceasion td-rejoice. .- --- . .
:-:" ' . - clfalsTalara DECoRAT I o:ss. ' ' -
The deekingbf 'clnirehes„lretises, and i.h9ps
with .evergreens atri Christi - a - as, springs Ont a,
penal far anterior the TeVelatiou of Cl risti
anity. and seems' proximately . to he de ived
from the CustOm prevalent during the Satiirna.;
lia , of ' the inhabitants of Rome ornamcnting
their tc mples ! And dwellings greet with beoglis.
From this tattier circumstance, ve,, find 'st,Veral
early eceleshistieal . councils prohibiting 'the
members of t oliti - ureh to imitate the pagans in
thus orname ding their In nses. But in pro
cess ()Mine, the pagan WILM like' tqher of n simi
lar origin, introduced, into and_ inecirr_ rated, 1
with the eereinonii's of the church itself*. The
sauctien-of onr :tiaviotfr likewise' came to be
pleadeEl:for thepractice, ho, baying entered
Jerusalem in triumph amid the shouts of-the
people, who 4rewetipahm:branehes in his! way.
It is evident that the use of flowers and green.'
boughs as a Means or decoration, is afnitt in
stinctive in human nature . ; and we acsirdingly
tirid scarcely any nation, civilised, or .savage,
with which it has not become more or lets
familiar.. ThelTewsempleyed them in their, Feast
of Talernaeles, in the month of Septembe; the
ancient 'Druids and other ('eltic nations hung
up the.raistleme and green branches of di erent•
kinds over their doorti. to propitiate the •ocsi
lan4 sprites; and a similar usage prevail (I, as
we have Seen, in Rome. In short, the fteling
thus so univefsally exhibited, is ono of .mititral .
religion, and therefore not to be traced exclu
sively. o any`particular creed or form of iwtir
ship. 1.
The decorations remain in the churchesi l.
. Christmas tillithe end of January, but in ail
mince with the , lin 1 canons, they"
all be elettred ilway before the '.,41 orrortu
Candlemas-day.-The same libldsiAmod
custom with regard to private dwellings, s
station in both cases rendering italkifil pre
it-any of these sylvan ornament are re:
lieyomlthe perit,4l:just indicated. Ilerricl
, idludes to the poptilar,prejudiee.
' •Detrn with the re.,einory, :net i..,, .
Down with tlie , bniA a Lid LII iSt MO.: ;
Down with the ho ly. Ith% all ~
. Wherewith ye the. 4 time Cnriiitnets h 4.11
That,so rue sup.rstilloua rtn.l • • •
,No one leUrCbrauch t qereleit behind':
For look, how ulauy leaves: there be •••
maidc taunt In r ue . • It.
so tautly . gobUns you shay see.'
ANEcno# OF
Elie musician, list his sight when only
years of age: - •
He had so correct tin ear,, that he ii
forgot thei voice of a petson he once l
speak., An instance. is given in will
recollected the voice of -a person he ha
heard for twenty-years, who then de(
him in an assumed voice. i f twejaty p
were seated at a table .toget her, lie wool
dress them ail in regular order, -wi
their situations being previously kilo%
hiuk.- Riding on horseback witi• One I
faxsotte• exercise:!; though 'it would
very;dangerous one for the blind,- and to
the close of his life, when 11,.• lived in
ing Forest, and wished to give his frivin
airing, he would_ take them the p1ea... 41
road, and JuiinLout the „;,greeable.
He played at_whi,.t with great! read
and - judgment. Ktel ti as markt
thesorner • with the t sin: cf a needle,
these marks were "so delicatt ly. tits
.titffeely to be Ali-Oen:et' by any persot',
preeionslyapriri4l of them. ,llis hand
'gene:tally thetirq arranged, and it w:+ not
uncommon fur.hiui to e , ,inplain of the itartY
that they were tediOtn4:in sorting the cards.
He could tell the precis. time by a watch.
He knew the number of per in a rootn
When he entered it, Wontd ttirect his vice
to each.person in jiartieular-4ven to Strati
zers after they „had once-spoken ; and Would
miss any one whci was absent, and eould tell
who that one was,
Eroirif the foreign diplomats at W ash
ington are married:to American
PH ILA DELP/2 lAI 're o nsti [nes :2 7 ,41,030 . lOrels
of tx_vratitiaaliy., ati(ltexpetals for the luxury ,
f.. 4,000, 0, X).
~ .. ,
THE IlaS•tian Jlinistpr at Washitig!on,
contrary to the general Itelier, is a white min
of English ptireatage. . . - • . ,
. .
HEY tellof a min out Westnvitoz;e hair
is Pt) red that he htls to Artar tly-,net , : over his
to keep the eatidie-mOths-from flying. in.
SsN FitANctirt)Jrtvs have v"ntied—
fi9 to I—to
aboliSh the old custom -forbid
ding mei and womm to sit together iii the
A . "N ic- 1 estern Avo - a n isni" sVs in a h:tter that
her sex grill never rest contented until their
. sins are treated leniently as are those :ttoht, men: ~ .
CitAP3tAs wittily remarked the dilier
evening, that in trying to gain two -seciimis
In get tms.: on and offtrains, many tnen'hp,d
secured widows their' thirds.
IT appears that* was -Mr4. E. D ; E.l' 1.
tiiautliworth's pen that svotgested. the enlpg- -
ment of Sirs. Stow,, cshictt resulted - itt the
production of “Unele Tout's Cabin."
-A WELK or so ago a surprise patty at Pitts
field, Mass hreke: - a stove, three chairs, a
sofa and a lot of crockery during their Stay
atlthe lion-u of the party surprlsetl. The
family litts . mo futtlier to be :r.urprisq.
Twat!: is a little railroad at Bayou Sitra,
Loubrialta, that ruts m NVoctiville on a V ; ery
imecrtain schedule. A stringer came in tthe
Other day and inquired how often th . 4 t•t6ln
car made trips to the country.. Ttm p irt—
ipterragated Paid "tri-weekly." "):Vha a Id
mTheientLi.y tri-weekly?" T,swer ; wa, ,- , 0 I
toes up to l e week and tries to iodne ti4t - i
the next."
PotrrnxND, Alx.,-has the champion n it
man. The fellow, known to Le ttt corn siri
able circumstance , . !muff. i;greement
an ,aNtaintaOce to take a daily, Pape.
share3..and , receive4l four -41111nri , :n4 ha
thu subrription. - His method Ni•as to to t?
inicertain store: read the piper that otl e
bought, carry it (amid dive it to his un
pecting, partner,
Gx 'rift: Nrirtliern - Pneitle, likenver...
vast veins of lignite coal in the Missouri '.
ley, have been made by_Copt..Morris' p
of engineers, which, will be a godsend to ill
road which traverses co large a sectio • t
, woodless• coun try. -The veins.range in th el
lies front eight to twelve feet. and cute 1..
many paints. in the Great Missouri Cot*,
indicating an almost inexhauatuble supnly.
• . . • -r:
• A
Ns sum fdr boys ior men) in figtire .
up is the rise in the Value of farms and ;the
increased market prices, not only of grain,
but of perishable fruits and vetetables, crentat
by putting mills - and factories near the fart Ms.
,For e.Nample: stip jit - fe a:woolen' facto or
iron mill ting $4:13,000 i•teetTed andln bp..'
troth:in, whit .r-centage will It add to line
value of crops . ad, price of farms !for !ten
miles around? . • . -
Tan Treseury ttepartment hap_far ea led
in,.,54,000,000-i'llree 'Per Cent. Certificates:
As these Three Per Cents art. called in only
after the Issue of an tr i ttal • amount of new
national bank notes,, incident to the estab
llshment of now banks, , the volume of • gen.;
eral currency Is not ehringeti by the opeM-
Hon. After the 31st inAt. - Interest on the
Three Per Cents will cease; and tluitsf will nu
longer be available aSit banking reserve.
THE extent to 'which the Pacific Railroad
has diverted trade from the water routes be
tween We Atlantic and Pacific shores of We
Continent„ may be pretty; accurately,
a ti
mated by thodalling off in the fleet bcund to
California. Tire,..Fraue so) But,tamos
states that thenr—wrmudy- neveuty-filne-ves
sels bound to tirtirportlrem Foreign and the
Atlantic ports„ .ag•aliast .oae-hundred, and
twenty-four at the corresponding date lze4t
year---a dectease of nearly forty per ce rt.
T H E several sub-divisions of the Union
Pacific are to be dispensed. With, and -the.
road constituted ; into two divisions. Fare„
flat will embace that part from - Omaha to
Cheyenne, which will be the terminus, of,the'
too divisions Which h
_as lately been at.Lan
rale. Tho western itivhdon extewis.ltOna
Cheyenne' tolhe J unction • proper, with the
Coma' ricific,.--tif Onion, - . eight mites West
of Ogden. The principal pointof fire wed- •
ern siltrbsiu will be ablEvanston, Wyoutip.'
wherwextemtive ranicat Adwips sae .ise g,
focal Notioc.
214 cents • tine lira Inseraon; 7u cent. $ line *Mk =hoe
goof es!
IsellessnaGentaßestaurant. Na lel Centre street.
Priers nslneea.-lis scat the.tizne. dal and seenz
3.1 e
raznen. English. and Amerietin Cloths. all styles.
And of the finest *Mattes. at 1". Sialtil*CentrOfilt•
. Plum= Paanno Lnisx mom" a beautiful aztl•
ebD.e.smluiaMiattre street. •
all kinds positively, perfectly sod permanently.,
cured by W. A. Mceimdles, M. B. NO. "zu/ Aren , Kt'ti
I desire to say to those afflicted with ally
. kind'of
PILEit, internal. External, Blind, Bleeding, Or
leg, tied' there Is positively no kind of deception in .
the , cure of these- dimaici, the cure is perlivt
and permanent,. and without the slightest danger,'
without the slightest Injury to the patient In any
way,and without caustics or Instruments. I also
cure Fistula Fissures, Prolapses and Ulceration of,
the lower bowels. Patients must visit me and - can
remain at my house till cared.. If they desire. Can
refer you to over LSO persons Phil>alelpb >y
alone. Oct. I. '7lt-40-Gm
tetter's United states Almanac for /RI, for din
tribut.on. grater, throughout the Unttedlitates, and
all civilised countries of the V,Vstern Ilemplapttere.,
Will be published about the first of Jantiary, and all
who wish _to understand the true philosophy of
health should lead tuid-pOnder the valuable sugges
tions it contains. •In addition to an admirable
medical treatise on thAeauses, prevention and core
of a great variety utilises-sea. ltembraces a large
amount of information Interesting to the merchant,
the mechanic. the miner, the farmer, the planter;
and, professional man; and the odculations have
been made for such • merklians and latitudes as are
'most suitable for a. correct an& comprehensive
. The nature, uses, and extraordinary sanitary cf.
, recta of liostette.r'a Stomach sitters, the staple ionic
and alterative of mom- than ball the Lltristiou
world, are fully set forth in its pages, whie'i are a'so •
Intempersed with 'pictorial illustrat lon's, valuable
recipes forthe household and farm; hn morons ance
dotvi, an& other. ,instructive and ninnsing reading
matter; original and selected. AWM.M. the Annals
to appear with the opening of they sir. this will be
one of . the moat useful, and mad be Aad for tZse askiso.
The prOpiletore, r Uostetier 'Smith,
eelpt of a two-cent. stamp. will 'forward a copy - by'
until 'to key person-who cannot procure one to his
neighborhood. Thu bitters are sold 'ln every city,
town and village, and are extensively used through
out theentire civilized world.
-Jan. I, _ . • 1-1 y
ear to
TN/di—Having for theiust chitty-five years devoted.
mywhole time, and anent:on' tos,W snaky of lunge
diseases and re nsumption, I feel Oat kiinder.stand.
fully the course that ought to11)Fl . lied to restore
a tolerably had case -M dice .', , e.s. to heal*
soundneet. - The first - mid Oast; iigirtant .step es
Tor the patient to avoid tak,ing, cold; and the best-of -
all places on this'eOnttnent for this purpose in win
ter. is Florida, well •down in the State, where: the
temperature' is regular, and not subject to: such
variations sot in more. orthern latitudes. - "Palatka
is a point I can recommend. A good hotel is kept
there ley Petertuan. Last winter I saw several,
sons there 'whose lungs bad been badly diseased,,,
but who, under the healing influence of the climate
.and toy medicines, wereltetting welL ,
Oue hundred miles further,down• the. river is a
point which 1 would prefer to
,Pulatka, as the tem
',math reis more even and the •ag.d r y and tracing.
MellOuvi le and -Enterprise ars lotated there. I
sg>'shouldve a decided preference to Melionvil le. It
is twb miles from river or take, and It seems altimst
impossible to take cold. there. The fables' in Flor
ida might be better. slid patlents complain at times;
but that IS a going sign, as It indicates it return of
and when this is the case they generally
inerenseln fresh, and then the lungs must hail. •
Jacksonville ,Iliberida, Green Cove, and many
other- places in various parts of Flotilla, can be
safely reimmliended to consumptives:ln - winte'r;
.fly•reasotis 10s- 1 603 - lag so are that patients are less
!lane to taking cold there then where Mete is a
4.sts ereu temperature, and It is nok'necessary to
30 - r {hilt where a consumptive' person exposes him
self to frequent colds heir; certain to die shortly.
Therefore my . adviee is, go well down, into the State
out of the reach of prevailing cast winds and,
laeksonville;or almost any of the other localities
I have namedl, will benefit -those who are troubled
with a torpid liver, a disordered stotuncholerangol
bowels, sore throat or cough, but for those whose
lungs are diseased a more southern point is earn
estly recommended.
For fifteen years prior to 1421, I MIS professionally
in New York c Jiloefon, Baltimore and Philadelphia
every week, where I saw and examined on an aver
age- dee hundred patients a week. A practice so
ex tenelve, embracing every, possible phase of lung
disease, has enables' me to audeistand the dlsense
fully, and hence, my caution in regard to taking
cold. A person may take • vast quantities ot,'s Pul motile SyrtiplSeaweed Tonle and
Mandrake Pills, - and yet die if.heQdoes not avoid
' takiny, cold. •
In Florida. nearly everybody is tilting-Schee - 112W%
Mandrake Pills; for the climate is mote likely to
produce bilious habits than 'more northern lati
tudes. It Ilia well established ,fact that natives Of.
Florfda rarely die of consumption, especially those
or thesouthern part. Ott the other hand. In New
England, one thirJ, at least, of the;population die
of this leirible . d i sease. • • In the Middle States' it
dots not prevail so largely : still there are many
thousands if ezu. , ,,N there. 14 bat a vast pet eentage
of life would -be saved if consumptive+ iveze as
easily abirated in regard to taking fresh hold as they
are about scarlet • fever. small pox; etc; 'Bat they
arc not. They take what they. term a little cell;
which they are credulous enough to believe will
.wear off in a few days. They' ay no Intention to it,
and hence it lays the fottudation. for anotherana
another-still, mull the lungs are distased beLonti,
alt hope for cure. -
.:„*- :: . . -.- ..1 -.r 3ly - advice to persons - whose lungs. are airected.
even slightly is, to lay in a- Mock ari,ehenck.'s Pals
' motile SYrup, hchenck's ricatr&L: - .•Tginic and
- Ise.die tick's 'Mend: aSe Pills and Ort4 • ktorida., I
'I recommend. tilt se particular . treenfeitles bemuse'l
am,. thoroughly acquainted wiltrilleir . neticee. I
qre s i.w tied where they are used to stria accordance •
it ith my
' directions they will .0-,, tie . .. work that-is
required. -This aectaupllalied,' natnie,Wlll du the
- rest. Tie! physlelait 'who preset lilts: Vold. cough
,or might - sweat s , and 'then advi- es la, patieutto
• , walk or rfele out every ' , .lay will be s e to have a
P , 1
r Forpse on his hands before ,mig. . •• '.; -•-• '
My plan Is tilg,;Ve ray three med eines, in aecor
elance vitt' the printe , l directions, except in some
asses where; 0,411--er use of the 4andrake Pills is
necessary:. My object is to give tone 16 the istUillitell
—to Sea - 11141 hood appetite. It Is al way, a decd sign
when a patient n'egins 0 grow hungry. • /..have
'laves of such. With a Mist" for_Moil and the grin
!neat lob Of that relish coitus goed bleed, and with
it more flesh, which Is closely followed by a healing
of the lungs. Then the cough loosens and abides,
the creeping chills and chunmy night,-sweats no
longer prostrate and annoy, and the patient' gets
well, provided he avoids MM. .. cold.
Now there are ninny consumptiy es who inn e'not
the means toga i,. Florida. The- quesdion 'fiTay be
nstied, is there. no hope for such? Certainly there
Is. My advice to such La. and ever has been, to stay
'0 .1-
n a,t
ry or
as a
!► I,e
I I hot
41 at
in a warm room during the winter, with a tempera-
lure of about seventy - degrees. which 'should be•krpt
regularly at that 'stint, by means of a thermometer.
Let such a patient take Iti'S exercise within the
limits 'of the room by `walking up and down as
'much as his- strength will peinalt, in order to keep
up a heattlayeirculation of tin. blood. - I have cureo
fhoosands try 'hie syste m , and din- .so
consuMption is as easilyeured as any other disease
if it Is taken In time; :'ltd the propi..r !It Ind of
treatment Is pursued. The • !net "StagdS untih.:,
puled on,record that,_•ithenek's Pulmonie Syrup,
Mandrake Pills, and.:.' - ' - ettd Tonic -have eared -I
very many'oluital_seCtiled to be heti:Mess - cases of '
consumption, elo where-•:_yan will, you will be al
most certain to Snot-some - poor 'consumptive who
has been rescued from ire very. jaws of death by,
t USg, • '
So far ns the Mandrake Pills are concerned, everY.!
leidy should keep a supply of them en hand. They
act on Medi ver better than calomel, find leave.none
of its hurtful en - yet-pi behind. In beet they -are ex.
.cellent In all cases • where a purgative medicine
required. If you have partaken too freely of fruit
and ellterrhcea ensues,•a dose ofthe Mandrakes wilt
cure you. If you are subject to tdek headache, take
a dose of the - Mandrakes and they-will relieve you
is two hours. If you - would o',.vit.te the effect of a
change of water, or the too free-indulgence Of fruit,'
take one of the Mandrakes every night or every
other night, and you Amy' ..hen drink water and eat.
watermelons, pears, apples, t catches or corn,
without the risk of being made sick by•ihetn: ' They
will protect those who live in drunp squa t Ices
against effills anelleverit. 'fry them. They are }ter
feetly harmless. They_ can do you good Only.-
' I have abandoned my_ prate:it:Meal visits to
ton and.liew York. but i'statinue to see pat lents ut
my office., 1.1 SIXTI( - Street s Philadelphia,
every satiteduy, froth 9A. ar: to 3P. M. 'I hose who
wish a thorough exarainatlon -with the Itesplrom
eter will be charged five dollars. The Resoirometer
-declares the exact -.condition' of the Wags, , and
patients can.readily learn whether they are curable
or not. But I desire It distinctly, understood that
the Value of mr medicines depends entirely Upon,
their being taken strictly according to directions.
In conclusion, I will say that when peretis take
my medicines and their systems are brought into a
healthy condition thereby, they are not so liable to
take mid, yet no one with diseased lungs can hear a
sudden change of atmosphere without the liability,.
of greater or less Irritation of the bronchial tuhes.
run directions in nll langnages .dccompriziy* mS
mei:Haines, so explicit and clear that_nny one cat .
use them without consulting me, anct , can be bnught
from any druggist
.1. If. SCIIENCIZ . . M. IX -
No. I 3 N. SIXTH Street, Philadelphia,
April 111, s7O l6 -I y,
. . .
i•tviN 7 -t - iI3I.iIINGIS—On" Dee. :0.10,at the resl
denee i47:the-,Mltastet. In Pottsville, Pa., by Rev. It.
31. LI chtenwnliter, Mr. JAMES EVM!!,4B to Miss MARY'
1:011 misus, bra of Pottsville, Pa. '
SUERS! A T.: —Ia.kRTI 4 RIN--By Rev. A. 11..Rein
bower. op Wednesday evening. the 21st inst., DAN.
.to alts, 11A RTL N, 'yr this
pta . ce. r • '
. .
K. A 47 F3I A Itit-,On Thuntday, Deeefuls•r 1 ,4 70, at.
;onion. .ticlifiY Ck,nnty, Pa., )Ire EtazAtttru
o tIiAN, Wile of elmrlf m P. Kaufman and daught
er of Benjamin and flo - Frlct Kline, aged years and .
t days: •
'1) renter:it to take place fmni 'the reslithee of bin
i parents at Schtsyliclll Haftt, December :1:411, at.l
o clock ; fC M. Tt friends and relatives of the fans
If are cordially vltect to attend.
•.Thc-faanilly of the deceased take this opportanlty
1- to es EX:LtInY thank the .kind Oetfplo of Gordon for
their utittria‘ ambit:lnce during herlast illness; all
• of whom are hereby - lanetienlatati !witted to be an
of attendance at the funeral without further nutlet.
ge - 3-7
Ser %tite . nub to gd.
..__ .._
. Pf li orl'iN 6 rg;Ci . ;; ( lZ,A:tran°f',"."TitgTlT,,"Jtatlir'•
Apply A 0
C. DI. HILL , Agent,
*Mee No. 184 Cent - re street
"Ilbei . l7. '74.111-lin , • -t
Pottsv 'lie.
' F
OP. hn o rt a e n pre ct ll
„water. noose in ntmil order. For particulars spply
on the premise., No. ISd YAM M
-arket St.
Dee. to t '7O —243-11n—a3-1 re •
. .
FOB BALE.—Choire building lots on tieorre
Bate and Arch streets. Payable in $lO monthly
Installments, with interest, or a liberal discount al
lowed for cash. Apply to ISA-MUNI, BALL ? at the
Lumber yard on Coal street, or' IL K. - WEsTON.
No. l East Norwegian street.
;:r.ttsville. Dee: 0, - (April It '7O-7.111r,1y
Fan. SALE.—Fine ltense and Lot sitintic4l
last Market St. littme built in cottage eta le.-7'
Tertag catty. Apply to 11. ranKER &sox, .
Itki Centre St.,
l'ottsvil ie. •
Dec 10, 10,
FOR RENT.—A. Frame Tnyern.lCx Tee% with
k 'tenet' ail:trued, situate iu llegkas Township,
near tiefin4urdle- Also, 11 acres,of ground, sta
bling, titlx.Teleet, can accommodate lid horses- 'Fur
terms, niiply to • A tilN iiell,WEN
Der; 10, on the premises.
• •
Vah.table Hotel, an old and well
estatoshed stand, situated on the cower of
Second and Franklin street*. In the flonianth or St.
chill., within Ilk yards of the Reading' Railroad de
pot, and known too. Johnson's tiotel. The properly
consists of Hotel buildings, largelitable, ice ilintse,
&c,a - ttood Garden and :plenty of yard room. The
property is free ot all incumbotnce, For particulaM
apply on the rreralsrs to
10.',0-d0 2m* ell'AS. B, JPITSSON:
"Decombe.r ist, 1870,.
- .t Spl'entlla Collection of
Domestic and Foreip:
BILVER—WARE, • • - .
- n.e. GREEN, -
nrlCifitretit. near Bank. Pottsville.
Now • Aug, V,AD-41 w
Eitaratiatkddo vOdt !twit to be tia l sEp
Optkaitt and Wa er Na 261 Oetttre
ntresit, igt Woes abonregw . ?lortimer
*gat 110 ices- -
-- .
signed, appointed' by the said Court an; Amili
dlattibtite the-belanee remaining In the hamk ,
Jogeph 11. Skeen. one of the achninligratots „f
estate of Henry Bayer, demised, late of The
of Pottaiftlle, In 'Pahl County; to and among it..
parties entitled to tie wane, meet 11 .
interested. afails office. :No. 168 Centfe street, p„ l ,,
yille,on TUESDAY. January 31. 1470.4dr the • 1:,; -
litre of perforoiingtbe duties of his appoltittnrut,
-lliVOtHen li, lA it. .70/1N -
lec,lT,7tl-il ii_ - '
NOTlCE.—Letters of Allt • ntstrat lon on ti.
Auto, of DAVID CAE/TZ, 4 - 11,, having
guarded to the.undentigned, all persons t.d
theOstate'aro requested fit mak* pal - meat s :ma 1 .
having claims to present them to
OT/O.E.—Letters ot Administration on t
tate of Ls.Wrs Riga, late of the itorongh
Eettsville, in the Ct.unty of Schuyikiti.
having been granteil to the ul I
'lndebted to talc] estate are requested to make• Inth it
diatepaywent, end those having elatrau - seal tt,t'll.;.
same to present thew scion for settlementuo
WM. REES. Adtni tor,'
1:14 Sanderson str,
Th!e. •10. 0 —"o.6ti,
late of the Borough of Pottsvllle, , '
I.etters of administration on sad ...F.:sta t • v
been granted to the undersignrd,all pei !,
ed tosaid e. , date are ttnuesiteCto wake pa% .
all perFraty haying elaima ogalost :Eald'exi:ao to _
e.llt. the !ionic to
lIAESELER, Administrato r
N 0.41 Nlohoutongo , Pf;ttsv i I
• ,pr to A. W. Seii LCK, Attorney at tau L. .
No. 4.:f/1. Centrest., Potts 11.-.
- Dec 10, '7O--50-1, •
.L . RILL- COUNTY. iu the inat:e.--
Tavern, Eating House aud Wholo.ide
eensesi.—Notiee is hereby given that n 1
Licenses exi Ire in March, nc!, rride„iale
• pctitinuti fur pie tarn° lrfllu °nice 01
-said Court, onor hiefofe the"t.inflitof
theta will be granted at the JatitAi.: trio •
said court,aud Efok . ltt the slareh isessionNoiy,
fore. 1 e
Al.,s alt appltentits for 'lava.:••-•;11„ -
''their petitions In raid Court, at the time ilia
aforesaid. •
Court :
Nov 19. '79-17-6t
lOTlCE.—Theti•egular 'noniti ;:,.: • t• t t
Moot:lb:fillers of the kirst,
fSlinersvilli:, for the election a sitct-ii_ I i.,t
nerve the eintoingi•yeur,-Criii lye held t:l3
rUeS'IIIY of Saninkrr; Let ween the 11,121,-. I
and IP. 34:, nt thkr BankingHou,ec, - • -
dersigned -.Coultah-xfunel - $ 4 of F t .b u y!„,„ ; - .i ,
Pa., heieby, give notiee;lhat they wlit rat nj ~, ,Vt ::.
04 on all moneys dtic by Tax Ccd;t etors Of! :I It.! .11'
14,1.). 1, 1S71;
~ . : BENJAN.I\7-.1.v i•. ; . ;.,
.. • ,
• , ' P.\ 1"1: 2a )1i:.11.:: - ,
s Attest: 0. - 3: A 11E1.100D. Clerk. t ~ h , . ..11.2,
Dee..17,'70-51-3t - • . •
OFFICR;_MII,I.D.VEEK AND • 12‘.:1: ili.l-
• 11.1 LA
The •tinntml tut °Unit et thr
emir:lo:v *lll be tient b 1.,. r, n.; :•.
N 6. ;07 , 1.1.brzav
eleven vt Fiat . Line tin t tc.-tn 6. 1.
OnierrS Yu tcry," the (01,..1111`g
vlttee.. - . I'. Ttr.7,
1:1 & :t; -::t
CA11 . 1.:0 ZiALA 1 /./ tf t,S j i ( N
11EI.VIt lA, .
The tuitittal nte.l:llg.‘,l the t
Cots - wav)' heal at the 1. thee •,,
party - , -tt7
157 0 -, at clevca ~',•;, tic .:t.t t • wh:,
rlection for .I;tlieers to s, the y11 , 1111:12 :C. 5.1 .
atso.take Cher.. 11 4) 1 141 s, ?l 1,
Lee. 10, ',0—:54-12, .1„.; •
~UATION 1iA11.1:0A I) O.NI IN 1.-
71/0';‘1111,1:111 tht 4 rN.f,; I
Com pp liy L. 0.5.1 nt 11:e c:111:• , ;':::' I
' t.u' . MOTIti.t . V. i;
elevell +. click -A. t
utlicers Et , - . V-I . llr ws, ,1,0
place.. - .I' Ku; Tl:asuit
- 14.e..1(:, '74.-2M-12;13
1 ROAD CI.J , larAll.l , 4401:-. No,
. ' Prat.). t •
rs of t it.oln2; hnt I Annunt
1 1, 4,11.,11 for • rr.,141.1%. !r.
and Si , i•re.tary, will lake platy r. n
tigtt• 11,G.X1., lit L . . .
- 171 • • NI . 1% . 1 I; -';
• - • .-- •
. A BSIGNE E'S SAZE OZ` ' , V . A . :LI: A lir; E
the or .rtz-r-iuel.. P. r'ia,rl t_,
• in' I'lner.ot . l , ,
TUESDAY. Dt'Ortilbrr.i . a.ll. at 1 41'4, • -
Waking deseribedlVo(4ii,„A.ND; •• • , •
• No.r._--Alllbrit c:ertitixt trnet - nr p1 . '.4 1:1
rate - Frineirri,ne `inArnship. ,
Jacob 11,:tr, •
redericir. lindy,erintlif o ning ..ifd
No.::.—All tbat -certainnet of ••
ISEIt LAND, irn Plinrgrove
iif 'F , elt y,
and lands of ff t eio.:ri-.lC.Citilifori.l,
and iTio Pc rc
. .
• No. :L— A trzia or irrtr..of Ila7Li.::t;l:11P t r
grc.-e Township
ler er ak (!..,, , sandi - ievi4
. - • :•. -•
cif S•alo
ple,ee; " i :41' Sal.'
• Ass„ien,..e •Ji Me:noel
• 1 6 1.. SbIGN E 8.111,1:1 OF VA. L 11-A , s:. •
REAL - .1 e
salo,:ori JS UN 1)..1'1,. 111,111. • tr,7:t. ti•••.%.
A2h itsl !II I S - o'eteek, uu. It, ra. he•int to, le
.11111.11.:11ertz, in tilt ,. 1 iagt? 01 5(01,1Vhf?1i11 , ...:. lt. i 3
t Likt t tit ion, _
:11111. niid.Traet.,ll..t.tol, Situate lit the
Smaltz, Isse.e tiler, Alien e ;;;.
an , l pr.gwrty - of . ),:ie Lut Ile - ratt ••• •
rhlitt.! or Th , - .
tnettis are, tilltrge new twu-story STON'K
INti 11017 extensive }lack
Suieitzer Ilarus, er,i , of lliuttisktiCirely
.I%lt h ti •NI A 11.N1t.i111. SA I. t
high. tillti• entittitiAng t
tliree'retiant Shetls. Corn ril,-:••••!
other necessary nt.l , lnittin;-s. TitZt 4/i ;-
three stories is height - 71ton t of brick : , and vont:slat .
4 pair of stones; e.ielt stone having its own plopelha
power, good water mower. • Also. a saw WM. , :••
are two YOU:Sti 'LE OUCH AIIDA on the pi vis-
Amis. The Union Canal rains through flie proper! v.
ur U 1,1) ~, n vf,r,lent to the Dwelling I Ivause and T.;
the statales. - he land Is in a good, state of ei'd I
Don well -fiefs]; and is regarued in, one
'pruki 'a netive and valuable .Farms in the Cou:sty. It ---
lawated abalui . t 'lle and n-half notes fry m Ittelitae
Station, on the Lebanon Valley - W., •
Stoucstairg, on the and Dauphin
This property iwiiilxsold lu - the e;laile,eir in pa
to xuft purelassers, viz: A Dwelling S wen
Barn, and .55 Acres; A Dwelling Douse with nesv
Bari, 'Sale Stable, with JO Acres of Laajd• j:l 4
in1.1,:!.. , ,C; iat Mt ii, Saw Mill and lo V-,
A Lsts:lll.t- 'the same Linty and place, all the
Vole anal• interest iii a ourtain two-story t 11_I i
DWELDINU lIOUISE and • large SALE STA 111. i ' '
two-story.bricti, the - LOUT rapable of stablioL; • !
_hearte - Horses, together with- a ph ve of land,
tattling pa, situate iu .:ilyt.l",if/Wil .
Tins pro,kerty. is loiissfed In the lassiness portion.:
MyerTUOW.II, on the ra.Ul.l I(lttilitp: to the 13,1:W; ••
101 , 11144 : 11UT'llOtel property late of Iletiben Marra. '
bath, deceased: Julio Douges, Jacob LOU n
Loose and i others. This property ls tidmirahly
fed for g Lon. On the memises is tit, :1;1-
'lll'lll4' CiSTATZfIi, which rapplies the Slable a Ith it
'flag water. -
. Al-SU—at flie. Sadie lime and place, all that cerL,l:l,
tract of CI.I.e.STNUT
,Ileidellierg Township,. trigantin..Courity,
~i6o,ultig lends of 6 - e , •rge ibCi . t. G_ I:aw, ,, n
man, Josentnlloke;Joh 0 Boyer, and others,eontaln
. tug•.,,Veres.l . itul 7,1 l'eff_hes. -
tmiii.111101:1 of sale ftialle
11.1.:2N RN STUMP;
'vf Michael Ilersliberget
I t
IPee. 17; '70.1 7 .)1.'t •
. , .
D 4: .r: a LLB:. AGENT.. .
CHAL 4 .. W
. • •
BOOT, SH OE, HAT - . ,A . NU C i VP STOI'. 0,
city..r.;,:a.-r:.3-rit EEL, eiI.E.SSONA. ::
. ,
floot.s,'Shoe l s;Alats. una raps, in great variety, eor: -
htiAlltry on ilAtlcl.-: Partv - )/Nr tlnCiatt•it,e'
Work. •ItEPAIItING diiiie neatly on htlpit notice,
Feb. 11. "lt) . • 31!..5, - .7—ly -
- —um cr.. .• •
._ . . .
~.-..,._-7=..--.-,-.-,_-_,--_---,-.,,.-...-7-__ r- ~-, , ,.._-_,--..-.=_"".:l_:._ 2._ L - • .
I_,U- 113 ER ..DEAL-,R
. • COAL ST,...'neni II...XLII.OAti DEPOT, .
- !..
, ..r. kw , t'. .
... . , .
• NVA II keep coustnnt 1 v.!
. on! hand `a full asA , ,ri- -
- - 4 - ':„ :3 t i., - r." .. tiltpt Of - IVpiltilirk' Min t - '!!
• "!•-•.! -"-l' • -0 7 - . .., Aji:r!, whien he will (;;P.,:-'
:.:.!!• ! 7, -'. w" "sl: - "iii:.. Zee to sell at lb.. - . !
~:.1 "
rj'il *':...,. 0 3 ~--,
LONVI:› , •T :stAmis - .1 , :r • .
1 ,1., • , -,•.....1 7 4;7
~v . . • , . ~
I i -77::,!..-:, , i .: peenlv,Sll.sll.):l;:la.:, Z.....
, - '"Z' , cr. &SI° :tiasi) at 4.ect-111., p, r
. 1 . - ., .-- 4 - , - 0. , ..T.0).
...i. Sept 10.'711-37-11-IV,It
Atlapte4l to gottge 2 ft. 6 Inches aod ar.h,
gid:of rednoud la:it-Jt and width, go Ai to pf rod '.
their rpordir.2 to th c.r..di nary lieaxllusor a :d!oe. •
Nye :6,ve.
these malt i
the other nut
ler - )nurtive,;--one Ittside•eonwte,d;nyi
it nil eq al,
rotAii. ILK•clunives of ruirguair.
Tile tuat cr . !:
yekret, to tit.
:Oar and'
Mitzi w'
Attg. _t. ..
COUP° UNTI of • 1V11.1)
' and Sr..:N Als • ack now tett4e4: to . he the
Pletnant. tune . awl 'certain. reritoy fur the cured
erenp, nourst-itoe , , .lntbant. and lii
cipleht C'ensumptlii ever'ntrerpil la the Int . A
bettle . slionill always be ket,t tit every fund
- .Prbpared 11... i,I„IXE, Druggist An: Ltteinlst;
BetILIY 'kin Haven; re: Vor ill rot' • Ille at the
Drug titeres of Dr. W. 11.110111tiSt).V, Et-1;1°E W. •
.K.E.LiNEDY and .111*.C.' &NV Wit. and DlUgg 1614 I
and Dealent erveryytttere,,'. Viten to cen
•• . •
cu.s.t , . it.ul'i;;;'