The miners' journal. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1870-1873, November 12, 1870, Image 2

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A CA. owt srscxxLNClittrat•ll.l A1f." 1 "." .4 1: 1 . - J , , HE STATE . TBEASUR ERSHI P.-
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BIN:NA :I dt.AlAY.—nooloenecadd I
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4 (...„ ....„:-.4_______ , ___, 1 ., t ;
'iiATURDAY. NOEMBErt 141870. • :::
. . . .
I'l ° 3t .:..::RS, JotiltlsTAL tviliwawl every' SatnedaY
- ~,,,,,,,Ing, .. ~i , ieuisheit to 4 - 2. 7:1 per nut, um, in
advance, or +,•.. r not paid in advance.
S Copies to one . ..ildress,47. Milli Caplet: to Lute addnvitlfX °-'
•fi , " "i 4- •-• ',• •IS 1.10.1 Ti - ...t •• •• . .. . 43W
Too.,:e‘i —Dealers li tin . .perigrai Coples.'casti.
To II - ..1 d h'clitrel" Tedtlicra we will farntsh the
Y, iota:was, mi. •. at rt .10 pet autism. In aarancr: vine!.
. • wlairat raw •iity •••
- • - -- .• - •
, TUE D LT . 31 IN ZRS' 30UP.N Al; 13 . putat.__ .
."" ever /
. rrekola oft: -at. natordifornerlite 4 . ' ; ...,,
TER Tel ✓ nta per :Weak, payable.!o,, the -nattier or
Arent by re nut it ti, nerved.. ,
/car. e 50 0: olz
' •DX M.AIL,-1.: yhl.le In advance, one
.1,,r.1.1.e, p. 75: [I r. r month:4ll Ni; '. • '— • '
. , _ .
annual, la advan, .., Ili oe tor rlz snOntb , ' -` - •
- • -.,k - N . NAN 41 RAMSEY. Publishers'.
, or ITIC:[LLYthr week has lx. , ett au
' • 1. erentfhl-One tit s its country, elections,
en field In 't wen ty or the States of
rhirtilati for Gubernatorial, Congressitirud,
'and Whett..:if l remem
beret!. that heretofore, alwaY;t the first
. Congressional elections ttfter a I?cesidentlal
eontest, the party -which was.. sweessfai
thelatter Jia; been - affected disaattously by
- :disaffection, growing oat or di-fa — pp:Anted
tiope4 Of .apioitritheuti, apttity, etc.. it re
cien of the field after the late ,great battle is
thoAt .tNe• Reptiblican party.
when it is reco4niitxl that there
.never b?foro such Y , trementkuts
'effirt nl.tite to disrupt the party aliAcas mude
at ths! . .,tate - . election by the, Ilteventie-'ReA
it - a1i0 . ..W1 Wigs - Free Tradens. the
prtifes , ;4l Republican journaftlike the Mitt- .
Itc.:rtint.trior anti Clik: l ttgo ... Trttnitste,
are In ,all prOlia'illity:mbsi'dlied by
the • Fred Traders, . the • p trty t.+, in 'The
IVP4t espe , !ially,, been .".to - a certain ex
. tent. - illsorganired,, which, eonjoined with
.'l.:p:ttfiy and indifnreace ;has lust' us some
•Metuttees of t!Oitgress. In three districts in
this.Sttite , the..4tepublican : candidates who
beowelected, if it
• halts& b,; :j ai for these C;tuses, were defeatt;tl
. vott-s.iu ehch tease. Look
wire wit will titroti;liout th e e coantry,
:,net trt tied .left , it of • a
euntlctlate for.f.'ongrets in a thy:
tirtutlif carry, under . ordinary Cir
.' 4,:unkrairees, ik tine mainly Ito themacitina- .
(ion . tif" 'the Five' 'Craders witose,strotigest
thisy l earitaye 11;.!ell to tlisfOrtile
publiepti party on the question all'
it,p l ArnerieJtn Industry'. • Notwithstanding
i ' 7iL ,'Sherd hat never' been :in the -Ptilitleal
hrtory of, the coati tr;;„for a party, wuch sic
.. .eeipful t'ongres.sional elections after u
dentiul election In which that party elected
it- A/Mind:de, as - those. of this - year. for the.
Republican. • It will b:...remetutered that*
• the first Congressional election uftet lie
• ya.;:•cession pit- Mr. Lincoln to the Press
.dettey, in the midst
..• Of' a war
which . it was absolutely* . neuea , ,ary
for the salvation of the country to :sus
' lain, :ei" . • nearly went ..against • us, and
nearly lost 114 Congress, Which Would have
been a great calamity. 17nder the 'elFeuul
- ,tanees,.,therefore,' the -Republicans can in
looking over the field, be well satistied with
. esult of the ejection s this week. fa the.
• Rt sentativ4a_ the
cans will have a M. jority- ranging front -42 to
. 15, which is large 'enough for ?practical:
purposes, and which really is much 'better
than the majority which has durittgate Past
two sessions been in out estimation tog farge.
In the Senate we will have a majority of_ -42.
- We lose a Senator in NOrth Carolina and one
in West - Virginia. • • - the're4ult iii thel State ofNev York,
we are free to f-tv t bar 4 does not surprise
dis'iensions and • apathy 'ekisted
in the Republican party,lhe_latterin suelt:
• extent that it: is (*culated one ,
:.hundred thousand RepubliefttlB did not
I,v . ote, the Tanintany,"ring" worked desper '- -:
.ately for the succeisnf Oov. Hoffman, which
. snakes him ti e.prorninent DemOcratic
didate for the next Presidency. -Elected orig,
to the positiint,Sof .Governor of. that
State by fraudulent. yoteiii Mr, Hoffman has .
- upheld in their corruption and iniquity, men
like CminellY and Tweed, who have becom6
+ millionaires through corrupt - means; and
;- who never when they could avoid it, a
cent of income to the 611 - ) . remittent. The late
election - In that Stately ;to indication of its
future coarse: With a -fair, .honest vote in
the City, with the RepUblican vote out in
the State, ..NYiw Yarkwould give fifty thou
aild Republican majority':
One fact stands nut peaminentir . lit the .
late clectioitt and that is that the people . of
• -the ectuntry'4ul(y approvc Of the manlier in
Get* (-rant has*administered the
' atfairs' , of the (loyernment since he has'been
in ti' Presidential chitin. We 3hink that
Ilie.xletermination its indicated, to re-tiouni-:
nate - and reflect him In lsie
. , .
-.'t. ,
-A , T the elections hell. in October.. the
- - :11 . ._ niembers elected were es folloelt, com
pared with the last Congress: . . ..
ay .nsr cost]. 420.c05e.
lou a
NitUne .. ..... .
Neto siska
North Corolla:a
I, /la" ..........
tfeunsylvan ..
south Carolina
NS'pet Irginta .
As the colorcil , pcople, constitute a 'large
f i ri majority of the population (South Carolina,
her delegation mnsists of three csilored mew
-hers of Congress to one white t , The member
- representing the City of Ciprirstoti, , the hot :
bed,Of slavery and stye:4AM; itaeolorril mom
This cif 'course must he galling to the ehical
• cy, but is it not retributive pi:Mee? Virginia
also elected colored menther,-Dr.Norton,
in the First Matriet, making So far explored
• metnhers iii,the next CritrgreT, '
Ttje eleFtions on Tuesday last 'reSulted as
tuliows, as far as we could letut tip to the pre
• sent time.• In imne districts the vote is close,
and, nothitkg hut the offleial returns wilt de
•;el,l4' '
• .Rep. • - IMm.:
'/ r U
..... 9
10 'u .
G .
L , • N .
,and ....
:3 -1 / 4 rY) lasßaelittsetts
N'evada '
New Jersey .... ..
Mode Island
Tennessee ' • -•
. •
Ir • • f;
r II
J • 4 .: 4
k g
i f
This slowsa gain of 24,. Ati-ealleci Denitt•
c•x a tip, members : in the rOtent' elections,—
t3tates, NeW: liatupshire; Ctinneeticut; . :
- oeorgia anti Terns; in all uitnlient. Imre
yet to eleet.. This, ' 'it its finpixsted,' . will in
- crease the Republican majority from 4( to 42
in tlißHolu4e.. ••• ,
in the reeent, electiotts we. will lose two
Senators--one in North Carolina and one in
West Virginia —w:hieh will give the Repub
. titans a majority. t t f 42 In the Senate.
The so-called I etnocrats'.4irtaly• believed
that With the aid 4 t the nsoney'of the British
.Free Trade Leas e , ,which was iptoftuely
• expended, they ould carry a augOzity. tpf
the mentters of be House of Repreeenta
hone rascals i i i New lark are engaged in
' ;flooding the co/IT/try with' (4reefius; offering
1 - :t& 4/ell paekraffes •Cf, , couuterfeit Money. A
nutriber (ifL these - circulats. have ',been
• 'silent . to this County to' various isnifyhluale,
9m6 - 04whom Lave notified nil, of :Oak fact,
a roglcsi. to u - aria . pCrioeil is(it - to be
--- '4Cinpted -by thole eircubus 1 , & - - 3itriyii this
cotinterfeit stuft'and get into teouhk. It Is
.60,su as far ses 'ficinewt men:
Awe Concerned.. - The taa:st. ir'leso;stOnta ;bares
'*uYrilieguitneusaustious soinuoirels:
- Ist . opt illese.clren..(l-4., deserres sot
to bfl.iguhadlifl hat.-ta. Isioliearcerated In
-. prison for eidirlce to 'thoite
• who receive these. circubincis to tear them
up mud throw them Into the tket. •
5-Beff.MrAtellbls .. - 47111. ail Mg . : ,
Row.. Den.:
"7 4' fl 11 • I;
0 I o
U .
3r y.)
1117 15
17 "
61,11(111,i(3 111 T V s nil•
, • PAtifth•
' ! 7 0.. INCE; tat!!
• So ale (1( # Illi c cia - tien4-Klect of the I.,,,egisi
j' hahre have. flaps tri*.iug to forio- "alit =",
Vaud Oncoet - infanmet(recheines -to „ hi:"put
!Ifi liongli” at the ritit prenuin•-
• itory tuoyenritt?. in ..teferethi. 'to the' t..i . trite
trereatrerbitip indicate that We coining elec
tion of that ollicer wilr he a repetition tdrthe
I disgraCeftil rcene,sattendant.upon
the ?iec
tiou of State Treasurer at' the lazt, tea - 4..40n,
wlidn the eaueum curulitlate • %Vas defeated,
ari-.oetutreirce , that demoralized
turd drirlug the rest of the salon - that fol
Jolved. The edifor or the jrarrisburgNELE
-42.a.t.pit.. *lflend .0(. hist jear's .
didate forMte Treasuien•hip, publishes the
following Warning: ,
'itt:ANON IN Tti K It E
• A • • KtArcurio I
•Itepuliliiaice .of :Pennsylvania! -the party
which through-your great exertions"-, has Just
,been saved linut defeat, is again threatenol with
a greater danger than it has -yet inet, through
another treason far surpassing in Wickedness
anything Deretofore, plottedagaitist its life! Our
warning of a -yetir-ego lissisoil -unheeded, be,-
cause none could be brought •to believe that
such an atm:linty as we - then denonneed_eould
be suceettsfully enatthid. Yet the' plet wets car
tied out in ail its cletaibt. Shameful as that vile
lathy Bras; and dangerous as were-its .conse
quenves, it was virtuous in csittipe.r4tioti with
the cousiiiraciy noir being hatched, end it seas
!taintless In enmparisortith the - destructibn
;which. now' awaits our party; and Vitt aureley
'overwhelm it, tribe presaanclitie people do not
come at once to the re-:cue !
• To recover control of the Tres - leery of the.
state, which bad been.torb froin their grasp for
.4he only , yeafin a dozen in Which they
tad not fattened on illegal use of the Money of
the people—tt &irrupt gang, having its head in
liarrisburg and its agent.* all firer the State,
bought up enough' members of the Legislature
'to join the Copperheads Anti defeat the noutitiee .
of the Republican party.' .Last Winter this
ganggaTe.the Demarracy •everytiting is lead-.
era demanded as the price.of Democratic assist- -
nni...e:to break our plover dovrt; Legisla-.
tore i aud-the evil eAnimhitiettees of that corrupt
bargain.are shon•it in a , ticerOasetl • majority in
•hotti 'Davies now.-
This redueeilinsioy iu:wattake.sw repelltine
1* of the treatepti easier, and it is already being ar-
The price (he Debolrratir toot
voting Jtr rt errttorrof thim ptlisll of •
proatterravf, f.'r the opperrtiOnment ni the Atotr.tio
tlie oe:rt - fro you'4, in hr Ofterext of the Def,l7ll- -
cru tic • party ! W. W. TRAIN, NOM' STArc
HAM' wttE•.et.Entans. or. Ei.ENEx
MEM nEni t)V Ttlii7l..axifit.a.Tt; RE NVIL.I.IN(I •Tt.)
TIIPZ Tlii DEMor .
30;74:T11EN! Ix Pei - LATINO NV . "Elt 1;11V,
PLE'!-.A prtmtliltlnt Dernix:rat ino.ndittitted the
extstenoe Of this plot to the writer of this.~\nra
z• lie._luti.dlsettaased,it with its ; rir•pro.ves
111 and Luuoilnced that lie- W , atttl support, ap:
filaiml and defend the Democra i s irluragreed to
atand'Aiy.the bargain I - •Is it neressarV. to argue
concerning the dangers which surround our or
, ganization ' Can any one. doubt Its extent et
its nearness? . •
• We-realize the crisis, and we , has e again given .
warning! Apathy or incredulity will render the
treierott'e.suiy , anci invite iththom to miti:stitn
mate IL ' Rot an intlignaut.-r;roteld, .Try the Pt ,
and the etinatintentl Ir)1" the bleu' who propose to
Betray theirl);lrklanal thitt - alotte—e ill Aare:Mi.
Our, share of. thin duty tohall be performed ; but
11111tniot come to -the rescue, and :let n0w!...:
Of the i4irrectnesa of the above in 'regard:to'
the provo , ed bargain and salt: charged we
know -hot nin . g. 01.1, of coarse, ranunt couch'
Pr it. • lint the fact that the corrupt state, of
unirsin connection with the, eleeti6n of a
State Treasurer of late years renders it iss; 7
slide to inske . eharg . i.4iiCh as those eon to ned
in the :Lbove, with' an .time.iranc.: of plalisi 7
bility, should attract the seihms attention of
tjte people to tin absolute necessity Of
amending the Constitution of the tiitate so as
_l9 render the' recurrence of these
scenes after the next Legislature, imposSible.
Let the people pour in petitions 641 y, in -the
•:Sessleiti,of the "Legislature ,. for
or'4'PetiVeution to:iinend 'the Con
.stitution:Atis o matter !lust sh - ould engage
the attention and'aethie?no-bperatlon of all.
.dii r irgns 4vlthourregarit,to ; prirtr aM nitirs or
_ _
• . • -,31
•• BNPORG'ING..f..A . IV.
11110/3:1!SI DENT' Gii,-VNT has the tliats
..'of those good citizens . who believe 'n a
wise and rigorous administration of the laws,
for the firmness and deterttithation evinced
by 'hlm In filis direction.- Partizan .elamor
titid,threat.ii'catinot divert hint from his pqr
pose to - see the laws nbeyed. If it takes every
soldier or the rirrny tMenforee them:New
York,, Maryland, Virginia and elseWliere,. at
tempts have, recently made by
less to violatailie. enactments of ; Congress,
and . .. to :intimidate , citi
zens. In BroOklyn there are strong ennt
bitialhinssto defraud the revenue ; New ° .
York to destroy . free•government •by illegal
voting and registration ; in 31ary Laud . and
Virginia to rekindle the rebel fires which ate
still smouldering- in , the South in the hearts
of traitors whereenvenomed hatred against
a kind, benefieent, too generous Government,'
it seems Kilt only cease, when.they shall be-
Come still in death. President Grant secs
the necessity enforcing the. law, th .t
power of the Government shall be:respeuteil,,
the rights of ritizens maintained, and peice
he / preserved everywhere withitt..our bordeni.
. . .
:In New 'York the questiop alike . constitu
tionality of the law relating to . the qualiileri:
thin of voters for Members of Congress wits a
vital one. The point. was raised in the etse
orit "ilster" namedtluinn 'on a deinurrer
to thellndichnent for obstructing registia- .
tion, and it was made, in a ineavure, a test
for the observance ti? the vitilation of :the
law. The whole question at issue hinged .
j • ,tifon the right 9f. Congress to • pa ss . l aws
atieeting the qualifications of rot eis. The
Court affirmed the'right of the Nat timid le g
'stature to p:els-hte, - :, for the preourvatioo of
the purity of the ballot, and declared thnt
because the. right had it?...yer lavit.exerels:ed
before was no; reason .why it. Alouid -not. be
I.exercised pow. . The ease - was a yery - lin,.
Is, ,_' ... 2 . '
I punant one, especially
, as a legal decision
was desired to set at rest'a question that. was
plain enough from the beginning.
In 'Brooklyn the secret .violation of the
, revenue taws grew into bold and opeii rims!.
Sition. Illicit ,whisky was. uninupetured
and sold by men who feet themselves in de
i7liallee or these laws, bticause by this , means
they 1100.414e' reap fo i r i flientselves the rev
enue whicht should go to the support • of the
-Government. Another whisky imiurrevtion.
I was the result. A few days sitter e union
youupanded the streets of that city, and the
%rabble which did . the *hiding of the law s
Greakers were desist from oppo
sition to the execution of the lat WS at the
point of the bayonet.
In the Sorttlithe rebel, prescriptive senti
ment- is. showing itself **din in such an
alarming manner, that the UMOn men will
not only have to baud together ;MA more
strongly than ever for their firoteeti)n, but
the GOvernment w ill be required• to-enforce
the laws,.whieli; however, we are sAtistied
Will be . done under the Administration of
'President Grunt, even if the whole power of
the United 6tates must be used.
It is , refretibing after years of laiiiesis v 0-
letice;-the outtoges which have been systems
tleally.prtietised on the' ballot-box, and the
tiumberlesa violations of law to the detri.
ment of the revenue and of public tribrals, to
'have an Executive rft!kilvedtbat the lime; as
'Written and declared Shall be enforeed . irrthe
lutereat of the, entlre r icountry. Such action
not only meets the Otooval of,oll law abiding.
citizen ~but it liirri -- tho effect- of increasing
,eolitldetice in the - President and
titrengihentiti their 'belief that be is the
right truin in_the .right place : '
COTTON, 4No co trox.ll" 1.7;
• P.l CT USES, ••I'.
-- LNROM OFFICIAL returns.made tethi'
Bureau of
.lEihttistim it.*ears that
during the eight nanntha ended *Aiwa 3i,
1870,there was/expo/4(A to foreigfit countries
ras, cotton to the valueolfsllV.S,liii. Dur
ing the aline perkid the Import* of manufne-*
hwes,of eotbm amounted to SIB,OI i , Blfl while'
the experts of mans taetures °Ai cottiin were
only p.,499,5.112.; -
• In Connection With ',the whose, we should:-
like tohave-thelelpeePtlie estton, mann
lectured and (*eflamed at home. It is si
burning shinier that while see furnish to
othireOhtries material to so large an
ammt4 that 464141 be isuPslthlir
016,49 words or IltoiXia Px4oefili'ararelgr!
eineattles, with fiivedge labor. while limb'
thlS whole prodnet !malt to 'be itatturtletite
i4 ii i ; h4aketOd our over t labcittinploYed•
VDatl.fetit fir ffersirekail.--TheWaver
ffir, Walter fitoott - and - Prolitmor.:Wilaron 4Airre
been pidoleelloveranddiefflgariderith fdaeliand
white oilpahit,`evidonlly • orratehed attempt at
practical Tbi augiiempia Um; 'offered
a rerrard ‘II2VI. 'for snob information aswill
lead to the entivh.tion of the offender. .
A Fhw eh - a: e . pinee burglar bras aha i b ' Unclaimed Lettere rent:titling 'ln the :Peet
a sini - n; or trap gun" while. fehtnioUltly tn- ( 'Hlice at Pottovilley Nov. 2I; /bill: .:. ' :• .
clra - voritig tie lm*tc into tt - gunt , ndth's chop 1 4 %. 1 1 . 1 1t a . tam, ]harper Ramer Kilttinn
1:t New. 'fork 04. : ilte' • ties sr; . 4tial Prod Janes Rob't 11, NlZMierinD Altn:l3.
B IngenicautNanyNavld ,' nehhalre B - -
iesteil,,aisk ettinge to .s.: .. iy; wa4 seycrely . ctila-. - in'lientain eenedLititw'4l is range I' .
iillred , hy iii . verallOottiall:, oti t• of whielt - "•re7 . kg a a 4 k l ":, ICE d g ht Si = t r il lj u l i i s :,7 o l:,
Arla . rkcti Alit - a lilllol Iltiti tos atur:-...ilaitt to i = I =Bate ''. echo:tiler - 3ot
Barney Sehumanbec,ll 0
3 plaike nii.,.arre:te 0. Litt 1:91.1.t, litatt he Illtil of'2'lloll , blllp s Meek,tonathan N
1I ii , Ferneti. Tl:e:ii!iteit , r's jurie alsiiiteMtiiii4 . ~.'"a ull" l rtes/A n sdl is . . M ii r n i; i j o h V ' n p = kw & d
. .
the gu tit-m i I 11, dig: ti , link. seen." a Itel‘enna Nell IlLnydar p
Perk Alma Patrtek Sumo% mho
thnt preutll:. I s-,:: rg II tut the ileoti Niftier, cinr__ II Ihangle , - Mcßee a son Traria Marla*
4 ' -moan bettnt:lC Miner Nellie , • -late kllln
dou r r &
hii`ti hero a somewhat pr.:miitrat I)einocrotl it ~ an WM-, Yewmann Carl - Tate .
I . ).olllivints. It eeu rti e r Ilitekel t, . how eeer I. in;
-..-- "them Yrs ' .te peasant Joaepli Thalr i
MO* .
OWE rhtilipa Mr - TtonKate
vebtignteti the eintter, and see aside the , al- .Gilabala Quinn Rev Tll.. Witt:ants GII
In. ' 4 •
II ' ton Wm Quinn oaroitne Wien ! /10
'l.len of the veroner. - Ili th.-..
eeolittie 1 0(.116 , ii a
„ Av w . j neynows jiv.,. Willi 17 A i i
.. o i ii Ilion lie said : . - . .
:7 • .
,:, . , : l i tn . ;
r l e l 3
~ 11 n i t ta n r o,
Ra ttn u ista t rt ja w er.i 'd , -Ntle.iterahneeirdli..Nl:
• .
I am onable, after careful investif,nition ofthe,
various lags .of our Statc defining °Henke; to
find any sttttite which pinkest . the' killing?' et
Tiseedle.under the eireunistaneca testified to, rut
offense. The verdict of thejury.eatattliadtes the
fact that Twcedle while tireitily
A. l etting the window of the wotkidtep of the at:-
c.uSed, came to his death front a gunshot wound
in the head discharged front a trap-guti 'within
tito prentimis. 'Chat the accused' witted have -
'been Justified.k under thel'elr
ctintstatices of attempted burglary,•bad the for
- er surprised. him in such attempt, ni onecair „
°alit. and at the br;4C.lll. deceasedliliil.frotn
the misdirection 'fdeal,r his owit.f6l4tious
been said that.' the trap-gun Was de, Liu, In
case of 'lire, and that-ail retuarf or pitliceuriu,.in
the discharge of dtity, might have 4kett'-killed.
The answer to this at, that no such. event, luta
oecurred, and had such been the'ease the net
of the fireman or policeman would have beeti
legitimate, and in thesbonest diacharge or a 'du
ty, while the act of the deceased titan was felo-.
nions. Had the acciew.d by his active_ agency
killed ad innocent Mau engaged in a laudable
act for public good: the-result might tuiee been
in the fourth degree ; but each
vas e be governed and determined by US'
circumstances. I order Lite clerk to discharge •
the, reeognitaurce taken front the accused by the
coroner, and file the papers away. The.verdict
of the coroneem jury should have been death by
inadvertance while engaged. in the commission
of a ft:idl.
This tlee;egioi,',we thiik, will be aliprii-ed
geperuliy, nr :4 Iraq by all those - who be-
Iliii•e4ll the grynd:lt
oi m s. an' house
PSUS . , .
i 0 :44,1%, t .. E . r „ , X ; ()ON'S CITAXGES.
12 - 4 A I II:1)A. . ii .1_
4: ..-- . .
D. U.. - .: M.
13 :41 , sT.A v. • ' .G. II 14 Full M. K 2:V lito
i t MuNIAv..... IL 4'; 1.1 1..#04 'Q. 16 I :i mo
15 l'ut_sLiA 1 ... . • 0 47.. 12 Nevi M. 22 14 24 ey•..
Ili W.F.D.,:t...tu.%) t 1 , .. II 1 , 1 rsl 'Q. '2.1. 5 Sl' ev.
17 Tilt - it:I) 'v.v... #1 19 • 1/ ; . ' -
IS rt:II.AV. :...... - .I: , i :11 i . .
• ,
Ho who paT< more -attention to Li> hat than
• 11!•‘1,,‘‘ hi,•li prized. •
Philip •Nrigi'v , lioti :to for hale,
r•riter : 4 4 xi It tia.l arkpi ~mare.
Zoe Troupe.--Thk troupe will appear at
Unitni'llHl I ~ 1) Nl.,ns lay ..veliiisg•
night (111101;..: tile ne..4:.
• . ,
. . ,
, • .
To-inorrov.•.—F”rty-sixth Sunday a the year
and tW.entv—.o ,,, nd atly,r Trinity. Ihiy's length,
10 hoar, and 15 mintites;
pjLicliiii i cci of Alt 1ira0..11...4' should. go to the
nat :inn ' tu-nigh' yok4 having rarticulae
taint• will
Tliti Astiland tiny,: :1 town ipt 'Ken
entity •s.lwlLtekl fu the character t.,1 its
local What a Aori•ibte , place Ashland
,osytls:•.• "
- .
, ,
- Che 4 Oysters.—Tiwoy.ter men amdriving
a liyblY.. 4.4inpt.tition on Cenere %Ulla. They , otreringop.te:J at ni vent - prr , hundred
..yemterchiv.; • '
False Jewels are nut ornatnesit. A mfulest
garnet is better tinni,a huge imitation carbuncle.
There will be neltliicr'stalned g1a.44 nor Unmet , in
the e rowu to be wrirn 3u Ileav(i.
We '6+.ould like by kno‘Y; why a wolfian who
is :IS gitiml a teacher - as a nun, should ant receive
the same wagc44.. We have never heard the dia.
eiepnney remuneration aceouuted • tlir tan
. .
A number of the books to be offered at the
anetion this evening, are specially interesting
to earpentere and builders: Workson arehiteo
tare and building. by celebrated metianim, be
sides a great variety of other inatteransy be had
at le‘v rie,e4„
. The Second Presbyteiian Cburcti, Smi-.
ley, Pastor, will wiresllp to•ntorri+w in the Trill,
lty. Itetertned Chnidi, Alarket.street. Sert•leen
at III!, 1. M:, and 71, P. lj. Snlijeet for the
evening, "The ('Tention or Main." Ail are -me
dially Invited. „ .
Monuiient.—The ()Ricers eittilleard
ortiirretorS-of tile County Mountnent Associa
tion s win meet at the heard of Trade Rooms
•17t4 Centre street, on Monday evenink:next, at
The attendaues of eVery mettit.wr is
earneitly requested. • -
Du ChMlhge Lecture : on his-travels in the
interior of Africa, given under the empires of
the Y. M. C. A., who deserve great eredit.• for
!natuptrating !hitt season with these tin4-elassi.
lectures, attracted a fine andieneeat Union Ilan'
last evening. It was very instructive and in
irreslinV, told every person was much plca.ed.
' Choice ''lower • Bulbs.-Now and, ~.until the
a-round is frozen is the titneto plant)iyaeitiths,
'tulips Crocus, Snow - Drops Iris :and Polyan
thus,: Narcissus in =the galdenivtii bloOnt in
'Spring, and also in glass boxes or pots to IdOom
in by Christina:M. A fine assortment
of these choice bulbs of our own* : linportation
froil Holland for sale at Batman CllarnmeY's
Hook and Seed Stare, and also at fireenwood
Mammoth . Turnip. We were yesterday
shown a turnip raked. by Mr. Charles 'rigo u t
itirard 'Manor, Which we think 'was; consith r
able , moreturnip . than eau lie prod Med in a
tmlid.masv 'by any other farmer in this or ad
joining- counties. It. measured twenty-five
'miles in circumference and weighed five and
:1-half y01111(6. anymne can beat this turnip
Ica !him. t u ru 7 , it cup at this otlice and we will
v . c the eswllvr due credit. .
°Li:. t! greater portion of the stock,
`both • ii;•‘‘ and . ulti , Messrs. 13annan Bambey
are Oforing liar, aiti. at auction '.in Bibles
l'rayer Ituoks, sod miscellaneous works of all
kind., as well as a general variety of flincy
Iles and stationery. The sale Is . to ,continue
limit th e w h ile is closed out, it being the inten
tion of-this firm; in making their progressing
improvement. to materially change anti increase
particular departments of their trade. • 1
Destrtiction of a Breaker by Fire.—Yester,
'day, at neon, .1. M. Freck's breaker at. Centrk
-lia WWI hurtu . Kl down; and brn nv a total mina
fof ruins. The muse of4he tiro is not exactly'
I known, bat is supposed to hare mulch. in the
engine house. . The slope ancl 7 alope house were
saved. The hiss, the amount of which we have
not heard Rtated, is paitlY covered br itujurnt ce.
Mr. Fred:* has been unfortunate, having -lusta
breaker aboitt two years since py tire.
- The Assenably.--rnion .•a•an a scene of
dazzling beauty nod o.pletidor , .m Thursday
evening Upon the oecasion of the Ilrst Assetobly
of the season, The youth and beauty of Potts
ville, with here morthere-a couple representing
that class of long ago, never assent blet.l.ln larger
numbers or - showed off hi bettor ndvante than
on Thursday night. The first Assembly walta
' grand success and 'a creditable totroductory to
those which are to follow duping the 'winter,
Thte—Weather.-The 4 - i s t .of the ,autumnal
months is. rapidly ivwritig away iu a anceetuden .
of bine skies, halms. winds; and pleasant, atm
ihinviays,sirangelY nlllike the hi tts4.inclemetit
onekive nsually expect at tbia time- of the year;
Some . potent' electric or Magnetic itilluenee
seems to have affected the atnioaphafe;
ing the cold; - and engendering a benignant
warmth:. We - can only trust that this 'influence,
whitteyer its. nature, may fist tal• into the win
ter. . •
41:te 'School - Board of I'ot:seine :has made
Itself the subfeet of ritlivule n0t 4 4,131j• through
out thu county but also through- the State for
their muall-solluti in not allowing the teachers
°Vibe Borough scboolsks attend ihe.County In
stitute. Even the Berk* Couuty Nlittub people s '
who opposed )he free ach. of
..ipuena grail very
recently point the linger of scorn allbe Board
for their illiberality. 'I be dal hie 'passed in
Jrhich to remedy the great Mistakeibut we hope
the thing may never he fallfereti'm occur again, net of otlicials have $ right to `make a cotn
ifiunitiapprar so menu nivt small , before the
h i t e ni seet p eq pi e brie C miiweAlh.
. _
iA Movement is no foot for the areetinn of a
4loidiers' Monument in W. wiati the
. enterprise abundant ;samosa and hopeAluit our
soldiers, us•well as all our citizens, will extend
.to the project a substantial reeognition.:,- There
is no reason whys handsome monumentsbould
not be erected in exert' Ijorougliatid township
in the Uniontothe memory of tiMpatricit dead;
-In this connection It ;nor be proper to state
that some uf tbe best rontributions to the tone,ty Soldiers'. and Haiion!! 'Monument laud hay°
been - pledged by reititents •of 'Ashland; not.
Withstanding the mean ,disposition mastifiwted
by Ike tory organ . of that airough, lu the tipt
A Pair Countarfats, of the latest ,issue of the
.currsuicr flr apPeannes,
yid*: aldsnaitb tbsg;trWf lair is of `4 Parser
obsrader, and dm W *ks Aso it
rrludnuad comae y, ,yet Is well esjadat
SD,, .. 1 4. 1 t The In d . blue awes fa the par.
Mr 01 Ws gekulna are Wood by prktedg
onunterkit tbe Inns kosr °Mews* am?
too Is darker, *mkt* Situ Vil 4 1,31' tisk tbs`,.4o4
Kane! are wirrogmed inO4IO 3 IIk4SPOK .91
oote lin" in in 4 bevitcubdinA- UM 3.10, • *Or*
1b eoanterd* ;OW ko , AstandMisked APT :Ow
Nein Customs kitting to 'snub. OP /Wa l e*
eireduirthn lams oral loth, past, juld 'Asti by
thtt absence of tbo shading and the the lines
around Me 'IV in ibi corners.
I -
.. • Nlnas-litourre tteport.—The Regrittir monthly
`Znieetitig - nr the Direetors ni the Petit: ot Schuyl
-4k S
'.- 1 11 ' unty. was held at the Alms-Elnuse, Nov.
7. 187 ( Present, Frederick Beek, Franeit: :We
i:ark, Jai•ohnuber.
The allowing. is the census of the House for
Ike nt nth ending. Oet. 31,.1870:
'Nun ber of inmates in the House Sept. 30,
1870, r r number of initiates in the ilonxe Oet.
al, IST I, 319; lnereaae last mouth, 13.
Nut ber of inmates in the !louse 4,1. 31, !NW,
321; miniber toktante Iliac this , year, 311 t; de
.crease 1 ;tat year; 5.
4 Of th -ahoy° 3 8 are insane and idietie ; xi nip
ater 111 irallreatment ; 49,children. 1 ~ • '
• Atlint!eit ilttring the month; 31; dit.ettarged
and all +nudist, 12; bound otit, 1; -rtorts; 1
died, f '
I Int-
, •
ogattil tneoln were fOrnl,lted to 161-per-
relief_ 4i tlunilies;
ing tilt TA . were reivl and or-
To drawn; 7, 18r;0.. atalcaintitig to
Previott4 iseqte. it 27,1.431 *n o w!, i n
' 0 24 10. - "
$1,194 (
16741. :C•
-•- .
Counzy.Brldatee.--We have tot p•ul ht vi•r4l oe
easlotts referred to the unsafe eoadition of
malty or [no county bridges, but as yet little Or.
no attention has becti given the 'natter. The
Pete A to'heidge, which was positively danger
ous. to life 'and limb; was partially replaeed -
a handionie. sillostatitial iroit'strueture, and lie
.1 , 1 par 'spanning' thttainal luta' been Somewhat,
strengthened, but is nut as sate as it might be
tnatie. Vurtner dow& . tlie river is the Mt. Car
-1),II. lo • ige, whieh we'would not' he Surprised
to hoot any (lay' had given wily and a loaded
Wagtlli ktlitipitlttea to i?.be. river below whit a
fatal r ...tilt t o . dri*ersul teatn. l - Still 'further
sonn I
hal lug
the ltit
of whit
thi, int
the. Ct.x . !.;i4Oria , erogsing, trawl mum,
Ati4x4itietl areount of. the
brokt, down laat Sititshven—, not
been rebuilt. Prom other ort♦ of the
e hear .if
.fe e',l4clitivin., of bridges and coml. all
alaadd have re( el;ve.l' 1440. m ta;fote
. 4 .
-.lay, in" [he .r:tmon. • t oh) weather is
u,; mitt the prqthibility is that
nu rmu•r~ wiil . •4 ari exi , iise
anything . to .
Irel- must erffireiy.' - 'sp_spelitlisi • II
- .
new he
the I'.•t
for hot
rt t
i 6 .1 . nod thi °them it Killt be ewntiuued
ttie,perit of the life or mutt *nil
I the attention- of WO 11111 l ihoiihtivr•
Ijee:; ta•lpes• this, they will- yet Ito
lug torn repairing the Cuttity hrhige4
tonne .
only at
We ea '_t
this ...tit
this rail
ord to Mcv.heca.--Ygiltat. Winter is
hiugit bels,s,ves pirents more than e;ver
at their children are . ellthed In stiolt,a
• 1., protect them from the inclement...A .
tenchanges. of the weather. Toe chief
itiortality;•in addition to ihtil
• or too rich food, is the f.etse pride
mothers. Children are knhai by the
in whidi they are elre,..ed aq certAinl3
e Mae. In our change: ode t.h
rit the most tender age are lett
r.t - struts and legs 'and loe-necked
The mother , . •itt, the same. dresses..
.1% er and•suller with cool.-awl expect A
es, the Ir.'s:4A or thelTr ctilreible
And yet the 111 . 1 tier, e.• 11,1 endiire
eatitreitt V. f.r: less t., health
11411 . 1 their tender Mums xau. A WO :
eiteetiull tt ill indicate the erf.s.ts of this
dressii;:, or rather want of Messing, on
The Donne& the c:adti air striletls its
leArs the bl•aid is driven from
retisitlenci the internal and more. e mit -
The result la - congestion to icgreater or
lit or rti -It? orgasm In warm w. a• her
will Ming on setreetiOna of the t 0 A .1-.1
I mode - dressing
chief tuthie-ii nuiser e ipla I ts.
weather 'salivation and ..,itidatiiiiia
•-bratin.and lam , — • the, eel-Mt. It is
.1000:4AL, at . cnaistoenan LI rt. LE, v...4e,.1
C.;inin in Pleas,
145soriaates, - the evid.inwe in Knapp v...
, referred to. yesterday iw on trial,:m,ev
bef.ire the Court'' , adiourtnnent_
do last calve for trial, the "proaent evk
4)f:4. uOt empatinellen liming liven dk
lit the
final's- '-
last eve
This i.
—the ju
KILL CO. tie CHEAS' I:47trtr6'ir.
ASHLAND, NOV. 1(1, Is 0.
Tuunsp.vv: MoitNixu., •
lustitt limas aflleildo order by Superin tend
ont New linotud opened, with , music by the In
stittite.: After w hich Prof. filioeinakerresunied
his Eine itionar"V drill, dwelling at length on the
analyst:4,o( the . rulof of Elocution, and produc
ing waits valuable suggestions on rood culture,
trbLehif treasu(ed up 'in the iniods of teach
ers and put in practice by, them in teaching
reading. will produce fruits 'of lasting good.
Prof. Carver followed in an able address on
SchoollPisclpline. The , Ifistitute was held in
the most rapi.attention while he Mpoke o elo
quently on the 'silent, but vast influences exeit
ed Upon pupils by the architecture orsehool
.bulidinks, their surroundings and internal ar
ratigemitits. ; - 'PrOf. Carver's - ` 4 talks' iare full of
the most viduableinformationould lore looked
upon b. teachers as one of the - twis t . practical
features of the works ofdhe.present Institute.
Prof.' Einitgomery, of the Millersville Normal
Shout, was then introduced, and. delivered the
first of a series of leeturesi on Elementary- In-.
mtritetio4. Before entering into detail of teaeh-
1114 mina 1 meholarm, he laid down maim° condi
tionaa ollmind which mumtgoveticteatching. lie
divided [the powers of mind into ,three grand
divimioilm: P t:R
ercepi,. Conception, and Itetlec •
tion--dibLmrding metaphysical autpallvi.ionm.
He illtultrated the comparative strength of ammo:
powers tay a.demeribimr,au a e --
tikare4:;, n,
iei childhood, and r.sver,mlai; the Neale in !HIM-.
hood. e al.() dwelt on dig - absurdity oeirying
to imps t inforwat:lin Lit gh a weal: ia..tilty.
while a aetii . e expectatit iitir is Aighted until
. _
it tau inactiet., and dwelt in length
. 14n tun i nportAnace of *•11,,
a brfilg on which eitildren east_ make the im
portant transition • fromr the nursery 4., the
school • rivet. He also illustrated his till,thuti or
teachin toe alphabet by' ittesms of a teals of
smulls,blidren. To teach the alphabet lie took
up an itbject and familiarized the class with its
form, size, qualities, ttc. He that wrote its
name - nicely on the board, and showal the
between it and the• object fixelf. lie
dyzedthe name into its' rammtititent
then a
sourcei, rind lastly gave the named or the
, char
acters representing the sounds. This is sitb
stantially his ii.t.hod; and is baited on the prin
ciples b c
e laid wii.
THytOtI , AY ''AFTEIt7.44)ON, :. .
Roll was called, and •represented an attend
ant* of about three hundred teaCher.4.
Prof. Shoemaker re'uined his clocutioner r
drill which, as usual; was pregnant with u e)t
valuab e itoitruction, dwelling principally upon
vocal culture Wird expreseiint. These drills are
very p , dud acid mach appreciated by the
teacheriyand no - doubt will bring thrth.their
fruits in the future trathlng of the children of
the County. . e
. He dWeit for a time' empluttit4,l;l• and elo
quently on the importance of good ventilation
in the School room, and a proper training of the
organs Of respiration,
ratest, Prof. &tread the Barn Yard Song,"
after w ich the Institute, under) the efficient
leadership of Prof. Li neawnaveri t united in sing
ing "My Sweet Mountain Horne.;
-The iquestion, "Should not H one .;
The ope.i
either One or more day achnolii or night school.,
during January and February and part of
March,i in our borough., and coal townships for
unclaseitied boys and girls," was submitted to
the Institute by County Superitendent Newlin,
with Bene- explanat• ry remarks, and Invite I
the directors and citizens, as well as teachers,
.to ratrilcipate in the diem:maim., .
The question was opened 1 . 3! Dant, Lewis, or St,
Clair,Who in a few well-timed remarks set
forththeirnporancit of universal education, and
heartily endorsed the question as one of the
means) to thafend. 'He was followed by Eli S.
Reinhold, of; Mithanoy City, who opposed the
establlshing'-of such schools In tbeday time, but
Warmly 'advocating them as night - schools,
giving as a reason that they would be looked.
upon j as inferior schools and create
ate •it dissatisfaclion among the parents
elscholars .sent to such schools, thereby
. 4 40
fr g the attainment of the cbjects aimed
st ' , tr. question was further discussed 'by
Superintendent Newlin, Messrs. Danenhower,
Ilehrin MeCarley, Patterson and Professor
Montgomery, also DIRYCTOR PAANMOOK, Of
Po3a lie. .."
At I o'clock. Mr. Newlin Introduced Rev.
!WON eisser. of Mabantly Cl y. who delivered a
s*blarly leetureon Inductiso Philosophy. The
venerable 'weaker t aced, the bistory.of induct
ive science to its source. linrd Bacon, whom he
represpeled as the author and IS ni,shefor th is
sperm of.investigating tru th ; Ilivetated that
when /town entered Trinity College hepiond
tmetirods Of Atiatotier and the actwoluieM - ..which
'had ruled the world , of jotters for nearly ~Xi )
yeani, theonly lights to guide his Obis. The
epeaker give a sketch of Bacon's ancestry and
life, ind drkelt upon the indebtedness that dill:-
were inventors and scholars ire under to
his Ant mind; not, however; omitting to make
men ion of The utilitarian 'Views he held. 1
t r.
' 1 2„ t a. the. lerdirre, it quartette, consisting Of
M • • Shoemaker,' Libreweaver, Welt% and
Iterkhsiseer,_ebantselPoit's Rivite,
U : . , •
The Berri r. Geo. %%Smile, i c es thee tire
trodaced, and. after 6" few happy introductory
• rerriesks, dellvereel a lactase on *pa origin of
the N American Indian.
our epee forbids any- outline or synopsis
eve of the unanswerable Arguments, connect
s la one Continuous chain the history of the
No American Indian In his relation to the
ten tribe* of Israel. as hrfettild_by preehecY and
es its ibe habits gad etwitlitious ofle race.
'' gunge Is es totally inadequate togi ve say
conception of the almost divine Nowt* lecturer is ii the painter's set to transfer
II to cancans,.
his siesterly effort might be termed the nob-
Apt eloquence. Though introduced at.a
7 triefOo nine o'clock to audience,
nastbe 41404 4d been in the
Ilia least letter taws prearines during the
r, now Orowded Into uncouth) 'nor stand :
~kapcs,,nres .etnadetreithless stjeotioa.
- 04/Vbeue'sed a quarter, only in ptedbr
=4 ter ibe twist Math e ales'
concimilvely , Ilia the *pie
tholes =lets* erbenjimei is blowy,
-‘4 o ,dy , been to the t.orth Me an
. . ..
'-':t:', - i_gi*liisiOt.- 1 .
~. NEW YORK LErrEIL .. :.-
. ,
- ..- '' - • igEW Yeeamt,.s6v. 10,'1670. :
tktrry Inge:mat, lateiklya's 011ie writer •
and'ahle journalist.* dead,:.Lbeirdtbe OW;
tealtigia= vlk del o tre Mt trinietii by th e mu° I':
leue ' . I%.wearyendoact lateppr4
off theilieny boat'un thellnaAlyst aide; eudlunei
tily walkiing Oh tlia - If.tritie offirie to liver it con-
tradleted..l was. iairrpwfutty , gteete,i WUJi 110 a
cruel assurance that it -was too true. - Nor wits I
the only hotner.iir,4„ tootkikT-tritteier • vrAct- re':
calved the -*ante 'unite:444Na 'z be or it e 4_
unl rekaally behoved. :bere'.7 - , — cliii:":v. ' sunny%
j snaltar.e had dravin atruiitta Mu ai: ve r y l it) ge. o r ,.
vie of friends. many of whew testified_ their
grief at his funeral x esterdas, whieh 'was the ji
L largest:tver seen .in thiE City '6l - . ciiiii-elioi._
Quite young and eminentlyrifled, him • future
promised much et brig/tine:se ou One plane or.
existence, but itisildently Iset&lSaturday itigat.,•as
1 he sat pentitng' Mg ••:?aturtlaY Ntirbt Firesidir
ITalk; tie was taken with the vi o lent ,tilmeastt -
that carried hitu.ol'su.untimPly.:
We have his memory, and Gen his soul —lteth
art indicative of the cliaket we' knew and loved
as a man; and, keepitr,: the . One .with •tis, we.
!tang to Meet 1130 .other -- 0:71.V.5 . , the tst,v4teritna s
river. • - - • • • - - ----••
Itrosklyn is,more a city of N'oxr
Vork,-uml bereft, wi it altinad ‘riodlyis, - rhoriels
and club-house., tltc eretinio. or tired tmsiat's4
men are'spent at the •dontratot braptit. Awl it
WAS at the %%Win fire.sitleiand under the too( of
.cheerful homes . that t 'orry o'Latins was MISt
knottif and most appreelated e and itia.ttie in
mates or ~ -ticlilion4ebultim'isittr I.4ws.
of saitilt-ss 4,l kits • •• . •
HE KiEcnoN
is over and peaen tifiemt tc. restored, or
rattier, we • are led .to 'hope so, since - nuns
enough has elapsed sinik.-the , 'losing of, the
polls tor sobriety to assunie its w mi t e ,i Nwd y.—
Thesti eleetiun nays are time, Of let rot to 111 1113-
J.,rity;ni the gentle sex...rififit . together With ati
who abhor the lieense. 'granted to Iriekednesx
a nd riot., I rejoice twat it is all nver.'. A. repeti- ?
thin , f many of the SOVIICS. of 7 i re4terd:iy would
lead elven Cite noeu ardent adourera of R.erulh lit•titutions to • rette....!t On , .
thebtrse of •
power ohtaitiel tlarti - gh this eted
git . OrfnetiOnt .
—the Latiot-box: ... '
Ono .4' the eliief arginnents or iAto:.owooleiA'R
111.'1x , w‘anon'l4 4 .".xnat tilitirageAlailifliat; Is of:.
wonii-o would idletßlß the chtetopettOW so
'enuantint on oceissi4ti of ' tins lion 7i.': . Writitp , "'
it would, but I eskuto not helWnotieitOeLviester
dir, the ati‘enis , or bidie,4 .4.8 the prineijkaldlio
roil. hfares;, and s.wandeTing if. Par - and Bridget
shunll go together to the.pol Is; wilitql.YMlllii get '
11 „, e th,.....0nere.d...' As fur than other, and bid-
Se else'i of intelfigent sensible wontee, 1..10 not
belie% e they Would mod tojna•ste
.tinke 141 ,11Ie
niajority of the candidate running. 1 ., .r power.
At all events, 'what 1 saw in the streets.
~% e,,tot
day sit:i.tieti lire, that the fewer is - e have of the.e
all-iltieortanp days, the. better., Inr.arttiun.t int a--
t.enlariatng, there wtus s rnuett Oat wan opj t e. not
able in very.neinie inslrea4. ''' ..• ' , •
• The Incial atttibuttli of. - .erothes :treiif
nt.Ore tatter than the stinattinglerirs - z.trile
of - the I - wilt eLatts,ltail so vtithout being jiro.v,
wilt tetert that a titfgr. iingfr , (if Atnerican fa=
dies find n.n prom , liappinc , s in ttuaeasonab:e
and 11;0111On:it littl:tint 81 uglitieaa in itiqattel.
I eottlil not la. Vadylisli, - even' if 1 attempted su
lofty an, I m
' tberefoi e I *in.'. take t ven a
quotation ft ! inAVartor. Roth' tee.. •
Chts hoineinteits to dream is no. the rexult.of a
yam of 0111.1, in the inirse, for the class lor rpm.:
i n in em -wh u this . a is
not a istylo,
nor a intith.-al, ar , o,Lbeathealsh In the
amount unti %-atiet'Y of voattim*.anil Veneially
free frr.lil that k now na..;
ThPy itrtittp, sateets :4, 'leap or ta.ito,.„•
g ur i mf,litne4i, and ,pc4coAdikee
walks di a - degree of complacency astoklish
ing'ilb even ,ocrlt *omen, but which vre *Mod
Ir, to 1 :o-.0.•:i 011 - ..:cco 101 of prirv,ions tstust•
ti Rti.
The tinadmetivene.s of NottiO of tint. clotheA
one ±t6t.,4 ,011 f 1 .....0 ( : • .iy.'amillur_iii • dttlqiing Pilau
:4es and heap, , , erOWdr-d.lnge:ther
1119 backs of poor, vit tilns i 4 Inerediide to tim_se •
who have not promenaded Otis_ "wirild's
oughfare r the present season:
The woolen wh., devote their lives to the de
velopment of .4 , ', inmli that is disagreeable to
the voltureil eye or to-te, have a peenttaf facial,
disthactivene: l s which is fetnattotble; They
poetess a dull look in thele . ej - e4, %Odell wearieli
mually gi vet Glsmall-he - uded preple.
of either sex.
Of coury "LI:1114'0,1y Ivilrueeuse the owner of
this quill of envy, and consequent Malice,
4 ause ola justifiable cam:purls:Jo of motley hags.
which in th.s ease' would he an-unequalone of '
Tritons and a minnow.. Happily the minnow'.
don't care for the.ll4Bel3l'a of the.wherewl ‘ th that
buyS vo touch distorted :oiliness, but it Won't
Fardon the idintiression ot,rnany
clae. t;O4 only the cultivatiUn of tira-t-al-..
.cats he ham given; - whether - if - bo one or the his
torical tea or %%Inch mention often made.
But the ta•--laced, bib=iloOneed, senseless uinnies•
wli4 represent 8 nue Man, undrpeihaps many .
children , ought to be rit(en fifel talked ouror,
the presenoe 'or the -.young and the ignorant,
who-aveept them ak Me leaders whom they must
attempt. to rdlOw. • '
Beauty has a misailin, .and women • sho'uld
dress, ei ery one of theta, lust as Lawnilitgly
and sweetly a; pcssilile. The delig•hts of the
eve are not ttaository, and a ,lady'-who 'attires
herself emmistontly and tastefully; Ivo: joy And
pleasure ternot only' hef r-friends, jnit• all who
,see her. .
' Beauty, whether animate or inanimate, is an
etlueattir tO the tuassesiand*What we grumble
at is that those who have the best opportunities
ror furnishing dm with this elevating element
rhoose to insult those helow them by outraging
decent...3r. Style Is very lunch in O %remain, and
though nature-don% . - Ixither Itself much abhut
the form now, a stylish woman proves that she
has esthetic tastesl and skill to express them;
A woman who dresses with :artistic taste, is
never awkward, even- under the most entblw
rassing of eircutustittfees, because she has learn
cg„the uses of herself, awl has= diseiplitied her
person and her brain: ,
Somebody who ought to ktiriir sari that "sci
ence Is knowledge mystt matixed:"N Ow there is
nos tti”stiott ait .ut style being the risluetion of
the knowledge of gra-e,-Itartiviny and ,e:eliesey,
of enktr to a practical-system adapted tO every
day Mies. -
Napoleon 111. When speaking. or the Princess
Alettenielt--that exeemSivety plain., not to
say positively ugly thottiett, more even
than the Empress, swayed . the, tastes of the.
world of drests—dee.:utes • that; thiti alb --
featured Priettwies U:1.4 MO& by
prove tem unniviveiry -Im : tiny ' was , t o
woman. She
,faseinatod, bewildered, and .lei
into the wilde4.4olly the, elearestl.beatled men
of the French eourtoody to laugh, at thelr In;
rstuation, and get bee_ reVenge` hevanse nature
had made her so verv.intattraetivo. To be 'sure
'she made a perfect kalehle(Sii,„.'-wrse of herself, and
watt in excess. What 'it lortittlii - bo well for all
women to be in a ,inedeiatr o b4t, positivede
gree. • '
Out ~Wu or 'Lite fashionlble world, beyond the
pale or folly and 11 k real Ameri
can working iroman,'n tyke,
con, and the 'outeronpitg of ',Western r
i n. ..11164 elass meanii the pour, huff
destitute act Koine are: lad to repre•ent
them; b - nt elnnt antiniz their ,tuinti‘er the high intellec and • tfue-t, 'braverit: heartS ,the
world has ever known. •' I•
ilinvard, College haS lof these wotanna
stuiving divinity. A bona - lid more ace Vre.
paring for the bar in- thevarious UM venittles
in the States.t . Hewed Coll' re has a eotruner
cial class. San Fnitietsco ISia.ts - of many more,
six of whoin runt the null 'in the post olive.
The Southern Woman's Bureau has a record of
several hundred, and every town and bamlet in
our beautifiti land has a representative - wotuan
whose name Is enrolled en the"honor, list,"
and whose'pomition as a worker entitle" her
to-s plum with the real nobility of the world.
The 'tievairleartapapers are in favor of alean
doning to women the entire business at reslau.
.rant-keeping in this 'muntry. This idea origi—
nated in this city; where it was discussed In a
society of ladies, and Where preparations' are
being made tot Nn one on a large scale in the
neighborhood of Printing House Square where
so many lady reporters, editors, and proof.
readers spend.. almost everyday Of their lives,
and are compelled to travel a tulle and Siltalf
up Broadway to a dining saloon .where both.
sexes go or do, as the most of •theni are inthe
h , t , it of Acting, without. ' This is arnove in the
iglu. direction.
Russia bids fair to surpass illiis country in its
privileges to women. • Several are lecturing
this winter in St. Petersburg, and a lady reA , ept.
ly pleaded an important easeat.Eawar..baere
the Court of Appeals of qustiee. .
THE A LROAD OF lowA, which
has been under rap ; • • natruction this.suin,
mer i with 8000 men. ork upon it s , is now
open, to - n, a distance , or.-"l7
miles from St. t" , ul. The pplendid bridge
over the Des.. new River - At
completed, 'id the ears are:running, bet Ween
41bia and= ,alonsa. The -remaining 'po
-"' r
tion of the "- is all graded and bridged,
and track is going Own at the rate 14 two
miles a day.' This` road has been build'
very superior manner, with iron of extra
qtiality, and will aupplia much needed Mutt
in that state. •. ,
The shickbohleis—inotitl, — ^fisterti {milky
..le stook. ..y 'eastern tatAkent
and capitalists--have'not depended upoir - the
sale 9f their bonds for menus, but Itav4.ipht
over two millions' of their . own money into
;he work.. Every • bar of iron; Avery sday's
labor,. has been paid for 'in' cash, and the.
Cantpauy door not. owe a dollar. As .titek
have now 'nearly finished'. their - mail,' and
are able to give, the public a g.uod wearily.they . oftE•r- %trillion of their First 'Martgage
haven - per tit:- 'Ovid IlOnds •4t BQ. Any
Company which : baser:oring ifirleading Meek?*
holders.sueh bankers as ; Jay 'Cooke it Co.,
Morton, Bliss Horsed Abbott, of
thuore, anti W..A-•:.•Wheektek and .7..1. Don
aldson. Presidefitiof two of the hugest IS'qw
York Banks, could hardly . issue any but
safe security. .
mArac —A beautiful mamumentef ,
marble . haa been erected during- the past
week in Oakwood • theMernory
of the hits General George R. Thorns* It is
of the maieive sarcophagus style; surmount
ed by the American eagle, grrorng in its
talons alochtiontle pf the sword worn by the
Clenerah And With Its head apd neck In de
fiant attitude, wif tbo doty, of guarding the
remains a the and soldier had beeP 1 10 1 ) .
entrusted to •'lt- On the'front Side at the
monument is the , following InacriMiclP In
'raised letters - 'encireled by a wreath of I oak
and laurel: . • •
"Grorge ji.
Major fiendrat 17:11.Aro*: , .
- Sorabampton Coirot_ Jolt - MdiMf.
t.Pcd. bap Forariaco 05, 2!s.
The rnortiriiititle . frairllarellattar the'
celebrated 'sculptor," tIL
York: aril Ili place "by . thelrelt•
knowH marbleMlW l Peter Gran4-r/Atogn Ike
7'n riagrA, -
t r
. CP*Wint In: ~, • MO
wpm iced& . JD spa Aiwa V)
v=ra i Tt ail Ira •= 4 4 lek sl4 l al
miles and ' era • with. **Veil
ttowudh w . Wadi& wwl o # 3l ah, dthww..'
NEW %01111:
dosed ou :Sat Urrluy:lttst.
1 It 'las' t'eryjsuceessful.„...Ajelfrite ,.. cpriSele.y;
the Printitleft I, -Made !lie qgfnellvii vrry itir
terestlug elrtsing , stiles
whlit tins ctchihittrl and Wila s tlitey propose
- •
doing lierraftt:r: . .
AND rimist f.u.tty.x e n
gregatinn shaft have.lot.terse i, 1%:1(1
Atightissindl havc.beekput out. the Thirty-Muth
•kztiibttiouut.the Ainericm tistute will have
closed finally.' We have been 'it: work 'more,
thin 41) .years—lott.fer, than the_ ehildr. it of
Israel wandered through the wilderness. At
tiro - to - little Land, later it larger 'number, earn
estly atrivinKoeeortling tothe best ligl}tafforded
.us.saul with the help tif all the titestrirewe
by.frugaliv. collect wind retain.'' as have been
tribe; to - intslat lit the . devoluplitent and pro
tection .or American:useful art: and 'industry:.
curnot. say haw lac-we have; sur..eeettOd. I can
rinly say that this Institution, ,front the day of
its foundation itt the year le-9 hp to the elose tsf
this Eshibilion,th is labored 'With'llie sirf} le
purpose of giving , to Atini.rieme industrial art
tacker opporturtnies to china the 4ittetition'uf
eur . eitizelks.!and the rq.*tir
ard it is justly entitled
t,, and of entinneinling that art and industry
t uttej.ntiun of the:LciV.ilized werill,;•for they
American eshitiltirot:"challeao-" , at
tention. The AnieriFirn :1 .I.y its
'by iniblieattons, by its fa - ye:tugs, entleay.irs
- to give to this art aialitiithiS rilibrirtett a recog-,
taithni and a ditliision, c. their they
would not - have rts.frit - ed.- We are- not here to
criticise; We . ure not M. c tri: dispartme the
labor.: of anykittilresl er of :MY diverse organ--
ftion..` There artLsortie possibly older than
'obis; there. May t . ,e'etirt:as loot? t active than
Ont.>. All We. cute say is. that. with whatever
tot am. titelittitlie has t•et n. tit to eliti6W us a ith,
trith whatever.eitient it has pleased (fort, to
'bestow on 11.,.stial a it ti took earnest. tied react
!tate, lottroge, we have labored uu in this.euume.
\%e began first to itch). exhibitions• in a:single
story - of a Intildirso, perhaps feet by, IOU, the
~! 7 1 Hall, andlound therein stitlicient
-room for all We had ; . but now this,grt-at edifice,
with all ha antlexers,is.nut largeernring.-..for ottr
atotttnirair. , We hale i-xteneitsi cart roont , and
-eeuterin;zeti it lit il'erY way, /too atiji we need
alluresl.Aor,,and rhat ti eau? roeittlatid
Hot -I iy Ii litiiiti d petted, :lon at all tinies t
through.oit,the Whole tlrele itrAtte year.
ts r.‘ I Ail.: uh. lltlyirsTlLY I:l.:Dift,.
. ,
' 'Yt 7 l., - itlh4VV-41'itlictp.. , tt k •lihl ortabt, if in
-rind, that dierestiontal he a perpetual"•exhilii
two; lir ibis •4 ity motoo,triunipileut :huh, ot
Atiwriean genius and American .kill.' Our an
filial cXhibitkin if. 'l4cht tor a ninth bower tern'
thitleit used tri- be, and you-give us it gruel ous,
a persistent:. it most enaphatie pat.limige. Vt
ita - e . titltiliyhti ditr- all Leon have t.,co re fir its ;' Is e
aro more th:etkfid for all you live aided Ilk to
.11.. i for:our . try. tint sau - say to yoe that this
w.stidering hie tit ottr4i. like gnat 41. bl/iiit . :min
tribe or of s elie-sito..-riatt il . aniAilic comp 111 t•; is
not with the Asti:Hein Institute needs and tle
serves. ‘Vti have Teitrefully:e(4)(ionize I ditties.
We Late laid hp u lithe 111 111.:,): e 'Veil in the
s tiir!, sspewei e _Lehi no exhitaitions.We, have
hien for yeas ki ikathillsr 11,4.1,0: , IA) lltithlrti'lliitit
fitly the ttretAlllitintt4 . lllllt: Of the. Sinericad•lti
atitute is neiirly a quarter of I . t' 11111114 u." LA ii
plausej Wehave Mine Abe '4,.est. we could, but
still Mate saving* of 40 pearl' . would net 'tiny
the wr 'itoil • wei toed; ..they would alvitis bet a -
center 'ef a :hui.ding . if we bad, tie I;rounti:
S ill we have, filth that the iii`h,is satiAcome, '
and thin the dune - 1 nut dis , aut. - . • ',Voir know
we nteati to bold, on the one !lunar( &di untl
versary of American IndePentlenev; nn - the
Fourth of July, 187 K„ Hp exhibition in MS eit)-
tif.the products et ill t
,wori , i'S intluritry,•;,Wie
wrap to challenge Ent() !e, to ielone here and
shim - its what she has ilotiehtitt;rthati we have
dtorie,.tto COUt ini re pr 444111 et with - pi:A fct,, itlvell
, thin with invention, di-eovery With disivierety,
ueltievetni lit W ith uchievententi'illd to \ kern if
svn may wherein we are shilicierifi IrPt!OlVell LO
profithy our riiimittkes aita4sjsiiites-inings, and.
'- dy,11,1111 triuniphs of others ,- krill to stake that a
rte stint ii-departure ler ndalitiotipl ilettnils
ef . Altierivan art. That is -i.ur purpoe—riucli
are °dr It:pea—mot we trust that before that day
the needed edifice will diave been built -stoner
where and by some nieuns, pie silly by some•.
rich in an's, hel, p.,•sibly •Ity -all. itp,-ear to the
thous: untilds tent" of ilthui hats' ot Attierlefin
utechatitt.l", to - 4 or tribute or 10 111 vest accOt d ing
to tile f•in min , . One any in': another tie i 6 us t.„
the great ill itlee, which shall be the ht nte of :i
perpetual exhibition, will he ready tor.y: in 01 -
Clip:l4°,lll en the 4 . h Of July, isritl„ .
• let! Isxn BEEF. '
. .
. .
8.11, friends; I 11111s1 , ray a few ;voids t to this
Exhibition, in additi.iii i to wind Prof. Silt . iniati
has so ford bly and stylueldly laid lielOre you.
lie ' hue said tome thingS of thitt•preat h ntore of
our Fair—the exhibition of the - tininttlact nil, of
ice, and its application het e to ,what many will.
regard Its rather it purpose •pr ant usettleti t. than
01 practical aid "siglitt utility. : ;tut' this is to
Page it. hardily and triist4etilj. Melbas teld
you litiW' this- ins (indult has crown tip trout
small beginnings. until to-dray ,
.you lolly make'
in an afar osphere of 7. - i. tle.iretssF4lireirii; it a
till of solid ice for Cis.l. • Nor does this , ityeetion
' top iherc. This ilsy there:Ail- iii,ile 1.0. m 3.b111,1,-
- - eat& roanontr over the pr.tit ie. of -Tex c , ,,
w dell hay() been there, pr:ii lured witlidut huniair
I.thor, and millet' are sold . there iiiriesS thaw
one-third of their value in :Sew'., fort,,; If t h e '
meansiexiste I for mlaughtering ill'ise rattle in
Texas. and bringing the meat and hides fresh
'to thiscity in perfect- c inditton for trse, tlithse
vatic 'Would be worth double What _they are
now, and'we should be supplied Witii-trtivilt beef
tit this city for 50 tier etint. less-than, we now pay
for it. To this, result :this ire. tuatittfaeture is
probably to eantribute. Instant,' of sending to
.this'eity herds of torture-I, feverish cattle, ',melt
HS are now: Drought here, the ineues are to lie
provided by science for- bringing all this meat 19
iti-less than half thii itti:k, and with two- thirds I
thelsower, to thia . 'eity in perfeet conditieto, to
lie dealt lititund.cuten by our people. Our d teef
is t velntiojroin 'resits and-Colorado, Where,• a
dew days ago, front fields so brown and (least- -
late, you, would !say no attinial• could possibly
final grazing; tin them. I saw a train or cattle
galliefedttp tack (I y taiod sent- oti to feed the. , Ido
people of. these.- I. :astern - - States. There will be ! -fierly t
101 trains a dlll'lllllllll a kw v - earscotning front j I Hay ti
„that region, and if we..eatv Init . vlevettop• from I largely
this invention the meatel, of ,britiging beef in 1, tineoura
perfect, cintilitiun to be tiateri _directly from • anal,rets
those dry, high,. airy plable-=--tlie best place in 1 I sase'l
the_ world . for slaughterig • cattle ' -weLissliall highest
-double the value of -the berate- there and dimin- i ass. '
ish the cost of feeding our p(Ople Lete. ' -; of the b
. itEIisTKAPN EitEsco rstek:e. A,NIIIIE-Ury.ll.s, for main'.
This ie eMachine is , bitt. DO Invention., .I'here • wi(lull Inc;
are othersiall I call especial alien- (Thula t
'.tion to the vernal* etintrivanCes whiCh you have I this ~„,
seen on this floor for noulidegall Manner of elestr-, use of t
tie bedsteads of,steetatid wire sprints,', fee had inteedii
the cost of the much inferior :at tittles made ten aatnett •
years 111.73.; There is in one part•of thin greeted- the „„, it
hive an inventit,n whereto's. a prnper.y stained - e ar t" - 1 ) :. -•
tin figured patter is implied', to hantsjinislied vi , t; ,
wells, and afterward this paper IS pulled Mt and ii t i,,,,,,
throWit'airaY, and yeti have-these walbi beituti- let _ ita -a.,
fully -ornamented- in• colors which 'May L 4-.! . ,; opi mt. 7
Kt:rallied and elt-ittnd litany time ;mil will re- Atneriv.
-Main bright and strong to the last.. I ettit:ll not , iii art i
ratite that inVention bit. highly, for it beetle that i and, , a ,
tends . to niake the poor nuts n 11011,e 5 hall .of ail . • ~ -
at the very smallest cost.. - - • i.
• s.v there are -many Other hist:Mime) Aron mi ,„
WI W which, if vou 'hat'', lidniii tone 144 . 4 :(44111 hie 7 -1 . t , ."
them, you will ,mee-rontribute direeily ito notke , - • ,
the COM 44444 n life of the common. I topic more '
4 i '
eontfortatileYmore graceful. an itVvere to -give it : -_• • i
more poetry and sentiment, and all' phi- at a . A „;.
minimum of .gat. There 'hi no tatter' country
. 1 , 0 , , 1 ,,,,,
where au many inventions for the eiitnevin acid - ,.. 11 ',. ‘''',.'
creatipli and diffusion of heat are tote mum! as 4 ; . ,..„ . 1,,.
in ours—no ether' country • where the name:. of .- I . "7"
the einnuton people, the places they inhabit, are - 41.1 ! it
In Winter medals , ' eoncortable as ones, are at a, .-A l'a,
moderate•cost. Hut-I will not ee hate this suit- ' tranvia
ject, for I. wish, to say owiste_words on a point a ehisti
which our;frietivl who last addle/wed ;you has, -! new In
doubtless .for .wise reasons, chosen in part no--,. line wi
ovoid—..l nietin •the political eoonot ny, if built - the the oeri
Ameritnin institute has taught. - ' Within
' i.. - 1410TECTIMV UUR POICT111)i/;.. .. • .
Tilts - ,l.4.sociation is made an of men
°pintoes, as Ms of't'en of all pursuits and vo;
cations- We have no creeds, .We Mice never
at-any time proposed to establiah any balmily'
of belief as a basis of this Institute. And . yet,
it has _always- happened—meh say things hap-
Pen I mean to may it has always !tern the eastv
that this Institute his had for its .totti(s•rs, snit
the then who spoke its sentithents, • Allier:emirs
*ltai strongly . believed In the policy
_or prottet 7
ing home Industry. Call it Chance, scall. it act-i--
dent, we have'been Ameritaninechinticit,
oi Amer- .
ln art-teens, American inventors or luiprovers
In art, and because-we were surh:we hate sytn
fa/zed—nay, -we have Shared, theconvictie,n4 of
thatgreat ebstis who at all time* and in all parts
of-the country have believed it wits wiSeaud be
heficent to protect, our home intlautry, and to
seek-by protection to devel.m,atiddiveriiify that
industry„'iti build upnew arta; to stimulate in
•vention, end call Inn, eZistence 'nee: factories,
new furnaces, new fora'-s, and every variety of
Induitrial achievement, anti inicit nitotr, and 'de
- vice - Whieh• contributes- - t•• • thim - great ;wairk.—.
Teit,- , - we have as a tidily so tit-ti so spoke, so
iletetf ? .. ' -
LW K 4, PRQTErIQ :i ritclikrF?
. ,
isAlie question which an adversati• proposes to
ask aud. discuss. That is tarsay -does Ore burn?
Does cold.freezeT Will a (lurk swini ? There are
question* which speculators end theorists may
ask,. but which praetleal men never felt to be
questiOns at all. I ask p.m to, look in that part
of.rthe room where are the latest products of
A - Merit:an skillin the fabrication .of silk gnash.
Well, for 50 yt ars this event's- - had teen trying
to make silk gouda; and.bad been forced to rest
printed with skeltesilleatid twist, but since the
'year WI, when our tailtr was .recast in tine im
serest of..7protection, ti;cre gOt ds ; Lave been.
made,- and li-ploint to them, as equal in Sub?
stance, in exceileni* of fabric to any goods made
anywhere pn - .the We of the earth. They are
possibly not exactly equal-in gloom, in shimmer,
In some inetit f orjone qualities to the finebt pro.,
duets of Fretieh art; but. Sit, no nation sit the
face.of this earth eve; emade inch progress in
nine years as this country law made since erit
returned to the , poliey of protection in the year
MA; Look at the goods, now largely sold. and
ask Yourselves whether you wish we were ;Lack
where we were Wipe years ago, . ••
.4.oviarautss or Axittueas tuox.
one'irentleinan aikaine: "What is the use's(
anthill? Suppose We' want a million tons or
INITI of 'various qualities and In differnot.steges
of perfection , and spppnee we can buy that Iron
ut Europe for * Oven amp of Volley. • Why
should we her willing to .pay more meney to
have that on madeln Ails country r. f6r two
Masons: First, ; 11,rause the more ihoney does
not costa* more labor and more pr .ducts.,bat
I/te (warrant !!' "llt'hy,'" i said a gOnli hottest
Trier aut:.
ee in ra n neetic u t, ••pion't see why the
teen shottld favor. protection '; It 'don't do
anyVed r And's/ thesauri, Aim s went ,_*,
ImA o bleed H wpm of hls clestre4 of timber
pa idlw sit jierp. to--have It
.4upp. wit the
net year we bad a prp*tiye WM" ehd 4n Iron
fonndery was eatatlmsa In bfr neighborhood,
and. the anindera be tetnako rot's,
l and they
came to the same meter; end t.of high .
ltuitispbtr-oeD aom J4lO 4_ 44+ 1 : .1 :_ j., q1-1180 ;141
'croft', it. :" Wpm,. r tWo,
:= 6 . T . }„g tt eoliev f* ettnalitrimr t c o
wsitNohlirled to n Otito to
y any man , fait - 1o: t the
adtlithipal"yalne given .to that thnbe th ct not
qtr the Winer. b 115111021 for *hole.
ocomtry, so -ninth added - ter our irealth . the
yroteethm old
=L I M Woe was erita4bybui
pe Imrbped ;pa
TOO aVid logt Myth Wyly
lOC aa,.. m' la'
11 1 Tiliat7to it ita vela. gft
erimag. Witpu 11 fount I had, "oa pyNie
1 . , ..
a large ammint of the shrub known ill laurel—
xottietlinen caned rhododendron—l began to itt•
` quire, since 7-'wished to get rid, of it, whether
. 1.-XIMIId Nit It fbr.nythink; and I. hound their,'
.arsis a fisrtorY - 50 itdles away .that,lituld bityit
: lads a cord ; bolas there' this gio factory poi,
i sise;it was tt - orth teas tbs . ,' nothleir, . Every now
filitory, nee,-. value . to * lth* timber, to die
relek; and tq eve, of the•avit in the town.
sitiplu whirl) it histarted, - . - %i?
- , --, .. r .. ,
I.; , 4 1 }Z la Ai4 I '..1.1. SKILL A ..N.II7ONAL.NLVE:e4II'I",. - . , ,
~ .
-The Arst.• esisca‘lhen, is',that by tuaking_thie
i iron, we give value to article:. betel e Wofthlenv,
iinil 110. - rens.i.• the via e Oi arth.leii before worth
1 littiv„. EveiTtiiiiig-ltilky.ipti-ittieed by the far-:'
4,iiier;k :iiieicattt ti ila rabic hr having a factory ,
i ilea:, - 1 -
. - . -, •
i .. !tut,: in the iiaamil place, When we make -the.
iron inateao of buying. it, we gain twit, merely
tltcirott.'littt the i'apaeity ofjaroducing - it, and
it is of great value to know how to Uoihniga.
Otir SoutliCrii -friend'' , round that out when they
l'• were involi,•ed,, ittWar and: could not gehe -en
.mait.- Was iiiigton insistild that the eXperlouce
of the lteviatitionarvviar had taught' US that 1 . 4'0
.11101 M out th!p4.!od 04 fuirpign' natieni - 10T teertalL
articles ttelli-tm-134 tit kittrwell being antkilerense;;
and Jantes. NI idison_ir.abl, after the 'ch u te of Dior
iseeinal war with - ,. l l:'iltAt.:4l,tiiitin.' , that :we hail ter
consider - not :nierNir "whether - artiegeW _kvcrei
i eheafier to ay aliroinfthini at home, but Whether
1 the'Y w° ll )tf be curp!R in - ease w were . at- war
and our pc rts:eticoo.' 'We `lnight -. save a pentiV
,in'time of peaee mid thereby, doom ourselvtia - t e a
'pay an ex dollar lit lime of war. . , I,
- , ..'riff a :Nstaxas, city, or . "3/,,oNoroLiit t ; ii
. . . . .
. .
The ans -sr :- to all these argtunenta,, I.n_ ficvor
of calling into . existence -new. industries is
".Nlon,opol ! .fitniopelyl4... Nionopolply '!' Here
•are's4.lo irn I factories. i want • - to make •twiee as
many, ant I' takfiv - the; di reet etteatia.tfiproduve
that reau t. Is . 'that' tnonnpoly? 1 'desire' -to
call into e. isteneo factories-of steel, of brass, of,
- Cloth, of very thing u need. I wish to have
ten factori
i s
tvitere the is now one. and.tity
friend sr opposes me ys "Nlunopoly Ir. • :
Sometin es he Kays t to prieessare too-high.
Then I sa, to him,
„"W nit you make some of
this iron . tit cloth, or hardware, stet lower the
• prices? : „.'rehody on earth ',revving you and:
30,000,100 more from doing , thig very thing- -
Wily wo 1 you dolt!. I 1./eg yhti to do it.- I
'offer 3-o very facility:tit inttuveittett t. Please
go forwa d,. then, and 'toisk : C it.., ~
.If there is -II
dollar, ej 1' proAt per ton - you esti- I,,,urtaittly
.afford to; do it. do on, then; my free-trado
friends: - Pitch in! • There is no :mutt/polythat
you are nfot &abater in. , li:sery Autericatt,.afiti .
• every Man - from the tither side. Of the water P4r7
takes ali o in this_ monopoly.. N.' foreigner
needs any naturalization „even. Ile way go M
workto- ~ Orrfiw. itht! - I,lctwelt- - - : . . -• '
• - PILOT .CTiO7,C FOR AYI Eltli '. 1. , 01i ?Lica:.
This . eo t.I wear, you hit. it. ,t't Hole very good
orig„raa,' ,a 4 .le in Ne_w ‘ York by a journevmati
tstilor,.‘l •,„ ipt. Jill , pie : v:lo:4 -it,. aftt*lllutil
' been 'all tit arid titted - and •istatle ready for 'his
needle.• beY•tell me that jiist such ',coats ure
inadd: in :urope for #l. Admitted, admitted !
"Then," 's,s a (lieu& ",voitr ititerest Is to get
your•coat machi-in Efirope.'l . : NO; it. is not; it is
not'iny it terest. For to bq able:to buy costs at
all, I mu. t bare purchtutersi for my newmiapewi e
and thus .1,
.isinitrit find -1, , , en rope, .)iut I .catti
find' in Invitee, if flail wo knitui is , Wetl, paid.
and well ed. It iwinv ifitetrest that the_ titeri
can Wor nap should Ileinjul Aniterieun d wagss,
and lilie I keStri Amerieatt freeman. • -- - . •
But 1113* neighbpi says, •I o, better huy„the
. EuroPeat tsgit.'', - -I tell yOu 'ttiere is. no elit;i4
among u. ttislay,so well protectest by the tariff
as the -to eseamstrour itt the garret. Take ell.
this tariff afid.we _should' be iloodeti.With Euro
petifi cicittijintr;:WHl . Ohi , win te'ut al, of 1 xll. the slop-. ,
' shi3ps. ,of - Europe; -chltiiii •pitrbito; Got 'wile,.
..wouht. bolthiAmeriisin tailor" : Either lie ni mkt
;,ilia,ke..cstotts at European priee., or ipaxe to make
;'hatsslthigether. • Ftlipposes hel‘itatutii to wake.
'eats.. At once betheenntisc. a 8 . 0 1 Ail r with
.. lll it. 0
NOP rtt . • - lini) in. out:, vocathtua, thr the. man must"
-11%* .14..statin. way. all:joint rate, lin. biati in ferior.
work'qukailSitia Crew: puratilt„allt, ba must Work.
for auinterior -price., Ilis..tattor, gi tits the mar
ket, lowent wageilitlrross 'other , workmen ,out
of employment, 'and 3-o the circle. - widens,
widens; widens till 1:,,9, Whole eourintinity is
distcessed; Do ' , .,h1 , 1 - 44,le,N'f. Ito, corner it ruvei
and, th+ with Jti the ZkirtOlietig ulon'f,•feet , )hut.?
:rf ow:tailet workil-.4..fre ! ifCati wages will - hit
get his 'lir Mgr ehrapeireare Sending' Prip' r is -
knot to Europe; and certainly .he cannot get
them' elfituper belie by reducing his wages., Still
they., St 1-3 , j •.'O, hell get his. [living !somehow. by
Itook, r or rook ; hit'll tuanarge hi live on - Ilig61"
Wet I;.." ape -those Whit are' going to eon i:linee
the surf:Ml.l.lmin Of that Will have a good :time
doing it. They eau dti anything affir the'r ittive
. atletunpa hed that.: ~ ', .: ,
. -,' ' :• 1 , • r 4 - ; • •
.‘NrEitle S• W.M11021 , 'F'l,l la ./Skl'a. /;Ni '
li II li NV 94 i, I);
Halt e, wilder keziti.V.. Itere and !nen t,-,lay
e.aning fl'oin Etigl.tinil flint' Ireland, froin tie; -
iiinty, riga CatiadafrAnn serpiirts ilf the world,
to. get Aitelritstir Ivitgett mud .to learn Atnerie in
emitlitintis of living Theft bare in Canada Just
the condjthurot thingli tre - nretnid- we-might to
have he e. The%t . tuttle erery.thing, sts cheap :I ,
niay be and vei,.,...itilw.,4uties_ itt , leed.l over
Aft ii !;,
Clanliotlid require A 'for revenue Tut - polies
alone. wby. then, no Van:l:Hans i" any here by
tins and hundreds . and Omits:lnds? ' Why .hilt '
4eeanse,theY experience that they eon
buy e:iats 'elleaper here with. Aoteriean tr:r.
Wan tleki erta .416 lati.lli there with Canadian
wa:tes? [They IM•rVI tho Pond Woos .-ifineehani
eal ,In inativ here to-tin,,),,e ex:Whig abliniti.
• Lhavelotjly.itim•euLtp say wharseetut , il,to tile
neees.iar)r to show:thitt while thib institute hai , `l
to) t•l'eetil wild every Pree-Trailer la weleione to.,
join katany linitt,ilL doubt not that, it will eon- . 1
thine to tint), 11.4 it huts stood, firmly on the side
of Ainerittn , ill4llltill'S, dive-r.hirti i l ..t.:i tied.. ea
tablistieh, Inaiiltailletl,:,lty Aoi* dean , legisla •
bunking Ito AinericiiiiTirit re -44, an .. believing
that-by upholding and pri.ito,t Lig taii,--ie intere.t*
it IA ;..uti‘orthicr the ran .eoi. :a i,iohriitig,liait
-the - worth: . Tiratiml,:falioiri-cirimr it* awlalrti
pol4 wlit4efroni the laborite:. tii:oi ~.oksahrod
upon the worth and eXiitOirs.',...otilkiois• of liv
ing whiell - hia br..thet" in ,E'..,ii.i t A' - 5114 his bro ,
ther in Canada reiturd, with .4. V . , . .‘ IA I trill
that we *halt enutitiiiiy*. go i ,rilry. Imi ti. ninin--1
ricim fnllttmery nod .ton.riutto,art, that
I go on frolo
untit the vo..l l .;f"in.4er,ial t
• win .1111
; they sh
A anticipate the time WI en'we eati i;ro
rowrdOwn all the barriers of,proteetion.
t.cioekery and china are not'made here
yei‘ati,e we have' never ollrerpq., proper
•entent: Those arts have not deitianded
.iced such. prOteotioii us they" deserved.
.otlier Oar. a British Artisan of • the
class who ha 4 come over to make plate-
Vhy did he do 'that?' Reesuse we"have
_tittaiity all the nisterills !necessary
lig it, and still more bccatise We have a.
plate glass or 1;0 per, vent. I Dope he'
encouraged to go on; and I. have. no
tat thh nihnotlio . nre of plate glass in
ntry will he d7heaper, and ineresse the
at artielo ver:l; eunsiderably -and , Verr,
, AN'heioser ! '-A merino: 'industry 1 has;
II strong ft.41f141:,:; and F. well .proteetrd,
tide nutdla imaltietl to the ends of the.
At lent it beizlns to ii.. so. :It - in yOttng .
uie'branelsea hare attained tnaturity:
e_ atiairsing it ; Inure will attain it. So,
I. oilir.ereatitnt new indlistries and dove"
tow arts, always under the aegis of
in leaislation , until, this rountry shall-be
nd industry what it is in government
ety—the fOremost emultry of the world.
FOREIGN: NE•11:1 , DI - DC E.T.
k mA-4i,:"
iv. rt-...ksiv e Ssuzr as: of pistols, revolvers,
Dods with ptekves of powder anti
a inide'en Oejober 22, at I '0..1 Anal: near.
tc , ;i n the lthilse "1 a steward named
lie ..t its lodged ill Mayo Void.'
„ .
Nrei.t. Gisi.—llie Prince of Wales - jhas
tied to - the Lord Provi-ot of Edinbnrgh
e for
.1041 guineas towards the nest °tithe
riti cry, and has expressed Isla satisfac
ii all Ow arrangements cram toted with
• of laylo the first-a:one of the new
tr. .: -:. . • t
... • • o -- r
itit.ett has nut : wine grandsons and elirl.t•
ughters, together .seVenteen grandehil
-- whom the I 'roWn Prineems of Prussia
v e vote died 'in ° Estitii, the Prineeaof
,4iive, the PriiiotCirAtiee five,‘',and lhe
sllieletiatwo...And ',the Quech has 'till
i I
niart hat children ! • - - -'' '
t. 4. • ,
4. l ll3ttNee I.A . xte FROM rn ri4ti.v.-- , .-The rt..ip
-1.43 men stilt keep tighting.thosta,. and
oink, a 24 the Dutchmen :have done for
i the!appotti to shore of the tlerman Ocean.
teat feat - line been" the inchenfb - ort,ooo
f valuable alitiyial- land ititepariira
on .end 'Frampton. near Roston ... _ he
itairelit; - about - tier " - mites- in length ; has
ionipleted :in. the i,ahert space of six
r• •1
, .. -
Tim iNtAir-NAsmAcig I.4,:w.—An imporiint.
alteration WastnaTe in'thantarirlage law of . re
-land by an Act of Parliament at the end of last
session.. It; will take effect'. on • January 1 next:
Marriages in Ireland. ere to be legalized between .
persona of'different religious persuasions on
eertaln - Cooditions set fortittwins complied Alth*.
A -- - protestant Fpiscopalian clergyman gr a y;
taileintitintse Marriage:between it P • t
and: a person who. Is not a , Protestant Episctipa
lean ; and also by a Roman Catholic and it- per-.
son Who is not 'a RomanTatholie-. • .
• , ~
r A lon (01 3 / 3 11R.—t short Uaae after , , arrf.:
vat of' he Rmpt eve of the Frenehat Chltietharat,
the proprietor of the princir al itnendraper's.
shop i 4 Bromley was Considerably asttonlatted,aii
i receivi!ig an order o'ne•merning:to send wo
hund - dDitundal .wortiver household II est i .
E ready- stade, Itrl to Cauldiri House, to be de ly-•
ered by six; o'clock the Name evening,- We 'in
j fee trout 'Pita cleetunstance. that her _lmperial
( IlajeSty. ' ounteinplatesi - malting.' a sorneWhat
t. lengthy-I , 4mM thetg. WS rejoice. to'hear.that
('the Prince Imperial-la no* In tbi• enjoytnent of,
• • • Des At OV ()XS QV NtiLeitlwis Mes,—On (14.0..
' ber Lifithere•-was Interred in Pontefract centre
tory, a peniihmer named Jameaertionald, -w.tio
had attained the patriarchal age of,loo yeanitim
I.letobey - t.'s- - Detteetted-hast-lieess Wind.-- Axe neally
four yettra,land was_ in rcv*pt. of it4etutiiin of
2a.peri das f •Ht.t:wait.' With ' toord Milian) A the.
j battle Of trafaigar, and wife else 'through be.
! hole Of the Peninsular war. Re wo • c'e
I edge, orient which bad eine* . iii.c,' • -,/- l
, • id'pereilonersfollearedthe deesseidtathy• ye,
1 the eodln - !II Itiololitiwiair iteii r foe' t
.‘'...4:4 km m ,-41.1 kona 11 Val! 1* .11 7 -!.. ' Ate:
4 W211W 4 7_,...•: - ''. ''. - ,1 , 1,;:• - ' - 2
-1 i . lt)" ham K i tatitielrlift ri t!»l!tAis ,21 er-ios. n 7r ,
een i•heti."' ya the
qp4,rib vtagin
tre..lustfifreti hhtetrontrymen Ala opin
• toffs eipinfos:* pee i ri o Ntlittearnere.:tenikay airs, hotel/id* not Woggle hint ; and - Medi-.
ing.theAnation. of gratuities he hatiAlm irrecl:
erence'llts hint that even the_ Lord 'Mayor mien
• not 'tits , "bine accepting.,a trifle. On the other
hind, it ii chanted with the cOurtestY.,_ refines?
leant and. politeness which are to bp foond,..esen.
ip gm newspaper :hop% - and' astonished At, the.
'4 0 10 4 Y 4 - . Our .abppaten . who: tell him tokbe . g
cottop' r is„,wlth si r .pen .the sileole bp
"N i Vil l .•Pwali atIaIIOPPC Ill*tert 4 '• Wit congeal
nlate hiniOpon his - goo Imlay ;mil , geutepeam
'_--- , r5a5..................i.........-....—L....._i__ -
Prim •
the nil
om w se
To el
acres' c.
or Kith
rcul lan
..., - .ItNei •
iisSeralli'sl onelitkm ass •ai apse
Ornty 21 MKS Ira enpertor Oyster stew st Potts.
Lotto' and Gentsitestelyeat. Pro. 00tre street.
__! trl o eo l edoes eh - to - tottt-ue-ttate.—Cell-itlati„see ter,
routitiVe,s, &te
4. ' • r. .1%4v 4,14.1
" 14. Da 4 SS.
IstOYEMBER,- 1870
• ,
TAW. . 130EIENCIC ADV/iEll COriatihr.p.
Tga.-11avloglr the nt.t, illirty-tlye yunnidev"?..,l
, ros.irtuale Ittne`u Attentton -to ilu. stlitly^74%,out•
C. n ttNM ptlßn. 1 filet -tll4 I undptst .h,c
011 y the course• t Origlit to„li, tutr. , uP.,t *1.1.6.
a tw e rabl i imut 4%4 , 10.'4 dine Sett Waits, , t.,
1.71,L4' j''.
roumbie..k: • The - a rift . Cud ifioAt' 1:-up.;rt,toit p.
for tilarral.etrti4avoid tuft 1m: 1 0.14 o and 1 : „.1,,,,,
all pilift...lll till4 t rotittil.,stt for,tht.s,p4ru,K,. 1 u k, ~,_.
i.r, lir Plot Id ' .1.1. 'down in the succ, ,-- w. , It ;;;
Rein cupt regular , swl. . t.• , : rtIG. ,
3.•!, :,
CI .., ~
varl nnial 4.
ili , Nutt Uri-1i h0it.1,,,... 1.
~ ,L i i k. .
.1,.. a 111 tit* !tritium:W. A g , 1 , 1 .1: . o1.•1 1,:;, 1 ,
Ih o asi s: vei t irinw2t. : l,oi 'winter i ~i'w s. ter. i t., .
.1111/1 11.erl• Wi1(174• In Ilg, , !MIL Jm..:]: 11:,(Ily .1i ..:,....,
but Wtio.Nunder the lieniiiiiettlitol-1 Co- 111 ii,.... i1.i:0,.
'told tuy tnetlic;Uch, werr. gating wen.
.. .
. oti ucliem fitirtiter d ,. .w . n thy,. I') .',.r , „.
Plot ur I eh I would - prefer to i'aialt.'• the ii e- .
vendors, ha more even anal the al rot ry and. 1, 1 ,, ,,i,..,., --
:drllolo.llle anal dintertaise me .lorittett 1,.. le
:should give a derided preference to Mellon% id.... : t,
'ls two miles front rive ror ittli.V. and It seems a 11.,•..,
lin{ take cold - there. .T.ltc..tddes to I I ,I -
I. a might bt better, and patientseotnplain at tier •-.'. •
tat that is a g'ood sign, st. if it.tite.tes tt. serum
appetite, and when this is the ease they Viol 1,5,',' 1 -
Itatretile In liesli...nd then the lungs'nitist 1., A L -: .
Itickwenvilie, Hibernia.. urecti ,eirre, 'and. i05i.,.. ;
other, places In Various parts rif Florida. rail i .
:,,ately reeommended to romonaptives in wide.,, :
Ma reasons tor, saying so are that patlents are 1,-,
ibible - Li taking 'tolT,',,therell'hili. Ntlicre lin telt ;,..
,lewt.etett tesuperatusy, and It Ls not . 1.14,,, , ,....1,,., I„
}ay that wine., eSisin(nropthite prison ex p,:, ; ,., 1 ,..,,,,,,
teteto feel tient - erikts be lie 'certain' to dlc /dam !./... -
Tbereture lily advice Is., go well down into the !slid. -
out of Ito reactkpi prevailing vast winds ein.f..n.. •
Jacksonville. qettIMOSIt any of ; the Other 1 , 4 - . lilt,
1 have stained, will :benefit those who toe tr.e.11,..., .
with u,torind liver, a sltsordered stomach, deriingi,,
bowels, sore throat, Of coatth. but for th,!..- is l a .:, .
lung&pre d.seased a more southern pan t 1. 1 5 - 0 ri:
estlArtgrintended. •- ; • , • , I , Y . '
~ Fo r aipaaen years ptiefto tite9,"l \van I , rolestgiOn:s!!, •
Id New• York, liestoea: led dint/re anal Phitadi . ll)l/... -
every week, where 14111 and egnsolued'on an ~, '
age flee hundred: , pasterns tr.week. A Kara, !..„
e4tolislve, embrucimr every possible, phase of sits.: .
dutouseetuts enabled me' to understand the .i/.....,.„,
hilly. and ticrarc -- mr minion .In J . ...4:1rd to ti•ka,„
pecild. A pee:" may take- :In
; (suns. t 1; ivs ,
"Schenck s 1' l+nic Ilyrue, sieuwesal Toult a-, -,
Mandrake Pillis," end 'Teti die tf . lieilto.s nor In% ~i ~
taking cold.: . • . -.. '.,,,,.,..
In t Wilda, measly tivrrytiorly , Ssfustng Scheia,k sA
Mandrake Pais, for the ellasute is More 1,..,
proctor s ,- bulolss 4,,,iiia •1.141L11 11101*• uortherli lii.
.tortes. It ki -I we:l T•stabllslied fact that- uutSvez .'i
Florida ran ly die of a-ausumptibri, especlallsj.that a. '
of the southern part. tin-the other :hand, 111 N.,,=
Enktand, one third, sit least,t i 4114. impala t Ilm ,14,• ..
of ants terrlnte ,dlsriute.' In e -Middte. :states ii
ttotA nu:. pre.% till set largely, 11,r-here are !lath If,
thin - timid,' tli cases there. ii hat a vast peseentag'.
Of the • would ha. saves If, ron , nnoptlVes were ~,.
ea:4ly shy Med In regerct•totskttfigireSdr cold 4,, um-.
4rAr.4.11 , 4tn ',ca.' iui act cr.. - A mu! a„..o.x„ae. liut,m,s )
aleiaalt. l'(itry 'lake . tria4s , ,, I liey..,„term' &little col,i:
'Wilier/ th . sy •atit , emiult.tus enoligh to lletleVe a !!!
we,it,or Id a fewdays. They pay no atteittion to I:, I
andlan'ee it Says. dais; Outideataloa :for lined ifer • ht,,i
stsit,art stil"..h.liilllllelpritit - Ai 6 diseased 1ieyt., 1 ,, ,
in i-hop e fn" i Mt.
, 'Sty ',vivo... to .j. eras as whose thugs are ateeted •
even:slightly is, to lay in a stoek of ~ /..lienek's Ful..
monk; . rti Is, ....Sissitelp:lCS 6rewesit •Tos*rt
rich. tick's.! AutaatripteirrUs a4‘l go In Fi ia. .1
rezmattnend ila se pat I ietilitr no-die:lnes because i
aut.:_ttoirmiglt:y 41Lnp:tinted wits ti i , i't „ j i b ,. j i
know that where fury are used In strict areuritenee
- . wit 11 mv sit reetlociii they will et t the work ghats.
negthred. 'rids, accomplished; miture will do the
_relit.: 11,e pay aaiicatiti Vrtialprestre leek for eold:t.ottgl, •
Or night-swenis, and theta ad( i•es hie pittieiti to
walk Nit side ou,l' overy.da.y.' Wilt tat stirs.!'''ti i is it, 1.
cOrisse On ul s i lianthi , beforelongi. ' .. -,, :.
'Afy OM is to ittvo
_lns, ttice,e 1n.•q.,0w..., In :areoi
,iiithee wa Is the'printe a itineefloit. eseeps In s w il ,..
eaves vri_ero a 't e .t• use of Liar .Mandrake kills 1..'
naves:air, r. My °Wee' I. to give Tons to the - stem:a:la '
—to gel up a good tippet tte. •It hi etWaY , a . got :d ,oi'zi,
when a pattern bektts VI goow , fitangry. 11 500,',•
bows tit such.: Wl/14 1‘1t144111 Ilut...teod and the Kr:ti
thes:deaf Of that fetish 'Wines ;tone blood, and with
:4, g mute - th KU, w bleu is closely icilloWed by. a• heal I sig
•of the lungs. 'then
_the cough loueens and airaite,
the ceeepit e g eh lot 'awl 'etunliny night-sweats no :
longer prigitrate ii.ld. Stl/111Y . .• and the patient get
provides! ho ay. iota , tat in 4 C 0111... - ' ,"1 ' 1
. Note there are mint - conitnaptlves.whOluak a- a: .:_
ihe taettns.•o go L.) Florid 1.. T 0., .,
i psestion tee:, n
*stet. is there no h0,..e for ste!lit , l'erpsth LI '. th, ~•
'ls. -My advice to such Is and ever It as ii14..0. r ~..,„
In a rearm ioomdttringthe . wijoitit, witia-a t.iiiipe,...- ,
tire tit enact seteary'der.elt - e - . -4 W-liietr.shEll‘it!sl;+ . .h ° ..* rust pasdnit, ItyanetlM4if a latimont- ter.
lA•e kW . .. a p them talc.: ihl.' exerel.e w.llthitlte . •
lib:lilt:sot the, ' l l''' wsjichi t c,.' up- ' silt.t._ dotv it It,
snorts :Wilk 1. , 111 permit, iti.O:hlid to k... il
up a heal' hy. of tlc Islisst.';l. itlives.,tr.- I
U 0
1,4 , 811 , 14 lAK, ,
U. :1 t.. , 1,...t11. jill •.§:li :lit
C 010411110 ioll I cur-at ft. , :my other 1.... , ,,, •
.1( it .1. takeo and the, pr , ..t.ser kind of '
treatment' Ist. • 1 - 11-s tart stands *Midis
pined On reen drenek's Pulinonteily lug,
'Mandrake P.l .a*,......1 , rollie, iisre're iv.'"
vets intiny,lit - teal to be hop. less eti , : - ~.,,, • .
eonstioirkt ton. •
..! . ..sou Will,.y“li iv iii•ti.• ';:,
" fil. Mt L.,!..11{in to -DIM some ; pootorominui i d ive att.,.
• has lie,st re wised from the. Very 3:IW L -r... o: a- ii tls .
tech- use.. :
_,:. - • ;
eo far ii.s•the Mandrake I'llli/ire caireltrita,l. e yr.
Ito la shwahl keeps supply, cf them (mlllll at. .1 . 1 . s
/NA od the liver better than col !mei, st'is•Lleav,• t 0.,,,..
of Its 11.1,1 Yet eIT ets. brolud. 'I!, f et Ahoy ', l ot. er. •
eel eat In-all eases where at isur,:rative neoth•lfte• •
rehu red. it you have parii..ei. too freeiy il t ii e I
:nod dlure.M. a chines, xi dote or the O. and ra Ito.: v. - ..,
e ire,you. - 1! you are s ibp et to sic.: h, adaeliti; rube
ado e oat the MaiadraT.e and 1 tie).- wilt 10'1.. 1 \ eyoi,
.1 two imUrsa. ti yam wan al obvio a. / ~.- eir.-lat a, a
eliange - o•' . wtter„or, the to') tr , c la:diligence aal .1, a. a .'
i aka atm, of tlie:)raji 11'%e:revery i t aaa i ate . -
other night, atfdvoti ma' - iteA Orin w tier ;ill, I
,Witternie!ouo, pears. a raster.; Ward :. • earbo. alt' i. ,, 1 I,
without. tLe risk of being ursle .1 •k ii them.l Tlie,
wilt protect thute : who We , in damp ! situ:, Colo.
austinste:i ills end tevera, ...Try al eht. Th - e:. /is t . .. 1 a- -''
fretty barsrFeas. Tly- hey,epti tin., nu ifo kip•lly.i
1 have uhandone. m proles
. oloid yilislf - slo it ~...
tam and Ne - v ;trot*: htherontinh- to lee patieno a!
any, (since. 7.'.15 N.: SIXTH ' titreet, p.1101.1,111)1,1 ..
e - eXTVlttlt7o;iol*ol 9A. M. 4)4: I. 11., 110 +.-..... i 0 '
wi-la a t .carahat i examinntligt with the Iles 1:',,i!,-
e•er will tisicharglat livit dollars. '1 lie lie.old,:i,e • •
Itee!tire,s ? the ti - suwd, isihlition 'ilf the tomb.. .q, !
pat•ents call the
whether tbeymr inir:,l,l,: •
or taut,, ;liut. l l. al ~ tre_leills•lnetly er0a•e7,000.0.1 f h.,.
lift:vat:lN ist•hly.,llle 1re. 1 .116; tieti.'ha. ri "t1e0: , tit , ta
their Iselait-fakeristrtetty,"iicintril lair to e ire . c! in, 1, ,
. • lit roneltssiol., l'Will say th t• when per.los 1:0,..
In)" melllbtuts and their . syst-ini err Aunts-11A into :, •
healthy condition theresy, they sire not so Iv dat, I—
take cold. yet , lan one w th diseased I tinge . . eatilaiet ~
;sudden change uf atmONNpliero without the littlil;lTN:-
of greater or less irritation ottlte Uronchial tail,.,-,
• Putt direct !OTIS in Alt' languages - acromdriny iii., •••
Mr.. Ic UPS, 41 explicit anal eleaviliet any iiiivel.!,'
tine tk im without consulting Ilse, and oast bt: 11 , 0.5. a'
, from any, drum' st.
• '' .1. ii. ScllENt;h:, M. 1).
~ • N0.•15 N. SIXTH SUreet, Plilladel via ha.
April 16, '74 ' . 10-1)-
pepsta. The atomach and the brain arc too ihti.r
mately allied for the one to saner ••xlthoot !ink wort;
- so that dyspepsia and despondency are hist tiaridas
It may-be added,( too, that Irritation of the stomach
Is almost irtaiti 'ably necompank d irritation 0, •
thi. temper. , - • •
The tuvtgorallitemid tratiquilislng operation I.l'
Ilostet ter's . linters- Is mist powerfully deifeluped
In ~macs of Indigestion: Tile. first effect of this;
agroeuble tonic is comfortir 4 g and'eneouraglitg. A
mild'clow pervades the system, the chronic Utmost--
• miss In the region of the stotnach fa lest:cited, Mat -
the nervous testlessness which characterises the .
diricase abate& This improvement -Is not *rank :
Sients It is not succeeded :by the• return of the mild
syariptouts wtth • superaddettforee. am; IR always the .
case when tinntefficatecrstimulantsliregifentor thy -
[complaint. Each "AMC seems to impart a permit:ilea t
aCcerolon of Invigoration. -But this h "not all. Tio. •
aperient'and antibilicium properties of the prepara,
lion 'scarcebr secondary* -in tin portaree; to it.
:tonic virtues. there is an overflow ,of Mk I y
secretion Is soon brought wit bin .proper /hails:and
if the bilear,y organ is inert andnorpiri it hi tom [1
and regulated. The effect hpoknft he kilseliarcios •
organs is elittall,O,aalutary, and In cares of eonst Ipa •
lion the cathatileaetton Is Jost suffielent to prodthly . •
the askired resit gradually and withont pain. '11:k.
V liters also promote healthy evaporation 'from the
surface tibial Is particularly desirable at ,this]
When sudden spells of raw; unpleasant weather arc
apt-to cheek the niturat -perspiration
clingestiori of the liver, coughs- and Ti e
safeguard against all diseases is bodily vigour 11.11 t,
this the great Vegetable Ilestorat I essetit I'l'll3 pt..:
ranted; • . . .
Jam 1.'70, • . •
nil kinds- positively, perfectly. and per - niMier
eared by W. A. MeCandles, :11. I). No; •..011 Aro:: *:•:.
PHILADA., PA. . • • ' •
I desire to say tp- those afflicted with nily kind
Internal, External. Blind. Bleeding, ciritih
ing, thatthere is posltlyely no kind tit deception in
the cure 61 these diseases . , the vine Is pert,,
and permanent, And without the slightet.t
without thetdightest injury to..the• patient pi 0.0;,
way, and witlinttt Call/41M or lustrutnents.-1 I aisi./
eureTtstula Fissures. •Ilioinpsus nod Uleciro ion 0(
the Rower bowels,. Patients must visit nirsi2
remain at my initise..tlll cried; Irthey ilextre. Cno
refer you to over Itnapermris curedin Phlin irlwon.
A:HANCE—COMO—On Novenaber-S. WO, bs:ltt l y• •
P. Stein, at the borne of the bride, in Schuylkill Fib -
Wen.r. 11A . Ray C. CHANCY.. oil A$.1111111(1. to )ii*.s
'MART IA A., daughter of .1. L. Qoho,.l.:Sq" • .
RO rat I G—iItiPKINSON-rin the M. E. Clitit,ll.:-.!.
flair, Pa.. on :Weattesday evening, Nov. 9; lit
welocht,:by Rev. Jansen Y. Ashton, of Miladelrio.,
Mr. WtsrrysLn S...);_pertro to Mins Mtr.i.ts .1. liok,
ictrios, both of St. Clair.
RERei-WEINNIA N— On .Weditrialsy es -
. Wort. Nov. 9, at the residence of the bride's triother.
Mr. tbroaus 1311ItAREIC. of Lyneaburg, Vu., and Mn'
HANNAH WElNitati!, of Pottsville. • •
•, . ,
SITIVEN—EiEDDALL;--At the reallenee of 7th
bride& lather, ta Fort Carbon,ron the 8 , 11 just.; by
nee. A. I.i. Lowry. Mr 'at:unwell. Wite.w.‘ot Allthik'
tv-y City. to 3164 Ludas BELDALL. daughter 9t
Thom.* Beddall, liBu. . , •,. ip-- r .
14.0/1. 4 , 1i.:4A/S. - •••0, Width* Ma Irt U. Vl,O
1: street. 12 lots on Race stris - A, and 5 lots on A 11
!street.; iPrlos from 9150 Upwards. Payments may
be made In 110 monthly Installments. Apply. to
:,A.IHJEL RAM, Coal atreet„ •r H. H. WE.sTON.
No. 9 East Norwegian street: .
Pottavllle..Anit. 44 ' 70. - [April 14,:'70-43d91 6-1 Y
STRAYED OR IVlVitirlf ant* purl .MD14.4 .
Lock,October.26ooo 1 - Weloeig at ;tight. TW"
.111.7L1:25 ptoperlyor Mona' Slartln, Palo Alt.,
A t t a i t,_fonowillit leaoriptlon; ,vla:' One Black Mure
Yeani OW. Oriaboxtra dark 'baylouir
oldtwillt bale bind Jolnta, bothlwand”. l
73./3. -- , on trout boors. 'Twenty do ll ars will he paid
for . lakonlotton and recovery by theautaeriber.
• . . • .1AMF..3.11A RTIN.- •
Palo Alto, N0v...2..',70 . • • 45.4,..t
Schuylkill County.
Citaamm.llatsaut '1 4 t Term 'lrits
7: • MATILDA M LEISE • rAllatt Siabptetut itok,
:418 , June Term, - J Divorce,
To the respondent aboye named t Yon are biereby.
required to appear at a Court or LVirilrion Plft". t"
be Debi at Pottsville, tor the County of Schuylkill,
rot Rigida Monday - in • Decetuber neit.! .eusw.• r
m e cotaOlatatoutue - Ilbellaat In the above Mated
GEORGE C. WYNKOOP, sheriff..
. Sheriff's °Moe Prtaville Nov.s, WO. 4.7,4
boniedliae . tepresentative Of the hooie of , •
Tretitoo Ni:•Manafaettirers of eve excrtuuou r>!
POR t'UTlPtiiitS,ior Inclined Plan es . i, kl! , •
pension' Bridges; Elevators. for • tratisES bolon t
pbwer, minded kinds of heavy hoisting. :
althe Atierienn House; Pottayille. '
oct .ini '
•C and " L" I6 4 4 WELPOUND rd
_ ---- ViTLYI ,
it A arknowleugea 'to be the auAl
=NIA; *Mr d 0011111Ilt remrdy . kr •thitr cure of
Pt, "(Mew. Idi, tiounwurea, AuArna: notti IA
elphred COUSIMI Wu 9Trr ufferedto titntel c. A
bottle photild al a kept I u every
Prepared by bi t l k, Prort Tu7eitehtb;i•
Sehuylkillltaven, ._ or rale uyottavllle Ed Ow
P.rnAtgojffij 44 rb"....._ j. rot Nt atm:DEW,
..., r ,„
..F.... Edo and Aire, .n I )lind by Drugs ltd ,
and everywhere, , Ir 41perna.
'ln , . 0 - Illiain—dew s-
• 'NW IMPROVED.'OO 6 i 11414 , 1111 t
stionNG.g.R - ct.. 14. 4.
i. suator C. 85411 - Purtsbrissiiss
mill riskw H to ttirmilneSsibe Great iml rovenients.
beroostsurchastrig elsewh ere.
myna for DerseriptlVelAter(ar. - ' •
W. BE:Witt/1i & C 0. .;,
,p 00,) N.O. it s workrtivvrrßEr,
•, • • twLip I •
for Sate ant! to' Set.
!o9t nub -
groat llotices;