The miners' journal. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1830-1837, March 19, 1836, Image 3

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. Report of : the COMMi
on Conrad's ease, will
per. It will be °llse 1
dc'esiusticel'O the mem
J erica of the Age" hi the
teresingartiete•which we ha .1
rot page, from that wkeellen
.It le lIPPTPI
ud deserves en aitentive poi
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to our
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'Patrick's Day.—The d
•d. in our tooroegh byth
, it of the rintivee of the E
their green.scarfs, whit:
• tbannenit,freteded by
sip, the Whole presenting
etorning we learn -that
rse was Orottounce'd at t
l, by the Rev pr. A.
ree O'clock a large camp:.
•ery sureptuouS, entertain
y Mr.-- - D'Conner, at •th
• . The 'di rmee was sery
Lyle—t,he -Materials wer
,• mb raced everyslelicacy
supply. Aftei the clot
he regular toasts were d
• d 1 by enlivening strains
were follod by th
s, Interspersed ;with ieve
--the whole .calling for
s Ofypprobat.i4M, 4 The c
cellent spirits, ev ery fac .
:ession of pleasu e., Noth
I t(Frrupt in !the slightes
ral harmony Which pre
never wit ties* , - on any
,n,e higher degree or'
ty, than was etthibited •
ent referred Ito, blend
ca 4
very lively feelings of
e part of every individu.
.• we could judgr. The .
.at an early our. N•
.per conduct or disor
ughout the day, to - our
custanoe highly creditati
h-,-and the character
'ciliated in the general f•
• edings at the dinner
' ish next week.:
~.~ .
pa .
.or Girard Banlc Bill.— ii
riburg, that he Govern
iay last, returned the A J
capital of this hank, tot
'his objections for no.
• At created quite a see!
and was mark the o . •!
,• • day next. Mr: Stay,:
•• . • to. the views of th=
thifeiis a probability of
Vote of tovo•tiiinds.
he; Bill incorporating t
1 Compcuiy, was to hav,l
n the House, on Thursda
e understand that the snbj
1.. of Texas, • front; the Atexici;
.er corisiderationi with the 0.1
dently believed by many, the,
thii Cabinet are in favor of th
redommend it to Congress.
; a .rie (Pa.) Observer of the
t is estimated that the sales
I in' the last six weeks,, hay
ion and a half of dollars, they
pidly and daily,increasing t.
t. /liana has so rapidly inctea
it is computed she will have
1 1, fourteen repres4ntatives in
• ste, 'her:present number.
ch •
8D •
he Committee of the Maryla
~m was referred the petitions'
1 and others, for indemnity fo
f heir - property in be Saltimo
Withhold certain iiiinuities d
'he City; until the Dosses are
I :
ie Detroit Journal calcula :
ulation by ernigrlion and o
'Territory' this year, at n:
)al,ahall have to m a her a •
If: ,
- Pittiburg, Pa.
-ucti s the demand for Pitisb
Side es, partieulaoy lron, tha I
hive orders on hind which •
isitt io fill. . ,
Samuel lloaston has hte
n caging on the Texjans to d
ree;apd aovereign
The legislature of Mississipp i
bank of 812400,004 plc.,
e state as a guarantee.
New York has again gone
nia. The Legislature of .'
unanimously p+sed a law a'
!'t per annum, &Ober years,
of the State.
A Sign.—The missage of di •
rof the Unned•States Bank
ata4:elelrated at Banningtop,
firing of cannon, Ste. as
t importance to the codntry,
e determination of the Key
her sovereignty nd resist t
'tchen Cabinet add Albany
Mexiciii:—Genereils Bravo
iced the standard of revolt
ictator, Santa Anna.' They
e federal government! Tbe.
to Anna's mini, near Tex :
'offering mach 'from the i
d from disease.
The Whig Convention, whic
o January last, appointed a
. 'dates for stk te officers, !
havejust reported the
: For Governor
Governor Jon/ U. Caoss,
table gentletneri.for the
• fllteasrv . vat tooter. The • !
. es iestatetnetit, based upo •
•jr which it appears that the
;.; by steam mil* in seaport
ally .. .compete with the
n 'the .interior. The cost 0f...,
well; of 10,000 ipindles is p
ars•—making a difference in f
;thin per week.
Ha P a r' , . - : ,; "March .. 12148; , .
. .
The resolutio. ' hid) paSsed t ,, ,- _
some days since, . l i ructi ' ouritile ots.
in Congress to v•te or a ivisiot 9 ,
1 1 1
the States ,of the p of the d .J.
Lands, passed the nate lby tadre h..
three to one. they m . .'ed
out a division on, the third
t ;idin. 4 ,
s wnventiott bill has nc in te .
to a committee of seven, who arel to . r
on Monday. Th is 'cotamittee vvill n y
in a bill of compromise between th e i :
and antimasons. • MT. Co t is 4hti,',. an
and 'l'. S. Smith and M'Giffin aid oil Lb •
committee It is believed that Ithelitom
mittee w illagree upon a bill fikingtii ,
time . f9rthe election of deleguttis t 4).1. th‘
day of the Presidential electioni 1 ').
Dr. Smith's F # dueatiOn Bill, Which; h,
passed the Senate, is made the !ordo fo
Monday next in the House. 1 I i
• CH - "19
tee in the
..found in
that the
tin ques-
leadini of a
riate to the
y Was COI-
usual pro
erald Isle,
.. sashes and
e. ffiu band
a very live
. 'the course
,n eloquent
e Catholic
i rtinAr_ight.,
rl , y SRI daWil
ent, provi
: Pottsville
. i up in first
From the.ghorleston Patriot. j
aI • .
It appears that Gen., Gaines had procee
ded from Camp King to the batiks 4 the
Withlachoocliie, with '8 days provOons,
and on akriving there, found the4ndians in
considerable force on the - other Mde &the
river. He fought ;them for tWo.diqs a)
n i l
cross the river, and on the third, day' hav
ing firmed an entre iched tamp, proceeded
with two hundred en for the purmse of
enticing them across'the Witblkchoocbie.
He succeeded, and the Indians had the te
merity' to attack him in his 'enirenched
camp, when he committed grim) slanghter
among them, having killed 300 of.their
number.:The trace chains were reMoved
awn the dragons and fired among them.
The force of Gee. Gainas, When be left
Tampa Bay, was 1140 men, composed of
militia from Alabarna-and Louiaiana., Gcn.
Scott was between 60 and 70 miles from
him, and the Indians between them..
• ,
St. Augustine, lrarch 2.
An express arrived here from picolatn
this afternoon, from which we ;learn . that
it was currently reported there, that Gen.
Gaines had had•a battle near the Withla
. choochy, on his return; that they had been'
fighting for three days; that the first day,
the troops and the Indians were on oppo
site sides of the river, and that en the night
of the third day, the Indians attacked the
camp of Gen.,Gaines, and that there had
been 40 or our troops killed and wounded.
We belieye thizi report to be rue, though
we have no knowledge from official sour
• abundant,
our market
nk, acconi
:1 excellent
the usual
:mpany were
wearing an
Ing occurred
degree, the
ailed. We
onvivial oc
ecorum and
It the cuter-
as it was
I present, so
ompany, sep
instant') of'
• r occurred
newledge, a
e to our be
those who•
Ltivity. The
l e expect to
e learn from
!' o
or " .-
n Wed
, t increasing
l e legislature,
signing the
is tion in the
:r of the day
us, it is said,
s act passing
e Delaware
been called
• last.
ct of the pm.-
cutive. It is
the? President
measure, and
Alex. Village*.
(fifth indi. Nays
'0 our Borough
arhounted to a
are still going
d in population
y the, census of
Lesislature, to
f Reverdy John
losses sustained
mobs, pro pose
from the State
ade,iood by tbi
the intretiae of
erwise to Hichk
! r 50,000 'Cools.
I if she behaves
Larch- . 1836.
9 rg manofactur
the manufactur
iill require them
ed a proc . lama
clam themselves
has chattered a
iging tlie faith of
head of Pennpyl
. commonwealth
propriating $25,
a 'geological sur.
l • bill for the char.
lof Pennsylvania,
ermont, by a din
event of the higb
d as a proof of
.ne State to stand
e .dictation Of the
I nd Alvarez have
Acapulco against
•ve faeclared for
iiiionnts from
s, rePresent them.
tensity of the cold
set in Providence
mute to "elect
nd that commit
following ticket,
rial3l3ll. Lieuten
with nine highly
bigmouth Joirrnal
actual experiment,
anufauture of cot.
towns, may very
beat water , power
perating a mill at
1 1 t. down at 150 dol.
vur of steam of 25
P. S. Since-writing the aboire, we learn
officially, that Gen. Gaines had been at
tacked on the night of the 29th Febiruary,
by about 4500 Indians Us he stippctses, and
after two hours 'hak.d fighting, be simceed
ed in beating them off. The loss on our
side is 4 killed and 20 wounded] among the
latter two officers. Gen. Gaines is in a
dangerous situation: to use his awn expres
sion, "his wounded are increasing and his
horses decreasing." I4e is shoit of provis
.ions,and entrenched and the
We are sorry to say, that in one of the
counties of 'this state, the chief objection
raised'at a small meeting of citizens oppo
sed to the State Bank was, that it would
give a large sum for the encouragement of
EDUCATION—as if that were an evil !
Well might this remind a southern jour
nalist of the language of Jack Cade to Lord
• "Thou hast most traitorously corrupted
the youth of the realm, in erecting a gram
mar-school; and whereas, hefOre, our fore
fathers had no other books but the score
and the tally, thOu hast caused .piiinting to
be used; and, contrary to the king, his
crownj, and dignity, thou bast,built a paper
mill. It will be proved to tlly (bee, that
thou 'halt ;nen about the&, that, usually talk
of a noun and a verb; and such abomina
ble words, as no christian car Can endure to
[Prom the London Nautical Magazine.]
Steam to 41merieo.—Artiongst.'other projects
that have been laid 'before the pud ic sylthin the
last two months, is one to which roast heartily
with success. We allude to thittjbf the 'British
and American Steam Navigation iroildpirny.' It
'has long appeared strange td us , :Oar' while the
small steam vestible of 4 1 10 to 500 toiik have'so
suecesfully supplantedthe Mediterranean packets,
'the importance of a line of steain.packeb between
Great:Britain and America Should have been so
long overlooked. The practicabPity of the pea.
sage by steam, and the advantages qt the plan,
are clearly demonstrable. If aiStearn-vessel of
400 tuns can make a passage-Of 10011 nautical
miles in 10 or 12 days, surely one 1200 tons will
have, no difficulty of performing One Of 3000 in a
proportionate time. For ,ours4lVes, we have no
doubt of its success, and most alaruredty would be
among the first to.avall ourselves cif the opportuoi.
ty of thus expeditiouily visitin# our transatlantic
The 'following annunciatiori le Made in the
Georgetown Metropolitan of Nforiday;
"General Macomb departed sliddlnly yester
day morning for'Florida, in COttileqt; ince of
remptory orders from the. War apartment. - We
understand that this appoint ent was Jentirely
uncooked for by the tommaa eriitt,Obief or his
friends; add !has been retalweri nikbcolary, by
.sorbe diffe l rences on points of btilitie4 l l, between
the two distinguished officers alreild ere—Gen
end! Scott end Wines, irtrotfOni, some early
differences. lave not.spolien rn -Taub."'
. .
bens q uene liegisl' atom Adieitiseii:The Leg.
. .
islature of Louisiana has or red ' names o f
members who are absent, finifilthei seats at rol
call, to be published daily in t i tre oefial nevrapa.
per, and the "WO paradft *fir n inn accord.
fil lo
!ugly at the bead of the legislative ' lamn, with
a Certificate appended from r pfthetionse.
This is exercising a semi} cee i . the move.
meats of the members that mht If be ea
trilary in Other legfidativbi . H
• , ,
. •
li. ... rekv i esllive«stia*-A.lO
sae 1 fokflittupingi in lEriglisidi ail
The Amerieqt editioci'aelh!forslso , ' , ';
'Tailtleg of Ma'am: said Paddy, the other diii
to a fin 0 of out*, 'at Pembtoke, my dear stri
we, had the heaviest I sires ea.*, it:considering the
size epic, town.' 1
Curcetts' ion.--In 1 5 47, a maw*
lion was usual. y Henri 13ih that. women
should meet . toge to babble and talk, ant
that altiinen shoal keeptheir wives in their a
i%)atrvir w
houses} . . , ; ' i
Mariiaga l'a l Mt U s ,\Loa - s f Life.--Dr. Cad.
pet, of Perlin, fron i a number ofetatistical returnii
and tables, has corner to the coavillviati that •WI
averag lives of the married peciple is better thip
that of the , singlo.l '
Affeetion.--.1 speak as I feel,' returned Glffotci;
"were the woman I loved suffering through povei . -
ty, I would beg with her, if I could not repave
her; thiough injusiice I would protect her, culd If
.the wprld .forsook her, I would be to ber the
world.' ...- r
4 . l ki l liat is the malter, Uncle Jerry,' said
as old Jeremiah 11—wis pealing by, growling
most ferociously, %latter,' said the old mum, stop.
ping short ; "Why,l here I've beim lugging watsr
all the morning for Dr. (7s wife, to wash with,
and what d'ye.s•Post I got for it 7"Why, I sup
pose itoout ninepence,' answereJ r.—. 'Dim*
pence be—! She told me the doctor would pulka
tooth for me some tune r
Driving Buiriness.—We lean from the New
Bedford Mercury that the inhabitants ofliantuck
et. hare not been idle daring their late embargo by
ice. purin g the, laat month tWentn-eigh
gra were solemnsted.
- MAN, says an "elegant writer.ean enjoy nothing
to effect, ohm,. Some ono must lean on:his arm.
listen to his observations; point out secret beau
ties; and become, as it were, cpartner in his feel.
ings, er hie impressions are comparatively dull
nlid spiritless. Pleasures are incrfased in'proptir
tion'as they are participated; as.rbses, innoculat
ed with roses, grow double in, the process.
In the Alms-House, on Saturday last,'the
12th inst., SABAH Wirsv., aged about two
Harrison, Granger,
C 0 U .71" T EE T r
PiriHE Democratic itepubliean Atiti.Antlnni
m- sonic Citizens of Schuylkill County, one all
others friendly to the election of Gen. Wm. 11.
Harrison to the Presidency, and Francis Gran
ger as Vice-President of- the United States, are
inviied to attend a County Meeting to be held in
the Court House in the Borough of Cfrwigsburg,
nn Monday,the 28th inst. (2d Court Week,) at '2
0 clock in the afternoon, for the purpose of ad'opt
'ing such measures as may be deemed necessary
to ensure the success of raid candidates, anti the
arty generally. DANIEL 1111. L,
Standing Committee.
mar 19 18-2
Pause/14e ,hlatch 18, MO&
WtiIE.A;T the toad WAS wort, do Ft
day hI6 liU
WILEArI 20 per pastel n detnaed
RYE FLOUR 200 per cwt. la demand. -
,13Ut2K.WHEATFLOUR 150 peter,' . dernandi
• RYE.. by theleadBo cents .y t oe bushel—Tad)
RYE CHOP 80 centspe"rbusliel indetband,
OATS 44 eenta—reud) salt:
POTATOES 30 cents per: uslie n demand .
CORN--65 cents per buehc lt n demand • •
TIMOTHY'SEk:I/-32 00 per (Monet . -
FL.kX§F.P.D4SI 40 peroushelin demand
W,los*f.. Y-31 cents per gallon.
EGGS-12ceatsper dozen.
LARD-12 cents per pound-
TALLOW-0 cents Aerpound
HAMS 12 ceso,s per - bound. •
CORN cifor 6,4 cents perbushelin demand.
BACON-9 cents perpoon3. •
BEESWA X4locent a per pound.
COSIMQN WOOL-10 centr perponnd
MACKEREL.brthe 50-. No 2.5700
SALT— 62. i per obL: 80perboshel.
PLASTER, is worth $6 50pert on.
HAY $l6 per top.
Boot . and Shoe eßralping
THE subscribers respectfully inform' their
friends and the public that they have enter
ed into partnership, tor the :purpose of carrying
on the Boot apd Shoe making business, at the
old stand of Mr. Cravvehaw, in Norwegian Strcet,'
in this borough, 'where they will make to order all
kinds of boots and Shoes, at the shortest notice,
in the - neatest manner, and•on the most reo.sona:
We terms—aud will be happy to receive en in:
crease of patronage.
Old Boots and Shoes repaired at •the shortest
notice.' CItAWSHAW, •
Pottsville, mach 19, • 10*
A Good Frame Shop,
SITUATED on Mill Street in the town of Ban'.
villa, near the Court House. ' • \
• Also, a gocid set of Clock and: Watch *kers
The tools and shop and be sold together;
the situation te an excellent one for a Clotk and
Watch maker—as at present there is none in the
place--persons wishing to see the shop and tools,
and know the tent's, Will please tall on JUhn C.
Grier, at thoSturelicarlY opposite. •
• Executor of tbe lestate of Wm.Catheart, deed.
• mar 19 18.3
N. B. The above is worthy the attention of any
person wishing a situation as a Jeweller, or Clodk
and Watch maker.
New Rooks. .
• The O4oaw, aid , • ,
Dick's Mental Illumination, and,Moial In t.
provement af Mankind, or an Inquiiy into the
means by w teka generaldifiludonorknowledgit,
&novel pr'n ciple may be promoted. Jest r i g:calved
'and for sale I yi a 13ANN.#1.
nisi 19 , • ' , Ifii-,,,
E t t
liewriLL be mkt ist pnbiie ode on hittiny e
,v T. 28th!of March hot, at the to of th e
Obseriber, in Centre street, Pothrvi9O, Opposite
fleffner's worn, the foihnsing exudes( of inler
sod teehicn4ntstefurniturei !ice ' , i _ ~,
But:taus, Tables and ,Beelstide,
, , ,
o.o,e , quassisy sterol" maw* Maple Meek and
Hoardil: •' - 1 I
Sale ao laammatee at I+e'4ek, A. lit. Thin
lOW 5Mt . * • 174 r'
, i •
. ~~
0 16
It ' a...
P -
p ,-maiii
iota ban
;* Oink.
seven by eight inches.
Itoa of the Bridges swains of timber and I.
roo;work, will be extanteal, and any . further in.
formation which may be reignited. grown on ap
*alias at the EnirineeesliidEne. at Pciltseove.
• - Engineer Philadislpbia4
_Rersling • Rail Road.
Philadelphia March 8, lON . , L 7-8
To Constables, Wholesale',Dealemana Retailers
of Foreign Merchandise.
11310311SUANT to an aceof the La are of
Pennaylvania, passed t he 27th da yi . of April,
1830, constables will take Notice, that 'agreeably
to the second section of the act griduiiung the
duties upon wholesale dealers and retailers of
lklerchandize, and deieribing the notice of issuing
lianas', and collecting said duties, they ate re- .
quire& o n or be fo re the first day offline first term
in each year, - to deliver tO, tke Clerk "of Quarter
Sessions, under oath or affirmation, a 'list of all
the wholesale or retail octikirs of goods, wares
and- merchandise, wines or distilled spirits, (ex
cept such as are the growth, produce and mane.
facture of the United States.) Merchant's and
dealers, embraced in the provisions of the above
recited act, are hereby notified, that according to
the sth section thereof, the inisociate.Aidges and
the County Connaissionere will meet at the Com
missioner's Office, in Orwigsberg, on friday the
let day of April next, at;10 o'clock in the fore
noon, to hear them (it the{ see proper to attend)
as to the amount of their-annual eales,•during the
preceding year. Licensee to be taken on or be
fore the first day of May, for one year.
. pbysidians, Apothecaris,Surgeonsiand Chem
isur, as - respects any t ine?, &c. used in ?repot.
tion for the sick, and all lr'eme Sole Traders or
Single Women 4 whose annual salmi shall not ex
ceed,those of t.,e Btl, bliss, below enumerated,
shalllnot be required to take out licenses under
the provisions of this act-I -
The following will be the classificalion agrees.
bly to the act of Assembly.
amount of sales, per ann.
$50;000 ' $5O
40000 ' 40
30000 30
20,000 • 25
15j0011 20
114000 is
____ 4000- 12 50
Bth Do. 2,500 10
AOSIVIIIIS J unites., _
„ v _ . •
JOHN. BEAUS!'” ~-r '...tUllay
JOHNS venoropt, jr. dammis. .
• Prow , OSIISAM, I sioneni.
March 12t , 17-3
Ist Class,
2d Do.
3d Do.
4th Do.
sth Do.
6th Do.
7th Do.
I: 4)
If NSOLV ENT D B. TH 1 subscribers
'-m- hos, applied totheJud es oft Co di of Common
Plelrefif&buylkilt iron lliiiie oftbeleve:
r_a‘ Acta otliasembly. pass for ' retie of leaolvel
1 D'lllbtord.& that.lhe 'aid J dges hdre appointed-Mon
day the 28th day olli ARCO nexwit 10io'clock in th
forenoon, at the Court Howie, id tOrwigdburg, for the
bearing of us and our Creditors,when add where they
may a uend i 1 they think proper.
NA 'i.
February 27,1836 1 . 15-5 .1
ALIST of Leiters rdniaining in the Pept of
st.ratsville, Mardi) Ist. 1836.1
A !Lehman 'Andrew
Adams Robert i Lief Wm.
Bracewell Eliza
Bindly John
Brotsmon Wm.
Blackburn Samuel
Cohen Edward
Criss Daniel
Clark Roger
Curran John .
Culler Peter
Campbell George
Davis John
Duyer Timeth
David Danvilla
Durbin Richao
Davis Catharine
Dimick Joseph
Dunkin Charles
Eatia Elm
Eady Wm.
Farrel Tomes
Fox John
Given Junes
eck Daniel
Bobo Jacob
KennidaT Mien!
Hlinging Daniel
Kesler GOrge
Lee Alin]
~=~ ~ F,
Pri' . e- Mal
Wetibentibec 4111 .private
WI and lot of &toned, on Third
the borough ot — Pottevi l e,
Third'rent. and 65.ke4 in idi
eeenpy..j The hot:Weis. litri
building, *tidied m a iler a tt
with the very hest toWeri •to
• ' JOHN
CALVIN lit.rres, Esquire.
al Courts of Common Pleas-ol
phin, Lebanon. and SchuPik;,
Justice of the several Courts oi
and GerieralJail Wheal, i di
thoige Reigsb and Damill. usf.
the court of Oyer and Tirmi nett iry
livery for. the trial of all cap -%.
in the id county ofiiichttp . ,
me directittested at OniE n t i ts. o
18:1S. have ordered the, o
net and Central JailDelivezt, r
burg, onithe last Bloniby of'_ ,
28th of said monthato nonfinite one week. .!
Notio-11 is therefore hereby given, le coroner. the
justices Oldie peace, and conkableso he aid county
o mi ftleidll. that, they are bb the said prey come_
to be then and there at ten o'clock in the Sire.
noon of 'aid day. with their rills, nicohli,inithisitions,
f un
stamina ons,and all other remenbranctui, to do those
things. hick to their °Hai appertain to be done,
and all that are bound by recognizinces.tiVos
acute a ' the prisoners tare , or , ttion obi& be
in thej lof said county of lk il l, ark to he 'then
and- to prosecute them its a all be jnit, •
i i
..1 . HENRY RACHIL, Sheriff. -
shit Office, Ora! ks- t ' ; •-..
burg Vet). 27. 1 8 35. 5 1 5 4 '
, Gal save th e , Cdamaciarrinekk.- '. .
N. The Witnesses and jurors who areatinimoined
tra i l,
to au said Court ; are tined to serve puncriali
ty. I cum of non.att , thelaw in-such clues
made nd provided : will enforced,. this notie,e hi
public ed by particular order oftbe Court.'those ion
cemeilsiill therefore govern themaebteb accordingly.
. .
Notice •
Ireby liven to the heirs of Emanuel Prey,
Alla of Dauphin county deceased, that a rule
has been granted by the Orphans' court of Dau
phin requesting the heirs of said Eman
uel Duey, to appear in Coprt on Monday the 10th
day tcf April next, and - take or refuse to Mks tbo
real tate of the said deceased' at the valuation.
• py the court GEO/ TAYLOR; Clerk
of Orphan'siCourt of said . 4cionti.
Hirriaburg Feb 20 : ' 14-5
Loeb Leapold .-
M .
Mash Mary'
Martin Catherin ,i 1
Montgomery Robert
Meyer,F. - .
Mallet Mary il
Mc -
MeGowen Hp& , 1
Melling Poinck 4
McGirmes Peter 5
MeEvay Michael I
'N 4
Nelson Job') • It
. °cote F 0
Rinehart 1 4 7 111
Roberta Aim
.; Roof Conrad.
ly Barhery
i :Vi tt it John Jam es
Smith *James
Skeltin Eliza
Smith Wiwi.
Snyder Rebecca
Townsend Cobis
Williams John
Wootey Samuel
Wilkins Andrew
Weimer John
Weimer Andrew
Yoe Adaii
mar 10
Colliery Works,
Ste m Engine and &tit Car Marittficlery.
YIN E subscribers respectfully inform Unlit'
-K. fiends & the public, that they ate new pre
p& at their establishment in Poktssillei to axe
co rders for making and repairmrt3teaux En.
gine*, Rail Care, Stearn Boilers, pumps, arm
a ct so
ws, Mill Gearing and Machinerprf every
des iption. They also have corisi j anil onlhand
an rtment of Miners Tools, such Is Sledges,
We es, Picks, Risk Drills, Crow arc.
equ in quality and at " low prim. Win be
ob ed elsewhere.
. B. Smith work of all kind carried on as
1 moil HAYWOOD & ' YDEIL
1 b l eb 13 , 13-3 mo -
. . •
The Philadelphia , Fire
ASE both limited .end perpetual Insurance, on
.I.TABrick. Stone or Frame Buildings, &mes,Botebr.
M .Is, Barns, Stables, Merchandise, Furniture, and
P party of every description, against loam. damage
bY P
bg cuincriber has bean appointed Aosterr for the
. ye mentioned Iruniuttion, and is now prepared to
• e Nuneaton= upon =sly descnpuon of property
at • e lowest rates. IBViJAMIN BANNAN .
• °tzarina, Feb. 27, 1836. Ib
Abraham Pott . In the Court of Com -
gh Hughes, his heirs Rw° Igial of 24°41 '
kill coo ty ' •
a, d assigns, and elf vs
per- ° • •
übprena on b ill to
mos claiming by, froth
4 under him, and 411 perpetuate testimony..
- Rios interested in the Decembet Ter
• 1835. •
p miscs.
uylkill County, as.
„- .. The Cornmobviealth of .
-; \;r(s -) • "anis.; to ;Hugh Hoghw his heirs
-., and assigns andall per *claiming
-'- -1 7 - ..-. ' by, from br under hin dall per.
• sons in:twisted in the pntmlsegOrcd
i .! . at thninstance of Abraham-Pott We Cem
d firetly,enjoining you that laying aside all
b ; thaw and excuses Whatsoever, you be and op.'
Afar before our judgeslat our Court-of_CoMmon
Leas for the Cobnty Of Schuylkill, at Orwigs
bttrg„ on Monday the ;28th day of March, 1836,
tp shew canoe if any ion hive, why a Commis
sion should not issue dander the seal of the Court
d"rected tol such person as the Court shall ,appoint
tO examine witnesses on behalf of the said Abra
ham Pott, douching all those demos two tracts of
lend, situate in formerly Schuylkill township,
Berke coenty, now ;in--Norwegian township,
thuylkili county' tbeine thereof dolled M'obre
elci,' con t ainin g one, - ; hundred and thirty acres
d forty retie santi granted to the said -Hugh
ileum,' the reonirealth of Perinsylvanut,
by patent jlated second day of September, one
county' the
bight h odrOd and six end enrolled in
patent nauttier dfty.nine, ge torty.three.
And the other called 'May eld,'Arrortaining
two hundred and seveliteen scree and ninety-four
patches, and granted to the said Hugh fltighes
.by the Commonwealth Of Pennsylitnia,by Patent
dated therF enrolled
day Of Septembey, one thousand
eight hun red and six, and rolled ini patent
book, nu bet fifty-nit, page finty.tyroidivid re-J
duce their testimony writing, to be wed after
the death pt the- said Witnesses, and tb be.filed-of
record in ur said Comt. and boperpetuated; and
pra i ecc.
herein: ge Wa b : r h en n u citesi nl t to a o t f t F a ti e Lsai i 7 Pe th d r: li alra Cour rta .
nvu b .aria le t
y'i (Cal vin
ocie O rsrigsb t H Bly ni ti 7 d , l
15-5 1 i ;Prothonotary.
Boat Maidens - Wanted:
WANTED TEN good Bost Builders or good
Housedpenters—to V constant enk
ployntenr and goW wages will given. Apply
Feb SO, I • I 14-tf
E 29
GLENI4'I3 AIPOT3I4II puxtsarF -
- 1 To+th Wailb ( 1
THlrbi donilion a t i will be &Mid serviceable in
arreating, am! preventing dteity, in' thetteeth ;
keeping the teeth gums Mankato andliealthy
aindition, awe '
_rib.) brea th ; 'removing tar.
WIN and ieliming in carueed.b7 cations teeth;
It-is confident! recommendOtitholtddio as
a var 7 coin which May tensed daily
with gr tudvain ips tithe teethind.gtip*atthe'
auip Eon
dame tt e lard ad ago:milks': in the
mouth. 1 The is ism acid in titie• - Ili* < luiT
ing . red!eitt enter' We its ' ' bit wok
alltqligillY• to tiieqt.' •
cents get ikiildn:
1 •
- \
• num! !RUM!"
Tifsibecni?er his:fai woe at kir imitno
twatery. • •
.Kingseawnt. nearykdadal a bitis
assortmeut of Fruit - Trees *imitable alms . fitir
abating, embracing every iarierj 'Of Apples. Pet*
Unetnel4 PInmI6APIIIeO,4I6OOI, N• Al&
monde. Mulberries, amuse s Grapes.
Gooseberries and•Curranwtcgetlibr. withas.
Nutmeat of Green Muse Bants,Ornaineadit. -
Flostering_Shni* Ere•ritreero,. Vines and Vreet
Iloney• Rom* Caniatins and - Bak
coons Perennial Flowering;Plants, and a largiimat*
meat of ElcalenrVegemMe Seeds, which gaminess •
seven an ansonowat as any ottierOuden ' tlie 13.
States. _ ROBERT CARL ,
pr B.BANNAIkwho Wheels amain Agent •
for the Proprietor will rectiiviand execute ersfor
all kinds afk'ruitTrees,Sinubbery,dscon . slairtoit
notice.' • t
Mr. orrs Fruit Nersery Comtism of 12a Tile.
trees_are arranged in Isystenatic order, and Welke
well varillbid. The whole abundantly atbe,had.
from the be d Seed to the tree. Ilene are ?around,
113 varieties of Sl:psare.rtof er,Tlof
apricots. 46 of p 39 olliinches, 6 of. -
3of almotsils, 6of • Aof malberriss4 of rasp
berries, 6 Ofetirrants: 5 of NI 'lntik ator Ifilfills4
strawberties, ands Of medlars • •i .
March 4 l4tt
. Fresh Garden Seei
BBANNAN to noirrecistring a f
aply Oflaarairqßeeda,whieh has be
ed with great care, swil l !Ala the will
to supply his namenuricturtixotin and I
accommodating terms. .now ready "
Purple Egg Plilat, Earlylin
Early Cauliflower,- ,Thrlkock
Cauliflower Broccoli, Tdinti,
Early. York Cabbage - 'Early.'
Marcb 5,
RESPECTFULLY inform hiu f. - ; and
the. public gezierally that he.hasno on hand
and offers for Sale • a bilge and'extensfive mod,
ment of , • • •
Dry Goo& , droceriee, Li iptorif Wiis
Fiettie, atina,,Giase,QATesiwqre, 4.c. •
Consisting °flaw followngonnong ltrtidlnit
Clod* atatinetaXasimeres, flan tintarts,
Linens, laces, lierns..eambries, gin .hatos.
Hosiery, Cantoi &monis, cheeks, 'de,
Tickitigs, drillings, prints,.eords, wit:Sink
Silks, antitok, altawls.'handhecch ,
Blankets, liseldrigs, isatidings ! • ado* •
Cottlings. pilot o . otha r linseys, wad
Cireassians, featuiga,„threads, co meritrao
Gloves, pins. fringtsc, seal*. skirts, ,
Umbrellas, eoniforts, carpet chain, bin ammo
. - Coonterpknes, brash, diapers, ita.. '
- i Rio; La . iruira„ s t. Domingo Co . !
St. pro's. New Orleans, Hastrin
LOif and lump .
New Orleans and. Sugar Homo I
Goa' Powder, YoungilYsoriSon
Poncho* and Bohes Teas.
cifocolatea and spices, &c.
ilitown Said yellow soap . ._
elhves,lMace, nutting!' and: - 1
Cayenre pepper , mustard
Bat and ke raisins .
.• ,
d ripe,
Food , mieltemelrind..,
.- .1 "pt 4fidlei
Sack sad bbl salt; . . ~
Pipes end smoking tobacco I
Spanish, hatifirptaisb and coma
1 'LiCtutms & WINES.
Cognise and common brandy r
Holland and common gin
pia l_rish whiskey and Jamai ..)
New England root and whisks
Lisbon, madeira, port and - mal '
Aisortment of Boob; and Shoes,
Crockery , china and, glass war
Glassby the box. . • j
Dupont Eagle gem powder,
Blasting OP, FE, PEP.
Whirl with his generalitorit lie
seltchatip as erer for intsb,„, or in ' ,
count preducie and famil y;, prow
.. .'
Jai is
Bazar OKI*
SUPP I LY of Emerson!" and
.-Strope,jues received aid ON
Jan 16 9 • B
nOcri DISTII.4. ti RS.--Wanted b'
ben, 150 . Rye TWhieliie r; 1
bigheit Market price will-tie • .
Pottsville, Feb 13 •
/ Penny C
VOL. 3, of, the Pen y 1 Cyclo
with a freeh supply the . PeO
just teeeiied and for gale - b B. 1,
Feb 27
- - . ~,,
SWAM'S VERNIFI7 P E.. . -'•-• -
I .
Al 3 tide is a licasoU of eer i er •;. • Diarrheas.
xi& are ousilint, as we iiiihe .' , er Com
plaint in children 'which, wills , '• -. • p thou
sande, it is of eh:greatest po ~ that public
should be *biota have access to •. 1 e general and
efficient reinedy, which by timely 1 , trindstratiani
is capable Of arresting thesie corn • • . ,apt pre
venting Ise serious Consequences hich firevita
. y result from neglect or suf r erin theta to , run
on unheeded —Man of the • •• :- *ldch arise
from the disordeted stale orate ,I; ,; ... at the•
p reem pt time are not . only arrested I. •_rovented
by the use of the Venashtge. - T., chwrft who
are sickly, with loss of appetite or . , ho may be' n,
rested with Wervasilt id given -.. , the .most de:
cider adismtage. 'The Vermi • -itworth of
the particabkr attention OfirarenUs,, - • d• •
of eMdrett. ,
~.. .. ' I . , •
For sal e
a t t ie s in e , Oa! 40 -- to for hulls
I 'did 2 fii 5 II bottles... " •. 1 $l. 41
Agency fbr reariodii
Tirsubscriber ii Agent; an
itscriptions Id the Sllowan
LIBRANY O published weekly.
price 15 per' sumo. A „new -Vi
• ..
ou the Ist cflativary. 1836. ! I .
• CAREY* r
ERATURP, 1 " 21)41b441114411 134b r il
price $5.
_, ~ ~,
_____. .., -. i'"''.
1718 I.4Cor.Yrtiutri4 061 Awl: 40 ,1
Price 411.: 1 . [
._ - •1 - -
Reprint or the; W.1019/11. z. DAMBOROic
1 TERLT i nEV.U3WA4lablise j ! , .qtrarterkto—i,
PriAi tbr the wholiser t r" •.t aftum. .r or,
three ertiro frifet• o f 1...0)0mi5i11...,...,
a ft
o r
RYA 71 110VELIkuo, irk- - - -ofp4l
bea 'by ii*. A. 9 1 taTi - -14:4 7 eat ' li'"•s.e l L - '
miiih ut Nos. and ekva;boil "' is ' ' ;,app,
1121.0itt calf., - t - 1i .- , ; ...."
• Atratitir • draw . .72 ,4004
itiOisi.?iisDL i ~ • , •;,: 1
,- *:.•,4,-- - -i• -• •,'• '-'
.-'1•. A.FI . -.' . .:4 P:".;11-.-:
f I 16 .
by the bbl
• ire fir
. teßumr
I. ititi ' AN.
the 'initeeri
-46;100 lb.
—la ' 'together
• Magessne,
• race ive4 licatioar. •
• CUL417150