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    The v Review.
Towanda, Pa., Monday, Dec. 26, 1881.
"StaHy Seviftr" Wii/i/ 25 cent a per
month. Try it!
The following songs were omitted
from the list prepared for use at the
Teachers' Institute and printed in the
Dear friends, we're glad to meet you,
Within these walls to-night:
With songs of joy we greet you
Our hearts are happy and- light.
We come, we come.
We come, kind friends to greet you :
Our hearts are free, and happy are we;
Yes, liapyy huppv are we to greet you.
To Zion's lull I lift mv eyes,
From thence expecting aid.
From Zion's hill, and Zion's God
Who heaven and earth has made.
Shelter'd beneath th' Almighty's wings.
Thou shall securely rest;
Where neither sun nor moon shall thee
By day or night molest.
At home, abroad, in peace, in war,
Thy God shall thee defend;
Conduct thee through life's pilgrimage.-
Safe to thy journey's end.
Speaker of the House.
The N. Y. Evening Post says: "The
Speaker of the House of Representatives
is the most powerful man in the Govern
ment next to the President himscll. and
gives the following reasons for the re
mark :
"While it is the President's constitu
tional duty to execute the laws, and he
is entrusted with certain limited powers
to that end, the Speaker exercises, or at
least can exercise, upon the making ot
the laws not only more influence than
the President but sometimes even more
than the majority of the House over
Which he presides. The principal legis
lative woi kof she House ot Representa
tive!B; is done in the committees. There
bills are discussed, amended and prepar
ed in detail. The House itself is more a
voting than a deliberating body. Debate
is limited and generally exercises scarce
ly any influence upon the votes ol mem
bers, except when so directed as to make
an impression upon public opinion cal
culated to frighten time-serving politi
cians in Congress. To change a legisla
tive measure in the House against the
wish of the committee having it in charge
is very diflieult unless the attempt be
aided by the Speaker. It is, in the tirst
place, the privilege of the Speaker to ap
point the committees which prepare leg
islation. Then it is the Speaker who
'recognizes' members who claim the
floor. It is within his power to give the
preference to this one or that one as lie
may prefer the proposition to be brought
forward by this one or that one. lie
construes in the first instance and en
forces the complicated rules of the House
which are a profound mystery to most
members, and lie may construe and en
force them or omit to enforce them in
favor of or against motions or amend
ments as he may favor or oppose them,
and the ruling of the Speaker is but rare
ly reversed bv a vote of the House. The
action or pretended action of the House
of Representatives is not seldom so rapid
and confused that scarcely anybody but
the presiding olllcer knows what is go
ing on, and he may sometimes put mo
tions to a vote, and declare tliem car
ried or defeated without attracting the
attention of anybody except those im
mediately interested. It is therefore as
sumed by many that when the Speaker is
in favor of a measure his support is al
most as good as a majority, and that
when the Speaker earnestly opposes a
bill its friends will have to be very keen
and active to save its chances. It is !
needless to point out how dangerously
such a power may be abused when en- j
trusted to an unscrupulous man."
No Preparation on earth equals ST. JACOBS On. as asarr
si:itic, SIMI'I.K and CHEAP External Remedy. A trial entn.i.
but the comparatively trifling outlay of 50CENTS, and o\ y ■
one Buffering with pain can iiave cheap and positive proof oi
its claims. i,niF.(TIONS IN JJ.EVEN LANGUAGES.
Baltimore, Did., B. S. yt..
New goods opening every day at C. I\ Welles'
Crockery and 09c store.
If you call at BLUM'S hoot and shoo store
you will find that you can get more and bet
ter goods for the monev than at at any shoe
house in Towanda.
Best and Cheapest Holiday Stock ever exhibited
in Towanda at C. P. Welles' Crockery and 99c
LAWRENCE HALLORAN, the old reliable and F-kil
ful SHOE MAKE It is again "on deck," and wishes
to inform his customers and the public that here
after, in "rain or Sliine," he will be found at his
post ready to do ail work in his line in the best
manntr and on short notice. Shop in rear of the
REVIEW oitfee.
THE NEW ERA WASHER !—Give if a trial.
It does Ihu washing clean, in one fourth the
2G2-4w. L. S. BLASDELL, Agent.
Elegant New Styles of picture Brackets and Jap
anese Brackets at the 99c stole.
Car loads of now goods now being received at the
Five Cent Store.
a number of dwelling houses for rent or for sale
on easy terms. Also, eligible and desirable build
ing Lots which will be sold on long credit to per
sons desiring to build.
Oct. 17. 1881. L. ELSBREE.
11. A.SCOTT, of the "Sugar Creek Mill," lias
left an order book with O. 1). Wickham at the Post
Otlice. All orders for Flour, Feed, Meal, Grain
etc., left there will receive prompt attention.
A good girl wanted in a small family. Inquire of
Smith Brothers.
The Baltimore MINCE ME A I' which lias a world
wide reputation, is for sale at RUNDELL'S Market.
Those who once use this brand are never satisfied
with any other.
We are constantly receiving orders for " hum
Smith's Imitation Stained glass," and are rcadv to
give our patrons the lull benefit of an inexpensive
and handsome decoration by placing it on any glass
whether door or window, large size or small glass,
gieen or white, round or square, in fact any posi-
NOTICE!—On or about the first of April 1882,
M. L. SCHNEEBERO, proprietor of the Great Bos
ton Clothing, Boot and Shoe House, just opened in
Means' Block, Main street, will Change [Quarters to
No 2, Button's Block, corner Main and Bridge sts.,
with a large and elegant stock of Spring and Sum
mer Clothing, which will he made up expressly for
the Towanda Branch. Thanking the people of this
community for their patronage in the past, and we
hope to see all our old customers, and many others,
at our new place of business, with a convenient lo
cation, and Less Rent, that we shall lie able to sel[
our goods at still better Bargains, and shall aim to
please every one, and to keep the Largest and Best
stock as can be found'anywhere. Respectfully,
tion, shape or kind of frame or glass that needs
shading from the rays of the sun, or from the ga*.e
of inquisitive eyes. Thankful for the very liberal
patronage bestowed since we have received the j
ngonc.y of this Imitation, we Hindi by a strict atten
tion to business, hoping to merit a continuance of
the same. To those who have hoard of the ''lmi
tation Glass," and have not seen it, we extend a
cordial invitation to examine into its real merits,
and ask the prices for which it can be obtained, we
are prepared to contract with churches, halls, or
or other public buildings, and warrant nil -of our
work to surpass in beauty the genuine stained glass
and our prices are less than one-fourth the cost of
the srme. Those in need of anything of litis kind
or who are'lovers of art, whether they wish to pur
chase or not, are respectfully invited to examine
the same at. (Juan. F. Cross' Book Store.
LOST OX MONDAY..— Lest between I>r. Prarts
ofllce and Bridge str et 4 a black Kid Glove, 3b ut
toned, No 0 12. Finder will confer a favor by
caving at this oflice.
Uphot.sterino —ln this line of business I make
a specialty and defy competition, as I make my
own work and can sell at prices thai others have to
pay wholesale, tail early and leave your ordt r. ns
I have !• number of ordors at present, hut will try
and accomodate all. My goods are the newest and
best for the money that have ever been put into
| this city. J- Ott arson,
Up one light of stairs. Bridge st., Towanda.
I FOR SALE OR RENT.—The Dwelling House
fronting on Locust Avenue in Towanda horo, late
! residence of J. M. Ward, together with the Tenant
1 House, Barn, Ice House, etc., and the grounds
j within the (liclosourt—covering several acres—in-
I eluding a fine garden, choice Fruit Trees. Two
! Large Cisterns una a Well affording an abundance
j of Water.
Aiso, A lot fronting on York Avenue, huge
I enough for several fine building lots.
Also, A lot fronting on Mam street, adioining the
j Penna. N. Ah railroad, containing several acres.
The above property will be sold together, or as
divided. For particulars apply to,
R. A. MERCUR, Esq.
i )\ I'DITOK'S NOTICE.—In the mat.-
| x~\, ter of the final account of Tamer A. Ghafi'ee,
Guardian of I'lnebe G. <'haffce. In the Or-
I plums' (iourt of Bradford < 'aunty.
The undersigned, an auditor appointed by the
j said Court, to dispose of exceptions died to the li
j mil account of said Guardian, will meet the parties
i at Lis otlice in Towanda Borough on Thursday,
I January 12, IS~2, at 10 o'clock A. M., when and
J where all persons interested in said account and
! exceptions will be ln-ard.
J. .Andrew Wji.t,
Dec. 14,1551. Auditor.
j A - E * BUKK ' S
s, u. v h r si v a*.
This remedy is something new, both as to name
and composition. This is one of the wonders of the
world. This Syrup, 1 claim, is better and more
effective than any other ever offered to th" ople of
America or any other country, and what 1 say of
this 1 can prove, This Syrup, like the Pills, is
I harmless and safe. It contains no opium or other
narcotic poison, like the most Syrup, and is not die
agreeable to take. Any child will take it. And it
| will cure any and all inllainmations arising from
Cold. It is superior to all others in every respect
and especially for the following reasons :
j;, Ist- It will cure Croup every time.
2d. It will cure Inflammation of the Lungs.
3d. It will cure Quinsy.
4th It will cure Whooping Cough.
sth It will cure Bronchitis.
6th It will cure Hoarseness.
7th It will cure Sore Throat.
Sth It will cure any Cold.
9th It will cure Congestion of 'he Lungs.
10th It will cure any Cough.
11th It will cure Scarlet Fever.
12th. It is the best rented** that anv one can take
for Cons- rnption, and if taken in the tirst stage I
will guarantee a cure.
13th. It is perfectly safe for all ages as there is
nothing itt its composition that can harm a child.
For sale by CLANK B. POKTEK.
jOp Hi hS: U l^J
No other llenctvcr y- : dire wered does its work
BO quickly and satisf.iet--.ri y • IF is. It will restoro
gray and faded Itii* t > its original beauty ;it will
immediately pr. vent t " f.i'.iin ? out of ttio hair;
it cures dandruff, Riff la ■; e ant: ms, and keeps tlio
scalp clean; it will clu • the huir to grow where
it has fallen c-il* an.l imparl j loss anl freshness;
it softens the hair when 1 r h dry and is en
tirely froo fr.nn all i* Rating matter; it has the
very beet reputat ion <• ml gives universal satisfac
Do not fail to try if. For 3alu by all druggists.
Price, 75 ct3. per bottle.
Prepared by < h<:?„ Davis f Canton, Pa.
Far salo by all Druggi:.ta and Doalors.
G, 3H. WO OH & CO..
are up to the times in making new styles
of Pictures. The latest is a small Card
Photograph, called MINETTS which are
very pretty and take well, Price only #1
per dozen.
Their Tintypes are also made 4 at a
time, made very quickly and sell d for 50
cents, card size.
Kerneinber the place, Patton's
i Block, corner Bridge and Main Streets.
or ins
| GJtk. X.t 3D £3 f,
IM Blip,®
Th© Only 2.5 Cent
' y fc l ' ie Church of the Disciples of
Christ, Detroit, Mich. —"My son
was dangerously ill and entirely prostrated from Chills
and Fever. Quinine and other medicines were tried
! without effect. Mr. Craig, who had used Thehmaline
| as a tonic, advised a trial of Thermalink, which was
; done, resulting in his complete recovery withir. a few
| days."
L' 2 ALL E2733ISTD, 02 BY MAIL, 23:. P22 ZIZ.
D'JNDAS DICK & CO., 112 White Street, V. Y.
et *tt rnajaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmammmcwsnrz _ r*
' As pleasant as ( 80. XACB )s
--i SELcHzzsaa I DwlalsTS.)
rjr ——— —ran jium in ii i jh " . injawjiram-i ncjc JS rs j
:filiate tlie Bowels easily Va|||JdW
j and pleasantly. Cures Cons
! tipafion, Piles,
lletidiieiie, Heartburn, &e. All
Druggists, or bv mail, 25c. per Lkriiiafl
box. 1 DENDAS DICK & CO., 112 White
Str. t, Is c w York.
<r " . ~~ -"• sr-.. i' -?uxTxxu'ur.u vkj srsr<c.t??.nrjrr.*ira
Diseases of tno Cnnary Organs. Certain
Cure in eight days. No other medicine
can do this. Tho best medicine is the
cheapest. Beware of dangerous imitations.
All Druggists, or by mail, 75c. and Si 1.50
per box. Write for Circular. DUNDAB
DICK & CO., 112 White Street, New Yc-iir.
ri.s hjuzv jsaax-J* www l . l m .r^sagaar.TSsa:tg3e==a---aszi- zr.: v. .. _j
instantly relieved by the u.?o
' ii' 1X l MEXT, and several
a pol i cat ions of it. jLJt! Sold by ail
Druggists, or mailed on receipt ot
by DUNDAS DICK & CO., MT g C&§S9
Chemists, 1 12 White Street, Now York.
€<h Iffj
iC HE P <
+*srr /U. A\ Jtk Ak JL m
Lntil further notice' the Coal
Dealers of Towanda will sell
Pittston Coal in yard at s4xo
| per ton.
Loyal Sock in yard at $3.50
per ton.
Ed. Williams
Plumber and Mas-Fitter,
Respectfully informs the people of Towanda that
he is prepared to do all work in his line on the
liortest notice, and guarantee satisfaction.
Tie keeps a LARGE ASSORTMENT of stock,
and will furnish pipe, nil plumbing materials and
gas fixtures at a smalladvanco from jobber's prices.
I refer to my numerous customers during tbc ten
years I have been in Towanda as to the character
of my work, and solicit tlie patronage of those hav
ing jobs in my line.
JfeS" Estimates furnished when desired
Shop a few/loors north of Mercur Block
May 6, 1831.