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    The E>ailv Review.
Towanda, Pa., Satuday, Dec. 17, 1881.
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The penuy-a-liners at Washington hav- j
ing .started a ruinor that the stalwart
leaders of Pennsylvania had held a caucus
iu Washington and determined to make
Gen Beaver a candidate for Governor next j
full, the Philadelphia Press remarks:
Gen. James A. Beaver is a gallant sol
dier, a sturdy Republican, and a stainless
citizen. For some time past his name
lias been prominently associated in the |
public mind with the next nomination for
Governor, and he possesses many strong
atributes as a popular standard bearer,
if he were to enter the canvas on his own
merits, he would certainly be a formida
ble candidate; and it might easily be that
with a fair and just spirit, he could readi
ly unite all elements of the party both in
the nomination and in the campaign.
The one thing that would be disastrous
to the movement iu his behalf would be
the popular belief that the bosses had un
dertaken to make him the candidate with
out regard to public sentiment, and had
"set up" his nomination by machine
methods. Such an impression would be
well-nigh fatal. And with this wide
spread hostility to autocratic rule, the
story published the other day t.iat the
machine managers had held a little cau
cus of their own and assumed to determ
ine that he should be Governor has stir
red a deep public feeling. The people are
in no mood for such usuapations of their
own prerogative. They accept leaders,
but not dictators; they want organiza
tion, but not servility. Especially when
it comes to the head of the Common
wealth, they want a Governor of the peo
ple and for tho peopld, and not a Gover
nor by the bosses and for the bosses.
Such a story was calculated to prejudice,
and injure General Beaver.
We are at a loss to see why Gen. Bea
ver's " strong atributes " should be dis
regarded simply because certain men fa
vor Ills nomination, and without whose I
aid his election would be uncertain to say
the least, li will be observed the I'ress
says Gen. Beaver's name' " has been
prominently associated in the public
mind" in connection with the Gubernato
rial nomination, for some time prior to
the reported stalwart caucus. It would
seem to us that if Mr Cameron and his co
leaders have declared for Beaver under
such circumstances, that the fact is a
gratifying evidence that they submit to
the public will in the matter and have no
policy of their own in opposition to pop
ular sentiment. We have no particular
love for Mr. Cameron, but it is simple
justice to him that he be allowed to ex
press his preferences for candidates, es
pecially when it is known that lie will be
called upon to take an active part in the
election of the ticket whoever may be the
standard bearer.
The suggestion of the names of Beaver
and Grow should meet the approbation of
the best element of the republican party,
no matter who puts them forward.
President Arthur's children will remain
in New York for the present.
General Simon Cameron is going to
spend the winter in the city of Mexico,
and will leave home iu a few weeks.
The young Duke of Portland, one of
the wealthiest of English noblemen, is
said to have an income of about .$1)50,OOU
a year; and his predecessor, the eccentric
Duke, left liini $7,250,000 in cash.
Secretary Blaine has ordered a beauti
ful silver cup for his little namesake.
Blaine VouSteuben, and has, by cable,
sent his thanks to Baron Steuben for
the new honor conferred upon him.
The late Senator Burnside's household
goods were sold in Washington on Mon
day. The prices obtained were small.
Senator Anthony bought, through an
agent, much of the silver, china and
glassware bearing his dead friend's
| jjj
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Feet and Ears, and all other
Pains and Aches.
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Itultimore, ilfd,, U. S. A.. I
The Vc ew 1 'or/f Tribune I
"The Leading American Newspaper."
During the year 1882 THE TRIBUNE hopes to em
ploy with increasing success the work nnd the
methods which have won for it so large a measure
of popular approval. Jt has attained, and means
never to lose the high standard of success which
was aimed at by its founder the largest circulation
among the best people. So large a circulation and
one . o widely distributed over the entire territory
of the Nation has never been attained by any other
newspaper in the United States. We accept this
fact as the verdict of the American people upon the
conduct and character of the TRIBUNE. The po
sition it occupies could never have been gained nor
retained but by pre-eminent merits as a newspaper
as an organ of sound opinion and an advocate of
just public measures.
In short the TRIBUNE will as heretofore continue
to be the medium of the best thought and the voice
of the best conscience of the time ; will keep abreast
of the highest progress,favor the freest discussion,
hear all sides, appeal always to the most enlighten
ed intelligence and the purest morality, and refuse
peremptorily to cater to the tastes of the vile or the
prcjud.ccs of the ignorant.
The well-known special features of the TRIBUNE
will be carefully maintained, its Agricultural De
partment will remain as it is, tho fullest and best.
The Household and Young Folks' Departments,the
literary, scientific and religious features, the stand
ard market reports will all be kept up and extend
ed as opportunity may seuve.
never been equaled by any other paper in the per
manent and substantial value of its premiums and
the extraordinary liberality of the terms upon which
it lias offered them to the mtblic. We take pleas
ure in calling attention of all intelligent readers to
the following offers.
The Library of Universal Knowledge,
embracing Chambers' Encyclopaedia complete,
omitting only some ot the cuts, w th extensive ad
dltions by an able corps of American editors, trei t
ing about 15,000 additional topics, thoroughly Amer
icanizing the entire work, adding to it over 25 pol
ecat of the latest, freshest and most valuable mat
ter, the whole making 15 handsoin >octavo volumes
of 5 by 9 1-2 inches in size averaging (nearly 900
pages to the vo'ume, printed in large type on good
strong calender paper and neatly and substantially
hound in cloth.
Charles Dickens' Complete Works.
An entirely new edition of the complete works of
Charles Dickens printed from new electrotype
plates, large clear type, on fine calendered paper in
15 volumes, 5 1-2 by 7 1-2 inches in size, containing
over 800 pages each, beautifully hound in cloth, gilt.
T is is one of ihe handsomest edition of Dickens'
w >r'-s ever issued. The price of the set of 15 vcl
umes is $22.50. We can send either Dickens'
works or the Library of Universal Knowledge as
above described, on the following terms:
For $15.-J WORKS, as above described, and TIIE
| WEEKLY TRIBUNE 5 years to one
L subscriber.
For SBO. ■( WORKS, as above described, and THE
I. to one subscriber.
For sl9 •-J WORKS as ahov* described, and ten
(.one year,
For SBB. ■[ WORKS as above described and twen-
II ty copies of THE WEEKLY TKI
(. BUNKone year.
The pont*g on flic L rary of PnrrCrsal Knowl
edge if sent by raai' will he 21 cents per volume;
on Diekens' Works 15 cents per volume, which the
subscriber will remit if wishing them thus sent. In
pH ksges by express they an be hud much cheap
The Great Bible Concordance.
Analytical Concordance to the the Bible on an en
tirely new plan, containing every word in alphabet
ical order arranged under its Hebrew or Greek
original with the literal meaning of eaeh and its
pronounciation; exhibiting 311,#U) references, 118,-
000 beyond Cruder!; aaarking 30,000 various raad
ings iti the New Testament > Avith the hit'fst infor
mation on Biblical Geography and /vntwjuiteH ete.
By Robert Young, Ll*i>., author of a new Literal
Translation of the Hebrew and G reek Scripttt ras ;
Concise critical comments on the same; a Gram
matical Analysis of the Minor Prophets in Hebrew;
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This great work is comprised in tw handsome
quarto volume, containing 1,100 three-column pages
neatly and substantially hound in cloth,
x It is at once a Concordance, a Greek. Hebrew and
English Lexicon of Bible words and a (Scriptural
Gazetteer and will be as valuable to students of
the Holy Word as an Unabridged Dictionary is to
the general reader In fact every home that has a
Bible in it ought also to have this great help to Bl- j
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'I he postage on the Concordance is 40 cents, f
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furnish the new revised and enlarged edition of ei- '
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A Beautiful Gift.
There ought to be in every home and every office j
mi the land good portraits of James A. Gartield and j
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theni, every subscriber to the Tribune who with |
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fnom the Tribune an elegant life like poitrait oi
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fae-similes of the best crayon likeness .. overtaken
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Terms of The Tribune.
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TTlBUNKsent free and postage paid to any address.
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D. H. XL
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T. J. POTTER, Gen. Manager, Ch.cugo-
Lntil further notice the Coal
Dealers of Towanda will sell
Pittston Coal in yard at $4.00
per ton.
Loyal Sock in yard at $3.50
per ton.
Ed. Williams
Plumber and Gas-Tiller,
Respectfully informs the people of Towanda that
he is prepared to do all work In his line 011 the
hortest notice, and guarantee satisfaction.
lie keeps a LARGE ASSORTMENT of stock,
and will lurnish pipe, all plumbing materials and
gas fixtures at a smalladvance from jobber's prices.
I refer to my numerous customers during the ten
years I have been in Towanda as to the character
of my work, and solicit the patronage of those hav
ing jobs in my line.
Estimates furnished when desired
Shop a few doors north of Mercur Block
May 6, 1881.