Towanda daily review. (Towanda, Pa.) 1879-1921, December 13, 1881, Image 1

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VOLUME 111, NO. 106.
Judge DARKNESS of Springfield is in town.
Miss LILI.IK MOWRE is visiting friends in
Muucli Chunk.
Miss IDA MORGAN is visiting friends in
Mrs. MCQUISTON, of Pittsburg, is visiting
lier friends here.
Secure your ticket for Miss KKI.OOGG'S
readings, Thursday evening.
Mrs. PAIUC LMITII, who has been quite il
for several wdeks past, oas so far recovered
as to he able to ride out on Sunday.
L-iwver M'P HKHSON'B Christmas present
has alreadv arrived. It is a fine girl baby,
the first one.
President Fox of the Citizens National
Hank has purchased the valuable family
horse lately owned by C. S. FITCH.
MKANS MAG ILL is receiving the congratu
lations of his friends 011 the advent of the
first babv in his household. The welcome
little visitor put in an appearance Sunday
The Reverend Mr. Exos has officially noti
fied the Vestry of Christ Church of his ac
ceptance of their call to the Rectorship of the
oarish and t fiat he will enter upon the dis
charge of his duties January first. The rec
tory is being repaired and put in order for
his occupancy. Among the improvements 011
the building will be a new slate roof. Mrs.
Exos is expected to arrive here this week or
the fore part of next.
Miss NRLI.IE GOIUIAM, daughter of post,
master GOIUIAM, of Leßavsville, was visiting
at Lawyer GRIDI.KV'3 last week. On Satur
day Miss GOIUIAM inspected the "inner work
ings "of the Towanda post office. From la
ter developments we infer that the inspection
must have been entirely satisfactory. AVc
believe that it has been decided that, mail be
tween this place and Leßavsville goes most
Joux BKXXIS, bar-tender at the Ward
House has returned from Philadelphia,wh< re
he had been undergoing medical treatment in
the hospital of the University of Pennsylva
nia. lie experienced substantial and lie
hopes permanent benefit.
Copt. S. W. NORTHROP who has been en
gaged in the mercantile business at. Ever
green for some time pa>t has disposed of his
stock and agahi taken up his residence in this
Don't miss hearing Miss GKHTUUDK KEL
LOGG, Thursday evefyring.
It is rumored that two weddings are to be
celebrated before many weeks, Jfrom two
houses 011 State street.
The scholars of Cn rist Church Sunday
School will meet at the Church at 4:30. this
afternoon to practice Christmas hymns.
The sale of reserved seats for Miss KKI.-
I.OGG'S select readings, Thursday evening,
began Monday morning. Go and have your
seat reserved at once.
CouitT.—The session of Court yesterd'y
morning was occupied in hearing motions &c.
The following divorce cases wire consider
ed :
Mary Rhcbhie vs. Henry L. Rhehinc. Re
ferred to L. Elsbree, Commissioner.
Margaret Wells, vs. Melvin Wells. Sheriff
directed lo make proclamation.
E. T. Fox vs. David Benjamin and M. Kir
win terre tenant. On motion of W. Doyle
Court grant rule to show cause why judg
ment should not be stricken off, returnable to
argument Court.
At the opening of the session in the after
noon, Mr. M'Pherson moved for arrest of
judgment in the case of Com. vs. Abrains?
convicted last week of fornication and bastar
Eight prisoners convicted last week, were
brought in by the sheriff and received sen*
fences. The Judge in sentenceing them ad
inistered some wholesome advice.
John Doyle, for stealing a pair of mittens,
was sentenced to pay a fine of fd, costs and
imprisonment in the county jail ten days.
Adam Fogartv, a 13 years old lad, convict
ed of larceny, was committed to the House
of Refuge.
h alter and Alonzo Pool were sent to the
Eastern I'eniteneiary for a term of two years
and 11 months, and Sum Pool one year and 11
months for stealing '-Dr." Oorr's "medicine
B. 1. and John B. Ball, convicted of aggra
vated assault, were given two years and 11
months, solitary confinement in the Peniten
tiary, t in addition to a tine of SIOO and costs
of prosecution. Sentence on another indict
ment was suspended, with an intimation bv
the that unless their conduct is more
circumspect after their release he will have
them brought before him for sentence .
Frank Warner and Henry Wheeler, who
j p'ead guilty to assaulting and robbing young
Brinnun near Hemlock Run last August, were
; sentenced to pav a fine of $250 each, the costs
j of prosecution and undergo imprisonment in
the Eastern Penitentiary for the term ofS
, years and 11 months.
There will be no meeting of the Musical
I Society tiiis week. The next regular meet
ing will he at the rooms of Mrs. L. M. Of.
I BORNE, Thursday morning Dec. 22.
j At a caucus of delegates from the several
fire companies last night, A. I). COOLBAUGH
was nominated for Chief Engineer, DAN. W.
I WILLCOCK, first assistant and F. L. GRIN-
I NELL, second.
i The election takes place next Monday even,
ing between the hours of <; and 8.
I Hon T. Frelingliuyseu was
, nominated and confirmed Secretary of
j State yesterday.
Postmaster General James sent his
resignation to the President yesterday.
WANTED,— 2 rooms suitable for house keeping
at Z r on!:r ,Ce OUt 0f tOVVn I,referred - Inquire
w n, iV ™ ck l' Fletchers best, by the yard at C.
I. \\ eils C rockery store.
Christinas Cards, elegant line, at C. P. Welles*
Crockery Store. 1
Large DoH Houses and Brooklyn Bridges at C. P.
\\ elles Crockery and !)9c Store.
New goods opening every day at C. P. Welles*
| L rockery and y*Jc store.
j Best and Cheapest Holiday Stock ever exhibited
I in 1 owanda at C. I*. Welles' Crockery and 99c
I store.
Elegant New Styles of picture Brackets and Jan
j r.ncse Brackets at the 990 store.
New Majolica at C. P. Welles' Crockery and 99c
| store.
Headquarters for DOLLS! Dolls Heads, Bodies,
and Anns, at C. I*. \\ elles' Crockery and 99c store, j
\ ases and Toilet eta. Largest Line. Cheapest j
Goods at the 99c Store. !
Kve.ything warantcd as represented at C. 1* !
YY elles' Crockery and 99c store.
< hi Id reus Books, Small and Large. Lowest Prl- '
ccs. at C. I'. Welles'Crockery and 99c store. 1
Gold Band Tea Sets, 56 pieces, for $5 at C. P '
Welles Crockery store.
All the new Banks and Toys at C. P. Welles' 99c !
store. j
Great variety of Motto and Fancy Cups, Saucers. 1
and Mugs at C. I*. Welles' Crockery and 99c store.
Compare Prices and Quality, then you will buv
your Christmas Goods at C. P. Wells' Crockery
and 99c store. J
New Courtland Cutter For Sale. Enquire of
I hree or four weeks ago tt long niiirtingal
belonging to a set of common harness, was
lost, propablv in the vicinity of MERCUR'S
coal yard, if the finder will call at this office
we will direct him or her to the owner.
WANTED—By Germania Band, situations for a
dry goods clerk, four years experience, a house and
sign painter, and light work for a young man. All
of them gentlemen of good character and will fur
nish recommendations. Communications addressed
to Germania Band, will receive prompt attention.
ILA.BCOTT, of the "Sugar Creek Mill," has
left an order book with (). D. Wickharn at the Post
Office. All orders for Flour, Feed, Meal, Grain
etc., left there will receive prompt attention.
Daniel Mcßridc oilers his house on Washington
street, 3 doors from the Henry House, for rent. A
small family desired.
"Wanted—A good violinist, with evenings not en
gaged. Address, F. L G., Box 50, Towanda, Pa.
Has greatly increased his
goods for Holiday Presents.
He ha* a full assortmen of Ladies i
Watches, Swiss and American, CiOLI) .
Gold Spectacles.
Sterling Silver Ware.
Rogers Celebrated Sil
Clocks of all dis
The finest
Low Prices. Everything gu
done by
pjtTTOjy '.v
ot Appletoii'a Cyclopedia. Edition of 1879. Full
sheep binding. In good order. I'rlce, $75. Agents
price for same, $96. Address or see
<J. A. GURNSEY, Canton, Pa.
Urn .ii.sterino —In this line of business I make
a specialty and defy competition, as I make my
own work and can sell at prices that others have to
pay wholesale. Call early and leave your order, as
I have a number of ordors at present, but will try
and accomodate all. My goods are the newest and
best fthe money or tha have ever been put into
this city. ,T. Ottarson,
Up one flight of stairs. Bridge st., Towanda.
Blank Deeds,
Blank Leases,
Blank Notes, i
For Sale at the REVIEW OHlce.
FOR SALE CHEAP.—Good Farm, eoutaning
One Hundred Acres, situate near Potterville; good
j portion of it under cultivation. Inquire of ARTII
j UR BURCHILL, at the Marble Works. <
Keep your family well supplied with "Sellers
I Cough Syrup." Use it in time; you will avert bron
i cliial and pulmonary affections. 25 cents.
" A lady had the flesh eaten oft' her arm by scrof-
I nla. Could see the sinews working. 4 Lindley's 1
B-ood Searcher' cured her."—J. Kolston, Elderton, J
George Carter having opened a Barber Shop one
door South of the Methodist Church, solicits a share
of the public patronage. George is a Good Barbel >
Give him a call.
The "Senate" Saloon is not only supplied with
the best oysters in the market, but on the lunch
counter may always be found everything the ap
petite craves. Under Chamberlln's jewelry store. J
Select Dancing Clan*.
By special request Mr. F. Lamkueaux, of Bing
hamton, will give instructions in the above art every
Friday afternoon and evening, at Mercur Hall.
Hours of tuition—Ladies, masters and mTsses at 4
p. in. (parents and guardians admitted free), gents
at 7:30 to 9p. in., assemblies from 9t012 m, All
the modern dances will be taught. Round dances
a specialty.
' Gertrude Kellogg.
ThxirscLcty Eveixirxg, t
DECEMBER 15, 1881. &
Sale of Tickets begins at Kirby's Drug
Store, Monday, Dec. 12, at 8 o'clock n 4
the morning. t
stock, and is daily receiving" new
and Gentlemen's SILVER
& SILVER Jewelcry in tbe latest style.
vcr Plated Plat & Hollow Ware.
line of Foley's Celebrated
BANK Pens, and Pencils.
The BEST in use.
new. Call and be convinced.
himself on short notice !
Main and Bridge Street.
Ilccve Come to Stcuj!
to the front
culcl prepcureh to ho
better worh thati ev
Shop one door north of Scott's
Bakery, opposite Post Office.
F* St edge,
Josh Billings!
Wednesday Evening
DECEMBER 21st, 1881.
Tiekets now on sale at Kirby's Drug
Store, Wliitconab's book store and at
Fitch's confectionery store.
ADMISSION 50 cents.
No extra charge for Reserved Seats.