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VOLUME 111, NO. 96.
IRA MORLH.Y has taken a clerkship at J. D.
FELCII fc Co.'s.
X. J. GAYLORD of VVyalusing, was a call
er at this otlice yesterday.
JESSE WILSON was shaking hands with old
friends in town yesterday.
F. 11. COOLBAUGII was calling on the
young ladies of Canton yesterday.
Mrs. T. C. FKALEY, of this place, is the
guest of D. C, DELANEY, Waverlv.
C. 15. PORTER and wife have returned
from their visit to Philadelphia and New
W. L. LANTZ, of Xew Albany, was in
town yesterday, and made the REVIEW oflicc
a call.
Prof, DAXNKLI.E is in town to take charge
of his dancing classes this afternoon and
A. I). COOLBAUGII attended the perfor
mance of "Ilazle Kirk" at Elmira, Tuesday
Principal ALBERT has provided a pencil
sharpener for the use of the drawing classes
in his school. The machine is fastened to a
bench, like a vise, and can turn out 50 well
sharpened pencils in live minutes.
J. C. INGHAM of Camptown, Pa., will
take charge of the Say re school the coming
winter. Mr. INGIIA.M is a young man of
marked ability, accurate scholarship and a
successful teacher.— Wacerlij Review.
BEN. T. IIAI.E has passed the preliminary
examination and will next week be admitted
and sworn as a member of the bar. We are
not surprised to learn that the examination
proved highly creditable to Mr. IIALE and
entirely satisfactory to the bar committee.
Our young friend CHARLES SCOTT, the
machinist, is a genius. He yesterday
exhibited to us an elegant pair of finely
polished hair crimpers of his own make,
lie did not admit the fact but we surmise
that a certain fortunate young lady is the
owner of them now.
E. (J. OWEN, Esq., one of the foremost
citizens of Wysox, having won the heart and
hand of Miss SUSIE LENT, one of the fair
est daughters of the same town, will, to-day
leal his bride to the altar at her father's res
idence. The couple will take No. 1) for the
south on a bridal tour.
X. S. FRAZER, of W.vill using, was coming
to this place Tbesday evening and stopped
at F. E. BUSH'S at Standing Stone. In get
ting out of his wagon he caught his pants
leg on the whitHetree hook, throwing him to
the ground, and rendering him insensible for
a time, and injuring his arm quite seriously.
If we did not know NATE to be a simon-pure
temperance man we might suspect lie had
been " tarrying too long at the wine," but
his brain was as clear as a bell, and the acci
dent chargeable to a misstep.
Yesterday the weather was mild as May.
STKDGE has opened a new barber shop in
the room under the Argus office.
Persons who are going to Xew Xork
sliould go to Waveily and take the new road.
If you want to purchase real estate cheap,
attend the sale advertised for this afternoon
by Hon. 11. L. SCOTT.
The members of Christ Church begin to
fear that Rev. Mr. ENOS will decline the call
extended to him by the vestry to become
rector of the parish.
Church of the Messiah. Rev. Wm. TAYLOR
pastor, at 10 1-2 a. m. Subject—"Our Man
na." At 7p. m. "The relation to each other
Death, Resurrection and Salvation."
The papers are yery generally discussing
how to purify politics. The most effective
method would be to use more water nnd less
whisky, and more hard and less soft soap.
The social event of next week will be the
"package" party at E. O. MACFA BLANK'S, for
the benefit of the mite society of Christ
Church. Everybody is invited to go and
have a good time.
The Germania Band advertise for situations
for three young genilcmeu, all good musi
cians, who will become members of the hand
if they can secure employment here. We
hope some openings may bo found for them,
as every citizen of Towanda should feci an
active interest in encouraging and maintain
ing our excellent Germania band.
Actina: Postmaster General H.ITTOX, in
consequence of the prevalence of small pox,
and other contagious diseases in the west*
has ordered that mails from infected towns
and villages be quarantined and fumigated,
local postmasters to decide when such action
is necessary and notify theVauthorities at
Washington, by whom the delivery of mails
will be directed as circumstances shall re
The News Condensed.
it is estimated that there are I ,> > 0
bicyclists in England.
Capt Payne and his baud of colonists
have entered Oklahoma from the south
Guiteau occupied the stand yesterday
and furnished amusement for the court
and large crowd of spectators.
lion. John W. Book waiter, late cadldate
for Governor of Ohio, recently rode a
bicycle from Springfield to Dayton.
Wienmuller, the student who was mys
teriously shot at a hotel in New York,
while drunk, died yesterday morning.
Washington is crowded with cranks.—
Four were arrested yesterday. One was
determined to testify in behalf of the as
Mr. J. It. Kccne has entered his recently
purchased colt Bolero for the Epsom
Derby of 1883. Bolero is considered a
very promising yearling and cost Mr.
Keene SB,OOO.
Land reform in Scotland implies reason
on both sides. The representatives of the
tenants have stated their grievances and
outlined their plan of reform. Influential
land-owners are prepared to meet them
at least half-way. The Duke of Rich
mond, for example, applies to his large
estates two new principles: compensa
tion for tenants' improvements and two
years' tenure.
At the Erie railroad election Tuesday,
Jewett directors were chosen. A divi
dend of six per cent has been declared on
preferred stock. Six per cent has also
been ordered paid on income bonds. The
gross earnings for the year were 20,718,-
000 and the surplus for the year $1,887,-
000. This with 1,193,000 received from
other sources has been applied mainly to
improvements of the road and property
ane to the acquisition of equipment and
real-estate. The increase of gross earn
ings over the previous year is $2,012,000,
and but for the railroad war the increase
would have been $1,125,000 more.
If you want a First Class 811 AVE or HAIRCUT,
call at the Barber Shop under the Meat Market, one
door South of the Ward House, where you will al
ways find experienced Artists ready to attend to
customers. G. L. LYNCIICOME, Prop.
WANTED—By Germania Band, situations for a
dry goods clerk, four years experience, a house and
sign painter, and light work for a young man. All
of them gentlemen of good character and will fur
nish recommendations. Communications addressed
to Germania Band, will receive prompt attention.
C. S. FITCII has already begun to display
his Christmas goods and his stock of candies,
fruits, nuts etc., is the finest ever opened in
this market.
Prof. DANNELLE will proceed witli his
classes in the Means Hall. Lessous every
Thursday at 11-2 and 7 1-2 o'clock, for begin
ners, and from 8 1-2 till 11, an assembly for
all. Those not pupils, 50c per couple to the
assemblies. lam prepared to give the same
unprecedented satisfaction in my teaching
that 1 diil last year. Towanda abounds in
evidences of my superior skill as a teacher.
The Musical Society will meet on Thurs
day at the residence of Dr PRATT, instead of
I)'A OVERTON, Esq., as announced. Scale
A flat.
England had five children sick with Chills at one
time. Her pastor recommended Thermaline. She
bought a family box and cured the whole lot. Cli
dren won't take quinine; its bitter taste turns their
stomachs. Thermaline is put up in sugar-coated eap
eulets, like small flat beans. Only costs 25 cents a
box. It lias never been known to fail, and is now
prescribed by physicians instead of quinine.
Miss EMMA WAKING respectfully informs the
ladies that she has taken rooms at Mr. Wm. Keys
er r s house, on Pine street near Graded school
where she will lie pleased to see all in need of her
services. Cutting, fitting and dress making done
on resonahle terms, and all work warranto to suit
Two heating stoves for sale cheap. X. P. HICKS
A good girl wanted for general house work. In
j quire of G. S. ESTELLE, at the Prothonotary's
Good servant girl wanted by Mrs. Jus. Lewis,
North William st.
Select Daneiiiff ('las*.
By special request Mr. F. LAMEREAUX, of Bing
hamton, will give instructions in the above art every
Friday afternoon and evening, at Mercur Hall.
Hours of tuition —Ladies, masters and misses at 4
p. in. (parents and guardians admitted free), gents
at 7:80 to 9p. in., assemblies from 9 to 12 in, All
the modern dances will he taught. Round dances
a specialty.
Largest assortment of Vases and mottoed Cups
Cups and Saucers, in town at the. 5 CENT Store.
Immense shipments of TOYS for the Holiday
trade, are being received daily at the 5 CENT
.V good girl wanted a place to do general house
work Enuquir at tills office.
Wanted, a place to do general house work, by an
experienced girl. Apply at E. G. Kromer's.
The "Senate" Saloon is not only supplied with
the best oysters in the market, but on the lunch
counter may always be found everything the ap.
petite craves. Under Chamherlin's jewelry store.
4 O.IL
Until further notice the Coal
Dealers in Towanda will sell
Pittston Coal in yard at $4.00
per ton.
Loyal Sock in yard at $3. 50
per ton.
Josh Billings!
Wednesday Evening
DECEMBER 21st, 1881.
Tickets now on sale at Kirby's Drug
Store, Whitcomb's book store* and at
Fitch's confectionery store.
ADMISSION 50 cents.
Sggp* No extra charge for Reserved Seats.
a. ##. ivoon y fY>.,
are up to the times in making new styles
of Pictures. The latest is a small Card
Photograph, called MINETTS which are
very pretty and take well, Price only $1
per dozen.
Their Tintypes are also made 4 at a
time, made very quickly and sell 4 for 50
cents, card size.
Remember the place, Patton's
Block, corner Bridge and Main Streets.
The undersigned will offer for
sale the balance of the Real Es
tate of G. F. Mason, which he
holds as Trustee, on
Thursday, Dec. ist, 'Bi, at 2 p.m.,
On the premises described.
Lot No. 5, containing 5 acres ;
lot No. 6, containing 5 acres ; lot
No, 7, containing 5 acres, lot No.
11, containg 4 acres and 26
perches. Those lots all front on
Main street, and are on the west
side. Also the following build
ing lots on the east side of Main
street; Lots No. 47, 48, 49 and
117, all front on Main street and
are 40 feet front, and from 160
to 170 feet deep. Lot No. 56
faces Ontre street; has 50 feet
front and from 90 to 100 feet
deep. Lot No. 79 faces Centre
street and has 50 feet front and
150 feet depth. No. 145 is ga
part of a lot facing both Creek
and Centre streets. Lots No.
148 and one 150 face Centre st.
and are 50 feet front and 150 ft.
deep. Lots No. 141 and 142 face
Creek staeet, These two lots
are in a triangular shape and
erch are 50 feet wide. Lot No.
85 is a corner lot facing Centre
street and has a house thereon.
Any of the above property can
be purchased at private sale by
applying to the Trustee or to
Hon. Joseph Powell, Wm. M.
Mallory, Esq., or Col. J. F.
Means, members of the Advisory
third at time of sale ; one-third in
six months ; and the remainder
in one year, with intrest from
day of sale. H. L. SCOTT,
Nov. 9th, 1881. Trustee.