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    The Daily Review.
Towanda, Pa., Monday, Dec'r 15, 1879.
'* Mtaity Review*" only 35 centu per
wIA. fry it.
Mails arrive depart and at the Towanda
Post office follows.
Phila. N. Y. and Eastern States. .4.00 A. M-
Dushore Laporte &c 9.30 44
L. V. way mail from the North. .10.00 44
Sheshequin &c 11.00 44
New Era &c Tues. Thur and Sat. " 44
Asylum &c Mon. Wed. and Fri. 44 44
Troy Burlington &C 1.00 p. M.
Leßaysville ltome fcc 44 44
Closed mail from Erie &NCR It s 2.30 44
L, Y. way mail from the 50uth...4.80 44
Canton <&e 5.00 44
Barclay 0.30 44
Cl's'd mail fr'm Elmira & Erie R 1110.40 44
Canton Monroeton &c 9.00 A.M.
L. V. way mail South 9.15 4 *
Cl's'd m,l Elmira Erie &N C R RIO.OO 44
Troy Burlington &c 10.00 44
Sneshequln &c 12.00' M.
Barclay 1.00 P. M.
New lira Tues Thur and Sal ....•• 44
Asylum Mon Wed and Fri 44
Leßaysville Rome &c "
Dushore &c 2.45 44
j. V. way mail North 3.45 44
rf Y Phil and Eustarn States... .7.45 44
Office open from 7.00 A. M. t07.45 p. M.
Money Order office open from 8.00 A. M. to !
7.00 P. M.
Office open Sunday's from 9.00 to 10.00 \. M. j
A Troy barber has a genuine oppossum j
which he picked up in a corn field near Balti-1
What papers are intended by the Mercury
when it refers to the princijtle papers of To
Troy, Pa., is to have Pinafore, the Califor- j
nia minstrels, a concert by the Troy cornet
band and the cantata of Christmas, all within
a few days.
The members of the congregat ion of Christ !
Church an; requested to meet to-morrow j
(Tuesday), at 10 A.M., and aftlrnoons and
evenings thereafter to assist in decorating the j
church for Christmas.
The Grange Mutual Fire Insurance Co. of
Trry, Pa., will hold its annual meeting for
the election of officers and directors on the
second Thursday of January next, at 10 A.M.,
at Troy Grange Hall. All policy holders arc
entitled to vote.
The following item from the last Waverly j
Advocate will afford CHARLIE SMITH some j
"Charles Mclvy, who ran a foot-race aI- j
most alone, recently in Towanda, won $7,000
at Fleetwood Park, New York, on Thursday j
of lust week, heating Hermon, of Canada, 1
three yards, ii a race of 150 yards. Jas. A. ;
Bell, of this place, is in qui'te a snug little j
The Commissioners have finally decided to
buy the MCKEAN place, near Burlington, for
a poor-house farm. We tear the amount to be '
paid is $8,200. We think the location a good
one and the farm well adapted to the purpose ;
for which it is to be used. Now the Conunis- 1
sinners should erect suitable buildings, not '
more than two stories high, with such con
veniences as those entitled to the benefits of,
such an institution require.
The farm purchased contains 207 acres, is i
nearly all tillable and well watered.
and family paper the "old reliable" Tribune, j
has never lieen surpassed, if equalled, and it ;
is a better paper now than ever. Its treat-,
meiit of all public questions is also able, dig
nified and candid. It never panders to pas
sion or prejudice, but presents its arguments
with clearness and force, and appeals to the
good sense and honesty of its readers to sup
port the right and oppose the wrong. This
is one of the elements of its great influence j
among the people—an iuilucncc now admitted
by the leading men of all parties. We invite
attention to its prospectus in another place,
and to its amazingly cheap offer of Chambers's
Cyclopaedia as a premium.
' i
who is engaged in buying hides and pelts for
G. A. DAYTON, met with a mysterious acci
dent in Sullivan county on Friday last. On
the evening of that day his team were discov
ered a few miles this side of Forksville quiet
ly walking along the street. On being taken to j
the hotel they were recognized by the propri- j
etor, and search at once made for the driver
and wagon. Mr. ANGLE was found at the i
house of Mr. LITTLE, in a partially uneons-1
cious state, unable to give any explanation in I
regard to the accident which had befallen
him. A telegram was sent Mr. DAYTON on
Saturday morning, who with JOHN J. SPALD
ING, a brother-in-law of the injured man, at
once started for Forksville, to minister to ;
him, and if possible learn the particulars of
the affair. They found Mr. A. badly bruised
about the head and face, hut when they left j
him yesterday afternoon, he had not recover- j
ed his senses|sufficient to explain satisfactorily i
the cause of the accident. The team which
he was driving were both high spirited ani
mals, and both have occasionally run away,
but on this sccasion gave no evidence of hav
ing been excited, and the wagon and harness
were only slightly injured. These facts at first
lead to a suspicion of foul plav, hut as his
money was unmolested, there seems to be no
ground for such a theorv. The probabilities j
are that he was either attacked with a fit of !
some kind and fell from his wagon, or that,
the team became unmanageable and he |
was thrown to the ground with such force as
to render him insensible. Dr. WOODHURN
visited him on Saturday, and D. C. DAYTON
is now at Forksville taking care of him. It
is hoped he will soon be restored, when the
mystery which now surrounds the affair will
lie cleared away.
At a special meeting of Mantua 11. and L.
Co., No. 4. held Saturday evening, the follow
ind'.'pendent. nominations were made for De
partment officers for 1880:
Chief Engineer —CLAßK B. PORTER, of
No. 3.
lx< Asst. Eng. —A. S. Down, of No. 1.
2d. Asat. Eng. —l. J.CAVA.NAUGII, of No. 4 ■
These nominations were made in opposition
to the regular ticket formed at the convention
held last week; although voted for by two!
of their delegates, being obnoxious to the
company, us it is helioved t he to the better
portion of the Department gen rally.
It is believed a full vole will he polled, and
the indepen I lit ticket (I'eld. having as it J
has, at its head one of the best firemen in
Towanda. CLARK B. PORTER. It is earnest
ly requested that all members desirous of a
reform in the Department come to the polls
and help elect him.
No. 4.
< >ur esteemed Tutonie friend PETER LAND
MKSSER, of Rummcrtield, was a welcome
caller at the REVIEW office on Saturday.
E. N. FKISBIE, of Elmira. was registered
at tiie, Ward House Saturday evening.
E. A. PACKER, of New York, is in town.
He is interested in an important suit to he
tried in court this week.
In our inscription of the Catholic Crturch
we inadvertently omitted any mention of the
Superintendent of the work, GARRET FITS
GIBBON, of Binghaiiiton N. Y. wiio lias prov
en himself not only a skillful artizan but a
master builder, well worthy to be entrusted
with the most, difficult work in iiis line.
TER AND PAUL. —The new Roman Catholic
Church of Saints Peter and Paul, corner of
Third and Lombard streets, was < edicalcd
yesterday by the Bishop of the Diocese. Rt,
Rev. 1 iio.s. () IIARA, assisted by Bishops
M'QIJAID, of Rochester, and SH ANAII AN, of
liarrishurg, and some ten or twelve Priests.
The dedicatory service was quite elaborate,
but being rendered in Latin we were unable
to comprehend the whole of. The sprinkling
of Holy Water, and the burning of Ineense
were symbolical of tin* sacred purposes to
which the building was set, apart, and of
prayer and praise which will be continually
offered at the altar. At the conclusion of
the ceremonies, which were full of meaning
to the devout Catholic, Father KELLY gave
notic of the evening service, and the fast days
of the week. Bishoj SHANAHAN delivered
the dedication sermon. The discourse was
founded on the text — 44 Go ye, therefore and
teach all nations; baptizing them in the name
of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy
Ghost; teaching them to observe all things
whatsoever I have commanded you; and be
hold, I am with you all days, even to the con
summation of the world.". The sermon was
j a most able, eloquent and convincing defense
of the Christian religion, as the only system
universal in its scope, and adapted to the ro-
I quii'cmcnts of all people. A mere synopsis
of the masterly effort would convey but a faint
idea of its beautiful harmony and consum
ate logic, and wc forbear any attempt at a re
! port of it, but should be pleased to print the
sermon entire.
11l the evening, after Vespers, Bishop Mc
QUAID delivered ajecture which we bear well
spoken of.
At both sevicers the large ehureh was
crowded to its utmost capacity, all the protec
tant churches being well represented.
The ushers were JOIIN PHELAN, TIIOS. 1
MISKV and FRANK J. BLUM. They were all
tastily attired and wore white kids, with a
rosette of white silk 011 the lapel of the coat.
waited upon the Priests.
The music was very artistically rendered
by the Cathedral Choi of Scranton.
lowing decision of the Superintendent, of
Public Instruction i> of great importance to
tax-payers as well as directors, as violation
of the law upon the subject will deprive di -
tricts of the State appropriation, and subject
Directors to severe penalties:
Harrisburg, Pa., Dec. 1, 1ST!), j
There is but one time in the year when di
rectors can adopt a new series of text books
for the schools under their charge, or change
old ones, and that is between the time of
electing teachers and the opening of the
schools. Section 23, Act of M: y I. 1854, says:
"Tin/ immediately after the annual election
of teachers in each school district of the state,
and before the opening of the schools for the
ensuing term, there shall be a meeting of the
directors or controllers and teachers of each
district; at which meeting the directors or
controllers shall decide upon a series of school
books, in the di lie rent branches to be taught
during the ensuing school year; which books,
and no other, shall he used in the schools of
the district during said period.''
Such is the law, with this exception, that
hooks cannot now be changed more frequent
ly than once in three years.
Superintendent Public Instruction.
Dealers are paying t e following prices to
day :
liny, per ton, s>ll 00
Wheat, per bushel, 1 25
Buckwheat, 50
Rye. " 70
Oats, " ' ;JH
Corn, " 56
Potatoes, " JO
Apples, " 40 to 50
Eggs, per do/. 21
Butter, ' 23 to 28
Lard. 7 to 8
Pork, 5
Chickens, 7 to S
I'nder this head we will insert FitKE, notices of
situations or help wanted.
A young man of good moral habits wishes
a situation in a Dry Goods or Grocery store,
three years' experience. Good references
Apply to the edttors of this paper.
Cigars of about every known brand at
Don't put off your Christmas purchases
until the last moment. FITCH has a full line
of candies and confections, and now is the
time to make your selections.
Mrs. FLETCHER is selling millinery goods
at cost.
Prices way down in Gents fine and coarse
boots and shoes. All goods warranted as
represented, at BLUM'S.
On account of a change in my business,
I will sell Millinery Goods at cost.
No. -1 Bridge street.
The continued mild weather has induced
ROSENFIELD. the Clothing merchant, to re
j duee the price of Overcoats and other winter
Clothing. Call and secure bargains. There
will be plenty of cold weather yet.
POCKET-ROOK LOST. The undersigned
lost on Wednesday afternoon, in Towanda,
between Dr. Pratt's office and Bridge street,
a lady's Red Morocco Pocket-book, contain
ing 26 dollars in $1 and $2 hills. The finder
will be liberally rewarded by delivering it
with the money at the Ward House.
Towanda, Dec. 8,1879.
JEtT The annual meeting of the stockhold
ers of the Towanda Bridge Co., for eleccion
of a President, Treasurer and Six Managers
i to serve the ensuing year, will be held at the
First National Bank of Towanda, on Wednes
day January 7, 1880, between the hours one
and three o'clock, p. m.
I Dec. 2. 1879. N. N. BETTS, Secretary.
For a good. durable and neat fitting shoe,
i go to BLUM'S.
I'ATCII BROTHERS pay :><) cents, in cash.
for pheasants, and the highest price for but
you want a stylish hat. draper than
you ever bought one. call at ROSEN FIELD'S
clothing store.
|Jf*('lioiee Hani* and Smoked Beef, at
MYER A I >l-:\ <>F'S market. P.ridge Street.
OVERCOATS SO cheap that yon can afford to
buy two or three, at ROSEN FIELD'S clothing
UTiTAt MYER A DF.VOK'S market is the
place to get tender steaks and nice roasts.
t3T , Myer A Devoe are receiving fresh
Oysters daily, at their market. Bridge St.
dTßnv your fresh fish at RUXDELL'S.
A* DKVOE kef]► T lie largest and
best assortment of Fruits and Vegetables in
i town.
to E. 1). Rl - N'DKt.t/s for the best
Steaks and Roasts.
friyGenuine Bacon of the b>>t quality—al
ways on sale at E. 1). RUXDF.LI.'S market.
J-dTA room for rent in Button's Block, over
Jacob's store. Apply to J. <l. Button,
dpTf Jacobs is selling Overcoats all the way
from $2 up to any price you are willing to
-• ♦.
The PARAGON School Desk is the best in
the market. Warranted not to get out of
order or break. Call at FROST'S SONS Fur
niture Store and examine the same. tf
If you want the best vegetables, the largest
oysters, the best cuts of meat, and the finest
sausage to be found in Towanda, call on Mr.
MULLOCK, at the old Market, just south of
' the Ward House,
fr-tf Geo Lynehcorne has opened a new
Barber Shop over Powell's store where lie is
always ready to wait upon all those who may
favor him with their patronage. Shampooing
hair cutting Ladies' and Children's hair at
their residence no extra charge.
This NOTICE is intended to inform allpor
| sons indebted to the late firm of MCINTYKK
& RUSSELL that they must make immediate
payment or costs will he made. The books
and aeeoun s are in the hands of
JAMES WOOD, Attorney-at-law,
Towanda, Pa.
Plated ware
in MA DILL'S Crockery Store, stands ad
journed until
TucsffHifj MMeecmber 16.
P. J. DEAN, Sheriff.
• | QOAL.
Invites the patronage of his old Mends and the pub
lie generally- I shall keep a full assortment
of all sizes,
Yard and office, foot of Pine street, just south ot
Court House.
Aug. 30 Ni TIDD.