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    The News Of The Hour—Decoration Day Helps
rail 1001. Any I'hunr. Fou»drd 1871
Saturday Hours, 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. <
V /
Folks who contemplate a holiday trip to the seashore will
here find timely suggestions to aid in completing the ward
robe, as well as reliable luggage.
Outdoor enthusiasts—tennis, bathing and similar sports—
will also find the needed apparel and requisites.
We'll aid you from 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. to-morrow.
(On Monday this store will be closed all the day.)
Black and White
Silk Suitings
Yard-wide Serge Weave Suitings,
with span l , pin and double stripes of
white on black. 350 yards in the
lot. Yard 89c
Yard-wide black Taffeta Suitings,
with pin and space stripes of white
on black. Yard, SI.OO.
26-inch black and white check Taffeta
Silk Suitings. Yard, 85c.
Yard-wide black and white Check Suit
ings. overplaid of blue. Yard. SI.
Main FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
For Milady's Holiday
Correct attire, given in the hurry-up sense in which many
women will complete their wardrobe for the coining trip, or simple
outing. v
Palm Beach Suits
Clever models in Norfolk styles,
and semi-Xorfolk styles with belted
backs. Smart pockets and effective
button trimmings give them the de
sired snap.
Circular skirts are the most want
ed in these suits. You'll find them I
Made of genuine "Palm Reach,"
also Beach Cloth (a near likeness).
Priced at $5.98 upward to sls.
Exquisite Wash Dresses
Choice models—dainty and pretty,
• and a delight to wear.
Shown in popular voiles, rice
cloths, marquisettes and cotton
New blouse effects, with smart col
lars and crocheted ornaments.
Prices range upward to $12.50,
while at $2.50 are stunning models
that you'll delight in wearing.
Newest Waists
Sheer Georgette Crepes, with flat
and standing collars; tucks and Baby
Irish lace. They come in white and
' pink, at $3.98.
Crepe de Chine Waists. $3.98
, pleated front; round, flat collars;
| long sleeves: in flesh and white.
Also in military effect front, with
bengaline collar, in mais, putty, white
and flesh, at $3.98.
Crepe De Chine Waists, $2.50
elbow length sleeves; some have
v pockets, otherwise trimmed plainly;
round, flat collars.
Saturday Specials
From the Basement
Ezy - Slip •on - Mops, 08c triangular
shape; one 75c polish mop; one 73c dry
mop and one 25c can oil, all for 98c.
Single Oven, 80c—regularly $1.25; —
for use on j>as stove or gas hot plate.
Windsor Kettle, tl.">c —regularly $1.30;
—wear-ever aluminum, with aluminum
cover: 4-qt. capacity.
American Thermos Bottle, 08c—-value
$1.50; —corrugated nickel container; pint
Cemetery Vases. 5c and 10c —made of
tin, and painted fjreen; two sizes.
Basement—BOW MAN'S.
Jap Silk Dresses
Beautiful! The castle collars; the
belt effect; the vestee and cuffs of
white batiste; the pleated frills down
front of blouse.
Come in black only, at $5.98.
Summer Skirts
\ ariety to see a pleasure to
choose. White ratine; white and tan
Beach Cloth; golfine, gabardine, cot
ton crepe, new Bedford cord crepe.
Priced at SI.OO to $5.98.
High Grade Wool
Suits Arc Going
Rapidly at sls
Our own stock of stylish models
and superior grades, that earlier in
the season sold upwards through the
Many women are looking forward
to early fall when these present day
savings will be a pleasant memory.
Silk Sweaters
Special at $4.50
Made of fibre silk; a grade that
sells regularly at $3.00.
V-neck styles; smart pocket and
cuff effects; cardinal, green and Co
Second FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Decoration Day
Traveling Bags—
Describing the various goat skin, walrus
grain, cowhide, pig skin, fibre, matting and
Keratol bags would be a lengthy task. this suffice; they are 14 to 20 inches
in length; and a black and tan leather hag
with sewn leather corners and brass set-in
lock; 16, 17 or 18-inch is special at $5.00.
Suit Caees—
In a like variety; 24 and 26-inch sizes;
at 88c to $12.50.
Fibre cases: leather corners; sewn
handle; linen lined; extra deep; special
at $2.50.
Here you may look forward to vacation,
also. Among the large assemblage:
34-inch canvas covered trunk; covered
tray; fibre bouud; center band; brass locks
and trimmings; two leather straps; special
at $5.00.
Steamer trunks; canvas or fibre covered,
$2.08 to $15.00.
Third FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
To Glove the
Hands Properly
Fownes' and Kayser's 2-clasp Silk
Gloves, in all shades; plain and con-
Irasting embroidery, at 500 to
Fownes' and Kayser's 12 and 16-
button length Silk Gloves, in all
shades, al 750 to $2.00.
Kayser's Chamoisette Gloves, at
500 to $1.25.
Two-clasp Kid Gloves, in all shades
and sizes; plain and contrasting em
broidery, at $1.25 to $2.25.
Main FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Outing Shoes
Misses' and Children's tan Barefoot
Sandals—the ideal play shoe. Pair,
490, 590 and 690. '
Women's Rubber Sole and Heel
black and brown calf lace shoes;
$3.00 grades. Pair SI.OO
Third FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
For Baby's
Outdoor Comfort
Wood body sulk ies, $1.98, $2.50
and $3.50.
Keed Sulkies, $2.9S to $6.98.
Collapsible steel sulkies, $3.98;
with hood, $4.95.
Third FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
$9.95 Human Hair
Switches, $5.00
30 inches in length, mounted on
three short stems; made of soft, tine
natural hair, wavy.
*1*5.00 grey hair switches, 24 inches
long. Special for Saturday. $3.50.
$3.00 transformations, that will en
circle the entire head, $1.50.
Second FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Short-Time Notices
For the Boy
Blue Serge Suits, $2.95 to $7.50
—in all the new models. Sizes 6to
18 years.
Linen and Crash Suits, $3.50 and
$3.75 —blue, grey and natural color
—sizes 7 to 14 years.
Oliver Twist Wash Suits, 500 to
$1.50 —mercerized poplins, white
finished linen and rep, stripes and
fancy checks in galatea. blue, white
and brown trimmed; sizes 2 to 8
Cloth and Straw Hats, 30c and Si.OO
for boys 6 to 1 6 years.
Caps, 25c to SI.OO.
Third FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Your Summer Hat In
Time For the Holiday
\\ ill more than distinguish your attire—it will cause you
to feel ''dressed" among the promenaders whether along the
river or the ocean.
Supposing, for instance, that the very, very newest is de
sired. Then you'll want to see the novel maline hats with
brims that drop below the eye
level similar to illustration.
It may be a chic little sport hat in
Bangkok, silk, felt or novelty straws,
Fine white hemp sailors,
Large leghorns, $1.98. j
Black moire hemp sailors, $1.49. ■—^""l/
Full drooping ostrich pom pons,
with whip, 75£ and 98<*. \ C
And so the story of summer milli- y^llvX
nery newness goes on. (gjL \ \n] {
Second FIoor—BOWMAN'S. V V ' \
Thoughts And
Things For Out
door Sport
Suggested for Decoration Day
and Thereafter
Tennis rackets, 50c to SJJ.OO.
Teunis nets. SI.OO to $2.00.
Tennis balls, 25c and 35c.
Tennis shoes (men's, women's and chil
dren's), black and white, 50c pr.
Fishing rods, 77c to SI.OB.
Fishing reels, 59c.
Fishing accessories.
Baseballs, huts, gloves and mitts; va
riety of kinds; prices range upward to
Croquet sets, $1.25 to $4.08.
For the Children
Boiler skates, 50c to .$1.50.
Velocipedes, $: ,&8 to $13.00.
Roys and girk*' bicycles, with coaster
brake, $10.50 up.
Sand buckets, shoveis and other sand
toys; box kites and many other things to
make the day a happy one.
Third FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Outdoor Comforts
ours to enjoy on Decoration Day
as well as later on, from an assort
ment worth consideration.
Couch hammocks, $4.98 to
Steamer chairs, with canvas seats
and foot rests, SI.OO.
Porch Swings, complete with chains,
$1.98 to $7.50.
Lawn benches, 750 to $2.48.
Camp stools, 190 to 500.
A beautiful line of dainty neck
wear in Oriental lace and organdie.
Also the new Quaker collars. Priced
at 250 and 500.
Main FIour—BOWMAN'S.
Wide taft'eta, satin and moire rib
bons, 5 and t> inches wide; in the new
light shades. Yard, 250.
Maiu FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Suitable Footwear for
Decoration Day
Women's grey and fawn cloth
top lace and button shoes, for summer
dress occasions. Formerly $3.50 and
$4.00. Pair,.. *... SI.9S
Women's high and low shoes, in
black, white and brown. $2.50 to
£3.50 values. Pair, SI.OO
Boys' gun metal lace and button
shoes, that will wear like iron, sizes
10 to lQi/j, at $1.25; sizes 1 to 51/,,
at $1.50".
Girls' patent leather and gnn
metal strap slippers—very dressy.
Sizes ti to 8, at $1.00; sizes 8% to
11, at $1.25; sizes 11'/. to 2~ at
Third FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
■s&f z ¥ rfl < *sia
"The Call of the Waters"
Should be responded to with a new
bathing suit.
Women's suits in dark shades;
piped or bound with striking colors;
mercerized, $1.98; mohair, $1.98
to $5.98.
Children's suits, $1.50.
Bathing caps, 250 to SI.OO.
Second Floor—BOW MAN'S.
32x3& Straight Qfk fk O
Side Tires, Special v •VO
V\ oil known standard make and reliable; earning a full
guarantee of: 1,500 miles. Soiled; first quality only. Regularly
sells for $13.95.
Specials for Decoration Day
Ford Engine Piimp $7.50 | 39c Spark Plug 33c
JJ.9S I 00l Boxes 92.10 25e Cementless Patches mo
SK9B Tool Boxes s|.s» Klaxonet Hand Horns *I.OO
$7.50 Socket Wrench Set $5.«» Patches, Outside Boots, Air Gauges
$1.25 Bethlehem Spark Plug J»c an<l other wanted supplies.
SI.OO Red Head Spark Plug I»c Third FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Tires Loaned Free for the Decoration Day Trip
Tme Blue, the Champ
ion on Decoration Day
Years hack the appropriate suit for Memorial Day was blue
always blue.
1 lien came the light trouser era.
At this day the same smart dress holds its appeal to the wide
awake man; either blue and blue, or blue and light.
A man's foresight, however, looks ahead until August, when
the same blue suit is expected to give satisfactory serviee, as now.
The suits we're suggesting for Decoration Day provide for
1 hat, also; alpaca and silk lined; English or conservative models* at
$9.90, $12.50, $13.50, sls and $lB
Blue Flannel Suits with no lining
in either coat or vest will satisfy com
fort seekers. Patch pockets, straight
cut trousers, $15.00.
White Flannel Trousers, or the
much preferred stripes, are here in a
sr>.(!o quality, for $3.98.
Straw Hats—and you may pick
any of the various shapes with as
surance of being in style—9s£,
$1.45, $1.95. Also showing styl
ish Panamas and leghorns.
Last Minute
Every Man
Dress Shirts, 50^ —percales; coat
style with attached cuffs.
Silk Front Shirts,—coat
style, with French cuffs.
Sport Shirts, for men, in blue, at
50<*; white, at SI.OO. For boys, in
blue, at 50white, at and
Union Suits, 39^—white and ecru,
long and short sleeves; ankle length.
Munsing Union Suits, SI.OO and
Spartan Union Suits, SI.OO and
B. V. D. Union Suits, SI.OO.
To-morrow— The Last of the Re
building Sale Day
advertised for this sale, may still
be bought to-morrow
questionably low p
Parasols: Ot Timely
You'll most certainly enthuse over
the collection of novel shapes and
The whole story can be told in just
a few words about this assortment,
in which you'll find the very latest
ideas. The variety extends a pleas
ure in choosing.
Prices are 39< to $4.50.
Main FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Soft Cotton Flags, with sewn
stripes; jointed pole, with cord and
holder complete; size 3x5 ft., at 75^;
4x6 ft., at $1.25.
Larger and smaller sizes at propor
tionate prices.
Pennsylvania State Flags blue
ground, with state crest, in standard
colors, 11 VzxMVi inches, at 10^.
Fourth FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Outing or Sport Trousers—white
duck, linen, crash and khaki:
$1.50, $1.98.
Auto Caps—linen, silk, serge, cra
vanette and worsteds, 50d, SI.OO
and $1.50.
Men's High and Low Shoes—Good
year welts; tan calf; gun metal and
viei kid; new arrivals and dressy
styles $3.00
Third FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Neckwear, 25£ and 50£—4-in
hands and club string ties.
Garters, and 50^ —Brighton
and Paris makes.
Leather Belts, 25f* to sl.oo—
and boys' black, white, tan
and Palm Beach.
Boys' Dress Shirts, 50<* and $1 —
percales aud madras; coat style, with
French cuffs, and separate soft col
Boys' Blouse Waists, 25< and
50^—plain colors and neat stripes;
military collar.
Main FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Speaking of Children's
Children's Rompers, 25<* to 98^
—crepe, gingham, chambray and
madras : low necks, or collars; white
and colors. Sizes 2to 6 years.
Children's White Dresses, $1.25
to $9.98 —fine lawn, organdie and
pique j with double, plain and pleat
ed skirts; trimmed with lace, inser
tion and ribbon. Sizes (i to 14 years.
Second FIoor—BOWMAN'B.
New White Kid
Hand Bags
Novel shape; yet striking; made of
white kid; inside purse and mirror,
Main Floor —BOWMAN'S.