The star-independent. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1904-1917, May 28, 1915, Image 16

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    Special $2.00 Nemo £ CV <Vk*Amr\ . FLAGS
Arimni- rat Vnlno «4L C*-/ VV) tC/, IVJI%W\VV\ \ (£IVWVWV\ V,. XII < Don't let your windows he conspicuous by
Wl Cdl vUI jCI ▼ ulUv JBr" 7 1» llio ahsen<*<* of National Colors on tills clay
Fancy and ,u p-t°-thc-niimite model, «'' ''' ''< 1 "' 1 '" hrave
hack: and mad/of a fine, strong white " =", flags, ™t'mounted- 45P
batiste like you generally get in $3.00 «=— — »*g fe*t ....... joc >i.|Q
WCrC selling this week ell Onlv s_.oo. —.—— v —~~ galvanized brackets .......... 85c to $1.75
Dives, Pomeroy ft Stewart. Second Floor."'. ' Divf , s> Po meroy & Stewart—St*^l"'Front
Memorial Day Attractions Hold First Place in Tomorrow's List of Values
A Sale of 2,500 Cotton Waists To-morrow, SI.OO j Values That Are Uncommonly Attractive in
Sizes Range from 36 to 50: j Women's, Misses' and Children's Dresses &-> Coats
\4nr>Tr ITI T Wl V to ( nnOQP FrntTl Memorial Day preparations will not he complete if an outing skirt or dress is forgotten.
lViany oryieb 111 VV cavca IU i lUIII Thc DiveS( p omeroy & Stewart outergarment section lias gathered for to-morrow many of the most inter-
Spring's most important sale of waists occurs at the very moment when every woman is most anxious to provide csting values that have been presented thus far this year, including—
her season's wants. For women who contemplate spending the Memorial holiday out of town the opportunity is 1 stripe Voile Drosses, With shirred White voile dresses with skirt of deep Natural linen motor coats, convertible
t ,, , . , , skirt and lace trimmed collar 34.95 tucks and cream insertion; hand embroi- ! collar and patch pockets $4.05
lull Ol Special advantages. _ . . White voile dresses, with corded waist dered waist with insertion trimming Palm Beach motor coats, larjre con-
Materials include voile batiste, Persian lawn, plain or embroidered organdie; plain, stripe or check voile; line and bodice trimmed in neat colored $t8.50 vertibie collar, patch pockets and belted
sniseito madras or linene and thc trimmines are of lace or embroidery insertion, embroidery panels, all-over cm- embroidery and buttons: not yoke and striped voile dresses in all shades; or- $5.50. #fl.Bo and $7.50
mauras t»r iiuciic, <iiiu mc uimmiu h : aiv j j j > wide flounce SK..><) gandie collars and cuffs with white tucked Palm Beach suits in natural and prey
broidcrv fronts and Valenciennes, or filet lace insertion. white voile dresses with tucked skirt vests S«.s(> and $9.50 $8.50 to $12.50
. . .... ... .„ . n „„„„j io urn tale aitnver mcandle em- Organdie waists trimmed with em- an( i embroidered waist, trimmed with White, pink, green. lavender and nat- CHILDREN'S COATS REDUCED
Organdie waists with oi gandie enil roi- nrirnnriie cnllar- trim- . .. filet insertion and crochet iiuttons. $9.50 | ural linen dresses 87.50 and $9.50 ; $5.50 to $7.50 children's Spring coats,
dery vestee and collar; front trimmed d ®^' ro ?i®"3 *l-re edw broidery insertion and bunch tucks; turn- white embroidered voile dresses with WASH SKIRTS. MOTOR COATS AM) in plain navy, Belgium and shepherd
with pin tucks; three-quarter sleeves, med with imitation \enise lace g. over collar and button piece. Pair, SI.OO embroider.ed voile bolero $9.50 SUITS j chocks; si/.es sto 14. Reduced to $4.50
trimmed with turn back cures, air, s>•' "ai .. ••••••• IV'lJ'j 'J.lYWemhrolrierv Colored waists in fancy stripes and fig- White voile dresses with six narrow 1 White wash skirts of cotton corduroy $4.05 and $5.50 children's coats, sizes
Check voile waists with turnover collar, n J."111" d col- ures Palr . ? . . SI.OO ruffles and fancy waist, finished with with button trimming SI.OO 2to«. in checks and plain colors. Re
trimmed with organdfeTuZ palr Jlilfl iars. Pair ...'sl.oo Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart—Second Floor. shirred net and white satin girdle, $11.50 Golf corduroy skirts. In white, at dueed to $3.50
- j | " f)"}
t, /npxov, \\ < v _ _ M —r *;>
' i'; 1 and Summer Sports tiveValues for Memorial Day 111
■: hite will be the color in sumilici footwear .1 j Trefousse kid glo\es, in 2 -clasp i Washable chamoisette gloves, in i , u
A ; white ma? be called a color. This style of pump, shoe, oxford ' styles; made of finest quality length; white, natural /S^lL
•A " ~L = : ~ „ .• i, r.«r>nlar v.jr niul « itli «n flgJr 6 kid, in black with white embroidery and pongee. Pair ... 75c and SI.OO /(SM U \i I
, ; -,iir*V-4!> or ollt,n S s '] oe g rOTN s moie popular each year, and with so ai> j and wWto SPW | ng< Pa |,. $2,25 1 Rayser and Fownes 12-button silk
Hk '■*"x r much outfitting; of this character to be done to-morrow for I / Sans Parell (Trefousse) kid gloves with double finger ends; in Sssjjssu—
_B ~ . , p. ~,, ..nnciiallv rnm- ' gloves, in real kid 2-clasp style; ibiuck and white. Pair, 75c and $1.25 '
P, _. . . Memorial Day, we are pleased to announce all unusually com | _ _ black, white embroidery and white Kayser and Fownes «i.oo silk nr- r-> y\ \/r- »
I i \ |\l If. nrehensive exposition of white footwear for the whole family. l
I W * w 11 , I IW I *-» I Two-clasp kid gloves, in black, double linger ends; tan, grey, navy 6«\/VVI— L—
WOMEN'S WHITE OXFORDS 4 \-n nr«i>« * • , ! white - ,a " antl rPV ' Pair ! and Pongee. Spe :'.al .75c Brown Or TUSSet 24-inch
Ideal picnic sets, consisting of White canvas lace oxfords, made. WHITK SHOH.S A.\l» 1i "' Automobile tires and tubes $1.50 and $1.751 Kayser and Fownes $1.50 silk rnn-liirlo lentlier <lrec= cult
R paper cups R plates, 8 spoons and in narrow toe last with stitched White canvas button shoes, made Two-clasp washable chamoisette gloves, In 18-button le:igth, with tuwuiuc it.uiiLi uicss suit.
0 Is_ a , • in,. tins, light weight Goodyear welted on wide toe lasts with Goodyear • 1. • 1 f.,n v ! gloves, in white with black embroi- jdouble finger ends; tan, grey, navy cases, With strap all around and
8 napkins. Priced at .. l«c 1 wlth high leather Cuban heels welted and stitched soles— 111 all sl/.Ch 311(1 IUIIJ gtiarail dory or white with self embroidery, and pongee. Special SI.OO , lonther rnrners- rin.r
25c sanitary picnic plates 10c $3.50 Slues sto 8 SI.OO and $1.25 . Pair 50c Kayser and Fownes 18-button solc leainei coiners, ring
Gem icc cream freezers, in 2, 3, White Nubuck English oxfords Sizes 8% toll .... SI.OO to $1.50 teed, are ottered 111 the Lhvcs, Kayser and Fownes two-clasp silk gloves with double finger ends; handle. Specially priced.
, ~„H fi nt with rubber or leather soles, Good- Sizes 11 V2to 2 ... SI.OO to $2.00 silk gloves with double finger ends; ,white and black with embroidered CI -r»
'.V«s „„ . c „ ~ vear welted and low English or White canvas Mary Jane pumps, PoniCl'OV & Stewart AlltO Slip- in black, white and colors. Pair arms. Pair $1.75 to $3.00
$1.45,, $2.00 ana spring heels $3.50 wide toe lasts with stitched soles - 50c to $1.50 Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart —St. FI. Kxtra depth leather cases,
4-passcngcr lawn swings, oak White .canvas Colonial pumps, and low flat heels— nlics Section at vcrv attractive 24-inches lone s.~>.o<>
r2SK.ISS2;BS%i?aU: K.fiVii.l:2° .... ' ; $5.00 leather bags, wi.i,
Forty lemonade stratrs. packed In
sanitarv carton 5c White canvas pumps with ribbon White Nubuck button shoes, l'iske, Firestone and Pllll- j SIZCS. Special S|s3.{)B
•» ""'7 tires ca . . . 5t . w». ™™,„ now nm< Special Si™, trunk., made of
curtains 98<' to SH.oO nn d Cuban heels $2.00 Sizes 6to 8 $2.00 mail tires carried 111 StOCK. on the novv English last with white canvas hlucher oxfords 3-ply wood With fibre inside
I/arg-e juicy oranges dozen... 29c White canvas pumps with white Sizes B%to 11 $2.50 stitched tips, Goodyear welted ...... .. , , , , anf l nntsidc ■ tn 40-inrli
Dives, Pomeroy A Stewart- rubber solos and spring heels. $1.50 Sizes 11 %to 2 $3.00 Dives, Pomeroy & fetewart. whlte ivory ; Bole with rubber ho o| s with white rubber soles and heels aid outside ' ~ to J"
Basement. Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart—Street Floor. Hear. Basement. $l (,n Sl ' so MZCS ' at " • to
Sport Hats in Demand r H~E"| FjP Set Your Alarm Clock !T J f anc .y S P. ams !: Pineapples
, w -
TOT Memorial L L „ Jp. otl 1 No phone orders will be accepted and no de-
Our assemblage of sport and outing hats embraces v-)l dll I—JKW Yj X\.lo BP cries made 011 pineapple purchases.
a variety of the most popular styles for Summer's _ H m , rn ' e I a srocenes to
various outdoor occasions. This class of milli- f~\fl 01 simar for " P«>»»< s a cr.
nery is destined to have a very popular season. lVlomOri9.l LJ3.\ L'
Fancy straw sailors, pood range of colors 49c i» i • ' ' , •
Sport hats of soft fiannei-iike fabric r>oc y—■ j* m—m m » i • 1 i I* Mtf THE II L Keel ripe tomatoes, 3 cans 2i"!^
Crash and white duck sport hats 69c p f1 LJ IS/H L [VI J hat IS, if VOU lllllSt CatCll H tl'Uin Ol" KCep Jill Cai'ly Cll" I f\ —~ \J | JL— Shoe De" - or fine cut corn 3 r ills
All white and all blue duck sport hats 09c 1 Wr\ 1 IU l\ - Awnings All Ready to Hang n 'lerl Lreen noTs d lhs o- r
Sports Shirts made of solt gagement 011 this holiday. Equipped with fixtures-an drtia'™™,lie- V ibi':! I;!; l." aS
in corduro'y sport hStl with hih iroWn. i,nd'.id ihiS mercerized fabrics, and adjust- Tomorrow at the jewelry section you will have the WV.'.r.'.'.:'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'«E
si.l 2:? able hi°h or low shawl collar;' . . man who likes to be called Santa c.lara prunes, s lbs 25c
Fine qualities of trimmed and untrimmed pananias, • n nr ctrinn drsioim
I privilege of buying a regular 75c guaranteed nickel alarm ] azy about the house Baker's Premium chocolate, ib 35c
in a lar K o variety of latest and most popular shapes. in all White or Stripe designs. F 6 J & » Wirv j - , bugar-cured little shoulders lb 15c
fnvrvetii; «vn wacu , llV nc The arp short ideal ' n ffreen or tan stripes, and Sweet bacon. .1-lb. strips, lb 25c
i.i i . WASH HANDS < CIOCK tor * these siypc the rlrnn heino- Country-cured dried beef. V* lb I(»c
The popular trimming tor panama and other outins for tennis, golhng or canoeing; . it- *1 ' 1 8 Finest boiled ham, sliced lb 3»c
ha M ;mtro y id°ercd y waHh band, .19c sizes are 13/, to 17. Specially • Interesting Jewelry Specials feet 6 inches. Norw^^kVppored^^r'riiiB tl |arge l ovaf , caiVs C 3 n cans" *sc
Elastic silk bands in fancy colored stripes :19c priced at !).><• 6 J ' 7 , ~,, ... 2 ft. 6 ills. 3 ft. 6 ins. £onwbottles fan
Silk ribbon bands In fancy colored stripes. 25c and 39c ... ~ $1.25 Rose Beads, all colors. | 2oc silver and gold Mat 1 Ills, 3 ft. 4 ft. with peppers, celery and olives, bottle .'...28 c
1 nf the Snrincf New arrivals in sport shirts pair I Of- All exceptional value- Fancy tumbler green olives; Saturday 8c
l_>abl Ul IIIC OUllliy I dIICIII are white with back stripes on ~. .... ~ - . . u , , J., Pint Mason jars of pickles 12<:
_ ~ , «• 1 25c and 50c Bar Pins and $1.23 German Silver Coin SSI .(H) and $1.(».». Banquet coffee: l lb. pkg so.-
Hats Reduced to $2.95 collar and cutfs. Brooches 10f | Purses and Mcsli Bags il)<* Couch Hammocks b-J coffee; a very good grade; ih„ 2<>c; s u» s 90c
, , , Men's silk shirts, of fine pives, Pomeroy & Stewart,street Floor, Center Aisle. Made of heavy khaki duck f*r\ n 1 f" T~7
About two dozen fine trimmed hats that were Ht tu b silk, at * with windshield and metal 5(jC rODUlar TlCtlOn TOr
formerly $4.95 to SIO.OO have entered this fina $2.08, s:{.so and SKS.(H) frame guaranteed; spring filled * * 1 O i •
clearance for Saturday at $2.95 These arc all . y U C 4- with chains. #5.00, to Memorial Day Reading
high grade hats designed by Xew Yorks best 1 ibre Silk shirts at .. UentHSOll S LUIICh OOtS #IS.<M). Corporal Cameron. The Harvester.
' l,lll " iers - v White canvas hlucher OX- Vnrch swings of oakt in mig . nirl of the Golden Gate. of Purple^Bw.
fnrds $2.00 Tn patriotic, rose, Piitch yellow I Paper plates. In designs; 6-lilch • . „ a l van ;.,„ f l .-1, .The llosary The Secret (Varden
Last of the Spring' Straw Shapes, 1 A , . ■ , flower and violet design; for « persons, diameter, doz., 25c; 8-inch diameter, 11 ' ni ; 1 gah allied hams Thp |.v,„|,•••.«, Mate . A son of ilie Hills.
_ , ♦ I 'llr* White canvas oxfords, with 25c: for 12 persons, 50c. doz., 35c. and ceiling hooks, Desert C.old. The Greater .loy,
Saturday at . rubber soles and heels, $1.50 Plain white, table covers, fiaxM Paper napkii.s, in tuany designs: SI.OB to SB.OO ° oVe ' Th™Jlora f ls"of Ma?cus.
nives Pomerov & Stewart inches *•"' doz., 5» . pi 1 Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, He Comes Up Smiling. Phvs, Pomeroy & Stewart,
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Second Moor, 1- ront. uivlb, reot i'loorT Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart—Street PI. Basement. The Devil's Admiral. 1 Street Floor.
Women's Fibre Silk Sweaters: In aSale, $3.98 x ew Will Add Pleasures
store' 16 m ° ? t ' m P or t an t sweater ' tem l ' lc season and l,e nta.Ced by any TWY\ of YoUr MemOml Or Outing
An ideal garment fnr motoring, for country, seashore and home. In rose. Azure Qft y — 1 \ \
and leaf brown. Priced for ,o-nwrnw at .... \ BSure toSeeTJieSe VJueSats9. 75 TomOfVOW
/> | i ~ A 1 _ * D • I^-.TU; ~ I'l A man who is planning: a trip or an outintr lor Memorial Dav will "el
Cottons /\,re L/OW in l rice in lnis 1 more out of the day if he knows that his suit is, spic-and-span. Tomorrow is
"C 1 J i- 4-Va > / fo/\ the day to buy that new suit, and of speeial interest is this splendid group of
Cna-01-tne-MOntn suits at $9.75 —suits from regular stock, the price of which does not do jus
-25c voiles. 36 inches wide, in white grounds, Remnants of wash goods, including ging- 1u v quality, lit, style 01 woikmanship. l'act of the mattei, these
with black stripes, dice checks and figures. hams, percales, voiles and crepes, in suiting 1 \ \\ suits were never made to sell at this price. The careful tailoring is evidence
Special. \aid ••••• ••• • Jsc lengths of 2to f> years—enough for a child's | \ \\ of their sound value.
10c crepes in white grounds with neat floral , . „ . . r \ > i \ /
figures. Special, vard (i'jf dress or a woman s waist. Reduced for' to- I The coats are thc latest English sacks with two or three buttons and
30c ratine, 36 inches wide, in mixed shades morrow to one-third less than regular prices. . a j I romil-ir or natch norkpls
of blue, pink, tan and grey. Special, vd.. 15<> Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Street Floor. A\ .
___ Choice of these popular styles:—
r-\*i i £ c? 1 * J1 A /k. Blue Serge Mixtures and Tweeds Tartan Checks
Klbbons ror O3.SriOS, ij-ircilos B.nd Shadow and Pin Stripas Light and Dark Overplaids
Hairbows Reduced x \\| k' \ Snll For Suits That Were
most The most, eMtplete showing of ribbons we have announeed this season, as well as the ,\J j 11. / O Formerly sls, $16.50 &^slß
Moire taffeta ribbons, in a full color range; j 39c moire taffeta ribbons in a complete color This lot of suits is also from regular stock and includes a clean-up of broken sizes.
4 Vi to s}/ 2 inches wide; regular 25c quality. ; range ;_s'A inches wide. Reduced to, yd., 25<! C" If your size is here—and the chance is that it is in some desirable pattern —you can sayc
educed to, yard !!)<• 59c printed warp ribbons, in a wide range of . tlii < worth while
Regular 25c printed warp ribbons; Dresden patterns of light and dark grounds: sj/j to 6'/ 2 U« ,
patterns in light grounds. Reduced to, yard, inches wide. Reduced to Select from checks, overplaids, stripes, mixtures and tweeds in a variety ol good colors.
| Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Street Floor. Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Men's Clotliins, Second Floor, Rear.