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The Newark.
Maker Scujs~
IN other words: every
time you buy a pair Mft - ■
of the NEWARK Shoe at WJE IB I
$2.50, you save at LEAST B RJV
a dollar. That dollar, fIP» wK*
representing the jobber's )pjy
and retailer's dollar
profit, remains in your ]
pocket, because you buy » VCULVLQ value
; NEWARK Shoe DIRECT For Con-51.50 S2 00 A 2 501
Over 2 million men in the
United States NOW do it. Come to your nearest
NEWARK Shoe Store at once. It is in every case a
personally conducted factory store of this national
organization, where YOU, the consumer, have the
SAME standing as the jobber—you buy the most
beautiful $3.50 shoe in the land at the MAKER'S
PRICE of $2.50. The entire tremendous line created
by our factories —237 models beckon to you to
SAVE-A-DOLLAR on the finest 53.50 shoe you ever
wore. Think of The NEW ARK tonight, and buy
I tomorrow. I
NewarK Shoe Stores Co.
315 MARKET ST., Near Dewberry St. I
Opoo Saturday until Hl.ttO to accommodate our customer*.
\Mail Order** Filled fly Parcel* Pout- \
s Other Xewnrk Stores Nearby; York. Heading. AI toooa, Lancaster,
j Italtimor*-
Although Cut Up Lancaster Man Goes
the Limit During the Ten Rounds
and Made Mike Fight Hard to
the End
Now York, May -T. —Mike Gib
bon?. the master boxer, met a tough
customer at the St. Nicholas A. C. last
night in Leo Houck, ot* Lancaster, who
outweighed him seven pounds. Despite
the fart that Mike nearly cut the
Quaker to pieces the Ijancaster man
was tearing in at the finish and in the
ninth round by sheer weight and ag
gressiveness landed several hard punch
es and ha i Gibbons doing his best to'
even up tl.e round.
In the sixth round Houck landed a
low blow, but it did not hurt and was
overlooked. While the men were bang
ing away for dear life in the tenth an
other low blow caught Gibbons and]
doubled him up. He recovered in time,
to finish with a display of speed ami j
accuracy that had his opponent dazzled.
There were more clean hits crowded
into the first round than are generally
to be seen in a whole encounter and
all were landed by Gibbons. In less than
thirty seconds a light right opened an
old cut under Houck's eye and the crim
son poured forth so that both men
were covered with gore at the finish of
the round. Gibbons used every kind of J
punch in this session anil threw off |
Houck's leads with the greatest ease.
Houck took plenty of punishment in the
second, but Mike let up as soon as he
found he had his opponent at his nier
ev. The fight nearlv ended just before
rjftJ IV
Lancaster's Favorite Brew
JNO. G. WALL, Agt.
Harrisburg, Pa. Frank J. Rieker, Mgr.
the bell, when Gibbons missed with a
wicked left hook.
The same clever work on the part of
Gibbons with little actual results con
tinued in the third, but in the fourth
Mike let up again and by sending iu n
tew body punches and driving Mike to
the ropes the Lancaster man was en
titled to an even break, the best he got
all the way through except perhaps ill
the ninth round, when he surprised both
Gibbons and the crowd bv carrying the
tight to his man. From the fourth to
the ninth round there was the usual
display of speed and science by Gib
bons who used every means of avoid
ing punches and with entire success.
Rutherford Transfer Nine Falls by
Score of 7 to 2
"Die Paxtang A. C won froiu the
Rutnerford Transfer nine yesterday, 7
r o 2. Th » game went five innings. The
R H. 0. A. E.
Zerby, 3b 2 1 0 3 I)
Botts, 2b 0 1 0 2 0
1 Horstick, lb 1 1 5 0 0
|G. Horstick, cf ... 0 2 1 0 0
Reed, ss 1 0 0 0 0
Hanshaw. If 1 1 0 t) 0
Daughert v, rf .. . . 1 f> 0 rt 0
Shaffer, c 1 1 ft it 0
Campbell, p 0 1 0 2 0
Totals "7 8 15 7 0
R. H. O. A. E.
T. Long, c 1 2 ft n
] Matchett, p 0 1 0 2 0
| Woland, lb 0 0 .4 1 0
Aungst, 2b 1 0 0 0 0
•I. Brant, ss 0 0 0 0 1
Taylor, 3b 0 1 2 1 1
G. Brant, rf 0 0 0 0 0
Palm, ef 0 0 0 0 0
W. Long, If 0 0 U 0 0
i Totals 2 4 12 4 2
Amateur Games Wanted
lner-Seal team for Memorial L>av.
VV. S. Stroup, 1270 Howard street, man
I Rosewood A. ('. for Monday morn
j ing. ( all 223J, Bel) phone.
Enola I'. for Saturday and 'Mon
-1 day. K. Keil, Knola, manager.
ItMcjms and Pennsylvania Look Best
For Big Meat to Be Held To-mor
row and Saturday on Franklin
Philadelphia. May 27.—The advance
guard of an army of America's be*t
track and Held athletes, represeui
more than twenty-five colleges and uni
versities of the East and Middle West,
reached the city this morning for the
fortieth annual championship meet of
the Intercollegiate A. A. to foe held on
Franklin Field to-morrow and (Satur
day. The Cornell team arrived in time
for breakfast. The Ithicans' xtay will
be very short, however, because they
are going to Atlantic City, where they
will remain until to-morrow morning.
The Michigan team will arrive about
noon, with Harvard, Vale. Amherst,
Holy Cross. M. I. T., Svravuse, Colby,
Brown and Bowdoin getting here late
this afternoon. Franklin Field was at
the disposal of the visiting athletes
this afternoon.
The University of Pennsylvania ath
letes left the city last night for At- 1
lantic City, where they will sojourn !
until Friday morning. All of the 1
Quakers took their final workouts yes
terday afternoon. With the exception
of Loekwood, the sprinter, and Dorizas,
the shot putter, all the men are in the
best of condition. Coach Orton thinks
that Loekwood will got back his
strength at the shore, and that Dorizas
is so much improved that he is a scor
ing possibility.
Speculation as to tlie probable win-
ner ot' the big inert is unprecedented.
Most of tlie experts think the tight will
Vie between Pennsylvania »nd Cornell,
with the Ithieans having slightly the j
better of the argument. The Quakers
realize that to win their men must
score heavily in the sprints. Coach Or
ton has devoted a great deal of time
to Captain Lippincott, Patterson, Look
wood and Kaufma.n, who will run in
the short distance events and confi
dently believes that they will make
It is realized that the strength of
the Cornell team is in the great all
around athlete Richards in the high
jump, broad jump and shot put and
the Ithaean's distance runners. The
Quakers are hopeful that McKenzie.
of Princeton, in the mile, and Overton,
of Vale, and Southworth, of Harvard,
in the two miles, are likely to upset
Cornell's calculations in the distance
runs. The injury to Braun and the ill
ness of Trenholm, the two Dartmouth
hurdlers, is likely to help Cornell more
than Pennsylvania because tbc Ttha
cans have three or four good hurdlers
who are likely to score, although not
to win any of the events.
On account of the keenness of the
competition it is almost certain that |
new records will be made in the pre
liminary contests to morrow. All per
formances made to-morrow will count
as records, and in the broad jump,
hammer throw anil shot put, new marks
are looked for. Bailey, the great Maine
hammer thrower, is counted 011 to make
a new record in the hammer throw be
cause ho has already thrown 170 feet.
Record times are also looked for in
the quarter and half-mile trials. In the
qiurter-mile there will be three heats
and every man will have to beat 51
seconds to qualify for the finals and 50
seconds to win. There will be the same
high class in the sprints.
Firemen Having Remarkable String of
The Good Will team won its tenth
I straight game yesterday from the Col
r lege Inn nine by a score of 9 to G.
' Chard was batted hard and Cooper
; equally so. but the latter managed to
keep the hits well scattered. Keller's
sensational catch and Klugh's batting
featured the game. The score:
R. H. 0. A. K.
; Boss. 2b 1 3 1 1 1
Matter, ss 3 1 1 1 1
Anderson, cf 2 rt 1 0 0
Klugh. 3b 2 3 1 1 1
! Andrews, If 0 0 0 0 0
Marks, lb 0 0 10 0 0
Cooper, p 1 1 0 4 0
Lutz, <■ 0 1 12 1 0
Kirk, rf 0 0 1 0 0
Totals 9 927 8 3
R. H. 0. A. E.
Hough, 3b 0 0 2 2 0
Brown. If 0 0 1 0 0
Colestock, lb ... . 0 1 9 3 0
Keller, cf 1 1 1' 0 0
Ellis, rf 2 1 0 0 0
Foster, ss 1 1 0 2 2
Deal, c 0 2 5 0 0
Hoffman, 2b 1 1 fi 0 0
Chard, p 1 2 3 4 0
Totals 6 9 27 1 1 2
Good Will 10202110 2—9
: College Inn .... 01001300 I—6
P. P k . K. Y. M. C. A. Game Canceled
The game yesterday between the
IHarrisburg Independents and the P. R.
R. V. M. C. A. team was canceled on
account of the threatening weather con
ditions. The game will be played later
in the season. Saturday the Altoona
Independents, with Jack Bonner, for
mer second baseman for the Harrisburg
1 Tri-State team, in the lineup, will be
the attraction. The Olivet team, of
Reading, will play two games here
, Monday.
Cleveland Sells Pitcher Kahler
Portland, Ore., May 27. —Announce-
ment has been made that Pitcher Kah-
I ler. of the Cleveland Americans, had
been purchased by the Portland Coast
1 League club.
W L P.O.
Philadelphia 18 11 .621;
Chicago 20 13 .606 j
Brooklyn 15 15 .500 I
St. Louis . * 16 17 .485 |
.Pittsburgh 15 16 .484
Boston 15 16 .484 |
Cincinnati 12 17 .414;
New York 11 17 .393 I
Yesterday's Result;,
All games postponed, rain.
Schedule for To-day
Chicago at Philadelphia.
Pittsburgh at Brooklyn.
Cincinnati at Bostwi;
St. Louis at New York.
Schedule for To-morrow
Philadelphia at Boston.
Pittsburgh at Brooklyn.
St. Louis at Brooklyn.
Other dubs not scheduled.
W. L. Pr ;
Chicago 24 12 .667
Detroit 23 13 .639
New York 17 14 .548
Boston 13 14 .481
Washington 14 17 .452
St. Louis 14 20 .412
Cleveland 13 19 .406
Athletics 12 21 .364 •
Yesterday's Results
Cleveland-Athletics, rain.
Detroit, 10; Washington, 5.
Chicago. 7; New York, 6.
St. Louisißoston, rain.
Schedule for To-day
Athletics at Cleveland.
New York at Chicago.
Washington at Detroit.
Schedule for To-morrow
Cleveland at Chicago.
Detroit at St. Louis.
Boston at Philadelphia.
Other clubs not scheduled.
W. 1,. P.O. !
Pittsburgh 21 14 .600
Chicago 21 14 .609
Kansas City 19 14 .576
| Newark 19 16 .543
St. Louis 15 16 .484
Baltimore 13 21 .382
Buffalo 10 24 .294
Yesterday's Results
Brooklyn. 6; Pittsburgh, 3.
Other games postponed, rain.
Schedule for To-day
Brooklyn at St. Louis.
Newark at Chicago.
Baltimore at Kansas City.
Buffalo at Pittsburgh.
Schedule for To-morrow
i Brooklyn at St. Louis.
Newark at Chicago.
Baltimore at Kansas City.
Buffalo at Pittsburgh.
Chicago, 7: New York. 6
Chicago, May 27.—A perfect throw
to the plate by John Collins in the ninth
fhning enabled Chicago to win their
I eighth straight victory yesterday when
they defeated New York 7 to 6.
New York 010 0 2 1 0 1 I—6 11 S
i Chicago ... 1 0 0 0 0 1 4 1 x—7 10 3
Keating and Sweeney; Faber, Cicotte
j and Sehalk.
Detroit, 10; Washington, 5
Detroit. Mich., May 27.—Seven of
i Detroit's eight hits, coupled with three
I Washington errors enabled the Tigers
Ito win vestcrdav's game, 10 to 5.
R. H. E.
■ Washington 0 0 0 1 0 0 4 0 0— 5 10 3
Detroit ... 1 0 4 5 0 0 0 0 x—lo 8 1
Shaw, Hopper. Engle, Gallia and Wil
| liams, Ainsmith; Dubuc aud Stanage.
At Pittsburgh— R. H. E.
j Brooklyn 6 12 2
Pittsburgh 3 7 1
Lafitte and 'Pratt; IHearne, Leclair
and O'Connor.
Elects to Play Firemen
The P. R. R. Elects will meet the Al
lison Hill iFire Company nine on No. 2
diamond at Island "Park in a twilight
game at 6 o'clock this evening.
Hick-a-Thrift Juniors Win
The Hick-a-Thrift Juniors won from
the White Oaks in a hard fought game
yesterday, score 7 to 5.
Suspended Pitcher Says Harsh Things
About Club Owner
Boston, Mass., May 27. —Pitcher
"Dutch" Leonard, of the Boston Red
Sox, who was suspended for failing
to get into condition to pitch, is charged
with giving out statements criticising
President Lannin's methods of running
the team.
Among other things Leonard is al
leged to have said is that Lannin bosses
the team and that Manager Carrigan
has nothing whatever to Rav. Leonard
also claims that Joe Wood was fined
for permitting Schalk, of Chicago, to
make a base hit instead of passing him,
nnd that the players were so afraid to
return to the hotel after losing a game
that they remained away and bought
their own meals.
Swears to OonvictwUHab's Whereabouts
on Day of Phagan Murder
Atlanta, Ga., May 27. — An affidavit
i by Mrs. Leo M. Frank, detailing her
! knowledge of her husband's movements
I an.l actions on the day 'Marv Phagan
was murdered, will be presented before
i the State Prison Commission here newt,
j Monday at the hearing on Frank's ap- ;
| ( lication for commutation of his death,
| sentense to life imprisonment. I\lrs. j
| 'Prank was not permitted, under State |
! law. to.testify at the trial.
FraA also will be tendered as a wit- |
ness by his counsel, it was stated, j
When asked yesterday if Frank would
be heard, a member of the commission
said that no applicant for a pardon or j
commutation ever had heen allowed to
appear in such proceedings, anil he was
not prepared to say whether the prece- i
dent would be broken in Frank's case. J
Albert S. Osborn, a handwriting ex- |
pert, submitted a report to Governor
Slaton yesterday, expressing belief that
Frank had nothing to do with the
"murder notes" which played an im
portant fart in the trial.
It was learned last night that So
licitor General Dorsev, who prosecuted
'Frank, had filed with the commission
a protest against commutation of sen
j tencc.
I Lancaster County Sect Takes Issue With
National Conference
Lancaster, May 27. —The
county sect of Dunkar.ds is not in ac
; cord with Tuesday's action of the Na
; tioual Conference of Dunkards of the
' I'nited States and Canada at Dayton,
! 0., in deciding that Dunkards must not
i own automobiles. That sect of Dunk
] ards is known as River Brethren, and
; differs from the Church of the Breth-
I rcn of Lancaster county, a very nunicr-
I ous body and more liberal in educa
j tion and manner of dress anil in the in
dulgence of luxuries.
The Lancaster county denominations
! is noted for its encouragement of ad
vanced education, anil maintains a fine
! college at Elizabefhtown. The members
| observe the ceremony of feet washing
i strictly and give away food left from
| their love feasts. Hundreds of these
i l<ancaster county Dunkards own auto
mobiles, this being approved by their
fellow members and regarded as a con
venience of which any one may without
violation of the spirit of their doctrine
avail himself.
j Car Gets Beyond Control of Lad Who
Changes Gear
Wilkes-Rarre, Pa., May 27.—Chang
ing a gear on his father's automobile,
which had been left standing by the
chauffeur yesterday in front of the home
of Lyman H. Howe, the moving picture
! producer, of this city, Harold Howe was
j unable to control the machine, which, i
j after dashing across fashionable Riv- j
i eisiile drive, plunged over the bank, i
■ thirty feet, to the Susquehanna river
and lodged in nineteen feet of water.
! Young Howe was able to extricate him
| self, swim to the surface and then to
j shore, a short distance away. The ma
chine has been recovered, and shows
| little damage as a result of the plunge.
The chauffeur left the engine of the
j car running, but the gear was at the
neutral point, when young Howe shifted
jit into high gear. 'He was unable to
stop the engine before the machine
| leaped into the water.
William Allison G. A. R. Post Will
Conduct Exercises Next Monday
Duncannon, May 27. —Memorial Day
will be observed here on Monday, May
31. Lieutenant William Allison G. A.
R. Post No. 19 6, the Duucannon band,
I Secret Societies, Sunday schools ami
\ citizens will form on Cumberland street
| in front of the Knights of Pythias hall,
I the headquarters of the Grand Army, at
1.30 p. m. and march to the grove in
the United Brethren and Lutheran
cemeteries, where Dr. George H. Johns
ton will deliver the oration of the day.
Afterward 1 the line of march will be
resumed and the G. A. R. regulation
ceremonies of decorating will take place
i ! at the Soldiers' burial plot in Ever
| green cemetery. A general invitation
j is extended to all secret orders, socio-
I ties, Sunday schools and citizens to
i participate in the exercises of the day.
Our "JITNEY" Offer—This and sc.
I DON'T MISS THIS. Cut out this
I slip, enclose with 5c to Foley & Co.,
Chicago, 111, writing your name and ad
' dress clearly. You will receive in re
j turn a trial package containing Foley's
: Honey and Tar Compound, for coughs,
j colds and croup; Foley Kidney Pills,
, for pains in sides and back, rheuma
tism, backache, kidney aud bladder ail
ments; and Foley Cathartic Tablets, a
i wholesome and thoroughly cleansing
i cathartic. Stout people enjoy them.
I George A. Gorgas, 16 North Third
j St. and P. R. R. Station.—Adv.
Old Army Musket, Unused for Years,
Causes Lad's Death
Allentown, Pa., May 27.—As Nor
j man Kressler, 17 years old, of Slate
i dale, was showing a party of com
panions the operations of an old army
j musket that had stood unused in a cor-
I ner of his father's home for many years,
j Roy Lentz, also 17, rode around the
I corner of the barn on his bicycle just
as Young Kresslev pulled the trigger,
j The charge entered 'Lentz's heart, kill
i ing him almost instantly.
' Kresslev is almost crazed with grief,
and lie is being guarded for fear that
ho will end his life.
People Say To Us
"I cannot eat this or that food, it do
not ngree with me." Our advice
all of them is to take a
before and after each meal. 20c ulv
George A. Gorgaa
Now Made Public
' Re a d Th e
• Free Offer
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Base hits are in the air! H
Watch Cravath, Becker, I
Mclnnnis and Lajoie give the H
ball a ride to the fence. They H
make the fans go dippy with their I
ringing, clean-up wallops. But
rooting is bad on the tonsils.
Keep your rooting voice in pen-
W nant condition by downing a
■ Moroney Army and Navy high
■ ball before and after the game.
■ It's not the kind of a drink
H that will put a watch on
I your wrist.
moroney'• Amy and Navy Whiskey is on tale at all first-class bar* and cafes
G;BC=ss]BrT*"i —IBGS==lßfc=lßG=^=]l3b==]Bl==H3b=ißG==BJßEs=]Ef
! Memorial Day at Hershey Park |
| Sunday, May 30 3 P. M. §
3 ; Seats 7,000; Holds 12,000; The Wonder Town's |
[|l Latest Achievement; Will Be Formally Opened \r<
IH With Splendid Memorial Services; Fnli Band of a
| 40; Eloquent Speakers; Vocal and Instrumental jlj
| Soloists; Admission Free to All. Come Early and |
□ (Jet a Good Sent and Enjoy the Music and the |j|
I Oratory. [|j
It is liner than the famous one at Ocean Grove, a
Monday May 31 All Day
!All Amusements to lie started. New Features, i
| CUITS afternoon and evening. Dancing afternoon
ij and evening. Open Air Concerts all day. Special I
□ Orchestra for Dancing. Miniature Railway. |
10,000 Carrousel. Enlarged Zoo: New Lion and
new Herd of Ponies. All Field Sports. GREAT c
AND LEBANON CLUBS, Central Pennsvlvania N
| TIME. j!
El IBE=nBI=SBI IS[=1BI=:BI IEK IBl^Sdl——lß E
MAJESTIC--™^ 1 :" 6 '
PRICES 30c to $2.00
—— I
Including; tlie
World's Creaiesf
I MnlN., r. anil lOrt Kve»., 10 ami l."»o |
>. ' |
To-day only, lant day, Bt CKSHOT
I JOHN, liy ChnrleM 10. Vun Loan, In
{ reel*. All Mtar cant. lOdlwon, 'M ount
t Mararonl," drama; Sells;, "Why HII
i Hdrr Wan Late,** drama.
| CASK, \ll Htar cant of Alexandre
I?iiman* Mnnterpleve, 5 reeh.
Monday, Our organ "ill open to
the public and pla> Monday evening.
'PHOTOPLAY To morrow
"The Vampire"
"A Fool There Was"
Ir. « Parts
I From Kipling's Famous Poem
* /
Worker Drops 40 Feet When Shock
Bumps Up Into Roof
Columbia, Pa., May 27. —When 40 i
feet in the air, through the slip of a j
cable on an elevator, Samuel Farley, j
with a wheelbarrow load of bricks, was|
shot with great force to the basement l
of the Columbia Silk Mills.
He rebounded in the elevator with |
such force that his head struck the roof
of the lift and he was seriously in- 1
To Open Lebanon's Playground
Lebanon, May 27.—City Council at l
a special meeting voted to assist the]
Lebanon Athletic and Playground As
sociation in the establishment of Leb
anon 's first playground by appropriat
ing $250 towards the cause. Vnder
the general playgrounds ordinance,
which parsed first reading, the play
ground will be under the supervision of
the Department of Parks and Public
Property. The formal opening of the
playgrounds will take on Satur
day afternoon.
T o-aiighl
■ ■
Jordan, the
Juggling Phiend
& Cameron
i Gaffney & Dale
Gutzman Trio
e i
Free Moving Pictures
every evening 7 to 11 p. m.,
Palace Confectionery, 225
Market street.