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Jump into a jitney and tell the driver B
y°u want to go to the nearest thirst
pagoda where Moroney's Army and
Whiskey is sold. That K
means the nearest cafe, for this K
entrancing liquor, like mov- B
picture houses, is to J
found every where.
is as
sary to the bonif ace as
his license. This is
whiskey that K
caused Russia B
ing vodka.
■HHHv /
oroney'j Amy in J Nary Whiikey is m sale at >0 fir* t-class bars aaJ cafes
Eighteen Athletes Will Be Entered in
Memorial Day Races—Steelton to
Have Full Team—Central to Send
but Three Men
Tech High is entering the annual
track and field meet held under the
auspices of the Heading High School
Athletic Association ■at Reading Mon
day with a determination to win. The
entrv list includes twelve schools many
of tiiem different from the ones which
Tech has encountered in meets this
spring, but that is believed to be a
small matter.
The Reading team had but four en
tries in the scholastic meet here Sat
urday afternoon, sending but enough
athletes to take home the shield won
by that team in past years. A full
entry list will be sent into the meet
there on Monday and Reading may
prove a dangerous rival to Tech.
The local champions will be repre
sented by between eighteen athletes.
All the men, who placed in the local
meet, will be sent with a possible ex
ception of Miller, winner of the ham
mer throw because no hammer thrown
will be included in the Reading meet.
Steelton will also have a full entrv
list. Houtz Piffenbach and Smeltzer.
point winners for Central High in the
local meet, will go to Reading.
This is the first time Central High
has entered this meet since 1910. when
trouble with the Reading management
caused them to withdraw from the
Olympic Champion May Lead Penn's
1916 Track Team
1 h.ladelphia. May 25. —Regardless
of what the showing is of the Univer
sity of Pennsylvania track team in the
coming intercollegiate®, the honor of
captaincy of next year's team is almost
certain to fall upon James E. (Tedl
Meredith, the sensational runner and
holder of the Olympic SSO-metres cham
Meredith is a Junior and appears to
be toe logical person for the position.
He is without doubt the most popular
athlete in college and, aside from this,
carries the admiration of every athlete
in the amateur »anks.
The speed demon is a graduate of
Mereersburg Academy, having entered
that school from Williamson Trades
A banquet will be held in honor of
the Penn track team Saturday evening
following the intercollegiate races, and
the election of captain will take plaee
at this festival. It .is doubtful if any
other track man will oppose Meredith.
Could Not Make the Time Limit at
Indianapolis. May 25.—Three cars
entered in the 500-mile automobile race I
to be held here Saturday withdrew yes
terday and it was said other withdraw-'
als are expected because of inability to
make the required speed of 80 miles an
hour. Yesterday was the last day for
the speed trials."
The three cars that withdrew were !
American make and their drivers were
to have been Pullen. Buckstell and Nik- 1
rent. It was explained that the three
drivers have been having engine trou- !
ble and could not get their mounts in |
Darius Resta made a lap yesterday at
the rate of 98.5 miles an hour. Cox
and Lecain also made better than the
required average.
Braves Lose Stailings For Time
Boston. May 25.—The Boston Na
tionals probably will be without the
guidance of Manager George T. Stall
ings for some days. He was confined
to his room yesterday with a eomplaint
believed to be due to mastoiditis. Cap- i
tain John R. Evers, who has been at
hie home in Troy. X. Y., recovering
from a broken ankle bone, is expected
here to take up the managerial reins ;
fcn-day. He is able to get about with
Lancaster's Favorite Brew
JNO. G. WALL, Agt.
Harrisburg, Pa. Frank J. Rieker. Mgr.
P. R. R. Y. M. C. A. and Harrisburg
Teams Clash To-morrow
J The Harrisburg Independents an.l
j the Pennsylvania Railroad Y. M. C. A.
i teams will clash to-morrow afternoon
jon the H. A. C. field. Wet grounds
j made it necessary to cancel the game
which was scheduled for Saturday aft
ernoon. Play will start promptly at
3.13 o'clock. Babe Alcorn will pitch
| for the railroaders while Wertz will
| mount the mound for Harrisburg.
The railroad association has one of
its strongest teams this season. To
morrow it will be fresh from a game
, with the Chambersburg team of Blue
Ridge League which was scheduled for
this afternoon. This contest will test
the relative merits of the two clubs as
Harrisburg and Chambersburg battled
to a 16-inning tie a week ago.
Canadian Minister Expresses Thanks
Tor Soldiers' Baseball Paraphernalia
I Chicago. May 25.—The gift of base-
I balls, batf and other paraphernalia
[ from President Johnson and the clubs
of the American League to the Cana
dian soldiers fighting abroad will be
i assembled at Toronto and shipped to
i London, where General John Carson
propably will see to its transportation
i across the channel and distribution
I inning the soldiers. This was announ
| ced yesterday bv President Johnson,
. who said the first batch would be readv
in about ten days. Samuel Hughes,
j Canadian Minister of Militia, in a tele
gram received by President Johnson,
said: ,
''As Minister of Militia it gives me
great pleasure to accept and thank
your league for its gift. It will be
highly appreciated by our magnificent
boys, who are so nobly doing their
duty at the front, and make manv a
leisure hour pass pleasantly."'
New Boxing Law Expected to Stop
Stalling in Bouts
Albany. X. \., May 25.—The new
boxing law. it is expected, will result
in decisions being ordered for boxing
bouts. Under a ruling of the old Com- i
! mission no decisions were allowed. This,
men in pugilistic circles held, caused
many boxers to stall through the six or
ten rounds of their bouts. Decision, it
is claimed, will make the boys put up
first-class fighting exhibition's. Many
i complaints have been received of the
< practice of some boxers to earn their
money with the least possible effort,
and, therefore, it is expected that the
new Commission will make a ruling in
favor of decisions.
The new law supplants the present
three unprotected Commissioners with
a Commission of three members, who
will get salaries of $3,000 each. Mike
Donovan, iiooskvelt's old sparring part
ner, and John Farnev, of this city, are
active candidates for Boxing .Commis
IsbeU Mentioned as Indians' Manager
Chicago, May 25. —A rumor reached
the office of President O'Neill, of the
Western League, yesterday that Frank
IsbeU. owner and manager of the Des
Moines club, was being considered for
manager of the Cleveland Americans,
succeeding Joe Birmingham. Isbell. in
his major league experience, which
ended about six years ago with the
Chicago Americans, played nearly every
position. He still takes part in games
and is said to be hitting well.
McCord Home From Raleigh; Sick
H. Iset McCord, who has been cov
ering second base in a creditable fash
ion for the Raleigh team of the North
Carolina League, has returned to his
home. 630 Muench street, to recover
from an illness, with which he has been
suffering several weeks. McCord has
been batting better than .300 in Ral
Motive Power League Game Here
The looal team in the P. R. R. Mo
tive Power League will play its second
Harrisburg game of the season here
Saturday with the Pottsville team. The
game will be played at Sixth and Di
vision streets.
W. L. P.C.
Chicago 20 12 .6 2 5
Philadelphia 17 11 .607
Pittsburgh »15 15 .500
Brooklyn 14 15 .483
St. Louis 15 17 .469
Boston ............. 14 16 .467
(.incinnat: 12 16 .429
New York 11 16 .407
Yesterday's Results
Philadelphia-Cincinnati, rain.
Chicago, 9; Boston, 1.
New York-Pittsburgh, rain.
Brooklyn-tit. Louis, rain.
Schedule for To-day
Chicago at Philadelphia.
Pittsburgh at Brooklyn.
Cincinnati at Boston. I
St. Louis at New York.
Schedule for To-morrow
Cincinnati at Boston.
Pittsburgh at Brooklyn.
St. Louis at Now York.
Chicago at Philadelphia.
W. T,. P.C.
Chicago 23 12 .657
Detroit 22 12 .647
New York 17 13 .567
Boston 13 14 .481
Washington 13 16 .448
Cleveland 13 IS .419
St. Louis 14 20 .412
Athletics 11 21 .344
Yesterday's Results
Athletics. 5; Cleveland, 4.
Detroit, 4; Washington, 0.
Chicago, 5; New York. 4.
St. Louis. 4; Boston. 3.
Schedule for To-day
Athletics at Cleveland.
Boston at St. Louis.
New York at Chicago.
Washington at Detroit.
Schedule for To-morrow
New York at Chicago.
Boston at St. Louis.
Washington at Detroit,
Athletics at Cleveland.
W. L P.C.
Pittsburgh 20 12 .625
Chicago 20 14 .588
Kansas City 18 14 .563 !
Newark 19 15 .559.
Brooklyn 15 15 .500
St. Louis 15 16 .484 |
Baltimore 13 21 .3521
Buffalo 10 23 .303
Yesterday's Results
Kansas City, 2: Newark. 1.
St. Louis, 2; Baltimore, 1.
Chicago, 4; Buffalo, 2.
Pittsburgh-Brooklyn, rain.
Schedule for To-day
Baltimore at St. Louis.
Newark at Kansas City.
Buffalo at Chicago.
Brooklyn at Pittsburgh.
Schedule for To-morrow
Baltimore at fct. Louis.
Buffalo at Chicago.
Newark at Kansas City.
Brooklyn at Pittsburgh.
McCredie Refuses to Manage Cleveland
San Francisco, May 25.—Walter !
McCredie, manager of the Portland
Pacific Coast League baseball team, an- i
nounced here yesterday that he had re- '
fused the managership of the Cleveland |
American League team. McCredie said '
he ha.l telegraphed his refusal to the j
management of the Cleveland team.
Lewis Nine Without Game
The Lewis A. C. would like to ar
range a game for Saturday afternoon
either in or out of the city. Address
Frank Heiney, manager. " Harrisburg
Leather Product Company. Bell phone
Elizabethville Wants Games
The Belmont A. C.. of Elizabethville,
would like to schedule games for the
remainder of the baseball season. Man
agers desiring games should write Ed
ward Ditty, manager, Elizabethville.
Steelton Wants Game
The Steelton A C. team, of the Cen
tral Pennsylvania League, would like
to arrange a twilight game at Steelton
for Thursday. Call Manager White
after 7 o'clock this evening at 4 W
Bell or 49 United phone, Steelton.
9 Quality I
THE THERMATIC & MAIM u frQ j p PrincfiSS
jj Chiefly he'wants your money. !
| . your town, meets you and de- lllljzn—— f
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to treat you RIGHT. Oak or mahogany finishes, highly 'li
Vffl polished. The oak is all quartered oak. I
T| Wl "*t* lv" *t Size of glass, 18x36. Base, 19x32. j
This tireless cooker is used extensively in all the , . TT7L J
larger cities. It is uot in its experimental stage any must be oak. When we ad
more. We have sold a number of these cookers to con- P**l«i'i»Sal flak (Ti M *O% C A
Aium i nmn' 'ifned' * and Ilunnnum ™Li" n '*l vertise a thing we must have it. J? 0 '® 1 " 81 U, H|II«OU
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Vzi== —== -:==■■ :-i.: J
Athletics, 5; Cleveland, 4
Cleveland, May 25.—Some 1914
model pitching by Rip Hagerin&n, an in- i
excusable muff by Nemo Leibold, a less
excusable wild throw by Joe Jackson j
and brilliant work in the outfield by |
Rube Oldring gave the Athletics a 5 to |
4 victory over the Indians vesterday.
R. H. E.
Cleveland .0 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 o—4 10 2
Athletics ...04100000 o—s0 —5 5 0
Hagerman, Jones and O'Neil; Shaw
key and Schang.
Chicago, 5; Yankees, 4
Chicago, May 25.—Extra base hits,,
which included home runs by Brief
and Fournier, gave Chicago a 5 to 4 vic
tory over New York yesterday in the
irst of the series.
New York ..01000002 I—4 7 1
Chicago .... 20001011 x—s 7 1
Fich and Nunamaker; Russell, Ci
cotte and Schalk, .Daly,
St. Louis, 4; Boston, 3
St. Louis, May 25. —Lowdermilk
gave Bestir only two hits yesterday
and helped St. Louis win, 4 to 3.
R. H. E.
Boston ...00030000 o—3 2 1
St. Louis . 02000110 x—4 11 5
Foster, }!avs and Thomas; Lowder
milk and Agnew.
Detroit, 4; Washington, O
Detroit, Mich., May 25.—After Cove
leskie and Boehling battled for six
scoreless innings, Detroit broke through
Washington's defense and won vester
dav, 4 to 0.
R. H. E. (
Washington .00000000 o—o 4 2
Detroit 00000013 x—4 5 1
Boehling and Ainsmith; Coveleskie
and Stanage.
Chicago, 0; Boston, 1
Boston, 'Mass., May 25. —Terrific hit-
I ting gave Chicago a 9-to-l victory over
: 'Boston yesterday. Schulte's home-run
| drive into the right field bleachers I
I scored Phelan ahead of him in the open
| ing inning. Three singles and three'
I doubles accounted for five more runs
! in the sixth and caused James' retire-'
Chicago ... 20000502 o—9 17 1 I
•Boston ...00010000 o—l 2 1 j
Cheney, Pierce and Archer; James,,
Crutcher and Gnway.—Washington and Beturn---#2.."50,'
Next Sunday, May 30
An ideal Sunday outing under ideal
conditions, Pennsylvania Railroad. Spe
cial train leaves Harrisburg 7.05 a. m.
Jackson Held for Court
Thomas Jackson was held under
S2OO bail for court at a hearing before
Alderman Kramme last night, charged
with threatening to shoot his brother,
Samuel, during a fight on North Fourth
street Saturday night.
Bead The
G1 ft
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At Kansas City— R. H. E.
Newark 1 fi 0
Kansas City 2 8 3
Moseley and Rariden; Qullop and
At St. Louis — R. H. E.
Baltimore 1 5 0
St. Louis 2 10 1
Bailey and Jacklitseh; Groom and
At Chicago—l 4 Innings. R. H. E.
Buffalo 3 9 1
Chicago 4 7 3
Krapp and Blair; Johnson, Brown
and Wilson, Fischre.
H. A. C. Juniors Want Game
The H. A. C. Juniors would like to
arrange games to be played either in
or out of the city for Monday, May 31,
with teams whose players range from
17 to 21 years in age. Address L.
Shearer, 11 North Third street.
Camp Hill Wins, 5-:*
Camp Hill High school added another
game to their list of victories when
they defeated the Curtin Heights nine
on the Camp Hill field in a live-inning
R. H. E.
Curtin Heights ... 0 1 2 0 o—3 5 0
Camp Hill 0 3 0 0 2—5 6 2
Miller, Crist and Sykes; Stephenson
and Hillery. *
Governor to Address Feast of Boses
Lebanon, May 25. —Governor Brum
baugh, of Harrisburg, has been invit
ed to speak at annual Feast of Koses
to be held on Sunday, June 6, at Tulpe
hocken Reformed church, this county.
The Governor has accepted an invita
tion to speak at the Manheim Feast of
Roses on the same day and arrange
ments will be made to have,him make
the trip between the two places in au
Services Held in Five Cities for Lusl
tania Victims
By Associated Press.
New York, May 25.—The funeral
I services of Charles Frohman, theatrical
| manager and producer, who was one of
I the victims in the sinking of the Lusi
; tania, were held here to-day. Services
[ to-day in four other cities have been
| arranged by actors or actresses who
; have starred under Mr. Frohman's man
agement. The services here began at
I the home of Daniel Frohman, where
only members of Mr. Charles Froh
| man's immediate family were present.
This was followed by public services
in the Temple Emanu-El, conducted by
the Rev. Joseph Silverman. Augustus
! Thomas, playwright, was selected to
j deliver a funeral address. The hon
| orary pallbearers included 26 actors
j and theatrical managers.
Funeral service in memory of Mr.
I Frohman were arranged by Bill*' Burke
| in Tacoma, Wash., by Maud Adams in
| IJOS Angeles, by John Drew in Sail
Francisco, and by Julia Sanderson and
others in Providence, R. I.
Hugh Leonard Suspended
St. Louis, May 25. —Hugh Leonard,
star pitcher for the Boston Americans,
was suspended yesterday on (lie, ar
rival of the team for not being in
good condition.
Do Not Gripe
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