The star-independent. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1904-1917, May 21, 1915, Page 7, Image 7

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People who have swollen veins or
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Ignores Kansas City Protest
Chicago, May 21.—President Gil
moro yesterday announced he had ruled
against the Kansas City Federals in
their protest based on the that
Catpher had interfered with the
batter in Monday's game with Brook
lyn. The president was assured by the
umpires that there was no ground for
the protest. This was the second pro
test of the season involving the Brook
lyn club, the other, made by Buffalo,
fllso being decided in favor of the
Ward team.
They Do Indeed
Perhaps it would have been .just as j
well if Senor Hureta hadn't admitted!
that he knew who killed IMadero. Peo- j
pie do gossip so I —lndianapolis News. I
-' "
V* ' '< '•>*& .._ ' "pi'' A s' *W^*9S&St
- -• * * s .£?> s, - *-•• <--^?ip
",. ° H ' ye ?. MoNSlfuR ' ™ ERE ,s fl CAMP COWN NEAR THE RIVER. Jusfl^^7Hi~wo3D^ «» «.* I
10 two trench soldiers shown in the drawing have strayed from their road and have stopped to ask some
•I in illation from the litilo boy. who Is pointing out the position of the troops. By the side of the road is t p a-; ,
v.,.man with her market cart, drawn by one of the strong l.mbed dogs which perform .his kind of work " The
dt.iw iiig wa- made by E. Matanla especially for this newspaper, the New York Herald and the Loudon Sphere.
. ; _
*2 ———-
jJ s 8
I H «•! ! :
; i aJm i * Brt
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Surprises 'Widow' and Son and Finds
His 'Ashes' On Mantel
New York, May 21.—Dressed in
black and still mourning her husband,
Mrs. Emma Koster sat last night in
her home, Ridgowood, Queens, with her
16-year-old son. The husband had dis
appeared strangely. A few days later
Mrs. Koster was notified that he had
died at the city farm on Staten Island.
She identified the Ibody and a sweater
Koster had worn by a patch she had
put on it. The body was cremated, tihe
ashes placed in an urn which stood on
her mantelpiece, and the widow col
lected $6lO life insurance.
Mother and son were talking, when
tho door opened and in walked Koster.
He said he had been out west on a
trip. When Mrs. Koster was asked if
her husband would remain at home, she
said: "He certainly will."
Asked if she would keep fbe ashes
of the unknown man, she replied: "1
mean to keep them, too."
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Bucknell Academy to Play Here
The Bucknell Academy nine will meet
the Harrisburg Academy team on the
Academy field to-morrow afternoon.
The game yesterday between the Acad
emy and Country Club teams, scheduled
for yesterday, was postponed on ac
count of rain.
, I
Net and Batiste in Filmy Frocks Be
neath Silk, Lace and Embroidered
Jackets, Cut in Zouave and Bolero
Fashion—Black and White Effects
Xew York, May 21.
Nowhere is the American idea of
directness more strongly felt than in
clothes. Paris offers a wealth of ideas
and America selects one. After weeks
of hesitation, while the popularity of
one style or another in the priceless
| collection received after a perilous trip
across the Atlantic, quakes in the bal
ance, the American public, at last,
places emphasis on one chosen feature
and the coatee dress becomes universal;
not a tailored creation as the name im
plies, but a sheer confection of lace,
net or batiste, topped with a gay silk
or lingerie jacket.
80 cavalier have fashions become,
they carry us back to the Cromwcllian
era. Like spirits of the old French
empire, society in lingerie dresses trips
across the velvety lawns or loiters in
old rose gardens. The other day, I
chanced upon a party enjoying tea in
the far corner of a greeu lawn under
the shade of a mulberry tree; the black
wicker furniture, upholstered in broad
stripes, strewn with apple blossoms, was
as striking in effect as the frocks the
girls wore.
One of the New Lingerie Frocks Made
With a Dark Blue Silk Coatee
A vivacious dark-eyed Miss, who
served tea at the glass-topped table,
carried off well the style of the smart
coatee in a frock that bespoke the cou
turier Jenny. The bodice of allover em
broidery, nipped in at the waist as fash
ion approves, showed from beneath the
jaunty jacket of dark blue taffeta silk.
The Quakerish collar and cuffs of white
organdy made a connecting link with
the billowing folds of organdy, laid in
deep crosswise folds, paneled "with em
broidery and trimmed with Valenciennes
lace, which formed the skirt.
That she was a devotee to the lad
of fancy shoes, one could easily guess, j
for her pumps were the last word in I
style; the heel, back ahd vamp was of j
patent leather and the uppers of white i
kid to match the white silk stockings.
Beside the low chair, a garjon hat care
lessly dropped, glistened in the sun, for
it was one of the new dark blue shiny
straws. The crown was circled with
tulle with pond lilies beneath and, like
all other broad brimmed garden hats,
it had black velvet streamers attached
to the back; these sprawled 011 the grass
as if they were tired of their voyage
through the tfind.
The guest of honor, an artist of
fame who is making the best of war
enforced exile, was a credit to the
maker of the clothes she wore; what
could be smarter for a woman passed
thirty than a symphony in black and
white? Again the coatee was the chief
detail of the costume; this time it was
a short Zouave jacket of exquisite
batiste, heavily embroidered. It opened
as she lounged in her chair, showing a
waist of plain batiste. Flouncing, re
peated iu the sleeves and skirt voie,
and a lower skirt of plain batiste, cut
circular that it might flare the more,
needed only the black and white, blazer
striped, girdle to bring out its style, so
perfectly was every detail worked out.
The skirt cleared the ground by about
four inches; mature women have all
adopted this length as more becoming
than the extremely short skirt. Below
the skirt a trim white buckskin tie laced
in black could be seen. Her white Milan
straw, medium in size, with brim flaring
just enough to soften her face, sported
a bow of the blazer striped silk and her
slender-handled parasol, resting open on
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the BIG package
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the natural corn
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the back of lief chair completed the
picture of an up-to-date woman well
80 diverse are the effects gained with
these jackets, it is hard to believe so
many frocks have the same feature.
Here, is a coatee of robin's egg blue
taffeta, fitted through the body, having
daring tails, and "leg o' mutton" sleeves
set in with narrow frills revived from
Victorian styles. This is worn with a
voluminous skirt' of net. There is a
frock of cotton erepc, embroidered and
hemstitched in pink with coatee of pinK
linen; while a model of voile and filet
lace has a jacket of black faille cut on
the bolero order. Indeed, f*liere is no
end to the materials. Dolly Varden taf
fetas, deep old-world pink and brilliant
blue taffetas, failles and moire silks
make quaint coatees for crinoline frocks
and not a. few of the bolero effects are
fashioned of lace or fine embroidery.
There is also a lace material, lately
launched 011 the market, for dresses of
this type, the texture like a fine voile
embroidered with garlands in pastel
Aside from the fabrics, accessories
are so attractive, they in 110 small meas
ure account for the success of the ljn
"gerie dress, for there is many a maiden
who buys a frock that she may have the
girdle that goes with it. Although, it
is an acknowledged fact, waists "are
gradually growing smaller, the girdle
still follows straight lines. Loose crush
girdles of taffeta, moire silk or primly
flowered beits of narrow grosgrain are
pretty finishes for filmy frocks.
The handkerchief bag is another
fancy, demure as the daguerreotype
from which it is taken. Usually, the
bag is made of material the same as
the dress, cut in a half-circle, shirred
an inch down from the top and hung
from the belt with cords or ribbon.
The hand bag, too, takes on a new
beauty. Soft gathered models of flow
ered, moire and Striped silk, have silver
tops, that stretch like a bracelet; white
leather bags, Hat purses and gold kid
skin cases are lined with gorgeous flow
§ H
©McCiLL J A \\ \
& \
The Popular Black and White Effect
Carried Out in a Batiste Costume
ered and striped silks. Madame La
Mode, not content with these features
alone, insists that milady be up to the
ears in style this season and introduces
the feather and tulle boas to wear with
the new lingerie drosses.
Hats, too, conform to the new lines
In dress. Large French sailors, tilted
on one side, daily grow in favor; satin
and clritfon facings are being used on
the top of the brim and sides of the
crown. One smart black sailor has the
Commencing this Saturday and continuing through
out next week, every garment in our store will be put
on sale at prices which will surpass any that have ever
been offered in this store. During this sale your credit
will be good, as usual, and you will be able to take
advantage of our special prices by purchasing any
thing you desire and paying for it on our easy pay
ment plan.
Ladies' Suits
1 in all the approved fabrics, such as Pop
\N\Bi n ' Gabardine, Serge, etc.; all the latest
OvTff [vly' creations. Garments that sold up to
Aj i t $22.50. This sale,
Jpj $11.85
mr Ladies' Coats
W Lot of about 75 to close out.
Complete assortment of styles, materials QK
and sizes. Values up to $15.00. This sale, .
Lot of about "50 —in Poplin, Messaline, Crepe de
Chine and other popular material. Excep- (PC 'OC
tional values. Thic sale,
Ladies' Hats
A limited supply on hand to close out. Val
ues up to $4.50, i/OC
Men's Suits
in Serges, Plaids, Mixtures and
all the popular materials and
styles of the season. Lot of about t W-ll
150 to choose from. Extraordi- pHSfc-1 chilli
nary values. This sale /11 1
$11.85 1
I These are but some of the won- \ I
derful values. Space does not UlJi
permit to enumerate them all.
Come in and convince yourself.
crown covered with silk beaver and a
single flower embroidered on net ap
pliqiied on to one side. A smoothly
polished lisere straw of "nigger-brown"
has large detached roses, and another
Marguerites and velvet streamer?
tacked in the back, while white Milan
sailors show ropes of white beads
around the crowns with a single beaded
flower directly in front. For those who
do not like the sailors with light
dresses, there arc dainty creations with
pleated tulle brims and all-lace hats
trimmed with roses, lilacs and the like.
It would, seem the whole manufac
turing world had been busy, of late,
digging up styles of the past century.
That the glove maker has succeeded is
evident in the lace mits he now offers
for sale, along with the white and col
ored kid gloves embroidered in chain
As yet, parasols hold to the large
sizes, in the immediate present the flat
many-ribbed Japanese parasols of print
ed crepe, silk and paper being popular.
Net parasols are also shown over ba
tiste foundations, embroidered in chain
stitch and finished at the edge with a
shirring or band of ribbon.
Not a detail in the whole costume,
lias Dame Fashion slighted. Stockings
are in every hue of the rainbow, em
broidered, with insets of lace and smart
black and white effect, the prettiest
white silk with butterflies embroidered
in black outlines and clocks at the sides
of black flowers. So extreme have the
stockings become, that some well
dressed women are going back to pure
black, especially with the. white dresses,
as they elbim the contrast is more
The white buckskin or black patent
leather and white kid tie or pump is
favored with the lingerie dress, al
though Biich combinations as white
buckskin and pale blue or pin'< uppers
are shown in fancy modeU. One pump
in particular has the pale blue upper
and an American shield in pastel shades
placed in front where the, buckle
belongs. *
Atlantic City Man Is Supreme Com
mander of Order
Atlantic City, May 21. W. H. Bid
die, of this city, was elected supreme
commander at the dosing session of the
Supreme Council, Knights of the Mys,-
tic Chain.
Other officers are: Supreme v|ce
commander, H. 0. Gibbons, York, Pk.;
supreme marshal, W. IH. T'atton, Roa
noke, Va.; scribe, George K. Dovey,
Westview, Pa.; treasurer, John A.
Rhoades, Pittsburgh; inside guard, W.
L. Price, Berkley Springs, W. Va.; out
side guard, K. It. Mosher, Binghamton,
N. Y.; chaplain, Theodore Cook, Phila
delphia; trustees. John Smith, Louacon
ing, iMd.; S. B. Hunt, Binghamton; M.
10. Heimes, Lancaster, Pa. Atlantic
City was selected for next year's con
Suicide Husband and Wife He Killed!
Laid Side By Side
Cambridge, Md., May 21.—The
burial of J. Eunalls Heck with and his
wife, both of whom died in the double
tragedy of Monday ninht, when lie sent
a bullet through his wife's brain and
later committed suicide, took place
yesterday afternoon it the Beck with
home at Cornersville.
The bodies were buried side by Hide
in the Beckwith cemetery, at Todd's
Point, a large crowd attended the serv
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but that indigestion and the distressed
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