The star-independent. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1904-1917, May 14, 1915, Image 10

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Send in the Name BJIT "~ ~
You Suggest Today
Wc have just closed a |j 1H
contract with one of the largest H |T*W\__
factories in the world for a new
Player-piano. This instrument will
be built especially for us, according . The player action is
to our own ideas. It is destined to simple, responsive and durable. It
become the most popular player- plays full 88 notes. You can play it
piano in this section of the State, perfectly and with the greatest
owing to its very low price and ex- ease the first time jon try.
traordinary quality. The Price, <T g* mm $lO or More
No Interest,* J || fa Cash,
The price of this new No Extra . ls yUil $ lO Monthl y
player-piano is to be $395. We 12 Mugic Rollg) Bench and Scarf
want a suitable name for it, and we Included
will give one of these player-pianos, ,
as shown in the cut, absolutely free, lillS IS an OppOT
to the person, submitting the name tunity for some one to get one of
which is most suitable. Anyone, these players FREK. All you have
, • , to do is to think of a name and send
anywhere, may send a name. it Names llo „ in „ se like A n-
T , . . . gelus, Cecilian, Pianola, Playotone,
lnis player-piano will Symphanola. etc., may not be used,
stand for honest merit, at a most Only one name from each contest
moderate price. The quality of ma- ant. Disinterested judges will se
terials is sterling throughout. The lect the winner. In case of a tie,
case is simple, but the finish is duplicate awards will be given. Fill
beautiful. It is medium size, and out the coupon, or exact copy, and
the tone is true. mail to-day. All answers must be
in not later than Monday, May 17,
Address all answers to 1915, at 9 P. M.
Jgf 1 lf& J- H- Troup Music House,
.Hi i ROUP 15 L~ s - Harrisburg,Pa '
M SIC* If 1 L 8 nIS G C 1 suggest this name for your
lII Uolb IIU UW k new Player Piano
n u- \ My Name
(1 roup Building) 3
15 S. Market Square I Town R. F. D
Harrisburg, Pa. 1 have Piano Organ |
Was Former Deputy Collector of In
ternal Revenue in This District
Lebanon, May 14.—-Samuel M.
Helms, for seven years a deputy rev
enue collector of the Ninth district,
died at his home here yesterday. He
was a prominent Republican and "at one
time represented the Seventh ward in
Common Council.
Helms was employed in the U. S.
service under former' Revenue Collector
H. L. Hershey, of Hawisfourg. He is
This Is Also a Paid Advertisement
We do not believe a whole lot in expending much money for newspaper advertising so that we are
thereby compelled to ask increased prices for our goods. However, we do, just occasionally like to let
EVERYONE know that this store is now as always selling furniture and other housefurnish at lower
prices than most other stores.
We do a large business under an economical expense system which enables us to quote the lowest
possible prices on EVERYTHING. Our prices are uniformly low on all our goods. Our stock is one of
the largest and most complete in the city.
Our customers will tell you that this store is not only one of the largest, but the best store in which
to purchase their home needs. In fact, our customers really prove to be our advertisers and they
have done it very well indeed. We believe thoroughly in a business system that will convince the cus
tomer that what he purchases here is at least just a little better for the same money, or as good for less
money than he can obtain it for elsewhere.
This is the system which has built up our business to its present large proportions and is still doing
good work for us. We try our best to give our customers the most for their money and our experience
has been that the customer can always be depended upon to return the favor in some good way.
You may not see our advertisement in the newspapers very often, but we ask you to chalk this down:
When you want to buy good furniture at the way-down price, this is the store that is sure to be there
with the goods you may want and with the price that will suit.
c £g H BROWN & CO.,
CREDIT 1217.1219 North Third Street
survived by a son, Edwin Helms, a ]
| painter, and a daughter, Mrs. H. Rank
i Bickel, wife of Attorney H. Rank
Brotherhood of America Elects
Atlantic City, May 14.—Delegates
i! to the annual convention of the Su
preme Council, Brotherhood of Ameri
ca, at their closing session yesterday
elected the following officers: Supreme
Washington, Thomas L. Cage, Atlantic
City; Jefferson, Albert L. Welsh. Phil
adelphia; Franklin, John H. Bensel,
Trenton; scroll keeper, H. B. Walter,
Philadelphia; treasurer, George 11.
Paiinenhauer, Philadelphia; herald,
John 11. Thiirk, Washington; watcher
of the day, William McKenzie,'Houtz
dale. Pa.; watcher of the night, Thom
as P. Dunn,-Dover. Del.; trustees, Hil
ton Taylor, Camden; C. M. Bacon and
Henry 1. Yohn, Philadelphia.
Printed at this office in best style, at
lowest prices and oil short notice.
Increase in Weight Ten Pounds or More
A Physician's Advice
"I'd certainly give most anything to
be able to fat up a few pounds and stay
tlint way," declares every excessively
thin man or woman. Such a result is
not impossible, despite past failures.
Thin people are victims of mal-nutri
tion, n condition which prevents the
fatty elements of food from being
taken up by the blood as they are when
the powers of nutrition are normal.
Instead of getting into the blood, all
the fat and flesh producing elements
stay in the intestines until tliey pass
from the body as waste.
To correct this condition and to pro
iluec a healthy, normal amount of fat
the nutritive processes must be artifi
ciallv supplied with the power which
nature has denied them. This can best
be accomplished by eating a Sargol tab
let with every meal. Sargol is ft scien
tific combination of jix of the best
strength-giving, fat-producing elements
known to the medical profession.
Taken with meals, it mixes with the
food and turns the sugars and starches
into rich, ripe nourishment for the tis
sues and blood and its rapid effect is
remarkable. Reported gains of from
ten to twenty-five pounds in a single
month are by no means infrequent. Yet
its action is perfectly natural and abso
lutely harmless." Sargol is sold by G. A.
Ciorgas and other good druggists every
where and every package contains a
guarantee of weight increase or .ioney
Caution: —While Sargol has produced
remarkable results in the treatment of 1
nervous indigestion and general stomach j
disorders, it should not. owing to its
remarkable flesh producing effect, be
used by those who are not willing to
increase their weight ten pounds or
AN ESTATE OF $350,080
Most of Theatrical Producer's Fortune
in Stocks—Only Star With Whom
He Had Contract Is Biliie Burke—
Did Not Leave a Will
New York, May 14.—Charles Froh
man left an estate valued at about
$350,000, consisting mostly of stocks
and bonds in various theatrical ven
tures and business enterprises, accord
ing to estimates made by well informed
persons Wednesday.
Daniel Froh man will probably apply
j in the courts for letters of administra-
I tion as soon as the Surrogate legally
[ establishes the death of the manager,
i David Gerber o ftlie law firm of Ditten
lioefer, Gerber & James, attorneys for
j -Mr. Frohman, said Wednesday that
j these proofs of death will be made in
an affidavit by Daniel Frohman an I
from evidence in England that Mr.
j Frohman's body has been identified and
j embalmed and that his manager there
j has applied lor letters of administration
i in that jurisdiction.
'"Mr. Frohman did not leave a will,"
I said Mr. Gerber. "A diligent search lias
1 been made through his effects and none
! has been found. In view of this sit-
I uation his brother, Daniel Frohman,
will apply to the Surrogate for appoint-
J ment as administrator and will ask that
! Mr. Hayman be associated with him.
j '' Except for a farm up State Mr.
; Frohman held no real estate. He was
j a stockholder in the New York Theatre
j Company, which built the New York
| Theatre. The bulk of the estate < on
! sis.ts of stocks and bonds in theatrical
! ventures or business enterprises allied
i with them, so far as is known.
"There did not exist a scrap of pa-
I per in the formh of a contract between
1 Mr. Frohman and his various stars, ex
| cept Billie Burke. All other agreements
I were by word of mouth."
TOTAL OF 402,716 IONS |
Relief Commission Issues Statement
From New York Refuting Idea
That All Needs in Stricken Country
Are Supplied
(Special to the Star-Independent.)
New York, May 14.—As an abso
lute refutation of the idea that the
need of the people in Belgium for food |
was more than adequately supplied, the
Commission for Uelief in Belgium, 71]
Broadway, yesterday gave out a list of
the ships under its charter that have
within the last week unloaded their car
goes at Rotterdam or sailed from vari-;
oils American ports for Rotterdam, j
The figures show that eight ships carry-1
ing cargoes aggregating 47,492 tons
lu.Ve discharged their cargoes from the |
docks at Rotterdam.
On 'Thursday the steamship Hebburn
sailed from the Erie elevators in Jer- j
sey City with 7,500 tons of wheat. The j
llebburn made a record in loading, hav
ing berthed at the elevator on Tues
day afternoon and sailed for Rotter- j
dam within forty-eight hours. The I
Strathblane, which is making her first
trip across the Atlantic, took the place \
of the Hebburn at the Eric elevator, 1
and will load a general cargo and get |
away some time between now and i
Tuesday next. The arrivals at Rotter-j
dam reported were the Quite, which j
sailed from New York April 12, and the |
Ethel Bryhta, troni the River Plate, ■
South America, both arriving a week
ago to-day. Yesterday's arrivals at!
Rotterdam were the Cambrian King,
5,335 tons; the Queen Adelaide, from i
Galveston, 7,100 tons; the St. Kenti
gem, from Philadelphia, 0.710 tons;
the Kamouraska, from New York,
7,150 lons, and the Horsa and Brooby,
both from the River I'late, aggregate
The St. Cecelia, earrrying an aggre- J
gate of 6,500 tons, mostly contributed
by the people of Canada, sailed from
Halifax on Thursday and is due at Rot
terdam May 23, and the Elfland, from
Baltimore, is due to arrive in Hotter
dam on May 20 Tile African Monarch
arrived in the port of New York Thurs
day night, berthed at the Bush terminal
docks, taking on a cargo there, and
will probably sail the latter part of
the coming week.
The total number of tons of food
shipped up to and including yesterday
is 402,716 tons.
Church Dedicated at Cornwall
Lebanon, May 14.—The new Cath
olic church of the Sacred Heart at Corn
wall was dedicated yesterday by Bishop
.T. W. Whanahan, of Harrisburg, of the
I Diocese of Harrisburg. Every Catholic |
clergyman in Lebanon County took part I
in the impressive ceremonies.
. i
Now Is the Time to Get Rid of These
Ugly Spots
There's no longer the slightest need
of feeling ashamed of your freckles, as
the prescription otliine—double strength
! —is guaranteed to remove these homely
: spots.
j Simply get an ounce of otliine—dou- |
I lilo strength—from any druggist and |
i apply a little of it night and morning I
and you should soon see that even the ]
worst freckles have begun to disappear,
while the lighter ones have vanished en
tirely. It is seldom -that more than an I
ounce is needed to completely clear the
skin and gain a beautiful clear complex- I
Be sure to ask for the double
strength othine as this is sold under
guarantee of money hack if it fails to
remove freckles.—Adv.
• fwT-j- '%■%*(> v^^~ —■ "t
•p f V ' '/* *~ V "• V| ■ : *■, :
v ~ " ■■''■ ■■■■"»'■ l ■ V.m »■ «wn '•immHamm'm i niiw——■■■. in ■»' .HI ■:■ .IJUII. -
These pictures were taken by Captain Adrian Simpson, with the Grand Duke Aiexandrovitch. brother of ih»
Tsar, and were secured during the recent operations on the Upper Sun Hiver, the stream which flows from the Car
pathlans through the captured fortress of Peremysl. Iu the upper picture Is shown a group <>f troopers of the Kubur
fline regiment from the Terek Province of the Caucasus, seated around the fire for an Impromptu meal. The Knbar
dlnes live iu village communities In the gorges of the main Caucasus and the Black Mountains. The lower picture shows
Bussian orderlies attached to the Caucasian Native Division, with horses iu their charge.
I Marks & Copelin
Extraordinary Salt To-morrow,
Will Close Out
100 Women's and Misses'
Tailored and
Attractive models taken from regular stock, com
prising high grade suits of serge, gabardine, tweeds
and checks; Norfolk, braid bound and dressy coats;
circular and tailored skirts.
Regular Prices J25,00 to $40.00
No Approvals No Exchanges
31 North Second Street, Near Walnut
m - _
T" 7 ~
I v
♦ ' ; v v
4 - ; s?
! VI V
■ " 'I s - , v
t . K-h
In ( tinrles Krohman's furthcoming "tri star" revival here of Sariiui
"Diplomacy" in which William Oillette, Blanche Hates ami Marie Doro are
share honors. Miss Doro will be seen as "Dora" the heroine, in the same ri
in which she met with nothing less than a remarkable success in London t
larger part of last season, the climax of her triumph coming when she gave
command performance before the King and Queen. "Diplomacy" is one
Mr. Frohnian's most important attractions this season and will be seen at t
[ Majestic next Wednesday evening.—Ad v.*